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  • ellewords
    16.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #but for real I hope you're doing alright tiktok anon !! #*gives you a v tight platonic hug through the internet* <33 #💘 — love elle! #🎐 — tiktok anon! <3
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  • eustasskidd
    16.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    kohaku and senku.....

    #many thoughts #i love their relationship so much. besties. #i hope they stay platonic but i wouldnt mind too much if they ended up together #text
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  • care-bear-love
    16.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    👁 ❤ 😇 The side that no one sees. Thank you. ❤

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  • nightsinthewoods
    16.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    no bcuz how the fuck am i at risk of getting ANOTHER crush when ive literally basically just decided that i wanted to tell my current crush that i liked her 😐

    #voids words #its so ???? #and idk its hard to say bcuz this possible new crush is on a boy and i literally never talk to guys so i kind of dont know if its like. #romanticnor platonic or what #but hes so funny and nice and cute and im losijg my fucking mind bcuz WHAT #like i love *** so fucking much i really do and i want to confess to her #but this is like. my first time maybe crushing on a guy so im very ?!?!!?!? #and like. i cant say For Sure #but he might ??? lowkey be interested in me as well ? #BUT LIKE IDK BCUZ I NEVER INTERACT W GUYS ?!?! #but tonight i mentioned i was leaving to go play dbd #and then we were snapchatting and he asked if it was crossplay and i was like yes if u have it we should play #and he was like i dont but i could get it on my xbox #and like. im not saying i wouldnt/havent played games for friends #but i mean one of the things *** and i do is play each others favorite games so like ?!??! #IDK #its so fucking confusing !!! #add onto that the fact that my OTHER FRIEND TRIED TO KISS ME ?!?!? #and then ASKED ME WHAT I WANT FROM HER ?!?? (for clarification i turned her down nicely and di clarify that i was not interested i #in having anything w her) #BUT ITS JUST ALL SO WTF ?!??!?! #AND IDK WHAT IM SUPPOSED TO DO #im pretty sure im going to confess to *** #thats my priority #but like what if he says smth ?!?!? #tf do i do then ? #im not gonna lie and say i dont like him but i also cant just be like yeah i have no one else in my life #and i know theres prolly a small chance #and this is so. first world problems #i just. i dont know what to do
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  • percysaidnever
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    listening to angsty love songs and reading fluff>>> telling ur bsf how u feel

    #im just gonna ignore it #feeling? what are those? #it’s totally platonic #i promise i’m not in love with my best friend #not friends to lovers #smbdy help#music#distractions
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  • that-one-queer-poc
    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    YO I was having a bad time and then You existed right uhh whats the word for that

    guys i hit post limit

    #kae is kool 😎 #kae's submissions#oreos 🤮😍🗿 #its called platonic love <3 and uno reverse <333333 #submission
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  • eliaswrites
    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ngl I hate wording in this episode when it comes to love :/

    #Lias watches The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird #The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird spoilers #TBFOSF #Like I know it was done in the early 90s but the whole ''platonic love vs Real (hetero) Love™️'' is disgusting :/
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  • shadows-fan-space
    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago


    Imagine if you will

    Laying in a grassy field on an Outer Rim planet after sunset, a cool night breeze rustling the grass. You’re star gazing with the Batch.

    Maybe they’re on leave.

    Maybe you all got a break from a mission on that planet.

    Maybe the war has long since been over and they’ve found a way to reverse the accelerated aging.

    It doesn’t matter.

    What matters is it’s just you, them, and the stars above.

    And you’re safe.

    For now there’s no war, no droids, no order 66.

    Just peace and quiet, surrounded by the boys.

    Wrecker’s dozed off, soft snores rising from the sleeping giant. Tech’s pointing out different constellations, eager to share his knowledge even as he slips off to dreamland. Hunter’s humming something you don’t recognize, but you find soothing nevertheless. Even Crosshair seems relaxed for once, a soft smile on his usually scowling face as he reclines with his hands behind his head.

