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    #dream smp#tommyinnit#wilbur soot#philza minecraft#Technoblade #philza and mumza #mumza goddess of death #miss trixtin #sbi family dynamic #Now this is canon for me
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    MCC 17 Highlights

    (Because Twitter is being salty over build mart and sands of time and for gods sake I am tired)

    Bananaboo :D

    Ranboo placing top 10

    Cyan Coyotes supporting Ponk <3

    Blueza’s wig

    Blue Burgers :)

    Eret painting their nails and looking fabulous for his team

    Wilbur matching with his team for once

    Wilbur and Ranboo bonding

    People being supportive of Grian for his CLUTCH

    #MCC#MCC 17#minecraft championships#mcyt#Wilbur#ranboo#grian#Philza#blue bats#yellow yaks#aqua axolotls#Eret #ponk support forever #I don’t wanna see any build mart or sands of time slander either #y’all better not go for scott AGAIN #also I find it really funny that there are teams for 3 DIFFERENT SHADES OF BLUE #like bro 😭 #anyways I should be working rn #but congrats to orange ocelots!
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    So phil, ranboo and scott did this??

    #context: admin turned them into giant burgers #mcc 17 yellow yaks #mcc 17#mcc#mc championship#mcyt#philza#ranboolive#ranboo#philza minecraft#scott smajor #mcc 17 blue bats
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    I'll Always Catch You

    welcome back everyone! hope you like quick and easy pain<3

    Flowers surrounded his decaying body while his father stroked his hair. "Such a good lad, even 'till the end." The black wings that dried so many tears surrounded Tommy as a sorrowful smile crossed Philza's face.

    Memories of Tommy's childhood raced through his mind while wiping stray rivulets of blood from Tommy's mouth. His once bright and joyful face now held nothing more than a glazed and dull color. Philza sighed lovingly as he remembered when Tommy first tried to fly. Those strong and vibrant red wings were limp and atrophied from his years in the wars and Dream's punishment.

    "Dadza! Catch me!" A youthful blonde boy squealed while jumping from a tall cobblestone tower. Philza scrambled to catch his son as he fell from such a great height. When Tommy landed safely in his arms Philza groaned before hugging him tightly.

    "Don't ever do that again!"

    Tommy looked up confusedly, "But I knew you'd catch me! You always do Dadza!!"

    Phil awoke from his mind to sob as clouds rolled in from the horizon, "I'm sorry for not catching you this time."

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    blueza’s first mcc

    #ph1lza#philza#philza fanart#blueza#redza#colorzas#colorza#colourzas #redza and blueza are twin brothers btw #redza is just shorter #minecraft championships
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    Of Immortality and Nymphs Pt. 3

    Welcome to the final part of Immortality and Nymphs Also @honeyco0kie helped me so much with this part and came up with the name Euphoria! ~~~

    The first time (Y/n) saw her son after his death was when Phil was out with Technoblade, she was tending to her plants out in the garden. It was very hard to keep plants alive out in the snowy Tundra but somehow she managed, she didn’t want to give Phil another thing to worry about. The growing life in her stomach caused her a little discomfort and certainly made it hard to bend over. If he knew she was out in the cold while carrying he would’ve had a fit, luckily he wasn’t here and she could do whatever you wanted. She was cooing at a plant urging it to grow when she saw a shadow overtake her vision, she glanced up and dropped the trowel in her hands, it stuck deep in the dirt just above your feet. (Y/n) let out a strangled sob, her hands covering her mouth. In front of her very eyes was the ghost of her son and a bright blue sheep, he looked so small, and noticed his eyes crinkling with nervousness and delight.


    “Hi, mom!”

    The woman immediately burst into hysterical sobs, Wilbur let out a frightened sound and dropped his sheep’s lead. He wrapped his arms around you in a cold hug,

    “Don’t cry! Have some blue! It’s alright I promise!’

    You pulled away and cupped his cheeks, peppering them in kisses. He let out soft happy laughs reciprocating your kisses with one of his own right on your forehead, it felt frigid on your skin but you couldn’t care less “I missed you.”

