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  • mable-stitchpunk
    23.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #Foxy's Pirate Adventures #The Foxy cartoon #FNAF#AFLH#GHIAB #Foxy's Pirate Cove
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  • areyoumyfather101
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I have to save some cosplays for 28 Days of Black Cosplay in February. However, I am going through physical pain trying not to cosplay Antiope, Sam, and Zelda (again).

    #this isnt even including the cosplays i want to do from pirates of leviathan unsleeping city and misfits #im in pain #im struggling so much but wait till february #(and november because i need to do a certain cosplay)
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  • feeling-through-film
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The Pirate (1948)

    Don't tell me you've never longed for a prince instead of a pumpkin.

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  • as-i-watch
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You dont need to tell me twice to shitpost so

    Enjoy the Troubled Birds* besties

    *as Straw Hats

    Someday i might bust out photoshop and actually make straw hats vertions of it but this will have to do for now (☞⌐■-■)☞

    #one piece#luffydmonkey #one piece zoro #roronoa zoro #luffy d monkey #one piece sanji #vinsmoke sanji #monkey d luffy #one piece usopp #straw hat crew #straw hat pirates #one piece nami #chopper #tony tony chopper #nico robin #one piece robin #one piece franky #one piece brook #straw hats as #troubled birds
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  • vitya-etienne
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #will Turner#James norrington #pirates of the Caribbean #will x James
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  • musichelan
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    meeting the ancient cookie-- pure vanilla

    "OooO0," Sorbet hummed, walking along the seaside. They found themselves drawn to the beach, with its sunny days and cool breeze. Pirate told them to have a couple days to themselves as he and the crew have something to take care on the ship. So today, Sorbet intended to watch the sea for a bit, for old time's sake.

    They sat on the sand, feeling it between their toes (they still couldn't believe they managed to get themselves legs). Resting their head on their knees, Sorbet was content to spend the day by themselves.

    "Sorbet!" Maybe not by themselves. They wouldn't turn down company if given the chance.

    "Hey, why are you sitting here alone?" Gingerbrave asked, settling down beside them. Sorbet admired Gingerbrave a lot. He was brave, for one, and he was friendly towards them. They couldn't remember another cookie being kind to them since Pirate took them in. Throw in the fact that they could only speak bubbles on land -- a whole new reason why cookies wouldn't even bother to try and talk to them.

    Sorbet sighed softly. "Ooo00o," they started, playing with the sand, "ooOOo."

    "You don't know what to do?" Gingerbrave asked, just to confirm. Sorbet nodded. They didn't like doing things by themselves if they could help it. The two lapsed into silence, with the waves crashing onto the shore to accompany them. Sorbet pouted.

    They turned towards Gingerbrave, "Oo0ooO?" They asked, drawing a cookie figure and a question mark on the sand. Gingerbrave glanced at the drawing. Sorbet watched as Gingerbrave's eyes lit up in excitement and an imaginary light bulb went off from Gingerbrave's head.

    "I know just the cookie you'll like to meet!" Gingerbrave jumped onto his feet, dusting off the sand and rushed towards the kingdom. "C'mon, Sorbet!"

    Sorbet let out a happy "Ooo0!" and rushed off after Gingerbrave, running as fast as their little feet could move.

    The two cookies came to a stop in front of the castle. Sorbet looked at the huge building with awe in their eyes, "0o00oo..." they muttered. Surprisingly, the castle didn't have any imitating gates in from of it. Instead of the gates, the castle has an opened layout, with a huge doorway leading into the castle. Sorbet wondered why didn't the castle have gates. They turned to Gingerbrave, "OoOOo00o o0ooOO0?" They waved their arms around and made an "X". They hoped GIngerbrave understand them.

    "Oh, the gates?" Sorbet nodded. "Well, do you know that Pure Vanilla is our king, right?" Sorbet nodded again, slightly confused. Why would Pure Vanilla has something to do with the absence of the gates?

    Gingerbrave must've seen the confusion on their face, because he sat in front of the walls, patting the space beside him. Sorbet promptly planted themself besides Gingerbrave, paying their full attention to the story GIngerbrave was telling.

