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  • Linger

    Sometimes the bittersweet aftertaste still presents in the back of my throat

    It’s true, that I was the one who decided to take my leave before you do

    But I did what i did because i had to.

    If only you ever knew, how hard it was for me to hold on to you; well, never mind.

    It’s true that sometimes the ones you don’t really have closure with, are the ones that linger the most.

    Look at us.

    You and I got lost in translation. Both didn’t bother to listen to the other.

    As the result, when I finally packed my things and walked out the door, you weren’t even aware of it.

    I, luckily on my steps, found a new home so warm that wrapped it’s arms around me gladly after a long walk beneath the blazing sun.

    The home i’ve been longing, and i felt safe inside.

    Then you, were hit by realization that I hadn’t water your flowers with my love for quite some time, finally decide to get up your two feet.

    You looked around, and all my things were gone.

    Did you even remember the last time you actually made me a matcha latte because that’s one thing i love the most?

    That was the moment you gritted your teeth, and saw a glimpse of my smile

    You sat down, scanning the room around you, and at every spot you could lay your eyes upon, you would find pieces of me that linger.

    Sometimes, i wouldn’t even pretend that you don’t cross my mind once in a while.

    In my new home, i knitted a blanket along with him.

    I would laugh, cry, be mad, throw a tantrum, have some mental issues, and he is right by my side.

    We knitted a lot of sweaters, and blanket to cuddle up in a long winter night.

    I would be so content that i forgot the place that i’ve been before.

    The place that i have to abandon in one sunny afternoon, the place that you and i had been for once.

    I do still think about you, about how things were, and how should i did it better.

    I guess, rather than missing you, i am just feeling guilty of the way that i handled things back then.

    I wish I could be more gentle and understanding, a little drizzle that fall upon your skin;

    but you and I knew that I was a thunderstorm roaring inside your home.

    spitting, swearing, punching the walls, wrecking everything down.

    you and i were both thunderstorms, maybe that was why i feel the need to seek for a summer breeze in a person.

    and i hope you will find your breeze too.

    December 1, 2020

    the moment i decided to leave

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  • The tears of life

    The tears I dry

    Will be back at night

    Just like the stars

    They appear when it’s dark.

    When it’s lighter

    I may seem like a fighter

    But when the light is gone

    I am done.

    Make it gray

    So I can stay

    This knife of gold

    Is for life to hold.

    - Julia

    Sunday, 22 April 2018

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  • … My words rained over you, stroking you.
    A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.
    Until I even believe that you own the universe.
    I will bring you happy flowers from the mountains, bluebells, dark hazels, and rustic baskets of kisses.
    I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

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  • The gatekeeper

    A broken heart is hard to heal

    The gatekeeper once set me free

    The savior of my heart and soul

    The one that treasured me like gold.

    A broken heart is hard to heal

    The gatekeeper used the key

    To open up the gates of hell

    And locked me in a burning cell.

    A broken heart is hard to heal

    Even if it’s made of steel

    The one that I loved the most

    Was the one to make it rust.

    - Julia

    Sunday, 22 April 2018

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  • The storm wind covers the sky
    Whirling the fleecy snow drifts,
    Now it howls like a wolf,
    Now it is crying, like a lost child,
    Now rustling the decayed thatch
    On our tumbledown roof,
    Now, like a delayed traveller,
    Knocking on our window pane.
    Our wretched little cottageIs gloomy and dark.
    Why do you sit all silent
    Hugging the window, old gran?
    Has the howling of the storm
    Wearied you, at last, dear friend?
    Or are you dozing fitfully
    Under the spinning wheel’s humming?

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  • angry

    i’m the youngest of three

    i was a child when they know who they want to be

    i was a child when the moved to a different city

    i was a child when they’re a women already

    i have these expectations,

    sitting at my shoulders like altercations

    they chipped my shoulder,

    and send me to a river

    i have cried myself to sleep

    wishing i was six feet deep

    and i clawed my way

    i tried to keep myself sane

    but i am about to burst

    like there is this storm of pain,

    or an avalanche waiting to destroy

    everything that hides in my brain

    and i woke up so worried

    my heart’s pounding out of my chest

    i have this devil

    laughing at every move ever

    and i am so scared

    god, i am so scared

    and i tried not to

    i build a wall inside my head

    and i cried i cried and i beg

    i beg for the fear to knock on another door

    but he’s waiting outside the morgue

    and he’s holding his hand out,

    and he’s offering comfort without doubt

    he messed with my head,

    made my nails a weapon

    and created crescents in my hand

    he locked me in chains,

    and asked me to breathe

    i told my mom

    my mom told me to be at peace

    to be okay with my tears

    but how am i supposed to do that

    when i have been angry my entire life?

    when i came to the dark and made him my friend

    when i buried my pain

    and became lovers with the rain

    with every drizzle that came

    i made them a hurricane

    i do not know of peace

    and how to be at peace

    i do not know how to sit in a tree

    and not wait a broken knee

    i am alive

    but i have not lived

    how can one be alive

    if she walks around with death in hand

    how can one be alive

    when her shoes is pointing away from the sand

    how can one be alive and at peace

    if she hasn’t known it in years?

