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  • galaxywon
    17.01.2022 - 12 minutes ago

    “  Hey  buddy,  how  you  holdin’  up  ?  “  the  med  bay  is  bustling  with  activity,  though  not  enough.  They  lost  a  lot  of  people  and  it’s  evident  in  the  way  everyone  moves  around,  afraid  to  say  anything  wrong.  But  Poe’s  always  struggled  with  that,  more  than  most  people.  Even  at  Shara’s  funeral,  rather  than  deal  with  the  sadness  coating  the  room  around  them,  he  had  chosen  to  make  jokes  with  her  force  tree.  And  while  they  didn’t  know  Zeb  as  well  as  they  knew  Sabine,  he  could  talk  to  them,  right?    A  clap  of  his  hand  on  their  shoulder  as  he  moves  to  sit  in  the  plastic  chair,  scanning  the  area  for  any  other  faces  he  knew.  

    #DAMERON'S COMMITMENT IS ABSOLUTE. ( poe ; starters ) #( spectreoflasan. )
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  • monicasdanvers
    17.01.2022 - 54 minutes ago

    actually idc about starwars writers i know poe dameron better than u

    #starwars#poe dameron #hes my best friend #hes gay
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  • lam-ila
    17.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    what i’m working on

    requests: closed

    what i’ve started

    beach day with bo bichette requested by @bodacious-bichette (coming january 28)
    part three of this musical theatre story prompt with poe dameron
    the things i forgot to say with nick suzuki

    what i haven’t started

    lie to me with brady tkachuk
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  • bluegreenpurple
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Thinking about how my hardcore Star Wars nerd cis straight brother is a Poe and Finn shipper and them not getting together in the movies is one of his biggest criticisms.

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  • jotypes
    17.01.2022 - 15 hours ago


    Oh my god, I literally NEVER thought my blog would get this far! That's more followers than I've ever had on tumblr with other blogs ever, thank you guys so much!!

    So, for the time being, I'm going to open up special requests until January 31st. Keep in mind that:

    I do not usually do requests and I am not opening up them up for regular times. If you send a request after January 31st, I will not do it, sorry! This is only in celebration of you guys and I've written in my FAQ why I do not normally take requests.

    I only write female reader x male character.

    I do not write smut.

    It may take me a while to get through the requests so just be patient please :D just because the end date for receiving them is January 31st does not mean I will write all of them in that time period, sorry! (Gotta do school and stuff, and the fic I was writing for my 900 followers milestone LOL)

    I'll write for any media that I know of, so you can always ask before you request if I know about it. I'm just tagging stuff I've done on this post!

    That's pretty much it! So yeah, until January 31st and abiding to these rules, my ask box is open for requests.

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  • thatprolifefandomblog
    17.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I am once again thinking about the way Poe Dameron had so much potential in the sequels and it was SQUANDERED

    #we are simping for Oscar Isaac tonight babes #he's the only part of the sequels I like #poe dameron#cam speaks
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  • softpercival
    16.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    ✨Space Latinos✨

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  • fisforfulcrum
    16.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Aphelion: Chapter 2

    gif by the wonderful @beydameron 💖

    Pairing: General Poe Dameron x Female reader Rating: mature Word count: 5.5k Warnings: mentions of food, alcohol, drunken shenanigans, mutual pining, yearning, mentions of past relationships, mentions of sex, language, clowns trying not to be in love with each other, poe dameron kisses.

    The night air isn’t cold or unwelcome as it caresses your exposed skin from where you stand on the balcony: it brings a freshness and the most delightful fragrance of exotic flowers that scatter across the stretch of land before you. It’s beautiful here—not just the scenery, no. It’s more than that: the people, the atmosphere. You have only been on the planet for hours, but the people greeted you as though you had spent a lifetime here.

    By now, the celebrations are underway. Dinner was a remarkable display of the finest foods, sourced from many different planets to showcase how the decadent flavours work so well with the food grown in the gardens of the palace. You sat between Finn and Poe, talking away comfortably as though you were accustomed to being a guest at such an elegant affair, but as dinner began to wind down and they got pulled into more serious conversations, you were suddenly reminded that you are completely out of your element.

    Despite your vast knowledge and understanding of politics, you don’t hold a high ranking title, so you’re an outsider to this kind of life. You have always gone above and beyond to prove yourself, to earn yourself respect and promotions in hopes of rising through the ranks, but it never happened.

