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  • Can we all talk about the fact that Uncle Ricky is the best on creating ships.

    Like fr:

    Percabeth 1000/10 the story, the chemistry, the love everything is perfect 🤚

    Solangelo: 11/10 HELL YEAH This ship is so amazing that even the homophobes like it change my mind

    Frazel: 10/10 they have no right to be this cute😔🤚

    Me and Leo: never happened but lemme dream

    (I’m not gonna talk about jiper they had potential in the first book and then *poof*)

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  • I mentioned how compelling dark Piper would have been, so I have to elaborate on that. This one’s for @winnies_sketches

    Piper doesn’t like using her powers at first. She rejects any connection to Aphrodite, and that includes charmspeak.

    But then she uses it on some monsters to save Leo and Jason, and thinks hmm, maybe this isn’t so bad. So she starts to use her voice more and more, only on monsters. Compared to all the other powers the other demigods have, Piper feels really inferior, so she practices her charmspeak over and over to try to fit in

    Then one night on Argo II, she tries it on Jason. She asks him to get her a glass of water, which he would have done anyway, but his eyes glaze over and instantly gets her a glass. She feels guilty, but can’t deny the small rush of power it gives her. She finally has a way to contribute, to fit in, to show that being a child of Aphrodite is more than people think

    In this au, Piper and Jason fall into Tartarus, and that’s when we see Piper truly start to lose it.

    She forces monsters to help them, to turn on their own kind. They hate her for doing it to them, and she feeds off their hate, uses it to grow stronger. And then when they come across Akhlys, she attacks and injured Jason before Piper can force her to help. Her eyes turn black and instead of just leaving, Piper tells Akhlys to stop breathing. She does, and Jason and Piper watch the goddess fall to her knees, clutching her throat. The Jason snaps to his senses and begs Piper to stop, that no one should have that power. And Piper does. But she doesn’t forget.

    After Jason and Piper get out, Jason has a long conversation with her about how scared she made him feel with Akhlys. Piper explains that if she has that power, why shouldn’t she use it? It’s no different than Jason flying

    And then Jason is truly alarmed. Because Piper seems like she’s too far gone. The others can’t look in her in the eye after that, they don’t know exactly what happened down there but they see her force an entire legion of venti to help one day

    Piper becomes so used to her charmspeak it starts to bleed into her everyday speech. Until one day she jokingly tells Leo to go take a swim. He promptly flings himself over the railing and plummets to the ground. He’s saved just in time by Jason, but Piper is so rattled by the incident she refuses to speak for days.

    And it’s Jason, again, who pulls her out of it. Who convinces her to come back, saying he trusts her with his life. He always has. She eases up on the charmspeak, only using it on monsters and only when absolutely necessary.

    Then comes the fight with Gaea. She doesn’t want to kill to Gaea, she doesn’t want to give into that side again, but she has to to save everyone. So as Jason struggles to keep her aloft, she tells Gaea to stop breathing.

    But her charmspeak is so powerful it washes over Jason too, and he stops breathing. They plummet fall to the ground, saved by Pegasi, but it’s too late for Jason.

    And Piper, hating herself but also hating Aphrodite for giving her this gift, completely goes rouge, vowing to tear her mother and Olympus down stone by stone. She’s the enemy no one can stand against, because her will always overpowers the wills of others. With a silver tongue and frozen heart, Piper McLean becomes the enemy.

    #went a little wild with this but I’m thinking thoughts #dark!piper #piper mclean#jason grace#pjo#hoo#jasiper
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  • Piper: Hey, here is your tea.

    Jason: With ice cubes?

    Piper: No, just normal tea.

    Jason: But it isn’t ice tea without the ice cubes!

    Piper, irritated: Fine.

    *Takes a glass of water, and pours it into the mug of tea*

    Piper: Now you have melted ice tea.

