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    11.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Tfw you’re tryna squidparty but they’re someone going feral on the other team

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    PEACH BACK????????

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    11.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    the way i flinched so hard when dream fake that jump scare

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    11.04.2021 - 7 minutes ago





    LOOK AT HOW MUCH LIGHT IS IN XENOS EYES!!!!!FUCKING LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO MANY MUCH VERY MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IM LOOSING MY MIND

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    11.04.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Oh hope you know I’d kill you just as fast as I’d kill for you my love.

    I will be the last face you fucking see, it’ll be my face absolutely enamored with you.

    #yanderecore#yancore#lovesick#yandere#bpd vent #I’m going insane I swear #one small thing and I’m gone #I just want love and attention I promise you’ll get it back #why won’t you pay attention to me #am I not enough #have you finally realized I’m crazy and decided to leave #please
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    11.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    gonna get a job as a developer at twitch just to make their notifications fucking work and then quit immediately

    #why don't they just fix them #please
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    11.04.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    @ history4 how does it feel to have like.................absolutely no shame whatsoever asking for a friend 

    #that locker room scene..... #i just....... #nah#please#tw nudity#history 4
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    my dash is full of Pedro’s curly hair is this heaven aslkdjfmslfsk

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    11.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Fanfiction: Sympathy For A Downer

    Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/22737214/chapters/75525395

    Chapter 56

    Nick ran all the way back home while Arthur’s words were taking a toll on his mind. The more he heard, the more horrified he became.

    Stop taking Joy! Leave the town forever!

    All the bad things Downers would probably pester a Wellie’s poor soul with. 

    Arthur had never bothered him with that before and Nick had thought he never would. 

    What if Arthur was not the kind of person Nick thought he was? 

    What if there was still a bad side in Arthur that Nick didn’t see? 

    Why would anyone leave? 

    Why would anyone even not want to take Joy? 

    What was Nick thinking trying to live with someone like him? 

    What a fool he was! It would never work! 

    Heartbroken, he digged a handful of pills out of his pocket but stopped a second later. 

    What if an overdose loosened his tongue and made him reveal the whole affair to Morrie?

    I was in love with a Downer! Can you believe it? Ha ha, what a funny story!

    No, that couldn’t happen! He needed his senses!

    Back home, he prepared for another heart-to-heart conversation with Morrie, who must’ve been worried all day. And perhaps disappointed or angry or jealous or all at once. Nick was ashamed and regretted that he had to tell even more lies. He’d rather not talk about it and wished they could forget about everything that happened today.

    The house was quiet. He couldn’t even hear the band and went all the way upstairs without meeting anyone. Palpating the door handle, he hesitated, trying to look all calm and innocent, just in case his lover was inside. Instead, he found another surprise.

    Opening his door, his gaze fell onto a bouquet of Nightblooming Nonsuches. They bathed the room in red light because someone had closed the curtains and turned off the light to make sure Nick would notice. Nick stared at it with dismay. 

    No, it couldn’t be! They must be a gift from Morrie! He didn’t water Arthur’s flowers in ages, they must be already dead!

    Nick hurried to his closet and opened a door - the shelf was empty. He opened all the other doors, hoping that he got the shelf wrong - but in the end he found out that there were no flowers in his room except for those on his side table. Nick searched them for any sign, any message that proved them to be freshly bought flowers. 

    Finally, he sadly sank down on his couch, realizing that there was no way around this. 

    Whatever Morrie was thinking already, absolute silence would only make it worse. But also Nick felt betrayed. Why did Morrie search his stuff? What else did he find? His notes? His letters from James? 

    Nick’s heart beat faster while his mind imagined all the disastrous outcomes. 

    No,no,no, stop! Calm down!

    Nick pressed his eyes shut.

    Calm down, he only found some flowers. Perhaps he felt sorry for them, gave them some fresh water and put them on the table because he found them beautiful. Freaking out would only give it all away. Be casual!

    Nick took one last glance at the pretty Nonsuches that were actually a nice room decor and then went to take a shower. There was so much he wanted to wash off before he met his lover.

    Later, at Morrie’s room, he tried to knock in a casual way but ended up being too loud and harsh.

    Well, at least he would hear it.

