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  • Very detailed embroidery for sultan takeaway Southport #embroidery #detailedembroidery #pizza #takeaway #takeawayworkwear #pizzawear #branded @embroideryworksuk #midwestmachinery #happyembroiderymachine (at embroideryworks.uk)

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    8th attempt. 

    I’ve come to accept that I’m never gonna get the super round shape that I want on the NY style pizzas and I’m fine with it. There’s no shame in having a weird shape and tasting great. I may resemble that remark. 

    Pizza # 1: Pepperoni, jalapeno and red pepper flakes. 

    Pizza # 2: Salami, mushroom and Italian sausage. 

    Deep Dish: Red onion, salami, pepperoni, mushroom, marinated roasted red peppers, mozzarella and ricotta cheese.  

    I really like how my deep dishes have turned out so far. And they’re round too, so they’ve got that going for them. 

    #jfc #get in my belly #pizza is life #pizza is love #pizza is magic #pizza#pizza porn#food porn#homemade pizza #deep dish pizza #ny style pizza
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  • Proofing that yeast ♥️♥️ for pizza dough for lunch 🍕🍕 I never used to do this but now I love watching the bubbles.

    #lunch #yeast #proofing #pizzadough #pizzadoughfromscratch #pizza #bubbles #proofingyeast

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  • Mini Fanfic #499: Lazy Date Night (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)

    8:23 p.m. at the Smash Mansion’s Living Room

    Kazooie: Banjo.

    Banjo: What’s wrong, Kazooie?

    Kazooie: I’m booooooooored……

    Banjo: Yeah….. I’m starting to get bored too….Wanna go out and eat somewhere tonight?

    Kazooie: Nah. Too expensive.

    Banjo: Fair point…….Wanna order some pizza?

    Kazooie: (Immediately Starts to Smile Relaxingly) Now you’re speaking my language. What kind of pizza you’re getting?

    Banjo: Cheese.

    Kazooie: (Eyes Widened in Shocked While Having the Feeling of Hearing a Nearby Record being Scratched)……..What?

    Banjo: I…said I wanted to ordered a cheese pizza?

    Kazooie: (Have her Two Wings together and Begins to Take a Deep Breath Before Speaking) Banjo…..honey…..Out of all the kinds of pizza you could pick, you chose regular, plain cheese.

    Banjo: (Sighs While Rolling his Eyes) Come on now, Kazooie. Cheese pizza can be good too, you know?

    Kazooie: And I ain’t denying that fact either. All I’m saying there are many toppings and specials that are better and more unique than just having cheese.

    Banjo: W-

    Kazooie: And pepperoni isn’t one of them.

    Banjo: Why you think that?

    Kazooie: Simple. It’s cause it’s the most basic topping of all time.

    Banjo: (‘Sigh’) Okay. So what do suggest we should try.

    Kazooie: (Begins to Smirk Once She Came Up with an Option)

    Few Minutes Later….

    Banjo: (Happily Enjoy the Pizza Him and Kazooie Ordered Together) Wow, Kazooie. This Meat-Lovers Pizza id the best pizza I’ve ever tasted!

    Kazooie: (Casually Enjoys her Pizza) I told ya you’ll love it in a heartbeat. Having pepperoni is good and all, but adding sausage and ham to the mix is practically a match made in heaven.

    Banjo: Whoever came up with the idea should get a noble prize.

    Kazooie: Definitely. So…..you got any other plans we could do tonight.

    Banjo: We can stay here and watch a movie. (Chuckles Lightly While Rubbing the Back of His Head Back and Forth) It would been pretty expensive if we go to an actual theater.

    Kazooie: (Gives Banjo a Playfully Smirk) Well, look at you, thinking more logically and junk.

    Banjo: (Shrugged Playfully) What can I say? I did learned from the best after all. (Winks at Kazooie)

    Kazooie: Damn right you did. So I’m guessing we’re having ourselves a movie date night then?

    Banjo: Yep. (Use the Remote to find a Movie Channel) I say we watch some more causal. Like a romantic comedy.

