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    08.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Phyrexian Ghoul

    Phyrexia wastes nothing. Its food chain is a spiraling cycle.

    Artist: Pete Venters

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    05.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    83 Mythical Creatures & Descriptions

    This list does not include…

    Sci-fi races (sullustian, eldar, sangheili, duros, etc.)

    Half-breeds (half-orc, half-elf, etc.)

    Sub species (Mirrodin vedalken, hill dwarf, mountain dwarf, etc.)

    Types of giants (human giant, giant spider, giant worm, etc.)

    Literally thousands of mythical or divine beings I did not think of

    1. Saproling - A diverse race of plant entities that dwell in the forests of Dominaria.

    2. Dwarf - There are two main races of dwarves (According to WoTC): hill dwarves, and mountain dwarves. They are fairly self-descriptive, however mountain dwarves have improved vision in dark environments. Dwarves are known for their metalworking abilities, short stature, and sturdy build. Some sources claim they can live for an average of 400 years.

    3. Elf - A highly debated race prominent in tales ranging from Santa Claus, to MTG. Ignoring the idea of the tiny shoemaking elves of Earth, elves are human-height, thin, agile, stealthy, and in-tune with nature. Warriors of this species often use light swords, long bows, daggers, and staffs.

    4. Vedalken - Tall, blue-skinned, knowledgeable beings from MTG and D&D, but most prominently the former. Vedalken have six fingers on each hand. Mirrodin Vedalken have four arms, but that trait is reserved to only members of the Vedalken race from that plane. Believing perfection to be inachievable, Vedalken. Jew progress as a never-ending march to a state of perfection that can never be achieved.

    5. Merfolk/Merrow - Female merfolk are commonly known as mermaids- the aquatic (or sometimes amphibious) race of blue- or green-skinned humanoids with fish tails, and oceanic jewelry.

    6. Elemental - A diverse group of magical beings centered around a specific element. These are most commonly fire, life, ice, water, and lightning.

    7. Angel - Heavenly, winged humanoids. Disregarding Christian ideas of angels, they can be skilled healers, or marksmen. You already know about this one.

    8. Demon - The unholy counterpart to angels. Often winged, demons pocess magic capabilities encompassing fire, death, and anger. These beasts reside in the underworld, or hell.

    9. Specter - Cloaked figures armed with scythes, who ride undead beasts through the sky. Opposed to flesh, many specters are made of black mist enveloped in dark cloth.

    10. Goblin - Thieves, hooligans, and mechanics. Goblins are often in the background committing some silly crime. They can be utilized as comic relief, or cannon fodder, whichever results in their death the quickest (because seriously, these dudes have the highest death rate of anything in this list)

    11. Orc - Large, lean warriors wielding clubs, or other blunt weapons. Orcs are commonly portrayed with green skin, and two large stubs of teeth on their lower jaw, sticking out of their mouths.

    12. Giant - A collection of large, clumsy humans, spiders, worms, or serpents.

    13. Centaur - A mythical Greek idea of a man (or woman) made of a horse from the waist down. Skilled with a bow, or lance.

    14. Siren - Two ideas. One: mermaids that sing to lure unwitting sailors into treaterous seas. Two: humans with light blue wings on their arms.

    15. Nymph - Nymphs wander in forests, disguised a women. When a traveler approaches, sword sheathed, and shield lowered, the nymph allows its illusion to fade, revealing an evil monster beneath.

    16. Minotaur - A bipedal bull with two arms, and two legs that runs around in mazes. “Minotaurs hate tar tar sauce. They’re deathly allergic to tar tar sauce”.

    17. Screecher - A flying zombie-demon that screams as it glides.

    18. Fairy - Tiny winged humans that flutter through forests. Often times, they will betray travelers, and loot them.

    19. Pixie - A fairy that doesn’t lie about being evil, it just accepts that it is. Occasionally, pixies will catch something on fire.

    20. Unicorn - A mystical white horse with a golden or ivory horn on its forehead, often bearing pink or blue tails and manes. They love to plunder their horns into tourist’s chests’.

    21. Ogre - Either Shrek, or a dungeon-dwelling humanoid with ten blue tentacles, each wielding a different weapon.

    22. Troll - A small, dirty man who will collect tolls for crossing bridges. Nothing a crossbow can’t fix.

    23. Zombie - The reanimated corpses of lost ones through the use of magic.

    24. Fomori - An advanced aquatic race, that builds beautiful cities under the sea. In addition this, they possess vast arsenals of explosives.

    25. Stitcher - A zombie made from parts of many deceased creatures.

    26. Djinn - Blue- or gray-skinned, mountain-dwelling monks with the ability to levitate themselves.

    27. Thrull - A beast faintly resembling a gray-skinned, Balt ox with no horns. The Orzhov Syndicate of Ravnica utilized thrulls as pack animals for transport, and as a container for storing mana, until it would be sucked out of the creature.

    28. Rendhorn - A cross between a rhino, and a wolf.

    29. Arynx - A large wild cat.

    30. Aven - Humanoid birds that live on Dominaria.

    31. Semicore/Wierd - An artificial creature that contraditicts its own existence. For example, a membrane of water, and an interior of fire.

    32. Naxie - Merfolk-like, semi-humanoid, aquatic and residing in unusually deep forest ponds and lakes, groups of naxies drag travelers stopping for a drink, into the water to eat them.

