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  • Hamilton: Meanwhile Britin keeps shitting on us endlessly.

    Audience: Speak your mind, A.Ham!

    Phillip: You should have heard the shit he said about you!

    Audience: Language, my baby boy!

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    Phillip Hamilton ^^^

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  • To whoever made this, are you alright?

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  • What you don’t hear in the OBC recording is Pippa screaming when Phillip dies.

    What you don’t hear in the movie on Disney+ is me screaming with her

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  • Phillip: Do you think that the ocean is salty because the land never waves back?

    Eliza: …

    Alexander: …

    Angelica: …

    Eliza: That-

    Alexande*Cackles*: “Do you think the ocean is salty ‘cause the land never waves back?!” Absolutely. There’s no other answer, if anyone says it’s different, if anyone says differently, they’re wrong. *snickers*

    Phillip: Okay! :D

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  • *Phillip dying*

    Eliza: Who did this, Alexander, did you know?


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  • Let’s talk about that one time I was reading a Hamilton fanfiction and Phillip Hamilton went to help a girl who turned out to be Maria Reynolds’ daughter and I commented “watch it Phillip, that could be your half sister”

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  • look i’m not saying that john laurens and alexander hamilton were gay for each other, i just think that lin knew what he was doing when he decided to allow phillip hamilton to look exactly like laurens

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  • Phillip, but with glasses 👀 

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  • “You Kids Are Gross!” - Anthony Ramos smut

    Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Female! Reader

    Warning: This is pure Smut 👁👄👁

    Note: Now that I’m more comfortable on Tumblr I think you guys should know I’m a ✨whore✨ I don’t know where this came from all I know is that there’s not enough ant smut so I’m here to indulge myself ✨ Also this takes place December of 2015 and Reader is a cast member in Hamilton.


    Originally posted by foundingfatherjohnlaurens

    “What you got going on for christmas?“ Y/N looks up from her phone at Anthony who was sitting beside her on the couch, her legs sprawled out over his lap. "My sister and I have been trying to convince our moms to come home but she wants us all in L.A.” Y/N explains absently, eyes still glued to her phone.

    “So is Los Angeles the move?” he asks, Y/N looking up at him curiously. “I don’t know, I think Y/S/N is going but I haven’t decided.” she mutters. “What are you doing?” she asks after a moment of silence. “I don’t know… I might hang with the fam.” he mumbles as Y/N nods slowly.

    “Oh okay, that should be fun.” she looks back down at her phone. “We should go somewhere.” he says suddenly as Y/N looks up at him in surprise. “Hmm?” she hums. “We should do something together for Christmas.” he repeats. “Really?” Y/N raises an eyebrow. “Yeah, I mean it’s our first Christmas together… last year we was with the cast, and we’ll be off for a few days… i think it’d be fun.” he shrugs.

    “But I ain’t tryna rush you into-” he starts. “No, let’s do it! Where do you wanna go?” Y/N says almost too excitedly. Anthony laughs looking up from his phone nervously. “Would it be weird if I said it’s a surprise?” Y/N snorts before shaking her head. “Not weird at all I love surprises.” she explains. “I know.” he says smugly.

    “Let me find out you know a lil sum bout me.” Y/N jokes as Anthony grins back at her. “What can I say?” he pops his collar as Y/N laughs. “So you’re down for christmas?” he asks knitting his eyebrows. “Yeah, yeah.. I am. You got me excited.” she says as he smiles more to himself. “Have you set a date for your ep release yet?” she asks after a moment of silence.

    “I know that I want it to be out next year, but I mean… I’m still playing it by ear.“ Y/N nods. “Well I’m excited for you.” she assures. “Thank you.” Y/N smiles over at him. “Of course.” she shrugs again.

    “Have you decided when you’re gonna take your final bow?” Anthony asks almost sadly. “It won’t be for a while… I have the movie and when I get back I’ll have to finish out my contract so maybe another year…” she says shrugging again. “But I don’t like to think about it…” she explains. “Why not?” Anthony asks. “Cause imma miss you…” she mutters.

    “Imma miss you too, but you deserve it yo, and imma be here when you get back.“ he explains as Y/N pouts. "And you gonna kick ass in this role and you’ll be back before you know it and then it’ll be us again…” he explains as Y/N nods, slightly appeased. "You’re right.“ she mumbles leaning back.

    "Will you be my date to the Oscars?” Anthony looks up from his phone in surprise.  “You serious?” he asks in disbelief.  “For sure! I mean we weren’t allowed to roll up to the Hamilton premier together like I wanted to… but I’m allowed to bring a plus one with me…” she explains quietly. “You’re my boyfriend, and probably the only person outside Y/N and my moms who believes in me more than I believe in myself so… I want you to be with me.” she explains with a shrug. 

