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  • mimimouseeeee
    06.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Burr: All the haters are like, “aren’t you wanted by the state?”

    Burr: And it’s like, I’m wanted by a lot of people, okay? That’s the price of being pretty.

    Burr: Anyways I did commit a smidge of treason

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  • mimimouseeeee
    03.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Burr, holding a box: You guys promise it won’t be bees again, right?

    Laurens, from a distance: JUST OPEN IT

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  • leiaxrgana
    02.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    i just saw the philip tour and i have some Thoughts™

    warren egypt franklin is my new favorite jefferson, i won’t be taking criticisms

    elijah malcomb is my favorite laurens now

    ta’rea was absolutely amazing as angelica, stephanie was a perfect eliza, and paige killed it as maria

    washington isn’t really one of my faves, but marcus choi killed it as well. one last time was phenomenal

    warren had so. much. energy. as jefferson, he was swishing his long coat around so much, it was hilarious. his french accent wasn’t very good, but that’s fine

    elijah also had a lot of energy as laurens, it was so infectious. his philip was adorable, too.

    neil haskell was a perfect king george. i didn’t really like his accent in the announcement, but it turned out to be really good and funny. he said “spain” like “thpain”. he got so much applause when he first came out.

    so did warren when he came out as jefferson

    surprisingly, marcus didn’t.

    but it was a really good show and i’d go see it again if i had the chance!

    #hamilton musical#philip tour #hamilton philip tour #jaz thinks thoughts and writes words
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  • mimimouseeeee
    02.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Hamilton: Ok, I ruined your life but didn’t you have fun? Exactly relax.

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  • handeaux
    01.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Over The Years, Cincinnati Residents Created Some Very Curious Wills

    Some of us prepare for the afterlife by pondering the disposition of our worldly goods. Some of us, in fact, entirely over-think this very grave (cough! cough!) matter. On the other hand, some of us give inheritance the merest passing thought. Over the years, Cincinnatians have filed some truly unusual wills at the Probate Court.

    Losing His Head

    W. Byrd Powell, a titan of the eclectic medical movement and a proponent of phrenology, left a most unusual bequest to his favorite student – his head. Powell, who died in 1866, was a noted phrenologist and therefore much invested in studying how the inner essence of human beings was expressed through the shape of their heads. It was rather common for phrenologists to donate their heads to science. It is not recorded to whom his student, Dr. Temperance Kinsey, one of Cincinnati’s first women doctors, passed the head onto at her death.

    Eye Of Newt

    John D. Riemeier was a wealthy lumber dealer, who owned a big farm in Colerain Township. He died in 1889 and left an estate valued by the newspapers at around $800,000. He also left a will that satisfied no one and kept the courts busy for a year. Most of the complainants cited Mr. Riemeier’s belief in witches. He had unwisely told several witnesses that he boiled a pig for twelve hours to entice a witch to emerge from behind his barn, foaming at the mouth. It was she, he asserted, who dictated the terms of his will. The Honorable Morris L. Buchwalter of the Court of Common Pleas was in no mood for hoodoo and set the bewitched document aside.

    All We Are Is Dust In The Wind

    Carl Schumann was a thrifty peddler who had accumulated an estate worth more than $2,000 when he died in 1910 at the Altenheim, Cincinnati’s Home for the German Aged. Herr Schumann bequeathed the bulk of his estate to that venerable institution, but he set aside $50 and an unusual request to the Herwegh Maennerchor (Herwegh Male Chorus). The decedent was to be cremated and he instructed the chorus to sing two German lieder while the flames consumed his earthly remains. The men of the chorus were to receive his ashes, say a few prayers, then toss the ashes into the wind from the crematory hilltop. The $50 would cover “sociability” afterwards.

