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  • VICTON’s Jung Subin


    -cold, mysterious, guarded, cautious, cunning, ambitious, eloquent, good at flirting, sociable, sales person type, secretive, many kinks/secrets, confident (some people may feel he’s cocky), self-centered, dramatic, exaggerates a lot, selfish, greedy, opportunistic, determined


    -Prone to sinus infections and coughs; susceptible to pneumonia and lung infections and asthma

    -Prone to allergies (skin and food)

    -Will likely have kidney and gall bladder stones from late 20s to early 30s

    -Will likely hurt his shoulder, waist and back b/t 2020 and 2024

    -Will likely endure some sort of stunt/filming accident later in life

    -Will likely develop lung cancer in his 60s


    -Will likely have a shotgun marriage or one motivated by increasing fame/riches/hiding a scandal

    -Will either marry really early like 2020 - 2024 or 2040 - 2042

    -Will have 2 kids; one will be troublesome and cause a lot of trouble at school and outside of school

    -Will marry someone who is rich, romantic, dreamy, charming, pretty, slim, sociable, good at networking, selfish, self-centered, dramatic, good at lying

    -Marriage will feel kind of like a business relationship if he marries late; if it’s early, a responsibility

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  • ThIsssssss 😍

    © to the owner

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  • IF VICTON’S FUCKING LABLE CAN EXPOSE SASAENGS your fave can call out their fans toxic behavior.

    All shade all tea.

    #kpop#bts#victon#play m #the only lable i care about anymore #fuck bighit man #army#jhope#rm#suga#v#jin#jimin#jungkook
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  • seungwoo, wooseok, byungchan, and jinhyuk all with a solid chance of making the line up for x1 and then half of each pair suddenly dropping/leaving? and then top media and play m (formerly plan a) being the only companies confirmed to support disbandment???

    #x1#pdx101#top media#play m #im reaching bc im sad and i need someone to blame #pls dont take this seriously
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  • #Hoovy Baby Water Play Mat #Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat for Children and Infants #Fun Colorful#Play M
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  • A Rant

    I’m genuinely baffled by everyone who says Widojest is the blandest, most typical ship to get invested based on the fact that it’s M/F. Because let me tell you, shipping two skinny, conventionally attractive men of ambiguous morality? Is so bog standard for so many  fandoms that it’s a little comical. M/M ships, statistically, make up the highest proportion of fandom shipping activity, followed by M/F, with F/F behind that and anything involving any NB characters trailing behind. The CR fandom is no different, at least on AO3 (I’d argue we’re M/M - F/F - M/F over here, but I don’t have the stats on that, so take it with a grain of salt.)

    It feels weird to me, that Widojest Bad is the hill so many people are willing to die on. I’m genuinely curious. Hating a M/F ship involving two characters with no confirmed sexuality does not somehow give you Queer Brownie Points. If you dislike it, that‘s absolutely fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But you don’t need to justify that dislike - you can just Not Like something. You don’t have to find something #Problematic about everything you don’t like. And you can have reasons to dislike something, but if that reason is ‘It’s het!’ (Which it isn’t confirmed to be, because neither Caleb nor Jester are confirmed as straight), ‘It’s MPDG!’ (which it isn’t because the MPDG is a character trope, not a relationship one, among many other much better reasons other people have chronicled long before and much better than me) or anything else that tries to make out shippers to be horrible, problematic people…maybe take a step back and ask yourself what exactly it is you’re trying to accomplish. Because the only thing you are accomplishing is making people upset, and I don’t think that’s the kind of community any of us want to have.

    #Disclaimer: This is nothing against the above alluded to ship #Y’all have fun with your wizards #But maybe let people with different opinions have fun too? #And not call queer people horrible things for liking a M/F ship? #And not harass actors for playing their characters? #Just a thought #Critical Role #I’m going to regret this in the morning
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  • I’m walkin’ to your house

    Nobody’s home…

    Just me and you

    And you and me


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  • moonbin — 161204
    for anon

    #arohanet#moonbin#kpopgfxnetwork#mgroupsedit#neweraidols#flashing tw#*m#*gif#*astro#*astro:gif#*astro:mb#*live#*req #confession era camera was so jumpy tf #anyways ima go play persona4 again #i'll answer everything tomorrow!!
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  • I will sue Darwin Núñez for giving me hope on a not so probable promotion

    #that fucking goal? A M A Z I N G #boy you better play the next WC with Uruguay or I’ll riot
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  • so like if I watch haikyuu will it ease my anxiety

    #m. #I love kenma #and I used to play volleyball lmao so I like watching it #I need something nice
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  • image

    ship aesthetics [3/?] ———> Raleigh x MC (platinum)

    “you make me feel like i want to tell you things. i don’t know why.” 

    #im so proud of this for no reason #just the ~vibes~ I really like #platinum#playchoices#play choices#choices edits#my edits#raleigh carrera #raleigh x mc #m!raleigh x mc
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  • I love how you can just pull your hood up in AC Valhalla and blend in with the crowds again-

    #ooc#tbd #i think u can toggle it but i'm so exc ited to play the game o m g
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    #ooc#tbd #i ' m so excited #i already love this game sm - i cant wait to play it #viking lady hell  yea h #also going to watch the gameplay here soon too #i'mma so b #caps tw#caps //
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  • Anyone who says that Minecraft is NOT a horror game is immediately untrustworthy in my books

    #how are you not terrified of Endermen #how are you not terrified of dying in game #HOW ARE YOU NOT TERRIFIED OF THE NETHER #I A M #IVE BEEN PLAYING FOR A WHILE AND IM STILL SO SCARED
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  • why did my commentator just said covid scored

    #who tf is covid #not surprised he plays for tottenh*m
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  • ❤︎❤︎❤︎  Happy birthday Reiji!! ❤︎❤︎❤︎

    #utapri #uta no prince sama #kotobuki reiji#rei's art #i'm on an adrenaline high sai almost crashed #i decided to draw him bday art like 4 hours ago #puts song playing on auto in the bg #theres still 30 mins until midnight here BUT ITS WEIJIS BDAY IN JAPAN #HAPPY BIRTHDAY U OLD FART #I REALLY LOVE HIS SONGS ITS ALL SO GoOOOOD #i've lost my mind
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  • my ass seriously never caught until now that joel touches his watch when he drops his “somethin’ to fight for” line

    #m. #▒ » ‟ 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠. / ooc #i just finished my? idk 11th playthrough of pt 1? #u bet i’m playing pt 2 a 3rd time tomorrow
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  • god i think ive finally figured roofs out in sims 4

    #i’m stuck in the trash #please im late to building #i used to play for CAS only #but now im like #h o m e
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