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  • раз , два , три , четыре, пять , вышел зайчик погулять

    @aftonroboticz​ okay so hi josef it’s me dorian! I already send you my birthday wishes to you in asks from my main blog and you already see and hear them , but gonna say again you amazing person and i really glad i meet you . You also inspire me a lot and from you also learn a lot of new things , happy birthday and have good day!



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  • I also have to figure out how to call Mom at the hospital.

     My brother - “Just call WakeMed. You know her birthday after all…”. 

    Me thinking-  “I need to know her birthday? Wait, what IS her birthday?!? I remember how old Pop was when he died, so if I do the math I can figure out what year he was born, then I can figure out what year Mom was born…unless I am misremembering his age… Fuck, will I have to answer a lot of questions? Where do I get the number for WakeMed to call? What is the protocol for what you say? Heart please slow down. I know phone calls scare me, but beating that fast is NOT helping!!!”

    Me talking- “After you call her could you text me her room number “

    My brother, annoyed- “You don’t need me to! Just do it!”


    Watch as I spend the next two hours trying to psyche myself up enough to dial and brace myself for the pit of my stomach panic once It starts dialing.

    People never, ever, ever get my phone anxiety. It always feels like I’m barging into someone’s house and throwing open a door and damn, is this even the right house. It’s worse because through a phone I can’t read people and I can’t bumble through with an apologetic smile when I don’t know what I’m doing.

    Mom will want to hear from me, and I want to hear her voice. And STILL my body doesn’t want to go into full anxiety attack mode first. (Three hours of sleep and two cups of coffee are NOT helping! LOL) 

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  • All caught up now with A Witch’s Hopeless Wish - so lovely! Can’t wait for more~

    Started Survive as the Hero’s Wife not too far into it but it’s pretty alright thus far.

    Spent the day - what little of it i really…remember? watching Twitch VoD’s (That Hades action tho) because i was not alive.

    Got the dishwasher filled, so that’s good, the laundry first set is done and set, going to have to run the second run tomorrow which is fine. Phone calls got done today, appointment on the 7th for Dr for both of us, ACTUALLY have to get bloods done now (either tomorrow or Monday) and that’s that. Monday i have an appointment with Neuro. Need to actually get that phone call figured out. Called them today and they…didn’t call back? Annoying. But at least the first call was, in fact, called.

    So yea, tomorrow, bloodwork (hopefully), RP (hopefully), existing (hopefully), more SatHW, and…maybe some video gameness? Ooblets? FFXIV? (You know, i have to stop and think EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. if it’s xiv or xvi? “i beFOR means FOUR”. Have to think every time. -_-; Goodness gracious. What a doofus.)

    Water was good today, food was good, way tired (not sure if i slept well…?), and i am achy all over. Especially wrists, especially wrists. Tired. Bleh.

    #Multiple Sclerosis#Spoonie#Daily #Idle Big Devil #A Witch's Hopeless Wish #Survive as the Hero's Wife #Hades#dishwasher#laundry#phone calls#appointments#Neuro#bloodwork#FFXIV#Ooblets#wrists #hands achy a little #wrists achy #achy all over #tired#so tired#bleh
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  • I did it, my voice shook, I stumbled over my words but I called my state representative and my senators and told them they were publicly go on record say that they won’t pick a new Supreme Court Justice until after the election like the precedent that was sent in 2016. I had expected hoped all three let it go to voicemail so I just had to do my best with that little speech template going around.

    #if one democact agrees to a new justice before the election... #i will vote them out so hard #unless i can't vote for them and then I'll just make angry rants #what's that saying 'speak even if your voice shakes or something' #did my best #now i need to stop vibrating with anxiety and it will be good #i hate this feeling #going to try to work on crafts for a bit to see if it helps #i hope i can #I've been doing stuff in the hospital bed with the hospital table and its been helping a lot #personal #my body is a wonderland thats been condemed for 20 yrs #phone calls
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  • Even in Japan, people call me at the worst fucking times. I was on the bus and I got a call from my company…but in Japan using your phone on the bus is a big no-no, so I declined it.

    Now I’m sitting in my apartment, waiting for the person to call back, so that I can go get food. Because I know as soon as I order my takeout, they’re gonna call. And guess where else you’re no supposed to make phone calls? In restaurants!

