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  • kavurur ateşim seni de beni de belalım.

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  • #playist #llegadora llegadora... #para cantar en karaoke #thaly ahora me voy a cortar las venas por tu culpa u.u #jajaja okno 😝
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  • Şuraya çorba gibi liste bırakıyorum bir dahaki sefer türkçe yaparım

    Lp- Dreamer

    Lp- Lost on you

    Zara Larsson - ain’t my fault

    Zara Larsson - Run my life

    Billie Eilish - All the good girl go to hell

    Billie Eilish - Bitches broken hearts

    Beyonce - Halo

    BHAD BHABIE - Geek’d ft Lil Baby

    Bishop Briggs - river

    Brenda Lee- I’m sorry

    Camila Cabello - cry for me

    Camila Cabello - shameless

    Cardi B- Bodak yellow

    Cardi B-Money

    Sam Smith - too good at goodbyes

    Adele - Rolling in the deep

    Troye Sivan - strawberry & cigarettes

    XXXTENTACION–everybody dies in their nightmares

    Chase Atlantic - Okay

    Chase Atlantic - Like a rockstar

    Chase Atlantic - numb to the feelings

    Drake- Fake love

    James Arthur- impossible

    Conan Grey - Idle town

    Nf- remember this

    Nf- oh lord

    Little Mix–power

    Ali Gatie- it’s you

    Sia- unstoppable

    Rixton- me and my broken heart

    Dua Lipa - Blow your mind

    Ariana Grande - in my head

    Ariana Grande - better off

    Ariana Grande - breathing

    Ariana Grande - goodnight n go

    Ariana Grande - imagine

    Ariana Grande - NASA

    Ariana Grande - R.E.M

    Ariana Grande - Fake smile

    Selena Gomez - lose you to love me

    Selena Gomez - Feel me

    Imagine Dragons- Whatever it takes

    Halsey- heaven in heading

    Halsey- alone

    Lana Del Rey - summertime sadness

    Lana del rey–love song

    Lana del rey - born to die

    Lana del rey - Pretty when you cry

    Shawn Mendes - In my blood

    Miley Cyrus - unholy

    Adna - Dreamer

    OneRepublic - counting stars

    The Neighbourhood - say my name

    Alessia cara - here

    Selena Gomez - Love Will Remember

    Jessie J-price tag

    Avril Lavigne - I fell in love with the devil

    Yungblud, halsey-11 minutes

    Taylor Swift - don’t blame me

    Lily Allen - fuck you

    Centuries - fall out boy

    Adele - send my love

    Charlie Puth - attention

    Charlie Puth - cheating on you

    Ebony Day- somebody else

    Iggy azalea - Kream

    Drake & Travis Scott - Sıcko mode

    Beyonce - crazy ın love

    Beyonce - Pretty Hurts

    Lady Gaga - Bad romance

    Rihanna - needed me

    Rihanna– S&M

    Rihanna - unfaithful

    Sasha Sloan - Dancing with your ghost

    Taylor Swift - The man

    The Script - Hall of fame

    The Weeknd - The Hills

    The Weeknd - party monster

    Unlike Pluto - everything black

    Willow Smith-wait a minute

    Julia Stone - winter on the weekend

    Yael Naim-lonely

    Zeina-ın my head

    Zhavia Ward- 100 ways

    Anna Clendening- I found myself

    Ariana Grande - Bad idea

    Ariana Grande - get well soon

    Bazzi - why

    Baum- this boy


    Daya- insomnia

    Jay laden-dear ex

    Demi Lovato - smoke&mirrors

    Desiigner-Tiimmy Turner

    Baum-dream girl

    Dua Lipa - don’t start now

    Zayn&sia - dusk till down

    Elvis Presley - Devil in disguise

    Halsey - graveyard

    Bruno Mars-grenade

    Halsey - Bad at love

    Halsey - hurricane

    Hozier - take me the church

    Icon for Hire - sorry about your parents

    Julia Michaels & Selena Gomez - anxiety

    Kesha - praying

    Kesha - woman

    Lewis Capaldi-Hold me while you wait

    Lewis Capaldi-someone you loved

    Lil peep - runaway

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  • If We Have Each Other - Alec Benjamin

    I’m 23, and my folks are getting old
    I know they don’t have forever and I’m scared to be alone
    So I’m thankful for my sister, even though sometimes we fight
    When high school wasn’t easy, she’s the reason I survived
    I know she’d never leave me and I hate to see her cry
    So I wrote this verse to tell her that I’m always by her side
    I wrote this verse to tell her that I’m always by her side
    I wrote this verse to tell her that

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  • CLICK HERE for the September 22, 2019 playlist

    1. Protomartyr - “What The Wall Said” (2014)

    I feel like a band this odd could only be from Detroit. Combining fierce and inventive punk rock with unique, almost professorial vocals and oblique storytelling. This song gives a good feel for what this band does well.

