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    Teddy Bear

    Character: Poe Dameron

    Pairing: Poe Dameron x Mechanic!Reader

    N° Fic of the year (2019): 1

    Inspired by : Teddy Bear/Hound Dog - Elvis Presley (All shook Up Musical)

    Warnings: Fluff. The Rise of Skywalker Spoilers. Mentions of Dealer. Funny things. Rey, Finn and Poe like best friends. (I need more of these three)

    Author’s Note: 

    Hello! Hello!! How are you doing?

    Well, this is the first fic I posted in 2019 after I saw The Rise of Skywalker (I have mixed emotions about this movie) and my first fic on Tumblr like a fanfic writer so... It's special to me. I know that maybe this have a some things or is too short for my actual writing, but.. I love it!

    So... I hope you like this one, and thank you for all the replies, it's means so much!!!


    - So the best pilot of the resistance was a dealer. I didn't have you like that, Dameron

    Raise my head like a spring when i hear that word. Did they say dealer?

    Any kind of stories began to invade my thoughts and I began to really think alongside who I was. "Maybe I heard badly" I thought as I returned my attention to my workplace.

    - I already told you Finn, I could continue all night discussing this - Poe's voice sounded confident with a hint of amusement in it in the distance. I did not see him joking something as serious as that - You are not in a position to discuss it.

    - I mean, if we didn't know ... neither did she, right? - Silence invaded the Millennium Falcon followed by what sounded like grunts that did not come from Chewie.

    - You wouldn't dare - All hint of grace disappeared from Poe's voice and I had a feeling that it would have to do with me.

    A few seconds later, Finn came into my field of vision, smiling at me like he had a gift or a surprise for me.

    - Did you know that your man was a dealer?

    So I had heard right. I looked around at the person involved and the minute he appeared, leaning on one of the ship's controls, the second he sat down in front of Chewie, who was staring at the scene that was unfolding between us.

    - It's not that bad as Finn says it - He approached me taking my arms at the same time that D-O emitted something like a growl. That droid had become my protector since BB-8 left with Rey.

    -That he trafficked him? - My question is directed to Finn who gives a mischievous look to his best friend, who drops his head at the same time as he sighs.

    - Droids - Rey yelled from the Halcon's cockpit.

    - Servants for the Empire - Finn muttered as he passed and automatically turned away from Poe. 

    What the hell...?

    "Spices"  was the answer of BB-8 who turned to his owner as if he wanted to protect him.

    - Could you stop confusing her? - Poe groaned as he stood next to Chewie with his arms crossed, like a little boy sulking because they took a candy from him.

    - Which of them is the real one? Or is it something even worse? - I refused to think of anything worse but the expression of terror on Poe's face made me think of much worse things. Being a dealer was bad enough, but was there anything worse in that area?

    Rey's guffaws and Chewie's grunts made him look suspiciously at the pilot who was already purple with anger.

    - Spices - Finn stopped laughing at the same time that I let out the air that I didn't notice I was holding - Your man trafficked plants.

    - They weren't plants, as you say.

    - And much less is my "man" - Well, I wanted him to be but that only remained between me and my subconscious.

    - And then what were they? - Asked the former stormtrooper and I glanced at the two men in the group and I could see how smoke literally came out of Poe's head, trying to find an answer to refute Finn. Or restrain the urge to rip the head off his best friend.

    - Well, if they were plants, but they were worth too much for you to know - I shook my head as I returned to paying attention to C3PO, who still did not respond to my useless attempts to reconnect him. That terrible maneuver by Finn had destroyed the droid in one fell swoop - you'd be surprised how much they came to pay for a "plant" as you call it.

    - Dealer, Pilot ... What else was, Commander Dameron? - My curiosity and that insatiable need to know more about him always left me in a position susceptible to his varied responses.

    - I can be whatever you want, whatever you need - I heard a distant whistle from Finn who disappeared from our sight in an instant and I started again to ignore the seductive attempts of the attractive pilot.

    - Even a teddy bear? - He jokes as she took the tool that was behind his back.

    - If that includes ending up in your bed and snuggling up to me and hugging me, then I will - Finn and Rey's mixed laughter echoed throughout the Falcon, unleashing a wave of curses from Poe and unimaginable shame on my part. I stepped away from C3PO, wiped my hands off the droid oil, and patted Poe's chest.

    - You just dug your own grave, Dameron.

    He takes my hand before i can pull it away and pulls me closer to him, leaving only a few inches of separation between us. I passed my gaze from his eyes to his mouth and I wanted to be alone with him, maybe the idea of ​​the teddy bear was not so bad.

