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  • Punjab Planning & Development Board Program Implementation Unit jobs

    Punjab Planning & Development Board Program Implementation Unit jobs

    Punjab Planning & Development Board Program Implementation Unit jobs published on 2021-02-24 15:11:06. Apply for the Jobs before the last date.
    These jobs are Lahore-based. Nawaiwaqt Newspaper published this newspaper. For further details like age, qualifications and other requirements see  the job notification below


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  • Relief Sculpture Plans

    Tumnus, Ceramics, talks about the importance of sketching in “Relief Sculpture Plans”

    Hello all!  After a long week, my anxious brain has a plan to dive on to!  This week I started the first steps of a relief sculpture.  I also gave more thought to what makes me feel unfocused when drawing and designing for my three dimensional work.  The pressure I was putting on myself to make something truly excellent (before recognizing the time and love it takes to fail enough to get there),…


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  • image

    … so the next logical thing to do, is to recreate diverse stardew valley expanded in the sims.

    yes. this is a thing that i’m working on. whenever my exec-dys is not interfering with me. and whenever i feel like doing more of this.

    my life is a mess of unfinished projects. i can’t control my hyperfocus, it controls me. as long as my hyperfocus says “make dsve in the sims!” i just… string along for the ride? yep, that sounds like me alright! totally on brand.

    and because i can’t guarantee that i’ll actually finish it, i kept this project to myself for about 2 months.

    #wip: sims 4 custom save #planning #dsve in s4 custom save
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  • Communication Specialist, Program Officer Jobs 2021 In Planning & Development Board Lahore

    Communication Specialist, Program Officer Jobs 2021 In Planning & Development Board Lahore

    Communication Specialist, Program Officer Jobs 2021 In Planning & Development Board Lahore published on 2021-02-24 13:02:43. Apply for the following positions before the last date.

    Communication Specialist
    Communication Specialist, Program Officer Jobs 2021 In Planning & Development Board Lahore Last date to apply 12 March 2021


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  • March GOALS💌


    It’s almost March, can you believe it!!!

    Time to write down some goals for March that you are going to achieve.

    By writing them down, you are reminded of them and are so much more likely to achieve them. By telling someone, you will almost definately achieve your goals so please comment down below or let me know privately so we can support each other. ☺️

    Some of my goals are:

    - Go for 30 minute jog/walk on 4 mornings every week.

    - Get at least 200 intensity minutes weekly.

    - Avoid refined or processed foods.

    - Learn to say NO to temptations.

    - Drink at least 2.5l of water daily.

    - Form a closer bond to at least 1 person.

    Can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • IBM issues patches for Java Runtime, Planning Analytics Workspace, Kenexa LMS

    IBM issues patches for Java Runtime, Planning Analytics Workspace, Kenexa LMS

    This week, the tech giant published a set of security advisories laying out fixes for vulnerabilities that impact IBM Java Runtime, IBM Planning Analytics Workspace, and IBM Kenexa LMS On Premise.
    Click here for image source link and to read full Article
    Read more on Malware updates & News

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  • Your The Sleepyhead, Your Planning To Sleep For Thousands Of Years
    The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword: E10
    What a touching moment for those who know the whole story. So impactful and such a good game.
    #sleepyhead #planning #sleeping #thousands #years

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  • So The Number 13 Bus has actual plot now, to a point anyway.

    So as previously mentioned death drives a bus. This is what I had come up with during a particularly dull moment of class and I wanted to play with it so play I have. For starters multiple, I suppose you could say forms, of death drive the bus. You’ve got your traditional grim reaper style death of course because I’m a sucker for the classics but you’ve also got the angel of death Azriel, Lucifer, Hades, Hel. They take turns driving at this point not sure how it’s going to work but there is that.

    Now for the passengers. What sort of people ride a bus driven by death. Dead ones obviously. But to be more specific we have a couple of different categories. First off, the recently deceased, they’re the ones that get on the bus haven’t decided how they get off yet but the main point is they get on. The reincarnated, they’re the ones that get off the bus they’ll get on the same way the deceased get off when I work that out. Immortals who are just there for the fun, they don’t have to get on the bus when they die because they traditionally come back pretty quick in the same place so there’s no point. But they can and occasionally do.

    Where is this going? Who know, apparently not me. It was originally just going to be a short story that only took place on the bus itself but now I’m having ideas and it’s getting out of hand.

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    2 SEWING:

    - PANTS


    - TIE DYE





    - RESIN




    4 DRAWING:



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  • the guilt that comes with finding planners that you started then stopped using,,, :(

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  • Part 1 - Themes

    Single-Use Plastic

    Single-use plastics are plastic items that are only made to be used once before they are thrown away or recycled. Every year, around 300 million tons of plastic is produced but around half of that is non-reusable, single-use plastic. All over the world, only 13% of plastic is being recycled. The other 87% of plastic is normally single-use plastic or items that are more difficult to recycle. Plastic production has tripled in the last 30 years and around half of the plastic on the planet has been produced in the last 18 years.

