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  • thequeenofpixels
    19.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Damn PB really did it, huh? 🤭

    The art is really good, though.

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  • kdelarenta
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ok so is anyone going to write LOA fanfics or do i have to?? 🧐

    #GSBZHZHZH#plz provide #i am begging my hands are open #playchoices #laws of attraction #loa#playchoices loa#gabe ricci#aislinn tanaka #clown.txt
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  • hopelesslydevoted2sprites
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Okay. What will Jordan Le be?

    A. A crazed stalker that is obsessed with MC

    B. A grifter trying to weasel their way into some sort of blackmail

    C. A person hired by Sofia or Robin to get the scoop on her and Sam to seize control of the company.

    Place your bets.

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  • dionneserrano
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the fact that y’all will hate a book so much but continue making posts about said book for notes is so fucking weird... get help

    #playchoices#choices #like idk when i dont like a book i simply say that and move on??? #this isnt about like valid criticisms either this is more like nitpicky weird shit #like tna is a smut book through and through i can guarantee u no one is reading it because they wanna read a shakespearean masterpiece LMFAO #not every book will be catered to YOUR tastes. remember that #just bc u dont like it doesnt mean other ppl dont and it just makes u look weird if u dedicate that much to ur blog to hating a book like #that #also main tagging cuz im bored and i love mess. ta ta besties #tldr let people enjoy fun trashy romances and if u dont like it move on its not that hard #there are tons of things do to while we wait for other fun books!! go take a walk read a cog idk write!!! please
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  • talesfromcordonia
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hayden Young's Outfits in Book 2

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  • hopelesslydevoted2sprites
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    What if Jordan becomes obsessive with MC “Hand that Rocks the Cradle” style? I will not hate it. Something to justify the unnecessary sequel.

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  • playingchoices-blog
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Not Robert also being from the future......

    #Well that explains why he got so suspicious when MC mentioned watching movies 👀 #playchoices#distant shores
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  • emmasumbrella
    19.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    even though we were robbed of a wedding in open heart, I made a little moodboard of Ethan and Josie’s wedding

    tags: @blossomanarchy @sophiexwithers @potionsprefect @openheartfan @queencarb

    let me know if you want to be added/ removed from the taglist

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  • yourresidentplayer
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    why do vampires' eyes go red tho? can't they go rainbow color instead???

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  • varmajackie
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    tna mc @ the twins be like not now honey your nanny needs to seduce ur parent first

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  • inacrowdofchoices
    19.06.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Rereading Bloodbound Book 1 with the Bestie Book Club: chapter fifteen
    #well that was an intense moment #and having read book 3 it really is a parallel to mc at the end of book 3 #bloodbound#bestiebookclub#playchoices#adrian raines #adrian x mc #mc: sage alvarez #play choices#pixelberry
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  • inacrowdofchoices
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Rereading Bloodbound Book 1 with the Bestie Book Club: chapter fifteen
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  • kingliamsbitch
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    omg omg so it's the first time I got a rebellious match in pm and it's the first time my mc is here (when your match is sweet Hayden takes mc to a romantic boat ride across the river)

    everytime I replay I answer the questions depending on my mood ig and I usually get mediator or mentor

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  • kingliamsbitch
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    do you ever be like lol this post is funny/good I gotta reblog this and then you see that op is that annoying person and you're like ew no thanks I'm taking that like back

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  • inacrowdofchoices
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Rereading Bloodbound Book 1 with the Bestie Book Club: chapter fifteen
    #ADRIAN AND FOREHEAD KISSES I LOVE HIM #bloodbound#bestiebookclub#playchoices#adrian raines #adrian x mc #mc: sage alvarez #play choices#pixelberry
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  • robintora
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago
    for anon who requested bb2 cover characters icons!
    #playchoices#bloodbound#adrian raines#kamilah sayeed#jax matsuo#bb mc#choices icons #thanks for reminding me how mfckn hot jax is. omg #his jawline.. YES.
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  • storyofmychoices
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Day 235 of spreading positivity with quotes and @playchoices characters. Quote in edit by Unknown

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  • checkurwindow
    19.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    MC: Life is meaningless and I feel nothing.

    Bryce: what?