    Kazooie: (Nodded in Agreement) I’m down. But first things first……(Immediately Begins to Hug Banjo on the Sofa)

    Banjo: (Chuckles Lightly by Kazooie’s Sudden Hug) Woah there, missy~ What’s with all the hugging?

    Kazooie: Isn’t it obviously? (Snuggling onto Banjo) I wanna cuddle with my honey bear tonight~

    Banjo: (Chuckles Lightly) You know, I never really take you as an actual cuddler up until now, Kazooie.

    Kazooie: (Immediately Starts to Blush) W-Well it’s not my fault that your body is shape like an actual teddy bear. With your…soft….nice fur and junk…..

    Banjo: D'awwww~ (Finally Hugs Kazooie) You’re even more adorable than I thought you would be, Kazooie!~

    Kazooie: Hey, hey, hey! I ain’t cute, buddy boy! You want to label someone as “cute”, look no further than Morgana and Diddy!

    Banjo: (Chuckles Lightly) Okay. Okay. I won’t call you “cute” anymore. You have my word.

    Kazooie: ('Hmph’) You better…….

    'A bit of Silence While the Movie Plays….’

    Banjo: Hey, Kazooie?

    Kazooie: Yeah, babe?

    Banjo: Are you really liking this date night so far? I know it isn’t really fancy or anything….

    Kazooie: Are you kidding? This is date night is already amazing. We get to watch a movie while eating pizza in the comfort of our own mansion with less pay than actual restaurants and theaters around here. Plus, I’m…..not really a fan of wearing dresses. So…..

    Banjo: (Blushes a Little at the Thought) I think you would look good in a dress….

    Kazooie: (Blushes Once More Once She Heard What Banjo Said) Y-You really think so?

    Banjo: Yeah…. (Blush Immediately Turns Bright Red) B-B-But t-t-that’s all just my silly opinion! Really, I-I think you’re already great and beautiful just the way you are!

    Kazooie: (Chuckles Lightly) Thanks, babe~ And if you ask me, I think you would look pretty good in a tuxedo.

    Banjo: Really?

    Kazooie: Yeah. (Ruffles the top of Banjo’s Hair) I mean, you’re already a mix between being handsome and a cutie. So why not?~

    Banjo: ('Sighs Bashfully’) Since when were you this good with words?…..

    Kazooie: (Shrugged) I have my ways~ But in all seriousness though……(Smiles Softly at her Honey Bear) I really do love you, Banjo~

    Banjo: (Smiles Softly as Well) I love you too, Kazooie~

    As their eyes began to make contact, the two couple was about to give each other a kiss on the lips in a nice, slow fashion, when suddenly…..

    'Phone Vibrating’

    Banjo: (Noticed the Sound) Oh! (Got Out his Phone from his Pocket) Sorry about that. It was my phone running off.

    Kazooie: Who would be texting you in this time of our date night?

    Banjo: (Check his Recent Messages) It was Sonic. Apparently him and Knuckles wanted to know if we ever seen a shark in one of adventures before.

    Kazooie: (Starts to Remember Something) Oh yeah. I remember now. It was that shark from Treasure Trove Cove name Snacker…..I wonder why they wanted to ask us something like that in the first place……

    Banjo: Well, it says here that they’re having a discussion on who would in fight between a bear and a shark.

    Kazooie: (Raised an Eyebrow) Wait. Doesn’t the whole fight already seems one side in concept.

    Banjo: (Smiles Softly) Yeah. But it would be pretty interesting to watch.

    Kazooie: Yeah….It would be that interesting, wouldn’t it?







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  • #sacrilegious#tmnt #teenage mutant ninja turtles #pizza#apocalypse
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  • Pizza Panini

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  • Butternut Squash Pizza with Crispy Sage

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  • Reblog if you want pizza.

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  • Homemade pizza







    3 cups flour

    1.5 tbs butter

    1 tbs sugar

    1 tsp salt

    1 tsp yeast


    Tomato Pasta Sauce

    Mozzarella cheese



    Fresh basil leaves

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  • Found On Weheartit

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  • heirloom tomato pizza

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    So lucky to live in a place with amazing vegan options 🙌🏻

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