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  • “If you don’t survive basic training, there’s no way you’d survive the journey from the Wolf House to New Rome, even to live in the city and not be part of the barracks,” Jason hummed. “And frankly, why should you get to? It’s not like you were born there and you haven’t completed any service to prove you deserve to be there.”

    Piper swallowed thickly. “Do you hear what you’re saying?”

    He smiled at her. “Yeah. I hear every word and before you ask, no, I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

    She looked away, her brows furrowing. “It’s cruel though.”

    “It’s mercy.” He pulled the tea bag out with the ring of his timer, chucking the bag over his shoulder. The air shifted around it, so evident with the steam that flushed from it, and it landed perfectly in the trash can. “Imagine what would happen if they were caught by monsters on the journey. That would be slow and painful. This way it’s quick.”

    “And painless?” she asked as he pushed the mug towards her. She wrapped her hands around the steaming mug. It was warm. Which was good.

    Jason’s lack of answer and piercing eyes left her feeling cold.

    She looked away. “I just never expected you to come from a place like that. You see value in everyone.”

    “Because they’ve proven themselves already,” he said simply. He crossed his arms over the table and smiled. “The kids that were mercied at the Wolf House - they couldn’t prove themselves. They couldn’t leaned to use their powers, they could barely use a sword or a knife or even fight with their fists. They didn’t deserve to be valued. But you guys-”

    His smile widened. “You’ve done that. And everyone in my Cohort proved themselves. Legacies don’t just show up for service. They might not go to the Wolf House for training but they have proof that they’re worth a place in our barracks. Why wouldn’t I see value in someone that’s already proven they have it?”

    She couldn’t respond to that, just nodded dimly and lifted her cup to her lips, with one very clear thought in her head.

    He should never have kids of his own. And he was never going to be alone with any of hers.

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  • Piper snorted. “The reason you can’t find a link between why you like Nico and why you like Leo is because there isn’t one amongst their personalities. Amongst physicalities though…” She grinned wide. Jason stared at her. Her smile fell and so did the amusement in her eyes. “Jason, they’re twinks!”

    He frowned. “That doesn’t make any sense. What does a snack cake have to do with this?”


    “I don’t even like Twinkies,” he went on.

    She pressed a hand to his shoulder and said with complete seriousness, “I’m going to slap you.”

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  • Leo: Look-

    Piper: You almost blew up the ship.

    Leo: I am just a little creature. I cannot be blamed for my actions.

    Piper, a lesbian who is not susceptible to her best friend’s antics: Leo-

    Jason, gay and very susceptible to the antics of small men: No, no, he’s got a point.

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  • I will say one thing and one thing only….

    ✨🧚‍♀️🦄 𝑗𝑒𝑦𝑛𝑎 🌸🍄💖

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  • you know one thing that’s really sad?

    piper. i love her. but her character, the blatant lack of research about her heritage, and the fact that she denies her femininity, and that is what makes her a powerful character. why can’t she be feminine and be a badass? why is the aphrodite cabin a walking joke, but because they’re romantic and like fashion and shit? why is piper better than all of them just because she is “tomboyish”?

    another thing, while i’m at it. the fact that nico, the first gay character in the series, the only person who was struggling with his sexuality. why was he forced to come out. no, actually, he was outed. it’s gross and a slap in the face.

    #cathy.txt #heroes of olympus #rr crit #anti rick riordan #piper mclean #anti piper mclean #nico do angelo
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  • It just doesn’t sit right with me that…

    • we didn‘t get to see Percy reunite with Sally and Grover
    • Piper and Silena never met
    • May Castellan doesn’t know about her son‘s death and is still waiting for him
    • Bianca didn’t get to watch Nico grow up
    • Hazel and Bianca ever met
    • Thalia is going to outlive all of her friends and is probably never, or at least for a long time, gonna see them and Jason again
    • Thalia and Jason had so little time together
    • Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Piper Mclean are straight
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  • I warned y'all

    Behold, the gender transed.