    There’s no point to this imagine, but now that you’re here...

    Enjoy the peaceful vibes I hope this brings ❤️

    #yes it’s just the og batch #I love the show but when I hear ‘Bad Batch’ my mind will always go to the og four #bad batch #the bad batch #clone force 99 #crosshair#hunter#wrecker#tech #clone trooper crosshair #clone trooper hunter #clone trooper wrecker #clone trooper tech #tbb tech#tbb hunter#tbb crosshair#tbb wrecker #the bad batch x reader #or bad batch w/ platonic reader #romantic or platonic #it’s your headspace my friend ❤️ #bad batch imagines
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  • aroaceconfessions
    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #aromantic#asexual#aroace #queer platonic partner #queer platonic relationship #qpp#qpr#squish#friends#friendship#love
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  • soothedcerberus
    16.06.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #let me know if sharing is okay! ill remove the link if you like pls let me know #platonic!!!! cuddles!!!!!! #pls my heart love this #homophobicimpactor#happy stuffs
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  • future-dregs
    16.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Genos saw the one person in the world that could basically never ever get hurt or killed, and he imprinted on that sucker so fast; just like the lost baby duck he is.

    Intentional or not, he didn't want to be alone. Or afraid for someone's life and safety. So he locked in on Saitama, the most powerful and indestructible person around.

    Because it's safe.

    It's safe to love this one.

    #I mean all of this platonically btw #If you wanna apply this romantically that's alright I guess #But just know that my intentions are platonic love and devotion #I mean he wants to strengthen himself #But c'mon #He loves Saitama with his entire being #Genos#Saitama #One Punch Man #Own meta
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  • persephones-deadly-nightshade
    16.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Beauty and The Beast

    ft. familial relationships

    A platonic JasonXSteph      pre-romantic TimSteph


    The batfamily are loyal protectors. A mix between knights a vigilantes. Jason dies. Jason gets resurrected via the pit. Jason comes back pissed. He returns home though, doesn’t go on a killing spree, slowly incorporates back into the family.  

    Jason still dislikes Tim, (Replacement) and Damian (Demon Brat). He is still bitter at Bruce, (B stands for bitch) and resenting Dick(Golden boy/perfect child). He loves Cass (hard not to.)

    Anyways something happens, maybe he’s benched Demon Spawns not, pit rage occurs, a guest pops by the door. 

    Guest is treated rudely and prepares to curse entire family. 

    Alfred and Bruce welcome her in. 

    She doesn’t curse yet.

    Hears Jason wish he didn’t have family. Family sucks.

    Curses him into a beast, transforms his servants into furniture, telling him if he doesn’t feel brotherly love and learn to appreciate family, they’ll stick. The family (Ohana Bitches) intervene to give him a shot to fix this. 

    They sacrifice their voices/bodies for time. Each person earns Jason an extra 20 years. (100 total) His family members are like ghosts, unable to communicate with Jason besides occasional impressions. They’ll be back if he ever breaks the curse. 

    Jason is horrified at himself and sinks deep into depression. The pit madness rages more often than not. Time is passing all to quickly...

    Start of Story:

    Meet Steph. She is a pretty girl, but all to smart and spirited for her village. She loves her mother, another smart woman, an nurse from the city who moved from the country at the behest of her controlling husband.

    Meet the controlling husband, Arthur Brown, aka the “Gaston” of the story.

    He is not a good person, or father, but the town loves him.

    He wants a “perfect” daughter. Timid, reserved, demure. Steph is resisting, but soon she won’t be able to put him off. 

    Her mother goes into the city for special herbs, needed as the village healer. She ends up seeking refuge in the beast’s castle.  

    Alfred, who previously disconnected from the Waynes, becoming more butler than grandpa to keep Jason company, takes care of her.

    Jason flashes back to the last woman whom they invited in and pit madness overtakes him. He throws her in the dungeons.