    Ethan: MC tried to pat a dog yesterday and it walked in the opposite direction

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  • flowerpowelltales
    19.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    | Colt x Ellie | Unfinished Scenes |

    -- A collection of little scenes from projects I probabaly won’t finish -- 

    A/N: These are some random scenes I had written for Colt and Ellie for my old series The Dream Life of Ellie Wheeler, which I, as you may or may not know, decided not to continue. Since I had those written already I thought I’d post them here in case anyone’s interested. Enjoy this little Colt x Ellie silliness 🙊

    My Colt tags: @lovehugsandcandy, @brightpinkpeppercorn, @badchoicesposts, @mskaneko, @client-327, @desiree-pow, @kingliam2019, @sophxwithers, @delightfullypinkglitter


    Scene #1

    Ellie started regretting this. She knew it wouldn’t be easy but Colt deliberately made everything much harder. If she hoped he’d just leave her alone she was wrong. He acted like a child fueled by the desire to get revenge after someone stole their favorite toy. 

    Well… She stole his favorite toy. She stole his freedom. 

    After he switched her shampoo with her body lotion, after he added pink dye to her shampoo (she found pink hair to be quite pretty), ate all her candies she hoarded for the time of exams, “accidentally” dyed her favorite white dress when doing laundry (he claimed he wanted to help her; he just didn’t know you weren’t supposed to wash white clothes with black clothes) (Ellie however, found the no-longer-white dress to be going very well with her new pink hair) she thought she had enough and was very close to cancelling everything. 

    But Ellie wasn’t a quitter. Unfortunately for her, neither was Colt.

    Her patience was tested every single day and if there was a contest for the worst husband, Colt would surely win. 

    Ellie was really tired after studying all day for her next day’s 8 AM test and as soon as the clock struck midnight, like Cinderella, she went straight to her bed in the living room, not even bothering to take a shower. She managed to only close her eyes when she heard loud music coming from Colt’s bedroom. She sighed as she covered her ears with her hands. The music became even louder and Ellie got up. 

    “Colt,” she started. “Colt.” Now a little bit louder. “Colt!”

    When Colt didn’t reply, she climbed up the stairs and knocked on his door.



    “Colt! COLT!!!”

    The music got louder.

    “Colt! I have an exam tomorrow! Colt!”

    She banged on the door so hard that Colt must have heard her. She tried to open the door but he locked it from the other side. 





    “Colt Kaneko!”

    “Colt Ape Kaneko!”

    “Colton--” She was cut off when Colt opened the door; it was the angriest she’d ever seen him.

    “First of all, Ape is not my middle name! Secondly, I don't have a middle name--” 

    “Well, it fits!” Ellie yelled back.

    “--Thirdly, it’s just Colt. And last but not least, stop interrupting my party.” Colt finished, ignoring her remark.

    “Woohoo, a party with you and you only. What a dream team.” She rolled her eyes.

    “If you’re finished, I have better things to do.”

    “Me too! Like sleep, for example. But I can’t because you’re too loud.”

    “Well, that doesn’t sound like a me problem.” Colt shrugged. “Get some earplugs or something.”

    “Can’t you just use your headphones? I’m sure your party people won’t mind.”

    “This kind of music can’t be experienced through headphones, Ellie,” he talked to her as if she was an idiot.

    “I have an exam tomorrow,” she tried again. 

    “As I said, not my problem. But good luck to you, anyway.” Colt disappeared in his room, leaving Ellie dumbfounded. A few seconds later, the door opened again and Colt threw something at her.

    “There. You can use mine. They’re new.”

    She watched him close the door before looking down at the object she was given. 


    Scene #2

    “See you’re already in a wife mode.”

    “What?” Ellie looked up at Colt from her laptop.

    “Wearing baggy sweats and all. I think I’ve seen you in this Langston sweatshirt a million times and I’ve known you only for like a week,” Colt mocked her, having absolutely no intention of being nice to someone who blackmailed him.

    “Well, it’s not like I have anyone to impress,” Ellie snapped back and Colt rolled his eyes. If he thought his job was difficult, he clearly never experienced being fake-married to someone like Ellie Wheeler.

    To be fair, she did last longer than he expected. He thought she’d file for a divorce much sooner, especially that he didn’t plan on making her life easier. 