    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.
    Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag.

    [ID: Nine total images. First is of Nico di Angelo from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag. Second is Oikawa Tooru from Haikyuu!! over the genderfluid flag. Third is Will Solace from Percy Jackson over the demiboy flag. Fourth is Yang Xiao-Long from RWBY over the demigirl flag. Fifth is Lie Ren from RWBY over the nonbinary flag. Sixth is Mercury Black from RWBY over the transgender flag. Seventh is Kozume Kenma from Haikyuu!! over the nonbinary flag. Eighth is Frank Zhang from Percy Jackson over the transgender flag. Ninth is Piper Mclean from Percy Jackson over the demigirl flag.

    End ID]

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  • Percy Jackson- Bi-demi-romantic/sexual. (though he only has eyes for Annabeth) he’s also Trans (Female To Male), didnt transition/come out until the second year of being at camp-the only reason he didnt transiton when he was younger was because of Gabe-Sally is one hundred percent supportive and helped him pick out his name when it was finally time, everyone at camp was super supportive and anyone who wasnt would be beaten up by Mr.D (who called percy the right name and gave him a serious talk about training in a binder after finding out Percy was being unhealthy), Clarisse who became like his body gaurd and Annabeth (all people you do not want to be on the bad side of). He really only told annabeth he was Demi because he just kinda blurtted it durning a cuddle sesh and she was like “okay”

    Annabeth Chase- Bisexual/romantic (Again loves only Percy) also trans (Male To Female), one of the reasons she left home was because she was trans, when she met up with Thalia and Luke they helped her transition the best they could-Thalia made her some clothes out of old fabric and Luke helped explain what she was feeling

    Hazel Levesque- Panromantic Asexual, cisgender but likes breaking gender norms (my girl looks amazing in a suit and short hair), never really came out because she’s a little shy about her identinty but its fine because everyone knows and thats what she comftorble with 

    Frank Zhang- He’s dated some guys, and some girls and some people outside binary and he likes to play around with make up and some more femmine clothes but he doesnt have a set lable

    Piper McLean- Pansexual/romantic, thinks that coming out is stupid and so techinally hasnt come out but decrates almost everything with small pan or rainbow flags. Also put a little box in all the cabins for people to put questions about the LGBTQ community or love and she and the aphrodite cabin take them at the end of the month and have a mantory meeting (so no one feels awakward) for all campers to learn- the questions are all anonamous and if any discromantiroy things get put in there she kicks peoples ass. 

    Jason Grace- Bisexual aromantic, he’s very open about his sexuality and always had been-one of the reason Octavian is such a dick to him-its one of the reason he wanted to be a predator, to show that being LGBTQ is not going to hold anyone back. He loves pride and goes every year, he once made a feild trip for campers to go to pride and now it happends every year. 

    Leo Valdez- Aromantic/Asexual, nonbinary-realized they were non binary some time on the argo and came out after they did like 50 hours of research, still uses Leo but sometimes goes by Lee (depends on how they feel), always knew they were aro/ace but confirmed it after coming back with Calypso (the reason they could bring her back was because every other man fell in love with her-romanticaly- but leo didn’t and was able to bring her back because of that

    #percy jackson#annabeth chase#Hazel Levesque#frank zhang#Piper McLean#jason grace#Leo Valdez #trans percy jackson #trans annabeth chase #nonbinary leo valdez #ace/aro leo valdez #LGBTQ#lgbtq headcanons
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  • Piper: Whats going on with him?

    Annabeth: He keeps saying he has ‘can’t read syndrome’.

    Percy, in a hoodie blasting sad music: I’M JUST JARED, 19

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  • Leo: if I work a minimum wage job for 24 hours I’ll have roughly £210

    Frank walking past: is that enough to pay for your funeral?

