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  • smallmouthfrog
    22.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Mrs SMFrog gave me a present!

    If you don't know Ruby Elliot then you need to check out @rubyetc right the heck now.

    If you've ever told yourself you can't do something in case you're bobbins at it, or been sick with anxieties, or lived with a cat, you will probably appreciate Ruby's view that "finding parts of yourself or your life in other people is one of the greatest comforts".

    Also, I believe in the power of being silly. If more people could be silly without fear of ridicule then the world would be a happier place.

    #Ruby Elliot#Rubyetc#silly me #the pound project #let us be playful all our lives
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  • winterrisen
    22.06.2021 - 45 minutes ago
    #tony is shorter by JUST enough for bucky to be a playful ass about it #tcnystcrrk
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  • trashyswitch
    22.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Shaun's Playful Side

    Shaun is feeling playful and bored, and pulls a few gags and pranks on his coworkers. Most of his coworkers can have a laugh out of Shaun's antics, but two of them find a need to get revenge...

    This was a fanfic I had written in a separate fanfic writing spot that I had for a few months to a year. It was fun to write then, and it was extra fun to edit and upload here.

    This fanfic is for @secretly-tword-obsessed. I hope you enjoy!

    It was nearing the end of the long work day, and Dr. Browne was getting ready to leave. As she was getting ready, she couldn’t help but reflect over the day. She reflected over a few different things, often having to do with the patients. But the one thing she certainly reflected on, was Shaun and his silliness today.

    Now, usually silliness wasn’t tolerated in the workplace. But Shaun kept his silliness under control during the work shifts. But when they were given free time...that was a whole different story today.

    For some reason, Shaun had been acting a lot like a mischievous child during his breaks. Whenever they weren’t in surgery, weren’t focusing on something serious, or weren’t with/talking about the patient, Shaun would do weird things like: -play with Dr. Browne’s hair -poke Dr. Reznick multiple times -placing zip ties on Dr. Andrew’s stuff -spam Dr. Melendez with texts And: -attempt to balance different things on Dr. Park’s head.

    Dr. Park and Dr. Browne saw Shaun’s unusual antics as a funny joke. They just assumed that Shaun was either feeling playful that day or trying to eliminate boredom.

    Dr. Park actually found it quite funny when Shaun would come up with things to balance on his head. He even went along with it and helped him pile books on his head. Then, a goofy smile filled Shaun’s face the moment all the books came falling down. Dr. Park yelped and looked down. “Oh no!”

    Shaun looked at him with a smile despite his disappointment. “It fell.”

    Dr. Park chuckled. “Really? I didn’t notice! Like, at all” He said, over exaggerating his sarcasm.

    Shaun pointed at him awkwardly like he usually did. “You’re being sarcastic. That’s meant to be a joke. I liked it.” Shaun explained.

    “Yes, it was. And thank you.” Dr. Park said with a playful bow. “Now: How flat is your head?” Dr. Park asked, picking up the books.

    Shaun felt his own head and fluffed his hair a little. “I don’t know.”

    Dr. Park held up a book. “Wanna find out?” Dr. Park asked.

    Shaun’s smile returned for a bit as he nodded.

    And Dr. Melendez happened to walk in as Shaun and Dr. Park managed to get 3 books balanced atop Shaun’s head.

    Dr. Browne would be thinking of something or reading, when Shaun would just start playing with her hair. It started with feeling it, and soon turned into uncurling and letting go of the curls. “What are you doing?” Dr. Browne asked.

    “Your hair is curly. Boing boing.” Shaun said in his monotone voice.

    Dr. Browne practically lost it when Shaun said ‘boing’ in the most unenthusiastic voice possible. And the ‘boing’ noises just kept going too. And Dr. Browne loved every moment of it. It was rare to see Shaun acting like this.

    Dr. Andrews was a little annoyed at first. He found the zip ties everywhere, somewhat inconvenient. But, he did get some humor out of seeing the scissors, even the scissors, zip tied together. When he went to the video capturing computers to find out who it was, Dr. Andrews was plenty surprised to find out it was Shaun. Though, he supposed he didn’t fully know Shawn outside of work.