    Maybe if the war with the First Order hadn’t overshadowed everything, things would be different. But after Leia had gone, Poe never chose to promote you; there was always someone else who fit the post better, who was slightly more qualified. He always chalked it up to timing or specialty or seniority. He’d say that you were so perfectly suited for a mission that he couldn’t possibly move you yet. There was always a reason.

    Through it all, some small part of you wondered if he didn’t want to promote you so he could retain control over the missions you went on and in turn, limit your time away from each other.

    No, he wouldn’t do that. Poe always wanted the best for you. He wouldn’t hold you back.

    The loud music pours outside when the doors open and draws your attention away from the scenery.

    “There you are!” You see Finn before you hear his words, and there’s already a smile curling onto your lips while you watch the man step through the open doors.

    “Here I am,” you confirm and raise your half-empty glass to him. “You found me.”

    For a moment, Finn doesn’t say anything as he stands beside you and looks out at the view while you inspect the side of his face. There’s a light sheen on his skin from the overly warm temperature inside, but he still looks dashing in his suit tonight.

    “A little too much for you in there?” he asks and turns to face you.

    You smile softly at him as you place your glass down on the stone railing and reach over to fix his bow tie. “Just a little,” you confirm, smoothing his jacket out before giving him your nod of approval.

    “But now it’s your favourite part of the evening… the drinking and the dancing.” Finn rightly points out.

    “And I’ve already started the drinking part.”

    “Think you started that half way through dinner,” he jokes under his breath, intentionally loud enough so that you can hear him. It earns an easy laugh from you as you pick up your glass and take a sip.

    Being back in Finn’s presence again is more than enough to settle your anxious energy, but the loud thoughts in your head continue; you can’t help yourself from trying to interpret situations you simply don’t have full knowledge of to pass judgement on.

    The momentary laugh fades with your smile until you’re left with a soft frown on your features. This isn’t the time or place for a conversation about your position within the Resistance, so you bite your tongue and turn your attention to the view again.

    But thanks to the wine, your thoughts continue to rankle until you hear yourself speaking before you’ve even thought about what you want to say.

    “Sometimes… I feel a little out of place at events like this,” you admit, almost a little too freely.

    “We all do, Stitch,” Finn replies with complete honesty. His attention remains on you instead of looking back out at the view as you had. “An ex-stormtrooper and an over-confident pilot… the three of us aren’t exactly traditional leaders.”

    “I’m no leader.”

    But Finn is quick to correct you: “Yes, you are.” This time, he tilts his head a little to bring himself into your eye line. “Not all great leaders need a title, Stitch. You deserve to be in there as much as any of those people. You probably know more than most of them combined, myself included. Don’t sell yourself short.”

    “I know it’s wrong, but I feel like…”

    Before you can say anything more, the sound of footsteps against the rough stone of the balcony pulls your attention in the direction of the doors again, and your heart momentarily flutters as those drunken doubts begin to melt away.

    He’s here.

    Stars, you aren’t some young teenager with a stupid crush, but with the way your face lights up at the sight of Poe, you could most likely pass for one right now.

    “General,” you greet him with a smile.

    He returns it easily, along with the smooth execution of, “Lieutenant.”

    “I‘ll be inside if you need me.” Finn straightens from where he has been leaning, and as much as you want to tell him that he doesn’t have to leave, you get the feeling that he wants to give you this time with Poe.

    You place one of your hands on Finn’s arm and squeeze gently as you smile at him. The conversation is far from over between the two of you. You know that he’ll pick it up again tomorrow, when you both have much clearer heads to discuss it, and you’re more than appreciative of that. “Thank you.”

    “I’ve been keeping the seat warm at the table for you.” Poe grins as Finn begins to make his leave.

    “I’m not sitting at that table,” Finn retorts.

    Poe’s reply is instant. “No? Who else is going to keep Lady Thalcorr entertained?”

    “Heard that job was reserved for you.” And with that, Finn pats Poe’s shoulder and makes his leave again. But not before Poe’s next words hold him up once more.

    “Finn… buddy. Come on…”

    “No.” It’s a very firm answer, but you can already see his resolve slipping the longer Poe stares at him. He has a way of appealing to people with those eyes, and it’s wonderful to watch it work on others because you know how hard it is to say no to them. “Poe, no. She sits too close to me! Why… Why are you laughing?”

