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  • For my creative writing class, we had to make a few Haiku poems for a weekly assignment so here they are :)

    Poem one

    Unseen crickets chirp

    Fireflies ignite night sky

    On the rusty dock

    Poem two

    Rainfall soaking leaves

    Children jumping in puddles

    Dogs rolling in mud

    Poem three

    Foxes jumping in snow

    Cold winds penetratesthick coat

    Owls land on cold branches

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  • I drank the honey from the cup of crows

    I was spooked too easy & was cut down

    The axe was in my hand but the axe was also in someone else’s

    The road survived but it was also buried

    Something cried out but it was also

    let in the small wood door on the side of the well

    the staircase in the lighthouse

    the upturned boat on the sands the tides swim in on/

    The bug was on my sweater but it was also on the floor//I have too many legs now/// I roll tightly into a ball/// I flinch at every sudden noise/// something is coming/// someone is sinking/// the mud has been released from its cage/// the man walks the halls/// he has a letter opener ///he reads the obituaries every day in the attic/// he cuts plastic hair/// I cut plastic hair///I hold the razor to my scalp/// I cut my ear off/// breakfast is ready///the garbage truck comes ///I threw away the blinds so I cannot draw them/// I threw away the couch so I cannot hide behind it/// I threw away my legs so I cannot run away/

    The mirror shows a face, the mirror shows a hand, it brushes hair from the face, another face closes in beside it “you are not here “ it says

    the snakes get out of their tank

    the lake overflows

    I move the bodies from the closet into the water tank, they will find them there when everything is flooded and moldy and they will not be able to blame me.

    They will call and I will answer the phone

    I will give them my name and then change it

    they will ask me what I changed it to and I will tell them then I will change it

    they will ask me my address and I will tell them and then I will move

    they will ask & I won’t know how to answer.

    The phone lines wrap around the house/// the house grows sharp teeth/// it bites me in half and I slither in two separate directions/// I take my intestines for a walk outside///I take the knife from the tree and I swallow it///I eat the cake that lays on the table/// I vomit up maggots for 3 days/// the grass turns to salt/// I burn and burn and burn and then I am brought home.

    The bridge collapses

    the door boards itself up

    something screams, I scream back


    I am still

    holding the axe

    I am still water

    I am wading out to my waist with stones in my pocket

    the sun has fallen from the sky

    “heal it” they say and I do

    I heal the sun. I collapse. The wheat ties itself in knots. The executioner shuts his business down says he can’t get close to people anymore. Pus is found dripping from the sink. Sores are found on the fridge. I staple my head back together. the bathtub fills with apple sauce.

    Only you know what is waiting on the other side; Leech Mwd

    #i am changing my writing name bc im an indecisuve being that does what the shadows say to #aka whatever i want #ANYWAYS guess who can write again kinda #writings#poems#m#xo
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  • March 29, 2020

    It’s all crashing in

    And coming down at once.

    But that’s okay,

    I’m good at quickly reacting.

    I know it would be easier to prepare,

    But I didn’t and I have to deal with that.

    Now I’m stuck here

    Trying to gather my things

    And fighting impending doom.

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  • glitches.look for me in the darkin pieces just like youcrawling out of eternitiestrapped in time… https://ift.tt/2JlLIa4

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  • I have grown up now and you have grown old,
    Had to help you read this, fix this and all that.
    The years run by and in its settled dust I see that the
    Best of me was always you. You grace our
    Days with irresistible light, wisdom, might; the unflappable one,
    With you my darkness drifts to naught.
    You, you, beautiful you.

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  • My heart is lost

    It seems it can’t find its way

    My heart is heavy

    It is trying to heal day by day

    My heart is hurting

    It keeps going back to you

    My heart is confused

    It knows you’ve moved on

    My heart is hopeful

    It hopes you’re not fully gone…


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  • summer diaries entry #4monday morning blues         with a hang-over & uncomfy shoes            … https://ift.tt/2xDKMer

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  • Another day…

    Poetry Challenge - Day 80 Fated Quest

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  • I Reached for Love and Wrunged Them Dry

    You were Love.

