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    wanda and pietro are mcr fans just look me in the eye and tell me they aren’t

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    - You don’t think much of anyone. Does that include yourself?

    - Myself most of all.

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    Not everyone can raise arrogance to the level of an art form.

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    Ghost of You — Chapter 4


    Pietro Maximoff x fem!Mutant!reader

    Warnings: ANGST, sad Y/n, betrayal, trust issues.

    Word Count: 1084

    If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know :)

    It was already dark when I said goodbye to the team. They accepted my stay pretty quickly, irresponsible if you ask me, they're heroes, therefore have enemies, and as far as they know I could be one of them. Maybe I'm overthinking it or maybe that's just how I would react. Guess trust issues comes interlock with daddy issues. Greeeat, 2 in 1. However I must say this was the first time in a long time that I ever felt so calm around people. Back in the asylum I had no friends, it didn't feel so lonely because I had Pietro, but he hadn't always been there, I spent 7 years alone until I was 16 and a 21 year old ghost made his way to the showers in the asylum while I was showering. I screamed so hard I don't think I've ever seen a ghost so scared in my life, after that, he took it as his job to follow me around 24/7 until I stopped ignoring him. I smiled at the memory as I made my way back to my room.

    "What're you smiling at?" Pietro asked when I close the door. I shrieked and jumped away from him, I had forgotten he was there. I didn't answer, I just went to the closet looking for my suitcase, but I couldn't find it. Strangely, I opened the closet door and someone had hung up my clothes and had taken the trouble to buy me some clothes. My first thought was Tony, but I instantly rejected the thought when I saw all my new socks had figures and were colorful, no one knew about my obsession with pretty socks aside from Pietro (but since he's dead he could not have bought them) and Happy, I smiled warmly at them and made a mental note of thanking him later.

    "I didn't know your sister was here" I finally said without looking him. There was a moment of silence.

    "I didn't either"

    "I find it hard to believe" I scoffed looking back at him, annoyance evident in my tone. Pietro looked back at me surprised.


    "Is that why you came?" I asked him. Thinking of that possibility made me feel distraught for some reason as if... I shook my head to try and erase the thought, it was of no use digging into my feelings. "I'm sorry, just forget I said anything"


    "Please Pi, just-" I sighed wishing I had just shut the fuck up for once in my life. I didn't know why I felt so hurt, if I was a ghost too I would do everything in my power to try and search for Happy and make sure he was fine. But knowing that didn't ease the pain of feeling used, because for once I was special for someone or maybe I was just an means to an end, and it's not that I was jealous or anything, it's just... Argh, I don't even know what the heck is wrong with me.

    "Hey, what is this about?" He asked me as he got near me, slowly, as if to not scare me.

    "I- don’t know" I sat down in surrender looking down at my hands fidgeting on my lap. I felt the same way as when I was 7 and Happy introduced me to his niece, Carla. The way they interacted with each other made feel as if he was replacing me. I tried to hide it but the moment he asked me what was wrong I started bawling my eyes out, I remember he hold me till the tears stopped and proceed to tell me how much he loved me and that no one was ever going to change that. I felt so relieved I cried even more, which landed me to the hospital 'cause of dehydration. After that he was the one crying. What a day.

    "Look at me, please look at me" he begged kneeling down in front of me. "For me?" he hesitated. That made me look up at him, I din't want him to feel hesitant around me, not now, not ever. "There she is" he beamed looking me in the eyes, I tried but I couldn't help it, I smiled. Pietro was a lot of things, an asshole, a moron, you name it, but he has always been my number 1 cheerier. Whenever I came out of one of my shock therapies he was always there to cheer me up or to just simply hear me cry.

    "I'm sorry, I should have told you, it's just- I wasn't even sure, I had my suspicions about who your dad was but I was never sure" he tried to explain himself. He was nervous, as if this was his fault, I immediately felt bad. I was being selfish, just thinking about myself, but I couldn't help it, I didn't wanna lose him, anyone but him.

    "No" He looked at me in surprise, he opened his mouth to say something. "It's not your fault. It's just my whole life every person I have ever cared about has been taken away from me and I know it's stupid, but I just can't stop thinking that you're going to forget about me, because I'm of no use to you anymore and I know it's not like that, i know you would never do that to me, but I mean was it really a coincidence that we met? I don't know, I probably sound crazy." 10 seconds passed and he hadn't say anything yet. I look at him out of the corner of my eye. He's still, looking through me, avoiding my eyes. Oh shoot, I was right. I felt the blood being drained from my face while I looked at him. I thought I was being paranoid, but looking at him, maybe I wasn't. After all the times I told him how difficult it was for me to trust people, after all the times I cried to him for hours, after all the times he saw me at my weakest, after all of that he still used me. Were all those moments fake? Did he ever had to remind himself that I was just one way to get to his sister? Did I ever mean anything to him?

    "Pi?" I asked fearfully, he didn't answer, but I saw it on his eyes. "Please tell me I'm wrong, that my trust issues are showing, anything, just tell me I'm wrong"






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    Peter: I knew exactly what to do.

    Peter: But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.

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    (At Vision and Wanda’s wedding)

    Peter: You’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding.

    Agatha: I know but there was an emergency.

    Agatha: I look really good in white.

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    I love when I come across a post and have to play the "which Peter are they talking about?" game while reading it.