    “Still no dorms available?” He asked and Ellie shook her head. 

    “No. I keep asking but they told me I applied for a dorm too late. So it’s either next year or waiting till someone drops out so I can take their place.”

    Colt sighed. Ellie promised him to move out from his house as soon as possible but getting a dorm was harder than they thought. It’d been a month of them living together and Colt genuinely couldn’t wait to have the house all to himself again. 

    “We gotta wait then,” he said. “You can stay here a little longer… I guess.”

    “Gee, thanks.” Ellie chuckled. “I guess.”

    She saw him smiling slightly before he left the room.

    Scene #3

    “Ellie! Can you get out now?” Colt banged on the bathroom door once again. 

    “Just a minute!”

    “You said that thirty minutes ago!” Colt banged again, losing his patience. What was she doing there for so long anyway?

    “There, there!” Ellie opened the door and walked out. Colt eyed her up, from eyes to her toes. 

    “Ellie? I thought you were going to school?”

    “I am. Something’s wrong?” She asked confused.

    Colt looked at her and pointed a finger at her. 

    “Is that appropriate for school?” Ellie was wearing a dress. A very tight and a very red dress. And black boots. And make up. And perfume; he could smell lots of sweet perfume. Colt had never seen her like that. 

    “Yeah, it’s college, not highschool, and I’m an adult, not a kid.”

    “Your hair is wavy,” Colt noticed and Ellie rolled her eyes. 

    “As it’s always been.”

    “How was I supposed to know, it’s always in a bun!” 

    “If you’re done, I have classes in like twenty--”

    “You’re not wearing glasses. Can you even see anything?”

    “I’m wearing contacts! Seriously, what’s wrong with you?”

    “Where’s your Langston sweatshirt? It’s too cold to go out like that. Maybe you should wear jeans or something.”

    “To a dress? Geez, Colt, stop acting like my dad!”

    “I’m not acting like your dad! I don’t want you to come to me and be sick or anything! I’m just trying to save us some problems.” Colt yelled.

    “You are making a problem now!” Her phone rang and she read the message. “Logan’s here already. I’m going.”

    “Logan? That wimp? I thought you were going to--”

    “School, yes, we are. We’re in the same class. Bye, Colt, see you, tomorrow!”

    “Tomorrow?” Colt followed Ellie to the doorstep. “What kind of college is it? Classes till tomorrow?”

    “I’m going over to a friend to study for the night. You can have the house all to yourself now!”

    “Wait, is that friend Logan? Ellie? Ellie?!” Colt yelled after her but she didn’t answer and got into Logan’s car. Colt narrowed his eyes as they were driving off. 

    What would he care though? Ellie could do whatever she wants. So could he. 

    “You’re acting ridiculous, man,” he scolded himself. He pulled out his phone and called Mona. If Ellie was with a friend for the night, he could be with one, as well.

    Scene #4

    “Colt? Why are we here? What is it?”

    “Relax, Ellie. You’ll see in a second.”

    “It’s already eleven and I have an early class tomorrow so either you’re telling me why we’re here or--” Colt turned on the lights and Ellie saw where they were. 

    “Is that… a wind tunnel?” Her eyes widened. Of all things she expected from Colt, this wasn’t one of them. 

    “Remember when you, um, said one of your dreams was to fly like a bird?” Colt ran a hand through his hair nervously. “Happy birthday, Ellie. You can fly here for as long as you want.”

    Ellie turned to him, disbelief written all over her face. “You… remembered? You… organized this?”

    “Yeah.” He shrugged. “Stop making a big deal out of it, El. It’s just a birthday present.”

    “It’s not just a present.”

    “Geez, if you don’t want to fly, we can go home.”

    “No, no! I want to! Thank you!” Ellie hugged him and he patted her on the back awkwardly. “This is the best surprise ever! Do you know the owner or something?”


    “Colt!” Ellie exclaimed. “Don’t tell me we snuck into here illegally!”

    “I mean, I wouldn’t say illegally, but…”


    “Let me just say, if anyone notices that someone was here, they’ll know it was me.”

    “Colt! Was that supposed to make me feel better?”

    Colt smirked. “The perks of marrying a criminal. Told ya so. Happy birthday.”

