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    Part five

    Pairings: Marcus Pike x reader

    Warnings: Smut 18+, p in v smut, unprotected sex,fluff.

    Summary: it finally the day of your sisters wedding and she finds out your married.

    {Comments and reblogs really appreciated}

    Lillian was right, Marcus couldn’t keep his eyes off you and you’ve never felt sexier. You had to sit beside your family while he was down the far end of the table with Arthur’s. He was talking to Arthur’s sister Mary but was watching you the whole time.

    “Jesus will you two get a room.”


    “Oh come on, I’m your big sister, I know you better than you know yourself. You two have slept together haven’t you?”

    “Yeah like what last year.”

    “Uh uh, don’t pull that one, I meant more recently.”

    You don’t answer her but your face is scarlet. “I knew it. Oh you have got to tell me everything.”

    “Jesus what are in high school. I don’t kiss and tell Lils I’m sorry.”

    “Oh don’t be like that, I know he’s hung, Arthur told me.”

    “Seriously, do you two just sit around discussing his friends penis’s.”

    “No I asked him and he told me.”

    “Well yeah he is, not only that but he knows how to use it too. I mean don’t get me wrong he’s so sweet but my god that man is a freak in the sheets.”

    “I knew it. I always knew he had a bad side.”

    “Yeah there’s something else I have to tell you, I don’t want you to freak out ok.”

    “Your pregnant aahh I’m gonna be an aunt.”

    “Eh no, me and Marcus…were kinda married.”

    “What!” She covers her mouth and looks around the table, thankfully no one paid much notice.

    “Yeah we were drunk and we kinda had said to this group we were engaged to snag a spare room and they married us. Your now looking at Mrs. Pike.”

    She just stares at you, and your worried she is going to kill you for getting married before her, but she smiles at you.”

    “Are you not mad?”

    “Yeah max that I wasn’t there. Come on you two were always gonna end up together everyone could see it.”

    “What are you on about?”

    “Oh come on Y/N me and Arthur set you two up for Christ sake because neither of you would make the move. I know what he did, but I always though you kinda overreacted. You could have fought for him, he would have left her for you in a heartbeat.”

    “I..I didn’t know ..I”

    “Look none of that matters, do you love him?”

    You let your eyes drift over to him and he’s laughing at something Arthur’s father said, his face is lit up with that beautiful smile and you know the answer.

    “Yeah I do.”

    “Well then congratulations Mrs. Pike. When are you going to tell people?”

    “Oh god not yet, at least wait until your married first.” You both laugh.

    Once dinner is finished everyone moves to the bar. Marcus slide up beside you whispering in your ear, “wanna get out of here Mrs. Pike?”

    “God yes.”

    You head towards the elevator thinking he’s going to bring you up to the room, but he pulls you out onto the beach.

    “Where are we going?”

    “We’ll I wanted some alone time.”

    “Which we could have in our room.”

    “We’ll I want to have you on the beach.”


    “You heard me Mrs. Pike, I want to make love to my wife on the beach.”

    “What if someone sees us?”

    “There’s no on around. Don’t worry I’ll protect you.”

    “I’m sure you will Agent Pike.”

    He brings you to a spot away from the hotel and lays his jacket out on the beach. You’re a little nervous, you’ve never had sex in public. As if he can sense your hesitation, he grabs your wrist pulling you into him. He kisses you passionately stripping you slowly out of your dress. Once your naked before him he takes his own clothes off and lays you back on his jacket gently. He rests in between your thighs and you can feel his erection poking into you. He rolls his hips and enters you slowly. You grip his shoulders and arch your back as you both moan at the feeling of him filling you. He moves in and out of you slowly but each thrust hits that sweet spot inside you and you can feel your orgasm building. You wrap your legs around his ass pulling him closer to you. You thrust your hips up to meet him and he bites down on your neck as he moans.

    “Fuck baby…..I’m so close….got me worked up all night……want you……to come with me. He reaches between you and presses his thumb over your clit as his hips pick up speed. Pleasure could within you threatening to unravel. You cry out into the empty beach as fierce waves of pleasure course through you. Marcus cries out as he follows you over the edge coming deep inside you.

    You laugh and he leans up to look down at you, “I hope your not laughing at my performance?”

    “No you were so fucking hot. I just can’t believe we had sex on a beach. I gotta say I didn’t picture you as the type of man to be wild in bed.”

    “Gentleman on the streets, freak in the sheets.”

    “Oh god, never say that again, please I beg you.” He goes to tickle you and you both end up on your backs out of breath.

    “She knows.”


    “Said her and Arthur set us up way back then and that they knew we would always end up married.”

    “Of course they did. Can’t say I’m mad though, I am married to the women I love.”

    “Could you get any more cheesy?”

    “How long have you got?” You slap him on the chest but he grabs your arm and pulls you into him, kissing you softly on the lips.

    “We better head back, we wouldn’t want to be late in the morning or she will definitely kill us.”

    “Yeah come on lover boy.”

    “Hey it’s husband now.”



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    Pike Place, Seattle 2017

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    @starsdestined​ asked: ❦ - Changing clothes facing away, showing off their back (Chris For Kira)

    An arm digs into her back, quickly followed by a quiet apology. There is barely space to move, much less for them to quickly change their clothes; a quick stop, check something out on Bajor pretending to be two civilians before returning back to their roles, in and out, no problem. Except it had looked exactly the same as it did in the other universe (funny, here they were powerful, and there they were rebuilding, and still in both cases, they had been stripped of what made them unique, the planet ravaged) and she couldn’t help but linger.
    They lost track of time, simple as that. Kira had haltingly started to answer his questions, showing him some of her favorite places on the planet, sharing the few happy stories she had. When they returned to the station, the cardassian steel that surrounded her seemed to have been remolded. “Could you pass me my shoe?” A second later, the boot is on her hands, and Kira ignores how her body heats at just the brush of his fingers. There is no lingering awkwardness from her part, a sort of understanding had grown between them and even in this private moment she felt comfortable in his presence, knew she would be safe.
    When she hears him put on a shirt, Kira leans against him slightly, reaching forward to grab his hand. In the dark, there are no eyes watching her for a show of weakness. “Thank you, I needed that.” The trip to Bajor reminded her why she had signed up for this strange, pathless mission — the safety of those in the alpha quadrant she cared about. For them, she could withstand anything.

    show a little skin meme • accepting

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    HDM Daemon AU!Pedro Pascal Characters Scenarios (pt 2)

    Part 2 of His Dark Materials Daemon AU! Enjoy :))

    Part 1 | Part 3

    WARNING: Maxwell’s part has a theme of insecurity (just on him)

    Marcus Pike - Swan

    “Saturday good?…yeah...okay-yeah, I’ll see you then, y/n.” Marcus ended the call with you and put the phone away. The moment he turned to his dæmon that was resting beside him on the floor, he couldn’t hide his smile. If his dæmon was able to smile back, she would be.