    “Only if you wanna go.” she adds quickly as Anthony smacks his teeth. “Do I wanna go? what type of question is that?“ he asks as Y/N cracks a smile. "I ain’t wanna make plans for you…” she explains with another shrug. “Well I respect that.” he replies quietly. “But… I figured you’d wanna go so i told my manager you were my plus one when i found out.“ she says coyly, smirking behind her phone.

    “Y/N…” she looks up at him and smiles awkwardly when she sees that he’s staring at her. “What?“ she raises an eyebrow at him. He motions for her to come closer, her stomach fluttering slightly as she drops her phone, swinging one of her legs over his lap as she moves to straddle him. "Hey.” she says once she’s comfortable, his hands moving to hold her hips. “Hey.” he shoots back.

    “I’m grateful for you, yo.” he says quietly.

    “I’m grateful for you too. I love you alright? So if I’m making moves there’s no reason for you not to be able to come with me. Simple as that.” she shrugs absently as Anthony grins. “Me too… I’ve told you I ain’t planning on going anywhere… looks like you’re stuck with me, kid.” He jokes as Y/N wraps her arms around his neck as she leans in and kisses him. “Well you’re stuck with me too.” She shoots back.

    “Good, cause I wouldn’t wanna have to kick somebody’s ass for getting too comfortable.” Anthony mutters as Y/N giggles. “Boy, ain’t nobody scared of you.” She teases as Anthony scowls rolling his eyes. “Whatever.” He retorts as Y/N kisses him again to make up for it.

    "Are you gonna stay tonight?” she asks when he pulls away and begins to trail his lips towards her ear moving closer and closer to her neck. “I have to leave in a little to meet Will.” he explains as Y/N pouts. “But I could always come back if that’s what you want…” he trails off pulling away as she snorts. “I always want you to stay, stupid.” she says in a ‘duh’ tone as Anthony laughs.

    “Okay then.” he says as Y/N brings a hand up to his hair as she pulls him back towards her to kiss him again. “Somebody’s excited.” he mumbles as she scowls with an eye roll. 

    “Shut the fuck up.” she drawls as Anthony laughs again tracing circles on her back. “Touchy.” Anthony flicks his tongue as Y/N narrows her eyes. She moves to kiss him again only to scowl when he pulls away before she can, smirking subtly. “Would you stop being a prick?” she questions as he raises an eyebrow. ”

    “Would you stop being a brat?” he shoots back as Y/N huffs. “Anthony!” she deadpans as he stares at her blankly. “Are you gonna be nice?” he questions as she scowls. “Cause I ain’t gonna do nothing 'til you talk.” he adds with a shrug as Y/N smacks her teeth. “Anthony…” she whines dragging out each syllable, leaning in to try and kiss him again. “Y/N.” he mocks moving out of her reach as she pouts again. “Okay, fine… yes.” he raises an eyebrow. “Yes what?” Y/N rolls her eyes again.

    “Yes I’ll be fucking nice!” Y/N exclaims as Anthony smiles leaning in to kiss her again, Y/N tangling her fingers in his hair again as his hands move from her back down to her hips once more. “What do you want?” He asks tracing light circles on her arms. “Hmm?” he presses kissing her on the lips again. “Ant I want you to fuck me!” she exclaims.

    He kisses her again, bringing his hand up to hold the back of her neck as she shudders slightly pulling him closer to her as she breaks the kiss to tug off her shirt quickly. Anthony bites his lip following her lead until they were both topless. After he has, he tugs Y/N towards him kissing her again as he slips his hand up under the strap of her bra, tugging it down as he trails his lips from her mouth down to her neck placing hickeys sporadically from behind her ear down to her collarbone.

    “We’ve got a two day show tomorrow.” she grumbles as he smirks, ignoring her as he leaves another hickey in the valley of her breast. “That’s what makeup for, right?” he asks when he finally pulls away. Y/N only glares back at him. “You’re an ass.” she grumbles as he cackles, admiring his handiwork. “Whatever.” he retorts kissing her once, then twice.

    “I love you.“ he mumbles. "And I ain’t just saying that cause we finna smash.” he adds as Y/N smiles slightly. “I love you too.” she replies as Anthony quietly sighs in relief. “Do you wanna move to the bed?“ he asks curiously his fingers tracing circles up and down her arms as she bites on her bottom lip again. "Just fuck me right here.” she mumbles as Anthony raises an eyebrow.