    "Pure Vanilla was known as the all loving monarch, and he helps everyone, including his enemies if he can help it," Gingerbrave couldn't suppress a giggle from escaping his mouth when he saw Sorbet's shocked expression. "Yes, Sorbet, I've heard stories of how Pure Vanilla turned the war tides over just by helping some of the injured enemies. Those were just stories, passed down to us cookies by ancient drawings on walls when we go out to find Pure Vanilla. After we helped Pure Vanilla back to our kingdom, we asked him to become our king again, and he accepted. He took Custard under his wings, and told the rest of us to go to him if we ever need someone to help. He asked the sugar gnomes to remove the castle gates after he was healed, said that no one should ever be denied any form of help while he is king. It did wonders-- our kingdom flourished even more under him, and nearly every cookie is on good terms with him."


    "Yup, nearly every cookie." Sorbet was secretly pleased to realise that Gingerbrave was taking less time to understand what they were trying to say. "I rather not mention those cookies, Sorbet. They don't make a good name for us cookies in this area."

    "Anyways, Pure Vanilla had those gates removed as soon as he can and everyone loves him for it." Gingerbrave finished, leaning onto the wall. Sorbet played with the grass around them, digesting the information bomb Gingerbrave gave them as fast as they could.

    "Gingerbrave! I wasn't expecting you today, how may I help you?" The two young cookies jumped at the sudden voice. Sorbet hid behind Gingerbrave, shaking, as Gingerbrave started to tell the cookie their tale.

    "Pure Vanilla! No, nothing's wrong, but you're just the cookie I needed!" Gingerbrave said cheerfully, "Pure Vanilla, this is Sorbet Shark cookie! They came here just a few days ago with Pirate cookie."

    Sorbet was still hiding behind Gingerbrave. They peeked out, accidentally met Pure Vanilla's eyes and hid behind Gingerbrave again. They shook their head quickly, "Ooo0o0!"

    "It's OK, Sorbet," Gingerbrave muttered, "Pure Vanilla cannot and will not bite." He slightly pushed the shark cookie forward in encouragement.

    Sorbet stood beside Gingerbrave, a hand in the other's hand for bravery. They looked at Pure Vanilla with wide eyes, taking in the waffle cone crown and the orchid staff. The staff blinked at them.

    They blinked right back.

    And the staff blinked at them again.

    Sorbet chewed the insides of their cheeks. Oh, they thought, blinking faster than before at the staff again, the game is on. They spent a good 5 minutes blinking back and forth with the staff until Pure Vanilla and Gingerbrave were laughing. Sorbet snapped out of their little game, their cheeks turning red once they realised why the two older cookies were laughing.

    "Ooo0oo0O!" Sorbet buried their face into their hands, thoroughly embarrassed. Gingerbrave visibly collected himself before clearing his throat.

    "We were just amused, Sorbet," Gingerbrave explained to a pouting Sorbet, "But do you want to introduce yourself to Pure Vanilla?"

    It was then Sorbet realised that Pure Vanilla has different coloured eyes. One of his eyes was pale yellow coloured and the other was a faded blue colour. "Ooo000o?" They asked, pointing at the king's different coloured eyes.

    Pure Vanilla knelt down in front of Sorbet, "My eyes?" Sorbet nodded, looking amazed at the king's eyes. He smiled softly, "My eyes has been like this since I came to life. The witch that made me must've wanted me to become a very special cookie."

    Sorbet let out an "ooOOo0" of understanding. "Ooo00oo," the shark cookie continued.

    "They said that your eyes look amazing," Gingerbrave translated. Sorbet nodded furiously at the king. They really liked his eyes! It reminded them of one of the cookies across the sea, so they told the two cookies about the interesting tale they went to with Pirate.

    Just as Sorbet was telling how Pirate helped healed one of the injured crewmates, someone came running at them. "Pure Vanilla! We need your help!" Sorbet went alert instantly at the unknown cookie's words, "There's a cookie, said his name's Pirate, they needed help! I think they were attacked out on the sea!"

    "Sorbet! Wait for us!" Sorbet didn't dare to stop at Gingerbrave's calling. They barely heard Pure Vanilla's words as they took off to the sea's direction, their heart beating wildly. Didn't Pirate said they were only fixing the ship? Why were they attacked? Images of Pirate losing his blood was conjured in their brain and it filled Sorbet with dread.

    Pirate couldn't be dead. Not now. Not when he promised to bring Sorbet across the world while being their father figure.

    "OO00ooOo!" Sorbet screamed when they saw their crew. They pushed their way to Pirate's side, tears building up in their eyes as they tried to shake Pirate awake. "Oo0oo oo00ooOO!" They cried, shaking Pirate's still body.

    You can't die right now, dad! You can't!