    #peter parker#peter maximoff#marvel#mcu#x men#xmen #is it the ironson/spiderson #or the magnetoson/speedsterson #huh both Peters are metalsons #metalsons#funny#pietro maximoff #because he's canonically Pietro in the xmen universe #he just goes by Peter #xmen universe #i love both boys #i forgot there's a quill!!!! #hahahahah#peter quill#i guess
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    Wanda: What kind of tea is this?

    Peter: Oh, I boiled some Gatorade.

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    Wanda: Why do you have a diary?

    Peter: To keep secrets from my computer.

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    。゚❁ུ۪ °ₒ 𓂂 ˚ 𓂂 ₒ ° ₒ 𓂂 ˚˖⋆ PIETRO MAXIMOFF

    * agnst, ° angst and/to fluff, + fluff



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    Jubilee: While you were in that other universe a lot happened. Jean was the Dark Phoenix, Wanda found out that her twins were reincarnated, and I think Charles is dating Erik, again.

    Scott: Wow . . . uh, Pietro is an Avenger now and we moved in together.

    Pietro: No, we didn’t.

    Scott: But we’re gonna.

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    #pietro maximoff anon #sharon answers
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    Stars Are Blind

    (oneshot | 5,882 | M)

    Steve was anxious to meet Sam’s friends. He wanted to make a good impression. If they’re important to Sam, it’s worth trying hard. 

    The nightlife in New York was bustling. The two men left Steve’s apartment and took the C train from Brooklyn to Manhattan. There’s a bar Sam and his co-workers like to spend time at.

    “They’re good people—don’t sweat it” Sam nudged Steve with his elbow, before heading inside.

    The sound of drinks clinking and drunk laughter were prominent when the two men walked in the door. Crowds of people were gathered together at booths, some were sweaty from dancing, some were eagerly trying to flag down the barkeep. A loud techno song was beginning to play. Steve was about to make a snarky joke to Sam, but the younger man turned away and lunged at a few people standing at a high-top.

    “Hey! Wanda!”

    A short red haired woman shrieked and toppled over in laughter, “Sam! So glad you could come!” They embraced in a hug. A man standing beside Wanda extended his hand towards Sam, “Hey man it’s good to see you.” Taking his hand, Sam smiled, “You too Pietro”

    Another woman shouts with excitement, spilling some of her drink on the floor, “Wilson’s here yes! Thank fuck” Steve thinks Sam laughs harder than he’s ever heard before. He gives her a hug, “Hey Natasha.”

    Steve doesn’t realize how long he’s standing there, hands in pockets, until Sam turns around and gestures for him, “Steve come here man, they don’t bite”

    “Not usually” Natasha mutters, taking a sip from her drink. This earns a few laughs around her. Steve’s cheeks burn but he smiles as Sam introduces him. The group is welcoming, excitedly ushering him to the table and asks what he’s drinking.

    Steve impulsively offers to buy a pitcher of the beer on tap and the group flat out cheers.

    “Alright Sam you got something right, I like this guy” Pietro laughs.

    Sam just squints his eyes, “Uh-huh he’s just tryna win your love. He’s good like that”

    Conversation flows nicely. The bar slowly gets more crowded. Steve drinks a beer and learns about the brother and sister duo, Wanda and Pietro, both immigrants from Southeast Europe. They work in the graphic design department at Stark Industries. “I have an eye for theatrics” Wanda told Steve, “And once I started working there I was able to put in a good word for my brother.”

    “That fast? At a place like Stark?” Steve asked with curiosity.

    Pietro wiggled his eyebrows, “I’m a quick learner”

    Natasha, Steve learned, also works for Stark. “Officially unofficially I’m Chief—” Natasha paused to hiccup, “—Marketing Officer but Tony likes to pretend I’m just an intern. Passing along all his paperwork to moi!” The rest of the gang hears this and chuckles.

    “I don’t know about that Stark. I can’t really seem to get on board with his whole…” Steve shakes his head and laughs, “billionaire playboy turned philanthropist kinda thing”

    Natasha takes a sip of her drink, “I’ve known Tony a long time Steve. Trust me, he has a big heart under all that ego” They laugh.

    Steve is about to make a joke when Natasha glances behind him, eyes growing wide. “The birthday boy is here!”

    Wanda, Pietro, Natasha, and Sam all leap up from their seats. The cheering and excited screaming is quickly drowned out by the loud music playing from the speakers around them. Steve catches Natasha’s wine glass before it spills. He turns around and sees Sam hugging what Steve can only assume to be the birthday boy. Another unfamiliar face to Steve.

    “Took you long enough!”

    “We’ve been waiting! Nat is drunk already, look at her!”

    “I’ve had two glasses of red!”

    Steve watches from a far, admiring the group of close-knit friends. He’s glad Sam has co-workers like these to keep him company when Steve is away. He’s known Sam since they were in high school, practically joined at the hip. It pained Steve seeing Sam so depressed after a difficult breakup last year. Seeing Sam’s smiling face, surrounded by good people, eyes glossy from the alcohol, he knows he’s in a better place.

    Talking excitedly amongst themselves the group wanders back to the table. Natasha eagerly reaching for her wine glass. They’re joined by the new group member with a neatly wrapped present in his hand. A buzz of conversation flows around Steve’s shoulders and above his head. Several Happy Birthday’s are thrown out. Steve smiles politely, fiddling with the drink in his hand.