    2. 23 Skidoo - “Vegas El Bandito” (1982)

    Arty, borderline-pretentious post-punk from London, who tried to incorporate all types of experimental and world musics into some form of punk-funk. This is one of their more straightforward tracks.

    3. Jean-Jacques Perrey - “Cat In The Night” (1970)

    Early synthesizer musician from Paris, who made silly, “futuristic” lounge music that occasionally cohered into something downright gritty and funky, as is the case here. Co-written by Perrey and “Andy Badale,” who would go on to be David Lynch’s go to scorer under his birth name, Angelo Badalamenti.

    4. Cloud One - “Spaced Out (7” Edit)” (1977)

    This was an underground disco group led by Patrick Adams, who led a string of other disco groups as well. I love the wacky synth lines on here, and the repetitive nature of the song predicts the structure of electronic and house music.

    5. Garçons - “Critics” (1979)

    Three French guys, originally called Marie et les Garçons until their drummer, Marie Girard, quit the band. They put out music on classic “mutant disco” label Ze Records.

    6. Grauzone - “Eisbär” (1980)

    This band was from Switzerland (not a hotbed of musical activity to my knowledge) and in 1980 had a hit in Europe with this song. The lyrics translate to: I wish I was a polar bear, then I wouldn’t have to cry anymore. Deep stuff.

    7. Au Pairs - “That’s When It’s Worth It” (1982)

    Political post-punk band from Birmingham, UK. This song is from their second, less-celebrated album, Sense and Sensuality (which I actually prefer to their first).

    8. Guy Garvey - “Belly of the Whale” (2015)

    Guy is the lead singer of Elbow, a fantastic and popular UK band that’s barely made a blip in the US. They play what I call “adventurous adult-contemporary” — stoic and stately as British music often can’t help being, but strange and complex in a way US music rarely can be. This is from his only solo album (so far), Courting the Squall, built on a killer bass and drum groove.

    9. Yusef Lateef - “The Three Faces of Balal” (1961)

    This is from Eastern Sounds, an album where Lateef blended Asian musical scales and ideas into contemporary (at the time) jazz. I’m not sophisticated enough to pick up on it, but I like it just the same. Lateef played with Donald Byrd and Mingus, usually on tenor sax, but here plays a mean flute.

    10. Ava Luna - “PRPL” (2014)

    Buncha ringers from Brooklyn playing a post-punk/R&B hybrid. They’re usually pretty frantic, but here slow down for a ballad written by Felicia Douglass (one of the band’s three singers/songwriters).

    11. Marmoset - “Lost Days For Ways” (2001)

    Bloomington, IN minimalist punks, and one of the early bands on Secretly Canadian. They’ve been sporadically active since this album came out in 2001, which is my favorite of their releases.

    12. Antena - “Sissexa” (1982)

    French (or Belgian, depending on what you read) band led by Isabelle Antena playing a strange, post-punk take on samba and lounge music.

    13. Marcos Valle - “Os Ossos do Barão” (1973)

    Brazilian dude I ignored for awhile because he’s never mentioned in connection with the Tropicalia movement and that scene’s luminaries like Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, and Os Mutantes.  But he’s been around since before them (’63 to be exact), and he’s never stopped since then, putting out a record this year.  This song is from one of his sort of beachy 70′s albums, and apparently was the theme song to a Brazilian TV show at some point.

    14. Ronald Langestraat - “I’m Ready for Dancing” (1984)

    Spacey lounge dude from Amsterdam.  That’s all I know.  Sometimes my explorations take me down some strange paths.

    15. Colin Stetson - “Judges” (2011)

    Colin Stetson is a madman saxophonist of seemingly infinite breath. This song is just him, allegedly in one take, and the sounds are coming from everywhere: the sax itself, contact mics picking up the clacking of the valves, a throat mic picking up his singing into the instrument while playing it, etc. It all sounds like some weird lo-if techno made by machines, but couldn’t be more organic. Stetson’s now scoring films - he did Hereditary, among others.

    16. Jorge Elbrecht feat. Tamaryn - “Words Never Fail to Fail” (2018)

    Mr. Elbrecht is one of my favorite music makers of the past, at this point, 15 years or so. His bands Lansing-Dreiden and Violens put out two great records apiece, and after a bit of a break he’s been putting music out under his own name for the past year or so. This comes from his solo album from last year, Here Lies, and is a ballad duet with Tamaryn, whose records Jorge has produced to beautiful effect as well.