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  • I can’t stop thinking how totally whipped Magnus Chase is for Alex Fierro. That boy legitimately loves her for than I thought possible for someone to love another person. Literally, every time Alex pays a second of attention to him or gives him vaguely resembling a compliment Magnus literally melts into puddles of sparkles and rainbows I’m so weak!

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  • Ok I know ambrosia is like a greek thing and all but all I can think about every single time I hear it is that godamn salad from the sixty’s


    This shit that only the old people bring to party’s it looks gross but this shit slaps like it’s good.

    Anyways imagine percy jackson but this is their ambrosia just in the middle of a battle busting some of this shit out

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  • Frank: Chiron, please? It is ages ago since the last time

    Chiron: No Frank, you can’t do it again, especially since the last time. You were so scared that you turned into an elephant and destroyed the Hypnos cabin.

    Frank: That was one time! Chiron I promise I won’t chance into a big animal. Can we now please do it. It is aged ago since I did it.

    Chiron: Frank, I don’t think this is a good idea.

    Frank, sweat voice: I do corvee for a week, please Chiron, it’s really important to me.

    Chiron: Alright, you may do it. But just this one time!

    Frank, will running away: Guys, Chiron let’s us watch Kung Fu Panda II!!!

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  • synopsis: your fav doctor and bestie Will Solace thinks you need a day outside on the lake, but you didn’t realize how damn pretty he is.

    fluff | angst | smut |

    Will Solace x gn!Reader


    a/n: 4 hours of sleep let’s goooooooo - day

    The sun felt amazing on your skin, warming you up and leaving you feeling refreshed after a long week of studies. You’re glad Will convinced you to come out today, otherwise you might’ve stayed inside catching up on sleep. He planned a whole date, a day on the lake in a slightly larger boat than what you’re used to being in.

    “You know how to row a boat right?” 

    “It’s not that hard” You shot back, taking the oars from his grip and rowing. You could see him smirking, watching you do all the work just to prove a point. He often took advantage of your competitiveness to get out of doing things. Weirdly enough, you haven’t caught on yet– or at least you haven’t mentioned anything about it.

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  • guys it’s a serious issue i love percy and annabeth so much my gods

    #heroes of olympus #percy jackon and the olympians #percabeth #percy and annabeth #annabeth chase #trials of apollo #magnus chase#piper mclean#jason grace#hazel levesque#frank zhang#leo valdez#calypso #rachel elizabeth dare #riordanverse
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  • “My mom… My mom is dead. I don’t have any family to go back to after this.” Hazel said, tears pricking in her eyes.

    Piper looked at her, at this kid who had been dragged by because of something her great grandmother had done, at this kid who just wanted to go home. Her heart panged for her.

    “I’m sorry Hazel.” Hazel shook her head, her twists falling into her face. “I don’t want your pity. I just-if I die on this quest, the only person who will care is Reverie. My dad, is a liability. Y'know being Pluto and all. I don’t have anyone. Please Piper. Just make sure Reverie knows if something happens?”

    Piper nodded. Hazel’s deep brown eyes met hers and she gulped down the concern she felt. “I swear. I’ll, I’ll tell her. I promise.” Hazel nodded before walking away, her twists bouncing.

    What the fuck had Piper gotten herself into, she thought.

    #piper mclean#hazel levesque #oc; reverie sanja #she's mentioned lol #heroes of olympus rewrite #heroes of olympus #hoo rewrite#for vi#vi tag#<3
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  • i’d like to think that whenever leo needs to reach an object on a shelf but it’s too high up for him he asks piper or jason to get it down for him.

    or an even better thought: whenever leo asks for help reaching an object on a high shelf, jason just straight up lifts leo up by the armpits so leo can reach the shelf.

    #leo valdez#piper mclean#jason grace #leo short king struggles #remember that one scene in the lion king? #where rafiki holds up simba high in the air? #yeah that’s what jason does to leo #heroes of olympus #percy jackon and the olympians #pjo #the lost hero #the lost trio #trials of apollo
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