    It’s true. At Finn’s words, Poe begins to laugh because he also understands. You’re sure Lady Thalcorr enjoyed sitting by Poe, but you had also seen the way she had been undressing Finn with her eyes across the table at dinner, so you’re sure she won’t be too disappointed with the replacement.

    “Tell her I’ll be back soon. I have other business to attend to.”

    With a deep intake of air and a curse up to the sky, Finn finally gives in. “Fine,” he grits. “But the moment she touches my knee, I’m bailing.” And with that, he turns on his heel and leaves before Poe can ask for anything else.

    “Lady Thalcorr, eh?” you tease.

    Poe finally turns to look at you again and moves to stand on your left. It’s the side he always chooses to stand on, even when Finn isn’t on your right.

    “She enjoys stories about the Resistance.” Poe shrugs.

    You laugh and finish your drink while holding his eye contact over the rim of your glass. “It’s not the stories she’s interested in, Poe.”

    “You think?”

    “I know,” you confirm, confident in your assumption that she is far more interested in Poe than the stories he has to tell. Who could blame her? He is looking dapper tonight in his formal attire, which conveniently matches the colours you’re wearing.

    At the beginning of the evening, his hair was well-maintained and styled back, but as the night has progressed and the heat has increased, those curls have started to take their natural form around his ears and the back of his neck.

    Maker, you want so badly to reach up and fix them back into place for him. It takes every ounce of self control not to…

    “Drink?” Poe’s offer snaps you back to reality, and you consider it for a moment. No matter how much you do want a refill, it would require him to go back inside to get one for you, and you would much rather steal some time alone with him out here, drinkless.

    “No, it’s okay, I…” But then you trail off as you watch him lift up a large bottle from behind his back. He had clearly taken it from one of the tables before coming out to find you. How very Poe of him. “Where… You know what? I’m not even going to ask.” You laugh, and he joins you with his own chuckle.

    “It’s best not to.”

    There is a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he takes the first swig from the oversized bottle and then hands it over to you with a beaming smile.

    Maker, he’s a whole constellation of stars, shining with such luminosity that nobody will ever be able to dim the way he lights you up.

    “Here, hold this.” Poe barely waits for you to have a firm grasp on it before he lets go and turns to push himself up onto the stone guard rail. In a moment of panic, your hand shoots out to grasp hold of him, fearing for his life while he clearly doesn’t.

    “Poe!” you squeak and earn yourself another laugh.

    “Hey, it’s okay. Look. It’s fine. C’mon, give me your hand… And the bottle. Don’t want you dropping that.” Poe takes the bottle first so that he can safely set it down on the other side of himself before turning to face you again, hand extended. Without a moment of hesitation, you grasp it, and with some help—along with a little dress manoeuvring—you finally find yourself up on the wall beside him.

    “Don’t fall,” you warn him, and just as Poe opens his mouth to reassure you, you continue: “Can’t have you leaving poor Finn with Lady Thalcorr all night.”

    Whatever he was getting ready to say now comes out as nothing more than a laugh.

    It’s far too easy to lose track of time while you sit there with Poe, drinking your way through the bottle of some sparkling alcoholic beverage together and laughing about different events of the night so far. There are a lot of ‘do you remember when…’ questions, which mostly end with both of you erupting into drunken laughter again at old memories the night had sparked.

    But somehow, it still feels like you reach the bottom of the bottle too soon. You don’t want this moment with Poe to end: it’s everything that once was and something that you continue to yearn for. Maker, you would give anything to have this all the time—not the drunken conversation, but the company, being together , present in a shared moment.

    There’s a lingering smile on your lips as you lift the bottle and empty the last of the liquid into your mouth. The bubbles fizz against your tongue before you swallow and glance back over at Poe to see that he’s still watching you. No, that would be putting it too lightly for the way he's staring at you so… Adoringly? Lovingly? Fuck, it’s hard to pinpoint with a woozy head, and you feel a heat creeping slowly up the back of your neck.

    “What?” you ask with an intoxicated giggle.

    “What?” Poe questions in return and then nudges your shoulder lightly with his. “Can’t I look at you for a second?”

    “No,” you blurt, lifting a hand in an attempt to cover his eyes. “No looking allowed, sorry.” And he lets you do it as you bite your lower lip, trying to hold back another laugh at how silly the whole thing is.

