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  • when spring rolled around, you smiled at me from across the room with eyes that brought me winter storms. that’s when i knew i was in trouble.


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  • I don’t want to be sad anymore.

    I don’t want to hurt anymore.

    I tell myself to be happy.

    I fake it enough to feel like it’s real.

    I don’t feel real.


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    Dear daughter of Eve,

    Your body is Genesis

    Adam’s apple will one day

    Lay upon your pelvis

    And read you your scripture

    Pay attention as he stutters

    He too is amazed by your power.

    Dear daughter of Eve,

    Your voice is a reincarnation of the women

    Who didn’t finish speaking for you

    Let no one silence your awakening

    Be loud and sarcastic.

    Say, “I wasn’t finished speaking.”

    Blink. Then speak. Be silent and observant.

    Smile. If you choose to.

    Dear daughter of Eve,

    If sexual assault was a hymn

    Statistically you or one of your sisters

    Will be forced to sing it at some point,

    Your brothers will rename it a blackout

    They are the businessmen who were taught

    Never to take no for an answer.

    You are the stock market. Take them by surprise.

    Dear daughter of Eve,

    Your cup size may never be full enough

    To quench a man’s thirst for monogamy

    Do not starve for his acceptance,

    You are whole. If you are hungry

    Eat his apple and pass him the core.

    Dear daughter of Eve,

    Learn pleasure from your own hand

    Before anyone else’s.

    Paint your body like a canvas,

    Your artwork is for your admiration,

    And those you allow the privilege

    Name yourself Lisa and moan.

    by @chroniclesofabuffting

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  • Got bored again.


    Picture bare, peach skin,

    In a summer spring.

    I cry,

    Drunk on worship of you.

    — strykalitsia

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    Am I happy?

    You could say so.

    I believe I have one of those smiles

    That can thaw

    Someone’s frozen heart.

    But I don’t think

    I am capable of that.

    No one’s ever complimented me.

    Maybe someone did once.

    I got awkward

    And did not even answer,

    Because I was new to that feeling.

    But does having

    A warm smile make me happy?

    For a long time I thought so.

    No, I’m not saying

    That I’m depressed.

    I think I’m currently in that state of

    Bafflement, that vagueness, that ambiguity

    Where nothing makes sense.

    My emotions are

    All bungled up.

    I am going through that phase

    Where it feels difficult and is difficult

    To connect.

    That phase where

    People like me

    Find inanimate things chaotic

    And try to find work

    In the mountains than to live in a city.

    Phase where

    I would just like to

    Immerse myself in my

    Favourite fantasy books

    But still can’t

    Because I’m all grown up

    As they say.

    And I too, would like

    To be independent.

    So, I guess

    I’ll still smile

    And will just keep walking

    Until I build myself

    My house of dreams,

    My city of lights,

    And my world of happiness.

    My universe of Life.

    Poem by- @afishwhowishestofly

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  • I always remind them: “Don’t forget to smile”

    Though I am right here, sad and crying

    Encourage them to persevere for a while

    But it is I who’s drowning, dying







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  • He’s going away next week for work.

    My anxiety has been through the roof since he’s mentioned it.

    I hold my breathe

    count to 10

    I can’t trust this person

    I told him that we’d “start over” but everyday I wake up to his baby face, I wanna yell at the top of my lungs

    I wanna cry

    I wanna run

    My thoughts around his neck

    My heart on my sleeve

    My mind shutting down

    He’s going to cheat

    He’s going to forget our promises

    Our sacrifices









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  • mấy hôm trước đợi cậu chúc ngủ ngon

    rồi thiếp đi lúc nào cũng chẳng biết

    mấy hôm nay cứ trở mình, khó ngủ

    thì cậu lại không chúc mình ngủ ngon

    nhìn đồng hồ cũng hơn hai giờ sáng

    mà giờ này đâu ai chúc ngủ ngon

    nên mở mes, gửi cậu dòng tin nhắn

    chúc cậu có một ngày mới tốt lành!