    “You’ve all downed a pitcher before I even show up?!” The stranger asks, cooly shrugging off his jacket.

    Pietro replies, “It was Steve! I’m sure he’ll buy another one.” Wanda slaps her brother on the arm. “What? I’m only joking!”

    Steve feels eyes on him and looks up to see they belong to the new arrival. A playful smile sits upon his lips, “Well that’s nice of you Steve. But, uh, who are you?” The blonde feels his cheeks start to burn for two reasons: Sam and his friends giggling over the snarky remark and the incredibly attractive man staring down at him. Steve’s tongue doesn’t want to work well enough to respond.

    “Steve’s my friend, Einstein” Sam slaps his shoulders, “We’ve known each other since high school. Steve this is James—”

    “Do not call me James,” This makes Sam and the rest of the group snicker. “You can call me Bucky”

    “Nice to meet you,” Steve reaches his hand out for Bucky to shake. He notices that Bucky has a stunning grey tint to the blue of his eyes. “Happy Birthday.”

    Bucky gives a timid smile and takes his hand, “It’s technically tomorrow but thank you” Then grabs a seat next to Natasha who pulls out a birthday card with his name on it.

    The group livens up, conversation flowing back and forth. The rest of the pitcher is poured into the remaining glasses. Pietro eyes Steve, lifting the pitcher, asking if he wants to buy another round. Sam sighs dramatically and pulls out his wallet, “My turn”

    “So where’s the boyfriend?” Natasha asks Bucky, “I thought he was coming”

    Steve would be lying if he said he didn’t physically deflate after hearing this.

    Bucky makes a face, nodding his head over to the bar, “He came in a little after me. He’s grabbing a drink. Something with work has him really stressed out” Natasha hums, sips her wine, and says nothing else.


    Steve is trapped in a drunken debate between Sam and Pietro over the latest Game of Thrones finale. He’s feeling buzzed, a third of the way into his cocktail. Something fruity Wanda ordered for him. After eavesdropping on Natasha and Bucky’s boyfriend conversation earlier, the dude finally showed up. He didn’t seem particularly interested in any of them. Also didn’t seem to hide it.

    A drink in one hand, he came and just stood beside Bucky looking bored. The group offered greetings but didn’t receive much. The most this boyfriend offered to Steve was a single head nod. About an hour ago, Sam goes:

    “Zemo man, how are you? How are things?”

    “Same boring fucking shit” Steve could hear the hint of a small accent “Getting heat from the dicks at work because of all the success in Stark’s new model.”

    Awkward chuckles washed over the group.

    “What can I say? It’s a good rivalry” Sam replied, humoring Zemo’s comment.

    Steve asks, “Where do you work?”

    Zemo looked down at him as if he didn’t understand the question. “Uh, the second biggest science and technology company working for the U.S. government buddy”

    Steve felt something spark inside him. A irked smile growing on his lips. Memories of old bullies flash across in his mind. Cool it Steve, he thought, Don’t embarrass yourself.

    “Like I was saying,” Zemo continues “We work our asses off for eighteen months and we’re just pushed aside because Tony Stark owns half of New York?” The man gulps down the rest of his drink.

    Sam begins to reply, “Well to be fair he—”

    “I mean anyone working under Stark has got to be a moron. There’s no self respect, it’s a company run by a child!”

    “Well they’ve gotta be doing something right.” Steve interjects. The table shifts gears. Zemo stares at him blankly, “What?”

    “Stark’s employees. They’re some of the smartest people in the world at that company. I mean Stark Industries has been on the list of everyone who’s anyone for more than a decade! Makes sense why they’re number one.”

    No one said a word. Steve just took a long and deserving sip of the fruity cocktail Wanda ordered him, and kept eye contact with the man in front of him. He was starting to feel tipsy and warm which gave him the confidence to sit up straight. “What rank did you say your company was again?”

    This time someone laughs. It’s Pietro. The laugh is more of a cackle, drunk and silly. The rest of them break the tension with awkward laughter and mumblings of discomfort. Drinks clink. Steve thinks he hears Bucky let out a sigh, and that makes him nervous but there’s no time to think about what Bucky’s doing when Zemo gives Steve a bitter tight-lipped laugh.

    “That’s cute, really. Where do you get your facts? Tabloids and bumper stickers like the ones plastered all over Brooklyn?” Zemo bites. The nausea building in the pit of Steve’s stomach was enough to make him pause. “It’s written all over you”

    At this, the table chimes in trying to defuse unwanted tension. “Oh-kay that’s enough!” Natasha shouts, while Wanda and Pietro pretend to seem interested in the music playing. Bucky rises from his seat, and ushers his boyfriend away towards the bar.

    “Why don’t we get another drink—” Zemo begrudgingly listens and follows suit.

    Steve grips his drink until his knuckles turn white. He’s unable to shake the lingering feeling of humiliation until Sam slaps his shoulders. “Hey feisty. You wanna, not, get into a fight at this bar?” He was smiling when he said it. “We really like it here” This helped Steve relax and shake off what just happened.