    You’re still biting it when Poe takes hold of your raised hand and lowers it, keeping it enclosed inside his own. Your heart doesn’t simply flutter this time. No, it damn near explodes with the sudden realisation that crosses your mind: Poe has allowed himself to get close to you for no reason other than wanting to be here, with you, holding your hand.

    “You look beautiful tonight,” he says with an honesty that catches you completely off-guard. All the joking has now gone, and in its place is something much more sincere.


    “No, I mean it,” he insists, clearly wanting to pay you the compliment without you shooting it down or telling him not to. “I’m not saying you don’t always look beautiful, but tonight you just… You know? You look really beautiful.”

    There’s no fighting it as a smile breaks free across your face, and you momentarily lower your eyes, desperately trying to remind yourself to ignore the way the words stir dormant emotions within you. They sound like the most delicate melodies that you could listen to forever, but the song is no longer yours to cherish. Poe is wasted. You both are. His words are simply slurred confessions that his sober mind would never allow him to speak.

    You accept the compliment regardless. “Thank you.” And as you lift your eyes again to meet his, you’re greeted with the sudden urge to lean in and kiss him.

    Poe feels it, too. You know he does. His energy momentarily changes: his breathing shifts tempo, and for the first time since your mind became clouded by the alcohol, everything suddenly seems so clear.

    He is the incandescent glow, the warmth and the light that draws you in like a moth, and stars, you’re hopeless in your fight against something that feels so instinctual.

    He swallows heavily and slowly licks his lips. To say that you ache to feel them against your own would be an understatement—you long for their touch, seeking a brief reminder of what you once shared.

    Poe inches closer, until you feel his gentle breath caressing your skin. The one thing you truly want is right there, waiting for you to take it. His gravitational pull draws you in and invites you to shelter within his orbit once more. Giving in would be a relief.

    But you hold your breath and hesitate.

    You can’t. This is not a path you can walk again, and Poe knows it.

    The temporary solace you’d find in each other is not enough to eclipse the stark reality: being together only promises heartache and resentment.

    “We should go and find Finn,” he whispers. His words are an offering, an escape route if you wish to take it. Maker, you don’t want to. You want to stay here and make bad choices: you want to choose him and this moment after desperately craving it for so long.

    “Yeah…” You laugh breathily and draw back to a safe distance. “You’re… you were supposed to be getting back to Lady Thalcorr, remember?”

    Poe’s only response is a small ‘mhm’ from somewhere within his throat while he contemplates the best way to slide down and find his footing. You’re glad he’s distracted with that: you finally have enough space to breathe again. Although, the breath that passes between your lips is somewhat shaky, and you’re almost certain that he hears it.

    “Okay,” Poe mutters to himself, “we’ve got this. Just need to… Ah, fuck.” There’s a small scrape of his feet against the stone when he misjudges the angle but still somehow lands upright with a laugh. “All part of the plan,” he assures you with a wink. You can’t help but laugh and roll your eyes.

    This time when Poe extends his hand to you, you hesitate.

    Letting go of what you had once shared with Poe had been hard-–no, it had been torture. To have loved him so dearly while knowing that you could no longer be with him was something that had taken you a long time to get your head around, and your heart even longer. There would always be remnants of what you shared, but those no longer hurt as intensely. You learned to stop reaching out for him because you knew where that road ended.

    Nevertheless, he would always be there, within your grasp as you both toed a blurred line.

    You couldn’t go back there again. Not with a stupid, drunken kiss. You had to move forward, let your past with Poe stay there: in the past.

    “Stitch?” Poe is standing there, waiting patiently with his hand held out to you. Maybe, on some level, it’s hope that he holds in his upturned hand. His expression softens when you finally decide to take hold of it again.

    With his help, you’re back on your feet, although somewhat unsteady for a moment as your balance takes a hot second to kick in. Maker, you are going to suffer the consequences of this hangover in the morning. That is for sure.

    “You okay?” Poe asks, sounding genuinely concerned. It’s with a soft smile that you meet his eyes again and nod.

    And then you finally do it, you throw caution into the wind and reach up to fix his hair as best as you can before resting your hand tenderly against his jaw. You linger there for a moment, and Poe closes his eyes for a little longer than a blink and leans subtly into your touch.

    It could be down to the way he sways. It has to be down to the way he sways…

    “I think… we should head back inside,” you murmur, while your brain continues the sentence: …before we end up doing something we'll regret in the morning.