    Steph comes looking for her mother, running towards the terrifying castle because without her mom, Arthur Brown would bend her quickly to his will. 

    Steph and Jason’s first meeting was... A disaster. 

    Think Steph screaming, think Jason screaming back. Think Alfred pushing her into the guest bedroom as the Waynes try to calm Jason the fuck down so he can use the girl to break the curse. 

    They are in an awkward limbo for days. 

    Alfred, fed up, escorts Mrs. Brown out in exchange for Stephanie, after explaining what the very aro/ace Jason will need from Steph. (Basically reassurance that Steph would be trapped, but zero chance of getting raped or seduced.) 

    Because she must not think of him a brother purely for the curse, Steph doesn’t get the full story. 

    The first week and a half is Jason avoiding the fuck out of Stephanie and being annoyed at Alfred’s deal. 

    Steph is terrified. She rashly agreed to this deal including spending time with a giant strong monster, Alfred is kind, but she hasn’t seen the silver candlestick since he broke the rules. She is fearing for his safety.

    Alfred’s fine, just giving Jason an I’m so disappointed in you silence.” 

    Eventually, Steph starts poking around. 

    To preserve his brother’s privacy, he stops her before she can go into the family wing, and has Alfred show her the library. Steph is bored.

    She pokes around more. Jason bodily stands in her way. 

    She persistently pokes him into spending time together. Listen, She is really fucking bored out of her mind. 

    Alfred refuses to show her the training room, so Jason has to do it.

    Less than a month later, he caves. (Steph is annoying persistent)

    Her eyes light up at the sight of punching bags and Cass’ equipment, that girls were allowed to fight maybe she could.

    She doesn’t ask for permission. 

    He catches her throwing a fucking terrible punch. 

    He can’t let that stand. 

    The fam watches in glee, as the blonde pokes every single one of his buttons, and accidentally/unknowingly manipulates him into spending time with her. (Tim might just be falling in love)

    (She out of his league, like a lot)

    Invisible family thinks it’s adorable.

    Alfred tells her the history of the manor, and about the Batfam spirits. They comfort her when she gets scared, an impression of warmth and safety. 

    She learns to differentiate. She notices Tim spending a lot of time, doesn’t know it’s Tim. Alfred Knows. Alfred knows all.    

    Eventually Jason begins liking teaching, and instead of just a harsh taskmaster, he becomes more of a mentor. 

    Coins her Spoiler after hearing about how she resists her shitty dad. 

    Winter comes. He teaches her siege warfare and silent moving through snowball fights and games. 

    He teachers her piano. How the fuck is his voice that nice? 

    He teachers her to cook and they have ingredient fights. If she can get him in a good mood, he’ll tell silly stories about his family, going all wistful. 

    Good things come to an end. She gets word that her father is beating Mrs. Brown because she managed to escape. It’s her fault, her mother is getting hurt.

    A worried Jason bans her from going home. 

    Steph runs away anyways, with a purple cloak streaming behind her.

    Wolves attack. She can’t hold them all off. 

    The Red Hood makes an appearance, saving her life. 

    The Pit rage comes back, he almost couldn’t protect her. Suddenly her broken body gets replaced with, little Timbo’s, babybat’s, his dad’s, Big Wing’s, and Cass’. All gone because he couldn’t control himself. The depression returns full force. 

    He barricades himself in his room. 

    Steph punches the punching bag, often. She knows she fucked up. She misses her mentor. Things deteriorate.

    The orange rose petals are almost out. 

    Jason, unable to stand the sight of Steph after associating her with his family, sends a carriage for her to take home, gives her weapons to stand up for herself easier. 

    Steph, split worried between her mother and Jason, takes the opportunity to go home, as Jason will have Alfred, but her mom has nobody. 

