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  • andossp
    28.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    i have a nose ring and visible tattoos and i work in an office so a juicy fuck you to all the adults who told me (when i was a child) i wouldnt get a professional office job if i had them and a tender thank you to all of the tatted pierced folks who came before me

    #highschool teachers especially fuck you if you ever said that to a kid and thank you if you had tattoos and piercings
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  • hayleyys
    28.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    katherine pierce being the sexiest character on tvd

    requested by me

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  • am-i-evil
    28.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago
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  • redhairedwolfwitch
    28.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Doctor Y/n - Residency - 38 (FINAL) - Grey's Anatomy x Fem!Reader

    "Braces, come on, hurry up-"

    "I only have one shoe on!" You exclaimed as Jo hurried over to her car.


    "Oh! Hey! I thought we weren't supposed to see each other today!" Alex exclaimed, covering his eyes with the box of cereal as Jo jumped through the doorway, leaving you to slip in and lean against Arizona as you put your other shoe on.

    "You aren't. You're not. What are you doing here? Y/n, why didn't you try stop her?" Arizona asked, leaving you to huff.

    "She ran past me when I had one shoe on, I barely managed to get in the car!" You exclaimed, leaning your arm on Arizona's shoulder.

    "I got it! Mass Gen! I got the fellowship at Mass Gen!" Jo grinned, whacking Alex so he'd put down the box of cereal.


    "You're not supposed to see each other today!" Meredith shouted from the stairs, giving you and Arizona disapproving looks.

    "Ah, you got married on a post-it." Alex interjected as Jo turned around to Meredith with a grin.

    "I got Mass Gen!"

    "Well of course, we invented mini livers, did you really think you wouldn't be sought after?" Meredith stated, leaving you to laugh into your hand as Arizona nudged you in the ribs.

    "It's a minimally invasive surgery fellowship. It's impossible to get into, and I got into it!" Jo grinned, turning to kiss Alex before turning to you and Arizona, kissing you both too.

    "I thought we said we weren't going to do that again..." you murmured, wiping the smudged lip makeup from your mouth.

    "Hey, Kepner's gonna be mad we saw each other." Alex stated, leaving Arizona to mention it's bad luck.

    "Jo, Y/n, you two come with me. Alex, you're with Meredith, and we will see you there. Okay, come on, let's go." Arizona announced, pulling Jo out of the house by the wrist as you jogged to follow.


    "Okay, so you should be up in the bridal suite, the hair and makeup people are there to, y'know fix all this... S/n, you should too, your outfit is up there from the fitting." You nodded, heading up where April pointed as Jo frowned slightly.

    "I know Y/n didn't show you her outfit, but it's great, I was there for the fitting, there is no need for that frown, trust me." April affirmed, watching as Jo smiled.

    "Braces is such a sap."

    "She really is." Arizona chuckled before following Jo up to the bridal suite.


    "Oh, no, no, no, no! Close your eyes! Close your eyes! Y/n! Get in here!" Arizona shouted as Jo walked in, fully ready.

    "What- oh crap!" You exclaimed, walking in as Alex whistled.

    "Nice pantsuit, bonehead." Alex grinned, leaving you to roll your eyes as Arizona complained that this was even worse luck.

    "I'm not superstitious. I need to talk to Alex." Jo exclaimed, leaving Arizona to sigh.

    "Okay, okay, fine, Y/n and I will keep April out." Arizona replied, gesturing for you to follow her out.

    "I didn't realise, but my ex is here... I thought she would have left for her fellowship sooner rather than later..." You murmured to Arizona as the two of you went to find April.

    "And you look smoking hot, did April help you pick this out or did you ask a woman who wouldn't swoon-" Arizona began, leaving you to huff.

    "I do have some taste, despite everyone's belief I live in my Yale hoodie 24/7 when i'm not in scrubs."


    "Doctor Altman?"

    "Where is everyone? I can't find anyone I know, I was even hoping to meet that ortho resident, S/n-" Teddy admitted as she found Miranda Bailey about to go into surgery for the bride's mother who had fainted whilst Bailey and Warren were at the wrong wedding.


    "I'm gonna... drink." Arizona interrupted, stepping out from where she got stuck in between Jackson and Matthew.

    "Least the guests are here... I think Jo and Alex snuck out though." You murmured over your glass to Arizona.

