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  • underscorevix
    01.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    will the mafumafu tokyo dome concert be taken off youtube?

    #mafumafu #help a casual out #please
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  • im-always-estella
    01.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago


    #i just want #a healthy coping mechanism #just one please #i cant seem to find one that both works and doesnt fucking destroy me #i hate everything about my own fucking body #i wish i was fucking dead
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  • ajunkiemother
    01.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    In 20 mins it is my birthday I'm fucking depressed and alone and blah blah cash app me for my birthday$ashleynicole151

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  • jadeandquartzes
    01.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    people who comment on fics, you are the beating heart and soul of this world, and i am giving each of you a kiss on the cheek. mwah. 

    #everyone commenting on my recent cr fic please know I Love You Dearly and i have been rereading them and GRINNING #<3#jade posts#writing#jade writes#fic#personal
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  • bunnybokuto
    01.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    suna fuckers what is the appeal? why do you like him? /gen

    what is so sexy about him?? i’m trying to write for him but i just don’t get it

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  • soverina
    01.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    gonna go on an unfollowing spree; just a heads up. too many blogs that don’t interact despite my numerous attempts and I’m just tired of putting in the effort where none is returned.

    #ooc;;mobile#tbd;; #( please only follow if you intend to write ) #( I understand people have their preferences and friends they prioritize and that’s ok ) #( but I’d like to give my time onto those who wish to do the same ) #( so I’m being more strict about following now )
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  • bluedynasty23
    01.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    "I'll take care of you"

    There was something about your domineer that had Vergil worried. While you both where a fairly quiet and calm pair, Vergil could tell something was wrong with you. The distant look in your eyes and way you hugged yourself on the other side of the couch and not cuddled up next to him told him everything he needed to know. It's been a few days that you've been like this; Vergil originally thinking it wasn't anything big. You sat on the opposite side of the couch, knees hugged to your chest. You were looking in front of you at the floor but you weren't actually looking at anything.

    "Y/N?", Vergil asked. You'd been sitting there the entire day, not moving an inch. You didn't respond, still trapped within your mind. Vergil walked over, kneeling down in front of you. He looked into your eyes trying to see where you were. Vergil waved a hand in front of your face, you finally coming back to reality.

    "Vergil! How long have you been sitting there? Did you need anything? Should I be making dinner? Oh goodness is it time for dinner?!" Vergil squeezed your hand, pulling you from your ranting.

    "Are you ok my dear? You've been... out of it for a few days", Vergil asked. You sighed, squeezing Vergil's hand back.

    "I don't know Verg. I haven't been in the best of spaces mentally and I'm sure I've been a mess all this time", you say. Vergil thinks for a moment, trying to come up with anything to help. The devil was usually not very good with expressing and handling emotions but you have always been his exception. You made it easy for him to show emotion and express himself. Now to see you so emotionless, it hurt Vergil. Vergil stood, confusing you for a moment. He walked off, returning with a blanket that he drapes over you.

    "You stay right here my dear. I'll cook dinner tonight", Vergil says, kissing your forehead.

    "Are you sure?" Vergil nods, walking off to the kitchen. He doesn't return for awhile but when he does it makes you laugh a little. Vergil was dawning an apron that read 'kiss the cook', a joke you remember Dante had bought for his brother one Christmas. Vergil smiled seeing you laugh, a sense of relief washing over him.

    "Come dear, dinner is ready" You took Vergil's hand as he led you into the kitchen. Sitting there on the kitchen counters was multiple dishes filled with food. There was even a tray of brownies that was still cooling.

    "Vergil!" Vergil chuckled, knowing you weren't expecting such a feast. He brought you over to the dinner table where a plate was made for each of you, a glass of wine and a few lit candles sitting next to them as well.

    "Tonight I take care of you", Vergil said, giving you a kiss on the temple before leading you to sit. You ate in a nice peaceful quiet, soft classical music playing in the background. After eating, Vergil lead you to the bathroom for a nice relaxing bath while he did the dishes. Once done, he retrieved you from your spa, enjoying dessert with you as he read. You sat on the couch, brownie topped with ice cream in hand, snuggled into Vergil's side as you listened to him read some William Blake.

    "How are you feeling my dear?", Vergil asked, closing the book and setting on the coffee table in front of you where your now empty plate sat.

    "Better than this morning. Thank you Vergil, for everything" Vergil smiled, pulling you in for a kiss.