    “Someone’s got a date~” She teased and Marcus laughed. 

    “Stop- come on- it’s just work.” Marcus tapped the dæmon’s head. It was a terrible attempt at denying it because deep down... it did feel like he’s got a date with you. If it meant being with you that’s all that mattered to him.

    “Yeah right. I see the way you look at them. It’s clear they like you too you know. They’re perfect, and so are you.” His dæmon said, but Marcus shook his head. 

    Maxwell Lord - Raccoon

     It was another gala event that he was invited to and to his surprise, you were there. He didn’t know you personally, but you were a prominent figure specialising in dæmons. At the moment, you were studying as to why people’s dæmons settle with a particular animal at a certain age, along with relationships between dæmons and their counterpart. Whatever the reason why you were here, he had to get to know you. 

    You and your dove dæmon were at the opposite end of the room, speaking to other strangers. Maxwell made his way to you, weaving through the crowd of people and their dæmons. Of course, his dæmon objected.

    “They are one of the smartest, most brilliant person out there,” Maxwell’s dæmon whispered. “They could single-handedly know everything about us by a look. What do we even have to offer? They are out of our league.”

    “Quiet. Let me take care of this.” Maxwell put on his usual charming façade once he entered your periphery.

    “Y/N, is it? It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He extended his hand out and you gladly accepted it. 

    Jack Daniels / Agent Whiskey- Jackal

    “We are to go with Agent Whiskey and that’s final.” You pushed your chair out and started to head out of the meeting room- your fennec fox dæmon in your arms. Nobody said a word. Okay, sure you were also an excellent agent like Whiskey, but damn. Agents from other organisations sure are stubborn. 

    Whiskey watched as you left and as he turned back to Champ to pardon himself, his eyes flickered to his dæmon when he noticed the knowing, mischievous look.

    “Now listen here, if you say-“

    “I haven’t said anything,” she said innocently, “we’ve got a feisty partner, that’s all.” She cackled and began to trot out of the room. Whiskey rolled his eyes, excused himself, and followed after her. 

    Javier pena - Thorny Devil

    Javi mouthed a “thank you” as you dropped off a sandwich you got while on your break for him. Poor guy has been on the line for a while. You smiled at him as you went back to your desk with your falcon dæmon. 

    Once you were out of his view he looked back to his dæmon, who was resting on top of the stack of files. They stared at each other for a moment and he could see the unamused look she was giving. 

    He couldn’t tell what she wanted though and so gave a look saying “what?” to which she said:

    “They give you something to eat all the time. Maybe you should give something back for once.”

    Ezra - Peacock

    “Do you have any idea how much of an idiot you sound like?” His daemon asked.

    “That is rich coming from a bird that struts around, deluding himself of having the grandest appearance when in fact it’s his ego.” Ezra quipped. His daemon flared his tail feathers and nipped Ezra’s arm.

    “Well you have the delusion of having a mind of intellect or some poetic talk!” His dæmon retorted.

    “Everything okay?” You and your fox dæmon poked your heads out back into the room. Your dæmon could tell there was a quarrel going on. 

    “Indeed. We’re fine, moonlight.” Ezra said. His dæmon rolled his eyes.

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    I gave up on cr years ago but I just heard about the lucien thing damn

    #i was so glad molly died sorry if you likee him but he was SO annoying and tjaffe cannot do an irish accent #love his acting huge fan of percy and caduceus but molly did not do it for me #a lot of the fanbase is incredibly annoying and deifies somewhat mediocre actors so im glad i lost interest #but i did really love cr1 it was so funny even if i hated some of the romances #pike and scanlan I hated them getting together #its such an overdone trope #also vax started as my favorite but got so obnoxious and angsty and dramatic #and ik lob was going through some shit but i just didnt like his character #also apparently nott in cr2 is just a homophobic mom??? why couldn't she be a goblin i loved that #i also hated caleb he cant do accents and ppl were obsesses w him #keyleth and vax were also...ugh #cor.txt
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    #half expected mist to shut down the recommendation or smth #i rlly pike into the canvas it is good #and i thought dawn would like it #jaws would like ship in a bottle
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    Recent commissions for Donovan Pike

    -art is by my friend YoonB (no @ on this platform sadly)
    - Dice commissioned by malevolentdice on Instagram
    #yes i have him in an active campaign #Donovan Pike#OC#muse#visage#ooc
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    Mycosis: Chapter 10

    A Star Trek: Discovery/Strange New Worlds fanfic. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

    Pairing: Christopher Pike x Leah Pike (OC)

    Rating: Explicit (please note the rating change as of Chapter 7’s posting)

    Chapter Word Count: 6.1K

    Warnings: Ethical dilemmas, sexual content, non-consensual drug use

    Summary: Captain Christopher Pike and Ambassador Leah Pike continue their adventures as the Enterprise explores strange new worlds.

    The Enterprise has been dispatched to escort the science vessel Solomon on a humanitarian aid mission to Yomora. The dominant sentient species there, a plant-based life form, is being affected by a previously unknown fungal disease and has requested the Federation’s aid.

    Author’s Note: This story takes place in my A Matter of Time universe and is the second work in my Star and Dove series. A summary of the important stuff from A Matter of Time can be found in Part 1. If you’d like the entire story of how the Pikes met and got together, I of course recommend reading the full work (200K words, E rating, complete).

    Chapter 10: Farewells

    Ren and Jason Sato looked about as tired as Leah felt, but this couldn’t wait.

    After a hasty communication, they’d beamed over along with Dr Laavan, and the five of them sat in Pike’s ready room staring at each other around the conference table. There was silence for several moments, the smell of coffee filling the room from the cups in front of the four humans.

    Finally Laavan broke it, reaching forward and tapping keys in front of her. A comparison graph opened up above the table, displaying a series of biochemical profiles.

    “This is the relevant data,” she said quietly. “The composition of a plant that was identified specifically as not sentient. One of the infected plants. One that was treated successfully here aboard the ship and displays no remaining evidence of infection. And Iz’s origin tree.”

    “Was Spock right?”

    Pike’s voice was also quiet, but sounded ragged. Leah could hear the weariness.

    Although her expression was grave, Laavan’s gaze didn’t waver. “He may be, Captain. The profile of the treated plant is much more similar to the origin tree than that of the infected plant. It suggests that there is at least some level of difference between the two.”

    “Well, that could just be the infection itself though, couldn’t it?” Captain Sato rubbed his face with his hand as if scrubbing away sleep.

    “Admittedly our analysis is preliminary. But there is a considerable difference between the non-sentient plant, and both the infected and treated ones. I would conclude that the infection is not the factor.”

    “So…” Leah swallowed. “We’re back to three stages. Non-sentient, partially sentient, and fully sentient. And both the infected and treated plants would be partially sentient - perhaps with some level of difference that’s caused by the infection?”

    “Again, the analysis is preliminary at best. However, yes. This appears to be the case from what we now know.”

