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  • Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone is interested in plotting for a thread? I am open to romance, angst, horror, etc but no rape, pedophilia, or god moding. If we have never interacted before please feel free to shoot me a message!! 

    Hope you all have a great day!!!!

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  • you know, person a just doesn’t get love. every love story they’ve read was all about: how the protagonist couldn’t get his love interest out of his head and how much he loves her; the way any little thing would make his heart skip a beat or beat rapidly; and the way her smile would lighten his mood any time of the day.

    they never experienced this and thought maybe they’ll never get anyone because eh, who knows? being single is way more fun than being tied down to a relationship. yet everything changed when person b waltzed in person a’s life with their stunning smile. then suddenly, they’re searching up ‘why is my heart beating when i’m around this really cute person who i can’t get off my head it’s annoying but at the same time whY DO I WANT TO SPEND MY EVERY SINGLE MOMENT WITH THEM?!?!’

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  • FILM ; matilda , trunchbull & mr. wormwood .

    muse a is a con artist and generally a no - good person , much like muse b , who is used to getting their way ( typically out of fear ) . when muse b comes into muse a’s business , all muse a sees is another sucker and scams muse b into a bad deal . too bad that part of the deal meant muse a would have to interact with muse b on a semi - regular basis .

    #plot bunny#plot bunnies#plot idea#plots#1x1 #i. film #p. platonic #where muse a is mr wormwood n muse b is trunch #s: matilda
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  • MUSIC ; thick and thin by LANY ( listen ) .

    muse a and muse b have been dating forever and rely on each other . but recently , muse a was with someone else and was caught by muse b , promptly causing muse b to end their long - standing relationship . now , muse a is standing wondering why they said “ through thick and thin ” after “ one mistake ” .

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  • Everything hurt.

    Pain had settled into her bones like silt in stagnant water, and all she wanted in that moment was a bottle of whiskey, a smoke, and the warm, protective embrace of the men who held the largest pieces of her heart - comforts of which she would find none. Not while trapped in this room, breathing in the scent of dust and stale air.

    Victoria had done what she could in what little time had been afforded them, but each breath Riley took was absolute agony, and she could hardly open her eyes without the sensation of a red-hot poker being forced slowly through her skull.

    At least the swelling in her face had receded enough to regain sight. At least she’d helped Jasper’s sister escape a truly horrible fate. At least there was that.

    “Aislinn, are you awake?” Hearing her birth name from the lips of her brother snapped her almost violently into full consciousness, her gaze darting to the room’s lone exit from behind which he spoke. She didn’t answer.

    “I am truly sorry for your injuries - I did not think the man capable of such unnecessary violence. You do understand why it had to be this way, don’t you?”

    Riley remained quiet still, grimacing as she rose from the bed and limped towards the door while exerting great effort to keep herself from whimpering with each painful step. 

    “Still as stubborn as ever,” he sounded amused, making her seethe in silent rage. “Maybe a little solitude and self-reflection will make you more agreeable. I’ll be back in a while to see if you’ve had a change of heart.” A pause. She heard him chuckle, heard him tap his finger against the door. “Hmph. Just like old times, yeah?”  The sound of footsteps moving away echoed in her ears, leaving her crushed by the weight of deafening silence which remained in their absence.

    It had been years since she escaped from the hell that was her childhood home, but being back in that house, locked in that dim, windowless room made her feel like a scared little girl all over again. ‘I’’ll be back’ could mean hours or days, though without a way to track the passage of time, it hardly mattered. Perhaps she never left. Perhaps her mind had fractured in that dungeon from her past, and everything since had been a cruel manifestation of a shattered psyche. Perhaps she’d died there, and this was her own personal Hell.

    It was all too much. The pain, the anger, the fear. It overwhelmed her, sucking all the air out of the room, making it difficult to breathe, causing her heart to beat so wildly she feared it would burst from her chest.

    There was only one thing to do in that moment, only one thing she could do; roughly collapsing to her knees, leaning against the door to her prison, she came undone, choking on silent, gut-wrenching sobs until succumbing to the merciful pull of a deep, dreamless sleep.


    ((Mentions: @wicked-dalliance@booksinbloom@garrett-lionsroar@tythis-dielturas@jasper-quinn​))

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  • who is gonna take one for the team and let me write a rachel brosnahan fc opposite them???