    "Damn! Get some Verg!" You two broke apart from your kiss, turning to find Dante in the doorway, coming home from a mission. The devil hunter was stained in dried blood, a stupid cocky grin on his face. Vergil sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose as you laughed.

    "Just go eat Dante", Vergil said, dismissing his brother, not wanting to engage in the foolish teasing.

    "Hey, Nero came out all right, I'm sure another will too. Especially with Y/N as co-parent", Dante said. Before Vergil could do anything, his younger brother ran into the kitchen, leaving you two alone once more.

    "He needs his own apartment", Vergil mumbles.

    "Life would be dull without him, you know its true", you reply. Vergil sighs, knowing your right but wasn't ever going to tell Dante that.

    "He still needs his own apartment"

    "There's even dessert! Oh man, Vergil! You gotta keep 'em!", Dante cries from the kitchen. You two laugh, getting up from your cozy spot and joining the sparda brother.

    #dmc5#dmc#dante dmc5#dmc vergil #vergil x you #vergil x reader #dante needs more money for an apartment #someone please pay him so Verg can have some peace #soft vergil #we love soft Vergil
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  • lizwontcry
    01.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #pantston #bryan x aaron #please join me in the dumpster again #I live here now
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  • lululawrence
    01.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I wrote my entire wordplay fic tonight and im exhausted now, but I DID IT. So. To celebrate I took a hot second and shared a snippet on my kofi. I hope you enjoy the insight into this week’s fic! If you do and happen to feel generous, I wouldn’t mind a coffee donation to help me function tomorrow 😂😂😂

    #mine#snippets#kofi #wordplay 5.0 #stylinshaw sunrise#bedtime now #and please do not feel like you have to buy me a coffee #that’s just my leo coming out and being shameless #I mostly just want y’all to pay attention to the snippet lmao
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  • janes-vocaworld
    01.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Ok folks so today Nemesis is going to make a post about tets OCs, Zay and Jazz, because why not?

    it’s also a Vocaloid au (that still isn’t fully fleshed out yet because hehe tets gay brain go brrrrrrrrrr) so yea

    So basically in this AU, people have been genetically altered in order to…how does tet explain this….

    so basically, Zay is himself. But also, when he triggers it, his body shifts into that of Zhiyu Moke and then he literally is Zhiyu Moke. Zay just. isn’t there anymore, besides subconsciously. so like even if moke is “active” and zay is “dormant” zay is still there and he chooses when to become “active“ again.

    the people who choose to do this choose. it is consentful. Not some creepy….like….government experiment or whatever

    this type of stuff is basically just used for concerts, but recently a new show is starting to air: one where a bunch of the vocal synths live together in a big house and interact. and it’s all streamed live.

    obviously they’re not always recording, that might as well be murder for the hosts (that’s just what I’m gonna call them)

    this kinda has permanent side effects. like. Even when the hosts are just…vibing as themselves, they still get subconscious thoughts, feelings, and urges from their vocaloids. rin and miku’s hosts hate each other but every now and then they feel compelled to make out or watch a movie together or whatever in order to satisfy their inner vocaloids. and sometimes the vocaloid urges are so strong that even the hosts can‘t stop themselvws.

    anyway!! back to jazz and zay.

    Zay is the “host” for Zhiyu Moke.

    Jazz is the “host” for Kagamine Len.

    Moke and Len are gay and in love and dating.

    of course, this means that Zay and Jazz feel stuff for each other, even if it’s really just their subconscious vocaloids wanting to make out.

    so they’re kinda buddies. pals. bros. whatever. they watch movies or have dinner together sometimes, to make their inner vocaloids happy.

    well, lucky ’ol Jazz!! He starts to realize that he actually has feelings for Zay! and geez, it Sucks. Jazz is certain that Zay doesb’t feel the same, so he relies on the good old backup:

    “oh uh shit sorry Zay I didn’t mean to have an intense make out session with you it’s just. uh. Len misses his boyfriend yknow”

    well this goes on for a loooooooong time until finally, Zay tells Jazz that he needs to talk to him: ALONE

    and he‘s all “listen Jazz you’re a nice guy but I’m not sure we can be friends anymore or really hang out anymore. what? Why? Well—uh—I’m in love with you, and it hurts too much when every day you come and kiss me and hang out with me and make me feel like I have a chance and then tell me that it wasn’t really you in the first place. So I just need some space.”

    and THEN Jazz confesses his feelings for Zay and then they’re boyfriends :)


    so Nemesis dreamed that ril was Len. And Len was holding Moke’s hand and they were walking back from something, a concert maybe? And they were nearing a large house, and Len realized that he wanted to tell Moke how he felt, and he wanted to do it before they “changed” (whatever tf that meant) and so he confessed and then him and Moke started kissing but when they broke off the kiss they weren’t Len and Moke, they were two completely different boys.

    and that’s how Jazz and Zay came to be.

