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    Hello everyone-for the first time!.

    This is my weekly spread for this week.

    I didn’t like how the dates turned out, they are not clear, but it’s fine.

    The yellow colour and this type of flower theme is inspired by “oh no nina” April bullet journaling video on YouTube, and my whole monthly spread is inspired by it too.

    P.S. I have probably drawn the flower in a wrong way, but I’m okay with this.

    The boxes of the days are inspired by this Instagram photo.

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  • Part 4 available on Youtube! I’m listening to the PG podcast right now, I’ll start writing in ~45 minutes from now.

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  • F U R N I T U R E // P R O C E S S

    I N I T I A L  I D E A S // In these sketches I began exploring different forms, with a focus on how the tava might sit in the holder which would allow for easy removal. It is here that I also began to consider the materiality of the holder and how it would react against the ruggedness, ominous cast iron of the tava.

    I N I T I A L  D E S I G N // After thoroughly investigating all options, I settled on an L shaped glass cast holder. Its simple form and transparent quality would enable the tava to be exhibited and beheld on the kitchen counter. As glass is a  fine and fragile material, it provides a sharp contrast to the dented and crude form of the cast iron; ultimately highlighting these distinctive characteristics of the tava. 

    M O D E L // To put this concept to the test, and get a sense of the connection between tava and holder I decided to make a scaled model. Above, are sketches and calculations that were involved in finalising the dimensions. Using resin to emulate the glass look, I created a mould, mixed, poured and cast a 1:10 model of the holder. 

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  • C O L L A G E S // P R O C E S S

    Planning of components and composition of atmospheric and poetic collages.

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  • Another beautiful day!
    #auctions #blueskies #summersplaceauctions #contemporarysculpture #sculpture #modernsculpture #grounds #fardenproject #gardendesign #inspuration #gardenideas #ideas #planting #planning #gardenplanning #arbiur #rotunda #urns #gardenpits #pottingup #planting #openspaces #englushgarden #englishpastime #relax (at Summers Place Auctions)

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  • had a very unproductive day today. i watched the platform and it was ok. i’m not really fond of gory scenes. need to ready my science notes.

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    I put the same task/event indicators on my monthly that I usually put on my dailies, because I don’t want to pressure myself to make a daily list every single day this month. I don’t think I’ll need it, I feel like some days this month everything I have to do will fit in this single line on my monthly page. So this month I plan to actually cross out or migrate each item on this monthly spread as I finish it or move it to a daily spread (or further down the monthly spread). As a bonus this will encourage me to pay attention to the task list and habit tracker on the opposite page, which I have been known to ignore if I don’t reference my monthly spread as often as I should.

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  • So… I might’ve gone a little crazy trying to landscape (trying to mentally create a plan is hell) so…

    I recreated my whole island layout (not perfectly because I’m lazy) and messily made a plan.

    Anyway here it is. I quite like it! Trying to figure out how to fill some spaces but I’ll decide over time.

    PS. I don’t plan to terraform anything other than spots for inclines, so yay for me!

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    This is it. The sticky note wall of the Entire Plot of Adrian Haas as I can remember it, although I have a strong feeling I am forgetting a few subplots. This is the whole story as it stands right now, with its six phases. For an idea of where we at rn in how long I have been writing it. Im on post it point 4/8 in Phase ONE.

    I am really excited to write the rest of it though, I’m really excited for this story.

    #a vague sort of writing update #the exhibition of adrian haas #work in progress #writing#planning
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  • Six Feet Strategy Sessions

    Brand Messaging Audits, Reviews and Discovery Strategy Sessions

    These sessions focus on helping you to review, revise, remove and reset messaging that may be creating a social distance between your brand and your customers.

    While not intended, many brands find themselves locked in on the intention, but are unaware of the perceptions that may be virus-like for their messaging and reach.

    By clarifying the story, a sound foundation is built off of aligning the intel, considering the competition, compliance, and comparisons as well as the subjective and objective touch points. From there, businesses can execute a message that can be heard, read and engaged with a greater authenticity and authority by a larger audience.

    1, 2 and 3 hour sessions as well as abbreviated and retainer packages available by phone or video.