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  • I think one has confined themselves to the greatest kind of spirituality when one insists not to believe something just because it is not empirical.

    And I think one has gallantry when they are to believe in things that are not always empirical. Just spiritual. Not making sense. Just transcendent.

    Not everyone is capable of being knowledgeable without being empirical. Not everyone is capable of being clueless.

    I am talking about religions.

    I am talking about the basis of faith you were born with,

    You were raised with,

    You were guided with,

    But which you rejected when you were eighteen.

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  • Who cares about pennies,

    Your thoughts are much more valuable.

    I’d like to offer some stardust for them instead.


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  • two weeks.

    two weeks since the last time I texted you.

    two weeks since the last time you replied

    with a simple, yeah, bye.

    so many things have changed since then.

    not only amongst us,

    but also around my world

    which no longer revolves around you.

    every arbitrary thing reminds me of you.

    how you came into my life,

    how you brought warm colours,

    and lastly, how you left.

    you didn’t choose to drain colours

    from my life

    but how can my life be coloured again

    when you were my crayon.

    you were a shade of yellow.

    bright, adorable, and joyful.

    i painted my soul in yellow.

    i started using yellow heart emoji.

    suddenly, from dark shade of blue

    my new favourite colour was yellow.

    but since you’ve gone,

    yellow has been the most annoying colour.

    i find it everywhere.

    yellow sun.

    yellow leaves.

    yellow happiness.

    there’s only one thing that keeps

    me from not allowing yellow back into my life:

    you no longer like the shade of dark blue

    — me.

    ~ Shravani G// ig: inside.her.soul

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  • 悲しい少年


    My Killua…

    After those storms, I mourn dimly.

    Hell… I feel extremely empty.

    Darling, your words kill me sweetly.

    In your absence, I’m going crazy, legally.


    All those shooting stars,

    I’ve seen during summer times.

    Days pass. Moonless nights.

    It was all useless.

    Left with your promises.


    Pause from all these.

    U need to restore your peace.

    Truth be told, you never feel at ease.

    Reckless… Your sanity decrease.

    Alas I wish there were more days to seize.

    - Dee

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  • Titled: Pills

    - This poem talks about the burdens, problems, issues everyone faces on a daily basis, and due to them overburdening us, overwhelming us, we look for sources that will help us numb the pain, numb the troubles but many a times no matter what we do, it seems like the troubles will never go away.

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  • Autumn decay

    In the middle of the night when the moon shines bright,

    The breeze so cold in the leaves of gold,

    The sorrow in the stars, tucked away deep within my heart.

    With all my might fall is right,

    The feeling of death exist in my chest,

    So where do I go when it start to snow,

    In that wave it will be my grave

    - Julia

    Friday, 20 October 2017

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  • Tự dưng có người hỏi

    “Cô có biết anh không?”

    Lắc đầu cô khẽ bảo

    “Không, người lạ giữa dòng”

    Ấy vậy ở trong lòng

    muôn trùng là kỉ niệm

    từng chuyện trò suốt sáng

    giờ toàn là lặng im.

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  • you coloured the lies,

    and made me fall for them

    wish i had looked for signs,

    instead of blindly believing them.

    but it weren’t the words

    that i was focused on

    it was you who heard

    when no one tried to listen.

    i painted my soul

    in the colours of your choice,

    because you made me feel whole

    but i was terribly wrong.

    i injected love in my veins

    when i met someone new

    his love made me go insane

    but no matter what, i could never love him the same.

    because the words on your tongue

    were extremely sweet

    and in my heart, they always clung

    i wish only i were allergic to sweet.

    ~ Shravani G.// ig: inside.her.soul

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  • Mind and Body

    By: Mick

    Am I not a child?

    Age is nothing but a number

    And numbers were never my forte

    What happens when you cram an old soul in a young body?

    With battered bones

    And a fried mind

    Bursting at the seams with anguish

    17 years in limbo

    But a million years in the 5th circle of hell

    Forever doomed to repeat my mistakes and relive my torment

    But, of course, I am no victim

    Somewhere in the trenches nestled deep between the scarce grooves in my brain

    I know I deserve this

    It doesn’t stop me from wanting to numb the pain

    Smothered in smoke, fire laced liquid, and chalky bliss

    I’m a sponge

    Just soaking up the world around me

    And drowning in it

    Last I checked, I was a kid

    Not someone’s therapist

    I’m afraid one day I’ll boil over

    I just hope they are not around-

    When I finally blow

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  • ¿Qué sucede cuando el sol se esconde?

    Nuestros pensamientos se sumergen en un mar de dudas, las intensiones no son las mismas.

    Las reflexiones se vuelven más oscuras, incluso como la noche, los deseos se vuelven más profundos, las pasiones más sentimentales, las ganas en hechos. Las risas se vuelven silencio y las lágrimas se convierten en bebida.

    Todo cambia cuando el sol se esconde.


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