    Pike let out a harsh breath. “They burned hundreds of thousands of aware members of their own species. For what?”

    Leah shivered involuntarily as she tried to think, tried to put herself in the place of the Yomorans. “Iz asked me once...a few days ago...about intelligence. They select in their animal population for those that are the most intelligent and that learn quickly. I think it would be fair to say that intelligence is something that they value.”

    Dr Laavan nodded. “Your conclusion is logical, Ambassador. And it would then follow to say that the plants would place the highest value on those members of their species that had attained full sentience.”

    “So what?” Captain Sato’s jaw was tightening. “Partial isn’t enough for them?”

    “As the ambassador has observed, the Yomorans solve their problems by the most efficient means available. The infected plants were a problem. The most efficient solution was rapid destruction. If their lives were not considered as valuable as those who were fully sentient - and indeed, those who were in a position both to make the decision and to carry it out - this outcome would be logical. From their perspective.”

    “And if the infected plants truly were at least somewhat aware, that would make more sense as to why they felt the need to drug us,” Dr Sato pointed out. “With all of the readings we took, they may have thought we knew about it despite what they’d said. The drugging seems out of proportion if the plants that were burned weren’t sentient at all.”

    Pike looked grim. “ ‘Half a truth is often a great lie.’ It seems obvious that the Yomorans left out things they didn’t want us to know.”

    “So where does that leave us?” Captain Sato rubbed over his face again. “Because I hate to say it, but as upsetting as this is...I’m not prepared to risk a confrontation. Not after what we saw with the Romulans.”

    Leah shook her head. “I spoke to Commissioner Ramirez not long ago. His advice was to wrap this up and get out. And I agree, especially in light of this new information.”

    “Do you think there’s even a need for you to go down there in the morning?” Pike’s voice was soft, and there was just a little more of the husband there than there normally was at these types of meetings. “We could just handle this over the comms. Beam the supplies and equipment down, say our goodbyes, and then get going.”

    She thought about it; she really did. It was tempting to avoid one final return to the planet, especially given the potential for disaster if something went wrong. But no. It would be easier, but it wasn’t the right thing to do.

    “I need to go,” she said quietly. “I think a significant change right now would be a bad idea. They’re used to me communicating in person; the only time we haven’t done that is while the Enterprise was working on the atmosphere and it wasn’t safe to be on the surface. I shouldn’t depart from that pattern. It could potentially tip the Yomorans off to us being aware of what happened.”

    Captain Sato nodded. “I agree with the ambassador. We maintain things until we’re finished. It’s the safest approach.”

    Pike didn’t look happy, but he also looked like he saw the sense in the recommendations. “All right. I agree as well. But the usual precautions are more important than ever - full security detail and open comms.”

    As the group stood, the meeting at an end, Pike looked over at Captain Sato. “Ren? You and Jason want to stay for a few minutes? Have a drink?”

    The Satos exchanged a look, and Ren nodded agreement. “That sounds good, Chris. Thank you.”

    They waited until Laavan had left to return to the Solomon, and then Pike moved to the bar cart as the rest of them settled down in the sitting area. Jason looked over. “Chris, you don’t happen to have any bourbon on that thing, do you?”

    “Kentucky’s finest,” Pike answered, opening one of the bottles. “Ren?”

    “Same for me.”

    He finished pouring and passed glasses around, handing Leah hers as he took the seat next to her on the couch. Jason sipped and grimaced.

    “Mm. You weren’t kidding - that’s the good stuff.” He sipped again and then gazed across the table, the tiredness showing on his face. “Are you two all right?”

    Now that Laavan was gone, now that it was just them, Pike sighed and relaxed his shoulders. “Yes. Just tired.”

    Ren nodded emphatically. “Hadn’t felt my age much before today...it’s coming to collect on that, with interest.”

    Leah swirled her drink around in the glass meditatively. “I think all of us will feel a lot better in the morning after a good night’s sleep.”

    Jason stretched back in his chair, crossing his legs at the ankles as he relaxed. “Earlier, before you called...I was looking up some of the literature on this type of thing. The fact that we actually had a protocol for it made me curious as to exactly what had happened previously.”

    “Oh?” Pike raised an eyebrow. “What did you find?”

    “We were very, very lucky.” Jason paused for a moment to sip his drink. “I started reading through some of the reports. There were a lot of horror stories. Every case is a little different, of course...but the whole inhibition-lowering component is a killer. It’s had a way of causing issues even with people who were in long-term relationships.”

    Leah winced. “You’re saying inhibitions lowered to the point of…”

    “The point of not caring about that, yes. Couples together for years suddenly go after somebody random. People hooking up that normally hate each other. With no inhibitions, all of that stuff comes bubbling up to the surface...and gets acted on. It gets ugly."

    “The protocol certainly makes sense then.” Pike took a swig from his glass. “Even for married couples.”

    “Yes, and let me tell you how thrilled Jo Windsor was to go through it with us.” Jason chuckled, looking at Ren out of the corner of his eye. “But on the other hand, it’s rather nice to know that you aren’t harboring any secret passions for someone else on the crew, dear.”

    Ren lifted one eyebrow, but otherwise refused to take the bait, instead looking over at Pike. “I’m sure your Doctor Boyce had similar feelings about the whole thing.”

    “At least it was short, being married and all,” Leah interjected. “But seriously...are you all right? I know for us it was...disconcerting.”

    Ren nodded slowly, turning his glass over in his hands. “I suspect we’ll be thinking it through for a while. It’ll take time to reconcile it, and the issues with not choosing it ourselves. But again, I’m grateful that that’s all we have to deal with, and not some of the other things that Jason was finding in the Starfleet archives.”

    They all sipped quietly for a moment, contemplating, until Ren spoke again. “Chris, do you think we’ll be ready to leave tomorrow? If so we should start prepping first thing in the morning. Return the plants to the surface, that sort of thing.”

    Pike looked to his side, raising a brow inquisitively at Leah. “I’d say that’s more your question to answer…”

    “I don’t see any reason why not. I don’t think things will take long tomorrow morning. If it works for you, you can send people down to show some of the other shusla how to use the equipment for the treatment while I meet with Iz.”

    “That should work nicely.” Jason took a final swig from his glass, draining it. Pike looked over at him in inquiry.

    “You want another one?”

    “No thanks, Chris.” The doctor yawned. “If I have any more I think I’ll nod off right here.”

    “The same goes for me.” Ren set his empty glass on the coffee table and stood. “I think it’s time for us to head back and get some of that good night’s sleep you mentioned, Leah.”

    “Are you sure? If you wanted to stay for dinner, since it’s probably our last evening here...”

    Ren shook his head. “I’m with Jason. We’d fall asleep in the soup. We’ll say our goodbyes now and hope to see you again soon.”

    “We’ll at least walk you to the transporter room…”

    “No need, Chris.” Jason shook his head. “We know the way. Get some rest yourselves, you need it just as much as we do.”