    In the middle of this quarantine and stay at home period where you have most likely done a great deal of house keeping in and around the house, why not put some time in to tidying up your messaging and reach?

    Contact Loren Weisman for an initial talk and the personalized options that will suit your needs the best way possible.

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  • My animal behaviour course starts on Monday so I’m getting some reading done. It’s the only course I have this period that comes with a physical book, so I’m very much enjoying my time spend away from my laptop (and I think my laptop would say the same, if it wasn’t recovering from its intense usage from the past weeks atm).

    So far I like what I read, though I’m still quick to be distracted. Anyone have tips on how to stay focused? Or just looking for a chat? Which reminds me, is there perhaps a (STEM themed) studyblr discord of some sorts around? Being coped up in my room alone all the time gets quite lonely, even if I have plenty to do

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  • March 7, 2020 - Day 261

    Had a meeting downtown today, it’s going to be a busy but exciting month!

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    Yeah so I just found this in my drafts and I long for a busy week like this again with my planning seshs on a Sunday morning. 

    Also I miss this room that I will never see again :(( Goodbye flat 10 <3 

    #mai may never shut up #lockdown#planning#desk #i miss being busy
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    Finishing up Mary Queen of Scots animatic plan. She’s gonna get her iconic red dress! Don’t know when it’ll be ready to put out in video form but the plan is almost done so that’s nice

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  • SO EXCITED to start this series on my channel! Go check it out friends!

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    hello :) hope you all are well

    I’ve started bullet journaling again, so here’s my April spread (excuse the handwriting).

    The habits I’m tracking this month are:

    working out - I’m doing the Fierce at Home program on this app called SWEAT: Kayla Itsines Fitness and trying to reach 10,000 steps everyday by walking with my dad.

    no snacks - I’ve been stress/bored eating lately, so I’m trying to stop that.

    brush teeth at 10 pm - ever since self-isolation began, I’ve been getting ready for bed around 12 am and going to sleep around 1:30-3:00am. This kinda messes up the next day for me because I would like to wake up at 8 am and get a decent amount of sleep.

    ap review - i really need the motivation to start reviewing for my ap exams because time is passing by pretty quickly 😅.

    learn korean - i’ve been slowly learning korean for the past year, and i think this is the best time to advance even further! it’s also a good break from all the school work :). my goal is to at least learn one word a day and learn new grammar once a week.

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  • Searching for the Right Residence (Part 1)

    *Disclaimer: Everything that I express in this post is based off of my personal opinion and preference on certain things. This post is mainly just for fun (on my part) and to show how I am dealing with things for my university journey! *

    As a senior in high school, university is definitely a subject that has been on my mind for a while. Thankfully, before our school switched to online learning, I managed to get accepted into my top program! Talk about good timing~~

    Although my offer was conditional, a perk about it was that I was guaranteed residence! This is great because the city where my university would be is a 45 minute drive away from my home, and I would need to live there due to the distance.

    Since I have some extra time during this extended break, I decided to do a bit of research into the dorm types I could possibly live in as well as calculating the approximate costs.

    Estimating the Cost


    Since tuition is expensive by itself, I wanted to make sure that the dorm I will live in is set at a reasonable price for the space and amenities that are provided. For this cost section alone, I was only looking at the overall price of the dorm and meal plan combined. The question of, “is it worth it?” will be discussed later!

    Using the university’s website, I found all the costs for each room type as well as the price for every meal plan. Since I mainly cook for myself and I don’t eat that much on a daily basis, I opted for the minimum meal plan. For my school, people who live on campus MUST purchase a meal plan as well. That is why the prices I will be comparing will be the cost of both the meal plan and the residence.

    I colour-coded the different room types with their corresponding meal plan. For the majority of the residence styles, they include meal plan A, which is around $4335 at it’s minimum price. Crazy. I know. But for the residence styles that include a kitchen, it includes the option of a reduce meal plan B, which is around $2995. I added the minimum meal plan cost and residence cost together, and boom. I got my totals~ I also colour-coded them for price range as a better visual representation.