    “I missed you too!” Ghostbur cheered eyes flicking down to the small swell in your stomach, his eyes turned back up to you. You self consciously pressed a hand there looking sheepish, “are you pregnant?” You couldn’t bring yourself to look at Wilbur, it wasn’t like you were trying to get pregnant it just happened! You were so fearful he would feel like you replaced him immediately,


    “I’m gonna be a big brother?” His voice was soft as a tender hand was pressed over the one on your belly. “Boy or a girl? Do you know? How far along are you! I have to tell Fundy!” Wilbur’s eyes were shining like stars, you were shocked...he wasn’t upset? You thought for sure he’d throw a giant fit, about how he wasn’t replaceable...but he wasn't, he was happy, cooing over your bump.

    “I...three months.” You whispered, “Not sure on the gender…Phil hopes it’s a girl though, think he’s sick of troublesome boys.” A smile spread across your face and Wilbur gave you a small grumpy look,

    “I wasn't troublesome.”

    “Sure you weren’t Wilby.” Wilbur smiled brightly interlocking his hand with your own,

    “Mom. Call me Ghostbur, please, I've changed a lot. We should talk…” His eyes moved to look at the sheep beside him and he smiled. “I can’t believe dad left you here alone, did he ever leave you alone when you were pregnant with me?”

    “Hardly. I had to beg him to leave and sleep on his own.” You laughed resting your head on the ghost’s shoulder, “He should be home any minute now. He’s going to love to see you.”

    “You think so?”

    “Oh, I know so! He missed you so much, felt so much guilt for…” He watched you grow silent, a pained smile stretched across your lips, “come let's get you inside.” You decidedly left out the part where guilt was eating him alive, he floated after you hesitating briefly. You looked over at him and noticed he was looking down at the sheep, “Your friend is more than welcome inside as well, she looks lovely.”

    “She is lovely!” Ghostbur chirped, “Thank you for letting her stay with you as well.”

    “Of course any friend of yours is a friend of mine, Ghostbur.” His face lit up as he floated to the doors as you held it open for him. Your hand pressed against your stomach as you sat down in one of the nearby chairs. “So, do you eat or drink anything? I have tea if you’d like some, I had a strong craving for cinnamon tea in the first few weeks. Phil went out and bought me a ton, now I can’t stand the stuff.” You gave an embarrassed laugh and Ghostbur politely declined, choosing to sit in an empty chair beside you. Friend gently nipped at his pants, and he nervously ran his fingers through her wool.

    “You said dad was coming back soon right? I don’t...there’s a lot I need to explain about what I do know...about what I remember because there’s a lot I don’t fully understand.”

    “It’s okay Wil, sorry, Ghostbur. You know your father and I are here for you.”

    “Thanks, mom…” He whispered, even though he wasn’t exactly Wilbur, to the ghost you were still his mother and Phil his father. You turned like a top when you heard the front door open,

    “(Y/n), darling, I’m home! Techno’s with me, he needed some extra gold. Plus he wanted to check up on you.” You smiled softly and Ghostbur tensed a little, you reached out to squeeze his hand. It was cold but you could feel it, it was tangible and he squeezed back.

    “Hi, my crow! I have a guest over as well!”



    There was a rapid shuffling of things as Phil slid into the room in his socks, wings bristling in defensive mode, Technoblade slid in right beside him, axes drawn, his teeth were set in a snarl.

    “Guys! Calm down!” You sputtered hands shooting up defensively, neither of them moved to lower their weapons. “It’s Wilbur!” Phil’s face fell and Technoblade let out a confused, ‘eh?’

    Phil’s eyes moved towards his wife and the ghost at your side, “hi dad.” Ghostbur said shakily, Phil’s sword fell to the ground with a clatter and he rushed to the ghost’s side. He held his hands out hovering over his deceased son's cheeks, Wilbur made the first move and leaned into his touch. Phil crumbled to his knees, his wings hanging low and dragging against the wooden floor,

    “I’m so sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. You’re my son and I didn’t know-”

    “It’s okay…” Ghostbur pat Phil on the head gently, “I know Wilbur forgives you. It’s what he wanted.”

    Technoblade crossed his arms walking over to his mother figure and looking down at you, “Why is he referring to Wilbur as a separate being?” He grunted and you reached up to take a hold of Technoblade’s hand. He flushed a light red and looked at anyone but you,

    “I think he’ll explain soon. He wanted to wait for everyone to be here so he didn’t have to explain it again.” You squeezed Technoblade’s hand, he grumbled under his breath but nodded, “Hope he knows he’s gonna have to explain it to Tommy cause we aren’t exactly on speaking terms with him.”

    “Oh hush, I’ll talk to him if need be, you antisocial pig.”