    #so hungry#phone calls #i hate it so much
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  • They felt like they’d been crying for days. In reality, it had only been a few hours but they doubted they were anywhere near finished. Their phone had been ringing continuously for the last hour or so but they refused to even look at it. The knocking on the door was going to be a little harder to ignore.

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  • So I’ve recently started working in an office, I work in the administrative department and yesterday they made me call every single customer on a list because they had to stop by for some signatures or whatever that’s not the point

    And of course being millennial/zoomer with anxiety I hated the task, I mean I still did it but I did it in fear (mood)

    At first I thought that it was normal to call customers and I was only tense because I was new on the job and I would have gotten used to it after a while, but then

    Then it hit me: nobody in the office wanted to call the customers, they gave me the job cause I was the newbie

    I repeat: nodoby wanted to call customers

    Office workers are as afraid of making phone calls as customers are

    So like next time you’re afraid of calling the doctor, or call in for a job interview or whatever, remember that the person you’re calling is as afraid of being called as you are of calling them

    It’s okay, everybody is just an anxious mess afraid of phones

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  • image

    This is one of my favourite quotes (not mine and I don’t know where I read it). I scribbled this boat out in a storm in my notes app because that’s what I felt like after reading the quote. And everytime i can’t do things because I’m so fucking scared, I open my notes and look at it and it makes me feel brave again.

    #if you want to know what i'm scared of: #phone calls
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  • Y’all have anxiety about something mundane and regular but you convince yourself that you’re being irrational and that that regular everyday thing isn’t as shitty as you think it is, so you do it! only to realise that it went exactly how you always worry it will, and how it has always gone, and it was shit and just reaffirms you’re anxiety about that mundane thing?????

    #yeah well #thats me with #phone calls #they never go well #9/10 times they end poorly #yay #love that for me
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  • Problem: Someone from around here has left two messages for me asking if I am still running the fiberglass business so they can buy gelcoat. This wouldn’t be a problem except….

    1) My phone doesn’t immediately tell me I have a message, so these are a couple days old.

    2) The guy (named Guy, oddly enough) wants me to call him back at a different number than the one he called from, but he says it so fast the local way** I can’t make out the last two digits.

    3) I really stress over phone calls, but if I’m not 100% certain of the number I almost can’t make a call at all.

    4) If I don’t call him back he will take it personally.

    5) Guy is a local. His brother was in my class, and he’s connected to the community in all the ways I’m not. If he gets offended I haven’t replied, everyone will know and make assumptions about why.  

    So now I’m freaking out over this thing that if we were face to face would take seconds with no hard feelings. Fuckin’ hell I wish I hadn’t missed his calls!

    **Yeah, yeah, I’ve lived here all my life so you wouldn’t think I’d have trouble with the local accent, or should I say accents. Well, all my life people have talked about my “funny” accent and wanted to know where I was “really” from, so somehow I guess it isn’t surprising if my ear doesn’t have a hang of it. What IS odd is that I don’t have trouble with accents elsewhere. All over the country, other countries, heck, even countries where I don’t speak the language, no problem. But the closer I get to home the more I do the smile and nod while trying to figure out what the heck they just said. Mental block caused by being an outcast family maybe?

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    Maybe it’s because I’ve done like seven phone calls in two days and my parents expect me to do more

    #phone calls#they’re SCARY #don’t vibe with it #emails are good
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  • Actual statements an old man said, verbatim, in the background of a phone conversation I had today when he was talking to somebody else and didn’t realize I could hear him:

    “Does it kill bees? I don’t want anything to kill bees.”

    “No, don’t kill the bees! Nothing should kill bees.”

    “Nothing should kill bees, except the Russians.”

    “They can’t help it, they’re Russians.”

    #if i have one popular post on this website #i feel this is deserving of that glory #funny#real life#bees#phone calls
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  • I accidentally hung up on someone early :)

    Im gonna sleep forever now.

    #it was an impirtant phone call too #we were at the goodbyes part though #i am so sorry maam #personal#phone calls
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  • #Fredrik Backman#Novel#Author#Story#Young Adult#Book #Coming of age #Coming of Age story #death#separation#phone call #slice of life #reality #death do us apart #heartbreak#quote#words#Beartown #Us Against You
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  • bruhhh you dont use your girlfriend’s phone to text their child pretending that you’re their mother 

    #vent #nick used my moms phone to text me #and pretended he was my mother #he was like 'baby? #and then i called my mom #and he picked up like hey :)
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