    “Shaun, can you get me a pair of scissors and come to my office please?” Dr. Andrews asked.

    Shaun immediately smiled as the scissors part gave away what he wanted.

    When Shaun arrived at his office, Dr. Andrews was smiling and pointing to him. “I looked at the cameras...and found out you were the zip tie man.” Dr. Andrews reacted. “Now I’ll be honest: I was a little surprised at first.” Dr. Andrews admitted.

    Shaun looked down, feeling guilty. “I’m sorry.”

    Dr. Andrews blinked in surprise. Oh gosh- “No no no! It’s fine! It was funny. Especially seeing the scissors zip tied. That’s a classic.” Dr. Andrews told him.

    Shaun looked at him with curiosity. “Now, can you cut these scissors free so I can use them to get my stuff untied?” Dr. Andrews asked, handing him the scissors.

    Shaun nodded and cut the ziptie off the scissors. But when Dr. Andrews walked up to take the scissors from him, Shawn started backing up. At first, Dr. Andrews worried he may have been doing something wrong. But then, Dr. Andrews noticed something that told him everything:

    Shaun’s little smile.

    “Shaun...Shawn I need the scissors.” Dr. Andrews told him, walking closer.

    Shaun walked another step back and shook his head with the smile on his face.

    “Don’t make me come over there.” Dr. Andrews ordered. “You’re 26 years old. You know better.” Dr. Andrews reminded.

    “This is fun.” Shawn told him.

    “Oh?” Dr. Andrews smirked. “You want fun? Okay. I’ll give you fun.” Dr. Andrews took off running for Shaun and smiled wider when he watched Shaun turn right around and take off running.

    It didn’t take long for Dr. Andrews to hunt him down and get the scissors off him. Dr. Andrews even got Dr. Browne in on helping him. In response to that; Dr. Browne started tickling Shaun and soon got the scissors from the evil Shaun Murphy.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Melendez and Dr. Reznick were NOT happy with with the jokes. Morgan saw it as inappropriate for any time of the day and didn’t want him to do anything to her. Not only that, but Shaun’s poking almost revealed a secret that she’s always wanted to get away from. But luckily, it was only Shaun and her in the room when it happened. After that, Shaun’s hand was grabbed and he was verbally forced to stop.

    For Dr. Melendez, receiving multiple texts from a resident that just said “hi”, can make you question how useful your phone really is. Dr. Melendez had been spending some of the day questioning if he should either break his phone against the floor, or throw it right at Shaun’s face. Both seemed tempting after all those texts.

    Luckily, that hasn’t happened yet...

    Fast forwarding to after work, Dr. Browne was closing her locker when Dr. Reznick bursted through the locker room door. “I swear, I am going to KILL SHAUN!” Dr. Reznick yelled.

    “Holy shit! What did he do to you?” Dr. Browne asked, both surprised and amused by her reaction to a harmless prank.

    “He kept poking me without stopping! It took me 5 tries to get him to permanently stop!” Dr. Reznick yelled.

    Dr. Browne just giggled at her.

    “Why are you laughing? Getting poked all day is NOT! FUNNY!” Dr. Reznick yelled.

    “Come on, Morgan. He’s just trying to have some fun.” Dr. Browne defended with a smile on her face.

    “Ha! Fun? You call “getting poked constantly” fun?” Dr. Reznick argued.

    “Yes. It sounds a bit better than what he did to me. He kept playing with my hair and calling it bouncy.” Dr. Browne said.

    “Well...your hair is bouncy...” Dr. Reznick muttered under her breath.

    Suddenly, Dr. Melendez bursted into the room.

    “I did it! I worked up the courage to throw my phone at Shaun.” Dr. Melendez cheered.

    Dr. Reznick cheered with him. “Yeah! That’ll show him!”

    “What?! Why the hell would you do that?” Dr. Browne asked angrily.

    “He kept spamming my phone with pointless texts!” Dr. Melendez yelled.

    Dr. Browne laughed at her boss’s reaction.

    Soon, Dr. Andrews walked into the locker room, holding a big pile of cut zip ties. “I found out who the Zip Tie Man is.” Dr. Andrews said with a laugh. “And the scissors stealer! Don’t ever give Shawn any office scissors again. He’ll run away with them.” Dr. Andrews told them.