    If These Walls Could Talk

    When she died in 1924, Nettie E. Chaffin of Washington Court House, Ohio, left the bulk of her substantial estate, estimated at $50,000, to Hyde Park’s Knox Presbyterian Church. In the fine print of the bequest, the church discovered a somewhat irregular condition attached to this generous gift. The donor demanded to be buried inside a wall of a new church, then under construction. Although her tomb was to be unmarked, she requested a plaque in the nave which would note her gift and her eternal presence “until the day break and the shadows flee away.” The church accepted the terms and immured Mrs. Chaffin as the walls of the new edifice arose.

    Inspired By The Muse

    Most wills are composed in formulaic legal jargon. Not so the 1946 last will and testament of Louis Henry Ernst Sommerkamp. An inspector for the Cincinnati Milling Machine Company, Louis picked up a yen for poetry, and composed part of his final testament in verse:

    "All my earthly goods I've in store.
    To my dear wife I leave for evermore,
    I freely give - no limit do I fix,
    This is my last will and she the executrix."

    Legal obligations being what they are, there was a bit more prosaic verbiage to legalize the document, but that quatrain stands unique in Hamilton County’s probate archives.

    Check, Please!

    Elmer J. Schantz owned an automotive garage on Madison Road in 1946. His doctor’s office was just down the street. One evening, Elmer brought a curious document to his medical appointment. It was a check on which Elmer apparently designated a diamond ring and $5,000 be provided to his girlfriend in the event of his death. Elmer’s doctor advised him that, if the check was intended as a will, it needed to be witnessed. The doctor signed, then called in a patient who knew Elmer from the waiting room, and she signed, too. A few months later, Elmer was dead and his check, although challenged in court, was accepted as a proper will. Unfortunately, on the back of the check, Elmer asked not to be buried in Napoleon, Indiana. By the time all the legal challenges were dismissed, Elmer had already been buried in that Hoosier town.

    Translation Required

    Wing Yee operated a laundry on McMicken Avenue in Mohawk when he died in 1949. His will was very brief, but presented a challenge to the Hamilton County Probate Court because it was written in Chinese characters. There being no official Chinese interpreter, another laundryman was contacted, who provided a translation. The will was filed and accepted, allowing Mr. Yee to bestow his business upon his cousin.

    Walk Like An Egyptian

    Among the highlights of any visit to Spring Grove Cemetery is the Groff monument, a modest pyramid located a short walk from the Lawler sphinx, creating a sort of Egyptian neighborhood in the verdant graveyard. “Modest” was not Florence Groff’s intent. When she died in 1949, she decreed through her will and testament that a pyramid 20 feet on a side and approximately 20 feet tall occupy the entirety of the family plot. Spring Grove objected, distant relative contested the will and the compromise is a picturesque yet miniature version of the late Miss Groff’s vision.

    Brevity, The Soul Of Wit

    C. Britton Austin was 72 years old when he died at General Hospital in 1955. Two days before his demise, Mr. Austin scribbled just eight words on a scrap of paper 2 ¼ inches by 4 inches, “everything to my sister Frances and brother-in-law Ed.” Signed, dated and witnessed by two doctors, this briefest of Hamilton County wills was accepted by the Probate Court.

    Testamentary Valentine

    Frank R. Gusweiler sat down on Valentine’s Day in 1957 and wrote his entire last will and testament on a standard index card, leaving everything to his wife – and law partner – Katherine, designating her as his executrix and requesting she not be required to post bond. Five months later, Frank was dead and his very brief, handwritten, legal Valentine was filed in court.

    Zoological Considerations

    It is not uncommon for pets to be mentioned in wills, usually dogs and cats. Edna P. Schopper’s 1958 will is unusual only in that she provides $1,500 for the care of her pet dove, a species not often found in Probate Court. Julia G. Haley’s 1951 will provides for her two pet cats in a most unusual manner: “In the event of my death, there will be no one to care for them and as I would not want them to be turned out homeless upon the streets, it seems to me best to make some provision concerning their disposition. I do, therefore, give, will, devise and bequeath to my friend, Harry O. Porter, the sum of Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00) and request him, as soon after my death as possible, to visit my home and therein, in as humane and painless a way as advisable, put my pets to death and dispose of their remains in the cemetery provided for this purpose.”