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  • the time has come for christmas threads. all the christmas threads. give me mistletoe kisses, eggnogg inspired make out sessions, naked muses under trees with a bow about their booty (because ass is the best present), give me snowed in exes, snowed in almost lovers, snowed in one night stands, give me hot chocolate dates, snow fights, christmas holidays where they hang christmas lights on palm trees as all i want for christmas plays loudly in the background, give me exes reconnecting during the holidays, give me meeting the parents over christmas eve dinner, give me present shopping, give me getting locked in macy’s overnight and running amock, give me every impropable, ridiculous christmas plot imaginable. i’m here for all of sugar cookie love stories.

    give me all of the holiday cheer. 

    please and thank you! 

    #indie rp #indie smut rp #indie krp #actually putting this in my plots tag too cause why not #plots #message me/like this and i'll hit you up!
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  • give me a glee based 1x1 where muse a and muse b both end up back in lima working at mckinley, after spectacularly failing out of real life at 21. muse a took over cheerios coach/drama club and muse b took over the glee club. they end up renting a place together because they simply can’t face the final nail in the coffin of living at home. one thing is certain, they are angry and embarrassed. angry that their friends ended up successful and living their dreams, while they ended up back in the old cow town, drinking lima bean coffees and eating breadstix meals. embarrassed that the only person they have to rely on is their former teammate who they weren’t exactly friends with. they become close friends, enjoying their little bubble. they probably get mistaken for a couple a few times and hey actually that doesn’t sound too bad, they even start to dread when their friends come home for the holidays - oh look theres your ex - g r e a t ! gimme a slow burn where they go from (possible??) enemies, to tentative friends, to the ultimate brotp, to hooking up and finally they fall in love.

    #1x1#glee 1x1#glee rp#glee rpg #glee au rp #rpg #please give me this i need it more than life #plots#snixx speaks
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  • an ot3 where she’s a tiny woman taking care of two grown men who act like children. 

    #plots#ship inspo #yes this is very influenced by strong woman don boon soon #pixiegaga talks
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  • Some plots i wanna explore with Donnie:

    - prison plots - pretty straightforward. fellow inmates, your character visits Don in prison. or Don visits yours etc

    - car chases/heists - anything involving a stolen car / breaking into another person’s home / recovering loads of laundered money from a cartel

    - bar fights - Don intervenes when your character gets roughed up

    - underground fights - your character is struggling to make ends meet so Don signs up for a few rounds looking to win a little extra cash for your muse

    - your character is Don’s next target, a high profile public figure or officer in the military who is becoming a liability

    - Don supplies military-grade weapons to PMCs and other military personnel only to discover the war is on his own home turf when it gets in the wrong hands

    - your character needs a date to a wedding. Don agrees to go but only because he’s gathering intel on one of the guests

    - Domestic plots… anything domestic. Going out for brunch, watching the neighbor’s kid, walking dogs, trying a new restaurant, block parties, going to a charity event, getting intimate in a fitting room etc

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  • நிலங்கள் அனைவருக்கும் பகிரபடல் - சா.மு.பரஞ்சோதி பாண்டியன்..

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  • @greengraxx

    Ela ainda lembrava de que era tudo cinza, provavelmente porque aquilo parecia um pesadelo, e Dominique não sonhava colorido. Não fazia ideia de como havia sido tirada de sua casa, só lembrava de que Fleur e Bill estavam viajando e Victoire ainda estava com os trouxas. De repente, sentiu uma pontada de culpa ao perceber que não sabia onde estava Louis, e de que ela fora uma irresponsável fazendo tudo o que fez. Faziam dois dias e meio que Dominique estava internada. Seus pais foram visita-la duas vezes, seguidos da vovó Molly, mas recusaram-se em contar como ela havia chego no hospital. Se fosse Louis quem a tivesse encontrado naquele estado, Domi nunca iria se perdoar. Ele tinha apenas dezesseis anos, não merecia ver a irmã num estado quase morta cercada por substâncias ilegais.

    “Merda!” Sussurrou ao sentir as lágrimas rolando. Não era de seu costume chorar, mesmo que ninguém estivesse olhando. Dominique sentia-se impotente demais para parar as lágrimas. Seu desejo era levantar da cama e quebrar aquele lugar todo, gritar com a enfermeira que lhe chamava de little pumpkin e abandonar Fleur para nunca mais ver a expressão de decepção no seu rosto. Infelizmente, isso era algo que Domi via frequentemente desde que era uma criança quebrando vasos. Decepcionar Bill era pior ainda, pois ele jamais iria admitir que estava magoado. Ele sorria, abraçava-a e lhe garantia que iria ficar tudo bem.