    Dr. Melendez bursted out laughing at that. “And here I am, giving the guy a scalpel and my phone number!” Dr. Melendez reacted.

    Dr. Andrews blinked in surprise. “Wait...I wasn’t the only one zip tied?” Dr. Andrews asked.

    “Yes, but you weren’t the only one getting pranked or messed with.” Dr. Browne told him.

    “I got poked constantly.” Dr. Reznick told him.

    Dr. Melendez rolled his eyes. “I was spammed with texts.”

    “And I had my hair played with. Which, it actually felt nice! He’s very gentle with people’s hair.” Dr. Browne told them.

    “Hey, what if we were to treat him like the child he was?” Dr. Reznick asked. Dr. Browne didn’t like the sound of this...

    “Like, payback? Okay. But how? He doesn’t think like us, so he could see the action the complete opposite from what we meant to communicate.” Dr. Melendez warned.

    Dr. Reznick thought of ideas, and started to think of her almost embarassing situation earlier. This triggered an idea.

    “Hey, I have an idea.” Dr. Reznick said as she walked up, before whispering the idea into Dr. Melendez’s ear.

    “Why didn’t I think of that?! That’s probably the most childish revenge I can think of.” Dr. Melendez exclaimed. Dr. Reznick smirked as she looked at Dr. Browne, who looked scared out of her skin.

    “What? Poking him to oblivion like he did to you?” Dr. Andrews asked.

    “Nope. Tickling him.” Dr. Reznick replied.

    Dr. Andrews smiled. “Oooooh! I know exactly where you should go for! Dr. Browne happened to be showing me this morning!” Dr. Andrews told them. “This is where you go:”

    Dr. Andrews took the time to tell them, and ignored Dr. Browne’s protests that ‘they weren’t true’ or ‘you shouldn’t’. But Dr, Melendez and Dr. Reznick were all for getting revenge. This was gonna be so fun!

    Meanwhile: Shaun soon left Dr. Glassman’s office and started heading towards the locker room. He opened the room door and walked in.

    “Hello.” Shaun said.

    “Hi Shaun.” Dr. Reznick said, oddly cheerful for being annoyed. Shaun noticed this.

    “What are you happy about?” Shaun asked.

    “Nothing.” Dr. Reznick replied. Shaun noticed many signs that said otherwise.

    “You’re lying.” Shaun observed.

    “No I’m not.” Dr. Reznick said in a sing-song voice. Shaun started to feel a mixture of fastination and worry. He looked over to Dr. Browne, who shrugged rather nervously. Shaun didn’t like this weird turn.

    “What’s going on?” Shaun asked.

    “Oh nothing.” Dr. Melendez said behind Shaun, making him jump.

    “Hello...why are you two acting strange?” Shaun asked. His boss and his least favourite partner were now circling him, causing him to feel more nervous by the second.

    “Oh, you’ve never seen this side of us? Kind of like how we’ve never seen your playful, mischievous side, until now?” Dr. Melendez said bluntly. Shaun started smiling a little bit.

    “This is about my playful mood today. It doesn’t happen often.” Shaun admitted.

    “Really? That’s good to know.” Dr. Reznick reacted.

    “How?” Shaun asked as he followed Dr. Reznick.

    Suddenly, Dr. Melendez pounced on Shaun, causing Shaun to fall backwards to the ground.

    “I don’t like the look of this...” Shaun admited as he felt his wrists get gripped by Dr. Reznick.

    “Since you’ve been acting like a child all day, we’re going to treat you like one.” Dr. Reznick said while Dr. Melendez removed Shaun’s shoes.

    “I know what you’re planning. It is not good.” Shaun said, attempting to struggle. However, Dr. Reznick was stronger than her appearance led him to believe.

    Before Shaun knew it, he began feeling ticklish sensations on the balls of his feet.

    “Hehehe! Wait! I’m sorry! Haha! Please! Hehe! Let me go!” Shaun begged, attempting to squirm out of his trap. Dr. Browne stared wide-eyed, as Dr. Reznick and Dr. Melendez’s secret plan started.