    - You're thinking about it.

    - What are you talking about?

    - The stuffed animal. If you want to snuggle with me, you just have to say so.

    - Dameron...

    - It is simply an opinion of a genuinely possible fact - That innocent way of saying things so that I could not argue with him in the least.

    All I got was a smile and a short kiss on the lips that didn't give me time to react. He separated with a smile from ear to ear and stayed a few meters from me.

    - If you are done with your attempts to seduce my mechanic, I ask you to do me the honor of coming to the booth, Teddy Bear.

    - At your command, Stormtrooper.

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    Pivotal Moment

    Notes: Another Death Omens story, featuring Thorne this time. 

    Warnings: Death, Character Death, Descriptions of Death, Mentions of/Implications of Murder and Violence, Angst, slight (slight) swearing,  Manipulation (?), Ask to Tag/Warn.

    Word Count: 1298



    “Hey, how about the last person to make their way around has to buy dinner- deal?”

    Thorne rolled her shoulders, stretching her arms out before looking over at her friend. He stood with a hand outstretched, crowbar slung over the other shoulder and a smile on his face.

    For a moment, Thorne felt like smiling to.

    Jackson’s smiles were rare nowadays, usually forced. His general go-with-the-punches mentality and contagious energy weighed down by grief and loss.

    So seeing him finding fun in the moment, and trying to smile…

    She wasn’t one for turning down challenges, anyways.

    Thorne grinned, taking his hand firmly in hers with a nod, “Deal.”

    “Great,” Jackson let go of her hand, backing away into the dark hall behind him, “I want a chicken salad sandwich and fries. Maybe something for Iolanthe to.”

    She folded her arms, watching him go. Her voice rose as he got farther away. “I’ll get Iolanthe whatever she wants, you however can buy yourself a chicken salad sandwich alongside my brisket. “

    There was a beat of silence, the darkness having already engulfed Jackson. “Other way around, Thorne. Other way around.”

    She shook her head as his footsteps faded into the darkness, and silence over took the building.

    Time to get to work.

    Lifting her gaze, she looked around the ceiling, shoulders tensing and hand reaching for her pistol as she turned on her heel and faced the cold, echoing hall before her.

    Even in the dark, she could see long scratches tearing into the wood, whole portions torn out by creatures seeking shelter from the sun. Old bones, both animal and human, were scattered about like twigs.

    The stench of death clung to the walls like mold.

    Not long ago, she would’ve been clearing this place out for some nearby village or settlement. Bringing the heads of shadows in to some Hunter Trading Point and getting paid.

    But now…

    She exhaled, narrowing her eyes as she took a step forward into the hall, well aware that Jackson was well ahead of her and close to winning free dinner.

    Enough wasting time.


    It was hard to tell just how long her sweep of the building took; what she did know, however, was that her arms were sore and that a new scar would soon be added to the growing collection on her face.

    Another story to tell one day, she supposed.  Hopefully one she’d be telling while eating dinner she didn’t have to pay for.

    Stepping around a pile of splintering wood, she glanced into the dark rooms she passed by, eyeing them cautiously for movement.

    Just as she was about to enter what looked like an old kitchen- it’s cabinets long torn apart and fridge leaking- a deafening  bang sounded down the hall. Her gaze snapped in that direction, fingers brushing over the pistol at her side.

    She knew full well Jackson didn’t have a gun.


    Heart beating in her ears, Thorne bolted down the hallway, stepping around holes in the ground and crushing bones beneath her feet. In a blink, she faded into shadows, skipping portions of the hall at a time and shifting about. Weightless.

    A familiar presence made himself known. She didn’t pay him any mind.

    She didn’t physically reemerge from the dark, leaning against the wall for support, until she was well into the hallway Jackson had wandered down. The smell of gunpowder and blood hit her nose immediately, muffled voices drifting in from around the corner.  

    Her fingers dug into the wall beside her as the impending sense of dread became heavy. A cold hand placed itself on her shoulder.

    A monotonous voice whispered in her ear.

    “You know what’s around that corner.”

    Thorne sucked in a sharp breath, lips forming a thin line. Slowly, she stepped out into the hall, hand over her pistol and eyes glancing around the dark space.

    Her gaze quickly found Jackson, lying on the ground, chest bloody and eyes distant. Thorne rushed over, kneeling beside him. Her hands shook, vision blurred with tears.