    My budget for residence is maxed out at $12 000. Even though it’s expensive, I am grateful that my family is financially stable enough to pay for it. Although off-campus housing is cheaper, my parents felt it would be safer for me to live on campus for my first year so that I could get used to the city. Based on this budget, I chose 5 dorm styles that I would be interested in living in.

    Apartment — 2 Person (Double Room)


    Cost: $11 320

    So this is my FIRST CHOICE for residence. Not only is this the 5th cheapest style + meal plan option for me, but it is quite spacious and provides great amenities! It includes a kitchen, private bathroom, double bedroom and a living/study space!

    Since I am opting for the reduced meal plan (and I just LOVE to cook in general), the kitchen will be really useful for my roommate and I. On top of that, we get a huge fridge. The reason why this is so awesome is that it is included in our residence fee. Unless you live in a residence that includes a kitchen, you would need to rent a mini fridge as an additional fee.

    Another aspect that I enjoy about this dorm style is how the bedroom space and study space is separated. Although this sort of design isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I personally love it because I tend to be more focused on my work if my private sleeping space was not present. But this doesn’t mean I can’t relax in the study area! That’s right — there’s a couch. It’s honestly quite hard for me to find anything bad about this place, so hopefully I will be able to live here! Best. Place. Ever.

    Apartment — 4/6 Person (Single Room)


    Cost: $11 470

    This room style also gives me the option of choosing a reduced meal plan, which brings down this overall price. This type of room would also be a number one choice (if I had enough roommates to request that is) because it includes a kitchen, fridge, private washroom, living room and single rooms!

    The perks of a private washroom and kitchen are the same with the double room apartment, but the reason why this stands out for me is that I can get a single room for myself. I am able to get some privacy whenever I want it and I have enough space to do my own things.

    Double Room with Ensuite Washroom

    Cost: $11 910

    Can you believe that this costs more than the other two for less space? Well that’s mainly because of the meal plan. Downsides is that this room style is quite cramped based off of past students and that you need to rent a fridge.

    What I do like about this room is that the closets act as a divider between the two sides. I find that quite nice since it allows both of us to get some form a privacy.

    Despite the small space for this room design, I think it wouldn’t be bad at all to live here because there are many libraries and other spaces available for students to study in! This will definitely force me to explore the university rather than stay cooped up in my room all day!

    Suite — 4 Person (Single Room)


    Cost: $11 995

    My thoughts are the same as the apartment 4/5 person, but the only difference I’d say is that the price for this is a tad bit more expensive. I would personally consider the apartment style over the suite style for financial reasons only.

    Double Room with Access to Single-User Washroom

    Cost: $11 560

    My friend’s brother lived in this style, and they said that it was generally a very awkward set up. The shelves that are shown in the presentation floor plan were actually right above his headboard on his bed. As a result, he would constantly hit his head on the shelf whenever he woke up! This story was quite funny to hear, but it’s quite sad if you think about it!

    As I mentioned before, this cramped space shouldn’t be only seen as a setback, but rather as motivation to allow you to seek out the other parts of campus. That’s why I wouldn’t mind living here either, as long as I keep things clean for my roommate’s benefit as well.

    Out of all of these options, this room is the only one that requires you to share a washroom with people who are not limited to your roommate. While I’m comfortable with sharing washrooms, I would just feel bad if I ate something unlucky one day and occupied the space for half an hour!

    Closing Thoughts & Next Time

    After researching a bit into these dorm styles and their costs, I am opting towards the apartment styled rooms! I believe that in relation to the other residence costs at this particular university, they’re worth the price they are set at.

    Residence/roommate applications haven’t opened yet and some programs still haven’t given out their decisions yet! That is why I will continue this bit until the day I move in!

    Stay safe, and I’ll see you in my next post ❤️

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  • It’s always good to have a plan. If you are freaking out about something too much, write it down. Make a plan for the day and just write down what you need to do. It’ll calm you.

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    day 10/100

    first day of online classes.

    i’m using a mix between paper and digital for my notes, homework, and planning. it’s been stressful today trying to prioritize but i’m trying to just trust myself and keep working the best way i know how! now on to my second work block of the day :)

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