    #and then and then and then and then 🩸 nemesis rambles #soooo cute together!! 🩸nemesis ships hard #please ignore tets tired brain #tet isn’t very good at explanations when tets so tired #Vocaloid#mokelen#au#Vocaloid au#oc#original characters#Vocaloid ocs#vocaloid oc
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  • yeonjuins
    01.08.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    the funniest part is despite shit posting it still all falls under my aesthetic 

    #thoughts #shit posting aesthetically #ASHDOINKLAWDWAMDWA #PLEASE I'M GONNA CRY
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  • nightshadeowl
    01.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Feeling just a tad fidgety. I've got projects in the works for you guys, but in the meantime...

    Probably until sometime tomorrow evening, I'll be taking character aesthetic/moodboard requests. Identity headcanons are also a-okay (eg. lesbian Skylar, demiboy Chase, etc.) and I can try my best with anybody, not just the main cast. Anon is on. Feel free to stop by!

    #for the following fandoms: #lab rats#mighty med #lab rats elite force #my babysitter's a vampire #mbav #you also can send multiple if you want but like. less than four please lol
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  • copiasass
    01.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #please all i do is post garbage but thank u
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  • yeonjuins
    01.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    moodboard for @mowah ♡ ​
    #THE WAY #I'M GOING TO CRY #ASDHOIJAKLWNMDWADA#PLEASE #this is my new aesthetic guys . #fuck black and beige #THIS #THIS WILL BE MY BRANDING #oh my god i almost made this black and beige and backtracked #and was like #NO THIS IS A WHITE AND BLACK AESTEHTIC #ASHDOIJKMALWDWA#junie#favs #I CANOT BELIEVE WHAT I JUST MADE
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  • youthdecayed
    01.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I haven’t really liked the last three books I’ve read which is really sad! I was really looking forward to all of them!

    #vanishing half please deliver
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  • im-always-estella
    01.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    It's August already and i wanna vomit...

    #where the fuck did my summer go #I'm not ready to go back i need more time #please I'm so fucking disorganized #i hate everything #time to dissociate and flip flop my realities i guess #because for some fucking reasons i can barely function in this one #gods this fucking sucks #i wish i was fucking dead
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  • thebastardmeteocrusherpilot
    01.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Dream Party [ OPEN ]

    The week had been difficult for the former pilot. It was not because of the mercenary work that he had started to do when he saw his economy in Kew, it was not the little sleep, the little food that the planet or the little money could give him, no, it was something much more painful and personal for the saddened father.

    His son's birthday is tomorrow.

    How many years have passed since he lost his child? too much time. When was the last time he saw him alive? when he stabbed him in the back and let Andross's men carry him away to lock him up in the Macbeth mines. How long has it been since the death of his child? when Star Fox blew up the factories ...

    It had been so long, and even so, the pain continued. And even though the pilot had learned to hide the painful feelings, he knew that he would no longer take the pain in his wet eye.

    He had started crying.

    Hugging himself in the cold bed of that horrible abandoned ship in Kew, Galaxicos searched and searched for a comfort that never came. Something that would make him feel accompanied, something that would tell him "everything is fine" and that would allow him to sleep. But this was the reality that Galaxicos received as a heavy punishment for the crime of allowing his child to be killed.

    He could kill himself at any time if possible, if he had the guts to do so. That way all the pain would go away, so he could reunite with his family and be able to apologize to them in the afterlife. He would allow Theorisa to slap him and yell at him for everything he has done, it would allow Pluto to vent all the grief and anger that he surely kept for a long time. Then, Galaxicos would kneel and apologize to them, and then the beyond allows him to leave him alone and finally disappear. But would that help? no. Maybe that damned lupine from Sargasso was right, living and suffering until his imminent death is his greatest punishment. Dammit. Neither option was a wonder to him, no, those two options weren't any help for grief. Because no matter which one he chose, it was certain that he himself would be afraid to do so.