    You couldn’t be trusted with him. Not like this.

    It’s a quiet walk once you fall into step with Poe. You don’t even make it halfway to the table before someone has Poe’s attention.

    “General Dameron!” An old man comes into sight, but you don’t recognise him. He knows Poe, though. The two men embrace, both delivering very firm pats to each other’s backs before they part and engage in conversation. He introduces himself as a friend of Poe’s father, and you have to admit, that momentarily captures your interest.

    Conversations flow between those around you, and at some point, you naturally drift away from Poe as you move to join in with a topic that has caught your interest. Every now and again, you meet his eyes across the crowd and smile at each other until eventually, you lose sight of him and go your separate ways.

    Poe is still present, somewhere. When the time is right, you’ll find each other again.

    It comes in the form of a soft hand against your back some time later: Poe’s way of making his presence known to you—but something is different. His touch slides higher over the exposed skin, intentionally exploring a forbidden territory with a drunken confidence.

    The warmth of his palm smooths between your shoulder blades as he turns to look at you with those dark, captivating eyes. Maker, his effect is instant: excitement swells throughout your whole body while you stand there amongst acquaintances, desperately trying to keep all tell-tale signs from presenting themselves.

    It’s the alcohol. It must be the alcohol. But then his thumb strokes gently and maybe this isn’t just the alcohol… Maybe this is—

    “Come on.” Poe is already stepping away from you, holding out a hand for you to take. “You like this song, right? Let’s dance.”

    “Dance?” You laugh at the idea, yet you allow him to lead you towards the dance floor anyway. It has been so long since you had danced with Poe, but as he spins you around to the upbeat tempo, it’s as though no time has passed at all.

    In this moment, he is just Poe. The Poe you’ve always known and loved: the man with the cheeky smiles, the easy laughter and care-free nature. You dance and sing together, knowing you’re loud and out of tune but it makes Poe laugh more than you’ve seen in a long time. And when you don’t know the words, you simply make them up. He loves that even more.

    Poe twirls you around again at the end of the song, much to your delight and drunken giggles of amusement. Stars, you barely have time to comprehend where you’re putting your feet as the song shifts into something slower and you find yourself being tugged closer to Poe’s body.

    “Don’t step on my toes.” The soft smile is evident in your words as you slot yourself easily against his body, one arm over his shoulders while your other hand holds onto his.

    That’s when he rests his head against yours. You tell yourself it’s so that you can still hear him above the music: it is loud, after all. And he clearly doesn’t want to have to shout.

    “I won’t,” Poe says close to your ear. “I was taught by the best.”


    The memories bring a gentle smile to your lips as you close your eyes and hold him a little bit closer.

    Once again, you find yourself drowning in the familiarity of him: his fresh scent, the way pieces of your hair catch in his stubble, and how his broad chest radiates a warmth against your own.

    The moment captures you completely, and unlike the last time when you had fought the temptation to rest your forehead against his jaw, this time, you surrender. You give yourself over to it, knowing that one small indulgence won’t be enough to topple the whole house of cards: but it might weaken the foundation.

    You turn your head until the tip of your nose brushes against his jaw, so close to his ear, and with a satisfied smile, you finally allow your forehead to rest against him.

    It’s a feeling of coming home. A sense of belonging and safety, amidst hundreds of unfamiliar people. You’re no longer orbiting him, passing by each other on a never ending cycle. You’re finally aligned.

    The song finally begins to wind down, and you feel him turn his head a little more to breathe you in.

    As much as you don’t want to, you have to admit defeat. Your head is thick and heavy from the alcohol, your movements impeded. “I think… I need to go to bed.”

    “I think that would be a smart choice.” Poe smiles against the side of your head. “Should I get someone to walk you back to your room?”

    “No,” you’re almost too quick to answer when you draw your head back to look at him. It takes a moment for his face to come into full focus, but when it does, a hint of a smile lingers at the corner of your lips. There’s a look of confusion on his face before you sigh and move your forehead to rest against his gently. “I want you to,” you murmur.

    For the first time tonight, you feel Poe hesitate. The battle he fights against his drunken desires and what he knows he should do is evident in his heavy sigh. He wants to walk you back to your room. He wants this just as much as you do: you feel it in the way that his hold on you tightens a little more when he closes his eyes. But he shouldn’t.