    Dominique fora arrastada para fora de seus pensamentos quando percebeu que havia alguém no seu quarto. Surpreendente, visto que ninguém estava ali segundos atrás. A entrada fora realmente silenciosa, e mais surpreendente que isso foi ver seu melhor amigo parado na porta, e não uma enfermeira. De qualquer forma, ela ainda estava furiosa com Morgan. “Nenhuma carta? Durante o verão inteiro? Depois que eu deixei Hogwarts você resolveu fingir que eu não existo?” Limpou mais algumas lágrimas, irritada demais para importar-se de que ele a visse chorando. Em casa, quando Dominique reclamava para os pais de não receber notícias de Morgan, Bill apenas ignorava-a, um pouco triste, e Fleur respondia que talvez fosse melhor daquela maneira. “Você mandou, não mandou?” Seu sangue borbulhava. Como ela poderia ter sido tão estúpida? É claro que tinha dedo de sua mãe nisso tudo. Sua raiva passou de Morgan para sua mãe, e de sua mãe para si mesma por não ter percebido antes. “Como você entrou aqui? Eu duvido que minha mãe tenha te dado uma carona.” Dominique revirou os olhos, sentindo-se um pouco mais calma. Fleur detestava o rapaz desde que havia recebido uma carta de Miverva no segundo ano de Dominique em Hogwarts. Ela tentou implorar para a filha não andar com o garoto, ele tinha uma má índole e não seria boa influência para Domi. Naquela época, nem mesmo Dominique imaginava que pudesse ter uma amizade com Morgan Greengrass, ela só queria conseguir algo mais forte que o cigarro. Surpreendeu-se quando a coisa mais forte que conseguiu do garoto fora uma irmandade, que se mantinha até hoje. Ela estava lá quando a família de Morgan vivia de fachada e ele odiava, quando sua mãe havia falecido e quando ele teve o coração partido. E felizmente, ele também estava nos diversos acessos de raiva de Dominique ao longo dos anos. E o mais importante de tudo, estava naquele hospital depois de tudo que havia acontecido. 

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  • so, person b is stuck under the awning of the café they work at with heavy rainfall (almost sounds like hail) pattering on it. person b either:

    – meets person a finding shelter from the rain under the same awning as person b and person a offers a ride to person b


    – go back inside, try to find an umbrella in the ‘lost and found’ box and forgets to bring it back the next day where the owner, person a, is trying to look for it.

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  • Based off this plot. Shy single dad meets the neighbor from the apartment across from his during a false fire alarm at three in the morning. They offer their coat to his son and get talking.

    Open to m/f/nb


    Alaric kept his arms tightly wrapped around his son’s shivering form, blearily looking around the apartment complex. The alarm had gone off at three in the morning and he woke up in a panic, more focused on getting safely out of the apartment than anything else. Henri was curled into him and looked miserable at having woken up to the loud noise of the alarm.

    There was no fire to be found and that was a bit of a relief but the alarms could still be heard and the fire department had yet to show up. They hadn’t been given an all clear to go back into the complex. Alaric switched to pacing along the sidewalk outside his apartment to keep warm since his pajamas were not enough for the cold. A small smile creased over his lips despite the feelings of annoyance he had and he approached his neighbor, chuckling softly at his current predicament. “Please tell me you weren’t the one to set the alarm off,” He laughed and shook his head, earning an annoyed grunt from his toddler. “We might have to keep the shades shut for a few days if that’s the case.”

    #open starter#plots #{got to be a joker he just do what he please.} #open rp#oc rp
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  • give me a we’re all at the thanksgiving table about to eat and ur sister is drunk and starts to spill the tea about everyone, only for everyone to start spilling the tea about one another. ‘ dad we all know you’re fucking the baby sitter, whose also your sons girlfriend. mom we know you’re screwing your personal trainer. and oh my darling brother, your girlfriend? she had an abortion four months ago - guess who went with her * points to your other brother who the gfs been fucking*’ just give me thanksgiving angst and messiness. 

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  • Okay so read more isn’t an option on mobile for some reason, but I’d LOVE plots for Dev! Like this and I’ll message you and we can brainstorm and stuffs!

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  • Since i didn’t have time last week for this, i finally spared a couple of minutes to go ahead and make some wanted connections! under the cut for my boy! if you like this, i’ll come to you to see which connection you’re interested in!

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