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  • harrell68
    13.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    QUANTUM HARRELL TECH [QHT] SPIRIT MILITARY.gov [NWO]… Scientifically Engineer the Atomic [SEA] Structure of Subatomic Energy Emitting [SEE] Interstellar DUST [I.D.] from Our Biblically Ancient [BABYLONIAN] Constellation [B.C.] HEAVENS of Afterlife [HA = HARRELL] Human SPIRIT GOD:KING [LORD] MARDUK… who Cosmically Created SIRIUS UNSEEN NANO [SUN] BIOTECHNOLOGICAL Altitudes of BETELGEUSE [BAB = BABYLON] STARS who Energetically TELEPORT [SET] 2 Our PROMINENT Constellation [PC] of Interplanetary ORION [PIO = PIONEERING] STARS... who Mathematically ACCELERATE POLAR [MAP] VELOCITIES 4 Us Primordially ANCIENT [PA = SUPERNATURAL] CHTHONIC Energy Human [EXTRATERRESTRIAL] GODS of Highly Complex [ADVANCED] Ancient SERPENTINE GOD POWERS & Spiritual Intelligence of QUETZALCÓATL [IQ]… since Immortal DEATH [I.D.] GOD MICTLĀNTĒCUTLI & GODDESS MICTĒCACIHUĀTL… Ritualistically + Ancestrally PERFORM [RAP] FUNERARY Rites from SANTA MUERTE’S Spiritual Underworld of Ancient Ægyptian ANUBIS… who SOULFULLY BLESS My Highly Complex [ADVANCED] Ancient Anthropomorphic Gene Expression [AGE] of Immortal DEATH [I.D.] GOD OSIRIS… who Spiritually Envision Ancient [SEA] MESOAMERICAN AZTEC [MA] SUN GOD [RA] PRIESTS [RAP] from the ZAPOTECS… who Skillfully Navigate the Oceanic KEMETIC [NOK] TOLTEC EMPIRE of Indigenous SUN_KING [SUNKEN] DOME Continent [D.C.] Civilizations of Antediluvian [CA] ATLANTIS & LEMURIA [CAL = CALAFIA]… who Seismically Engineer Inner Earth’s [HADES] OCCULTED [HIDDEN] SUBTERRANEAN Earth Atlas [SEA] Grid of Ancient MESOPOTAMIA’S [GAM = GAMMA DRACONIS] STAR WORLDS of SUBLIME Equatorial Energy [SEE] Climates ACTUATING [CA] Our New [NU]… PRISTINE SUBTERRANEAN Earth Archipelagos [SEA] DEEP IN:side Astronomical PLANET X [NIBIRU] https://www.instagram.com/p/CQE-l84hIL7/?utm_medium=tumblr

    #quantumharrelltech #QHT = EXTRA TELEPATHIC [E.T.] ANCIENTS OF BABYLON #QHT = PLANET X [NIBIRU] #QHT = Dr. Paschal Beverly Randolph
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    13.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    ppl on the internet need to be stopped

    #this is on redbubble i- #crankgameplays#ethan nestor #on what planet is this ok wsjdkfkf
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  • kuromikoneko
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rewatching Supergirl

    1x11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet

    Cat blaming Kara for not preparing her for the dinner with Adam when Kara clearly tried to give her a few pointers, admitting she needed help, oh my gosh that scene was just incredible. And Cat seeing Kara’s determination to make things right because...it was in fact Kara’s finished letter that brought Adam to National City, just reminding her of who she’s dealing with and how amazing and encouraging and inspiring Supergirl is.

    And then that tiny little choked “Kara” at the end when she’s left and Cat doesn’t have the strength to say it’s not her job to fix her personal relationships or thank her, or who knows what else she could have wanted to say.

    #supergirl #1x11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet #supercat#cat grant#kara danvers
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  • rastronomicals
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    5:58 PM EDT June 13, 2021:

    Rick Wakeman - "Ascraeus Mons" From the album The Red Planet (June 19, 2020)

    Last song scrobbled from iTunes at Last.fm

    Thanks go out to The English Rock Ensemble, obviously.


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  • stoked-salmon
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    when i tell you im OBSESSED

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  • mwrk
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Whenever I google someone I'm used to only typing like someone's first name so I go search for mark and then am surprised when I have to see pictures of zuckerberg

    #in my brain and heart there's literally only one mark on planet earth
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  • kuromikoneko
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rewatching Supergirl

    1x11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet

    I know part of Cat’s issue with dinner with Adam is that she’s used to talking with high profile people and low-key bragging and things like that but I saw something recently about people interrupting a story to share a similar one of their own being a neurodivergent thing in order to connect with the person your speaking with (something I also do) and this scene where Cat relates what Adam says to a story of her own hits in a different light. Now granted, Adam is understandably pissed cause she is talking a lot about herself when she was the one who asked him for a second chance (until he learns who authored the letter), and he’s probably a fairly neurotypical individual so he doesn’t get it but I don’t blame Cat for the way the conversation keeps going. Adam needs to pipe in more and tell longer stories instead of letting her lead the conversation.