    “You always could read me like a book, ma.” A smile fell over your face looking up at Technoblade, every time he referred to you as his mother your heart swelled.

    Ghostbur was talking to Phil in hushed whispers, a frown came across your husband's face before he nodded slowly. Ghostbur traded seats with him as he stood in front of all of you, Friend by his side chewing on his pant leg. He was holding a piece of blue in his hand as he began to explain all he knew, from the moment he awoke to what he remembers to now. He emphasized that he wasn’t Wilbur, or Alivebur as he kept referring to him, instead he wanted to be referred to as Ghostbur. Phil kept a close eye on the ghost the entire time, almost like he was waiting to catch him in some sort of lie, to prove that he wasn’t his son. But nothing came up that would prove that he was lying, Phil seemed to relax after not hearing anything that could be proven false. After all, he had to keep his pregnant wife safe, she may not be able to live through another heartbreak, and he couldn’t have that.

    He wouldn’t lose her again.

    “Ghostbur,” You spoke up and Phil turned to look at you, “no matter what you call yourself you’re still our son. If you want to be, that is, I love you and I’m...I’m just happy to have you or some form of you back.” Ghostbur let out a small whimper squeezing the blue in his hand tighter, he watched as you opened your arms for a hug. He stumbled into your arms and squeezed you tightly, “Watch the baby Bur!” You giggled and he loosened his grip a little bit,

    “Sorry, sorry!” He laughed nervously and you kissed his forehead lightly.

    “It’s okay, didn’t hurt.” Ghostbur nodded lightly looking over at Phil, he didn’t seem mad at him either.

    “I hate to cut our time short but I need to talk to Tommy and Tubbo as well.”

    “Do you want us to come? We have a house in New L’manburg as well, they don’t particularly like Techno there.” Phil offered standing up from his chair, Ghostbur gave a light shake of his head.

    “I need to do this on my own, but thank you.” Ghostbur smiled, “I’ll see you both again soon I promise.”

    “You’re welcome, you always have a home with us,” You smiled eyes twinkling fondly. Ghostbur nodded before heading for the door, he sent one last smile every one’s way before disappearing with Friend by his side. Phil turned to you and gently squeezed your shoulder,

    “You okay?”

    “Never better crow, he’s back, our little boy is back.”

    “Sort of,” Technoblade cut in with a dry laugh, “half of his personality is back.”

    Neither you nor Phil said anything but with one look at one another you both thought the same thing: ‘Maybe this half is the better half.’


    Six months pregnant and your husband was going off to fight in another war, with Dream and Technoblade no less. You weren’t happy, and Phil could feel that coming off of you in waves. “Phil, Phil you have to at least talk to me,” You followed him around the house like one of his crows he couldn’t seem to shake. “I don’t think you’re thinking this through rationally!”

    “Rationally!” Phil snapped around to face you his wings bristling making him look so much larger than he was, “I am thinking rationally! They executed Technoblade! They killed our son, this country, this nation deserves what Techno, Dream, and I are going to give it!”

    “That may be true!” You shouted back standing on your toes to try to match his height, “but I’m here and your baby is here. Phil what am I going to do if I lose you…You have one life.” He watched as you shrunk, going quiet, hand protectively over your stomach, “I want to raise this one with you.”

    Phil brought his hands up to your stomach and engulfed your hands within his own, his wings brushed away tears you didn’t even know had started falling.

    Stupid Hormones.

    “I love you,” Phil said softly, “Both of you. But Doomsday has to happen, it’s the only way we’ll be granted peace out here. I want to make sure you are safe and you and our baby will never have to worry about anyone hurting us again. I will be back before you can say my crow.”

    “My crow.” You croaked, out bottom lip trembling the old man dared to laugh at you.

    “You know what I meant.” Phil snickered kissing the top of your head, “go rest I’ll be back tomorrow morning.”

    “I love you too,” You kissed his lips softly and he kissed you back, “make sure Techno stays alive, I can’t lose him too.”

    “You won’t lose any of us. I swear.”

    You didn’t sleep, you stayed up all night waiting. It probably wasn’t the healthiest for you or the baby but every time you laid down you were plagued with thoughts of his death. His death or Techno’s, or god forbid both then you really would be all alone, well Ghostbur would help but he’s Ghostbur. He was your son but only part of him, you were more worried he’d lose the baby unintentionally or god forbid give them to Dream. You were startled out of your thoughts by the front door opening and closing with a soft creak. You stood up from your chair losing your balance momentarily as you steady yourself, “Phil?”