    She gets home to try to protect her mother, and her father captures her and puts her in a shock color that is programmed to send a jolt of electricity each time he presses the button. (Aka when she disobeys)

    Arthur Brown, annoyed that she had been protected from him for that long, and dismayed that she had learned to fight, (That punch to his face was beautiful Steph, the whole Batfam is proud.) Decides to storm Wayne castle. 

    Mrs. Brown (’cause I still don’t know her name) notices Steph looking troubled and tells her to escape and send a warning to her new family. 

    Steph denies the family part twice before her mom shuts her up with a look and pretty much said, “Steph, he’s like, your perfect older brother. You guys even have nicknames.”

    Steph realizes she’s right.

    Steph disables collar and runs toward the manor, taking the conveniently located, super secret passage. 

    (She didn’t take it home initially because she didn’t know, then Alfred told her after the wolf attack, but it wasn’t an emergency because Jason prepped a carriage.)

    So Steph arrives as her father does, he is still the better fighter, so Jason goes up against Arthur Brown as Steph and the furniture/servants take out the mob. 

    As they are fighting, it is, of course, the perfect time for a heart-to-heart. 

    “Why did you come back?/Why did you avoid me?”

    “I can’t lose my brother!/I can’t stand seeing my family hurting!”



    Arthur Brown gets a lucky hit in when the two are dramatically confessing their new familial bonds. 

    Jason falls.

    Arthur gloats. 

    Steph knocks him the fuck out. (Heartwarming)

    Steph then bear hugs Jason, Jason pecks her forehead. 

    Swirl of magic...

    The servants turn human, the Waynes resolidify. There is a beautiful reunion. Oh, Jason also rebecomes human. (Meh) 


    As Tim is reforming, Dick shoves him towards Steph. All the bats think a blushing Tim would be hilarious. 

    He ends up a little to close.

    Steph seeing a person she does not know directly in her personal space. Promptly bends down and yeets the brick she is holding. (Mwahahaha)

    It was the start of a beautiful romance for the ages. 

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  • sylvctica
    16.06.2021 - 10 hours ago
    urge to send sylvie into inboxes to tell friends that they love them
    #[ affection gremlin.... ] #[ sylvie uses 'i love you' pretty liberally but they do genuinely mean it (platonically) ] #AID TALKS.
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  • criminal-oreo
    16.06.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #friends embarrassed? Heh #Not on my watch #Friends embarrassed on my blog? #Illegal I'm takin ya to platonic love jail 🧚‍♂️💗✨ #Saccharo Replies
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  • honeydewmelo
    15.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    I just want you to take the blue line with me. Up to the lake with the sand. And on the way, I'll get down on one knee and propose to you with yet another friendship bracelet. I want to ask, "Will you grow old with me?" I want you to say, "yes." And then I'll pull you with me as I escape to the next stop & buy us fries and strawberry milkshakes. And when we get to the beach, I'll keep catching you crabs until your face hurts from smiling.

    #@ ten #i just really love her #(platonically) #and she's a friend i want to grow old with #i think she'd hate seeing all the crabs #but she would still smile and laugh at me #and have a good time #bc she's obnoxious in the best way #cool. #alterous attraction#platonic love#strawbb milkshake #love letter motherfuckers! #i am so very much in love with the way trains feel
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  • redtedtexas
    15.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    God my love language is weird


    No kisses, no talking, just presents, shopping together, and a head on your back with no explination

    Cat behaviour - I will be affectionate in my own way on my own terms thanks

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  • sakuranoumi
    15.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Fandom: Shaman King

    Pairing: HaoxAnna (can also be read platonic)

    Word Count: 505

    Prompt: Seeking Solace

    They said some thing are better left unknown, and that seeking answers will only lead to heartbreak. She shouldn't care. It shouldn't matter, yet she wanted to know. She wanted to know who the people are that couldn't spare her the time of day.

    “It's not worth it,” Hao told her, with eyes so deep a full of pain. “It will only make it hurt more.”