    “Wow! Not even 5 seconds in, and we’re hearing Shaun beg. We haven’t even started!” Dr. Melendez said, looking at Dr. Reznick before picking up the pace.

    Dr. Andrews chuckled from his hiding spot. He was recording the whole thing on his phone.

    Shaun was full-blown laughing now!

    “Hahahaha! Wait! Nohoho! Hahahaha!” Shaun laughed.

    “You know, Shaun, you should laugh more. You know why? Because I have never heard you laugh like this before.” Dr. Melendez explained. It was then and there that Dr. Melendez decided to start going for underneath the toes like Dr. Andrews suggested.

    “Hahahaha! HA! HEY! HAHAHA!” Shaun yelled, as his laughter grew slightly louder.

    “Oooh! Sweet spot!” Dr. Reznick proclaimed as she held Shaun’s wrists. Shaun was squirming even more now, and it was becoming more and more difficult to hold him still. Dr. Melendez noticed this and stopped for a moment.

    “Did you wanna switch for a bit?” Dr. Melendez asked. Shaun was breathing hard.

    “W-wait...no...any-anything but...that...the nails! They’re...worse.” Shaun admitted between breaths.

    Those words made Dr. Reznick immediately nod. “You know what? Sure.” Dr. Reznick agreed and let go of Shaun’s wrists. They switched spots quickly, so that Shaun didn’t run away on them.

    “Alright. Since Dr. Melendez had already worked on your feet, I’m gonna go somewhere different.” Dr. Reznick said as she looked for a good spot. She decided to try the top of his knees first.

    “Wait! Don’t go for my knees!” Shaun said angrily, before kicking Dr. Reznick’s knees.

    “Hey! Watch where you’re kicking! And for that...” Dr. Reznick warned before sitting on Shaun’s lower legs.

    “Oh no...” Shaun thought out loud.

    Dr. Reznick started squeezing Shaun’s knees.

    “Ah! D-don’t! Gahahaha! Stahap!” Shaun yelled through his laughter.

    “Aww! Is this too much? Here: Let’s see if this is better.” Dr. Reznick teased before poking at the back of Shaun’s knees.

    “EEEEEEKK! NOHOHOHAHAHAHA! STAHAP! THAT’S WORSE! THAT’S WORSE!! HAHAHAHA!” Shaun screamed as he struggled to stop her fingers.

    “Oh my! I think that’s a lot better!” Dr. Reznick teased.

    Shaun’s mind was going crazy! All he could think about was how vulnerable and ticklish he was! Not only that, but Shaun’s hands were stuck above him, which made it impossible to stop Dr. Reznick. “COHOHOME OHON! I’M SORRY! PLEHEHEASE!” Shaun begged.

    “Come on guys...He’s growing tired.” Dr. Browne tried to tell them.

    But Dr. Reznick paused and checked his pulse. “Nope! He’s fine! Aren’t ya, Shaun?” Dr. Reznick teased.

    Shaun had an uncontrollable smile on his face, and Dr. Andrews noticed this immediately. “Look at that man. He likes it!” Dr. Andrews reacted.

    “Likes it?” Dr. Reznick asked.

    “Aww, but that’s not nearly as fun…” Dr. Melendez reacted.

    “Yes it is! That just makes this situation even better!” Dr. Andrews reacted. “Right Shaun?”

    Shaun looked at him. “Ihi’m not tickled often. This is very fun and worth all the pranks.”

    Well, didn’t that earn Shaun even more tickles!

    Soon, Dr. Reznick decided to slow her fingers down, and give the boy a break. Shaun’s laughing and squirming quickly died down.

    “Alright. Where should we move to next?” Dr. Renick thought aloud.

    “Okay guys, I think that’s enough.” Dr. Reznick heard behind her. She turned around and her eyes locked with Dr. Park’s eyes.

    “Come on, let him go.” Dr. Park ordered.

    “And why should we?” Dr. Melendez asked.

    “He’s exhausted, he’s sweating, he’s as red as a tomato, and he’s struggling to breath without coughing.” Dr. Park explained as he counted with his fingers. “I think he’s had enough.”