    Now Steve sits between the Game of Thrones pair, Pietro and Sam, and he’s unable to find a way to leave the conversation. After his toe-to-toe with Zemo, everyone sort of dispersed. Steve was embarrassed to have let himself get so riled up. But, how could he sit there and say nothing when some asshole he’s never met insults his new friends? Wanda spent ten minutes explaining to Steve how passionate she was the differences in font size for Stark’s new brand logo. Even the most minute details mattered to her! Sam spent four weeks in interview after interview, coming home after midnight, and doing brand research just to land a job in Stark’s engineering division. He put in the time because he cares. Then this guy comes along and spits in their face about it? What a sore loser.

    When Bucky took Zemo over to the bar, cutting off anything else the man wanted to say, Natasha scooted over so she was in front of Steve. “Thought you didn’t like Tony Stark?” A smirk is present on her lips.

    Steve almost laughed, but instead gave her a knowing look, “Yeah well I had a change of heart”

    Unable to look focused on Sam’s intricate recap of season eight any longer, Steve finds himself staring at Bucky. The brunette was standing on the crowded dance floor accompanied by his boyfriend. Bucky has his arms draped over Zemo, moving to the rhythm of some strange pop song. Bucky has a smile on his face, eyes closed, hips moving to the beat of the song. Steve watches Zemo down the rest of the drink in his hand and head towards the bar. Bucky grabs him, and says something Steve doesn’t understand. He looks frustrated. The two argue over something before Zemo turns away, leaving Bucky standing there.

    Steve’s mind races, wondering what the exchange was.

    Bucky starts walking back to the group table. Steve dips his eyes down, trying to tune back into whatever the boys were saying.

    “And Bran declared king—what even was that!?” Pietro scoffs, “I can’t with it anymore”

    Sam shakes his head, “I need a new show”

    “You’ve been complaining about that series finale for months,” Bucky slips into his seat across from Steve “I think a new show is a wise choice” Sam and Pietro scoff playfully. After a moment, the pair head to the bar, but not before asking Steve and Bucky if they want anything to drink. They both politely decline.

    Now it’s just Bucky and Steve. Alone at the high-top.

    Pop music continues to play through the speakers but Steve feels an overwhelming urge to say something given the awkward silence. The man across from him seems oblivious to Steve’s discomfort, as he checks something on his phone.

    “Did you catch the game last—”

    “Hey I wanted to—”

    A pause.

    “Sorry you—”

    “Wait what were—”

    They both laugh, a little embarrassed. Steve takes this moment to enjoy how big Bucky smiles, even in an awkward moment with someone who is practically a stranger. He finally says, “I wanted to say…I’m sorry about what happened earlier with Zemo” There’s not hesitation in his voice but a timidness Steve doesn’t usually have, because he’s struggling with how to put: I’m sorry I embarrassed your boyfriend but newsflash he’s kind of a dick.

    Though to Steve’s surprise, Bucky gives him a soft smile. “It’s okay Steve,” The way he says Steve’s name. Smooth like honey, warm like the sun… Bucky eyes the bar, “Helmut can be a bit…competitive”

    The blonde raises his eyebrows, “Helmut?”

    “His first name but he goes by his last,” Bucky replies, “Don’t tell him I told you” There’s a hint of…playfulness?

    We have a secret now, Steve thinks.

    “I’m sorry about what he said to you," Bucky continues, “And the way he said it. I’m from Brooklyn you know”

    Another surprise catches Steve off guard. He actually lights up at this comment, struggling to find the words to reply. “You—Really?” He asks, dumbfounded. Bucky nods, a smirk on his lips. “My mother lived there her whole life. I did too until a couple of years ago.”

    “What made you leave?” Steve asks

    Bucky hums, “When she passed away I thought it was time to go. I got a job in the West Village and that was that.” Steve wonders where he lived, where he would’ve grocery shopped with his mom, the kind of places they would regularly stop at. Did they ever wander into Steve’s shop? Get an oil change or fix a flat tire?

    “Where in Brooklyn did you live?”

    “Fort Greene” Bucky replies, “You?”

    “No shit I live in Bushwick!” Steve cracks a smile, inching his elbows a little closer on the table towards Bucky.

    It makes Steve smile more to see Bucky react as animated as Steve feels, “No way! That’s so close! Do you ever go to Paulie Gee’s on Franklin Street?”

    Steve practically shouts, “Uh yeah! Every afternoon on my way to work!” Bucky gives him a strange look with a goofy smile. Steve feels like punching himself. Pizza from Paulie Gee’s every day, Steve, really? “Well not every afternoon…but—but yeah I’ve been there”

    Bucky lets out a laugh, a genuine one, where his eyes crinkle a little bit. Steve just watches him. The air between them feels lighter but tight at the same time. It could just be the way Steve’s chest constricts at the sound of Bucky’s laughter. A feeling he doesn’t think will ever go away.

    “Well tomorrow afternoon,” Bucky says, still recovering from his laughter, “When you go. Because you’re definitely going. Tell Nico that Bucky sent you and maybe he’ll give you a discount or something.” Steve just looks at him. “It was a favorite of my mom’s and I” The younger man isn’t looking for sympathy in this statement and Steve knows this by the way he smiles. Bucky told him this because he could. He told him this like one would tell a friend.

    Slowly but surely they move from strangers to friends.

    “I’ll have to stop by then” Steve replies, but when he looks up to meet Bucky’s eyes. They are focused on something else. He turns his head to follow Bucky’s eye-line and finds Zemo in the hoard of people at the bar, leaning against a stool talking flirtatiously with a few women. His hand inching towards a girl’s waist not unlike the way a spider might crawl towards its prey. The way he’s stumbling makes Steve wonder if he’s drunk.