    Leah stood in the bathroom, finishing her makeup. As she’d thought and hoped, the night’s sleep had done wonders for her, and she was feeling much more human, especially after a good breakfast and a double cappuccino.

    Chris was standing next to her, running a comb one last time through his hair, and in silence he passed her his aftershave. She unscrewed the top and dabbed a few drops on her collar and sleeves.

    He set the bottle back down on his side of the sink and let out a small sigh, almost too quiet to hear. He was tense, and she could see it, and she knew why.

    His hand was resting on the counter, and she covered it with hers.

    “Everything’s going to be fine,” she said softly. “I’ll keep it short. I won’t mention anything unless Iz does and I can’t avoid it. And if anything goes wrong, the comms will be open. You can beam me out at the first sign of trouble.”

    Chris swallowed; she could see the muscles of his throat work. He hadn’t fastened his collar yet. “I know.” He nodded, and it seemed as though he was talking more to himself than to her. “I know.”

    He turned then, offering her a faint smile. “Would you do something else for me though?”

    “Of course.”

    She regarded him curiously as he turned, leaving the bathroom and crossing the bedroom to his side of the bed. He opened the drawer of his nightstand, reaching in and pulling out a small, thin box.

    “Louvier’s been working on these for a while,” he murmured. “He finished a couple of weeks ago. I was saving it for an anniversary present...but it would make me feel better if you wore them today.”

    Leah stepped closer, taking the box from Chris’s outstretched hand. She opened the lid and raised a brow at the slim titanium rods inside. “New hair sticks?”

    He nodded. “Special ones. They’re signaling devices...it’s weak, so it won’t be detected normally, but Louvier’s worked it out to where the Enterprise can pick it up. Since we know what we’re looking for.”

    She smiled slowly, appreciating the ingenuity. “And while my communicator might get taken away...it wouldn’t be very likely that someone would think to take my hair sticks. Very clever, love.”

    “They’re also small enough where you could slip them into your boots. Or up a sleeve. Unlike a communicator.”

    “I’ll absolutely wear them.” She turned, moving back into the bathroom to swap out the sticks. “Do I need to do anything to turn them on?”

    “Tap the tops. That should do it.”

    She did so, and then slipped the sticks into her bun, pulling the old ones out once the new ones were in place. “They feel just the same. Thank you, love.”

    “You’re welcome.”

    Chris had come up behind her, and she smiled at him in the mirror as he rested his hands on her shoulders. “You should have Louvier submit the design to Starfleet. It’s inspired.”

    He squeezed lightly and then released her, moving to fasten his collar. “Maybe. Although giving them to you now does mean I’ll have to think of something else for our anniversary.”

    Leah chuckled, turning and slipping her arms around his waist once he’d finished with his uniform. “It certainly does not.” She stepped close, bringing her body flush with his and lowering her voice, even though they were alone. “The most amazing gift you could ever give me, you gave me that day. You gave me you. Being with you and celebrating that...that’s the only anniversary gift I ever need.”

    She heard the soft exhale, could almost hear the smile as he leaned down to rest his forehead against hers. “Ah, love,” he murmured. “You gave me you. I got the much better end of that deal."

    Her lips curved in a grin. “You know, I do think Jason had a point. It’s nice to know you aren’t carrying a torch for anyone on the crew…”

    Chris laughed at her teasing tone, and she was glad to hear it, because it sounded mostly normal. There was still a little bit of tension, a little bit of worry, but he sounded much more like himself than he had the previous day. “Not a chance. I’ve carried exactly one torch in my life.”


    She felt his arms tighten on her waist. “And once I realized I’d been doing it, I did something about it.”

    Leah chuckled. “I’ll say you did. Proposing in the middle of a battle and all.”

    “In my defense, we hadn’t actually started fighting yet. And you did say yes.”

    “Of course I did,” she murmured. “Like you said. I wasn’t about to let you get away again. And now here we are.”

    “Here we are.”

    She took a moment to just rest in his arms. She’d reassured him, true, but she still felt trepidation about the trip down. The fact that they’d all been taken unawares by the drug they’d been given had made her nervous, on guard for anything else that might be unexpected. If the Yomorans were willing to do that...what else might they do?

    Keep it short. Deliver what they need. Get out.

    She squeezed Chris gently, lifting her head. And after a soft kiss on her lips, he released her, smiling. “You ready to go? Want me to walk you to the transporter room?”

    “That would be lovely.”

    The sun was barely over the horizon. As she materialized, Leah had to admit that the view was magnificent. The smoke and haze from the fires hadn’t dissipated yet, and the entire sky glowed a soft golden orange.

    But at such a cost.

    The security detail was at her back. A moment later, a pile of boxes materialized next to them that were stenciled with USS Solomon on each side.

    She could smell the remnants of the fires in the air. It wasn’t unpleasant; the sooty, woodsy smell reminded her of chill nights in Minnesota when she’d been small, her grandfather building a fire in the ancient stone fireplace.

    Iz was waiting, accompanied by two other shusla. She knew Iz by sight at this point, but wasn’t familiar with the others. They glanced at the boxes, seeming to ignore the security detail.

    The transporter activated once more, and this time, it was two members of the Solomon’s crew. They both nodded at Leah, and one of them spoke. “Ambassador. Good morning. We’re here to work with the shusla on how to use our equipment.”

    She nodded. “Thank you, Lieutenant. Iz?”

    “Yes, Ambassador. These will work to learn what is needed.” It gestured at the other shusla, who stepped forward towards the boxes. “If you would follow me? We will return to the place for talk.”

    Leah looked behind her at the security detail. The lieutenant in charge nodded at her and then divided the team, two staying with the Solomon crew and two preparing to accompany her. Iz waited for a moment and then began striding off toward the path; she recognized it, or at least thought so, from that very first day.

    She walked next to Iz in silence for several moments before she finally ventured to speak. It wasn’t easy, but she needed to at least say something about the previous day.

    “It’s good to see you, Iz. I apologize that we left so suddenly yesterday.”

    Yesterday. It was so strange to think about, but it hadn’t even been a full day since everything happened.

    Iz looked back at her, its expression - as always - smooth and blank. “We were informed that you and Captain Pike had taken ill, as had others.”

    “Ye-es…” She trailed off. She’d known that that had been the explanation the Yomorans had been given, and had approved of it, but it still put her on shaky ground for trying to avoid the subject of the drugs.

    Iz shattered that intention into pieces a moment later.

    “Our information indicated that you would experience no negative effects from what we administered. Was this not the case?”

    Leah blinked, even as she continued walking. Had Iz...had it just admitted openly to what had happened? Its tone was entirely casual, unchanged from any of their prior conversations. She thought rapidly, almost able to feel the ground thinning under her feet and becoming more treacherous...and she could only imagine what was happening on the Enterprise as they listened.

    “It did cause a significant reaction,” she finally said carefully. “We were...off duty...for several hours.”