    You were oceans of it just tugging at my feet, but I had to feel like I deserved you.

    Where does Love run to when it’s being chased? Always right back at my feet, so painfully forgiving.

    You were finite. And I knew that.

    You were bedtime stories and check ins.

    You were desperate attempts to make me spare my own life.

    You were apologies for not knowing how to react to my bitterness.

    I hurt you, chased you, made you chase me, made you tug at my feet.

    I bottled you. I drained you. I brought tears to your eyes for all the worst reasons.

    You were oceans reduced to puddles, but still Love in every sense of the name.

    No, you were not Love, love, but you were safe.

    And I cannot give you all your love back, but I can promise to never step foot on another shore.

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  • I’m afraid of reality
    I feel as if I’m not even here
    A clear mind, clear of toxins
    And I feel the end is near

    My eyes jump around
    I can’t focus on anything
    Anxiety blurs my vision
    I’m on the fence of a decision

    The freedom of my body is challenged
    The freedom of my life is questioned
    Restricted more than I’ve ever been
    What a time to be trapped inside your own head

    I want to run away but I can’t
    I need to go for a walk
    I need to think about things
    But I can’t even limp

    I crawl around my apartment
    Dragging my body to my fallen crutches
    I tremble as I rise
    I stand but I fall again

    My spirit is on the floor 
    My mind can’t get out
    My heart aches
    And my body stays

    This is temporary
    But I’m in need of constant therapy
    I need to move
    I need to leave
    I need to breathe
    I need to see

    This poison will be fatal
    I can feel death’s arms
    Holding me with love
    Assuring me to not be alarmed

    I stare up into the air
    Should I hug you back
    People will tell me it’s not fair
    But death does not care

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  • if someone is really into you, i cannot stress enough how important communication is. if they really like you, they won’t leave you confused about anything. you’ll never be stuck awake at night wondering if you’ve done something wrong, or how long they’ll ignore you for the next day. you’ll never wake up sad that he didn’t text you in the morning - because if he likes you he will. you’ll never question whether you’ve said the wrong things, or if you’re talking too much because if he’s interested, he won’t be able to get enough of you. if someone is truly down for you, they will reciprocate all of your energy all of the time. don’t settle for someone who is only a “sometimes”.

    i had high hopes for you. you never reciprocated the love i gave, and that’s okay. maybe it really was you and not me.

    #sad quotes #poems about him #jealous#moving on#poems #he broke me #healing
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  • #59

    “ if I could hang all the stars on a string I don’t think I would.

    Why tie down something we look too to feel free?

    We see them as freedom and so confining such an important part of us all would surely pain us more than it’s worth.”

    Please don’t repost unless I give permission thanks😊

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  • Still stuck on a love that ended years ago, still wondering when I can have you back. Still craving the curve of your back. Still needing you. B may be the first letter of your name but I still don’t know what to B with out you. Still pathetic without you. Still yearning for your light, still hoping you would fight, for me. I guess it was never worth it.

    I hope you’re doing well.


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  • sometimes, when it comes to relationships, you have to listen to your head and not your heart, because your heart tends to lead with feelings while your head leads with knowledge and wisdom gained from past experiences. sometimes, no matter what you feel, you have to listen to your head because you’ll save your heart from getting hurt later in the end.

    @wordsbreathe c / don’t confuse the two

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  • when you awake in the morning

    are you awoken by yearning

    to return to your dreams,

    where you might see me?

    do you wonder

    if your slumber

    is the only place

    where we can love face to face?

    when you roll over in bed

    do you wish it was me beside you instead

    of fractured dreams

    and other sleep things?

    because i do.

    every time, i do.

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  • BACKPEDAL by @thehorrcr

    #AS PER USUAL #LEMME KNOW YA THOTS! #poetry#poems#writing#spilled ink#poltergeist
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