    “Hi“, he said to a surprised Morrie. “Uh, I’m back…“

    “I see“, Morrie answered, looking startled. “Is something wrong?“

    “No…I don’t know…I guess I was a bit too loud.“

    “A bit? You almost gave me a heart attack!“

    “Sorry“, Nick said with his most apologetical smile. “Well, if you’re busy, I better leave you alone…“

    He started retreating.

    “No, wait!“, Morrie shouted after him. “Don’t be ridiculous. Come in.“

    Nick stopped. Morrie didn’t look like he’d make a scene, so Nick went along. When his lover sat on his bed and waved him over, Nick was thankful for the gesture. He joined the other man and lay his head on his shoulder.

    Now come hell or high water.

    “Norrie…about what I said this morning…“, Morrie began in a soft tone, “I didn’t mean to accuse you or anything. I don’t think you could hurt anyone. Not even Kitty. Please, believe me.“

    Nick now remembered their stupid fight.

    “Oh, Morrie“, he sighed and hugged him. “I already forgot it. I was so upset about the news…it had nothing to do with you.“

    “You forgot?…And your dreams?“

    “They are only dreams, Morrie. Nothing to care about.“

    Morrie fell silent.

    “Is that why you looked into my closet?“, Nick mentioned the elephant in the room. “Because you were searching for clues?“ 

    Morrie eagerly shook his head. “No, I’d never invade your privacy like that! I…I didn’t meant to look…but I saw that weird light…and I noticed the smell…I just had to…Then I saw these poor flowers and couldn’t let them rot like that.“

    It was like a heavy weight got lifted from Nick’s heart.

    “Oh, I forgot I had them…“, he casually said and laughed.

    Morrie now eyed him suspiciously. “Why would you put them in a closet?“

    Nick shrugged with emphasis.  “Dunno…maybe so I don’t accidentally kick them over…“

    “Who gave them to you? A gardener?“

    “No.“ Nick laughed again. “Just some fan…I already forgot the name. But the flowers are pretty, so I kept them.“

    Morrie pondered over that. “They must be really fond of you if they make such an effort to get theses flowers for you. They’re very rare.“

    “Are they? I don’t know much about flowers…“, Nick said, waving him off. “It’s crazy what fans do to get close to me. Flowers are the least of my concerns. I’m glad Virgil renewed the alarm system.“ He tried another chuckle. “But I can keep them if you like them…“, he purred and looked up to Morrie. It was a sight his lover couldn’t resist most of the time. Always looking up to the taller man, Nick’s expression was both adoring and adorable.

    “How old can they be?“, Morrie went on, unfortunately ignoring Nick’s hint. “Did you have them already when we met?“

    “Sure….“ Nick put a hand on his shoulder. “Hey, don’t rack your brain about some plants. I had them already, I remember now I watered them sometimes and then forgot. That’s all.“

    Morrie sighed deeply. “You wouldn’t lie to me, would you?“

    Nick’s heart skipped a beat. He acted upset. “Morrie, we already talked about this! I see you were angry about Kitty, what she did was really fucked up, but what’s it this time? A random gift from a fan?“

    Morrie shook his head again. “I feel like there’s something you don’t tell me.“

    “But what?“ Nick gave him the most innocent look.

    “I don’t know…there’s  something between us that I can’t get through.“

    Morrie looked so helpless that Nick began to feel sorry for him. His bad conscious woke up again making him regret that he did nothing but to continue with the lies, endure the burning pain in his chest and ignore the senses that yelled at him to stop hurting Morrie and tell the truth.

    “You know, it wasn’t there when we met again“, Morrie said after a short pause. “I didn’t feel that you were shutting yourself off. I thought you were sorry for what you did and would do everything for a second chance.“

    “But Morrie, I…“

    “Please let me finish, Norrie. It’s about us. You made me feel loved again. I even felt ten years younger at your side. I hoped that we left all our old troubles behind, but now it feels like…we’re going through the same mess again. You’re always gone and I don’t know where and when you come back you take a shower first…“

    “Hey“, Nick interrupted, “That was only today! And anyway, why wouldn’t I take a shower for you? I felt greasy, okay?“

    “Norbert, I’m not dumb! You always showered after you ’met’ one of your birds!“

    “And I never showered anyway? Do you think I never wash myself?“

    “You know what I mean!“

    “Yeah, you mean I was off shagging a fan because I took a shower!“

    Morrie shut his eyes for a moment. “Then what is it? If it’s not that, what is it? Sometimes you look so afraid and I don’t know how to help you…or is there something you don’t want me to see? Other times you look like you wanted to apologize and I don’t know what for. No matter how close we are physically I can’t get through to you. What’s happening?“

    Nick, who had blown off steam, felt sorry again. Morrie’s words hit him hard. Everything he did to hide all the trouble from his lover obviously failed and now he could only try to glue the shreds back together.