    Details, Details

    Philip H. Goldsmith was only 61 when he succumbed to a heart attack in 1958. Mr. Goldsmith was the chairman of the board of the MacGregor Sports Products Company, and he certainly had some worldly goods to dispose of. His will, in essence, is fairly simple. He gave everything to his wife, with the remainder going to his daughter. However, it took 29 pages to say that, after Mr. Goldsmith outlined every single possible detail in baroque legalese. It is among the longest wills filed in the county.

    The Generosity Of The Dead

    William Bloom was a professional gambler. He gravitated to the Silver Slipper night club on Monmouth Street in Newport and apparently enjoyed the camaraderie. When he died in 1959, he identified bequests for “each waitress, each bartender, each porter, each shill, each dealer . . . the master of ceremonies, the doorman, and each person employed at the Silver Slipper, except showgirls.” He made a special gift to singer Bobby Linn to promote her career, plus allotments for various relatives. Problem was, Willaim Bloom’s will distributed more than $30,000, but he had less than $15,000 to his name when he died. Poor Probate Judge Chase M. Davies was left to sort out the mathematics.

    Nuncupative Yet Valid

    John N. Kinney wrote no will at all. A couple of days before he died in 1961, Mr. Kinney was visited by his brother and one of his sisters. He told them that another sister, Claire had visited him daily to make sure that he was fed and cared for and that he wanted her to inherit everything. The disinherited siblings appeared in court and swore to the statement made by their brother. This oral declaration, known as a nuncupative will, was accepted as valid by the court.

    He Really Loved His Job

    Charles A. Lackner was a teller at the Fifth Third Bank for 43, retiring in 1946. When he died in 1961, his former employer was surprised to discover that Charles had bequeathed $8,000 to the bank “in appreciation for the kindnesses shown by bank officers and employees.” Rather than keep the inheritance (How would a corporation book that?), Fifth Third created the Charles A. Lackner Fund at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation and added another $8,000 to sweeten the pot.

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  • mimimouseeeee
    01.12.2021 - 5 days ago

    Washington: It costs $0 to keep rude comments to yourself.

    Hamilton: It also costs $0 to shout them for everyone to hear so,,,

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  • mimimouseeeee
    30.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Hamilton: I once got a haircut I deeply regretted

    Jefferson: Is it the one you have now?

    Hamilton: No.

    Jefferson: Well it should be.

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  • mimimouseeeee
    29.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Jefferson: Did you tell anyone we’re dating?

    Hamilton: Yes Thomas, I have no self control and told the pretzel vendor we’re together.

    Jefferson: Okay, no need to be sarcastic.

    Hamilton: No, seriously. I have no self control and told the pretzel vendor we’re together.

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  • 18thcentury
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    From New York in The Revolution 1897

    #major general Richard Montgomery #major general Philip Schuyler #colonel philip van cortlandt #captain Alexander Hamilton #new york in the revolution #american revolution#18th century
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  • bugsy-maria
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Run away (Philip x Reader) Ch. 8

    (Y/N)'s POV



    I leave my room on the second floor.

    I'm wearing a lightweight dress with a shawl. in case you're wondering what happened since the last chapter Philip and I didn't do anything. he fell face-first into the mud. we write to each other since Mr. Jefferson took me back to Virginia. he told me to call him Mr. Jefferson. Sally and he got into an argument about what to do with me. I am now a long term guest that helps out the cleaning or other chores.

    Right now its December 30th 1794. the Hamiltons and others are expected to come by for dinner and to start the new year off right. it seems as though Jefferson has a heart.




    just kidding! Hamilton is considering resigning and Jefferson wants to help out with that. just imagine... Thomas Jefferson with a soft spot for the Hamiltons. funny. Mr. Jefferson just wants an excuse to screw Hamilton over.