    There’s a sad look on Bucky’s face when Steve comes back to him. The blonde can’t quite distinguish if Bucky is surprised or not. His lips hang in a small frown. He’s cold as he stares over at his boyfriend. Well not much of a boyfriend, Steve thinks.

    In a moment Steve will blame the alcohol, and his shot-up nerves, for what he says in response to this: “I really don’t know how a guy like you ended up with someone like him.” The words come out faster than Steve can control. Bucky just looks at him, and this time there’s no sweet smile. Bucky gives him a look that says he’s heard this before. Steve almost sputters out an apology, embarrassed, but Bucky beats him to it. “You have a bit of a hero complex don’t you Steve?” There’s a bite to this comment, but when it leaves Bucky’s mouth, it just sounds sad.

    Sam returns with shots in hand before Steve can actually reply. He practically falls onto the table, belly laughing at something Pietro must’ve said. Bucky breaks eye contact and reaches for a shot on the table.

    “Yeah! There you go birthday boy!” Sam shouts, playfully fist bumping the air. Steve feels hot with embarrassment, quickly trying to find Bucky’s eyes and apologize but the brunette won’t let him. Sam tugs at the sleeve on his jacket, handing him a shot “Steve—here take one with us” The blonde shakes his head, still focused on Bucky. It gets noisy again when Natasha and Wanda come back at the table, oblivious to Steve’s agitation. They’re excitedly telling Bucky something so Steve gives up and turns his attention back to Sam.

    “What’s up with you man?” Sam asks, handing him the shot again. This time Steve takes it but doesn’t drink. Just sets it down. “I’m good, it’s nothing.”

    The table of friends livens up again. Natasha urges Bucky to open his gifts. He receives a gift card from Pietro, a sentimental framed picture of the five from Wanda, a high-five from a drunken Sam: “I definitely left your gift on my kitchen counter I’m real sorry,” and a simple birthday card from Natasha. Bucky hangs his head while he reads it silently, a tiny smile on his lips. The red-head is anxiously sitting next to him. When he finishes reading, he gives Natasha a long hug. The rest of the table seems to understand what this means, growing silent. Steve just watches with curiosity.

    Bucky smiles at all of them and says thank you. However the smile that seemed so bright an hour ago was dim and faltering. Steve instantly feels more guilty.

    All of a sudden Natasha gasps melodramatically and grabs onto Wanda, almost spilling her drink. The two girls shriek and squeal and laugh until Sam asks, “What is happening?”

    “This is our song!” Wanda shouts, jumping up and down. “Let’s go dance!” It seems the cocktails she’s been drinking all night have finally started to set in. Steve tunes his ears into the pop song that starts to play in the overhead speakers. An electric guitar strums a reggae melody. It sounds so 2000s, Steve almost laughs. He almost recognizes it…

    Natasha pulls on Bucky’s arm, trying to get him out of the seat. “Bucky! Come on this is our song!” The brunette only shrugs his shoulders, uninterested. “Bucky!” He shakes his head and gives Natasha a tight-lipped smile. “You guys go! I don’t want to right now” The red-head pauses and gives Bucky a strange look. She’s about to argue when Wanda pulls her towards the dance floor. Bucky watches them leave, a smile on his lips as they disappear into the crowd. The singer’s voice begins to vibrate:

    I don’t mind spending some time,

    Just hanging here with you.

    A brilliant and risky idea pops into Steve’s head. He’s on a streak tonight for stupid ideas and figures he might as well keep going.

    Cause I don’t find,

    Too many guys

    Steve starts humming along. However Bucky is just looking down at his phone, either oblivious to Steve or ignoring him all together. Steve rests his chin on his palm, elbow on the table top, and keeps humming. Maybe Bucky just can’t hear him…

    Who treat me like you do.

    The blonde decides to raise the stakes, singing along: “Those other guys they wanna take me for a ride…” This time Bucky glances up from his phone. It’s more like a glare. He doesn’t move a muscle beyond that. Steve notices but keeps singing and pretends he is unaware of the daggers shooting out of the brunette’s eyes.

    Steve fudges over the words, “Hmm-mm-mm beyond their stupid pride…”

    “Steve what are you do—”

    “Oh I’m sorry am I bothering you?” The words come out as playful and innocent as Steve can possibly make them. Eye contact is finally made and Steve almost sighs in relief. He missed the grey in Bucky’s blue eyes. “I just really love this song you know” Steve teases him by turning his head away and resuming his singing: “But you can see the real me inside…and I’m sat—”

    “You know Paris Hilton?!” Bucky asks, an astounded look on his face. The phone in his hand is long forgotten.

    “Sure I do! It’s a great song!” Steve is exuding sarcasm while bopping his head along to the familiar beat, “Don’t you know it?”

    Bucky rolls his eyes and finally cracks the tiniest hint of a smile. When Steve notices, he lights up and reaches for one of the shot glasses filled to the brim with something strong. Lifting it up towards Bucky he asks, “Truce?” There’s so much more Steve wants to say but he’s hoping the other man will understand. Bucky stares at him, debating, and for a moment Steve thinks Bucky won’t accept it.

    “That’ll be my second one. How many have you had?” There’s a playfulness in his voice.