    You both know the potential outcome, yet neither of you are willing to admit what a bad idea it is.

    “Okay,” he finally agrees.

    “Okay?” You need to make sure you heard that right. Did he agree to walk you back to your room?

    “Yes. Start walking.”

    It’s not the most successful of walks. Both you and Poe are very drunk so climbing the stairs requires some teamwork: you, holding your dress up with one hand and clinging to Poe with the other, while he attempts to pull you both up the stairs using the hand railing. There’s a lot of laughter, and when you can’t climb another step, you sit down instead.

    “It’s the shoes!” you insist as you look up at Poe, who is leaning against the railing to keep himself steady.

    “Is it because they’re laced up correctly?” Oh, so now he’s teasing you? The smirk on his lips tells you he’s just as amused by his joke as you are.

    “Are you teasing me, General?” Your amusement is evident in your words as you smile drunkenly at him, watching the way he supports himself to try and stop swaying. It’s different, seeing Poe like this.

    Tonight, he has been having fun. Actual fun. You haven’t seen him this relaxed in a long time.

    “Would I do that?” Poe’s question brings you back to the moment you’re sharing with him, and you can’t help but laugh. It comes out as more of a drunken, high-pitched giggle, though. The sound shocks you just as much as it shocks Poe, and you slap a hand over your mouth as it turns into louder laughter.

    “C’mon,” he gets out between his own waves of laughter and holds a hand out for you again, “you need to get up. It’s not much further.”

    It feels far. It feels really fucking far. The walk would be a lot easier without your shoes, and with that thought, you look down at them, considering removing them.

    Poe knows exactly what you’re thinking, and he’s quick to cut into your thoughts: “Don’t… Don’t you dare take them off yet. You can’t be walking through a place like this without your shoes on…”

    He’s right. This palace has a certain kind of class that you’re most definitely lacking right now as you cling to the railing while taking a rest part-way up the stairs.

    With a heavy sigh, you reach up for his hand again and allow him to help you back up to your feet.

    Somehow, you both make it to the top without injury: entwined hands swinging between you gently while you walk down the hallway towards the guest rooms that had been provided for Poe and his company. Yours was right next door to his, of course.

    Glancing at him, you wait for him to meet your eyes before you shoot him a smile.

    “You know what my favourite part about tonight was?” you ask, but you barely give him a second to answer before you’re continuing. “Dancing with you. It’s been so long since I saw you dance… How does it go again?”

    You lift your hands so you can twirl yourself under his arm, laughing and coming to a stop outside of your room.

    There’s an attempted ‘shhh’ sound from Poe, but it’s broken by his own laughter as he tries to quiet you down a little. “People are sleeping.”

    “I should sleep,” you suddenly realise, “we have to be up in…” You lift your arm to squint at the communication device on your wrist, but the numbers seem to blur together. “In…” With one eye now closed, you try again.

    “Having trouble?”

    “No,” you lie with a small laugh. “I think… these numbers… got smaller.”

    Poe finally drops his hand from yours and takes a couple of steps closer so that he can tilt his head around and squint at the numbers, too. He’s close. The soft curls on the side of his head brush your cheek while he attempts to read the time, and you suddenly notice that you’re holding your breath.


    In and out.

    In and… The air tumbles out on a heavier breath that you’re sure he hears, and as you inhale, your senses are suddenly flooded with the delicious tones of the General. It’s the same, familiar scent you drank in while dancing with him: expensive and deliciously masculine. Maker, it takes everything in you not to turn your face into the crook of his neck again and drown yourself in his scent.

    “Five hours,” Poe confirms. “We have to be up in five hours.” His voice is softer, quieter. And you want to confirm the information he has given you. Really, you do, but your mouth has become as dry as the desolate, sandy plains of Jakku.

    He straightens back up but stays exactly where he is, hand pressed to the wall beside your head while his eyes move over your face. They drop to your lips to linger there, and no matter how much you try to resist, you’re already licking them, tempting him to make the move that you’re preparing for.

    You shouldn’t be doing this. This is the worst possible idea that either of you have ever had, and truly, Poe has had some remarkably bad ideas in his time. But, all logical sense left your brain around six drinks ago, and the tension that has been steadily building all night finally snaps.

    Poe’s hand wraps around the back of your neck at the same time as your own fists into the front of his jacket to drag him against you. His body crowds you into the doorframe, mouths finally crashing together.

