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  • brightert0mb
    18.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Syndicate Gang with a Glare/Allay/Copper Golem!Reader Headcannons

    In honor of those we have lost and our winner of MCLive

    Also please note that I write these in the mindset that all of these mobs exist in the game but Glares and Copper Golems are very rare as they didn’t win. So hybrids of them are ever more unheard of


    Probably meets you when Ranboo is mining

    He forgot his torches and he ends up bumping into you

    Ends up taking you back after learning you have no house and live in the caverns

    He doesn’t want you getting hurt by the mobs

    Techno is very skeptical, even when he learns you don’t know anything about the SMP

    Phil is wary but mainly trying to decipher what you are

    Ranboo thinks the leaves in you hair and puffing slightly out of your clothes are cool and will occasionally try to clean them out only for more to grow back

    Niki is the most welcoming, in the sense that she will talk to you about who you are, where you come from, what brought you to meet Ranboo

    After thoroughly establishing you don’t have a home outside the cavern, they offer you the couch

    Phil wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to make tea, only to find you on the porch glaring out into the forest surrounding the base

    You are pretty quiet in daily life, though all of them notice your nightly habit of glaring into the darkness

    Phil finally puts two and two together after Ranboo goes into more detail about finding you in the cave and helped him avoid the darker areas

    They have you sleep during the day due to not really being able to stop your night habit



    Niki would find you in a flower field collecting dozens of flowers

    You two chat and she gives you a cookie before leaving

    A couple hours after getting back to the group you knock on the door, a stack of cookies in hand

    They all find it generally off putting but you seem so genuine that they try to be nice when trying to get rid of you

    Techno would actually try paying you with gold to get you to leave

    Surprisingly this works

    However they notice one of the pickaxes has gone missing soon after

    A couple hours later, you are back with nearly three whole stacks of raw gold

    Ranboo notices your wings and Phil finally figured out your an Allay

    They settle about the cookie thing soon after

    You usually stick with Niki

    She will give you things and ask you to collect certain amounts for her city

    However, she doesn’t let you try and give her treats when she gives them to you as payment

    Ranboo will take you mining, collecting ores he drops, and Phil has you help him farm, collecting the crops while he replants seeds

    Techno is the most wary

    However, after giving you a mending book to hold and you disappearing, only to reappear almost a full day later with four more, he’s a bit more accepting


    Copper Golem!Reader

    Phil finds you when wandering a little farther than normal and finds a large compound

    You are there mostly rusted, pressing multiple buttons that seem to power the place

    He fixes you up and asks you what you are doing

    You tell him about how you were made a long time ago and we’re left to be the caretaker of the place

    When asked how long ago, you can’t give a straight answer

    Copper isn’t known to be the best material after all

    Deciding it wouldn’t be right to just leave you, he takes you home

    Everyone is kinda confused but you are generally pretty fun

    You do small tasks, organizing the chests, taking care of smelting the ore or making food

    General upkeep stuff that Phil says is hard coded into you from the base you took care of

    Everyone likes you fairly well, Techno in particular is thankful that you organize the chests

    He likes to task you with taking care of the animals when he goes out

    Phil does the same with the crops when he goes out

    You are surprisingly strong so Niki has you help with the really heavy lifting in her underground city

    Ranboo and you bond over not remember your pasts well

    #minecraft#mc live#glare#glare supremacy#allay#copper golem #technoblade x reader #techno x reader #philza x reader #phil x reader #niki x reader #dsmp #ranboo x reader #dsmp ranboo#dsmp niki#dsmp techno#dsmp philza #nihachu x reader
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  • kaytchenaid
    18.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    idk if anyone has said this before but technically every philza fanart is also fanart of kisuke urahara and for some reason thats really funny to me

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  • koi-pond-frog
    18.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    My body: shutting down

    My brain: out of serotonin

    Time to: read SBI fanfic

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  • antimony-medusa
    18.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    The Totem Of Undying Job, Chapter 11. 

    In which I am very mean to Ranboo and then let him have little a heist, as a treat. Also, being Technoblade is suffering, being Philza is suffering, Tubbo continues to girlboss (too close to the sun? only time will tell), Wilbur Makes A Friend™ , and Niki looks sad and makes a prison warden think she’s harmless. 

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  • philza-updates
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    InvaderBekk posted about meeting Kristin on twitter!

    [Image ID:

    There are 2 images.

    The first is a cropped screenshot of a tweet by becca 💚🤍 @/InvaderBekk. It reads “A wild mumza appears”.