    “Jackson!” Her voice was hushed and brittle, one hand covering his injury- as if that would fix anything. The other gripped his shoulder lightly, “Please no-“

    No response. Just the empty gaze staring up at the ceiling.

    She bent over slightly as she fought back a sob, forcing her breathing to slow. Now wasn’t the time or place, not with…

    Thorne’s gaze left her friend, lifting to the muffled voices just down the hall.

    “You know exactly who did this...” Diavel’s voice returned, the demon standing just behind her with his hands in his pockets.  He looked down at Jackson with disinterest.

    Her hands fell away from Jackson, eyes narrowing, darkening. A burning sensation bloomed in her chest, slowly overtaking the grief and shock.

    She wanted them to hurt.

    “He was your closest friend, wasn’t he?” Diavel continued, stepping forward to look down into Thorne’s eyes. “And they just orphaned his daughter. Quite mercilessly.”

    “They deserve what’s coming to them, don’t you think?”

    He leaned in close; she continued to stare past him, jaw clenched. A dark ink spread from her fingertips, crawling its way up to her throat.

    It is what they deserved.

    “Besides. Wasn’t it your idea to split up, in the first place?”


    Auburn stepped into the old building cautiously, sweeping the entrance with her rifle.

    Thorne and Jackson had been gone an hour longer than they were supposed to.  They hadn’t checked in- the camp was getting worried.

    Once she was certain the coast was clear, Auburn lowered her rifle and glanced over her shoulder. Fen, who’d been standing just outside, gave the huntress a nod before stepping out to watch the entrance, pistol in hand.

    Auburn’s lips pressed into a thin line, as she continued into the building, turning down the hallway to her left.

    Her footsteps echoed loudly in her ears, eyes glancing in and out of rooms that lined the hall. Each one in worse condition than the last.

    “Damn…Thorne really thought we could make a base here..?”

    She trailed off as the overwhelming scent of blood hit her nose. Metallic, sickening. She tensed, heart dropping.

    Hesitantly, she looked around the corner, dark green, wolf-like eyes glowing faintly in the dark.

    Her grip on her rifle tightened, eyes widening as she stared at the body of Jackson.


    She stepped over, lowering herself to the ground and placing her fingers on his neck, desperately checking for a pulse. She knew he wasn’t breathing, that his eyes were enough to tell her all she needed to know but…

    But she still had to check. Just in case.

    The brief moment of denial didn’t help with the shock.

    She sighed, moving her fingers to instead gently close Jackson’s eyelids. Her hands shook slightly.

    “I’m sorry…”

    Auburn stayed there for a moment, kneeling beside Jackson in silence. A momentary, private vigil for her friend before she left to find Thorne.

    She carefully stepped around Jackson, walking towards the room before her. The smell of blood grew stronger, heavier.

    She hoped, prayed, that she wasn’t about to find another dead body.


    The scene she stumbled across was…gruesome, to say the least.

    Dead bodies- she counted five of them- scattered across the room. Blood almost everywhere.

    And in the center, stood Thorne, breathing heavily, eyes pitch black. Her hands and sleeves were coated, matted, in blood.

    Auburn stared in horror, gripping her gun tightly as she looked around the room before locking eyes with Thorne. Her friend was almost unrecognizable, unsettling in the way she stared.

    “Thorne…what...what did you do..?”

    There was silence, before the darkness faded from Thorne’s eyes, her anger remaining. She stepped forward, brushing past Auburn without a second glance.

    “What does it look like?”

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    heya! if i wrote a poe party group chat fic would y'all read it?? if so do you have any suggestions as to what should go on? i imagine it would be highschool/college modern au (the latter being for reasons that should be obvious) and that there would be some shenanagains outside of the group chat as well. i am open to doing lots of different ships :)

    #poe party#shipwrecked comedy #edgar allen poe's murder mystery dinner party #group chat au #group chat fic #wellenore#hemingwells#hemingpoe#annapoe#babbling
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    #fairy tail x reader #natsu x reader #natsu dragneel#fanfic #fairy tail headcanon #im really tired #poe a not so good writer
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    #See and then you have me who’s just. ‘Yeah my oc(s) is/are a cocky bitch(es) who are either with Han and Leia or Poe and Finn’ #Like #Homie your ocs are phenomenal and then I have cocky little asshats
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    #bsd x y/n #ballet#fanfic #gogol x reader #fydor dostoevsky#bsd sigma #i cant write #bungo stray dogs headcanons #bsd headcanons#headconon #poe a not so good writer
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    Não pode chover o tempo todo. O céu não pode cair para sempre. E embora a noite pareça longa, suas lágrimas não podem cair para sempre.

