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  • People with Pisces placements/energy need varying amounts of time to recharge. Depending on the person, the methods may differ on how they recharge but generally just being able to be in a peaceful setting they have to themselves with minimal distractions is ideal. We need time to sort through all the emotions we’ve absorbed, (Whether intentionally or not because while we can choose to place boundaries and not take on every emotion someone puts in front of us that they’re experiencing, we typically choose to) further reflect on the ways that those emotions made us feel/what they mean, just zone out and enjoy solitude and the ability to introspect with our only company being our imagination and intuition. It’s especially necessary if we’ve taken on too much negative emotion because we want to be able to be kind, and to always be able to allow ourselves to be someone that people can come to when they need empathy, sympathy and understanding.

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  • Gender: Feminine
    Element: Water Sign
    Planetary ruler: Neptune

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  • Move aside Aquariuses and buckle up because mercury is in retrograde and it’s officially Pisces season 😈

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    Happy Pisces season! 💁‍♀️

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    turn your brightness up for a surprise 💡🕯🔅

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  • It’s Officially Pisces Season. Like or Reblog if you’re born a Pisces.

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  • Aries

    You’re acting in favor for the bigger picture of your moving toward what you know in your heart is your destiny. Be informed by the past rather than disenchanted by it.


    It may be time to truly take a trip down memory lane, returning to a place where something of great importance happened in your life. Be informed by your feelings when you return to this place.


    Keep things sexy rather than embroiled in old scandal. It’s time to work hard behind the scenes on something you haven’t had a chance to get to since 2020 began.


    You may feel the need to fight to clear the air in a close relationship. Be mindful of what you want to bring up from the past. Will it be constructive, or will it be destructive?


    Your daily life is ready for you to jump to action, all you have to do is not trip over old baggage that wants to hold you back. Know the importance of your own genius and your excellent timing.


    A fun time for you is burying yourself deep in your work, just make sure you’re not getting buried in some old defunct project for the sake of being busy. Use this powerful energy for a worthy task.


    Choose to vigorously clean your home rather than fighting at home (unless there’s something you really need to get off your chest). You may find old memories in the basement. Don’t hesitate to burn away whatever you’re ready to release.


    Don’t let anyone bring wounding events from the past. You’re already taking action to work through this hurt. They’re using it to try and one up you. Simply say no thank you. They’re frightened of your power and strength.


    When others want to get judegemental you have the wherewithall to seek clever solutions for problems. A good time to go over your finances, there may be money in a forgotten account.


    You can let old anger leave you living in the past, or you can reflect on the bad behavior of others to inform how you act now so you can live your life with ease. The spurt of energy you’ve been seeking is here!


    You’re in a very good place to slay old fears that once seemed insurmountable. This looks like coming up with good rituals of closure. Watch and read happy things before going to bed.


    If you’re feeling a little distant from your friends it’s a good time to take the initiative to reach out to them. Also, it’s a good time to take action around participating in charities and causes that help the greater good.

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  • Pisces: Stop it, guys!

    Leo: What?

    Pisces: *grabbing her face* Seriously, stop!

    Taurus: What are we doing? We’re just calling you cute.

    Pisces: Stooop!

    Leo: Fine, you’re ugly.

    Pisces: How could you say that!?

    Taurus: Well, do you want to be cute or ugly?

    Pisces: I just want to be… me…

    Leo: Don’t act like you don’t love the compliments!

    Pisces: *turning away shyly*

    Taurus: God, you’re so difficult *rolling his eyes*

    Pisces: *turns back suddenly* How could you call me that!?

    Leo: Because you tell us we can’t call you cute but then get mad when we call you ugly?

    Pisces: Who wouldn’t get mad when they’re called ugly!?

    Taurus: Okay, but then you get mad when we compliment you.

    Pisces: I wasn’t mad I was just… flustered!

    Leo: Take the compliment or don’t but don’t get mad when we respond when you tell us not to compliment you, come on, Pisces.

    Pisces: *pouting*

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  • Playlist for all my water sign babies 

    (happy Pisces season!!!)

    (afterthought: deeply disappointed that my Piscean brother Hozier doesn’t have a dedicated song about water- C’MON man)

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  • Let the emotions run through you like an ocean rushing towards the shore. 

    Drink water

    Listen to sea shanties

    Cry like a motherfucker to your favorite song


    #pisces#pisces season #my time has come
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  • PISCES, who represents the zodiac sign of the Fish, is a member of the Solar System Starlliance that rules the deep blue planet farthest away from the Sun, Neptune. She is a tall cyan starling at 2.19 metres/7.2 feet who can manipulate water as well as having a flair in the art of painting and drawing.

    —- —-

    Creative and imaginative, Pisces has a talent when it comes to the arts! Be it swimming or painting, you can find this alien with her head deep in the oceans. Often a peacemaker and quite a pacifist, Pisces is endlessly compassionate to everyone though she does have her limits and may seem rather naive sometimes… If anyone is up for relaxation and a friend to “go with the flow”, you know who to call! 

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  • *Pisces has entered the group chat*

    Sagittarius: What if instead Darth Vader said “Luke I am your Papi” and took off his mask and robes to reveal Luke’s new Spanish sugar daddy like damn I would rather watch abs than some emotional scene

    *Pisces has left the group chat*

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  • Zodiac Conversation- ScorpioXPisces , Gemini , sagittarius , Aries, leo and Capricorn.

    - WHO DID THIS ?

    - Gemini and Pisces coming back home from the park with Scorpio.

    Gemini- *trying to hold pisces hand*

    Pisces- * hopping like bunny think about the today’s chocolate desert and which scorpio promised her and Christmas in February *

    Scorpio- * Glaring at gemini and about to kick him/her on the butt.*

    - As they reach home, they saw cap, sag worried outside the door.