    Side note: in my fiction, I ignore Adam’s existence as a whole when it comes to Cat Grant lore.

    #supergirl #1x11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet #cat grant#character study
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  • arachnaesghost
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "You're gonna rattle the stars"

    I don't think it's possible to get a good picture of this tattoo, it curves too far on my thigh.

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  • kuromikoneko
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rewatching Supergirl

    1x11 Strange Visitor From Another Planet

    DID WE ALL FORGET OR GLANCE OVER THE FACT THAT KARA TOLD SENATOR CRANE “I saved your ass” CAUSE I CERTAINLY FORGOT SHE SWORE IN THAT MOMENT! And not only that but for a 8pm show the LEAD character, Sunny Danvers, got to swear??? WOAH, WTF!

    #i'm getting more and more sad as i continue to watch cause i miss season 1 of supergirl #cat grant #danvers sisters dynamic #grumpy space dad and his two adopted daughters #ugh #i want calista back #supergirl#1x11 #strange visitor from another planet
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  • jentlemahae
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i just ignore his existence on this planet <3 #anonymous#sophie ask
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  • emerald-echeveria-plant
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Part 2 of the Au I made from earlier. I don't know what to call it:33

    ((Part 2 of ??))

    Getting back the map

    [Warning: Cursing, blood mention, cringey writing, and fighting]

    //Baozhai slowly opens her eyes. She felt a little drowsy. Her head was spinning from the pain inflicted on her not too long ago. Baozhai was lying down in a hammock. She realized she was on the ship. In front of her was Octavia and Leonid.//

    Octavia: Oh thank goodness, she's alive! I thought we lost you for a moment there..

    Baozhai, groaning: uh.. what- whaat happened..? *Rubs the temples of her forehead*

    Octavia: Don't you remember? Captain Haggis did a real number on your face a few hours ago.

    Baozhai drowsy: I guess I remember that..

    Octavia: Your nose was completely broken and you were struggling to breathe when we got you on board. Thankfully, I managed to fix it!

    //Leonid interrupts by clearing his throat. He looked at the small cephalopid with a raised eyebrow.//

    Octavia: Oh! How could I forget.. *nervously laughs* hehe, Leonid helped too by putting your nose back in place after I kinda messed up.. but uh at least you can breathe!

    Baozhai: Octi. What's wrong with my nose?

    Octavia, nervously: Well it's sorta.. um.. not bad I mean you look good! But uh-

    Leonid, cutting her off: Yer nose is a little crooked.

    Baozhai: WHAT?!

    Octavia: It's honestly not that bad!

    //Baozhai stands up from the hammock and walk towards a chest. She opens it then begins rummaging inside it. Baozhai manages to find a mirror. Her reflection showed her nose being crooked a bit to the left and the bottom of her nose being slanted upwards.//

    Octavia, nervous: See I told you it wasn't that ba-

    Baozhai, cutting her off: I'm going to strangle you to death if you don't SHUT UP!


    Octavia: Honestly, you'd have a tough time considering I'm poisonous-

    //Baozhai lunges at Octavia. Her hands already wrapping around she neck. Them, Archie came running downstairs to where the three other crewmates were.//

    Archie: Captain says he needs everyone on deck now!

    //Baozhai looked at Octavia. She pulls her hands away and wiped whatever poison off on her jacket.//

    Baozhai: Guess you get to live another day. Ya' better make it count.

    //Octavia nodded in response. Baozhai, Leonid, and Octavia walked upstairs on deck. The three of them noticed they were moving pretty fast. Captain Bonnet was steering the wheel of the ship. He had an furious expression on his face. Obviously it seemed that he was still upset about what happened a few hours ago. Meanwhile, Ironbeard was sharping his swords. Baozhai walked towards him.//

    Baozhai: Hey Ironbeard, where are we going?

    Ironbeard, looks at her: Captain Bonnet wants to get back his map that Haggis stole. He's pretty fired up so I wouldn't go bothering him if I were you.

    Baozhai: So, he's finally getting revenge after all this time.. YES! FINALLY! I can't wait to bash some skulls in!

    Ironbeard: Don't get your hopes up, we're only getting the map. Not slaughtering the entire crew.