    Street Dumping

    Street dumping is a worldwide problem and something many of us will have seen first hand in Glasgow. One of the main issues with street dumping is that it is unregulated disposal of waste and can be potentially harmful to the environment. If waste is not disposed of correctly and in the designated areas, runoff from dumping can cause contamination in the soil and water around it. In some cases, this has become a threat to human life. 


    Waste is one of the biggest causes of climate change and recycling is an important method for improving this. Recycling helps to reduce pollution and the various gasses and toxins released from waste in landfills. Another reason it is vital to recycle is in order to conserve raw materials and resources as recycling reduces the need for new raw materials. The process of recycling materials uses less energy than it would to produce new products from raw materials.

    Eat Less Meat

    It is becoming increasingly difficult for farmers to keep up with the demand for meat and animal products and this is causing harm to the environment. As demand increases, the rate of greenhouse gases and pollution rises. A lot of farms all over the world have big carbon footprints due to the increased demand in the meat industry. Deforestation and destruction of biodiversity is another complication as more areas are being cleared for livestock, farms, and more industrialized agriculture.

    Face Masks

    As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and mask-wearing becoming essential, disposable face masks are now one of the worst contributors to plastic pollution. Millions of face masks are ending up in landfills every week, and more are being abandoned and littered all over the world. These disposable face masks are not reusable and are contaminated, so they have become another threat to our planet’s sustainability.

    Part 2 - Reportage Photography

    Reportage Photography

    Reportage photography is a form of photography that captures images in order to tell a story, similar to photojournalism in some ways. A finished series of reportage photography normally portrays a story, day or event.

    Reportage vs Documentary

    Reportage and documentary photography are very similar but one difference considered between the two is that documentary can be more formal and is often accompanied by captions whereas reportage is more about capturing the moment in order to tell the story.

    Why is Reportage Photography Important?

    Reportage is an important form of photography because it is about telling a story, creating a narrative through images and is commonly used for raising awareness of problems and injustices to the public.

    Is there such a thing as a Photograph that isn’t Reportage?

    Personally, I think any photograph can be considered reportage. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. In every photograph, no matter how big or small a story is portrayed. Some kind of narrative can be extracted from every photograph we see.

    Part 3 - Plastic Pollution 

    My Theme

    For this environmental project, have chosen to follow the theme of plastic pollution and single-use materials. This is a crisis I feel very strongly about and I think it is imperative to reduce plastic pollution and single-use plastic in order to combat climate change. 

    Thirza Schaap - “Plastic Ocean”

    “As a child, I used to walk on the beaches, picking up shells, feathers and branches with funny shapes. When I left Holland for South Africa, I reproduced the same ritual. Except that instead of collecting natural treasures, I filled my pockets with garbage – plastic thrown out of the ocean.”

    Schaap has portrayed the severity of plastic pollution in our oceans through a beautiful still life series using plastic she has found washed up on the beach.


    This is one of the images is Schaap’s Plastic Ocean series. There is a very subtle shadow visible, beneath the carton suggesting the light maybe came from the left possibly at a 45 degree angle. The light used is very soft and illuminates the subject very well. The use of the central composition and blank background forces us to look at the plastic. The use of the complimentary colours and the addition of the flower gives the image a beautiful look but still conveys a strong meaning.

    Benjamin Von Wong - "The Parting of the Plastic Sea” (strawpocalypse)

    “For my latest project, I wanted to encourage people to turn down their next straw…”

    A staggering 168,000 used plastic straws were used to create Von Wong’s iconic work. He created a powerful and emotive photograph (and art piece) conveying the importance of reducing plastic and highlighting how many straws, among other plastic, ends up in the ocean.


    This is Von Wong’s “The Parting of the Plastic Sea” from his strawpocalypse work. The central composition of the person among the waves of straws brings our eye to look at the subject who is holding the waves of plastic apart. The use of the yellow colour of sand against the blues and greens of the water helps to lead our eyes towards the subject and brings more importance to this part of the image. The rim lighting behind the subject also helps to bring the viewers eye towards the man and this all puts emphasis on what he is doing and how he is struggling to part the waves of plastic.

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  • Ducks in a row

    Ducks in a row

    Starting anything new needs to have some kind of a plan. You can do anything you put your mind to, but have a plan or your ducks in a row. When you have a plan it is easy to achieve your goal. You have steps to take to finish. This way you don’t get ahead of yourself and stumble and then get frustrated. So don’t jump into a project or life changing decision without working on your ducks and get…


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  • Day 85

    Went a little too far with the carbs today. Have a better plan of attack for the upcoming week but might be a little hangry by dinner. Just modifying, not starving

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