    Dr. Reznick and Dr. Melendez both sighed as they let Shaun go and stood up. Shaun continued laying on the floor, gasping for air. Dr. Browne and Dr. Park walked over to Shaun to aid him.

    “You okay?” Dr. Browne asked.

    Shaun continued to breathe in deeply and rapidly, to ensure that he got air in his lungs sooner than later. He was letting out leftover giggles as he attempted to breath. Since he failed to talk, Shaun nodded in response.

    “Holy shit! You are sweaty!” Dr. Park reacted to Shaun’s wet bangs, as they stuck to his forehead due to sweat. Shaun smiled in response and wiped his forehead. “That was fun!” Shaun declared.

    Dr. Park turned around. “I- really?!” He reacted.

    “Shaun likes being tickled apparently.” Dr. Melendez said.

    “Huh...Looks like I have something to tease you about now.” Dr. Park decided.

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    22.06.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #Dog Pet Cute Furry Animal. Cute Animals Sitting Tunnel Pets Dogs Pets jumping into the ball basket Playful Playfull #Dog Pet Cute Furry Animal. Cute Animals Sitting Tunnel Pets Dogs Pets jumping into the ball basket Playful Playful #dog #Dog Pet Cute Furry Animal Cute Animals Sitting Tunnel Pets Dogs Pets jumping into the ball basket Playful Playful
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    22.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    That playful smile

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  • beardedsharkheart
    22.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Lorde explains 'feral' Solar Power artwork

    Her feet are bare at all times. She’s sexy, playful, feral, and free. She’s a modern girl in a deadstock bikini, in touch with her past and her future, vibrating at the highest level when summer comes around. Her skin is glowing, her lovers are many. I’m completely obsessed with her, and soon you will be too.

    “It’s my divine pleasure to be introducing you, at long last, to my third studio album, SOLAR POWER. (sic)"

    And she admitted she hopes fans will use the album as their soundtrack to the summer.

    She added: “There’s SO much more detail to come — a truly comical amount of detail, honestly. You can look to the natural calendar for clues. I’m trying to listen to what’s out there more, and the vibe I got was that you’re ready for this, that you need it. I want this album to be your summer companion, the one you pump on the drive to the beach. The one that lingers on your skin like a tan as the months get cooler again.

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    22.06.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #photography#love yourselves#self love #love your skin #playful #always a tease #sexy tease#sexy cute#flirtatious #thick and beautiful
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  • rainylover
    22.06.2021 - 17 hours ago
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  • rainylover
    22.06.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #photography#love yourselves#self love #love your skin #playful #always a tease #sexy tease#sexy cute#flirtatious #thick and beautiful #thick and sexy #thick and soft #thick and curvy #thick white girl
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    22.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Glissandro 70

    Released in 2006 on Constellation Records Format: LP Style: Avant-Pop, Post-Rock Influences: Afro-Pop, Math Rock, Synth-Pop Vibe: Playful, Colorful, Catchy, Warm, Quirky, Bouncy, Eclectic, Dancy, Sunny Musical Attributes: Loops, Rhythmic, Melodic, Repetition Listen/Support:

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    22.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Possessive mfs HAVE MY HEART avdkabd I cannot explain it, that shit is just so hot abdkabd

    #like hickeys are oerfect cause like on one hand sensitive neck go brr on the kther hand.... #getting marked tf up #like cmon now #and like playful kinda jealousy #shit hits different
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    22.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    i miss. park jinyoung.

    #🥺 i am listening to thank you again and i just. i miss his playful banter and ignoring birdies i miss him i miss got7 fuck this stupid #pandemic for taking their last uear under one company away and somw of their greatest achiebements #GOD our sold out thailans stadium..
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    22.06.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Just another day…. Thinking about you always… my nights are not the same, neither are my days. ❤️

    #can’t stop thinking about you #always on my mind #photography#love yourselves#self love #love your skin #playful #always a tease #sexy tease#sexy cute#flirtatious #thick and beautiful #thick and sexy #thickwomen #thick and curvy #thick white girl
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  • screeaming-into-the-v0id
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    It’s always Satan being the one wearing cat ears for MC or MC being the one in cat ears for Satan

    May I suggest: the both of them in cat ears for each other?