    Steve accepts his challenge, tossing back the shot of vodka. It burns as it goes down. Bucky gestures to the other shot glasses patiently waiting on the table, a smug look on his face. Steve is not very good at holding his alcohol but he’s taking risks tonight and screw it if he doesn’t take one more! The second shot goes down a little easier…

    Not unlike the burning feeling in his stomach, Steve looks at Bucky with fire in his eyes.

    “Do you want to dance?”

    Bucky looks taken back by this question. Steve almost backpedals, but all the alcohol, his nerves, the loud music, and the excitement outweigh his decision to reconsider. Just go for it, he thinks to himself. Bucky’s eyes wander over to the bar, possibly looking for any sign of his boyfriend or maybe just thinking it through, Steve doesn’t care. He just wants him to say yes.

    Then Bucky reaches for a shot glass, tosses it back without breaking eye contact this time, and simply says “Yes.”

    Steve’s heart is a jack hammer in his chest when Bucky takes his hand. He leads the two of them to the dance floor where sweaty bodies are in close quarters and drinks threaten to spill over. Bucky doesn’t let go of Steve’s hand until they find a spot to dance comfortably. It’s crowded and the floor is sticky but the blonde can’t help the smile on his face. Here he is on a weekday dancing with a handsome guy he just met to a Paris Hilton song. Might as well enjoy it...

    Even though the gods are crazy,

    The music is booming now, much louder from where they’re standing. Steve shamelessly bounces to the beat and moves with Bucky as the two laugh and try to sing the words correctly. His body vibrates from the volume of the stereo.

    Even though the stars are blind,

    Bucky feels loose and warm from the alcohol he’s ingested. He closes his eyes and bounces on the tips of his toes, arms swinging at his sides, eager to chase the excited feeling in his stomach. 

    If you show me real love baby, 

    I’ll show you mine 

    Wanda and Natasha suddenly find the two men on the dance floor and scream with giddy laughter. “I knew you couldn’t resist!” Natasha wraps her arms around Bucky and jumps with him, a huge smile on her face. A wine glass teeters on her fingertips. Wanda wiggles her way into the hug, hips shaking to the music. “Paris is his weakness!” Steve watches in admiration. The friendships between the group of people he met tonight are really worth observing. Something in his stomach aches to have what they have. A friendship strong like family. 

    “Steve! You dance?! This is amazing!” Wanda is suddenly pulling him into the hug, making him feel welcome once again. Bucky grins, and feels the urge to say something snarky when he catches Steve’s eyes. The blonde can sense this and instinctually reaches for his hand. He pulls the brunette away from the two girls, and spins him under his arm. 

    The girls squeal, hollering with laughter as they watch this unfold. Bucky spins, a drunken giggle on his lips and ends up knocking into Steve’s chest.

    Got a heart and soul and body,

    The two men sway and move with the rhythm of the song. Steve’s childish smile fades into a small grin as he looks down at Bucky shamelessly. The younger man knows deep down he should probably take a step back and avoid crossing a line but being so close to Steve feels good. Enjoying the company of his friends feels good. 

    Lets see what this love can do,

    Maybe I’m perfect for— 

    Bucky stumbles over his feet as something yanks him backwards. When he turns his head he realizes Zemo has a hold of his arm. 

    The man is quick to get into Steve’s face, “What the fuck are you doing!?”

    Bucky sobers up fast, “Hey hey—nothing’s wrong!” The brunette squeezes in between the two men. “Helmut stop!” 

    “Wha—what do you think you’re fuckin’ doing” Zemo’s words are meant to be harsh but he’s stumbling over his own feet, drunk. It’s more pathetic than anything. Zemo seizes the collar on Steve’s shirt, “Keep yer fuckin’ hands to yourself!” Spit flies out from his mouth.

    “Stop it!” Bucky’s voice shakes, “You’re drunk!” He’s finally able to shove his boyfriend off and away from Steve. Zemo’s shoulders rise and fall with his breathing as he stumbles back.

    “We’re going home. Let’s go” Zemo makes an attempt to grab Bucky again but Steve intercepts in an attempt to shield Bucky. “Hey man—I think you need to calm down” This causes Zemo to roughly shove Steve in the chest. Both men begin howling at each other, shirts are being tugged, spit is flying, and Bucky starts to feel his chest constrict. By this time Natasha intervenes, trying to get a grip on Zemo and not spill her drink in the process. Wanda is yelling for her brother and Sam to come help while the people surrounding them on the dance floor stop what they’re doing and stare. Someone calls for the bartender…

    “Stop! Stop it! That’s enough!” Bucky steps out from behind Steve and clutches Zemo’s shoulders to try and calm him. “Let’s go!” Zemo is fuming, lips curled down into a frown. He can barely stand up straight. Steve is lingering a few feet behind them with a wrinkled shirt and scowl on his face.

    “Okay okay, we can go” Bucky mutters, reaching out to touch Zemo’s cheek but the man scoffs and turns away before he can. 

    Steve watches Zemo stalk towards the door with an angry pep in his step. What the hell is this guy’s problem? It’s like he turned into an animal just now. Steve never considered himself to be a home-wrecker and this incident feels far from it, but maybe he shouldn’t have pushed his limits. There were clearly some issues going on between the couple and Steve is pretty sure he’s only witnessed the tip of the iceberg. Steve starts to feel an enormous amount of discomfort and guilt watching Natasha comfort Bucky. 