    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be distant! Of course I want this to work! I can’t imagine my life without you! I want you to feel loved, Morrie! I didn’t change my mind or anything…“

    He decided to stroke the other man’s back as an attempt to shorten the distance between them. Morrie’s gaze was mild, but nothing more. “What is it, Norrie?“

    “Uh…well, my entire life is changing again, I’m stressed out sometimes…“

    “None of that shit!“, Morrie blurted out and Nick backed away. “I want the truth! Just a tiny bit of the truth! Can you do that for me? For us?“

    “Morrie, I promise you…“

    “No promises anymore! This isn’t getting us nowhere! You keep promising and vowing ever since we met! I can’t believe anything as long as there’s this barrier around you!“

    Nick gulped down all the other promises and fell quiet, staring at his feet.

    “You could start with where you’ve been“, Morrie offered him, even sounding softer.

    “At therapy“, Nick said promptly. It came out quite confidently because it was half true.

    “And where is that? What’s your doctor’s name?“

    “It’s at the Health Institute of course. His name is James.“

    “James?“ Morrie lifted an eyebrow.

    “Er, Doctor James.“

    “Doctor James?“

    “Yeah…he and some assistants…I keep forgetting their names.“

    Morrie squinted his eyes. “And if I’d go there with you, they would know you, right?“

    “Of course!“ Nick put his hands into this pockets because they had started to shiver.

    “So, next time, we go there together.“

    “You don’t need a doctor, Morrie.“

    “You know what I mean.“

    “But…you’d waste your time. You’d go all the way to the Parade, hand me in, and then what? Wait? You know the process takes hours sometimes. Or just go back?“

    “All I want is to know if you’re telling me the truth!“

    “Morrie, look at me!“ Nick knelt down before him. “I’m clean! You couldn’t handle me if I was high…“

    It was the first time Morrie nodded. “That’s true. You didn’t take anything since we met…Whatever you’re doing, it works.“

    “It works because real doctors help me.“

    Morrie eyed him, observing the man at his feet who went back to his adoring look.

    “But next time you go there, I’ll come with you, alright?“

    „Okay“, Nick said without blinking.

    There was a short moment when everything seemed to be alright again. Then Morrie stood up.

    “So, it’s nothing? All my worries are a hallucination and everything is actually fine?“

    Nick got up, too. “I’m sorry that you feel like this. Perhaps we’re both stressed out. You didn’t have a band for a long time and…“

    “It’s not the band!. They’re lovely as always! I never had a problem with them!“

    “Really? We were fighting about a song again. You let it out on me, but you could’ve scolded them too.“

    “Oh god, don’t tell me it’s because of our fight. I regret what I said…“

    “I know, it’s okay. We’ll probably fight again. It’s fine. But I don’t believe it leaves you cold…You’re ambitious, Morrie. You really care about where we’re going, musically, and I love that part of you. I bet you’re already thinking about what we’ll do next. You were writing a piece, right?“

    He caught Morrie off-guard with that. His cheeks turned a soft tone of pink.

    “I…er…it’s nothing, really…I was just experimenting with something new and…No! Don’t change the subject! There’s something wrong, I know it!“

    “Just give me a chance! Maybe it’s going away! I’ll focus more on what you need, and you’ll tell me what you want.“

    “You mean, apart from the truth?“

    Nick fell quiet and did his best to look hurt. The pain in his chest had gone numb by now, but he couldn’t bear to hear his own lies anymore. 

    Morrie looked at him with a mixture of annoyance and despair. 

    “If it’s still there tomorrow…“

    “I’ll do my best!“, Nick said eagerly. “Trust me, it’s nothing serious!“

    Morrie let out another deep sigh and gave up. “If you say so.“

    Nick nodded.

    Silence followed, in which Morrie refused to look at Nick and Nick stared at Morrie.

    “Are you..busy?“, Nick asked quietly. “Do you want me to go?“

    Morrie nodded. “You need some time to think, right, Norrie? Perhaps you find the courage to tell me whatever your problem is. Or perhaps I find that I was only dreaming.“ He opened the door.