    #obey me#rambles #pet play but its the both of them thats the pet #am i doing it right #i dont think so but in my head it makes for fun playful sexytimes #OR really wild and feral sexytimes #my brain has been focused on satan for the last few days help me
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  • intheticklecloset
    21.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sibling Bonding (My Hero Academia)

    This fic was purchased from my Coffee Shop Wish List by a generous supporter. Thank you!

    Primary Universe

    Summary: Spring break has arrived, and Todoroki heads home to spend some time with his older siblings since Endeavor is out of town. When he accidentally reveals that he's ticklish, things take a giggly turn very quickly!

    A/N: YES I'm so excited to share this one! Earlier this year somebody suggested a Todoroki siblings fic, which I declined at the time because I didn't feel like I'd be able to do it justice. Later I felt more confident and put it on my Wish List, and now it's been purchased for your reading pleasure! Enjoy! ^^

    Word Count: 1,915


    “I’m here,” Todoroki announced without flourish as he entered his home for the first time in months, kicking off his shoes in the entryway.

    Fuyumi poked her head around the corner from the kitchen where she was working on dinner. “Welcome back, Shoto.”

    "Thanks.” Todoroki shrugged off his backpack and entered the kitchen, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He felt awkward, but did his best to ignore it. “It smells great. What is it?”


    He blinked at her. “You…didn’t have to go out of your way for me.”

    “It’s no trouble at all. It’s your favorite food, right? I wanted to make today special. It’s the first day of your spring break and you’re spending it with us!” Fuyumi smiled at him. “I want you to have a great time.”

    Todoroki nodded at her. “Thank you for cooking.”

    “Of course. Natsuo should be here any minute. You can take a seat in the dining room if you want. We can talk easier that way.”


    But instead, he leaned against a counter she didn’t appear to be using, putting his hands in his pockets. His first instinct was to cross his arms, but he didn’t want to come across as grumpy or ungrateful. He was truly happy to be here, finally able to spend time with his siblings without the presence of his father to ruin his mood.

    It had been Fuyumi’s idea. Endeavor was out of the prefecture on business, which left her and Natsuo home alone for the first time in a while. That, and it was spring break for U.A., which meant Todoroki was free to come over and hang out with them without having to get permission to leave the campus. Fuyumi had quickly arranged for this first day to be spent having dinner together.

    “So…” his sister said after a brief pause. “How’s school going?”


    A couple of hours later, dinner was over, the dishes were in the dishwasher, and the Todoroki siblings sat around in the living room staring at each other awkwardly. None of them really knew how to proceed.

    Still, Natsuo tried. “So, uh, Shoto. What kind of stuff do you like to do?”

    Todoroki knew what he meant. What should we do now that dinner’s over? He thought for a moment. “Well…my friends and I play Mario Kart a lot, I guess.”

    Fuyumi perked up. “You like video games?”

    “They’re fine.”

    “Well, we don’t have Mario Kart,” Natsuo said, “but we do have the latest Mario Party game. Do you want to try that?”


    Todoroki helped his siblings set up the game, then selected Yoshi as his character and proceeded to inadvertently dominate both of them as time went on. He won several mini-games and always seemed to get to the star first, no matter the circumstances. He honestly couldn’t tell if he was really good, or if his siblings were just really bad. Or both.

    “Jeez, Shoto!” Natsuo finally exclaimed after the youngest sibling got his fifth star – three ahead of Fuyumi, who had two. He nudged Todoroki, his elbow pressing into his ribs. “Give us a chance to catch up!”

    Todoroki giggled.

    The room went silent for a moment.

    “Shoto?” Fuyumi asked, staring at him incredulously. “Are you okay?”

    Todoroki knew he was blushing and he wished desperately that he could have held in his reaction better than that. But it was too late now, and he knew it. He sighed. “Yes, I’m fine. Natsuo nudged me and it…it tickled. That’s all.”

    Natsuo’s eyes lit up. “You’re ticklish? Really?”