    She’s speaking softly but Steve is close enough to hear her say, “Don’t go…please just stay here with us” 

    “Look at the state of him. He can’t get home on his own…” 

    Natasha has a stern look on her face, most likely contemplating what to say. Sam finds them in the crowd—well, less of a crowd now after what happened—and puts the pieces together. Pietro is tailing close behind him looking confused. The group of friends surround Bucky in an attempt to console and comfort the distressed looking brunette. Suddenly Steve feels sick, like every ounce of alcohol consumed tonight was about ready to come up. Sam invites him to an outing with his coworkers, people he likes and respects, for the first time and Steve manages to ruin it. He wouldn’t be surprised if Bucky told him off right now in front of everyone. 

    “Thank you for the card,” Bucky hugs the red haired girl, “I’ll call you tomorrow” Then he kisses Wanda on the cheek who stands harboring the saddest look Steve has ever seen, not unlike a kicked puppy. After giving Sam and Pietro a similar goodbye, Bucky turns around and looks at Steve as if he forgot he was there. But, how could he? Steve’s the reason for a sour end to everyone’s night.

    Fully expecting a punch to the face, Steve tenses up in his shoulders and waits for the blow to come. However, Bucky is kind hearted and always full of surprises so he offers Steve an awkward smile: “Don’t forget to stop by Paulie Gee’s after work tomorrow…” Steve huffs out a chuckle. Relief floods through him as though a dam was just broken. He’s about to let a million different apologies spill from his lips, as he’s done previously in the night, but Bucky continues, “It was nice to meet you Steve.” 

    Then he turns on his heels and walks away. Natasha meets him at the door of the bar with his birthday gifts in hand. Then he’s gone. Wanda and Pietro give Steve an awkward look that makes him want to crawl into himself and disappear. He dreadfully misses the beginning of the night when the pair were passionately telling him about their jobs working for Stark.

    “You took what I said very literal.” Sam is suddenly at his side, giving Steve a look that somehow makes him feel worse. “About the fighting…’member I said not to do that?” 

    Steve rubs his face with his hands, “Embarrassed is an understatement. Sam I don’t even know what to say. I’m really sorry I didn’t—”

    Sam snickers and slaps his friend on the back, “It’s alright we all know Zemo is a huge d-bag. He’s not our favorite person that’s for sure. But I never thought you’d find Bucky so interesting…” The pitch of his voice raises when Sam says that last part. He has to be hammered by now. Steve cracks a smile and sighs but doesn’t defend himself against his friend’s teasing. Sam’s right. 

    The brother and sister duo walk back to the table and meet Natasha. Everyone looks bummed out and ready to go to sleep. Steve is secretly hoping they all don’t despise him after tonight. Most of all Bucky. What bothers Steve the most is that he still can’t understand why someone as kind as Bucky would be in a relationship with a person like Zemo. The guy is openly rude to his friends, treats him like garbage on his own birthday, and manhandles him around in public. 

    Steve gets an anxious feeling that begins to buzz around in his stomach. He finds himself asking, “Hey…does Zemo ever…like, I mean has he ever…”


    “…hit Bucky?” 

    This makes Sam pause and look at Steve with a serious expression. The fact that he hesitates in his response makes Steve feel sick to his stomach. “Listen Zemo is a huge asshole, Steve. I’ve known him longer than I’ve wanted to. But he’s all bark and no bite. He wouldn’t lay a hand on Bucky because Bucky wouldn’t let him.” 

    Steve lets out a deeper sigh than he intends, glancing over to the front of the bar as if Bucky would still be there. 

    “Bucky’s tough. He can take care of himself,” Sam continues and nudges Steve in the arm “But if he needs us, we’ll be here.” 

    The blonde turns his head when he hears Natasha let out an ear-shattering cackle. She’s bent over the table laughing at Pietro who is standing off to the side completely soaked in beer. The remnants of a beer pitcher lay on the ground at his feet. The platinum haired boy barks at his sister to grab some napkins but Wanda is too busy holding out her phone to capture the moment and laughing with Natasha beside her. Steve can’t help but chuckle watching this unfold. A moment later, Pietro looks up and finds the two men with his eyes, dramatically gesturing for help.

    “Oh god, I should go save him” Sam is howling with laughter as he jogs over to the table. 

    Steve stands in the middle of the dance floor with an admiring smile on his face. The ground is still sticky from sweat and alcohol and a button seems to be missing from his shirt no doubt because of Zemo, but it doesn’t bother him. All he can think about is the handsome man from Brooklyn that accepted his invitation to dance tonight. Steve loved the way he smiled. Thought it was the most perfect set of teeth he’s ever seen. His hands were soft and slightly calloused on the palms. Steve even liked how fiery he was, ever surprising the blonde with a witty or sarcastic comment. He also enjoyed the look on his face when Steve challenged him. God, he ached to see him again. The name Bucky almost oozed out from his lips…

    “Steve! Come on!” Sam was beckoning him out of his comatose state. Everyone had their coats on so it looked like the group was ready to leave the bar. The blonde hurries to catch up with them, putting his lingering thoughts about Bucky on hold. 


    thank you for reading! this blog is BRAND new and I really want to post more so please read, like, & follow! lemme know what you think 


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  • k-clouds
    24.07.2021 - 7 hours ago


    ─ please don't steal or repost my work without permission. you can take inspiration though.


    summary: when the reader messes up a phone number of her supposedly boyfriend, she comes in contact with a stranger.

    part 1
    part 2
    part 3
    part 4
    part 5

    It was pouring rain outside. Plus, it didn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. It was also pretty late and you didn't want to bother Wanda in case she was sleeping. So instead, why not message her twin brother?