    Nick hung his head and left. It was probably for the best. Still, he felt defeated. 

    In his room, he crawled into his bed and under the blanket. He wanted to hide himself away, to vanish into thin air, even. Then all the trouble would be over and nobody would be hurt anymore. He was sure, if there was a problem in this town, it was himself.

    While his tears broke loose, he also felt a bit of self-pity. 


    He still felt betrayed. Since when had Arthur been planning all this? All the time he had played the nice Downer, the special Downer, who would never drag him down. Who had given his second chance a meaning that now turned out to be a lie.

    Nick had to admit, as much as he loved Morrie and felt loved in return, it seemed like only Arthur had given Nick Lightbearer a second chance. He hadn’t known his past and had simply loved him the way he was - if he had loved him at all. 

    Morrie always drew a line between Norbert and Nick. He preferred the first while he despised the second and to be loved, Nick needed to turn back into his former self - whatever that meant. 

    Was he really so different now? 

    Arthur had never compared him to anyone, with him he had been just Nick, and that had been okay. Well, good old times.

    Now he had to let him go. Just like that.

    What a payback.

    And with Arthur gone and Morrie almost gone, he had his punishment.

    If he didn’t learn to hide his secret any better, he’d lose Morrie too. He couldn’t just tell him he betrayed him with a Downer.

    Sobbing into his sheets and thinking this over and over again, anger mixed into his shame.

    That Downer…why did he even start it in the first place? If he wanted to leave the town, why did he bother with a Wellie? Lure him with a stupid present?

    Yeah, everyone wants to shag the Lightbearer, even the Downers! 

    And it was probably comfy in his suite, with food and shelter and everything! And especially when that drugged rockstar was stupid enough to…!

    Nick threw the blanket away. With a few steps he was at his side table. The vase felt cold in his hands when he took a swing and let it crash against the wall.

    The next day, he was awakened by a knock at the door.

    “Norrie? Are you awake? It’s already late and we want to jam a bit.“

    Nick bobbed up, rapidly blinking, and went to open the door.

    “Why don’t you come in?“

    “I…I thought you wanted to be alone.“ Morrie eyed him from head to toe.

    Nick assumed he wasn’t a very pleasant sight right now.

    “No, I was still asleep, as always.“

    Nick searched his drawer for a comb and then fixed his hair a little, while Morrie found the remnants of the vase. 

    “What happened here? The floor is all wet!“

    “I told you I’m clumsy with flowers“, Nick waved him off. “Who cares? Let’s go, the band is waiting.“

    He hurried out, not ready to talk about any of his secrets now. He actually looked forward to jamming, to care about nothing but their music for once, since he hadn’t spend a lot of time on it lately. 

    Maybe Morrie was right about his musical integrity. 

    But anyway, he would change that in the future. He would be a completely new Lightbearer.

    Downstairs, he joined the Make Believes.

    “Are you okay?“, Brad wanted to know.

    Nick cheerfully held up both hands. “Couldn’t feel better.“

    “Morrie, you coming or what?“, Chris shouted up the stairs. Nick looked up too, worried that his lover would think too hard about the shattered bouquet. But then he finally arrived and seemed to be fine. 

    The jam session was like a life saviour for Nick. He finally forgot time and place for once and merged with a world where he couldn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t even have a deadline. Still, in the late afternoon, they already had a song recorded. When they congratulated each other and their spirits were high, Morrie began to play the mysterious song again. This time, Nick played along and was glad to agree with his lover after all the trouble in the last days. The others soon joined them and for a while they got absorbed in the meditative, calm and thoughtful piece.

    After that, Nick had the feeling that a knot inside him had been opened was as at the edge of crying tears of happiness. 

    However, when the band decided to celebrate themselves in a pub, Morrie gave Nick a look, and his heart sunk again. Sadly, he told his friends to go without them and promised they’d follow later.

    “What is it with you two?“, Chris asked. “It’s like you’re playing a game we’re not part of.“

    Matt only gave him a pitiful look, knowing.

    “It’s all right between us“, Nick assured them. “We just have to talk something out.“

    “Just like every time“, Chris replied.

    “Now you’re being unfair. It’s nothing to worry about, really. We’ll be with you soon.“

    “Sure“, his friend deadpanned and went out.

    Nick then went back to Morrie, preparing himself for whatever the hell he had done wrong now.