    #ride or die: a bad boy romance #choices#playchoices#colt kaneko #colt x mc
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  • monsoonblooms12
    19.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Dancing with a stranger (Ethan x f!MC)

    Summary: It's a perfect evening, and they are both in attendance at the gala. There is a romantic vibe in the air, but she isn't dancing with him.

    A/N: This has been something I wanted to write for quite sometime now as Jealous Ethan is the comfort my OH drenched soul needs. Thank you so much @adiehardfan for your request of jealous Ethan, It gave me the push I needed to finish this🤎

    Thank you so much to @helloayz for Pre-reading! Love you💕

    Pairing: Ethan Ramsey X f!MC (Pooja Sharma)

    Word Count: around 2.5K

    Rating: General

    Category: Fluff, total fluff

    Warnings: 1 curse word

    Title Inspiration: Dancing with a stranger - Normani & Sam Smith

    The enthusiasm was in the air today. A clear sky dotted with a trillion stars, like whitish-golden beads on a purple-black drape. A few twinkle playfully, the others shine bright and strict. It was a delicately arranged handicraft of nature, with an aura of magic sprinkled in it. As blurry surroundings fly past her, her gaze focuses intently towards the light-ridden sky, vague lights gleaming in her irises, as she is lost in a childlike enigma of what lies beyond the reach of her hands.

    The silver of the wheels of her ride circle in a hypnotizing motion, as she lay carefree in the comfortable quiet that inhabits the interior. It was a perfect relaxation after the busy week she had, new business deals signed and the progress of the ongoing projects crossing their marks under her efficient leadership. She was a lady of minimal talks and fixed focus, so socializing was never on the charts for her. Just a few drinks and a few flirtings.

    Time ticks and yards to the venue become lesser and lesser until their existence is seized. With an almost soundless stop, the car comes to a halt. The black of its door gleams gleefully in the majestic setting. One pencil heeled foot comes down, followed by the other. Her tall stature increased by a few inches, she walks in through the mahogany doors with a sophisticated gait.

    Celeste Macmillan, co-owner, Macmillan house of fashion, Los Angeles, USA. A big name like hers, carry a lot of weight with them. One mistake, that's all it takes for the house of cards they put together with years of pain and sweat to crumple and demolish. And that is something she always keeps in mind. Every occasion which has her in attendance always shines brighter than the others. If one had to pick a single word instead of verbose descriptions for her, it would be pulchritudinous.

    The clicks and clacks of her Louboutin form a monotonous rhythm as she walks down the flamboyant hallway, an indication that no mark had been set on the expenditure for the decorations of the venue. Filthy rich is an understatement when it comes to Leland Bloom.

    Finally, her steps slow down before they pause completely. Guards check her invite, before giving her a warm bow and signaling her to enter inside. There is a stark contrast between the atmosphere of the interior and the exterior, so sharp that one could draw a line at the place where the shift happens.

    In multichromatic lights masterfully placed to make the hall glow like heaven in the evening dim, gentlemen and ladies dressed in exquisite couture laugh and converse, faces luculent. A string orchestra sits at one of the edges of the room, the mellifluous tunes played by them floating softly in the surroundings. Moved by the beauty of the place, a comely smile brightens her face.

    As her green-gold orbs drift from out of the dreamy hues around her, it catches her eye that every gaze in the room was on her. Some appreciative, some awestruck, some intrigued. A hush fell over as people whispered either appreciatively or in the discussion of something. To be the center of attention in such a high profile fiesta, wasn't the first for her. But yet it baffled her every time.

    The elegant ruffles of her ensemble shine in their golden glory as she strides forward. And as soon as she does, she is caught up in blithe conversations with a variety of people, topics ranging from her fashion line to her brief stay at Boston.

    After excusing herself from the discussion of numerous paltry topics, she makes a beeline to the bar area to cool herself down after a month worth of socializing.

    And that's when she notices him.

    In a black tuxedo with silver cufflinks sparkling like a jewel, he sat with her back to her. Disinterest filled the air around him and his attendance seemed more of a compulsion than will. As she slowly, elegantly, passes him to take a seat, her eyes fall on his face. And like magnetic attraction holding her with a force much stronger than her willpower, she finds herself unable to looks away.