    “Your mother loved you,” Anna hissed in frustration. Lashed out with anger and hurt. “She didn't leave you on purpose.”

    “No,” Hao agreed, not flinching at the sting her words had held, but instead reaching out and holding her wrist like an anchor. “But my father did. He couldn't love us because of what I saw. It was easier to walk away. To let the words of the villagers who call my mother a fox and I her demon child to echo throughout the land.”

    “So I'm a demon child,” Anna challenged, her eyes swirling with hurt and anger.

    “No,” Hao corrected, “None of us are, but the world doesn't love what it can't understand. They're better off gone. Forgotten in the past.”

    “What would you know,” Anna continued to fight refusing to give in. Refusing to be wrong.

    “I know because I felt the same way. If my father hadn't have left then maybe my mom would have still been alive. I've shunned everyone because the label the world gave us. I've locked my heart just so I wouldn't be hurt again just like you. But that's wrong and you know it.”

    “Don't bring him into this,” Anna hissed.

    “He's gone, Anna, we can't change that, but he'd want us to be happy. He'd want us to stop hurting. He'd want us to live the life he fought so hard for us to have.”

    “Let go of me,” Anna warned. “You can't replace him and I can't replace her.”

    “No,” Hao agreed, “But I think we understand each other better then we like to admit. Isn't company better then loneliness? Better then isolation?”

    Anna didn't answer him. She couldn't answer him. They stood eyes locked together until the tension eased from Anna's shoulders and she sagged with the weight of everything. Her head dropped forward as her bangs hid her eyes.

    “I miss him so much,” Anna stated.

    “I know,” Hao agreed, pulling her close.

    She didn't fight him. She allowed his arms to encircle her as her own arms found their way around his middle. She hid her head in his shoulder and allowed the tears to fall. It wasn't really about finding her parents. It was never about finding her parents. It was about finding her place in the world now that her whole world had been ripped cruelly from her hands, and in a place not even either of them could reach.

    “Does it ever stop hurting?” Anna whispered.

    “No,” Hao answered, holding her tight, “but you'll never be alone.”

    #shaman king#hao asakura#anna kyoyama #my soul demanded more hao anna #but for whatever reason I can't do Hao Anna if Yoh's alive #so sorry friend you're dead #again #but also this can be platonic #or read with a love triangle twist #this fic is so versatile and full of tears
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  • your--isgayrights
    15.06.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #ask#anon#not orv #this is confusing to people sometimes because i always identify myself as 'gay' when asked #all of my most fufilling relationships and my daydreams about my future are focused on other men #but i also know that im open to having those sorts of relationships with women even though im not really used to them #and then when it comes to those sorts of attractions sex with another person is just like never actually on the table for me. #i even think of myself as aro from time to time because i think that the greatest most powerful loves of my life have been platonic #relationships. and i love a lot of people so much that its hard for me to tell where that sort of love becomes 'romantic' for other people #sorry thats a bit of a tangent you didnt ask for the dossier on my entire sexuality agsgdf #yeah main thing is that i think exclusionists dont understand what being gay actually is and aces have the right to be who they are #decide their own ids for themselves and be able to be a part of the community regardless of other opinions
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  • bee-ships
    15.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Inspired by WX-78's quote on butterflies and the fact that I love teasing my friends when they say I am pretty.

    Taglist under the cut

    @goodhairclub @hubun @logixlight (lmk if you'd like to be added or removed!)

    #platonic ship #pla: flashlight batteries #i love the fandom-wide hc that WX is just the biggest platonic tsundere #it would rather die than be nice to the survivors #s/i: constant whisper #platonic selfship #oc & canon #oc x canon #oc & f/o #oc x f/o #s/i x f/o #s/i x canon #had to delete the close up bc the whole thing would re arrange itself :/
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  • princewithastrawberrycow
    15.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Me: . . .


    #platonically or romantically #i don't care #i just want love ;-; #lovecore#waaah#yanderes dni#yancore dni
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