    Baozhai: Well, if I can't bash some skulls in... I'll just beat them so hard they'll go paralyzed >:)

    Ironbeard: Alright, but while you do that make sure to get the map if you see it. That's the most important thing is getting the ma-

    //Suddenly, the boat jolted. Both, Ironbeard and Baozhai fell of their feet. The two looked over to see another pirate ship next to the one they were one. On the other ship, stood Haggis and his first mate, Sao.//

    Captain Haggis, teasingly: Bonnet, I didn't realize you held a grudge! I thought you were a "gentleman".


    Captain Haggis, smugly: How about I instead I keep the map and the rest of ye go find yourselves a merchant ship to steal from.

    //A blast came out from one of the gunners of Bonnet's ship. It hit Haggis's ship, creating a hole in the lower decks. Haggis's eyes twitched with anger. How dare they put a mark on his ship! He unsheathed his sword and put it in the air.//

    Captain Haggis: CHARGE!

    //Both crews immediately lunged at each other. Jumping or swinging by a rope onto the other's ship. Baozhai aboarded Haggis ship. Sao was waiting for her and drew her sword.//

    Sao: Well, if it isn't Baozhai.. you ready to take back what you said about me..?

    Baozhai: Oh you mean when I called you Captain Haggis's little bitch? Oh course I take back what I said! I am so sorry... You're actually a one-eyed cunt.

    Sao: Well at least my nose isn't fucked up!

    Baozhai: >:000

    //Sao immediately lunges herself towards Baozhai. The two women being to duke it out on the floor of the ship... Meanwhile, Bonnet was making his way towards Haggis.//

    Captain Bonnet: You better give me back my map Haggis.. That treasure is mine for the taking!

    Captain Haggis: Oh is it now? From what I recall whoever holds the map is entitled to the treasure and you don't have it!

    Captain Bonnet: Oh I'm going to get back that map even if I have to lose a limb doing so!

    Captain Haggis: Well, I'll assure you, you can have this map... OVER MY DEAD BODY!

    //The two Captains clashed their swords together. Their faces mere inches from the other. They both had furious looks on their faces, with their eyes glaring at each other. With good reason too. One was angry that his map was taken and the other being pissed off that there was a hole in his ship. This was going to end very badly...//

    Captain Haggis: I'm going to enjoy beating you to pulp for what you did to my ship..!

    Captain Bonnet: Not if I beat you first!

    //Bonnet headbutted Haggis in the face. Haggis fell backwards onto the ground below him. Bonnet got on top of him. He began searching the inner pockets of the other captain. Finally, he pulled out the map that was folded up tightly in one of his pockets. Haggis, seeing this, sliced Bonnet's hand with his sword. Bonnet yelped in pain, making him let go of the map. The map fell downwards where the rest of the crewmates were fighting. Fleance notices the map.//

    Fleance, grabs it the moment he see it: Ah yes the map! I've got! I've got it! *Holds it up in the air*

    //All the crewmates looked towards the pink robot. Almost immediately, Fleance realized his mistake. He shouldn't have brought attention to having the map...//

    Fleance, nervously: um.. I'm screwed aren't I..?

    //All the crewmates rushed towards Fleance. The jumped on top of the tiny robot in an attempt to snatch the map away from him. All it managed to do was make the map end up somewhere else... Throughout the chaos, the map somehow landed near the cabin boy, Billy Bones. The salamander (even though he looks like a snapping turtle) tried to reach for the map. A gunshot that almost shot off his hand, prevented him from doing so.//

    Islay: Yer not getting that there map now you son of- wait... Billy?!

    Billy: Islay..?

    Islay: Billy, I haven't seen you in years! Where the hell have you been???

    Billy: Where have I been? What about you??! Ye disappeared and I never saw you again!

    Islay: I was kicked off the old ship we were on for being "too aggressive" remember..?

    Billy: oh yeah.. I told you if you kept up that attitude, it was gonna catch up to ye in a bad way.

    Islay: WELL ITS NOT MY FAULT OTHERS TRY TO INVADE MY PRIVACY! Askin me all these questions on how I'm feeling after my father died.. pfft.. FEELINGS ARE FOR PUSSIES!

    Archie, running by: YOINK! *Snatches the map and runs away*

    Billy, angrily: oh and now you made me lose the map.. thanks a lot!

    Islay: Dumbass, you still had a lot of time to grab the map but you chose to talk to me. How is that my fault again???!

    //Leaving the two arguing, Archie tries running towards Bonnet's ship. Unfortunately, someone grabbed him by one of his legs. Archie fell to ground with the map in his hand.//

    Erik, teasingly: Aww, is the little weasel trying to get back to his mommy's house?

