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  • mylesimeblr replied to your photoset “kane52630: Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) dir. George Miller”

    I loved Furiosa because she was a badass. But I didn’t like the other females. Pregnant or models. Unimportant and useless.


    ​ I disagree entirely. Yes, they were useless in the beginning (probably a result of a sheltered existence and a horrible combination of pampering and abuse), but they adapted and all found a purpose and were very useful in the end. 

    Splendid literally used her rape-induced-pregnancy against Immortan Joe by using her body as a shield.

    Toast very quickly became adept with all of the weapons and became a guard and protector of the band of girls.

    Capable showed great forgiveness and empathy and tenderness in her befriending of Nux inciting him to turn on his people and help the stowaways.

    Dag showed the most interest in creating connections with the Vulvalini and in the end was the only one able to carry on their legacy as she protected the seeds.

    Cheedo was cunning and used her assumed “helplessness” against her enemies by tricking them into bringing her aboard their vehicle so she could help Furiosa attack Immortan Joe.

    So yes, maybe they weren’t as badass in combat as Furiosa. But they were smart and capable and kind and lots of other qualities that makes a woman “badass”.

    Certainly not useless.

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  • noahschnapp replied to your post “noahschnapp replied to your photo “Herro? Is anybody around? I…”

    AHAHA best gif choices! Wow.. I just kept thinking ‘Oh my God… Theo really feels like Theo.’ I fangirl a lot when it comes to him and that’s insane to think about. aka you created the best boy ever - the superior oc. I looove him. I have a very clear image of him in my head and that’s what I love the most when it comes to writing/reading, you know? You gave him life and people like me found comfort in him. Dat’s art! I’m just very very happy and grateful for that!!

    I’ll always be out here hoping you will write byeler again sometime, the way you write them is really special! I totally get your point when it comes to Mike, but even if it took you time to get the hang of it I’m sure you’ll fuckin’ rock. You’re still one of the writers that did his character justice, and your talent didn’t go anywhere. Very thankful I got to read your stuff <3

    @noahschnapp sorry it took me awhile to respond to this hun. I fell asleep and then was short of time to come back and give this the response it deserves.

    I mean, what can I say. It’s the dream to create a character that someone really vibes with. I mean I’m kinda sitting here in disbelief. Because sure, I have a very clear idea of Theo in my head. But I tend to always assume thats just an author thing, and that probably about half of it is lost in translation to the reader.

    So thank you hun. You’ve pretty much made my week. 

    And never say never with the Byeler thing. I’ve sworn off writing for the moment, but thats due to events in my personal life. But thats not always going to be the case, and maybe when I return to writing, that Byeler inspiration will be sitting there waiting for me. I hope so, cause I do enjoy writing them and continue to enjoy them as a pairing (despite what the show tries to do to them).

    In conclusion, I lub you.

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  • the tag for my asoue ocs will be
    oc group: tragedy
    so blacklist it, if you don’t want to see it!!

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  • guess what fucker is going to make a gotg oc rp blog
    this fucker
    yeah that fucker
    the fucker that is me
    i’ll link it when i’ve spruced it up

    #pixie rambles #shut up pixie #it's gonna be kiera bc i love her #gotg#gotg oc
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  • all the characters in gregory horror show are secret cinnamon rolls that could easily kill you if they wanted. ( even grego himself, though that’s more volume three- )

    except gregory mama. she’s,, she’s just a bitch tbh

    #ghs #gregory horror show #gregory house#shitpost#pixie rambles #why are you booing me??? i'm right !!
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  • Today’s anxiety is very nasty. I cannot help but feel concerned that when people see me out with my partner they feel… bad for him. Confused for him. He is a handsome chap and I am a walking potato. 

    I for the most part, have come to accept my status as aesthetically sub-par. My skin has always been terrible, my hair unruly and my weight (since developing ME) very hard to control, but I have had to make peace with that long ago. I am quite an introvert so people will hear of me through B before actually seeing me and I have this fear that when they do they will feel bad for him. 

    His previous partners before me included a pretty, punky nymph and an unreasonably handsome artist and wow people must think he took a step down.  I know this is absurd on so many levels, but at the same time the idea that people pity him fills me with incredible shame.

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  • I’m sorry if there were any problems and you couldn’t get any pokemon from thsi leftover’s giveaway…. BUT!! There’s a giveaway this Friday, so hopefully you can make it!!