    33. Dragon - A fire-breathing, reptilian beast with near-impenetrable scales. Dragons also boast wings, enabling them to fly.

    34. Drake - Similar to a dragon, but leaner.

    35. Draco - A serpent dragon that cannot breath fire.

    36. Serpentine - A humanoid shake.

    37. Truffle - A mushroom person.

    38. Hydra - A three-headed dog from Hades.

    39. Kobold - Small dragonic men from D&D.

    40. God - Magnificent, holy, divine beings. No one knows for sure. Let’s keep it at that.

    41. Ent - Tree-like golems that reside in forests. Some ents offer wisdom, others kill travelers.

    42. Reaper - A cloaked, reanimated skeleton armed with a scythe, and wielding death magic.

    43. Reanimated Skeleton - A skeleton made living through the use of necromancy. Can be destroyed with a hard push.

    44. Golem - Living rock or metal creature, sometimes tasked with the defense of an area.

    45. Gremlin - A red-skinned animal on Kaladesh with an appetite for Aether.

    46. Cyclops - A one-eyes humanoid, sometimes appearing to be human, but other times as large as an orc.

    47. Pegasus - A winged horse.

    48. Titan - A god-like creature with great strength, and power. Not quite a god, but not a mortal either.

    49. Ghoul - A ghost that retains some remnants of it’s past body.

    50. Ghost - A spirit that escaped it’s body after death.

    51. Phantom - A formless ghost that remains in the mortal realm.

    52. Harpy - A colorful bird with a woman’s face.

    53. Manticore - A powerful demon lion,

    54. Werewolf - Werewolves are sometimes thought of as humans that morph into savage wolf humanoids, in the presence of a full moon. Other times, they remain wolf beings at all times.

    55. Elephantine - Humanoid elephants.

    56. Wyvern - A sky-dwelling dragon that resides on floating islands, that is sleek, white-, blue-, or green-skinned, and about a three-fourths the size of dragons.

    57. Dragonborn - A powerful dragonic man, also called a half-dragon. Skilled with blades of all sorts.

    58. Aetherborn - Aetherborn are gray-skinned, black-eyed humanoids spawned spontaneously as a byproduct of the Aether refinement process on Kaladesh. The Aether that makes up heir bodies is gradually returned to the Aethersphere, and in only 3 to 4 years, they have dissolved entirely. One adult human contains enough Aether to allow a single Aetherborn to survive 12 more days. Some members of this race with questionable morals (most notably Gonti) will kill humans in scores, to preserve their own lives.

    59. Spirit - A shapeless ghost that retains the ability to communicate with the living.

    60. Haunt - A spirit visible as a cloud of thin, black mist, a faintly glowing core, and often wearing a tattered gray cloth.

    61. Mimic - Mimics hide in dungeons as chests, or doors. When an unwitting dungeoneer opens the mimic’s disguise, a purple-tongued, toothy beast attacks them. Chest mimics are able to hop around.

    62. Vampire - Pale-skinned humans with two pointed fangs, yellow or red eyes, a black cloak, the ability to live forever, a fear of sunlight, and a thirst for blood. Some sources claim that humans bitten by vampires become vampires themselves, however this is unlikely. Weaknesses include silver, wooden stake to the heart, and garlic.

    63. Humonculus - One-eyed, blue-gray skinned humanoids created artificially. Though stichers in a technical sense, Humonculus are alive.

    64. Devil - Red-skinned, long-horned humanoids that explode upon death.

    65. Skywhale - Long-finned whales that float through the atmosphere effortlessly.

    66. Griffin - A lion with an eagle’s head, wings, and feet.

    67. Abzan Hound - A humanoid dog, skilled with a bow.

    68. Leviathan - A large sea serpent whose size is comparable to that of a whale.

    69. Nice

    70. Naga - A large snake with human arms and facial features near the head.

    71. Slime - Gelatin creatures that bounce around. Slimes retain their shape as a flat gumdrop.

    72. Horror - Mutant creatures merged together. Mutants have multiple of everything, are terribly boney, and are encased in a loose and thin sheet of skin.

    73. Myr - Drones crested by the Mirrodin, that could do nothing but watch the corruption of their planet at the hands of the Phyrexians.

    74. Chimera - A winged lion with an eagle’s head, and a snake for a tail.

    75. Ooze - An acidic, shapeless slime.

    76. Nim - A corrupted zombie reanimated without the use of magic.

    77. Hobbit - Short humanoids somewhat resembling a cross between dwarves and humans. They live in houses built into the hillsides, in the Lord of The Rings.

    79. Sky Manta - A stingray that flies in the sky.

    80. Souleater - A demonic creature that comsumes souls opposed to organic matter.

    81. Dementor - From the Harry Potter series, dementors have no legs, wrinkled gray skin, a circular mouth, and “look like something that decayed in water”. They guard the Azkaban Prison.

    82. Eternal - A zombie transferred into an artificial body to make it stronger, live forever, and travel through planar gates.

    83. My gf

    Tell me anything I missed; it will only cause this list to grow stronger, much like any attempt at killing a semicore with pyromancy.

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    27.02.2019 - 2 years ago

    Phyrexian Ghoul

    Phyrexia wastes nothing. Its food chain is a spiraling cycle.

    Artist: Pete Venters

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