    Sigh. Galaxicos runs his hand over his watery eye, feeling the heat on his eyelid, tired from crying so much and not being able to have a nice dream all week. He thought, in that loneliness, that it was better to find a cure for this moment. He thought he could buy a birthday cake and share it at the Sargasso bar. But he refused the idea. So he thought about going to a nearby movie theater and seeing one of Pluto's favorite movies. But the money was not enough. More ideas did not cross his mind again.

    Damn me and this damn punishment!

    Then a memory flew into his head. He remembered that long ago, buying some weapons for his new job, objects of great value and new food for the table, he met this woman. An old woman, a female goat with very white, dirty, and very long fur. She was smiling grimly when he saw him pass in front of her. Galaxicos remembered that he tried to ignore her, but she whispered something that caught her attention.

    "You strongly wish to see that son of yours again, do you not gentleman?"

    The memory sped past like the flutter of a butterfly. Galaxicos did not remember what happened after those mysterious words. He don't remember why she recognized his face and how she knew that he was a lonely father. But what he remembers the most was when she gave him that candy.

    "What will this candy do?"

    The old woman smiled when he asked.

    "It will help you sleep! And it will fulfill a wish when your eye closes in your exhaustion! Just commit it and that magical wish of yours has come true."

    Why trust her words? He wondered again when he pulled the candy out of his bag. observing its color, its shape. A simple little round blue candy. Did she really think that he would believe and trust this silly dirty trick? But if it is true that this will calm his mind and let him sleep, he has nothing to lose then.

    Galaxicos releases the candy from that transparent paper and takes it to her mouth. The candy's taste was bitter, too strong even for her taste of her peppermint candy. Galaxicos was upset to go back to bed, and he waited there for the result.

    And he waited ... and waited ... and waited ...

    Ths is a dirty trick, a lie. He told himself.

    A lie....

    A lie.

    A l...




    The ape gets up excited. He knew that he fell asleep. But it was a feeling that scared him a lot because he believed that it left him in a coma. It was the same day, right? Oh by the stars, he doesn't want to know if he had slept too long and no one knew of his zero presence. The former pilot began to stroke his head to wake up.

    And a voice interrupted him.

    "Oh my, Mr. Galaxicos, are you okay?"


    In front of him, a person he had never seen since the end of the war or in his distant memories of those happy days, that little black chimp maid like the one named Anastasia met him.

    “By the stars, Mr. Galaxicos, don't tell me you've had nightmares again! I heard you scream and ran right up to you to see you, mister! "

    Galaxicos was stunned. What is she doing with him in Kew? She had been trapped in the mansion in Venom and since then he did not meet face to face again.

    The man was shocked to see her. " I... what? Why are you...?".

    "Oh no! This must be because of the lack of sleep! Anastasia freaked out, putting her hands on her cheeks. She began to look very worried and to tremble because of the state of her master "My beautiful master, you should not be in the kitchen, but in bed! Go straight to sleep before you pass out and I have to ... "

    "Ana? A voice in the distance was heard in the other room. A young voice. A voice that was recognizable to both of them. A sweet and serene voice. That voice woke Galaxicos again from his confusion and sleep.

    "W-what ?!" Ignoring the woman in front of him, the desperate father runs into the other room.

    " Mister! Dont run! “Galaxicos listens to the voice behind him, but he ignores the little chimp maid.

    will it be possible?

    "What is happening here ?!" He yells at the ape man when he reaches the room, then shuts up again by the time he looks at him.

    A young man dressed in green-blue tones was sitting at the table, opening beautiful gifts with his smile as sweet as that birthday cake and the multi-fruit tea that Galaxicos could smell. There are also many flowers that were offered for the young man for his special day.

    "Mister Pluto! "Anastasia passes the confused man, having another gift in her arms to give the boy" A friend of yours gave me this gift for you! ".

    "Oh? really? He laughs with happiness. “Thank you very much, Anastiasia! This one looks very big ”.

    Anastasia smiles at the young man "yes! He told me it was something you have wanted for a long time! "

    What is happening here? Galaxicos ask to himself when he watches the whole scene. Smelling the flowers, the perfume of the room, he realizes that he is in his home. In the mansion it was him's before he lost the war. The lighting that painted everything in a cream color on the green walls, with the exquisite food and the beautiful decorations of the Galaxicos family.