    “Nat,” Fuyumi warned.

    Todoroki hesitated. Game forgotten now, he glanced between his siblings on either side of him and struggled to decide how he wanted to proceed. He knew they wouldn’t touch him without permission – knowing what he’d gone through with their father kept them from doing that much, at least. But he didn’t want to brush them off, either. As it happened, he did enjoy being tickled to an extent, but he’d never been tickled by family before.

    “I…um…” he swallowed, heart racing. What would they think if they knew the other half of it, too? That he enjoyed doing the tickling?

    Fuyumi reached out as though to put a hand on his shoulder, then stopped herself. “Shoto, it’s okay. We won’t tickle you if you don’t want us to. Right, Nat?”

    “Definitely not.” His brother was surprisingly emphatic, nodding. “I was just surprised to learn you were, that’s all. If you don’t like it I’m not going to tickle you just for the sake of it.”

    “I…I do like it.” Todoroki mumbled, setting his controller down, hoping that would be enough invitation for them. “My friends tickle me quite a lot, actually. It’s fun. As long as you stop when I ask you to.”

    Natsuo grinned, setting his controller down, too. “So you don’t automatically say ‘stop’ when you’re being tickled, huh, Sho? That’s interesting.” He poked him in the ribs again. “Cute, too.”

    Todoroki smiled, pulling away only the tiniest bit.

    “Fuyumi? I think we have some long overdue sibling bonding to catch up on.”

    She beamed. “I totally agree.”

    And that was it. The next thing he knew, Todoroki had been tackled to the floor, fingers digging into his ribs and sides and belly in rapid succession, giggles bubbling up out of him quicker than he had time to process. He squealed and curled up, but did his best not to push them away. He also never said a word of protest.

    “Aww, you really do like it, don’t you?” Fuyumi cooed, wiggling her fingers up into his underarm. “Tickle, tickle, tickle~”

    Todoroki yelped, his whole body jerking when she found one of his hot spots, and his squirming became near-thrashing when she realized what she’d done and continued to do it. Natsuo laughed, grabbing his wrists and pulling them above his head with little resistance, giving their sister full access to his armpits.

    Fuyumi dug in, smiling wide as her youngest brother tossed his head back and laughed freely, eyes squeezed shut and teeth showing as he beamed happily, legs kicking behind her. “Aw, is this a good spot, Sho? Does it tickle really bad here?”

    “YEHEHEHEHEHEHES!!” he cried, arching his back as she raked her nails from his underarms to his hips, searching for another hot spot. “GAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! CAHAHAHAREFUL!!”

    “I will be,” she promised.

    “I want in on the fun, too!” Natsuo declared, shifting so he was sitting on Todoroki’s arms, pinning them above his head while he leaned down to pinch at his ribs and sides, sometimes scribbling along his neck and ears as well.

    Todoroki dissolved into giggles, flustered beyond belief but still enjoying himself. Then Fuyumi squeezed his thigh experimentally, and he screeched with a new round of fresh laughter, shaking his head. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE!!”

    “Ooh, another bad spot?” she teased, squeezing gently, drawing loud laughter from him every time. “You’re really ticklish, aren’t you, Sho?”

    “I KNOHOHOHOHOHOW!!” he laughed, digging his heels into the carpeted floor. “PLEASE, IT TIHIHIHIHIHICKLES A LOHOHOHOHOHOT!!”

    “Are you still okay?” she asked. “Do you want us to stop?”

    Todoroki whined but shook his head. “I’M FIHIHIHIHIHINE!!”

    “Fuyumi, I want a turn!” Natsuo complained, releasing Todoroki’s arms and shuffling down to join her. “Let me try some spots! Don’t take all the fun of experimenting away from me.”

    “Fine, fine, you big baby,” she shot back playfully, scribbling lightly over Todoroki’s sides and belly. “Go on, try his knees and feet.”

    Todoroki couldn’t help the sound that escaped him at the mention of his feet being one of the next targets. He slapped his hands over his mouth the instant it was out, but it was too late.

    “Oh? None of that,” Fuyumi admonished gently, pulling his hands away from his mouth and down to his sides, straddling him, pinning them in place as she danced her fingers over his ribs, occasionally sneaking into his underarms as well.