    Iz regarded her calmly. “The reaction was to propagate, was it not?”

    She kept herself from coughing in surprise. “Excuse me?”

    “We administer the same formula to our animal populations when we wish to increase their numbers. It encourages propagation. The desire to do so was unwanted for you?”

    Chris must be losing his mind up there.

    “Well…” The ground felt thinner than ever. “Iz, in our culture, it’s not considered right to do that to someone. Not without their permission.”

    "But you are paired with Captain Pike. Captain Sato is paired with Doctor Sato. We took care that it would be the case, for only these pairings to receive the compound. We understood this to be important in your culture."

    Leah added another point to the list of things the Yomorans understood that she hadn’t been aware of. She hadn’t even touched on the physical aspects of humanoid relationships when she’d spoken to Iz earlier about marriage, instead focusing on the concepts of companionship and emotional support. It hadn’t seemed to grasp much of anything she’d said. But it was clear that somehow they had an understanding, if incomplete, and lacking in complexity and nuance.

    She took a deep breath. "That's….that isn't the point. The point is that we choose when and why those things happen. Not because of something that's done to us when we don't know or agree."

    Iz nodded slowly. “We anticipated that you would object to the actions we planned to take. It was thought best to ensure that there would be no interference. We did not consider the formula to be harmful to you.”

    “I…I understand,” she said slowly. “I understand that it wasn’t your intent to harm us.”

    Giving the acknowledgment was important. She wasn’t surprised at Iz’s revelation, not after what Dr Boyce had said, but she was surprised at her own reaction. She felt that anger that she’d seen on Chris’s face and heard in his voice, and it took effort to push it down and move past it. She had a job to do, to keep the ships and their crews safe.

    Iz was speaking again, and she tried to focus.

    “What was done was necessary.” Iz paused for a moment. “You had stated that the results of your work would be temporary. We determined the action that was necessary. By the time the effects on you and the other humans dissipated, we planned to be finished. And so we are.”

    “So all of this was planned? The fires, and…”

    “They were. As you yourselves stated, your efforts to resolve our difficulties were negated by the presence of the infected plants. They have now been removed.”

    Removed. She was uncomfortably reminded of the Romulans, and Iz’s use of the word at that time. And it’s the same result now.

    She thought about what Ramirez had said. While they’d agreed on not addressing the issue of the drugging unless the Yomorans did first, they hadn’t spoken much about what had happened with the burning or the true nature of the plants. It could be important for Command to have a better understanding of the Yomoran society, especially if it proved that the information provided by the Yomorans themselves couldn’t always be relied upon.

    “And…” Careful, careful. “The plants themselves?”

    Iz didn’t speak for several long moments, instead continuing to walk. Leah let the silence ride; she’d said what she wanted to say, and if Iz ignored her, that would tell her something as well.

    “We did not disclose the entirety of their nature,” Iz said finally.

    There it is.

    “How so?”

    More silence. She could almost feel the tension at her back, the security officers becoming increasingly alert at the direction the discussion was taking. They’d been briefed; they knew the delicate situation.

    She focused back on Iz.

    “Once there is an attempt made to join the network...the attempt causes a permanent alteration in us. Regardless of success. We had alluded to your Doctor Sato that there was a reversion to the prior state. This is incorrect.”

    “So there is some awareness there. Among the infected plants.”

    It confirmed their suspicions, and she felt her stomach churn.


    There was a musing tone to Iz’s voice, one of the few instances where she’d been able to hear some sort of feeling.

    “You would perhaps describe it so. We would not.”

    “How would you describe it, then?”

    She could tell that Iz was searching for words, trying to express something that perhaps had no means of expression.

    “Pain,” Iz finally said. “We would call it pain.”

    That was not what she’d anticipated hearing, and she took a moment to let herself process it, to think through it.

    “Are you saying that it hurts? As in physically?”

    “Not as you would think of it. No. But they had no method of communication. They were always alone. And yet, there is the knowledge that there is more. More which they will never experience again.” Iz paused, and there was clearly a hesitation on its part to continue, but it did so a few moments later. “It is so for all that attempt to join the network...and fail.”

    Leah took another second to think. It sounded as if Iz was attempting to justify their actions...which she found hard to digest. She bought time for herself with another question.

    “The members of your species that travel into space...aren’t they alone?”

    “It is very different, Ambassador. They are able to still connect to the network through their shusla. They are isolated...but not alone.”

    They walked in silence for a moment until Iz spoke again. “Consider, Ambassador. Your human senses. And once, for a brief moment, you experience additional sensations that are indescribable. More senses and inputs than you ever believed was possible. And then - it is gone. Forever. Yet there is that flash.”

    She did consider it. She didn’t want to understand, not after what had been done to herself, and Chris, and the Satos...but that was the very heart of her job, the work of a diplomat.

    Understanding. She let herself accept that perhaps the plants had had a much more difficult choice than it had first appeared.

    “We’d probably think it was a hallucination,” she said quietly. “Or a dream. That it wasn’t real.”

    “Your description is not inapplicable to our species as well.” Iz’s voice had become equally soft. “And they must live with that knowledge that all others are connected...except for them.”

    “I see.”

    She wondered at that point what the scientists on the Solomon were doing in response to the new information; her communicator was set to an open channel, and both ships could hear her. Her thoughts were a whirlwind, running away down the path that Iz had laid open. With what Iz had described, a human would not only think it was a hallucination...but in time, it might drive them mad.

    She wished the Yomorans had seen fit to discuss the matter further. She could understand the desire to act quickly...the feeling that they had no other options, that it was a choice between this and allowing the infected plants to reverse the progress that had been made, which would in turn allow the infection to spread. Especially with the new information, she could see that - from the point of view of the plants - it represented a strange form of mercy.

    They took the sure option, she thought. Something they knew would solve the problem, as opposed to pinning hope on continued Federation assistance. Unfamiliar technology that might or might not have helped.

    They had continued walking as she’d been thinking, and Leah recognized the clearing that the path opened into: it was the place she’d first met with Iz, and it looked only slightly changed from a few days ago. The grass mats still covered the ground, but a rough piece of wood like those that had been in the larger clearing the previous day had been brought in.

    On the top of the table, there was a stack of the bowls she’d seen yesterday. She also noticed a small, rough wooden box - more like a crate - sitting next to the stack, filled with some sort of packing material that looked like dried grass.

    Iz moved to the table and settled down on the ground, and Leah followed suit, exchanging a quick glance with the security team. They positioned themselves near the path.

    “We understand that it is your custom to acknowledge assistance with some sort of material gratitude,” Iz said. “Is this correct?”

    “Ah...well, yes, it can be, but you don’t have to do that, Iz. There were no conditions attached to our help.”

    “Regardless. We wish to follow your customs by presenting a gift.”

    “Well then…” Mentally, she shrugged. It likely wasn’t going to hurt anything. “Thank you, Iz. That’s very kind of you.”

    Iz gestured at the empty bowls in the stack. “These are yours to retain.”