    She imagines if she has ever been fortunate enough to lay her gaze on anyone as handsome as the man who now drank in silent sips, lost in a world she is curious to know about.

    She orders her Dom Pérignon, never opting for anything less than the classy vintage champagne that rules her heart. Her voice seems to jostle him out of his reverie. He glances up at her for a split second, as if carrying out a search. Then he drops his gaze, his concentration back on the liquid poison his exquisite glass held. Sipping her own, she tries to figure out what exactly was the expression that he had quickly rubbed away at the last second.

    After a few seconds of gear turning in her cerebrum, she finally figures it. It was... Disappointment.

    She couldn't comprehend whether to be perplexed or upset at the revelation.

    Celeste contemplates starting a colloquy. Turning pages in the book of her brain, she tries to decide on a topic that isn't featureless. But before she can make a move, she felt a shift in her surroundings. Another aura of silence formed and she could tell that someone who was not her, had become the cynosure of the fête.

    It felt like a prophecy of the universe that the events that follow look like an exact replay of her entry, the only change being the one who caused it. Dressed in an ethereal oxford blue gown, delicate work of aureate sequins painting a gorgeous pattern on it, the lady looked charismatic. Her walk graceful, she held a poise Celeste hadn't seen in a long time. As her head turns, brown locks dancing delicately, she could clearly see the reason why everyone was enamored with her.

    But realization and acceptance were two different things. Celeste Macmillan had never accepted defeat. She had realized it, but to accept it? Impossible. To accept that the woman who now stood amidst a congregation of onlookers dazzled brighter than her, was a defeat for her.

    Determined, she turns her head away from the direction she had been gazing at, only to find the gorgeous stranger beside her looking in that very direction. Her eyes widened in surprise. Clear in her memory, she knew he had not even bothered to look up when it was her. What was different this time?

    "Would you like a refill, Dr Ramsey?" The bartender asks all of a sudden, bringing her back to the present from her train of thought. The man simply nods.

    Dr Ramsey, why was the name so familiar?

    As the names shuffle in her mind, she also notices the woman in blue making her way towards them. Then she stops on her track. Standing in clear view, her amber eyes shift between the two of them. And then it strikes her. Dr Ramsey, was the leader of the famous diagnostic team at Edenbrook, wasn't he? Yes, it was Ethan Ramsey. Dr Ethan Ramsey.

    Ethan Ramsey, she remembers, has always been know for two things (apart from his dashing looks, that is). Número Uno was his medical research and Número Dos was his stoicism. The stoicism presented itself as clearly as the waters of Peyto Lake. And yet none of these facts gave her the answer as to why he displayed a vagary when the woman came in.

    Head still muddled with a haze of confusion, she turns back to find the young lady smiling to herself at the same spot, clearly amused. As she turns, her smile turns into a smirk, and if one is a masterful observer, they can undoubtedly make out the vague lines of a plan forming in her mind. She swiftly strides to the vivacious crowd, determined to put the said plot into execution.

    This is what you are doing now? Her mind kept cajoling her out of the piqued interest with which she watched the lady in blue. But it was too late now. She felt like she had begun watching a film just to convince herself that it was bad, but in the end, it grabbed so much of her attention that tearing away from how scenes unfold was next to impossible.

    As the symphony continued to enrapture everyone's hearts, people began pairing up for the dance. With every twirl of embroidered skirts, the cheer in the hall appeared to increase exponentially. Merry laughs filled the gaps between the music as soft kisses were laid by the partners on each other.

    In the center, looking as enigmatic as ever, was the lady in blue with her dance partner. Her twirls synchronized with the tunes, she laughs at a stupid joke the man holding her by the waist utters.

    And as she watches them, she also senses Ethan Ramsey, looking at the two of them, mostly the man, with the gaze of a predator. As the man tries to kiss her, she skillfully averts it with an elegant dance move. But at this very moment, Celeste hears her acquaintance let out a slow growl, his jaw tightened dangerously. The way he gripped his glass very well suggested just a few more newtons of force and what would be left of it was tiny shreds shining like tears.

    Ethan Ramsey's eyes do not leave the woman and her partner for a split second, with every twirl, every smile, his hold on his drink growing tighter and tighter. The frown that stands majestically as the permanent resident of his forehead grows deeper with every passing minute.