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  • there’s one thing i’ve never told you

    i’m not really know how to love

    how to hold you, softly like her did

    how to kiss you, in fire way you want.

    but i will be slowly, cure all pains you take

    honest, listen to your heart, always,

    i will remember all the way you cry

    tears on your face, deeply implant to my old shirt.

    i will be there to raise you up, lover

    everything will be alright, cause you’re enough to me.

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  • rồi anh đến vào một ngày không chờ mong

    khi trong tôi đã không còn khoảng trống

    khi mọi thứ không còn gọn gàng, ngăn nắp

    bởi hiện thực đã lấp đầy một căn phòng.

    nhưng dịu dàng, vẫn còn đó, trong tôi,

    tôi vẫn chờ trái tim mình rộng mở

    hơn ai hết, tôi thật lòng, thương mến,

    những cảm động anh kiên nhẫn cho tôi.

    và nếu như, ở một không gian khác,

    khi trong tôi, mộng mơ, là hạnh phúc,

    tôi yêu anh, nhiều hơn anh một chút,

    tôi lúc đó sẽ biết hi vọng hơn.

    nhưng nếu như, ở một tương lai gần,

    khi anh hiểu, khuyết điểm, tôi đã luôn chối bỏ

    khi anh rõ, nỗi buồn, vẫn sẽ luôn ở đó trong tôi

    anh sẽ còn muốn có tôi trong cuộc sống ?

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  • oh my love,

    it’s so much easier

    to say that i hate you,

    or to turn you away altogether,

    than it is to admit

    that you are all i want

    but my love,

    it’s a cheap cop out

    that leaves me shallow,

    always feeling empty,

    because without you

    im nothing more than a mirror

    because my love,

    in your absence life is too cruel

    empty and meaningless,

    that im left mocking others,

    and nursing my emotions

    as i wait for me to shatter

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  • có một lần em hỏi

    sao tôi vẫn một mình

    sao không cho em tới

    nằm trong trái tim tôi.

    tôi chỉ biết lặng im

    nhìn ra dòng xe chạy

    vì tôi vẫn chưa thể

    thoát khỏi những niềm đau.

    và cho dù như thế

    rồi cũng sẽ qua mau

    nhưng những gì đã trải

    làm chai sạn tôi rồi.

    tôi muốn em hạnh phúc

    với một người yêu em

    một người như bác sĩ

    dốc hết lòng vì em.

    tôi chỉ như chiến binh

    gai góc trên mặt trận

    dùng chân thành đánh đổi

    một giây phút yên bình.

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  • như là một khoảnh khắc

    em lặng lẽ mỉm cười

    như là một chút nắng

    em khẽ nhìn sang tôi.

    như là một giấc mơ

    em đan vào nỗi nhớ

    để khi tôi thức dậy

    tôi vẫn mơ về em.

    như là một que kem

    ngọt ngào từng giây phút

    nhưng chạm vào rất lạnh

    buốt hết trái tim tôi.

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    i never saw you

    yet you are all i dream about

    i never held you

    yet you are all i want to hold

    i have never kissed you

    but you are all i love

    by @chroniclesofabuffting

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  • A,B and I

    It was

    A, B, and I

    A was

    6 and 5

    B was

    2 and 9

    And I

    Was 3 and 8

    It’s been two nights

    Of Glass bottled coke

    And heat rashes

    Three days of hotel salmon smoke

    And hot flashes

    December 2013

    Faces glazed in Vaseline

    Knees anointed with coco butter

    Youthful lashes dance with bashful flutter

    Foreign sun and tongue

    Wispy cotton and baby blue

    Oil painted landscapes and sights anew

    No more dancing colour in box

    No more over the knee socks

    There is space to be adored

    A,B and I

    Take mission outside

    This is not time for games

    No seek nor hide

    Tag or chase

    Pat or cake

    And with single hop

    The smell of scotch

    Sound of bad news

    Click clack of inexpensive shoes

    Fills the room

    A,B and I

    Are stopped

    D,E and U

    Came through the door

    With ashy hands

    Ears like handheld fans

    D,E and U

    Greeted the room

    With a mouth like a tomb

    D,E and U

    Bent down for a hug

    Eyes dead wide like a bug

    “How bout I take you for a drive.”