    “I’m not getting anything here,” Natsuo said, squeezing Todoroki’s knees but not getting any kind of twitch or extra giggles for his efforts.

    “Then try his feet.”

    Todoroki couldn’t help it. He pleaded, “Behehehe careful, plehehehease, I’m reheheheally ticklish there!”

    “Oh?~” Natsuo grinned, pulling off his socks and scribbling wildly over his bare soles. “Are you, now?”

    “NAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! CRAP, PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE NOHOHOHOHOHO!!” Todoroki shrieked, tossing his head back and unleashing loud, uncontrollable bouts of laughter that had both of his siblings staring at him in shock. He squirmed uselessly, trapped under Fuyumi’s weight and – following that outburst – Natsuo’s as he straddled his legs and went to work tickling him like crazy on his worst spot in true brotherly fashion. “NONONONO PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEASE NOT THEHEHEHEHEHEHEHERE!! NAHAHAHAHAHATSUO!!”

    Fuyumi grinned. She’d never seen Shoto look so happy in his life, and despite his ticklish distress and the pleas falling from his mouth, he never once said stop, never once looked to be truly panicked. He was loving this, she realized, and it made her heart so full she thought it might burst.

    Laughter was truly the best medicine.

    “AAAIEEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOO!!” Todoroki suddenly screamed, laughing so hard his hysterics went silent. He shook his head desperately, trying to gasp for breath. “NO MORE NO MORE PLEHEHEHEHEASE NO!! STAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAP!!”

    Fuyumi climbed off of him. “Nat, get off, he’s had enough.”

    Natsuo complied, but he was laughing just as hard as his younger brother had been moments ago. “Dude, your laugh is the best thing in the world! You know that? Got a serious sweet spot on your arches, don’t you, little bro?”

    Todoroki curled into a ball, still giggling, still smiling. “Y-Yeheheah…thanks f-fohohor stopping…”

    “Of course. Wouldn’t want to go too far.” Natsuo ruffled his hair, beaming down at him. He and Fuyumi shared smiles with each other.

    “Are you okay? Let me get you some water,” she said, hurrying into the kitchen and returning a moment later with a glass.

    Todoroki took it gratefully, taking a few sips after he sat up. Then he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “You guys probably think I’m such a child.”

    “Shoto, sweetie, you are a child.” Fuyumi smirked, winking at him. “You’re the baby of the family, remember? But that doesn’t matter. Liking tickling doesn’t make you any less of a man. Or a pro hero.”

    “For sure,” Natsuo agreed. He nudged his shoulder. “If anything, we think it’s awesome. Right, Fuyumi? It just means we have a guaranteed way to make you smile.”

    Todoroki never imagined his first time really spending time with his brother and sister would wind up like this, but he wasn’t complaining. Not in the slightest. He smiled, unable to contain his relief and happiness. “There…there is one more thing, though.”

    “Yeah? What is it?” Fuyumi asked gently.

    He bit his lip, then glanced between them. “I like doing the tickling more.”

    They went quiet.

    They looked at each other.

    Natsuo jumped to his feet. “Crap, Fuyumi – we’d better run!”

    Fuyumi took his hand as he offered it to her, and they began to disappear from the living room.

    “Wait!” Todoroki cried, worried he’d ruined the happy feeling from moments before. “I won’t do it unless you’re okay with—”

    “Well, what are you waiting for, Sho?!” Natsuo called from somewhere in the hallway. “Come get us, tickle monster!”

    “You can’t catch us!” Fuyumi sang teasingly.

    That familiar fire flared up within Todoroki, and he beamed and leapt to his feet, chasing after them.

    Sibling bonding went both ways, after all.

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    My 3 kittens all have similar personalitys their top emotions are in this order - violent jealousy, gentle playfulness, sloppy bonelessness, and pure love

    #in that order #jiraya is the least playful but i think hes just insecure about being slower than his brothers he'll play alone till they come #tsunade will let me hold him the longest but they all like to be held for a long while #orochimaru is a gymnist when it comes to playing hes fast and accurate and can jump impressively high
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