    This time Celeste easily pinpoints the two expressions vividly visible on her features. One was anger at the man's audacity and the other... Jealousy.

    When he put on his best tux for the evening, he hadn't expected it to go as incredibly as it was going now. His dance partner, looking like an epitome of beauty, swayed nonchalantly, as the luminescence made her the most perfect being he had ever laid his eyes on. Love, at first sight, was a thing, wasn't it? That is what was happening to him. The urge to kiss her, intensified every time he laid his eyes on her.

    Pooja Sharma, the name as beautiful as her expertly styled dark brown hair, was the one he wished to recite over and over again like a poem. As the dance move prompted her to move close to him, he leaned in again, determined not to miss his mark this time. But again all he could touch were those locks of hers. But this motion of his had caused a separate cascade of motions he was blissfully unaware of.

    Rehan smiled to himself, as he pulled her close but the very moment he did so a loud slam! was clearly heard from the bar area. He was more than eager to ignore it, but his partner not so much. Her eyes drifted in the direction, and soon her bewildered expression was replaced by that of amusement.

    God, this woman is gorgeous! His heart chanted in a sing-song manner. There was nothing that could take his attention off of her, not even the crystal clear taps of the heel that emerged from the background. As he decided on starting another conversation with the maiden, a loud, rude cough interrupted him.

    Both of them turned in his direction and he foolishly let go of her. As soon as he did, the man took her by the waist and pulled her close, in a motion so swift that caught both her and Rehan by surprise.

    What an asshole! "Excuse me," Rehan began, determined to make the fact clear to him, "the woman whom you are holding by the waist is MY dance partner" he cocked his eyebrow, folding his arms to stand his ground.

    The man chuckles, but the expression is soon replaced by a frown. "She WAS your dance partner, she is mine now" Pooja looks up at him with a smirk, and Rehan is amazed that she is making no move to come back to him.


    "Do you have an objection?" The man almost growls, his tone firm, stature towering and a subconscious shiver passes down Rehan's spine.

    "N-No" He manages to murmur the words in a meek tone. What the hell are you doing? He internally scolds himself. After clearing his throat he tries again. "No." At this attempt, the word comes out consistently.

    "Enjoy your evening, Mr Colleymore," Pooja adds with a sweet smile and all his resolve falters. He stands like an idiot, gazing at her until another cough echoes through his being and he strides off.

    "Finally" Ethan exhales pulling her close to him. A euphonious chuckle escapes her and he is lost in her already. Her eyes clearly express her amusement as she struggles to stop laughing, and he cannot help but chuckle himself.

    "Has anyone ever told you that you are evil?" He twirls her, followed by a pull at her waist and then the whisper of the question with child-like innocence while his head lay on her shoulder.

    "Evil? I think it is more smart than evil. I am just talented, you know that."

    "You are impossible."

    "Isn't that why you love me?" She winks, and he finds himself striving hard to remember that they are currently at a public place.

    Resting his forehead to her side turned head, he basks in the moments of pleasure that come from being near her and being able to hold her the way he wanted without a constant worry of someone watching, keeping an eye on them.

    "Would you like an escape?" The question is posed too suddenly by her but the answer is crystal clear.

    "With you, I will go anywhere."

    Moving apart from him, she holds out her hand, "Let's do this, then?"

    He takes it in a heartbeat, "Of course." And the both of them run out of the hall, hand in hand bidding goodbye to the flamboyant hues of the majestic hall.

    As they reach the garden, their hands move to their destined positions with practiced ease. Hers around his neck and his around her waist. They sway under the silvery moonbeams, basking in serenity as their gaze never leaves the other. An invisible vinyl plays inaudible tunes to which they dance, too lost in each other.

    "You know," Pooja speaks, after the minutes of comfortable silence envelope them, "Jealousy is a beautiful color on you. I should do it more often." She winks, before breaking into laughter.

    Ethan holds a stoic façade, as he nods his head disapprovingly. She falls silent.

    "Don't do that. I would hate to make such an embarrassment of those pompous people once again."

    This time, both of their laughs are in sync, as they hold each other close. The next moment, they melt into a kiss, their hearts beating together in the rhythm of their love.

    PS: If you are reading this, I am very grateful for you. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day🤎

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