    The second is the attached photo of Becca and Kristin standing in front of a grey walled corner and smiling at the camera.

    End ID]

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  • philza-updates
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @invaderbekk (newest VIP and long time chatter in Phil’s chat PETTHEVIPS) met up with Phil and Kristin and posted about it on twitter!

    [Image ID:

    There are 5 images

    The first is a cropped screenshot of a tweet by becca 💚🤍 @/InvaderBekk. It reads “Got to hang out with Phil and Kristin, thanks for all the laughs today 😂”.

    The second is a photo of Kristin, Phil and Becca standing in front of a fountain in an outdoor mall in the evening. Kristin is holding onto Phil’s arm and Bekk is throwing up a peace sign, while Phil just has his hands in his pockets.

    The third is a selfie of Phil and Bekk, now more to the side of the fountain. They are both smiling at the camera.

    The fourth is a selfie of Becca and Kristin. Behind then is the corner of a room with grey walls and they are both smiling at the camera.

    The fifth is a photo of several people at a long table, with Phil in the focus. He is turned to frown at the camera while holding a spoon above his dessert, which consists of chocolate cake, ice cream and cursive chocolate sauce lettering that reads “Happy Retirement!”

    End ID]

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  • philza-updates
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Philza posted on twitter! Congrats on the retirement old man! <3 (/j)

    [Image ID:

    There are 2 images.

    The first is a cropped screenshot of a tweet by Ph1LzA @/Ph1LzA. It reads “wtf”.

    The second is the attached image, which shows shows Phil sitting at a table and looking at the camera with a slightly displeased look on his face. In front of him on the table is a large square ceramic plate with dessert on it, consisting of a small chocolate cake with white chocolate stripes drizzled across it and some vanilla ice cream surrounded by a ring of whipped cream and half a strawberry covered in regular chocolate drizzle. These desserts take up about half the plate and the other half is taken up by cursive chocolate lettering that reads “Happy Retirement!”

    End ID]

    #ph1lza#philza#mcyt#image id #no id in alt text #for legal reasons I must add that this is (probably) a joke and he’s not actually retiring #mod luna
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  • definitely-not-a-raccoon
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    technodad/dadschlatt au halloween aka

    Why You Should Never Let the English Major Tell Scarey Stories MuaHaHaaa

    A fic told by a very tired raccoon

    TW: Death, Spooky Story

    “Welcome children, come and hear this story of unnerving fear, the a tale of true peril, the ticking of time, but don’t worry my children, here’s where I end the rhyme”. Techno said, proud of his rhyming skills. A dark red cloak was draped over him as he dimmed the lights of Phil’s living room and lit a few candles. Phil, Quackity and Schlatt stood chatting, and Wilbur sat on the steps, listening in on their conversation, leaving Techno unsuprevised to scare his kid and godchildren out of their pants.

    “Our story begins with Tu-bias from Amazing World of Bubblegum and To-mas Sanders the story time guy. Alright scratch that well have Clyde who happened to be a sheep and Jake who happened to be blonde. Good? Good.“ Tommy, Tubbo, and Ranboo glamced up eagerly, excited for the story to begin. “The two were no older than you, just about 9. Jake’s father was an adventurer and he strives to prove him wrong, that no feat was too great for the great Jakey-outit! Clyde led a more sheltered life, striving to show his parents what he was truly made of.”

    ”So”, he continured, “The two crept out of their homes and trampled through the feild, making their way to an old abandoned library. The wind was dead silent, all that was heard was the heavy breathes of the two and the stomping of feet through dried grass. When they arrived, a glowing yellow light peered out of the windows. Clyde boosted up Jake, and Jake saw something he would never forget. Two gleaming eyes, red and green, burning into his retinas. He fell from the shock. Disregarding all common sense, the two opened the unlocked door, grabbing an old netherite axe from beside the door frame and tiptoing in slowly.”

    ”The house was dead silent, aside from the unmistakable shriek of a potion burning over. Jake crept around the corner to the source of the light and sound. He saw the potion and, figuring it was night vision, picked it up and took a swig. Instead of violet syrup, the unmistakable taste of night vision, a choking taste of old coins crept down his throat as the world started to flash around him. He dropped the bottle in surprise, and heard a shriek. He turned around to see CLYDE HANGING DEAD FROM THE BEASTS ARMS! WITH A SINGLE MOTION JAKE WAS DEAD ON THE GROUND, HIS FINAL WORDS AND DERANGED CRY! CLYYYYYYYDDDDDEEEEE!”