    U up?


    Now I am



    Nothing much. Just laying in bed

    Can we facetime, I don't wanna keep texting

    I rather hear your voice

    You didn't get a message back, but you did get a notification about accepting his facetime call. You smiled to yourself and answered, seeing Pietro also laying in his bedroom. It started off with small talk, and there was a stong sence of tension between the two of you. You both didn't want to address the elephant in the room. Which was not as dramatic as you both thought. It was simple, easy. The main question is: should you continue your little fling or end it while you have the chance?

    "Is your sister sleeping?"

    "Out like a light. What are you doing up at this time?" Pietro's voice brought a smile on your face. "Mostly boredom." You rolled your shoulders back, sitting up straight. "One sec," walking out of the camera view you started to undress throwing your clothes across the camera and watching as his eyes dart up at the movement. His breathing stopped for a moment before he cleared his throat. It's not like he can say anything, in your eyes you were just changing. Nothing too scandalous about that.

    Once you finished changing into more comfortable clothes, you sat in front of the screen like nothing happened. It was an easy way to innocently seduce him. "What were you saying again?"

    "I, uh, forgot." You held back a laugh, "you okay? You look pretty red." He runs a hand through his hair, "it's just hot in my room,"

    "I'm sure it is."

    "Anyways, I wanted to ask you to an actual date?" You stop your movements. A date? Like an actual date? When was the last time you went on something like that? Probably when you first started to date Brad, goodness that feels like forever ago. "Okay, I love to go on a date."

    He winks, "I'll text you the details, until then goodnight!"

    "Goodnight." You end the facetime call, rubbing your face. Did you seriously agree to this?


    @mycosmicparadise, @itssvphia, @pietros-buckys-husband

    #the avengers #avengers x reader #pietro x y/n #pietro x you #wanda and pietro #pietro maximoff#wanda maximoff#love story
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    #twitter#star wars#reylo#ben solo#lucifer#dan espinoza#the 100#lexa#bellamy blake#supernatural#dean winchester#marvel#natasha romanoff#loki #loki dying 10 times #quicksilver#pietro maximoff #13 reasons why #justin foley #game of thrones #daenerys targaryen#vampire diaries#enzo#the originals#klaus mikaelson #(seriously tho Elijah could have just sacrificed himself) #this hurt to write #but dammit it had to be done #some listed are justified canonically but not in my books
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    #wizarding world#harry potter #sirius black x reader #james potter x reader #marvel#jilly#james potter#oliver wood #shadow and bone #general kirigan #oliver wood x reader #prince caspian#ben barnes#pietro maximoff #aaron taylor johnson #sirius orion black #regulus black x reader #regulus black#remus lupin#andrew garfield#timothee chalamet #young remus lupin #severus snape#hufflepuff#ravenclaw#slytherin#gryffindor#the punisher#fanfiction #ben barnes x reader
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    My Favorite Pietro Maximoff Fanfictions 🌠

    Fluff : 🌺    Smut : 🔥    Angst : 😭    None : 🌲

    The crossed out titles are for me, they are the texts I haven't read yet.

    If you like these characters don't hesitate to check the new arrivals, I update every day according to my reading.

    Pietro Maximoff :

    Who Is That Beauty ? 🌺

    Teasing Texts 🔥

    A Few Unfortunate Events 🔥

    Me Too 🔥

    Let Me Prove It To You 😭🔥

    Time’s Moving Slowly 🔥

    How He Kisses You 🔥

    #pietro maximoff#quicksilver #pietro maximoff x reader #quicksilver x reader #fluff#smut
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    I swear, every single time I read ANY fanfic with Pietro dancing, now this will be all envision. Does anyone have and brain bleach to get this out of my head????

    #pietro maximoff #pietro maximoff x reader #pietro x reader #aaron taylor johnson #why??? #lol#Youtube
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    guys i just thought of this

    avengers x reader au where reader is a thief and has jack sparrow vibes

    the story would go like, the avengers spend months looking for reader but reader gets kidnapped by another bad guy who wants them to perform a heist but reader doesn't because they have a strict moral code that no one knows what it is and the avengers find them trapped in the building the bad guy put them (the reader could escape but thought it would be easier to just wait for the avengers to find them), and then the avengers arrest reader and don't believe when they tell about the bad guy and when the bad guy shows up they are all like "you were telling the truth" "i tend to do that a lot" and ask the reader for help and in the middle of the fight reader saves one of their lives totally annoyed "help the avengers they said it will be fun they said" and turns into an avenger in the end.

    if someone makes this fic pleeease tag me i would love to see it

    #avengers x y/n #avengers reader #avengers x reader #avengers imagine #mcu x reader #mcu imagine#avengers au#mcu au#marvel au #marvel x reader #marvel imagine #bucky barnes x reader #sam wilson x reader #loki x reader #steve rogers x reader #tony stark x reader #bruce banner x reader #natasha x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #pietro maximoff x reader #peter parker x reader #steve rogers#bucky barnes#sam wilson#natasha romanoff#wanda maximoff#pietro maximoff#mcu#marvel
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