    "How can you tell?" Arizona quirked a brow, leaving you to explain.

    "I left my phone up there, went go get it, and all I found were Jo's heels. Of course, we won't hear anything over the jazz music."


    "Hi, um, where's Alex? Where's Jo?" April asked, hurrying over to you and Arizona.

    "Uh, he's in the groom room." Arizona lied, leaving April to state that he's not.

    "They snuck off, no idea where." You folded your arms, ignoring how Helm was staring at you.

    "Oh my... Doctor S/n likes women, right? I think I'd be in love with her if I wasn't in love with Meredith Grey... I mean, Doctor S/n's smoking in that pantsuit-"

    "Oh my god, we know, you've said that twice..." Levi interjected, leaving Helm to sigh into her drink.

    "Can you two help me find them?" April asked, gesturing for the three of you to split up and look.


    "Joey! Where are you? Alex! Joey!" You shouted, walking further away from the jazz music so that you could hear anything else.


    "Leah?" You turned on your heel, spotting Leah in her dress.

    "Wow, you look, amazing..." Leah waved her hand to your pantsuit, eyes flickering over the lace detail as you cleared your throat.

    "You look amazing too... I thought you would have left for your fellowship already, Doctor Pierce told me you got into a really good cardio program." You moved your weight from one foot to the other, shifting under Leah's gaze.

    "Yeah, I'm leaving after the wedding. I just wanted to catch you and say a final goodbye, I wanted my last memory of you to not be you crying at the sight of me whilst you were high on weed cookies." Leah explained, stepping forwards as you nodded.

    "Yeah, sorry about that by the way... I'm sorry about everything else too." You cleared your throat, stepping forwards too.

    "Goodbye Leah."

    "Goodbye Y/n." Leah smiled, deciding in that moment to hug you instead of kiss you for the final time.

    "Braces! Murphy? What are you two-"

    "There's no time, we need to get to the wedding!" Meredith interrupted, leaving you, Leah, Jo, Alex, Meredith and Andrew to hurry back to the wedding.


    "Wh-who is that?" Jo exclaimed, pointing to the woman in anaphylactic shock on the ground, surrounded by your co-workers.

    "That's your wedding planner!" Meredith answered, looking down at the woman as the others worked on criking her for an airway.

    You gawped in amazement as April used a pinwheel so the woman would have an airway.

    "Oh my god!"

    You grimaced as Levi fainted at the sight of blood, taking the cake down with him.

    "Does this mean we get to eat some cake? I'm starving." Alex asked, leaving you to shrug, glancing at Jo for her opinion.

    "Call me crazy, but I do not think there's going to be a wedding here today." Arizona admitted, leaving you to pause.

    "Can't you do a wedding anywhere, as long as there's witnesses and someone to authorise it?"


    "Hang on... do you think..." Jo realised, watching you talking quietly with Leah, looking out onto the waters as everyone took the ferry boat from the island.

    "What are we thinking?" Meredith asked, looking where Jo was looking.

    "Braces was dating Leah... they were dating, before they realised they were looking at fellowships in different states and wouldn't survive long distance. Braces was really happy with Leah, it was her first proper heartbreak... so heartbroken she didn't realise she had appendicitis..." Jo chuckled, leaving Meredith to giggle. The two of them sat watching you and Leah talk, amusement in their eyes.

    "Do you remember how I was your date to April and Matthew's wedding? Five years ago, when we were interns..." Leah chuckled, leaving you to laugh.


    "I am going to tease you about today until we're old. But I'm also going to tell you that you look amazing every time I tease you too. I love you, Joey... baby sis..." You chuckled before you began to walk Jo down the makeshift aisle on the ferry, standing off to the side as you gave Alex a nod.

    You grinned as Meredith began her speech, as a newly ordained minister, the ferry boat was the perfect wedding location.

    "So, Alex Karev, do you want to marry Jo Wilson?" Meredith asked, leaving Alex to smile as he looked into Jo's eyes.

    "I do."

    "Jo Wilson, do you want to marry Alex Karev?"

    "I super do."

    "By the power vested in me by the internet, I now pronounce you, married! You may now kiss the bride!" Meredith declared, excitement in her voice as you grinned, watching your sister grin and kiss Alex.

    You were the first one to start clapping and cheering, remembering in that moment that you had tissues and snacks in the pockets of your pantsuit.