    At this point all the adults in the room had turned to see what was happening, but Techno only continued. “Now, let’s tell a different story. There once was a young monster who lived with his father in an old library. Despite his looks he was gentle at heart, not knowing his own strength. One day his father died of an overdose on a potion he made, on his dying breath showing the remedy, breathing his soul into a bottle.“

    ”One night, the kid had done it, he had created the remedy, a potion so deadly if not used correctly it would drive a man insane, a potion of creative mode. He heard tapping from outside and met two blue eyes with his own before their prompt disappearence. The door creaked open and he heard the axe being taken, his only defense against the raiders. He hid in a corner as they navigated to him. He watched in horror as the young boy swiggEd down the potion, his eyes changing. He yanked the other kid up from his hair, not knowing it heart human hybrids. He heard his neck snap. He had just killed him on accident. A million thoughts rushed through his mind as he quickly rushed to the other before the potion truly hit, killing him instantly. He knew he would be hunted down by tomorrow morning. So he sat silently, weeping, holding the two boys, the screams echoing through his mind till his dying breath the next day. Clyde.“

    Techno got up and switched the lights back to discover the three, leaning into each other and crying.

    “Whyd you kill meeeee.”

    ”I didn’t mean to Tubbo I’m sorryyyy.”

    ”You meant to -hic- kill me.“

    “I’m soooorryyyy.”

    Between tears they gasped out complaints, wrapped up in the plot. Techno promptly scooped them up, sitting the trio next to him on the couch. In his best attempt at soothing them, he said,

    ”There once was three boys, Losis, a nickname for Tuberculosis, Theo, a nickname for Tomathy, and Lara, a shortebed version of the name Ranboolara. It had been a long day of Halloween festivities, so the three settled in to sleep. They wiped their tears, and a big blanket-” Techno reached over on the couch, draping it over himself and the boys-“ was wrapped around them, and the smells of cinnamon and pumpkin and apple pie wafted through the air, and everything was peaceful and quiet. They all went to sleep bellies full of candy and good food and makeup wiped off and costumes laying in their closets. It had been a good Halloween, and thetw was many more to come.”

    And with that, Techno drifted off with the three. It truly had been a good Hslloween.

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  • nattyjj33
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I did a little Technoblade art thing today, I’m not sure I’ll keep the background. If I change it I will share it.

    Based on the “Orphan’s Path” series by aenor_llele on AO3

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  • londonsaysstuff
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #londonwritesstuff #philza x reader #phil x reader #x reader #platonic x reader #platonic #platonic philza x reader #platonic philza #platonic phil x reader #platonic phil #gn!reader #gender neutral reader #philza headcanon#headcannons#phil headcannons
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  • honey-wat3rs
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    guys mom and dad are on vogue

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  • oddluver
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • flowerquib
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hc for the sake of my art

    Everyone has long hair - jack manifold...and antfrost cause cat

    They're either in braids, ponytails, buns, or just down because there's no hairdresser on the server

    And no one is willing to screw up they're hair

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  • girlbossinnit
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Please just take a second to gaze into his eyes. He looks so deeply done with everything.

    #this is so funny it’s so funny #philza#mcyt#dream smp#twitter
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  • moss-cola
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    @be-lie-versneverdie has grabbed me by the neck and dragged me back into pogtopia brainrot

    #hi Jess #we r watching the war and it’s her first time watching #I’m. philza brainrotting. #moss rants
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  • hypixelsblade
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #bloodgodtalks #ee!philza tag #haha #being a god of bonds is pretty helpful for knitting and crocheting
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  • hilbertz
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you know sbi fans are suffering when we haven’t even been getting regular 1/4 sbi content

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  • sunstar121
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    [I.D: drawings of all of the members of Origins SMP. the drawings are grouped as follows; Ranboo and Tubbo, Tommy, Sneeg, and Charlie, Jack and Fundy, Phil and Techno, Wilbur and Niki, and Scott. more detailed I.D under the cut. end I.D]

    [I.D: Ranboo is an Enderian with dark purple skin, red and green eyes, no mouth, short black hair, long ears, and a tail.  he has many piercings, and a wears a wedding ring.  he has a white streak in his hair, and wears a crown made of purple shards.  he wears a puffy purple cloak and blouse, black gloves, heeled boots, and many belts and straps. Tubbo is a pale bee hybrid with large wings, antennae, shaggy brown hair, and black stripes.  he has yellow fluff around his neck and ankles.  he wears a yellow and black jacket, black pants, goggles and a brown belt with many bags attached to it.

