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  • plots i’m dying for rn:

    1. inspired by the movie: enola holmes. running away so she isn’t sent to finishing school, my muse meets yours on a train hiding from a man that’s trying to kill him. together they navigate a city trying to outrun their troubles and in turn run into a lot of trouble. including a run-ins with bounties, being broken out of finishing school, and figuring out who’s behind the murder of your muse’s family member.

    2. inspired by the song: exile by taylor swift. two celebrities have long broken up but are far from over each other. at an award show or movie premiere, your muse sees mind with a different man. they can’t seem to stop looking away from each other and it’s obvious they both still love each other.

    3. a goddess is bickering with a king trying to provoke him, instead he ends up flirting and asking her to marry him. she accepts.

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  • Mesmo sem aparecer na tag ainda, tive mais uma ideia pra plot e vim logo falar para não esquecer!

    Muse G mora em uma cidade pequena bastante isolada do resto do mundo e extremamente religiosa; seu pai é o reverendo responsável por manter firmes as tradições e deixar a cidade livre de “pecados”. Muse G, 21, então é uma aluna exemplar na faculdade, tem o mesmo namorado desde os 16 e nunca fez nada considerado errado. Todos na cidade respeitam os ideais do reverendo e ela mais que ninguém precisa ser o exemplo, mas sempre sentiu que faltava emoção, algo a mais, em sua vida. Foi quando o forasteiro Muse H chamou sua atenção: ele claramente não era de lá e os moradores o queriam fora da cidade pois já em seu primeiro dia ele estava causando discórdia e influenciando negativamente os moradores. Em segredo, Muse G começou a se aproximar de Muse H em busca de aventura, foi quando descobriu que na verdade ele era um demônio, mas ao invés de medo, sentiu atração por ele. 

    1x1 M/F com temática sobrenatural, todos os detalhes podem ser conversados e estou super aberta a mais ideias!

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  • give me exes who are forced to be at the same place and end up falling for each other again. all the angst and pain. 

    give me a mafia boss who falls in love with someone forbidden and they have to sneak around until they get caught? 

    disney characters in real life? (once upon a time style) 

    cliche good girl falling for the bad boy? (or vise versa?)

    Harry Potter?

    I’m up for plots upon plots. we can come up with just about anything! 

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  • [[ MORE]]

    Im sorry to be such a pain im looking for plots for liz if anyones interested

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  • listen im not saying that I would kill for a “the son of a hunter of supernatural things who has trouble fitting in with his family meet and fall in love with my muse only to realize what my muse is[a vampire oh no] and have to chose whether to hide my muse from his family and peers or to save face with his family and turn my muse in to them” plot but like I’m not NOT saying that either u feel me?

    #bom hc#plots #>> like esp if the other muse was Kao fc like #u feel me n this right? #somebody? #anybody? #-aol dial up tone-
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  • plot i really want:

    so i used to have this plot with someone that i think has left but it was that my girl was working in a company, secretary to a big CEO and she’s quite innocent but he wants an heir and makes her an offer, pays for the vet school and such other things that they agree on if she’ll give him a baby and you know it’s great and angsty because disagreements and not giving a damn and that getting her down but then he does want to give a damn but he quite cold and eventually warming to each other and stuff and WOULD ANYONE LIKE TO DO THAT WITH ME? with my natalia dyer fc?

    #plz? #or even lucy hale #anything#plz#plots#wishlist
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  • crime plots i live for:

    “I witnessed you and you’re partner commit a crime and now they’re making you hold me hostage. You seem to want to protect me from them, is there any chance you can get me out of here???”

    “We were both hired to carry out a hit on the person that lives in this house and I’ve never not completed a job. Either you let me do this, or I take you out, too. And that’d be a shame because, fuck, you’re cute and your methods are pretty impressive…”

    “You woke up to me sneaking in the house covered in blood and with bags of money/jewelry in hand. But instead of freaking out, you’re telling me to undress so you can wash the blood out my clothes?! Remind me of your past again…”

    “We’ve been married for ten years, our marriage is stale and boring. I’m an accountant and you work a construction company, but we both live double lives, we faked out identities, work for rival mob’s, our bosses ask us to kill one another. And for a second we do because you just fucking lied to me about who you are.”

    “I’m your step mother, your father has decided to marry a woman even younger than you. You hate me and i taunt you about it, you despise your father and suspect he killed your mother. We hatch a plan to kill him and take his wealth, maybe we fall in love in the way.”

    “ of ALL things, the boss of the mafia??? That’s all you yell at me as i get our bags ready to run, I’ve been tipped off the fbi is on their way to raid our house and we really have to fucking leave.”

    “We’re business partners, and we’re in love, but we can’t mix business and pleasure, also we’re partners in one of the biggest drug cartels in europe. we’re practically invincible, suddenly our world comes crashing down when the usa government wants to hunt us down, we have to get our hands dirty and kill a few judges and gov agents.”