    “(Y/n)? You’re awake? It’s nearly one in the morning!” He fretted coming into the room, he looked relatively okay, with a few bruises and cuts on his face. Other than that there was gunpowder staining his cheeks and clothes, but you didn’t care. You ran forward and pressed an eager kiss to his lips, pulling him down by his robes. He made a sound of surprise as he felt your teeth graze his bottom lip, his wings puffed up in surprise. “S-shit what’s that about-” You cut him off with another kiss, this one more searing and Phil felt his wings wrap around your fragile body. “Damn, I gotta put myself in mortal danger more often if I’m getting kisses like that.” Phil mused as you rolled your eyes dragging him into the bedroom, “Oh? Oh, I like where this is going.”

    “Can it bird brain or you’re not getting any.”

    “Yes ma’am.”


    “I would like to see the baby!” Ghostbur was vibrating as he stood next to Technoblade who was outside the married couple’s home. “Can I please see the baby, please oh please? I want to meet my sibling!”

    “Phil will give us the signal when we can come in. Until then you have to wait,” Techno grumbled, his foot was tapping rhythmically showing that he was just as impatient as Ghostbur but he’d rather show not tell.


    “Boys.” Phil opened the door with a small smile, sweat littering his forehead, “come on in.” Ghostbur pushed past everyone and Techno followed behind, “she’s alive mate both of my girls are.”

    “Fuck I owe Ghostbur like three stacks of iron.”

    “You bet on the gender of my baby?”


    Phil rolled his eyes fondly, he picked his head up at the sound of you and Ghostbur’s soft laughter. He entered the door Technoblade hovering in the doorway, “mate you don’t need to be scared to say hello.” Phil urged as Technoblade swallowed thickly, your eyes met his red ones and you motioned him over. Techno lumbered next to Ghostbur and he swallowed, Ghostbur shook his arm lightly,

    “Look at our baby sister Technoblade!” Ghostbur gushed waving his fingers in front of her face, loud babbles filled the air as little hands reached to grab at his fingers. Ghostbur looked delighted and you allowed the ghost to hold him so long as he stayed corporeal. When Ghostbur held her in his arms, Techno finally got a good look at her. She already had a mop of blonde hair on her head just like her father, and stunning (e/c) eyes like her mother. Her ears were small and pointy and Technoblade could crush her in his whole hand if he wanted.

    “What’s her name?” Technoblade murmured, the voices immediately falling in love with the tiny halfling in Ghostbur’s arms.

    “Euphoria,” You smiled at the man, “Cause she’s giving us a newfound happiness and excitement.”

    “Princess Euphoria,” Technoblade muttered softly before flushing red, Phil burst into laughter. “That was the voices, not me!”

    “Sure Techno,” Ghostbur mused bouncing the bundle in his arms, she began to squirm a little to get more comfortable. “Hi, Euphoria! I’m your big brother Ghostbur, I’m going to protect you with my life I promise.” He placed his forehead on her tiny one, “my little blue.” Ghostbur flushed looking up at everyone, “you wanna hold her?” He asked Technoblade holding the bundle out to him, his nose scrunched up.

    “No, I’m alright I don’t think that’s a good idea. She’ll probably start crying and I don’t want to deal with that.”

    “Hold Euphoria mate.” Phil scoffed, “pussy.”

    “Don’t curse in front of the baby!” You scolded, as Ghostbur unceremoniously shoved Euphoria into the arms of the hybrid. He tensed immediately looking out of place and desperate for assistance. “Support her head Techno,” you spoke softly, moving his hands to support his head, his big hands moved to support her head under your instructions, god she was small. Her entire head barely filled his hand, she blinked up at him before giggling and yanking on his braid. Phil snickered as Techno glared down at Euphoria,

    “That hurts Princess, watch it.” He huffed but she only giggled more intensely, and Techno felt his heart melt in his chest, he looked you in the eyes. “The voices and I will protect her with our life, we swear it.”


    “Techno! Techno!” Euphoria ran up to him arms open wide, he knelt and gave her the hug she so desired. “Welcome home!”

    “Hey, Princess good to be home.” He grumbled he and Phil had been out on the hunt for another woodland mansion.

