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  • Camboy Bill AU feat. the OT7.

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  • If it was not for the creation of the Porygon line, we would not be able to reconstruct as many fossil Pokémon species as we can today. They can read and sequence the genetic codes of creatures much faster than any human ever could.

    Porygon must be specifically created and trained for this task, however. My own Porygon2, Pixie, is one of these.

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  • tag dump

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  • HC: Mandalay, Pixie Bob, and Ragdoll with a crush on the same person


    (Tumblr mobile won’t let me queue answers to asks, so I’m temporarily changing my post format a little bit 😅)

    • Pixie Bob is the most active and obvious in how she flirts with you. Having a hand on your all the time, calling you stuff like “cutie” and “kitten”, wearing sexier clothing when she visits you, etc. She’s not one to hide her feelings at all, and she’ll even jokingly tease Mandalay when she notices that she isn’t the only one who likes you.
    • Ragdoll is a bit of a shy romantic, almost acting like Uraraka with how flustered she can get. She likes to give you cute little trinkets and gifts that make her think of you, and she’s always blushing when she’s around you. Of the three Pussycats, she’s the least experienced when it comes to dating, so once she discovers that she’s not the only one who has a crush on you she becomes a little insecure.
    • Mandalay would start to compete with Pixie Bob for your affection with a more subtle kind of flirting. While Pixie Bob is handsy and overtly flirts with you, Mandalay thinks that a more mature approach is better. She’ll drop hints that she’s flirting with you, and wait for you to put the pieces together before doing anything more overt. When she realizes that Ragdoll also has a crush on you though, she doesn’t know if she should keep pursuing you; she likes you, but unlike Pixie Bob, Ragdoll would be very hurt by any attempts to compete with her for your affection (Pixie Bob is naturally competitive, and she and Mandalay have had a friendly rival-type relationship for years). 
    • Eventually she meets with Pixie Bob and Ragdoll after work one day, and addresses the elephant in the room: they all have feelings for you. They decide that no matter who you choose to date, that they wouldn’t have any hard feelings and risk ruining their friendship together. 
    • Pixie Bob would have trouble suppressing her competitive streak, but deep down she knows that whatever feelings she had for you isn’t worth hurting her closest friends in the process. As a result, she starts heavily complimenting Mandalay and Ragdoll around you, trying to be the best wingman she can be. And even then, she’s very obvious in what she’s doing.

    “Man, you know who’s a cutie? Ragdoll. She’s also a really good cook, too; you’ve got to have dinner or lunch with her sometime, because her food is to die for.”

    “Hey, ____, isn’t Mandalay the best? She’s the most organized one in the Pussycats, and after Tiger, she’s definitely the most mature. And like, super hot. Do you think she’s pretty?


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  • Ok so Starman Universe and especially (and surprisingly) my OC Theo have been getting some love lately. I got inspired. Here are 10 random facts about the universe.

    1. Will and Mike go to Prom together. They have to keep it on the downlow obviously. But… Lucas is on Prom committee and he has the intel and know-how to have a special secluded spot reserved for them just outside the building, where they can still hear the music and dance together. Lucas is a good friend.

    2. Theo is hispanic. He’s not fluent in spanish though. He doesn’t speak it at home or anything. Mostly its like phrases and exclamations that he hears his parents and grandparents use. He likes using the terms of endearment on Will though (Will likes it too).

    3. Remember when Mike spent a whole evening on the radio talking to static, trying to apologise to Will? Will was listening the whole time. At first he tried to ignore it. Then he got sad. Then he got angry. He could have just turned off the radio ya know. Instead he takes it and gives it to El. He knew he wouldnt be able to resist listening if he kept it near him.

    4. Theo’s first love was his best friend. They had grown up together. Known each other their whole lives. Theo had thought he’d known everything about his best friend. He admitted to being in love with him when they were 13. His friend did not take it well. He responded by attacking Theo and beating him to a pulp. The friend never spoke to Theo again and the friend’s family moved away not long after that. It’s the start of a very unhealthy and self-destructive few years for Theo.

    5. Will and Mike go to college in San Francisco. Will for Fine Arts. Mike for IT. Its a struggle and they live the poor student life. But they are happy and so ecstatic to experience the buzzing LGBT community there.

    6. When they are in their early 20′s, Mike and Will run into Theo by chance. A holiday in New York. A literal run into each other on the street dealio (that street might be Broadway). Mike is suspicious for like 3 seconds, thinking this was somehow pre-planned. He gets over it quickly. They arrange to meet up later that night for drinks and catch-ups. Shenanigans might ensue. Maybe even sexy shenanigans.

    7. Theo is a Slytherin. I have it on good authority from @serendipitous-magic.

    8. The first time Will and Mike have sex (they surprisingly wait until quite awhile into their relationship), Mike tears up afterwards. He’s just so overwhelmingly in love.

    9. One of Theo and Will’s favourite hook up spaces at school is the Drama Department Costume Closet. Its spacious and able to be locked (Theo stole and copied the keys) and Theo makes many “in the closet” jokes. Will nearly hurts himself from falling over laughing one time Theo attempts to give him a blowjob whilst wearing a Court Jester hat. Jingly bells and all.

    10. Theo is a bachelor for many years after moving to New York. No serious relationships. It hasn’t really got anything to do with his relationship with Will. It’s mostly his own personal self-esteem and emotional intimacy issues. But Theo being Theo, he doesn’t ever examine himself long enough to recognise this. He just thinks he doesn’t want to tie himself down. And… there’s a parade of good looking gay men in New York who are happy to just be fuck buddies. And so it goes on. Theo eventually settles down (and gets some therapy) in his mid-to-late 30s though. :)

    Hope you enjoyed that. Just a lil something I threw together this morning. And sorry to anyone who hasn’t read the story and has no idea what I’m talking about. Ha ha. :)


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