    She had to admit that the bowls were lovely. They had been shaped from some sort of burl, and looked similar to that type of art from Earth. Light played over the differing textures of the wood, and the colors were a subtle mix of reds and browns and even blues. They were stunning in their elegance and simplicity.

    She reached out and took the bowls, setting them to her side. “They’re truly beautiful. Thank you, Iz.”

    “This is an appropriate gift?”

    She chuckled for the first time since she’d come to the planet that day. “Yes. Something made by your people is entirely appropriate.”

    “Good. And there is one more thing.” Iz gestured to the box. “It may not be something you would wish for. But it is yours if you desire.”

    She raised a brow and reached out once more, pulling the box towards her. The packing material concealed the contents, and it took a moment for her to sort through them…

    She pulled out a small fat pouch, about the size of her hand, made of some sort of leather. It was opaque, so she couldn’t see inside, but the contents squished in her hand as if the pouch was full of liquid. Thick liquid.

    Oh my god.

    She looked at Iz as she realized. “Is this that honey you gave us?”

    “Correct. The quantity given to you was enough to ensure that the effects would not fade for several hours. However...a smaller amount...would only result in mild stimulation. We thought you might wish to experience this.”

    Leah held onto the pouch, not saying anything for a long moment. Part of her wanted to draw on every bit of her training and experience to find some way, any way, to gracefully decline the offer. Iz itself had even acknowledged that she might not want it; it probably wouldn’t cause an issue if she said no.

    But another part…

    Another part saw an opportunity. Not just to accept the gift and keep things civil with the Yomorans, but a chance for her and Chris to reassert their choice. Taking it, and using it when they wanted to...something about that felt right. And the mild stimulation that Iz had mentioned sounded a lot better. A little bit of spice, as it were. When we want it. When we choose.

    Deliberately, she placed the pouch back into the box and the packing material. “I accept, Iz. Thank you.”

    “You are welcome, Ambassador Pike.”

    They were silent for a moment, and then she opened one last line of inquiry. “Our scientists believe your planet should warm up quickly now, and that the fungus will be gone in a short time. One or two of your rotations. But if your oxygen levels increase again, you could have something similar happen. It could come back.”

    “Yes. We are beginning to reflect on this. In the future, we will need to consider how to avoid production of too much oxygen.”

    “The Federation has terraforming technology as well that could assist you with maintenance. I’m sure that something can be negotiated.”

    Iz nodded. “We will make contact to discuss it. Will we encounter you again, Ambassador?”

    She’d been pleased to assume her additional responsibilities for Kaminar and Xahea. In both cases, she’d had a personal connection that had served diplomatic efforts well; it had not only made sense, but it had made her happy to continue the work. But in this case, she was feeling very grateful that that wasn’t normally how the SDC worked.

    “It’s possible, Iz, but not likely. I’m a Starfleet ambassador; I don’t normally work with planets on a long-term basis. But you’ll be in good hands with the Federation Diplomatic Corps. They’ll assign someone that’s an expert in terraforming to work with you.”

    “It is understood.”

    Iz stood up, and Leah followed suit, bending to gather up the bowls and the box before following it to the edge of the clearing. Before stepping onto the path, she turned around, taking one last look.

    She’d told Iz the truth; it wasn’t likely that she’d be back to Yomora. And if she knew anything about the Federation, once they finished digesting the reports, this planet was going to wind up as the latest addition to the restricted list. The Federation might very well be willing to negotiate for the terraforming technology that she’d mentioned, but Yomora certainly wasn’t going to be a common destination.

    So she took one more look, fixing the scenery in her mind. Despite the danger they’d gone through, and everything that had happened, it was still a beautiful, unique world. She wanted to remember it.

    After a moment, she turned back, following Iz back down the path, the security detail trailing behind.

    Chris was waiting when she beamed back.

    There was one major difference from when he normally met her, and that was that he himself was at the transporter controls. The ensign that would have been stationed there normally was nowhere to be seen.

    Leah lingered on the pad, sensing what he wanted, letting the security detail go ahead of her and leave the transporter room. When they were gone, she slowly descended the steps.

    In silence, Chris reached out, taking the bowls and the box from her and setting them carefully on the console. And then he reached out again.

    She let him fold his arms around her and let out a long, shaky breath that also let the tension out: both from having to step so carefully, and from everything she’d learned. She rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, not needing to speak.

    "I think I would have thrown that stuff back in their faces," he murmured. His voice was muffled, and she could feel his lips against the crown of her head. She let out a quiet chuckle.

    "No you wouldn't have," she murmured. "But I was certainly tempted."

    "You were magnificent though," he said quietly. "It was perfect. There wasn't even a hint that things were getting out of hand."

    Leah loosened her arms around him and he let her go too, and she stepped back to be able to look up at him. "They never got close. It went better than I thought possible," she admitted. "But in retrospect...they don't respond emotionally, Chris. It's all problem-solving for them. As long as we didn't indicate that we were going to be a problem, everything was fine."

    He still had his hands on her waist as his expression turned somber. “We heard everything. What Iz told you…” He shook his head. “It adds complexity to what they did.”

    “It does.” Leah sighed. “I asked Ramirez once about our colors - the white and grey. He told me that the white is the traditional color of truce...that one was obvious. But the grey is to remind us that very few situations are black and white. This certainly counts.”

    Chris nodded. “It makes it a lot harder to just outright say that they were wrong.”

    “When I was down there...I thought, I wish they’d talked to us about it more before they decided. But really...they barely know the Federation. There was a solution available that they knew would work. And in their eyes, it didn’t just work, it was compassionate. I can’t...I can’t exactly blame them for doing what they did.”

    Chris leaned forward and kissed her forehead lingeringly, and then released her. He reached over and picked up the bowls and the box from the top of the console. "I think we’ll both be glad to see the last of this planet,” he murmured. “But now...you weren't down there for that long, it’s still early. What's your plan for the rest of the day?"

    Leah thought for a moment as they walked forward, exiting the transporter room together. "I suppose I'll keep working on my backlog,” she mused. “I could start the reports for Yomora. And I need to begin making arrangements with Po. What about you?"

    "We're preparing to leave orbit here in a couple of hours. Start working our way back through the asteroid field. And then setting course for Starbase 23 for our resupply."

    She nodded. "In that case, I'd better start with taking a look at those cadet files Ramirez sent. He mentioned he could have someone there if I chose quickly."

    Chris smiled as they turned into the turbolift. "I'll walk you to your office before I head back to the bridge. I just...after hearing everything, I thought you might need a minute afterward. I wanted to be there for you.”

    Leah reached out and took his hand, entwining their fingers for a brief moment and giving him a smile back. As always...he knew her.

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    Probably my favorite moment from episode 37, A Musician’s Nostalgia.  In case you don’t know what’s going on, the dungeon master is trying to get into character of an NPC, who he imagines is leaning up against something.  Of course, nobody else knows what he’s doing, so they’re having a bit of fun with it.