    Archie: Yeah, back to your mom's house so I can fuck her!

    Erik, holds a blade up to Archie's neck and chuckles: Yer gonna regret saying that you little shit..

    //Archie sweats nervously as the blade gets closer and closer to his neck.//

    Erik: Hand over that there map and I'll think about not shaving off all yer fur.

    Archie: Alright, fine..! Here take it..

    //Archie hands over the map to Erik. Erik take the map from Archie.//

    Erik: Good choice lad-

    //Suddenly, the map was snatched away from Erik's hand.//

    Erik: what the?!

    //It was none other than Octavia, swinging in a rope with the map in hand. Octavia smiled and wave at the crowd as she swung by. Her crew cheered her on, seeing this as the end of the fight over the map. Ironbeard, who had Sao pinned to a wall, noticed something that Octavia hadn't.//

    Ironbeard: OCTAVIA LOOK OUT!

    Octavia: what-

    //Octavia landed face first into the mast of the ship. A bunch of "ows" and "ohs" followed. The blue-ringed octopus, slowly slid down the mast before falling backwards. Octavia laid passed out on the floor. The map slowly landing next to her. Not wanting Haggis's crew to get to it first, Baozhai ran towards the map. Her hand grabbing the map... Yet, just as she grabbed the map, another hand intertwined with hers at that exact moment.//

    Baozhai: Get your grubby paws off of our-

    //Baozhai cuts herself off seeing the person before her. It felt as though the whole world around her slowed down. Before her, kneeled a man with long brown hair. He had six yellow eyes that were piercing into her soul. The stranger looked of an unknown alien species that she had never seen before. Baozhai's pupils dialted and a red tint covered her cheeks. Her heart raced a bit when seeing the mysterious yet handsome stranger before her.//

    Baozhai: Wow.. you look.. incredible.. 🥺❤️

    //Not listening to what she said, the stranger proceeded to punch her in the face. Baozhai got knocked back from the punch. She landed a few feet away from the map. With her nose, once again, bleeding. The stranger picked up the map and stood up.

    Octavia slowly awaking from being knocked out. She sees the map being taken by one of the Haggis's crew... For what seemed like the 100th time. She quickly stood up.//

    Octavia: oh no you don't!

    //Octavia grabbed the other end of the map that the stranger was holding. He tried to pull the map away from the cephalopid but her grip was on it tight. The two began a sort of tug a war with each other over the map. Octavia pulling on one end and the stranger on the other.

    As expected, the map broke into two. A loud gasp erupted from both sides. Octavia looked at one of the pieces she had in her hand then back at the stranger. They looked equally as shocked but that shocked was quickly overtaken by anger. Before she could day anything, their captain came out.//

    Captain Bonnet: RETREAT! NOW!

    //Bonnet's crew looked at him. Some in confusion but soon realized why. Bonnet looked pretty beat up and he was holding his arm. It was clear that he was bleeding. His crew listened and ran back to their ship. Ironbeard helped Bonnet back to the ship while fighting off any of Haggis's crew off. Leonid picked up any of the passed out crewmates and carried them back to the ship. They all managed to get back on board and quickly sailed off.//

    Captain Bonnet, groans in pain: is... Is everyone on board..? Dr. Oshima, I'm gonna need... some of your assistance..

    Leonid: Yes, Captain, everyone's on board.. *takes a careful look at the captain* Christ, what happened to you??

    Captain Bonnet, stretches: let's just say... Haggis didn't like the fact that I didn't put a hole in his ship... And for taking back my map! Now, where is it?

    Octavia, shows Bonnet the torn piece of the map: Um, here it is captain..

    //Bonnet takes the torn piece of map from Octavia. He inspects it a bit.//

    Captain Bonnet: hm, it seems that you managed to get the piece to leads us to the end us the trail Octavia...

    Octavia: Is that good or bad..?

    Captain Bonnet: Well, I can manage to get us a route to the treasure by using the location of the stars on the map. They look pretty distinct in comparison to any other stars I've seen... I'll try to.. cross reference this... With..my globe..

    //Bonnet fell to his knees and groaned in agony. There was an open, bleeding wound near his ribs. Octavia taking notice of this, quickly helped Bonnet up.//

    Octavia: come here captain, let's go get you fixed up..

    Captain Bonnet: Thank ya lass.. your so kind.

    //Octavia helped Bonnet to his cabin. Meanwhile, Baozhai who woke up a few minutes ago had her crossed arms propped up against the ledge of the deck. Archie saw her and immediately walked over.//

    Archie: Baozhai?? What the hell happened back there!?

