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    #the vvitch#letterboxd#letterboxd reviews#liv tyler#jeremy irons #queen of the damned #lestat de lioncourt #interview with the vampire #gothic#vampire#suspiria #the phantom of the opera #vampires #the lost boys #the cabaret#cabaret 1972#udo kier #the blood for Dracula #blood for Dracula #paul morrissey
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    Erina, Viscountess Joestar and her son George (1895)

    (based on a John Singer Sargent painting)

    #erina joestar#erina pendleton#george joestar #george joestar ii #phantom blood #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo part 1 #jojo#astrid's drawings
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    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ectober 18 - Spider Lily

    So I strained my hand a little bit a few days ago, and now I am out of buffer. Therefore, instead of a drawing, today's fill is a (very short, only about 410 words) bit of the fae au I mentioned in the post for day 05 - fairy circle.

    It doesn't feel right to have Clockwork's motivations so clear, but while there are certainly other parts that would fit the spider lily prompt, they all require a fair bit more context.

    Warning for blood and I guess self harm?

    Clockwork fingered the dagger at his waist as he stepped through the door to the gardens. The stones bordering it were worn now, and overgrown with ancient vines. In places, those same vines had dug like fingers into the masonry, sending cracks spidering out.

    This was not an old place. Not by Clockwork's reckoning. But it had seen neglect in the days since his son's untimely death. Still, there were traces of Phantom here: in the grapevines coating the north wall, in the spider lilies persisting by the pond, overgrown.

    They'd been Phantom's favorite. He'd pluck the petals from them one at a time, and let each one loll from his mouth like an overlong tongue before drawing them in, nibble by nibble.

    The survivors here were probably poisonous, without the love Clockwork and Phantom had drenched their ancestors in.

    The other parts of the garden -- the watercress piled high and dying, the irises and lily-of-the-valley and other flower beds -- were neglected, too. Some were dying or dead, others choked with weeds.

    Restoring the garden, renewing it would take time. Time, hard work, and a little of something more. Without the love and care of a second fae, Clockwork's affection alone wouldn't render the plants edible.

    It would be difficult. It would be a little dangerous, and more painful. But if he succeeded, Clockwork could restore his son, too.

    And that was worth so much more.

    He set to work trimming back the spider lilies, weeding around them and giving the soil a fresh helping of compost. By the time he finished, his gloves were caked with black earth and the pile of trimmings overflowed the basket beside him. But it was done.

    Except for one last thing.

    Clockwork shifted his weight so he hunched more directly over the remaining tufts of plants, and drew the dagger from its sheathe, placing it at the crook of his elbow where it gently depressed the skin.

    He took a breath and closed his eyes. For a moment, Phantom's laughter whispered through the leaves, and Clockwork could trace the tap of excited footsteps over the path.

    Then, the moment was gone. But not the way forward.

    He drew the dagger along his skin, and opened his eyes in time to watch the first drops bead on the surface of the soil.

    Like the first rains after a drought, they would need time to sink in.

    But then the renewal could begin.

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    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    || Of Mermaids, Masquerades, and Magic  | @hicrophcnt asked:  ‘  what  is  that,  out  there  on  the  rocks  ?  ’

       Eyes squint in the sunlight to see in the direction of where Kakyoin had his sights, unable to see the strange figure at first until she brought her hand up to properly block the sun from her face. Whatever it was it had an odd silhouette, movements unlike a normal beachgoer--not that there was much of a beach here--stranded from one of the riptides. Was is an animal? She hadn’t read up on what creatures were local here, not caring enough about those types of matters on most days.

        “Could it be a seal?” Inquisitive, she lets her Stand dribble out, a steady collection of water pooling beside her feet slowly rising up to form the swell of the creature that she’d obtained years prior. Cold Seep wordlessly slipped ahead and down into the lulling tide to go investigate. If somehow the mysterious silhouette turned out to be another Stand it would be safer to send the one of their two who weren’t so easily harmed by physical contact.

        “It might just be some debris. That would be some--oh what’s it called....Wishful thinking?” She hoped it was just that. They needed a break.

    #hicrophcnt #sv; you can't stand to see me shine on your horse so high swear to god I'm higher [phantom blood] #[ cold seep just comes back with a tire around their head lmao ]
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    SIMPtober Day 17 - Jonathan

    #jonathan joestar#jojo#jjba #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo's bizarre adventure part 1 #jojo's bizarre adventure phantom blood #phantom blood#joestar #jojo no kimyō na bōken #fan art #jojo fan art #SIMPtober#my art
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    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dio is... a maid?

