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  • marim-bitch
    01.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    I never want to move states ever again. 🥵

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  • enderio
    01.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    I’m too lazy to put earrings in so hopefully my ears don’t heal over

    #They shouldn’t anyways Bc I got them pierced in February and wore earrings constantly since then #Piercing tw#end’ Times
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  • niklaus-mikaelson-the-hybrid
    01.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #wtf is happening #can someone help me #klaus mikaelson#klaus answers#⚜ anon #katherine pierce anon #katherine pierce#asks
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  • mellybearlovesmarshmellows
    01.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Just added to my tracks on Spotify "Secret" by The Pierces https://ift.tt/1IREl00

    #IFTTT#Spotify#music#The Pierces#Secret #Thirteen Tales Of Love And Revenge
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  • nancydrcw
    01.08.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    in 2012 i wasn’t rping as much, but prior to that i had been heavily into glee rp... 

    those were dark, dark days...

    #the amount of brittany s pierce gifs i had saved... #embarrassing #✓ ⁎ ⋆ ✦  𝐢. ooc.
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  • syd-s
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Just taking tipsy selfies at Dave & Busters 🍻 my friend won a mega phone and now we’re harassing strangers 😂

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  • sav-the-bi-queen
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Best Romance Scenes :

    Brittany and Santana

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  • gyuuurai
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ear piercings#pretty #they're cute but they're so many.... pain... scary.... #not mine
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  • threeeighteen318
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi, I still exist!

    I’ve been dealing with a lot so posting has been a minimum lately.

    I’m still cute tho.

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  • cottegecorepanarabread
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    imagine - tsukiyama

    ok so I wrote this with a concussion I got in a car wreck and that is why I have been gone so lone but here is this and you can also find my other works on ao3 at https://archiveofourown.org/users/gothgf_24

    Tadashi woke up with Kei’s arms loosely around him. They were at Kei’s house for one of their regular sleepovers. Tadashi turned around to face Kei. Tadashi admired how the sunlight streamed over his relaxed face.

    “I love you,” Tadashi whispered, then pressed a kiss into his forehead.

    He found his phone under their pillow and scrolled through messages through the night before. Hinata and Kageyama were fighting in the now third year’s group chat like normal. He responded to the usually good morning message from Yachi. He also sent her a picture of Kei sleeping. She responded back with something about how they were cute. He opened his messages from Kageyama to something that surprised him.

    Kageyama had sent him several pictures of different piercings with a message that read, “I’m really thinking about it.”

    Tadashi: Why not do it. I’ll come get some too.

    Kageyama: I’m not 18 yet

    Tadashi: Yeah that’s right. I’ll try to call in a favor with someone I know.

    “Who are you talking to this early?”Kei said in a tired voice.

    “What are you jealous?” Tadashi teased.

    “Well whoever it is is the reason you don’t have your arms around me, so I’d say I am.” Kei pulled Tadashi closer to him.

    Tadashi wrapped his arms tightly around him.

    “How do you feel about getting your ears pierced?”

    “Where is this coming from?” Kei asked.

    “Well Kageyama sent me some pictures and I said we should go get some. I thought this could become a group actively.”

    “I have actually been thinking about some piercings, but does this have to be a group activity?” Kei frowned.

    “Tsukki please, we can go get boba by ourselves afterwards. Plus there is gonna be a surprise and you are really gonna like it”


    “Thank you Tsukki.” Tadashi pulled him in for a kiss. “Now I have to make a call.”

    “Hello, world’s best piercer and chaotic older sister, Saeko Tanaka. How can I help you?” She said upon picking on the phone.

    “This is Yamaguchi.”

    “Aww, hi future in-law what can I do for you today?” He could almost hear her smile.

    “So you know how you said that you would forget my age if I let you give me that piercing.”

    “Oh my god, are you gonna let me do it!”

    “Well yes but I need you to overlook someone else’s age.”

    “Yeah sure whatever. I’m free from 11-2 today so come by the studio.”

    Tadashi hung up and looked at Kei, “so what are the piercings you wanted?”

    Kei went to his bookshelf, pulled out a manga, and handed it to Tadashi. He looked at the book first noticing the name, blue period. Tadashi noticed the piercings on the ears of the person on the cover. 2 cartilage and one tragus piercing.

    “Tsukki you have to get these!”

    Kei smiled, “yeah that’s the plan babe.”

    Tadashi and Kei met up with Hinata and Kageyama at the halfway point between their houses and the tattoo parlor. Hinata pestered Kei, trying to get him to say what piercings he was getting.

    Kageyama looked lovingly at Hinata.

    “Dude, you are whipped.” Tadashi laughed.

    “Uh,” he blushed, “well you are too.”

    “Yeah,” Tadashi sighed looking at Kei, “I am.”

    “Wait Yamaguchi, what are you getting?”

    “Just an industrial.” Tadashi smiled innocently.

    Yachi greeted them at the studio. She was already there since she had brought Kiyoko lunch.

    “Ok, is everybody here and ready.” Saeko said, putting on her gloves.

    “I want to go first!” Hinata shouted running up to her.