    The bliss is instant: the kiss is drunken and messy and everything that you’ve been craving. Poe’s head dips while his tongue expertly licks into your mouth. It’s such a bold move that you’re more than happy to welcome, along with the taste of his last drink that still lingers as your tongues collide.

    Any sort of thought process is long gone. The only thing left is the warmth of Poe’s mouth, the way he seems so desperate to devour you again after so long. He has been aching for this just as much as you have. This hasn’t been a one-sided desire. It’s been constant for both of you, lingering beneath the surface and looking for the perfect opportunity to claw its way out.

    Before you can stop them, your hands are already working open the buttons on his jacket, eager to feel more of his familiar body.

    Poe’s teeth find your lower lip as his fingers curl into the material covering your thigh, causing the fabric to hitch up over your skin while he considers his next move.

    Fuck, you want this.

    Lustful heat creeps through every inch of your body while you drop your head back against the doorframe with a small thud and watch the way his eyes smoulder with desire. There’s a hunger in them that you both know you’re more than able to satisfy…

    Who needs five hours of sleep when you can put that time to much better use?

    Smirking to yourself at that thought, you lean up to catch Poe’s lips for another kiss, but you don’t connect. He takes a step back from you, jacket dishevelled and hanging open.

    “You should sleep.” If Poe wants those words to sound convincing, his execution of them is poor as he quickly straightens his jacket.


    No. How could he kiss you like that and then tell you to sleep? Your cruel brain had already thrown you images of dragging him into your room, stripping him down on the way to the bed… And now he was leaving? What?

    “Poe…” You step forward, ready to protest, but you’re met with a small shake of his head as he takes a step back.

    “We’re both… You’re drunk. I’m drunk. Get some sleep.” He steps back again, clearly trying to convince himself he’s making the right decision here. “I’ll see you in… Five hours.” And before you can protest any further, he turns and lets himself into his own room. What?

    Stars, you are far too drunk for this.

    Too drunk and too turned on.

    “Probably wants to make sure he can still get it if he wants it,” you grumble to yourself and enter your room. “Well, here’s some news, General. That was your chance. If you think…” You stumble while trying to kick off your shoe. “If you… If you think…” You attempt it again but it becomes very clear that standing on one leg isn’t an option right now. So you sit down on the bed with a sigh of relief.

    “If you think kissing me like that is going to be on the table again…” You don’t make it as far as taking your shoes off before you flop back and close your eyes. “You’re absolutely right. You asshole. You attractive, nice smelling…” But your next words are cut short by a yawn. “With your stupid hair… And your eyes… And that, that ridiculous thing… You do with your eyebrow…”

    Within minutes, you’re sound asleep, still fully dressed on top of the comforter.

    And five hours later, Poe is long gone.

    #poe dameron x reader #poe dameron x you #poe dameron x female reader #poe dameron fanfiction #poe dameron imagine #poe dameron #star wars fanfiction #aphelion series
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  • nowritingonthewall
    16.01.2022 - 21 hours ago


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  • batuuprincess
    16.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    ‘tis the damn season

    Chapter 6 - Now on the Archive!

    “Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, concern wrinkling his brow. “Your eyes are all dark, like you’re worried about something.”

    Rey blinked for a second. “My eyes are dark?”

    It seemed Poe had not meant to say that, his cheeks going a little pink and his eyes not meeting hers. “Nothing. Nevermind.”

    Rey pushed up onto an elbow to better try and capture his attention.

    “No, no, explain.”

    Seeing that there wasn’t much choice, Poe sighed. “Fine. Your eyes change color based on your mood.”

    As much as she did not want to make him feel bad about it - it was cute, it honestly was - the laugh burst out of Rey without her input.

    “Hey!” he swatted at her, though his smile told her that no real harm had been done. Thank god for a man with a sense of humor.

    “Sorry, sorry,” she said, laying back against the pillows. Poe shifted her so she was in his arms. “But I promise you my eyes do not change colors with my mood.”

    Or click here to start from the beginning.

    #damerey #poe dameron x rey #star wars#fanfiction
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  • glowingmechanicalheart
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    6SS: Poe x Reader: Marry Me

    Poe finds you almost as soon as he’s discharged from the Medbay.

    He takes your face between his hands, gaze bearing down on you with a fierce intensity that you’ve never seen before, “Marry me,” his voice is strong and steady.