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  • surohsopsisofclouds
    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Dreamt this guy up last night in my sleep. According to the brain he's Danny's twin brother, who didn't fight ghosts originally but took up the Phantom mantel when Danny was crowned the king of ghosts, so do with that what you will, phandom.

    #suroh draws#bee draws #it's an edit but still #and he's actually very sweet but he's A. a jock #and B. is unfortunate enough to have red eyes #in a world that uses those to indicate evil/possession soooooo.... #danny phantom#phandom #also no I don't have a name for him yet but I wanted it to be ironic and maybe blood blossom related? #but honestly I'm leaving that up to the phandom to decide #danny phantom art #dp edits #danny phantom oc
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    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    This one time, back when there were still just 2 seasons, I told my sister to watch Young Justice. After she started season 2, she called me and said "there's a Robin in these hologram things. Did a ROBIN die?? Who is he?"

    It took me an hour to explain to her the glory that is Jason Todd and I've been chasing that high ever since.

    #all im asking for is one (1) jason todd episode #this show treata my depression every time but jason would make it a cure #I've been gripping my thigh in anticipation for 2 years #there's no blood supply to my leg now #young justice phantoms #young justice
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    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Trying my hand at stickers 👀

    It’s not great but this is a test. I’m trying a trick I saw on the Tik-Toks where you use tape and parchment paper. All those thing a “poor” person like me has.

    Since it’s still SpeedWagon’s birthday in my state, I made a sticker of him too. I like how he turned out but I messed up on both of his hands and I wish there weren’t so many air bubbles. :/

    Here’s the final product, (Well, not really a product, more like a “proof of concept” really.) I put these rhinestones I had laying around on his eyes for accents. Overall, not bad for a fist try. Next I’m gonna try printing some of my art on copy paper but I need to get more ink first.

    #long post#stickers #today I learned that people have been doing this since elementary school. now I feel stupid. #jojo's bizarre adventure #jjba#iggy jojo #iggy the dog #jojo stardust crusaders #robert e o speedwagon #speedwagon jjba#phantom blood
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    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Hi! New to tumblr so idk how this works

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    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #(Vampire King) Dio #(chimera retainer) Marya #(Heir to The Throne) Darius #Phantom Blood #eyes of heaven #ask
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    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Monster Event Day 16: Living Scarecrow! Robert E.O Speedwagon x Reader

    Reader celebrates Speedwagon's birthday

    Monster Masterlist

    Happy birthday to my favorite JoBro <3

    You waited by your door until you heard heard knocking. You opened up to find the scarecrow from your backyard smiling at you. "Good evening, love." You smiled back. "Happy birthday, Robert." Speedwagon walked in and took of his battered bowler hat, leaving his golden straw hair on display. "Awe, you remembered!" You nooded and gave him a swift kiss.

    "Of course I did, darling. Now sit down and make yourself comfortable, I have to get something for you." Robert sat down, fiddling with the straw that came out of his coat sleeve. You quickly came back, a large decorated box in hand. "Here you go~" Robert smiled at you and unwrapped the gift, soon taking out a tophat. It was in pristine condition, decorated with a black and white checkerboard pattern and a black brim.

    "It's wonderful, thank you so much Y/n." He put it on and just as you expected, he looked dashing in it. You sat down next to the scarecrow and he pulled you up next to his side and kissed your forehead. "I'm not even sure I deserve you, love. You treat me so well." He stared at you with the upmost care. You held the side of hide face and kissed the stitched up 'scar' that went across your face. "You deserve it. Happy birthday, Robert."

    #monster lovin month #jjba #jojo's bizarre adventure #jjba x reader #phantom blood x reader #jojo's bizarre adventure phantom blood #phantom blood #robert eo speedwagon #robert eo Speedwagon x reader #Speedwagon x Reader #jjba Speedwagon #monster x reader
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    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    ⭐️🎩10/16 🎩⭐️

    #jjba #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo's bizarre adventure #pt1#phantom blood #robert eo speedwagon #well.
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    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    jonathan and speedwagon redraw!

    #^_^#jonathan joestar #robert e o speedwagon #phantom blood#PART 1#jjba#art #ive been working on this on and off for like months im just gonna. move on now ya
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  • cleanlenins
    16.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Ectober Day 16: Bloody Mary

    Be Merry

    Danny sees himself in a ghost. That doesn't mean he wants to be close, though.

    Warnings: Blood


    Danny banged his fist against the mirror. His glove was slick with green ectoplasm, creating glowing streaks where his fist connected. The glass did not give. Not so much as crack or chip from the force. Danny growled, backing away from the glass.