    Scorpio- what happened cap?

    Capricorn- somebody broke the front door!

    Pisces- yaayyy. Now santa doesn’t have to come from the small chimney.*happy*

    Everyone ignoring pisces except scorpio as he can’t help but look at his adorable little fairy baby.

    Capricorn - calls ARIES , LEO *in a loud voice*

    Aries and leo- what, what.. this time i am not the one who did it! *coincidently together*

    Aries and leo- *looking at each other* *confused*

    Capricorn - where were you guys 2 hours ago.

    Leo- well i was drying my nails.

    Aries- i am in the gym.

    Capricorn - doing what?

    Aries- it takes hard work to manage these babies here*showing his invisible bisceps*

    Sagittarius- Cap, what about the cameras. They might have some evidence.

    Capricorn - i check it has been erased.

    Aries- see told you I didn’t do it. I don’t have patience enough to sit through the whole erasel process or whatever.

    Capricorn - where is libra and virgo?

    Sagittarius - they went out for shopping with taurus.

    Capricorn- and Aquarius and cancer.

    Sagittarius- they went to watch a sob movie for the third time.

    Capricorn- Sagittarius, do you remember a postal service guy came 2 hours ago.

    Sagittarius- yes.

    Capricorn- Can you call him! He might have seen something.

    Sagittarius- *calling the postal office*

    P.O. - yes. This is astro postal service. How can i help you.

    Sagittarius- i am calling if you can provide me the number of the guy who came to collect deliver from our place as this is very important.

    P.o.- what is the address? I can try but I cannot provide you the number you have to communicate throught the office only.

    Sagittarius- that is okay. The adress is 12, zodiac street , milky way.

    P.o.-yes. We have a package here from this place addresed ship to a door company.

    Sagittarius- A door company *in a loud dragged voice*

    Sagittarius- Can i have the package back. There is a mistake in the provided details.

    P.O. - okay. But you have to come and collect it from the office.

    Sagittarius- that is fine.

    - Scorpio, Pisces , Gemini , sagittarius , Aries, leo and Capricorn. In there van reaches the Postal office.

    After getting the package. They were shocked as someone was sending the front door away to a door company.

    When they opened it- there was the front door and a letter.

    • Dear Stars Door Company,

    We love your doors but my friend santa have trouble coming from the chimney and his big bag of gifts and him cannot fit in it. As Capricorn never allows me to leave the front door open in night. I am sending this back, when there is no door it will never be locked and santa will visit us anytime without any trouble.

    Thank you , and don’t send any more front door here.


    PISCES ♓️ •

    Capricorn- PISCES * in slow motion*

    Pisces- hiding behind scorpio.

    Capricorn- you little silly bunny.

    Scorpio- *GLARES* only i can call her by any cute names out there in the world cap!

    Capricorn- how did you erase the camera. You are never interested in those things.

    Pisces- Ummmm. Scorp did it after i told him that i sent the door away. * looking down*

    Scorpio- *puts his hand on her chin and lifts up her face* baby don’t look down, what you did is very cute.

    Pisces- really scorp.

    Scorpio- yess baby.

    Pisces- * Hugging scorpio from the back*

    Sagittarius to Capricorn- lets just put the door back. Can’t say anything to pisces as long as scorpio is around. On a note it was cute.

    Capricorn- okay okay! Pisces, i will install bigger windows in your room which you can leave open ONLY IN CHRISTMAS so the santa can come and scorpio has to be with you.

    Pisces- really cap. Done done done*jumping in happines*

    Scorpio- happy now love.

    Pisces- yesss. Now everyone move, i have to send santa my letters. Lets go scorp.

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  • On Feb. 19th it is once again time for Pisces season bringing with it some depth and emotion some of us may have been missing. You may find yourself being more guided by empathy and intuition as logic based thinking takes a rest. After the powerful Aquarius season pushing us to be our best, and most authentic self Pisces season comes in much quieter while leaving the door open for creativity and inspiration. This Pisces season asks us to reacquaint with our emotions and simply take the time to feel them.

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    Me trying to meditate in #PiscesSeason while #MercuryRetrograde is only throwing up the ex so believed soul mates ah the struggle is real!

    #astrologymemes #astrology #dailyhoroscope #astrologersofinstagram #horoscopeposts #astrologyposts #Aries #Taurus #Gemini #Cancer #Leo #Virgo #Libra #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Capricorn #Aquarius #Pisces #ariesmoon #taurusmoon #geminimoon #cancermoon #leomoon #libramoon #scorpiomoon #sagittariusmoon #aquariusmoon #piscesmoon

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  • Hey fellow Pisces, tomorrow marks the start of Pisces season—and in Mercury Retrograde. What’s some advice for “surviving this retrograde” and how y’all feelin? Also when’s your birthday?

    Mine’s March 4th. 💙🐠♊️

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  • Pisces…What’s Your #Birth #Flower?


    👼 Known for their gentleness and patience, those born under the zodiac sign of Pisces excel at understanding themselves and others more than any other birth sign. A water sign with an open heart, generous spirit and compassion, it’s not surprising that Pisces tend to be popular with all kinds of people. Easygoing and affectionate, they lead with emotion rather than rationality and are more often ruled by instinct over intellect.

    🌷 Flowers that convey your great admiration and appreciation, while still keeping in mind that their personality can be uncomfortable with grand gestures of affection or a flower arrangement that feels too bold or showy. Alstroemeria, with their delicate blossoms and miniature lily-like appearance capture just the right mix of generous beauty and quiet splendor.

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