    D pulled out his keys

    A rented grey Benz beeped

    A,B and I all giddy inside

    It was time to explore

    E took us further outside

    A, was so


    She was 6 and 5

    B was 2 and 9

    The room waved from the window

    As A,B and I

    D,E and U went outside

    D for dad

    E for evil

    U for uncle

    A’s grin was wide

    Before E got in

    U unbuckled his belt

    Unzipped D’s fly

    Grabbed B by her shoulders

    Pulled A inside

    E slammed the door

    Maybe began to drive

    A was only 6 and 5


    I was screaming inside

    B wriggled and cried

    U had lied

    This was no exploration

    For a child 2 and 9

    She clenched her fist

    Began to fight

    But B’s tiny hands

    Were no match for D’s might

    E lifted A’s dress

    Arm around B’s chest

    I screamed

    Not a sound came out

    And without an uncle of a doubt

    That drive

    Was the worst I, B and A

    Who was only 6 and 5

    The room still inside

    E comes out

    With bruised lip

    Hand on zip

    Tears fell from A’s eyes

    Yellow dripped down B thighs

    Red trickled down I’s

    A’s told not to cry

    To hold it inside


    I might die

    D patted A on the back

    Strode inside

    Continued to live on with E’s life

    Along with child and wife

    A is now 7 , 6 and 5

    Living her life


    The fact her youth died

    When she was 6 and 5

    B is now 6 , 2 and 9

    Remains undefined

    By the Events

    That took place

    On December 29th

    When she was 6 and 5

    I is now 5 ,3 and 8

    Still battling

    What U did

    When I was 6 add 5

    by @chroniclesofabuffting

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    I like organising my medication and never taking it. Is this self destructive ? Or am I just so in love with my mental illness, I don’t want to live without it.

    How elegant the cure sits, away from my lips.

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  • Gabriella♥️

    She questions everything, doubt painted in black across her eyes. Abandoned so many times, I tell her forever and she looks surprised. She looks away when I stare, and I know it’s hard for her to understand. Most of the time I’m memorizing her freckles meticulously placed or the way her smile curves. Loving her this way was never planned. It takes everything out of me to just take my time, but I love her in a way that a glimpse of her ankles knocks me to the ground. The sort of love you couldn’t begin to define.

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  • Empty love

    All of the lies started feeling like the truth. I knew all along, you acted like I didn’t have a clue. Your laugh once brought me peace. I hear you laugh now, who the fuck is funnier than me? Could it be? That I’m not all you need. Show me something tangible. Something better than what you see. Screaming please don’t take your lovee awayyyyy! I thought that’s what u said to me. But that’s not what u meant to say. So Now we just fucking fade away. Ignorance is bliss. I finally understand. Refusing to look at what’s in front of me, but I just wanted to hold your hand. Never let it go. I wake up screaming for you. I look to the left but I was only dreaming of you. You coldhearted bitch, how could you do this to me? I’m sorry. I’m cracking up, as you can see. I have to control my anger, you always said I have to control my anger. “You have an anger problem Brooklyn”. It’s okay baby, no ones looking. He said “ baby I don’t understand this, your changing, I can’t stand it. My heart can’t take this damage. And the way I feel can’t stand it.”I felt that. Who even are you? Do you even know? I guess that’s the problem. Your love was never shown. I guess that’s why I’m still waiting here. Hoping things will become a bit more clear. I know that’s the last thing you want to hear. But what’s a life without my soul? And that’s what you are. Without you there’s this big fuckin hole. I can’t stand to think of ever loving someone else. It’s just not what I’m meant for. I’ll wait forever if that helps

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