    The mirror was simple. A cheap floor length mirror like the one he had in his room. It's frame was made of flimsy plastic that could break if you so much as flicked it. Danny would know, he had to replace his mirror twice. But this one, though similar in appearance, withstood all the abuses he hurled at it. He turned away from it to take in his surroundings.

    It was dark. Exceedingly dark. Supernaturally dark. The only source of light was from Phantom's own ghostly glow and the ectoplasm dripping from his nose and fingers, which would normally be enough for his inhuman eyes to see. But the shadows swirled like ink, seeming to stick to his aura with oily slick as he moved. After a few steps into the shadows, he could not see the mirror, only the impenetrable void.

    A giggle.

    Phantom spun around, trying to place where the voice came from. But the shadows seemed to eat the sound. 

    "Hello? Who's there?" He yelled. But it sounded muffled. Distorted. The air tasted acidic.

    He heard another giggle. He turned the direction he thought it came from and lit his hand with ecto-energy. The sudden green glow did nothing. Danny still could only see a few feet ahead. With some hesitance, he walked into the shadows. Each footfall barely made a noise. He stayed alert. An attack could come from anywhere, and he wouldn't be able to see it. 

    In a matter of minutes, he was once more face to face with a mirror. Literally. He nearly smacked into it, the oppressive darkness was so deep. This mirror looked nothing like the one before.

    It was gilded in filigree. Gems and jewels of every kind were inlaid in the frame. Rubies and sapphires and emeralds and diamonds. Stones that Danny had no name for. Flowers and plants were carved as well, painted details to create a very beautiful piece. Danny looked into the mirror and saw only himself. With a huff, he turned back into the darkness.

    "I don't have time for this!" He shouted, the noise immediately muffled. "Show yourself, whoever you are!"


    Danny spun around. A young girl was reflected in the mirror. She wore clothes that looked like they were from the 1500's. Her brown hair was pulled up into a severe hairstyle. Her dress was elegantly styled. However, these were all unimportant details.

    Because her eyes were dripping blood. Not ectoplasm. Blood.

    Phantom tensed, ready for a fight. But the girl in the mirror stayed put.

    "You're Mary? Is that your name?" Phantom asked. 

    The girl nodded. 

    "Are you doing all this?" Phantom gestured to the darkness.

    The girl nodded.

    "Okay, well, quit it. I need to get back to Amity."

    The little girl opened her mouth wide.


    The shadows vibrated the sound. Danny felt it in his bones.

    You belong here.

    "I definitely don't belong here, Mary. I belong in Amity," Phantom tried to reason with the... ghost? The blackness seemed heavier. He shook his head as he felt his aura dim. 

    You belong here.

    A crack began at the bottom of the mirror. It raced up the mirror, splitting and splintering the image of Mary. Blood dripped from the cracks and onto the ground. Pieces of the mirror tumbled through space, but before they could hit the ground they melted into drops of red. The shattered glass fell out of the frame, a piece at a time, a drop at a time, until the floor surrounding the mirror was drenched in blood. Empty golden frame standing alone. 

    Danny stood frozen as he stared at the ground. He slowly crept closer and toed the liquid. It clung to his boot, and he tried to wipe it away on the ground but it stayed. He reached down to wipe it off with his hand, but he felt a hard push knock him into the floor and into the blood. It splattered into his face and hair. When he looked up, the golden mirror frame was gone.

    He heard another giggle in the dark, and rushed to stand again. He tried to shake the blood off, but it stayed. It mixed with the ectoplasm that still dripped from his nose. Taking a step back, he tried to light an ectoblast again. The green glow sputtered weakly before finally igniting. Danny didn’t want to think about the implications of his powers failing. He listened hard, putting distance between himself and the blood on the floor.

    Once more, he heard a giggle. As before, he followed it. If he couldn’t find the ghost responsible, if he couldn’t find Mary, he had no chance of making this stop.

    He found another mirror, as decorated as the last. Except, this one looked older. Tarnished. The painted flowers had begun to fade. Some gems had fallen from their spots, leaving open holes in the frame. A few scuffs had actually managed to pull the gold from the mahogany wood underneath. 

    In the mirror stood a girl, the same girl, blood dripping from her eyes. She appeared older, her dress less fine. She looked tired. Her mouth was open.

    You are like me.

    “I’m not like you, Mary. You need to let me go. Or else,” Danny said, flaring his aura. He regretted it immediately, as it felt like he had been dumped underwater. Deep underwater. The pressure of the atmosphere knocked the air out of him and nearly to his knees.

    You are like me.

    The mirror shimmered, showing a different scene. The younger Mary from before, on the lap of an older gentleman. A crown affixed on his head, he smiled as he bounced the giggling girl on his knee.