    I go to the kitchen where Sally is and help with the dishes before I steal a biscuit and scurry off to my room to wait until Philip gets here. I reread the letter he sent me 5 months ago saying that he is coming over for dinner in December. he told me about his adventures in boarding school and how his father is doing. I always respond the second I'm done reading the ink on his letters.


    it's not until dusk that the sound of a horse and buggy on a dirt road catches my attention (Did anyone else know that they are called a coach, am I the only American that refers to them as buggies??? I think so). I swiftly leave my bed to look out the window next to it. I see the buggy come to a stop.

    I race out of my room and down the narrow as hell staircase not caring if someone was going up it or not. I get to the entrance where Jefferson is standing there with Burwell Colbert who was walking outside to greet the guests.

    "Is it the Hamiltons, sir?" I asked looking at him while my hands fidgeted in the back.

    "Yes. when they get here show the children to the empty guest rooms." he didn't look at me only at the door. when it opened again the short man from 6 years ago came in with a woman and 5 children one of which I recognised. I held in my excitement as we have kept our contact secret.



    "Alexander!" the woman covered the ears of the child on her hip. the other children ooh'd at him as though he was in trouble.

    "(Y/N) may you show the kiddos their rooms." Jefferson assigned me while squinting down at hamilton and hamilton giving the death glare up at Jefferson. I mentioned for the children to follow once the woman let the little boy down.

    we all made out way up the narrow staircase with me in the front. the first room from the staircase on the left was the first guest room.

    "This will be your room, but there are only 4 beds." I opened the door that led into a plain medium-sized room with 4 beds, two on each side with a window and dresser in the middle.

    "I call my own room." Philip claimed as he pushed his siblings into the room.

    "What? that's no fair." a girl who looked to be around the same age as than me said.

    "Yes it is. I'm older therefore I get my own room." Philip stuck his nose up in the air all cocky. the girl huffed before she turned her attention to me.

    "I'm angelica by the way." her smile reached her eyes as she bowed. "And this is Alexander." she pats a little boy's head next to her he looked to be 11. he bowed down, took my hand with his and kissed my knuckles. I tensed and laughed awkwardly. when he let go of my hand. "This is James" the little boy hid behind Angelica waved awkwardly. "And this is john." a two-year-old looking boy waked excitedly with a huge smile on his face.

    "Well I'm (Y/N)," I gave a small wave, "Its nice to meet you." a small smile played on my lips. I turned my attention to Philip. "now let me show you your room." I spun on my heal and made my way to the end of the hall where his room sits across from mine.

    I opened the door and let him in. "My room is right across from you so if you have a question on where something just asks me." he entered his room while I talked.

    "I'll be sure to visit your room don't you worry." he turned to me and smiles.

    "For a question, I hope."

    "We'll see."

    "Well no matter what for I'm just glad that I can see you again."

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  • mimimouseeeee
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hamilton: Any thoughts or questions about my debt plan?

    Jefferson: [raises hand]

    Washington: You don’t have to raise your hand, Jefferson, it’s alright.

    Jefferson: Sorry, I didn’t want to be rude.

    Hamilton: So what did you have to say about the plan?

    Jefferson, respectfully: It sucks.

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  • sarcasticrevolutionarist
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago
    "It may perhaps help to sooth your grief when I add to that united expression of Sympathy, that your Son had made himself very dear to my family during his late visit to Philadelphia, by the most engaging deportment. His visits to us were daily, and after each of them he left us with fresh impressions of the correctness of his understanding and manners, and of the goodness of his disposition."

    a quote from a letter from Benjamin Rush to Alexander Hamilton regarding Philip's death.

    #american history#american revolution#amrev#philip hamilton#benjamin rush#rip pip #reposted because i accidentally deleted it #mars' history lesson
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  • vhsdreamland
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    happy 220th anniversary to philip hamilton getting shot i guess

    #my friend texted me to say that the only way she remembers my birthday is because its the day after philip hamilton died
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  • mimimouseeeee
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Hamilton: Why are you so mad, Burr?