    Sorbet felt around Pirate's neck for a pulse and was relieved to find one. "Oo00oo 00o0oo!" They cried, shaking Pirate's body harder, foolishly hoping that it could wake Pirate up. Tears were streaming down Sorbet's face, but Sorbet couldn't care about themself right now. Pirate wasn't responding, and Sorbet no longer know what to do.

    Dad, wake up!

    "Please step aside, cookies." Sorbet sniffed, laying across Pirate's body. They squeezed Pirate's hands every now and then, trying to check for themself that Pirate was still breathing.

    "Sorbet, dear? Can you give a little space for Pure Vanilla? You still can hold Pirate's hands," Gingerbrave quickly added when he saw how upset Sorbet was. Sorbet sniffed again, moving slightly away from Pirate's side, keeping his hands in theirs. They hoped Pirate would wake up soon.

    Sorbet saw Pure Vanilla standing a few steps away from Pirate. "Oo00o?" They asked, their voice breaking at the end of the sentence. Pure Vanilla nodded, a gentle face on his face.

    "Yes, Sorbet, I'll try my best to heal Pirate. Can you be brave for a moment? Hold onto Pirate's hands, it will help him." Sorbet clutched Pirate's hands tighter. They would try to be the brave shark Pirate always tell them to be and help Pirate come back to life.

    Pure Vanilla raised his staff into the air. Energy started to cackle around the orchid, and Sorbet could feel the air around them was slowly being sucked towards the orchid. A binding light built slowly from the orchid's petals, growing brighter and brighter, the eye glowing behind the light in an electric yellow. Sorbet squeezed Pirate again.

    The power building at the staff was crackling loudly, and Sorbet peeked an eye open. Pure Vanilla looked magnificent in his role as a Healer, the warm yellow light surrounding him as he brought his staff down to Earthbread.

    A warm yellow light was sent into the soil of Earthbread and travelled towards Pirate at a lighting's speed, the energy still crackling as they entered Pirate's body. Sorbet watched the lines of energy flowed in Pirate's body, amazed at the magic in front of them. "Oo00o!" They shielded their eyes with an arm as the bright and warm light burst out from Pirate's body.

    Silence fell. Sorbet slowly moved their arm away from their eyes, blinking slowly to get the spots out of their vision. They squeezed Pirate's hands again. "Oo0o00?"


    There wasn't a squeeze to alert Sorbet that Pirate was awake. Sorbet burst into crying again, heaving sobs wreaking their tiny body as they cried. They couldn't bring themself to look at Pirate's face. "Oo00oo 0ooo00!" They sobbed, shaking their head while trying their best to shake Pirate awake.

    Dad, wake up! You can't leave me!

    They didn't realise how the air had gone still and heavy. Their brain didn't register the quiet voices around them, whispering to each other in sadness. They didn't see how Pure Vanilla's steps' faltered when Pirate wasn't waking up. They didn't see how Pure Vanilla nearly collapsed into a cookie's hold.

    Their attention was only on Pirate and Pirate alone. Wake up, dad! We still have so much to see! So many places to go! Our adventure! Dad!

    "Kid." Sorbet's head snapped to Pirate's face. Were they dreaming? Sorbet wiped the tears away from their face harshly, blinking up to Pirate.

    "Why are you crying?"

    Sorbet felt their nose squeezed, a telltale sign of the incoming tears. "OOoo00O!" They threw themself onto Pirate, happiness leaking through their voice as they hugged their father figure. "O00oo oo0oooOo0," they muttered, burying their face into Pirate's neck.

    Pirate gave a weak chuckle. "You're my kid, Sorbet. Of course I'll come back alive. Can't eat my own words now, can I?" Sorbet laughed weakly. They climbed off Pirate with a single cookie in mind. They marched towards Pure Vanilla, who was resting in a cookie's arms. Sorbet tilted their head to a side, but decided that they could find the cookie's identity later.

    Without as much as a warning, Sorbet jumped onto Pure Vanilla, mumbling their thank you quietly into the king's waffle cape. They felt the king's shaking hand ran through their hair, relaxing into his hold little by little. "Ooo0o," they said again.

    "It was my pleasure, Sorbet," Pure Vanilla said, rubbing circles on Sorbet's back. "how about you and Pirate and your crew come up to the castle? White Lily said she would love to listen to your adventures with Pirate." Pure Vanilla offered gently. Sorbet nodded, their eyelids dropping every now and then. The sudden rush of adrenaline left them, and now they just wanted to sleep, preferably cuddling Pirate while they were at it.

    "My king," Pirate greeted, leaning heavily on one of the crew, "Thank you for savin' me life."