    "That's my baby sister." You grinned, turning to Amelia as she side-hugged you, chuckling as Jo hugged you after she and Alex stopped kissing for the third time.


    The series continues in Ortho Fellowship


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  • lilacsandlolitaaax
    28.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Hi y’all

    #me#personal #girls with tattoos #ohio #girls with ink #selfie #girls with piercings #body#horror#scream#ghostface #new york rangers #nhl#hockey
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  • saffronsims
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pierce has aged up to a Toddler. His trait is Independent.

    #100 baby challenge #sims 4 #sims 4 lp #pierce
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  • this-is-a-job-for-vesemir
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Pierce, at Bucky: Again, what is your goal?

    Bucky: To kiss Steve Rogers

    Pierce, rolling his eyes: Your mission goal!

    Bucky: To catch Steve Rogers so I can kiss him

    Pierce: Kill him! You’re supposed to kill him!

    Bucky: ...did you say kiss

    Pierce: No I said kill!

    Bucky: I bet his lips are very soft

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  • allthesedaydreams
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    thank you for the tag @acenancy 💖

    sage green or baby blue // moon or stars // paperback or hardback // piercings or tattoos // drawing or writing // Saturn or Jupiter // ancient Greece or ancient Egypt // Prague or Amsterdam // dark academia or light academia // indie aesthetic or cottagecore // stargazing or late night drives // strawberries or watermelons // rings or necklaces // extrovert or introvert // dragons or griffins // ocean or mountains // silver or gold // dawn or dusk // early bird or night owl // cook or bake // dagger or sword

    Tagging: @promiseofthepremise @thatoneimaginesblog @scarletslippers @amandabobbsey
    #this was actually so hard! #i would choose tattoos #but i currently have more piercings than tattoos #also prague or amsterdam is so tough! #and why can't you go for late night drives to stargaze
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  • doktorphil
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Remington Steele.

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  • buffynha
    28.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #dancing on my own #Brittana edit #brittana video edit #brittany s pierce #Brittana#Youtube
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  • frenchcurious
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pierce-Arrow Model 1240A Silver Arrow Coupe 1934. - source Classic Cars & Trucks.

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    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • svtskneecaps
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    can i achieve emotional stability please like i almost started crying in class because i was late and it's still a possibility even though i talked to the prof and (sweet kind soul that he is, probably noticing the fact that i was absolutely shaking and trying my damndest to not sound like i was on the verge of tears even though i totally was) he said he'd give me credit for the attendance without me having to do all the usual makeup work AND I STILL HAVE ANOTHER CLASS AND THEN WORK UNTIL 5:45 AND THE SOURCE OF MY EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL so basically what i'm saying is if you hear me crying in the bathroom, WALK AWAY

    #i wish i could say i'm emotionally unstable bc josh has an eyebrow piercing and dino has a lip piercing #and all that jazz i've seen in the discord #but really i'm still sobbing over that stupid goddamn coding assignment #my teacher responded but i haven't had time to try implementing the suggestion and i'm so fucking tired #i still have two and a half assignments left and i've been working on this for two days #i'm so fucking tired. i'm so fucking tired. i don't have time to cry but goddamn i want to. #not kpop #shut up vic #negativity
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  • crying-in-the-cloudsxx
    28.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I regret opening the door to the mormans. but I know that a lot of them are brain washed into thinking the outside world is “scary” so I try to listen to them so they might understand we’re not “sinful” for living a different way

    #I’m sure when I opened the door tho #they were like oohhhh #a blue haired girl with piercings…. #but I listened to them for like 5 minutes #but I gotta take a shower now and then go get a dress #especially here is Michigan #very cult like #and we have a lot of cults in Michigan 😅
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  • shittykinaesthetics
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Shitty Hawkeye Pierce aesthetic: of all the out of left field fandoms to surface on tumblr, i find the resurgence of m*a*s*h to be one of the most delightful yet puzzling examples of the strange, fragile ecosystem we’ve cultivated on this site

    #hawkeye pierce#m*a*s*h#mash #benjamin hawkeye pierce #hawkeye pierce aesthetic #m*a*s*h aesthetic#mash aesthetic #benjamin hawkeye pierce aesthetic #hawkeye pierce kin #m*a*s*h kin#mash kin #benjamin hawkeye pierce kin #shitty aesthetic TM
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