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    oda, give nami a war pike

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    Michelle Heimberg  🇨🇭

    Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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    Man, I am so behind sharing these. This was way back during comic con season when they released the poster. Was piqued even then.

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    —A Heartland Christmas

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    Pregnancy Announcement HCs

    Drabbles under the cut for how Pedro boys would react to your pregnancy, and how you’d share the news. Trigger/content warnings: Pregnancy (both planned and surprise,) mention of abortions as an option, talk of contraception, smut (including cum play, cock warming,) mentions of PTSD and past drug addiction, mentions of dead former partners, blood, periods, doctors/obgyns, single parent/father not wanting to actively participate. If I missed anything, please let me know! Lack of editing as usual... 

    Pics are for inspiration, not always an exact replica. All take place in a sort of modern AU where there might be a social media to post pictures to.

    Dave York

    This wasn’t supposed to happen. Dave already has a family and he made it very clear that he wasn’t leaving them for you. When you found out, you were terrified he would demand you terminate the pregnancy - heck, you considered it briefly yourself. You thought long and hard about your options even before telling Dave.

    His first reaction was about as bad as it could get: he said nothing, got up and left. He returned a few hours later when you had already cried yourself hoarse. He held you in his arms as he spoke clearly and carefully. He asked if you wanted to keep the baby, and when he said yes he almost seemed torn. You don’t know if it was wishful thinking that he was excited to have another child, but you swore you saw a sparkle in his eye… of course, it wasn’t that simple.

    He told you it wouldn’t be easy for you since he would never be with you like that - you were just the nanny he was fucking. If you wanted to go it alone, he would help financially and support you as much as he could, but he couldn’t claim the baby as his and risk losing his daughters.

    You were going to have to go the single mother route, and if anyone asked you’d have to either say it was a fling or the father wasn’t interested in being in the picture.

    Din Djarin

    In all honesty, you were surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Din loved to cum inside of you. He’d lay with you, his softening cock still inside you to make sure nothing slipped out. When he finally did, he’d watch with amazement as your body twitched as it adjusted to emptiness. Gently, he’d push any dripping cum back into your fluttering hole. His deep, gruff voice was laced with exhaustion and lust as he would talk about filling your pretty pussy, not wasting a drop…

    When you started getting ill, you at first thought it was just a passing bug. It was inevitable with all the travel that you would fall under the weather. Two weeks into the churning stomach, you realized you missed a period. 

    When you brought it up to Din, he changed all travel plans - the bounties could wait, he had to get you to the nearest clinic ASAP. The test coming back positive had him glowing with pride. It was hard to convince him to wait until further along to announce the pregnancy, knowing anything could happen in these early stages. As soon as you gave him the all-clear, he did everything but shout it from the rooftops. By the time the picture was posted -your headgear, his helmet, and a tiny helmet between - everyone already knew anyway.


    It was a surprise, but not a shock. You and Ezra, although you tried to be safe, definitely had a habit of being caught up in the moment and forgetting certain precautions. A walk through the forest that led to a beautiful field of flowers, a picnic on a moonlit beach - there were times Ezra was so overwhelmed by your beauty and the beauty around him that he just got swept up. It was hard not to get swept up with him.

    He was ecstatic when you told him you thought you might be pregnant. He could hardly wait for you to take a test. His knee bounced anxiously as you waited the 2 minutes, holding your hand tightly in his. The positive result brought tears to his eyes as he embraced you close but gently, already scared of hurting the baby. He saw it as nothing less than a blessing. He dropped to his knees as soon as he let you go, already talking to the bundle of cells, calling them his little shining star. The nickname sticks throughout the pregnancy, leading to a beautiful space-themed nursery and all events leading up to the birth, including the announcement.

    Frankie Morales

    You’re absolutely terrified to tell Frankie. You knew he wanted to be a father, but the two of you had talked so much about the fears you shared about being parents. Mental health, substance abuse, financial stability - it made the concept of “starting a family” overwhelming.

    Your stomach rolled the whole time you waited for him to get home from work, little plastic test taunting you from the table. What if it set him off? He’d been sober for years, but you knew every day was a new battle. You were so consumed by your own thoughts, playing out how he might react in your head, that you didn’t even hear him come in.

    “Are you…” He half-asked the question, eyes darting between you and the test. You couldn’t find your voice, only nod. The facial change in him was immediate: broad smile and wonder in his eyes as he laughed, scooping you into his arms. You clung to him just as tightly as he started laughing, too much joy coursing through him. As he started crying “holy shit, I’m going to be a papa,” how could you have possibly doubted he’d be anything but ecstatic?

    You each tell your closest friends and your families, but you manage to keep it under wraps for the first months until posting your announcement and shocking everyone. Toes in the sand at the beach of your favorite camping spot, imagining the sandcastles and other games you’d be playing in the near future - it was everything you could ever want.

    Jack Daniels

    The two of you were religiously careful. You had talked about a family, but had agreed that until Jack was ready - which may or may not happen - you were going to prevent it. But life finds a way…

    You find out much later than you would have liked - nearly 3 months in, you missed the whole first trimester. Looking back, there were obvious signs of pregnancy but you just didn’t think it was possible. You and Jack find out together at a doctor’s appointment. You leave the office shell shocked with a stack of pamphlets to consider your options and an appointment for next week. When you get home, Jack doesn’t even talk about it. You try to bring it up a few hours later, but he ignores you.

    Finally, 3 days later, you can’t take it anymore. You feel like you’re in this completely alone at this point as you yell at him “ignoring it won’t make it go away!” Jack breaks down and tells you he’s so damn scared. He cries in a way you’ve never seen him cry, talking about how he wants a family with you but he can’t go through that kind of loss a second time. It nearly killed him the first time and he wouldn’t be able to handle it again. You talk long into the night about all of it - both of your fears, worries, dreams, thoughts - nothing is off limits as you talk about all the possibilities lying in front of you. Even through the fear and trauma, one thing is clear: you both want this.

    It’s not easy, but your doctor helps relieve some worries. She speaks frankly to you about the development of the baby along the way and suggests a therapist that might be able to help, as well as classes you can take on parenting. It doesn’t take long for the worried “what ifs” to be paired with excited “whens.”

    Javier Peña

    When Javier Peña walked into your small town police station, you thought you were dreaming. Sent to help with a case that your rural forces didn’t have the experience to handle, he was only supposed to be in town as long as the case took. You never imagined you, just a lowly admin, would catch his eye.

    It didn’t take long for you to tumble into the bed of his hotel room. And your bed at home. And your car. And his truck. And just about any possible surface in between. What you thought was a one night stand turned to three, then four, and soon into a full fledged fling. You knew the expiry date hanging above your heads, so you kept your feelings for the charming (if a little gruff around the edges) agent locked deep away. The case took about two months, and then he was gone just as suddenly as he arrived.