    “Have you been thinking?“, his lover asked, eyes longing for a ’yes’.

    Nick was relieved that is was only that.

    “Yeah, all night“, he said and took a deep breath. “You’re right about the promises…I guess I promised you too much too soon and made you think I was already a better person, even though I wasn’t. And now I disappointed you.“

    It was hard to look at Morrie but he still tried.

    “I didn’t mean to lie… or to play with you. I was just so overwhelmed when you were at my side again and you even wanted me back and give me a chance…I wanted this to work. I didn’t think. I didn’t see how hard it is to turn back into my better self. I’ve been lonely for such a long time, I’ve been begging for attention everywhere and I just fell in love with people…I couldn’t help it. Now I see what I’ve done…again.“

    He paused, his gaze directed at the floor.

    “I don’t want to blindly follow my feelings anymore. I want to talk to you first, before I act. I really want you back. But I’m afraid you’ll need a lot of patience to deal with someone like me…“

    The tears broke out again and his speech ended with heavy sobbing. 

    And still, Nick felt a bit more free now, even though he was afraid what Morrie would do if he got the hint. 

    Suddenly, Nick was pressed tightly against his lover’s warm body and ended up crying some more on his shoulder. 

    “Thank you“, Morrie whispered to his sobbing lover. Then he gently lifted up Nick’s chin to look at him before he pulled him into a kiss. 

    For Nick, it was their first real kiss after a long time of lies. Later, Nick rubbed his cheek against Morrie’s chest while Morrie caressed his hair.

    “We don’t have to go if you don’t want to“, Nick said quietly.

    “I think they deserve to know that everything is alright“, Morrie gently replied.

    Nick nodded.

    “And I’m looking forward to be a team again.“

    „Me too.“

    They smiled at each other.

    Morrie gave him another kiss on the cheek before they went out.

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    ⚠️tw: mentions of “kill” and cult ⚠️

    Okay so there’s this news about a cult here in the Philippines

    They knock on the door and if no one answers, the forcibly take the windows off to get in, or they destroy the roof to get in.

    Anyways if they find someone they’ll kill them

    Most reports were centered around Misamis Oriental/Occidental and Cagayan De Oro. But there have been reports on other parts of the country as well

    Some reports said on some sightings they were wearing KKK outfits. And by KKK I don’t mean the “Kataas-taasang kagalang-galangang katipunan ng mga anak ng bayan”. KKK as in the white supremacist terrorist cult.

    Please please. People are getting scared.

    To my fellow Filipinos here, do not, I repeat DO NOT open the door when someone knocks at night. Because they will kill you on the spot

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    Asking for help to escape abusive home

    I know I don’t have many followers, and I’m not super active in the fandom I’m in. But, I’m really desperate, so I’m going to try anyway

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    My abusive mother has threatened to kick me and my friend out, but we have little money and nowhere to go. And I fear for our wellbeing if we stay here. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do.

    I know most of us are struggling with money in this day and age, and probably don’t have a lot to spare. But if you do, I would be thankful for even just a dollar. If you don’t, that’s perfectly okay, but please consider reblogging this post so others can see.

    This will help me afford food and gas (we have to get our own food separately from my mother and step dad), and maybe even get us a step closer to getting out of here.

    Anything would help, really.

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    I’m grateful to anyone who donates and/or reblogs this post. And one day I hope to return the favor to others who are struggling on here.

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    Send reqs. Send love. Send anything cuz I think yall are a bit shy. 🙂💛

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    Can someone give me a link to the fanfics that Namaari is a bot please 🙏😢💦💦💦 I tried searching but I always found Namaari to be the top ...............

    #im begging you #please #i need to see namaari to be bottom 🙏🙏🙏 #rayaari#rayamaari#raya#namaari
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    i’m never gonna be able to think of any of the characters the same way after this

    #please #im not ok #jatp #julie and the phantoms #britgate #also apparently aussiegate too?? #neverstraightno
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    •maybe it’s been years since i’ve genuinely smiled•

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    #he’s the best #please #what has he done
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    #PLEASE #I MISS HIM SO MUCH #georgenotfound#twitter
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    you don't understand... he's wrecking me so bad

    #jeonghan#yoon jeonghan #HE LOOKS SO HOT W A PONYTAIL NAKSKS #PLEASE#😭
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    captain beefheart trout mask replica nightcore

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