    Islay: He's right, what did happen?? Ye had the map in yer grasp and ye didn't even take it back to the ship! Ye just froze up like a bloody status!

    Baozhai: ...

    Baozhai, whispers: you should've seen him.

    Islay & Archie, confused: What?

    Baozhai: I said, you should've seen him.. how his hand met with mine. How he looked at me and how I looked at him.. It was wonderful..! I wish I could do it all over again!

    Archie: ...

    Archie: You wanna get punched in the face again?

    //Islay smacks the lad on the back of the head.//

    Archie, rubbing the back of his head: OW! Jeez Louise I was just joking...

    Islay: Baozhai yer clearly in love... Which is a horrible thing and I suggest ye stop doing it before ye get hurt.

    Baozhai, giggles: But I feel so bubbly and warm! Like I'm light on my feet with every step I take, my cheeks are glowing for the first in forever, and there's butterflies flutteirng around in my stomach..! How can you stop someone from feeling that way..?

    Islay: With a ton of aspirin and alcohol. Now let's get ye some before ya start singing a cheesey love song about how ye want to admit yer feelings to him but yer to scared to do it.

    Archie: Jeez, how do you know all that stuff Islay?

    Islay: Personal experience.

    //Islay grabs Baozhai by her arm. She starts leading the love stricken mess to the hold of the ship. With Archie following along.

    Meanwhile, on Haggis's ship, the captain was "reprimanding" two of his crewmates. Both of them were covered in bruises and bleeding from their noses.//

    Captain Haggis: IDIOTS! FOOLS!

    //Haggis punched one of them in the stomach with all his strength. The crewmate groaned in pain.//

    Captain Haggis: While this idiot was busy making conversation! The other moron couldn't even get a map out of that slimy, octopus's hands!

    //Haggis grabbed the long brown hair of the crewmate, showing him off for his failure. The other crewmates looked furious at them and ashamed for them.//

    Captain Haggis, threateningly: Got any idea on how we'll get back the other piece of the map, lad?

    ???: No captain..

    //In response, Haggis punched him in the face. They fell to the floor next to the other crewmate. He held his cheek as he looked up at Haggis.//

    Captain Haggis: Anyone else have an idea on how we'll get back that map??

    //There was complete silence. Nobody knew how either. Until, one of the beaten up crewmates spoke up.//

    Billy, groaning in pain on the floor: it's not like.. we can just.. *coughs* follow em' there..

    //Haggis raised an eyebrow. Then got an idea after the salamander said that. The captain grinned with an open opportunity at sight.//

    Captain Haggis: Yes.. Yes, that's what we'll do!

    //Haggis turns to the rest of his other crew.//

    Captain Haggis: We'll stay close behind em' but too close for them to notice! Then when we arrive, we kill every last one of them and take the treasure!

    //The crew cheered with agreement to the plan.//

    Captain Haggis: So let's set sail and prepare to chop off some heads!

    //The crewmates cheered in agreement one last time before going to their different posts. A few untied the sails while others prepared weapons like flintlock pistols and swords for use. This time, they were going to make sure their opposing crew wasn't going to get away. Haggis turned to the two crewmates still on the floor.//

    Captain Haggis: You two better not screw up this time.. Because I'll have yer heads mounted on pikes if ye fool around again.. Am I clear, Flint?

    Flint: Yes captain, I won't let you down again..

    To be continued...

    ((Captain Haggis, Sao, and Erik belong to @chaossmith2

    Captain Bonnet, Leonid, Islay, Fleance, Archie, Baozhai, and Octavia belong to me

    Also brief mention of Davy Jones! *Wink* @aalbliii *wink* 😉))

    #finally an introduction to Flint!. #oh what's this?? Baozhai is in love with him?? 😱😱😱 #and of course Islay and Billy arguing like an old married couple lol #oc insert#treasure planet
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    I think no matter the universe yixing would always be obsessed with horses (unless they like. didn't exist or something lol) but if he lived in a world with cars, there is ZERO doubt in my mind that he would be That Guy with a motorcycle

    #oc talk #motorcycles are uh. the sexiest vehicle on the planet. #but only certain kinds. i do not care for cruisers. this is a crotch rocket only household!!!!
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    HE ,,

    #little big planet #little big planet 3 #little big planet newton #lbp#lbp3#newton#my art#art#digital art #artists on tumblr #artist#digital artist#design#digital#fanart #rowan iz funky
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    "Planet Of The Apes"

    #planet of the apes
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    this song makes me wanna hang out the sun roof of a car and feel the warm sun on my face 😭🌞

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