    A month after his departure, when you found out you were pregnant, you didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t even left you his number, so you were sure he had no plans to see you ever again. Should you track him down and let him know, or just carry on with this on your own? You spent night after night talking to the growing baby, asking what you should do.

    Javier ended up answering the question for you, when he unexpectedly walked into the station once more. He asked to speak with you privately before admitting he had missed you. He told you about trying to forget you, only to spend most of his evenings telling his father about you. Eventually you cut him off with a kiss, telling him you’re glad he came back. You take his hand, placing it on your stomach when you tell him you had been thinking about him too.

    Javi helps you secure a transfer to Laredo and even though you technically have your own place, you’re spending practically every night with him anyway. If anyone wondered why the move, well the recognizable mustache on your announcement answered their questions.

    Marcus Moreno

    Marcus doesn’t believe you the first time you tell him “I think I’m pregnant.” He remembers his wife’s pregnancy with Missy, and you haven’t shown any of those signs. You roll your eyes and tell him that every woman and every pregnancy is different, but he still doesn't believe you. It isn’t until he’s staring down at three tests, all positive, that it clicks in his head he’s having a second child.

    He’s excited, but he admits he’s scared. He’s older now, what if he can’t keep up with a baby? More than that, he’s worried about Missy.

    You both know you don’t want Missy to feel left out or replaced by a new sibling. The two of you have a good relationship, but of course there were speed bumps to get there. She understood you weren’t trying to replace her mother. Would she be as understanding, knowing that you weren’t trying to replace her?

    You and Marcus sit her down and tell her together. Before you can even start on your planned spiel about how the family is growing and no one is getting replaced, she is talking a mile a minute about having a little sister. You and Marcus share a relieved breath and lock eyes before you have to remind her that it might be a little brother. This seems to dampen her mood a little bit, but overall she’s still excited… even if she is adamant she isn’t touching any stinky diapers.

    Another way you make sure to include her, is how you announce it to your friends and family. You’re sure, with Marcus’ status, it will get out to the public eventually, but you start by sending close friends and family a picture of Missy wearing a shirt calling her a “Big Sister.” She loves the photoshoot, making all kinds of faces as you snap away on your phone. Happy, sad, pouting, crazy… they all go in the baby book.

    Marcus Pike

    It was only a few months after your wedding that you and Marcus were ready to start a family. You didn’t “start trying” as much as you “stopped preventing.” There were a few false starts when your period would be late or the time you caught the stomach flu, but a few weeks short of your first wedding anniversary, you were pregnant.

    Marcus spent many nights laying next to you in bed, hand on your stomach as he just stared at you - to the point where you actually started to get annoyed by it. He was amazed at your body changing, at the growing child inside of you, that he was finally getting the “happy ever after” he’d been looking for all his life.

    The announcement was hilarious to shoot. Marcus and you were covered in paint splotches, laughing with love shining in your eyes. You held a palette Marcus knelt in front of you with a paintbrush, painting “Masterpiece coming soon” on your stomach where the bump had just started showing with the right angle.

    Max Phillips

    Max knew before you did, even if he didn’t put it all together. He started complaining that you tasted different, smelled different. Not just your blood, but as he spent hours trapped between your thighs. His keen senses had him identifying a change, but neither of you knew what change it was. After all, as far as you knew, a vampire couldn’t get a human pregnant.

    Max whined when your period was late - he loved your time of the month. “Best of both worlds” he would say as he feasted on you for as long as you could stand it. It had happened before, your period being late due to stress or illness, but this time it wasn’t just a day or two. A few weeks later nothing had happened. A quick trip to your gynecologist confirmed it.

    “I thought you said there was no way you could be pregnant,” she teased as she showed you the results.

    Max was shocked, scared, and then proud as a pig in shit. He was terrified to be a father, but he hid that behind a swagger and a “yeah, I knocked her up. Not even death can stop these swimmers.”

    Even if you did try to hide it for much longer, the vampires he worked with could smell the change in you too. Put together with Max’s protectiveness over you being ramped up even more than it had been… it was easy to figure out.

    You took the picture as a joke - it was supposed to be a compromise that if you took this photo, he’d take the cheesy ones you wanted - but damn if it wasn’t your favorite of the bunch.

    Maxwell Lord

    You know that Maxwell had a bad history with family. First his parents weren’t as supportive as they could have been, and then his ex-wife had all but used Alistair against him anytime she could. You knew he may be nervous when you shared the news, but you didn’t expect him to turn into Maxwell Lord, television personality instead of your Max.

    The first question out of his mouth was “is it mine?” Which broke your heart and set a fire in your gut. You threw anything you could get your hands on at him screaming at him for accusing you of cheating on him. You had just started to calm down when he mentioned lawyers and set you off again. You knew his past, but you truly thought he loved you and that you were his future.

    You left, booking yourself in at a hotel. You didn’t leave the room - not only had you not packed anything and knew the paparazzi would devour a picture of you looking so disheveled, but you just couldn’t find it in you to go anywhere. You stayed in the room, ordering room service, watching TV, and crying. In a fit of rage, you had thrown the bottles from the mini bar across the room, needing to channel your anger and knowing you couldn’t drink your sorrows away anyway. 

    He showed up a few days later, having followed the credit card charges to the hotel, looking remorseful. He apologized for the way he reacted, and you heard him out despite still being upset. There was a long talk in which you reminded him that you’re not his ex or his mother. You’re not trying to screw him over or get anything from him by having his child. It takes him a long time and a lot of groveling for you to truly forgive him, but you go back home that night.

    A few months later, as the two of you take a picture on his yacht, both of your hands holding your growing bump, you can hardly tell the fight had happened at all.

    Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand

    Ellaria noticed before you did. A mother herself, she picked up on the glow in your skin, the change in your body, and the complaining about aches in your back or your breasts. When she pulled you aside and suggested you were pregnant, all you could do was blink. The three of you didn’t use protection with each other, only when others were invited into your bed. You’d never gone out of your way to prevent pregnancy, so while it shouldn’t have been shocking, it still caught you off guard. Ellaria brought you to her doctor, sitting with you while you found out for sure.

    You were nothing but excited to share your news with Oberyn. You knew how he felt about you, about love and passion, about the children he already had. You had no doubt that he would love your child just as much as the rest of his daughters. The night you told him was spent making love while he waxed poetic about you, your body, your child... If you hadn’t already been pregnant, you’re sure you would have been at the end of the night.

    With sand snakes spread across Dorne, you struggled for a way to tell them all. Sending letters didn’t seem to do the moment justice. This may be Oberyn’s 9th child, but it was your first and you wanted an extravagant way to share the news. 

    Ellaria helped you to plan gathering all the children together. It wasn’t easy, but a month and a half after finding out, you had the whole, huge family together. You posed them all for a picture with you, Oberyn and Ellaria front and centre. You were handed a sign to hold for the picture - supposedly showing the family crest. However as soon as the picture was taken, you turned to show them.

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