    Hamilton: …Is it because my shoes light up and yours don’t?

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  • harrison-the-dilf-friend
    24.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    That moment your friend eats a whole fucking jar of melatonin gummies. Still questioning how he’s alive and messaging me about Philip Hamilton’s death even though he can just google it. But I missed him-

    #I’m talking about Philip from the Hamilton rp I was in #he ate an entire fucking jar of melatonin gummies #after he woke up he proceeded to call me while eating some of those scooby doo gummies #tw death
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  • mimimouseeeee
    22.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Burr: Bought bubblegum-scented bullets so the last thing Hamilton thinks about is how fun and cute I am

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  • scourgeofshadows
    21.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Ok about the Hamilton duels, what if either Philip or Hamilton shot a bird from the sky and that's how the duel ends? Wouldn't that be hilarious? Hamilton: When the time comes, fire your weapon in the air 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7- *BANG!* Bird falls on the ground George: ...

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  • bugsy-maria
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Run away (Philip x Reader) Ch. 7

    (Y/N) POV

    Me and my "Dad" are waiting in the front of the building waiting for Mr. Madison to come out of the building so they can talk about the government. Jefferson and Maddison talked the whole way to the building in manhattan that Jefferson was renting. I, on the other hand, couldn't help but think of Philip and his curly locks the whole way there. like every sulci in my brain he invaded and not even the most sinful of thoughts could have gotten rid of him.

    once we made it to the home I was immediately sent to a privet room on the upper floor whilst the bags where being brought in.  I waited in the narrow room withing the comfort of the comforters. once the sun has set and everyone slept you made your way to the door and out into the streets of broadway. after a couple of minutes of aimless walking, I came across the central park where Philip and I are to meet once again. I sat upon a hill where a lake sat below it. not so long after. I saw a little shilouettio of a man who I assumed to be Phillip.

    we had decided to meet here when we were still in the garden.

    "Hello again." he piped. a smile shined on his face. his freckles showing with the help of lamplight.

    "Hey." I looked from him to the lake. "How's your dad? I heard he lost." I said insensitively

    "oh... yeah." he said at a loss of words, " umm he's mad. he hates it when he loses, let alone it being Jefferson." he says looking at me. its quiet for a bit but he's still looking at me. it's not until I look to my left at him that the silence ended.

    "Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked as I looked into his lustful eyes as he stared into my (E/C) orbs. I blush and look away.

    "What was that?" his eyebrows raise and he leans closer to me. now on his hands and knees.

    "Nothing," I say continuing to look away as to not let him see the effect he has on me. he crawls in front of me to see my face but I keep turning away. he kneels in front of me and lifts his hand. his pointer finger going under my cheek and his thumb keeping my face in place. he slowly turns my face to face him. I didn't struggle knowing it was pointless.

    "Ooh is that blush I see." it was more of a statement than that of a question.

    "oh bite me," I said as I gently playfully pushed him forgetting that we were on a hill. once I realized my mistake it was too late as Philip took a tumble down the hill and into the lake. oh boi how could I possibly recover from this one? I quickly got up and ran down after him. he was soaking with lake water.

    "Never had a girl react like that before," he said as he sat up in the shallow of the lake and rubbed the back of his neck.

    "It was an accident really I didn't mean it here let me help," I said frantically and held out my hand to help him up. he put his hand in mine and gripped it tight but instead of pulling himself up he pulled me down. I still held onto his hand as I fell.  once the shock subsided I started laughing. I couldn't even care that the magenta dress I was still wearing from this morning was covered in mud.

    when he got up I pulled him down like he did me. he landed on me with a thump. I was pinned on the mud with Philip hovering over me. the water from his hair dripping onto me. we stared into each others eyes till he lent down.

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