    “we have run away to seek refuge in russia after the us government had tracked us down. I can’t be expedited because of soviet american tensions, im stuck in a country that i know nothing of and we have to start our business from here instead.”

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  • I am nothing but a humble nerd and by no means a writer but, when I see a story touch upon a very interesting idea and then let it drop I seethe with indignation. This can be in literature, movies, tv shows, games; for whatever reason this happens with so much of what I have consumed that I’m used to that let down. Why build something up and then let it impotently falter?

    #writing #writers out there wtf is this #plots#story#legitimate question
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  • fanfics haters can CHOKE on my d1ck. in 1 (one) project I’m able to talk about the main character being the bastard child, and Colombian-American woman not wanting the American dream imposed by her parents, stuff like the paid health system in America, how a conservative raised man can be a great husband but a man with narcissist traits, how love can exist in different ways, how you can have different soulmates, how therapy is important, how the internet can be toxic, how womanhood can make you strong and fragile at the same time, how being LGBTQI+ is not easy AT ALL, how twitter stan most of time DONT KNOW what’s going on, how the music industry is cruel and make artists sick, how sisterhood can go beyond than sharing the same name/blood, how daddy issues ARE REAL and can affect the way u see men, how sometimes you are in an incredible position in your life, but you want to see more of what the world can offer, how a loyal person falls in love with you, how do not know what’s going on (at all) is okay and so on. FANFIC. HATERS. CAN. CHOKE.

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  • muse a  es hijx del CEO de una importante discográfica. ha vivido rodeadx de la música y la fama desde pequeñx,, ha estudiado en el conservatorio y toca varios instrumentos, es muy virtuosx. trabaja en la discográfica de su padre componiendo canciones, produciendo y grabando instrumentos para diferentes artistas. le gusta su trabajo la mayor parte del tiempo, pero sueña con poder lanzar las canciones que escribe siendo quien las canta. 

    por otra parte, muse b acaba de llegar a la discográfica tras ganar un concurso televisivo de talentos. en la preparación de su primer disco, que era el premio de dicho talent show, contrataron a muse a para que la ayudasen con la grabación. a muse a le agotaba no trabajar con artistas “de verdad” y comienzan llevándose mal, hasta que muse b conoce su historia y le ofrece ser telonera en su gira. su padre acepta, aunque nadie entiende muy bien por qué.

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  • ரியல் எஸ்டேட் பயிற்சியாளர், தொழில்முனைவர், ஆசிரியருமான சா.மு. பரஞ்சோதி பாண்டியனின் “நிலம் உங்கள் எதிர்காலம்” புத்தகம் இப்போது அமேசானிலும் EBOOK ஆக படிக்கலாம் https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07RNQTLD3 or To get a copy call @ 9841665836

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  • For reasons I really want a werewolf kida plot… I’m gonna blame it on the fanfictions I’ve been reading. but overall I really just need some 1x1′s in my life rn, since I’m gonna have some extra time on my hands now, and I don’t have any, so like this or hmu if you are up to come up with something <3 

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  • give me a plot where MUSE A had to fake their death to get out of an abusive relationship. they move to a new town where they know no one, and have to rebuild their life with a brand new identity because the person they ran from promised they’d find them at any costs. MUSE B is their neighbor and is taken aback by how attracted they are to MUSE A. they try their best to help them, get them a job, show them around the town, introduce them to others etc. but there’s still a brick wall in between them that MUSE B can’t bring down. they try to ask questions like; where are you from ? what’s your REAL name ? but MUSE A won’t budge.

    anyways MUSE A is just constantly startled and watching their back and trying their best to process the trauma, but MUSE B is literally everything they’ve ever dreamed of and they slowly start bringing those walls down and doing really cute fluff things and give me this pls bye

    #plot bunny#plots#indie rp#wishlist #GIVE ME OKAY #. ✧ . * . ˚  WISHLIST. #mine
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  • Welcome to Sachdeva Properties , Dealing in Residential , Commercial , Agriculture Land etc, Across Whole Tricity , Punjab, Haryana and H.P. Contact : 9417495527 , 9416436527 .

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  • Sime rps I want:

    Arranged marriage AU

    The Purge AU

    In Time AU

    The Stand AU

    Meeting someone online

    Cam girl

    Vegas Wedding while drunk

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  • I just finished Ratched and now I need mental asylum plots - taboo or not so. Mental muses, anyone? Maybe a patient x a nurse? Creepy abandoned mental facilities, criminals locked up in a loony bin? Give me.

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  • i want to write against a sydney sweeney fc in something angsty and dramatic. i’ll write m or f. discord preferred and 18+ only

    #1x1 rp#1x1#plots#indie rp #bonus if theres a lot of smut and rapid fire
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