    Your eyes widen, “Poe…”

    “I came to realize that I could have died and would never had the chance to call you truly mine, so marry me, let’s be happy for as long as we can.”

    Your vision blurred with tears, but they were happy tears, “Let’s not postpone joy, let’s ask the General to marry us.”

    Poe’s face breaks into a wide and happy smile, “Yes, let’s ask the General.”

    #poe x reader #poe dameron x reader #poe dameron#reader insert#star wars #star wars fic #six sentence sunday
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  • nowritingonthewall
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I am sorry but I am slightly losing my mind over here because I have seen this scene a million a hundred times and I’ve never noticed how Finn is squeezing Poe’s shoulder?

    Like... I was always so distracted by the lack of distance between their lips faces and Finn’s heart eyes and Poe’s curls and baby sideburns and just thought that Poe was nodding his head in response to Finn instead of noticing that Finn is shaking him because he is not just touching but squeezing. His. Shoulder. And I need to lie down…

    #chrissie rambles #it's 2022 and I am having a very severe case of the finnpoe feels #finnpoe#poe dameron#finn#star wars#mis cosas
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  • hophigh
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    wrote another rey/finn/poe fic 💞🪐💞

    wondering how i ever got through my life without you

    “Come over here, Rey. I want to kiss you.”
    Rey learns a little about Finn and Poe's past, and comes to terms with her own.
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  • pioneergirlsie
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I did not realize how time consuming writing “Rise of the Resistance” would be. I want to make sure all of the action and dialogue are accurate, which takes a lot of time going through videos of the experience repeatedly.

    Please. If you like what I’ve done/am doing, let me know…

    #elsie talks #rise of the resistance #star wars #poe dameron x reader #poe dameron imagine #poe dameron#galaxy's edge
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  • heatherbelart
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    Posting this now before I worry it to death.

    Beautiful Oscar, painted in oils on Procreate. This took me 6.5 hours.

    Let me know if this is something anyone would be interested in me adding to my store 💕

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  • youhavemysaber
    15.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #poe is so cute ilh and i hope you do as well #you n poe for ever #star wars#poe dameron#sw ships
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  • galaxticangel
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    Here are the mood boards for hopefully all of my words in progress, some haven’t been published yet and some are on other platforms so let me know if any interest anyone

    #din djarin#the mandalorian #din djarin fanfiction #the mandalorian fanfiction #found. #boba fett #lost. #the book of boba fett #dean winchester#poe dameron #wanda maximoff x oc #wanda maximoff#Scarlett witch#wandavision #dean winchester x female original character #dean winchester fanfiction #supernatural fanfiction#supernatural#oberyn martell#javier peña #game of thrones #robb stark#jon snow #bucky barnes x oc #bucky barnes
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  • ofsurvivals
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    poe   dameron   ;   @galaxywon​​​   .

    “   𝗽𝗼𝗲   !   ”   rey   gives   them   a   brilliant   smile   ,   jogging   up   to   him   with   a   wave   .   “   𝗹𝗲𝗶𝗮   𝘁𝗼𝗹𝗱   𝗺𝗲   𝘄𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲   𝘁𝗼   𝗳𝗶𝗻𝗱   𝘆𝗼𝘂   .   ”   force   ,   it’s   good   to   see   him   again   ,   a   familiar   face   in   the   middle   of   absolute   chaos   .   “   𝗵𝗼𝘄   𝗹𝗼𝗻𝗴   𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗲   𝘆𝗼𝘂   𝗯𝗲𝗲𝗻   𝗵𝗲𝗿𝗲   ?   𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲   𝗶𝗺𝗽𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗹𝘆   ,   𝗯𝗯𝟴′𝘀   𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵   𝘆𝗼𝘂,   𝗿𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁   ?   ”   she   doesn’t   think   to   question   where   finn   is   ,   too   .   he’s   their   finn   .   she   trusts   that   he’ll   be   right   around   the   corner   ,   even   if   leia   didn’t   mention   him   .

    #(   rey skywalker   )   /   *   ints   . #feat   .   poe dameron
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  • mangolon
    15.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    My reylo post recently got its first hate reply. to commemorate this, i will now post all the people that would have made a better pairing for rey. Finn

    Poe Dameron

    Rose Tico

    literally any character other than the nazi manchild.

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