    “Did you get me a gift?” She asked looking at him through her big, round glasses she was bouncing on her feet in excitement.

    “Me? Get you a gift? Why would I do that?”

    “You promised!” She whined clutching onto his cape,

    “Eh, I don’t remember that. Although I think your dad might have something for you.” Her face lit up as Technoblade pointed to the sky.

    “Dad!” She giggled as Phil scooped her up into the sky, her giggles turned into rancorous laughter.

    “There’s my sweetpea!” He cooed kissing her cheeks as he held her in the air, “I missed you so much.”

    “I missed you too! Techno said you had a gift for me! Gimmie, Gimmie!”

    “You’re gonna get spoiled.” He sighed landing back down on the ground as Euphoria shook her head as if trying to dispel Phil’s point. “Alright well, this is a very special gift okay? It’s very rare. It requires great responsibility to wield it. I only got it for you because you’re five now.”

    “Yeah, yeah I promise!”

    From inside his bag, Phil pulled out an enchanted bow and with a few magic-infused arrows. “Don’t tell your mom,”

    “Holy shit for real!” Her eyes lit up in absolute excitement, grabbing the bow and bouncing it in her hands.

    “Language but yes,” Phil chuckled, “It’s yours but I’m teaching you how to use it before you go nuts with power.”

    “I’d never, thank you so much, dad!” Euphoria wrapped him in a hug and he squeezed her back tightly. Wings wrapped around her body and she ran her fingers through them, “Why don’t I have wings?” Phil hummed softly stretching them out,

    “It’s because they were a gift to me. You know how your mom is a nymph?” He watched Euphoria nod,

    “That’s why I grow flowers sometimes!”

    “Exactly, so I could be with your mom and Wilbur. We told you about Wilbur before, the great president of L’manburg?” Once more she watched her nod eagerly,

    “Ghostbur’s twin!”

    Phil licked his lips and nodded his head, “Exactly. I got them so I could live with them forever.” She made a small ‘o’ with her lips but seemed to understand what Phil was saying to her, “That’s my girl.”

    “PHIL!” A loud screech was heard from the garden behind the house, he jumped pulling Euphoria close to his chest. His wings in defensive mode, Techno picked his head up and Phil passed off Euphoria to him.

    “Protect her.”


    Phil drew his sword and made quick work of dashing over to the garden, you were standing there clutching your trowel with a vice-like grip. In front of you wasn’t Ghostbur. The version of your son you and him both had fallen in love with, but your actual son, with a streak of white hair and scruff. Large switch work was down the side of his face, and a bloodied bandage wrapped around his arm, he was reaching out towards you. A hand within your own, you looked petrified, crops and flowers withering around you. Son or not Phil wasn’t going to let his wife feel terrified, he grabbed you and pulled him flush against his chest. “Wilbur,” He greeted wings bristling, “Welcome home.”

    A tight smile spread across his face, Tommy was a few steps behind him shuffling on his feet. He held up his hand in a nervous greeting, “Hi dad. Good to be home least one of you is happy to see me.” He shot (Y/n) a look and she puffed out her cheeks,

    “You came up behind me and grabbed me! Of course, I was scared, you were dead Wilbur!”

    “But I’m back now! You could at least pretend to be happy.”

    “I am happy!” You argued back and Phil squeezed your waist tightly, “of course I’m happy Wilby…” He raised an eyebrow, “You’re my son. I was just surprised to see you again, I was expecting Ghostbur and- wait where is Ghostbur.” You looked past Wilbur and at Tommy, “Tommy? Where’s my son?”

    “Son?” Wilbur groaned pinching the bridge of his nose, “He wasn’t even me-” Phil shushed him sharply, as Tommy refused to meet your eyes.

    “I’m sorry.” He pressed his tongue against the top of his teeth, “Wife of Philza if I knew he’d die I-we wanted to kill Dream- we thought-”

    “What. Did. You. Do?”

    “He’s dead.”

    Phil felt you slump against his chest, tears pooling in your delicate eyes, “(Y/n)?”

    “He can’t be dead, he can’t be-”

    “But I’m here now, isn’t that better.” Wilbur interrupted taking your hands within his own, brushing his thumbs over your dirty knuckles. “Your real son,”

    “My terrorist son! Who blew up his own nation! No! No! That isn’t better!” You practically shrieked in his face,

    “Shhh,” Wilbur shushed you softly, “I know. Realistically I know I’ve hurt so many people, I’m not surprised you’re upset. I hurt everyone including you and dad. But I’ve changed please just give me a chance to prove it to you.” Your lips pressed together in a thin line as Phil pressed a soft kiss to the side of your head,

    “Hear him out flower.” You nodded stiffly and moved to open your mouth when you heard Technoblade let out an indignant shout.

