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  • It’s appreciate your friends hour so go fucking tackle them with love or turn them into a blanket burrito to keep them warm. Or challenge then to a duel, you know whatever you see fit

    #this is such a shitpost #im sorry #idk what to post anymore #school is murdering me #aro#aromantic#platonic affection#friends#friendship
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  • How my friend and I interact:

    Friend: *annoys me*

    Me: shut uppppppppp

    Friend: I love you too :)

    #or the vice versa #depends on the hour #aro#friendship#platonic affection#aromantic
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  • Somebody make a tv show where literally nothing romantic happens. Every single relationship would be platonic or familial. It would be pure af and adorable. Plenty of character development and character arcs. Story arcs on many different things. Beautifully well written, complex, complicated, intricate, nuanced, and amazing. A lot of symbolism. A lot of people would analyze it and have many different perspectives on it. No kissing. No sex. No romantic love. No romantic attraction. And of course, it would be hilarious af. Top notch humor.

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    • Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner
    • Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

    What is the similarity between these two pairs of individuals?

    Well, it’s their interaction. Both have very close friends who are also women but both pairs do not interact with any other close friend as they do to the other woman in said pair.

    This is really not difficult to see the truth in my statement above. Take a look for yourself. Try to find evidence demonstrating otherwise of known platonic friends that any of these individuals interact with: look at, touch, gaze, speak about, think about, sit next to that is remotely close to the interaction to the person grouped above.

    You won’t find any.

    I say this as a bisexual woman who IS touchy feely. I say this as someone with a completely uncurious straight as fuck best friend who would not be comfortable with prolonged affection. I say this as someone who has wanted another woman who didn’t want me and vice versa.

    There is an absolute difference between touchy-feely affection, platonic affection, and attraction affection. There’s also a difference between known sexual affection and flirtatious affection. There’s a difference between sober affection and drunk affection for the platonic friend and the Lover. Please use your intuition. Please see. Please feel. You’ll see.


    Originally posted by sudokuyomi

    #platonic affection#romantic affection #lovers vs friends #gay vs straight #these two pairs have been lovers #kaylor
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  • Anyone else have that desire to rest their head on their friend’s lap, have the friend stroke their hair and you just purr like a cat because it feels so nice?

    #raving of a brick wall #platonic love#platonic affection#friendship#hugs #long distance friendship #best friend #where are my platonic baes when I need them?
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  • !!!!!!

    I love this song so much!! please check out cavetown if you haven’t already

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  • Hey, uhm.. could i be aro (or on the aro spectrum?)

    Hey, recently I’ve been doubting whether or not I’m on the arospec. First of all, sorry if I offend anyone! I try my best to be as educated as I can. I’m also new to tumblr, so sorry if I do things wrong–

    So, I know for sure that I’m pan; I love people regardless of gender, and I am NB. But the thing is, I was talking to someone on discord a few days ago, about just love in general. I realised that I get a little stressed when in a romantic relationship (I’ve only had 2 tho) and would love it a lot more to just be super duper close friends with a partner/friend and do typically ‘romantic’ things with them, probably without romantic feelings behind it. Things like cuddling, hugging, and I’d like things like kissing and sexual things too- but sexually, I think I’d be a lot more open. Right now I don’t know anymore if crushes I’ve had were actually romantic or not. I did imagine having a future with them and stuff, but the biggest reason I 'crushed’ on someone was/is because I thought they were really cool and just amazing in general.

    I’m super sorry if this blog isn’t the place to ask this. Like I said, I’m really new to tumblr and I don’t know the 'culture’, but I didn’t really know any other place to seek for advice.

    Thank you,


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  • I don’t want a romantic relationship but platonic affection sounds so good?? Idk if it’s my dysphoria or what but like call me cute nicknames and cuddle while we talk about whatever and just appreciate exsistance pls.

    I haven’t held anyone’s hand in so long? Like that sounds neat!

    Just, fluffy friendships sound rlly nice bc I’m bad at words and use little actions to communicate when I struggle.

    #platonic affection #my dysphoria is killing me #dysphoria #fwb except fwc for cuddles
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  • Affection

    Like, I wanna give my friends forehead kisses to show them my love and affection, like in a platonic way

    But like I don’t know how to address their comfort level with physical contact

    So, I suffer in silence without any of them ever knowing. :( 😢😶

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  • Does anyone else hate how physical intimacy has such strong sexual connotations attached to it?

    Sorry for ranting but it has been bothering me for a while.

    So I am very much a touchy feely kinda person. I crave physical affection like water. If I go more than two days without physical contact I will begin to feel touch starved and get easily emotional. This also means that I also really crave giving physical affection as a means of expressing affection.

    I give a lot of hugs, back rubs, and head pats. When sitting on a couch with someone I feel close to and comfortable with I will snuggle up to them. I play with hair and give kisses on the forehead, arm, or cheek.

    None of that is meant to be sexual. Thankfully I do it enough that people that know me understand that I am not flirting when I give a hug. I am not cheating or in some secret relationship when I snuggle up with my best friend when we play video games together. However, it was something that had been an issue in the past.

    The reason it is bothering me moreso now is because I know that while I present as female, it is easier to give and receive physical platonic affection. Yet those who are viewed as male get such a raw deal. The only socially acceptable forms of physical affection are sexual or aggressive. I know far too many people who are touch starved and cannot get platonic affection unless they are dating someone. I have also had people ask me what the point of having a romantic relationship without sex is. Like, platonic physical affection is great and should be more widely accepted.

    I know not everyone enjoys physical contact so I am NOT saying everyone should be hugging and snuggling everyone (seriously, ask people before you hug, especially children) but it shouldn’t be a weird thing to be able to ask for a platonic hug or to snuggle your friends.

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  • Romantic love isn’t the only kind of love that matters, and I feel like there would be fewer people who feel unlovable or alone for not having a romantic relationship if the importance of platonic relationships was given more credit. As well as fewer people getting into unhealthy relationships or relationships they aren’t ready for because they’re so starved for affection and think a romantic relationship is the only place to get it. 

    Platonic love is so important. Platonic affection is so important. Tell your friends how much they mean to you, tell them how much you care about them, tell them you love them. If everyone’s comfortable with it, it’s okay to be physically affectionate with your friends. You don’t need romantic love to be whole or lovable, you don’t need romantic love to get the affection and validation you deserve. 

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  • Just got my physical affection meter recharged and wow life is good and I shall sleep like a kitten for I feel loved in every hair.

    #platonic#platonic affection#aro#alloaro#friends #i missed being touched so goddamn much
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  • Normalize platonic hand holding you cowards!!

    #platonic hand holding #platonic affection #respect people's boundaries #but let people hold hands just because!! #hand holding#saint speak#saint speaks
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  • There is no higher form of platonic affection than shitposting supportive memes at each other

    Reblog with your favorite love/friendship memes

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  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖 💖 💖 💚






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  • I think I make a good cuddle buddy. Gimme a blanket and comfortable spot and I’ll show you how good I’m at it. I will give you all my platonic affection and you can to.

    #i slept with my friend on the bus from a trip #it was so nice #i had a blanket and it was cold #platonic affection#random thought #i love my friends #physical touch #so nice!
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  • I want to snuggle someone. All of my friends/family or just one. I want to bury my head into someone’s shoulder or nuzzle into their arm. Pressure stim from having someone laying their head or part of their body on top of me. Hand holding, and small forehead kisses and naps. I want to destroy the touch starvation I had to endure growing up.

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