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  • artist - song - album/source    * = new    ^ = requests

    Tokyo Karankoron - Spice - Noon/Moon
    Atlantis Airport - To Aru Kaigo; A Certain Wolf - Rembrandt Rays
    Ikimonogakari - Kaeritakuanatta yo ~acoustic version~ - My Song Your Song
    Hammock Scotch Business - Pinky Moon Soul - Hammock Scotch Business

    Tricot - Melon Soda - 3
    ^FLOW - GO!! - Game
    *Pens+ - Toumei na Hako; Transparent Box - Toumei Na Hako/Caramel (single)
    arigarnon friends - Come back - Boy to Man

    Nujabes - Dawn on the Side - Spiritual State
    STUTS - Pursuit - Eutopia 
    *Crystal Cola - City Lights - Oneironaut

    Nengu - Kodawari Champion - PONGYARON
    DEPAPEPE - Letter from the forest - COLORS
    *Daijiro Nakagawa - ancient chords - in my opinion 
    toe - After Image - For Long Tomorrow

    *paranoid void - Redo - 01
    *Lite - Deep Layer - Multiple
    Rega - David - Among the flow
    Origami JP - Trains - Shashou Kara(Trains) EP

    Uchu Nekoko - Virgin Suicide - Kimi ni you ni Ikirareta; If you can live like Yourself
    SPOOL - Blooming In The Morning - SPOOL

    *Chirinuruwowaka - Triangle -  Taiyō no inu ma ni; In the Sun
    9mm Parabellum Bullet - Wanderland - VAMPIRE
    *a crowd of rebellion - Dystopia - Black_24:

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  • American Authors || Before I Go

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  • image

    Addicted to Tae’s vlive playlist, he has such good taste !

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  • [클래식 음악]Best classic classic/ 最佳经典经典/クラシック名曲ベスト*Happy sound*

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  • Mo Soul’s Playist Today (Part I)

    1. Yukihiro Fukutomi - Drifting

    2. Nitin Sawhney - Sunset

    3. Intuit - O Preguicoso

    4. [re:jazz] - Touch Of Freedom

    5. S-Tone Inc. Feat. Luciana Cury & Toco - Verao

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    fairy lights, ripped fishnets, black nail polish, disco balls, neon signs, movie tickets, concerts, rollerblading rinks, train tickets, black hoodies, leather jackets,  midnight strolls, glittery eyeshadow, slowly swaying bodies;

    • dean. pour up
    • the weekend. often
    • exo. she’s dreaming
    • nieah. no rush
    • miso. i still need
    • her. losing
    • exo. they never know
    • dean. foreign
    • chase atlantic. swim
    • bevy maco. so faded
    • chase atlantic. slow down
    • exo. artificial love
    • nct. 7th sense
    • owol. nuna
    • owol. when
    • the weekend. call out my name
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    • U’RE MINE - KINA
    • WAKE UP - EDEN
    • WILL HE - JOJI
    • OVER U - KESHI
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  • josie playlist

    1. lady grinning soul - david bowie
    2. new york - st vincent
    3. wonderland - caravan palace
    4. jennifer’s body - hole
    5. rage - rico nasty
    6. tous les mêmes - stromae
    7. amanda lepore - imp kid
    8. my heart goes bang - dead or alive
    9. sex yeaj - marina
    10. pynk - janelle monae
    11. charger - gorillaz
    12. hit and run - lolo
    13. oh klahoma - jack stauber
    14. queen - perfume genius
    15. pop pop bang bang - chantal claret
    16. slow disco - st vincent
    17. hey everybody - rubblebucket
    18. jumping jack - tune yards
    19. china my china - brian eno
    20. teen idle - marina
    21. formidable - stromae
    22. smack a bitch - rico nasty
    23. perverted girl - happy birthday
    24. savior - st vincent
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  • Tumblr I’m sad, plug me with your sad mood music

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    It’d be all swagger and mischief, music for the gym, for hanging out in parking lots, a cheap pair of headphones hidden under her hoodie.- if not for all the tragedy. Punk, some dark surreal indie, a smidge of horrorcore, songs called both “Punk Kid” and “Goth Kid.” Metric. Multiple songs about fightin - well, one is about pro wrestling. 

    Listen on Spotify  -  Track listing and individual Youtube links below.

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    #dragon age#oc stuff#fanmix#playist#oc playlist#halsa tabris #i feel like princess nokia might be a face claim for her #also the buttress lyrical content is very halsa #and it's got the mountain goats #i got a halsa and alistair one i'll put up later #i am doing this instead of writing
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