    The young man turns his gaze towards the ape, surprising himself at the almost disorderly appearance of his father. " dad! You have already woken up! “He changes his expression when he takes a closer look at the older ape, wrinkling his face, Worried. "But what a face you have! You forgot to take a bath again."

    Oh ... Galaxicos begins to notice the appearance of him in one of the mirrors in the room. He barely wears his favorite red robe, his hair uncombed, and the detail that impressed Galaxicos the most when he saw it, a white patch to hide his missing eye.

    "You can go shower if you need to!" the young man yells to be heard "No guests are coming yet, so take the opportunity to prepare yourself before they see you as a wild animal" He laughs at his joke.

    "I ... uhm ..." Galaxicos responds. Not knowing what to say, no words to spit out for the moment. Even he is confused by all this, feeling so fragile in the presence of the young man.

    The boy now focuses his attention on the new gift. A smile is drawn in his fine gaze, his eyes sparkle with excitement when he finds a stuffed animal inside the box “Oh wow! Is beautiful".


    Galaxicos surrounds the boy in his arms. A strong hold in that fatherly hug. Hopeful, happy to finally see the son he lost again and again.

    Pluto freaks out when he feels zero personal spaces. "Agh! Dad! You woke up so weird this morning! " The young man tries to get out of the arms of his father, without success.

    "Pluto! My sweet prince! My son! I missed you so much! ”.

    " missed me?" Pluto asks something bitter and confused by the strong hug "But I never left, dad!".

    Galaxicos lets go of his son, resting his hands on the young man's shoulders, his only eye turned wet again, but a smile was drawn to see Pluto so close and fixed. "Forgive me, son! It's that ... I ... I just ... ” He just bites his lip without knowing what to say.

    "Always so dramatic, right? Pluto smirks. Raising his brow at Galaxicos. "You act like I'm dead." The laughter of his son torments Galaxicos to embrace him again, this time stronger. Pluto complains again while Anastasia looks worried at the situation.

    "Mister, please, we are going to have a funeral if you keep holding him tight." She holds Galaxicos in his robe, without success that he releases Pluto from his embrace. A tear ran down the ape's cheek as he stroked his son's hair.

    "I will not lose you again, Pluto!"

    "Uhm! okay? I think today you woke up really weird. But I already told you, I never left, and I don't plan on leaving. So please let me go and shower before a guest sees a messy chimpanzee in a robe in the living room! "

    Finally, the father obeys his son. Releasing him completely as he tries to wipe the tears from his face. Pluto sighs and offers himself to wipe hos wet cheek with his handkerchief. “Well, well, I think a lot of work would have made you wake up so crazy. But don't make me look so sad right now, dad "

    "Forgive me, son" Galaxicos still wanted to cry, but his handkerchief didn't let it happen. Instead, he only blushes for acting so desperate with and in front of Anastasia.

    “I think I'll go get the bathroom ready, sir. I will also take care of the guests ”.

    "Seriously, thank you very much for all your help Anastasia" smiles Pluto.

    " Yes. Thank you, anatasia” Galaxicos says while looking at his son.

    This is a dream come true.


    The doorbell rings in the living room. One or more guests arrive at Galaxicos mansion to meet on their son's birthday.

    " Who?" Galaxicos turns his gaze towards the door confused, instead, Pluto just smiles, waiting to know who arrived.

    #[ Text ] #[ Long post ] #[ My art ] #[ Dream Party ] #[ open ] #/// ITS PLUTO BIRTHDAY! #/// THE CHARACTER IS ALREADY THREE YEARS OLD SINCE I CREATE HIM #/// and he is on his 20's years old here #/// you're welcome to interact with him #/// and of course with Galaxicos and Anastasia #/// just a reminder the dream is not canon for future rps but please have fun interacting in this crazy dream! #/// not rebblog this bc its already a long post so send on askbox or another way <3 #/// lets have fun today!
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  • topknotking
    01.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    I'll start writing imagines like I used to again

    #topknotking talks #and please don't feel bad if I won't answer your request it's not my intention
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  • x-reader-theater
    01.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Anyone wanna just like, ask me shit? I'm super bored and I can't fall asleep. Please send some questions in!

    #asks #asking for asks #please!
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  • thenachlegacy
    01.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Mm.. SWTOR OC’s do be on the brain though..

    #drop any asks about them if you want #star wars#swtor#game: swtor#swtor stuff#swtor oc #star wars oc #my ocs #ask me oc questions #please ask with any oc #ocs
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