    “Oh, it’s like that?“ he asks as Y/N mushes his shoulder. "Ant.” she drawls as he holds his hands up in surrender. “Alright, alright.” he retorts kissing Y/N again tugging on her bottom lip as she hums quietly. Anthony rubs her hips as she slowly begins to grind against him, smirking subtly when he lets out a quiet noise of surprise. She continues her rocking as she begins to trail kisses down his neck, leaving a trail of dark hickeys in her wake.

    Anthony bucks his hips lightly earning another smirk from Y/N as she pulls away from his neck looking over the marks she’d left. Anthony bucks his hips again involuntarily tugging on his lip before he taps her thigh to get her to stand up. She obliges shimmying out of her shorts leaving her in nothing but her undergarments as Anthony follows her lead once more.

    Y/N repositions herself on his lap as he makes quick work of removing her bra fully. Once her chest is exposed she instinctively wraps her arms around herself, growing insecure. “Hey.” She looks at him, eyes wide and slightly embarrassed. “You look good mami.“ he mumbles as Y/N stares at him unsure.

    “Do you trust me?” he asks as Y/N nods her head. “Yes…” she blanches slightly, kissing him again as she finally drops her arms. Anthony smiles into the kiss as he moves his hands down the curve of her ass. As she begins to rock her hips against his growing erection, her phone starts to ring obnoxiously eliciting an annoyed groan from both of them. "Just ignore it.” Anthony instructs as Y/N nods.

    He lifts her up shuffling to lay her on her back on the couch as he leans between her legs bending down to kiss her again. Before they can move any further her phone is going off again as she lets out another quiet groan. Anthony, determined to ignore it begins trailing kisses from her naval down to her thighs as Y/N leans back on her elbows. She holds her breath slightly as he moves from one thigh to the other leaving more hickeys as her phone goes off again.

    Smacking her teeth Y/N reaches behind her, shooting Anthony a warning glance as she picks it up holding it up to her ear. “Hello?” she asks wincing when she hears overlapping voices on the other end. “Where are you guys?” Daveed asks. “What?” Y/N asks in confusion.

    “Uh, we’ve been waiting for you guys for like ten minutes…“ realization dawns on Y/N as she winces looking down at Anthony as he drags his finger up and down her heat a subtle smirk on his face as she tries to focus on the conversation. "Daveed I’m not gonna lie I totally forgot about today.” she mumbles. "Is that why you’ve been ignoring us?” she hears Jasmine.

    “I’m not igno-“ she trails off when Anthony slips a finger inside of her briefly, her eyes widening as he slips it out of her, rubbing her clit gingerly with the finger that was just inside of her. She bites the inside of her bottom lip to keep from letting out the moan threatening to escape as he repeats this action several times, never quite losing the smirk on his face. “I wasn’t ignoring you guys.” she deadpans.

    “Well are you coming?” Daveed asks as Y/N bites on her bottom lip to stay quiet as Anthony drags her panties all the way down grazing her clit with his fingers as she bucks up into his hand. “Ant please…” she drawls quietly holding the phone away from her mouth as Anthony looks up at her smugly. “Finish your conversation.” he instructs as Y/N groans.

    “I um…“ she trails off when Anthony sticks his tongue out teasingly delving into her pussy, eliciting a breathy moan from her. "Do you guys think we can reschedule?” she questions hopefully. “Are you okay?” Daveed questions as Y/N looks down at Anthony again as he wraps his arms around her thighs pulling her closer to his mouth as he traces his tongue over her clit.

    “Fuck!“ she hisses bucking her hips trying to bring him closer. Anthony pops her thigh lightly in response, earning another quiet groan. “Y/N/N, are you okay?” Daveed repeats as she stifles another moan. “Yes… yeah I’m okay…” she mumbles shutting her eyes as she leans back against the headrest of the couch.

    “Are you sure?” Daveed asks uncertainty clear in his voice as Y/N tangles her fingers in Anthony’s hair bucking her hips up towards his mouth. “Fuck… yes I’m… I’m fine.” she insists. “Can we… how’s this weekend?“ she asks curiously gripping her phone impossibly tighter as Anthony slips one finger inside of her pumping in and out of her agonizingly slow as she tries not to give away their inconvenient situation.

    "Alright, yeah sure.” Daveed mumbles something to his companions before he’s back on the phone. “Tomorrow should work.” he says as Y/N bites on the inside of her cheek. “Okay… great!” she bucks her hips again as Anthony slides another finger into her pumping in and out as he curls them searching for the spot he knew would drive her crazy.