    “Alright, come with me.” She pulled him off to pick his jewelry.

    Hinata fidgeted as he sat while Saeko prepped all her stuff.

    “Kageyama,” he squeaked, “come hold my hand.”

    Kageyama smiled and took his outstretched hand. He let Hinata squeeze it to the point it was white as the needles went into his ears.

    “You're doing great, baby, but you knew it would hurt and you still wanted four.”

    “I’m trying to look cool so I will scare everyone who tries to steal you off.” Hinata frowned.

    “That’s cute, but stop moving if you want these to be even.” Saeko rejected his head.

    Hinata’s piercings were finished. He revealed his constellation ear to Kiyoko, who smiled with approval. Kageyama went next and got a rook and conch. He held Hinata’s hand softly, but Tadashi noticed he was biting his lip hard.

    Kei went next.

    “Want me to hold your hand?” Tadashi asked.

    “I don’t really need it but any excuse to hold hands with you.” He smiled, taking Tadashi’s hand.

    “I’m telling your brother you said that.” Saeko laughed.

    “Don’t you fucking dare.”

    Kei took his cartilage piercings well. He lightly held Tadashi’s hand and frequently looked down to smile at him. His tragus was a bit of a different story. As the needle went in Kei let out a soft “fuck”.

    Tadashi shuddered and blushed, catching Kei’s eyes.

    “Look if you are gonna get horny over this, I’ll send you over to Mad Dog-Chan.” Saeko snapped.

    A “don’t fucking call me that you old hag” come from the other side of the studio.

    Saeko just laughed and rolled her eyes.

    “Ok Yama, your turn.”

    The piercing was over quickly. Tadashi didn’t mind the small pain. He has his fair share of piercings, but he still took Kei’s hand.

    “Ok Yacchan! You’re up!” Saeko called.

    She wiggled out of Kiyoko’s arm, coming over to get everything set up.

    “Do you want to wait for Kiyoko or do you want to just do it now?”

    Yachi looked over at Kiyoko who was checking someone in. She shook her head. Kageyama offered her his hand. She gladly took it. Tadashi took her other hand, and Kei and Hinata placed a hand on her arm.

    “Thanks guys. I really appreciate you all.” She smiled big.

    She got her septum done and squeezed Tadashi and Kageyama’s hands the whole time.

    “Yacchan, you look so cool.” Saeko showed her in a mirror, “ok so Yacchan’s is on the house so how are the rest of you paying.”

    Kageyama pulled out his credit card, “here this is for all of them.”

    “What! Kageyama you can’t do that.” Hinata yelled.

    “Yeah I insist on paying for Tadashi’s and mine.” Kei frowned.

    “Look,” Kageyama said, “my parents give me all this money and I never use any of it. Other than hoodies since hinata takes all of mine.”

    They finally agreed to let Kageyama pay for them. Mostly because Saeko had already taken the card.

    “Ok y’all can all go wait outside, I just have to talk to Saeko about planning out the rest of my ear.” Tadashi smiled.

    “You sure you don’t want me to stay.” Kei took his hand.

    “Yeah of course. I’ll meet you at the boba place ok.”

    After they left, Tadashi turned to face Saeko who held up two small barbells.

    “Ready?” she smirked.

    Tadashi sat down at the table with the others.

    “Dashi?” Kei stared at him, “what were you really doing?”

    Tadashi stopped feeling everyone's eyes on him.

    “Fine, I got another piercing.”

    “You did what!” Kei said.

    “Wait where?” Hinata asked.

    Kageyama remained quiet.

    “Well Saeko said that if I let her give me this piercing she would look past Kageyama’s age.” Tadashi explained.

    “You didn’t have to do that.” Kageyama said, feeling guilty.

    “It’s fine. I really wanted these.”

    “Tadashi,” Kei said calmly, “Show me the piercings.”

    Tadashi lifted his shirt revealing nipple piercings.

    “Surprise?” Tadashi said nervously.

    Everyone turned to look at Kei who was bright red.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyū!! #tsukiyama#kagehina #yachi x kiyoko #piercings #they get piercings #I bet you can't guess the ones I want #tsukiyama brainrot
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  • xxxanax-fairy
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bf playing Pokémon in the background always

    #me #girls with tattoos #girls who smoke #girls with piercings #blonde#tattoo#legs#thighs#lingerie#lace#bisexual #girls who like girls
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  • peachteadrinker
    01.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    not that i read to many series w this particular premise but i do think blue period is by far the best depiction of like being an artist i think i’ve ever read...

    #also just personality wise the mc i related to so much plus the bleached hair and piercings but all these struggles w not being naturally #gifted the feeling of accomplishment then immediately seeing somebody better than you #improving rlly fast then stagnating and getting frustrated all of it is like the exact process of when i started doing art #n stuff like when he noticed how the morning in shibuya was kinda pretty but all his friends were like ew rlly #but then when his friend noticed he had tried to paint it n complimented him and he started tearing up #that feeling of being actually recognized and appreciated for smth so personal looks up to the sky and starts screaming #p
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