    They celebrated my birth. Showered me in love, affection, comfort…

    The screen changed. Now, it was a young Danny in the same position. Jack Fenton laughed as he bounced a squealing Danny on his knee. 

    Just as they did you.

    The same cracking started on the mirror. From the bottom, and creating a path to the top. But instead of a slow fall of shards, all at once the mirror burst apart, Phantom ducked his head, and felt the blood splash all along his side. It dripped down his hair and over his ear. When he looked back, he saw that the frame was already gone.

    Danny stumbled back a few steps. He wasn’t getting anywhere with Mary. Maybe he should go back to the Mirror he first found. The one that was familiar. He couldn’t have gone too far. He could find it again. He turned to go back, but it felt impossible to walk that direction. His arms and legs felt leaden. The shadow felt like oobleck on his face. His aura flickered and his eyes fluttered. He stopped trying to go that direction.

    He heard sobbing. Turning his head, he plodded after the noise. He tried once more to light his way. But he could not get the light back the third time. His aura was flickering in the dark, the shadows seemed to caress his cheeks. He thought he felt a finger run through his hair.

    The golden mirror again, but it looked. So much worse. The gold was almost completely scratched away. Only two or three gems were still in place. Deep cuts and rivets ran the length of the frame. The mirror itself seemed dusty and fogged. A young woman stood in the mirror, her eyes crying her tears of blood.

    “Mary, please, just stop. I don’t know why you are telling me this,” Phantom pleaded. The darkness around him pushed him toward the mirror.

    My father became disappointed with me.

    The smiling king from before was not smiling. He completely ignored Mary and the woman Danny thought could pass as her mother. Instead, he was chatting with another woman. Younger Mary looked crest-fallen.

    I could not be the person he wanted me to be.

    The king doted on a small boy, patting his head. An older Mary looked on with another girl next to her. Both wore exhausted expressions. 

    Your parents are disappointed in you. 

    Danny flinched as the image changed. It was of his parents berating him for coming in late. It had stung. In the same breath that they had called him a disappointment, they compared him to Jazz. How perfect Jazz’s grades were. How she never got in trouble. Had Jazz been there, she would have stood up for him-

    You will never be the person they want you to be.

    The image changed. This time, his parents were firing furiously at Phantom, Phantom just barely managed to evade most of the heavy blows. However, a lucky shot from his dad sent him careening into an antique shop, landing on an antique mirror.

    Danny felt tears well in his eyes as it seemed like the shadows replayed all the hurtful things his parents said over the years. The cruel things they wished to do to Phantom. He covered his ears, but it did nothing to change the words that reverberated in his bones. The shadows pushed him forward. He stumbled, falling to his knees. He caught himself on the edge of the mirror’s frame. He blinked hard as a wave of weariness threatened to overcome him, his aura blinking like a dying lightbulb. 

    But I want you, Danny

    Danny felt a finger lift his chin upward. He gazed into the mirror. Mary smiled kindly down at him, her bloody eyes dripping, Most of Mary was still inside the mirror, her hand was the only thing that had escaped. Danny felt the shadows press in tighter, petting him as well as confining him. He couldn’t move any direction but toward the mirror. It was hard to breathe.

    Stay with me, Danny. I will love you. Just as you are.

    Danny hesitated, his head spun from lack of air. Mary ran her finger along his jaw, as the shadows whispered kind words.

    With the last of his strength, he punched the mirror with all he had. Mary screamed and the world seemed to shatter around him.

    Jack and Maddie Fenton were very surprised to find their son unconscious and covered in blood in the antique store, collapsed next to a shattered mirror.

    They grounded him for breaking curfew.

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    16.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Happy birthday mr gaywagon. Ty for inspiring so much of my creativity

    (Original year or so old drawing under the cut, you’ll probably recognize it if you remember occasional-speedwagon)

    #robert eo speedwagon #speedwagon#jjba fanart#jjba #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo’s bizarre adventure #phantom blood#ax's art
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    #whumptober2021 #no.16 #no.28 #Aftermath#Nightmares #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo part 1 #phantom blood#fic#romance#jonathan joestar#erina pendleton#erina joestar #jonathan x erina #fanfiction#jojo fanfiction #HardyGal writes stuff #HardyGal writes fanfiction
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    speedwagons birthday is today !!!

    #jjba#jojo #jojos bizarre adventure #speedwagon #robert e o speedwagon #phantom blood #jojo part 1 #jjba part 1 #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo no kimyō na bōken #anime#manga#chibi#scenecore#jojos
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    i think one of the main reasons i started watching jjba at all was because i thought the names of the parts were so awesome like i still do. but they are really awesome especially the early ones

    #op#jjba #phantom blood is such an awesome name don't even lie
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