    "It's no problem," Pure Vanilla said, "And, please, call me Pure Vanilla. There is no need for formalities here." Another crewmate came over and offered to take Sorbet, seeing that Pure Vanilla nearly drained all of his energy while healing Pirate. Sorbet snuggled deeper into the crewmate's hold.

    Pure Vanilla got up with difficulty, groaning slightly as White Lily helped him. Once steady on his feet, he smiled at the rest of the cookies, "Shall we head to the castle now?"

    Sorbet mumbled something in their sleep as the small group walked slowly back to the castle to rest.

    #fluff#angst#cookie run #sorbet shark cookie #gingerbrave#pirate cookie #pure vanilla cookie #white lily cookie #fluff and angst
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  • justiisms
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #HEHE LET CHUCK BE A PIRATE PARROT.... #a ferocious 'feathery' lad with his tough delinquent pirate papa!!!! #Phan answers;;#essenceofjustice
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  • anabotti
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    so I'm really catching feelings over abel and Helena right now? this is why I don't watch love stories anymore, if this is making me emotional, I don't need to see a real, healthy relationship for a whole season

    #fuck is wrong with me #Fena: Pirate Princess #Toonami
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  • fer-artsy
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    NICE! Now slap that son of a bitch with his own arm

    #FINALLY SOME KID PIRATES CONTENT ODA TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH #sorry but hawkins was pretty dumb for forgeting Kid lost his arm #KICK HER ASS KIDD #Kid's expression put me on the floor bye #PLEASE STOP COMPARING HIM WITH ZORO LET KILLER SHINE FOR ONCE FFS #bonnie on the cover was amazing #go queen#one piece #one piece spoilers #op spoilers #one piece manga #one piece 1029 #one piece fanart #op fanart #one piece killer #op killer#killer#my art
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  • anabotti
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    c'mon Yukimaru, I know you got your organs pierced and all but this man lost an arm and didn't bat an eye

    #and i find that hilarious #Fena: Pirate Princess #Toonami
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  • anabotti
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Abel over here with the red smokey eye all flawless yet it takes me 15 minutes to achieve one that's half that good.

    #i hate him #Fena: Pirate Princess #Toonami
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  • jensen57
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    @archiveofourfoxes the past few days have been really shitty and one quick drawing of pirate andrew won't solve anything but hopefully it helps

    #see eventually you found out #anyway have this #aftg #all for the game #aftg fanart #the foxhole court #tfc#andrew minyard#pirate au#art#fanart#jensens art
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  • anabotti
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    who the FUCK is tsubaki buying a wedding dress for without my permission

    #i didnt authorize this #Fena: Pirate Princess #Toonami
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  • transguyhawkeye
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    havent even seen venom 2 yet...when will the hate and bigotry end 😔

    #im literally gay people and this is the thanks i get? #release online so i can pirate already gun emoji gun emoji
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  • altruistic13
    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Two of my brothers were talking outside my room and I accidentally heard them. They are both pretty young, but the younger one hasn't seen Pirates of the Caribbean yet. Well, this kid ask his slightly older brother if Captain Jack Sparrow is ugly.? Older sibling replies with lightning speed, NO! And while I agree, the enthusiasm with with he said it has me slightly concerned. Like, are you watching these movies without anyone knowing? You've only seen the first movie, once. I don't understand? Yes, you are right, he is not ugly, but dang, that response was faster than captain sparrow could drink a bottle of rum.

    #pirates of the caribbean #captain jack sparrow #rum
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  • densetsu1000-illustrations
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Out among the stars I sail

    Way beyond the sea….

    #anime#manga#tory story#randy newman #out among the stars i sail #way beyond the sea #way beyond the moon #in my silver ship i sail #a dream that ended too soon #rocks#sea#ocean#seaside #water timely reminder #wet#depth#darkness#captain#pirate#sailor#ship#shipping#ships#boat#boating#water#fancy#detail#wood#moon
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  • artemisdyke
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    can’t even watch netflix rn 😔

    #why should there b a limit to how many ppl can watch netflix on an account at once #i think they made that up to make more money #i would pirate but i just got a new laptop and i still have to install adblock and all that
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  • chromadraws-justarandomartsist
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Post 1/3 for Ducktales 17/Duckverse Pirate AU! This one's of Gyro, the first image is highlighted the second on is not. Hope you like these and have an amazing morning, day or night!

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  • arlathen
    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    i found a piece of my Real Pirate Treasure while cleaning and i am overcome w nostalgia.

    #i have told u guys the real pirate treasure story havent i #carly.txt
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