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  • ….ohhhhhhh wait thats right, we all instantly become lesbians the second we cut our beautiful long hair off even if we’ve are in fact bisexual or straight
    But seriously
    Lesbians rock the pixie
    Bisexuals rock the pixie
    Straight girls rock the pixie
    Asexuals rock the pixie
    Trans girls AND guys rock the pixie

    Dont judge a girl by her hair.
    (Ive been told so many times I have “lost my crowning jewel” when I just out of the blue got a pixie from almost butt-length hair. I was immediately labelled a lesbian even around my boyfriend and especially whenever my best (girl) friends and I link arms or hold hands….. guys, just please stop. I think im just as beautiful, moreso now actually–and I havent changed for the worse :))

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  • I am having serious doubts about my job right now. Normally I do 4 hours per daily shift, and that consists of bending over backwards for arsehole customers, hefting heavy boxes of stock of eight foot high shelves, cleaning and rearranging countless handbags, resisting the urge to punch customers that strut in with McDonald’s, and then wandering about the small shop aimlessly facing up.

    I’ve just been put on a 13 hour contract but I’m still thinking about throwing in the towel and applying somewhere more fun and less full of stuck up middle aged women with nothing better to do than spend their husband’s money and bully retail workers.

    No clue what to do right now DX

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  • The issue with Tumblr’s certain taste of “social justice” is the stark contrast between “us” and “them”. It fails to take into account the entire spectrum of privilege, reducing it to fights between one thing and the other, and also fails to look outside of the borders of North America, ignoring the difference between European racism and attitudes to privilege and the American ones, and also how different those attitudes are in each country. The continent of Europe is not the same east to west or north to south. It is the same everywhere.

    It also fails to take into account the history of nations, and their attitudes towards people. In the end, hatred of someone who is different is bad. Saying there is no such thing as reverse racism is foolish, because it depends entirely on where you are in the world. It can depend on more than skin colour, as well. People can even be racist towards people in their own country, people who have the same nationality as them. It also denies the existence of colonial attitudes inside Europe itself (a recent example would be the post concerning poverty of minors in Finland, with the treatment of Finland as a colonial power rather than the colony itself, which it was). Not everywhere is America.

    It also ignores the “flavour” of racism. American racism is a far deeper, more dangerous, institutionalised thing, whereas European racism is still much closer to the fear of the unknown and the new.

    Not to mention, also, denying how privilege or lack of can overlap. I am white and I am cis, but I am also a queer female, and I am poor. 

    Speaking of poverty, it likes to believe that poverty is something exclusive to People of Colour, when it most definitely is not, at least, not on a global scale. Poverty and social class are still huge dividers in the world, and much of privilege is based upon them.

    Privilege is not a monochrome thing. Discrimination is not a monochrome thing. We all have privilege, and we all have disadvantages. Yes, some more than others, but it is not a clear-cut war between us and them. If anything, it’s just a huge fucking mess that no one is sure about.

    Attacking people online for ignorance that is easily remedied by teaching, if they are receptive to change, is not the solution.

    #pixie rambles#social justice #i get tired of the same old ignorant shit from both sides
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  • I watched Frozen again. And I for got how good it was XD. And I love Olaf soooo much.

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    *tries to claw way back into adolescence*

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  • Me: I should get rp shit done that I owe

    Also Me: *literally just sat and made rp icons for muses*

    #//look... I got icons for my pixie-bob and ragdoll muses made... #//redid and added icons for pony #//and now i'm working on icons for katsuki #//tonight was productive for me even if I didn't get anything else done rp wise #{ brizzy rambles (ooc post) }
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  • #BenDrownedKilledGenderRoles

    #I'll give you no context here #melly rambles#shitpost #this was funnier in my head #I love my badass and sassy but still feminine pixie son #creepypasta#gamepasta#gaming creepypasta#ben drowned
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  • After 3 months without a haircut and accidentally dyeing it too dark I have nearly perfect Cara Dune hair.  If I wasn’t so heckn lazy I would get BUFF and cosplay her

    #it was a pixie cut with an asymetrical fringe but now the fringe is past my chin lol #critter rambles
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  • Totally random thought I had.

    So we’ve seen Pixis make some kinda flirty remarks to some of the women of AOT. (and talk about hot female titans for some reason XD ) And I wondered how his wife would think about that.

    And then I thought…. what if his wife is the exact same way? XD Always making little flirty remarks to the handsome soldiers who work under her husband. XD

    And like they know this behavior of each other but it doesn’t matter because they both know they love each other no matter what. :3

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  • Do know what’s weird. I had dream about my cat as well. I don’t how long ago it was after my cat died. But I was on floor playing or whatever. I heard a noise behind me. I got up really fast and bam my cat was on my bed on a pillow. And  looked straight me. But I think why it happen is because he was saying goodbye to me, I think. But I woke up as soon as I saw him. Which sucked. But hey it was cool XD.

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  • Do you know what amazing that Indiana Jones 27 languages. Like dang I can probable can only speck two. And also Indy is just that awesome.

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