    “Please… please.” she whispers as he kisses her clit scissoring his fingers. Anthony smirks again adding another finger, Y/N moaning at the stretch. She covers the sound with a cough, glaring down at Anthony as he holds eye contact with her curling his fingers up to stroke her g-spot repeatedly. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Y/N chants tugging on his hair lightly as she rocked her hips in time to his fingers.

    “Daveed I…“ she bites her tongue to hold back another moan. "I’m gonna have to call you back!” she doesn’t wait for a response before she hangs up the phone pulling anthony back towards her as she kisses him again. “You’re a fucking douchebag!” she grunts eliciting a beam from Anthony as he pulls his length out of his boxers, pumping himself a few times as Y/N watches him hungrily.

    She bites her lip again as he lines himself up at her entrance finally sliding into her as she moans, stifling the sound by leaving more hickeys on his collarbone and neck. Sucking the spot behind his ear that gets him to moan bucking up into her. “Fuck, that feels so good!” Y/N moans as Anthony dips his hips to pound into her. She holds him flush against her, hands in his hair as he drives into her nipping at her neck and ear.

    It doesn’t take long for the familiar knot to begin forming in Y/N’s stomach. “Please, please Ant… please don’t stop!” she begs as he picks up speed. “You gonna cum for me?” he asks raising an eyebrow as he moves his hips slamming into her g-spot eliciting a loud moan. “Yes, fuck! Do that again.” Y/N begs squeezing her eyes shut as she wraps her legs around him, dragging her nails down his back lightly.

    Anthony, determined to make her cum obliges ramming into her g-spot repeatedly as he brings a hand down to where they were connected and begins to rub her clit in circles, moving in time to his thrusts. “You sounded so pretty trying not to moan while you talked to Daveed.” Anthony mutters quietly as Y/N shudders, her pussy clenching around him.

    “I can’t lie though, you were being so obvious babygirl… now all our friends know what’s going on.” He continues. “That what you wanted? Jazzy, Daveed, Renee, Leslie, Oak, Pippa, and Lin to know that I was fingering your pussy?” Anthony slams into her with each call of their friends and costar’s names as Y/N chokes on a moan. “Please…” she whimpers as Anthony keeps ramming into her.

    “That what you wanted Y/N/N? Everyone to know you ain’t as innocent as you look?” Y/N moans again clawing at his back as he rams into her g-spot faster. “Fuck, fuck!” she says through a sob. “Right there, holy shit!” she cries as Anthony raises an eyebrow slowing his thrusts down. “Ant, please!” Y/N begs. “Answer my question.” he says rutting his hips slowly. “Fuck! Yes- yes I wanted them to know!” she moans as Anthony smiles in triumph resuming his fast pace as he keeps rubbing her clit.

    When she clenches around him again his hips stutter. “You feel so good.” He mumbles into her ear as she shudders again. “I’m gonna cum.” she whines as Anthony pulls out of her, lifting her up as he pulls her onto his lap, both of her legs straddling him as she slides down onto him letting out a moan as he thrusts up into her. “Just like that!” Y/N pants, tears pricking up in her eyes as Ant sucks a large hickey in the nape of her neck. “Come on baby.” He encourages guiding her hips. “I wanna feel you cum around me.” He adds as Y/N moans.

    With a few more thrusts up into her she squeezes her eyes closed as she falls over the edge. “Shit yes… yes! Just like that… oh fuck I’m coming baby.” she moans eyes rolling to the back of her head as Anthony rubs her clit dragging out her orgasm as he begins chasing his own release. Y/N whispering filthy things in his ear as she nipped on his ear and the nape is his neck, purple hickeys forming as he speeds up. Y/N panting at the overstimulation as Anthony keeps rubbing at her clit.

    “Fuck!” With a final moan Anthony cums, Y/N convulsing as that paired with Anthony rubbing her clit sends her spiraling into a second orgasm. Anthony ruts his hips a few more times riding them both through the last of their orgasms before he stills as Y/N’s phone goes off. Once her breathing is back to normal Y/N climbs off Anthony leaning into her newly christened couch as Anthony gets up to grab a rag to clean them up with.

    Huffing Y/N grabs her phone her eyes falling on the message she’d received from Jasmine.


    jazzy 💞

    make sure you use protection.

    none of us got any time for the

    two of you to be trying to pop

    out a baby 🙄 you kids are

    fucking gross by the way 😒

    Y/N was sure her jaw was on the floor when Anthony reaches her. “Are you okay?” he kneels in front of her. “Ant I think our friends just heard us fucking!” She hisses. “Good thing we gave ‘em a show.” Anthony reasons a wide smirk on his face. “You know what? Shut the fuck up!”


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  • Not me crying over Philip Hamilton for the 1937294532th time

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    *eliza voice*: iiii’m not sorry

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