    “Was that Techno?”

    “Dad! Mom!” Euphoria rushed around the corner and latched onto Phil’s robes, “I heard mom yell...I got scared.” Both you and your husband stilled as Wilbur’s eyes widened in surprise,

    “Oh? Who’s this?” He knelt down and locked eyes with Euphoria’s he could see the resemblance of Phil and his mom in her. Even little bits of himself, “My names Wilbur and you are?”

    “Euphoria...are you my brother? Like Ghostbur? His twin?”

    “Hmhm. Seems so, how old are you?”

    “She’s five.” Phil cleared his throat,

    Wilbur hummed softly looking up at both his parents. “Can’t believe I have a little sister, I think we’re going to get along very well.” Euphoria looked at him rather skeptically,

    “We’ll see about that.” She huffed crossing her arms and Wilbur burst into laughter ruffling your hair, “hey!”

    “Like father like daughter heh, she met Fundy yet?”

    “I’m afraid not.” You whispered, “he’s been really busy lately. We sent him a letter, no response.” You knelt down and scooped Euprhoia up in your arms, “we’ve all been a little busy.”

    Wilbur waved him off, “I’ll check on him eventually. For now, Tommy and I need to head out, we wanted to stop by, we have some more people to greet. He needs to show me around the new lands.” He clapped his hands with a smile, “I’ll see you around flower child,” he winked at Euphoria and she flushed shyly. With that Wilbur turned with a flurry of his jacket and stood beside Tommy, “Let’s go, little brother.”

    “Right…” He nodded, “Bye ma, bye Phil.”

    “Stay safe Tommy.”

    He waved and the two disappeared into the Tundra’s snowy hillside, Phil held you close and Euphoria snuggled into your chest. You looked up at your husband and he sent you a small smile,

    “We’ll be a family again. This is a good thing I promise.”

    You smiled back but you couldn’t help the churning of unease in your stomach, but for now, you could only hope that Wilbur was truthful about wanting to change his ways. After all, he did have a little sister to watch out for now, and maybe she’ll hold him to that promise. ~~~ Tag List: @xx-smiley-xx, @dreamslittlebitch, @dirtdiavolo, @thatguythatsshy, @shinyshimaagain, @little-odd-dude, @theultimatewifu32, @hee-hee-haw, @thegeekisheere, @honeyco0kie, @victory-is-here, @friday-dsv, @judas-draws, @theoneandonlyyeti, @abovenyx, @boiled-onionrings, @pastelmoonwitche, @royaltytheo, @lovestruck-fool, @mack4676, @fiorenc, @sandyy-woo, @luluwinchester, @fall3n-vo1d, @blxux

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    The man the meth the whore, Philza minecraft

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    im watching phil rn and just seeing all the people come from wilburs chat scared is making me scared-

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    scammed once again widepeepoSad

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    Philza just dropped so many slushies what-

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    the stupid wig omg. philza u absolute weeb. get those wigs from weebcon 1800 did you. this is why you're my favorite streamer.

    #hecchyper#mcc liveblogging #all jokes all jokes. love philza minecraft w/ my entire soul <3 #mcc spoilers
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    Here’s all colorza same thing like dream, I tried my best to follow the mc skin and have some ideas to do my own design.

    I did use some reference, there are other people who have amazing ideas and I’ll still admire their art.

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    MCC Time!

    Watching Philza’s POV again! :D Never a bad time watching him. I’m excited! I got my popcorn and water bottle.

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    “Your son likes me better!”

    Philza after the whole saving Dream fiasco bro, the blob is totally getting adopted...anyway i have a bigger thing coming just taking a break

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    S H R UG

    Just a casual bird guy

    Just a crow father shruggin

    Just a crime bird

    #art#dream smp#fanart#digital art#philza minecraft#philza#philza art #philza angel of death #philza minecraft art #philza fanart #philza minecraft fanart #dsmp philza
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    school is tough but always remember: no test or assignment will ever be as confusing as the ace race map.

    #happy mcc day everyone #mcc#mc championship#minecraft#philza
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