    Tommy is a pale Avian with feathered ears, wings, tail feathers, and chicken legs.  He has bright blue eyes, short blonde hair, and red marks around his eyes and forearms.  he wears a bright red cloak fastened with a heart clasp, a widebrimmed sunhat, beige shorts, and bracelets and rings around his talons. Charlie is a slime hybrid with green skin and hair.  he wears a white shirt, blue jeans, red runners, red glasses, and a layered green belt. He's drawn in a more chibi-like style. Sneeg is a tiny inching with white skin, patterned blue wings, blue eyes, antennae, and a blue tail. He wears a hooded dark blue cloak, blue pants and shoes, and a buttonup shirt.

    Jack is a blazeborn. His limbs are separated and float independently, and are chained together by black rings and chains. He is surrounded by smoke, and wears 3D glasses. Fundy is a fox hybrid with four tails and brown eyes.  he wears a black hat, red bandanna, multicoloured shawls, cargo pants with many pockets, and a large bag.

    Philza is an elytrian with blue eyes, high cheekbones, shaggy blonde hair, short antlers, and large black wings and tail feathers.  he wears a white and green bucket hat, black tanktop, layered white and green jacket, gray pants, and red bracers on his crow legs. Technoblade is a bulky white man with reddish-brown eyes, pink braided hair, and a short beard.  a pig skull mask covers his face. He wears a blue sunhat, white poets blouse, work gloves, blue pants, tall boots, and a large bag on his back.

    Wilbur is a phantom with gray skin and hair, glowing green eyes, a scaled tail and wings, and glowing blue markings. he wears a black sunhat with a dark blue veil, blue cloak, yellow sweater, black gloves, black pants, and thigh-high boots. Niki is a merfolk with pink eyes, flowing pink hair, pink stripes, finned ears, a pink mermaid tail, and large fangs. She wears a golden crown, and kelp wraps around her chest, waist, and parts of her tail.

    Scott is a starborn with pale skin, purple eyes, and a tail. His hair, ears, feet, forearms, tail, wings, and top half of his face look like the night sky. He wears a purple tanktop, a flowy blue coat splattered with stars, black pants, and sun and moon belts. end I.D]

    #my art #artists on tumblr #osmp#origin smp#origins smp#ranboo#tubbo#tommyinnit#sneegsnag#slimecicle#jack manifold#Fundy#philza#technoblade#wilbur soot#nihachu#scott smajor#reblogs> likes #GOD THATS A LOT OF TAGS #ANYWAYS ORIGINS IS BACK!!!!!!! STARTED THIS WHEN THEY FIRST ANNOUNCED IT AND HERE IT IS!!!!!!! #WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #they jusr get more and more cryptid like as you go on ajcckeiid #niki and scotts are my favourites <3 <3 <3 #i will literally cry if i forgot someone. pls tell me if i did i dont think i did??(other than sh**** i dont want anythinf to do with him? #NOOOOOO I FORGOT WILBURS GLASSES...... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #I LOVE HIM OTHERWISE BUT I FORGOT HIS GLASSES WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
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  • incorrect-fundy
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Philza: You're right.

    Fundy: That's... That's an unusual phrase for you. Did you just learn it?

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  • the-unaligned-player
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Techno-loss is a thing craved by his detractors and supporters alike.

    Let’s explore that.


    Nonsense unless it’s Dre and will just make him prepare harder for when the sharks swarm at the scent of his blood. Doesn’t really change him, just harden him.


    Drop kicking shall commence and he’ll be sad in a way that will be missed, ignored, and exaggerated. No real change.


    Everything in his path dies and he’s a wandering murderous husk until he get’s his head screwed back on by Niki, Ranboo, The Voices, and the ideals of Anarchy. Once that’s done he returns to normal but less happy because why would he be any different?


    “Well that’s annoying, also someone’s house is getting pillaged.” No Change.

    Techno is complete in a way that conflicts with traditional storytelling. He knows what he’s about, is powerful enough to affect all within his sight, and proactive in doing so. He isn’t insecure in his beliefs so losing won’t make him radically shift like someone who doesn’t actually believe in their ideology, only the viability of them. He’s too powerful too be believably forced to act against his beliefs. He’s too rational, too solid, too complete for him to fit in with a traditional story.

    On top of that this is the Dream SMP where people are broken and everything goes wrong so for someone to be successful, healthy, and happy? It doesn’t fit, and that makes people angry. “Why is he allowed to not lose? Why is he allowed to be happy? Why is he allowed to be right? He should suffer, he should lose, he should be broken like everyone else.” Etc.

    Techno is a complete person. I find myself okay with that.

    Are you?

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