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  • This story is a lot more complex than I was willing to admit.

    There are so many threads and plot lines and characters.

    I don’t have enough different colors of post it notes.

    #plotting #we shall see how long this lasts before I quit and just start writing another draft #Fall of the Shadow
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  • Partner: *introduces an interesting concept for our muses that I am really interested in with the intention to plot it out* Me: Great! *attempts to offer ideas and suggestions to further the plotting* Partner: yeah whatever :/ *shows a distinct lack of interest in any of my ideas, killing my motivation* Me: Cool, guess that’s never getting written. Seriously, why are you like this? You never have it fully plotted out, you never want to develop the ideas, and the thread never gets written. UGH.

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  • As an older roleplayer, I actually don’t like plotting. I like asking what kind of scenario would be fun for character development, but I much rather get threads that were developed from memes or just spontaneous threads.

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  • I just really wanted to make this 


    i absolutly love it!!!

    almost everything is perfect!!!

    the only difference is that lore would probably run instead of defending lust. he would know what horror is doing is wrong, but also not know if he stands with lust.

    but this really did help stirr and extra part i should include of lore!

    i think he might eventually run off from the castle, and thats how i could incorperate the character ive been meaning to put in!


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  • Currently, this is the top of my plot summary document. I’m not gonna give anymore spoilers, but each of these stories are fully plotted out, and some are full length multichapter fics, so for those of you following the series, there’s a lot to look forward to and I hope you’ll stick around. And don’t worry, we’ll get back to the smut, very soon.


    I’m sharing this mainly because I’m really proud. I was never one for plotting my stories, I tended to just write by the seat of my pants, and hardly ever shared my work even though I’v been writing since I was very young. So this is a project that means a lot to me, and I appreciate everyone’s kind words and support more than you know. 

    Originally this series was only supposed to be a handful of fluffy one shots, so for it to end up being this? I just got so excited. And I’m even planning for other fics on the side!! 

    This list is in flux still, and titles are always at risk til that the last second before I post. Parts could be added to the time-line, and I want to plan more works that continue past the current tv show canon as well.  I just sat down and realized that I didn’t want to throw away canon for this story. Not when there are so many things that could be considered canon compliant and so many things I could do with that before I move on. We have a borderline biblical level of hidden years to work with. 

    In any case I have a lot of researching to do in the meantime to prepare for some of these. So I’ll see you soon! <3

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  • Me: *Is trying to be serious about my hobby in writing so I can work on my master piece novel that’ll be a best seller*

    Also Me: *S C R E A M S as I realize that I made the plot too over complicated because I was overly worrying about it being original enough*

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    You may have heard the horror stories about them. Maybe you even have one yourself. You may have dreams about them - nightmares - and they may haunt you as your fingers hover above the keyboard. Devourers of page-time, you’ve heard that prologues are a plague. A noxious weed, choking the life out of your stories. They circle above the publishing industry like vultures, and the slush pile is full of the carcasses they leave behind. Perfectly good manuscripts,  bloated & rotten with their scourge.

    Don’t look at them, agents & editors say. Don’t even think of them. Prologues can smell fear, and they will expose you for the amateur writer that you are quicker than you can hit the backspace button. If you’re a good storyteller, they say, you should know when to omit them. Just start at chapter one, clap yourself on the back, and sleep more soundly knowing that you’ve done your work - and them - a service.

    But here’s the thing: what if starting at chapter 1 isn’t an option?

    And I mean literally not an option. As in: by not including a prologue, you do your story a disservice - arguably more so than you would if you keep it. What then? Does that mean you should give up on your story? Are you not still a good writer if you decide to keep it?

    It’s not an easy question; it’s terrifying. It’s also not one I’ve seen many people try to answer, because so many people - writers and readers alike - also loathe prologues. My opinion?

    KEEP IT.

    And if you want, keep reading & let me tell you why. 

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    #Free#Make#Picture#Plotting#Points #Worksheet coordinate graph art elementary | Anns blog
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  • After watching this video on Writing Process and Tools from Kate Cavanaugh, I was motivated to just begin drafting my current project. The zero draft allows for the fact that despite having an outline, I still need several details to “reveal themselves, and that cannot happen until I get these scenes out of my head and off the cards. In between the zero draft and the first rewrite, I will be better able to fill in the blanks. Fast drafting will allow me to get the words down without panicking about this and that. A great video, highly recommended particularly for writers who use planning as a form of procrastination!

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  • Plotting hard. How do??


    Originally posted by judeellicottday

    #one word at a time #keep on writing #writing#plotting #plotting is hard
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  • #i AM gonna get you one of these days #im just.... #plotting#yea #taking my sweet time to exact my revenge #zackattack#assassin anon#anon#ask
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  • I just finished outlining for my WIP!  I know that isn’t typically a milestone, but I tend to get really detailed so it’s a big step for me.  I still have some stuff to figure out obviously, but it feels great to have everything ready to go.  Now for the fun part!

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    What could they be plotting? 🤔

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  • once i finish outlining my fic, it’s over for you bitches

    #i have a love hate relationship with outlining #usually by the time i start actually writing i'm bored by the story #but if i try writing without an outline i get stuck and give up #sigh #im trying NOT to do either of that this time lol #writing#writers#fanfic writing#outlining#plotting#amwriting #writers on tumblr #text
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  • Guys! Guys! Do you ever listen to just the right song at just the right time and suddenly figure out a story thing?

    Okay, so. The first time Elise sees Jen is when the latter’s singing in the streets (a cappella, because she showed up before her band) and gets super intrigued, right. And I just listened to I’m Just A Kid by Simple Plan and thought…that’s Elise. The whole being stuck at home, not really having any friends close enough to do things and have fun with, that’s literally her at the start of the story. And in a way, it fits Jen too, because at that point the band’s still very new and she’s not super close with the boys yet.

    Which has led me to:

    The song Jen sings in the street is I’m Just A Kid. Elise pauses to listen because a) wow, this girl’s good; b) holy crap, she loves that song and c) she feels a sudden connection to this stranger singing it. And due to who she is as a person, she starts mouthing/quietly singing along as she stands there.

    Jen, meanwhile, notices this elegant young milady in prim and proper clothes standing there mouthing along to this emo kid pop punk song while others hurry past and is surprised, like, Elise super doesn’t look like that kind of person. She’s intrigued though, because people who look like this girl tend to either hurry past or give her weird looks. And in her head she thinks…ah, maybe this person’s not so different either.

    (Elise, meanwhile, doesn’t realize she’s being noticed until Jen tells her about it much later.)

    #cue meme image: 'it's all coming together' #writeblr#plotting#romance wip#band stories #jellie: a band story #c: elise jamieson #c: jennie lin #I'm just sayin'
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  • Something I think new/young writers should know is that you need to do what’s best for YOU. Yes, everyone’s gonna tell you that you should have an outline but…maybe that doesn’t work for you. As I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve realized that outlines aren’t really for me. And that’s OK. You shouldn’t be doing something just because it works for a lot of people. It has to work for YOU. 

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