    — Edgar Allan Poe

    #Edgar Allan Poe
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    The Galactic Empire has fallen. After forty years fighting a lingering but inevitable defeat following the Battle of Endor, the Empire has agreed to surrender. In a show of good faith, the New Republic has pulled all but ceremonial remnants of their fleet away from Coruscant, their galactic capital, for the treaty signing. Now dignitaries from the two governments meet to usher in a new era of peace and freedom for the galaxy, unaware of the dark threat approaching from the unknown regions…


    Poe sidled his way through the hangar, flitting from the side of a ship to a pile of parts to a stack of supply crates. He was hoping that everyone would be too distracted by the alarms overhead and the emergency duties to which they were being called to notice one wandering human in the wrong uniform. With every step, he silently cursed the brilliant orange that he ordinarily adored.

    Enumerating his lengthy mental collection of vulgarities at the expense of his uniform was better than worrying about Finn, Breha, and Bail, anyway. Too many people had died around Poe in the last few days. Even for a Rogue, losing an entire squadron in a single battle was a lot. He wasn’t keen to lose anyone else.

    He wasn’t keen on dying, either, so when blasterfire suddenly erupted at the other end of the hangar, Poe immediately ducked down behind the nearest stack of crates. It was a good position for hiding: he was now crouched only a few meters away from the nearest wall, with not just the sturdy crates for cover but a quiescent load-lifter as well. Someone would have to come almost all the way behind the pile of crates to see Poe, and the alarms had already sent everyone scattering to their emergency assignments. The only other being moving nearby was one small mouse droid that was resolutely following its simple programming come hell, high-water, or high-alerts.

    After checking his borrowed blaster to make sure the safety was off and the power pack was secured, Poe inched up high enough to peer over the top of a row of crates.


    #sequel trilogy #star wars episode vii #star wars fanfiction #poe dameron #star wars au #star wars eu #episode vii#story chapter
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    Week 3: Pentadrabble Challenge

    Another wonderful week! Thank you to everyone who participated - and if you haven’t had a chance to read yet, not only can you find all the fic’s reblogged here, but we now have a collection set up for all the works on Ao3. You can find the parent collection here on AO3, and there you can also find individual subcollections set up for each week.

    And now, here goes the third week of the fic challenge.

    The technical challenge this week is to create a pentadrabble – exactly 500 words long – that incorporates this week’s prompt.

    Our prompt this week is # 4 -  Surprising/Hidden Talent

    Remember, you’ll have just under a week to meet the challenge, as your completed pentadrabble should be posted on Wednesday, September 22. Fics that are tagged #damereyficchallenge will be reblogged here!

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    Ball Busting Fic Challenge

    A/N: CHANGE OF PLANS FOR MY BALLBUSTING FIC. I’ve gotten a myriad of different requests loudly in discords for different characters so I’m just gonna do a bunch for y’all! I think y’all are starved for content about kicking men in the balls. And also I will not be putting pressure on myself and just writing as I go- my hope is one a week. List so far (feel free to ask for more):

    Matthew Gray Gubler Characters

    1) Spencer Reid

    2) Chip Taylor

    3) Raymond Wadsworth

    Pedro Pascal Characters

    1) Frankie Morales

    2) Din Djarin

    3) Max Phillips

    4) Javier Peña

    5) Jack Daniels

    Oscar Isaac

    1) Nathan Bateman

    2) Santiago Garcia

    3) Poe Dameron

    4) Willam Tell

    Extra characters-

    1) Loki

    2) Benny Miller

    (As a reminder this page is 18+ skedaddle minors)

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    Hope is like the Sun || Part 5

    Part 4 || Masterlist

    Poe Dameron x fem!reader/OC

    Summary: A mission goes in an unexpected direction, and Poe knows what to do when you get back.

    A/N: I’m just realizing any part of this fic can be read as a stand-alone. Again, thank you so much, Mals, for being so supportive with this series! You are amazing! I would also love to hear from anyone else who reads this! Please, talk to me! Tell me what you liked, what you didn’t like, what I can do better, just scream about Poe, what you’d like to see next, anything! 

    It wasn’t your fault. The target was right in front of you. Take out the big gun and everyone could make the jump to hyperspace. All you needed to do was pull the trigger. 

    Your squadron had been sent out to do a sweep near Bogano. There shouldn’t have been anything out there, but someone had gotten intel that a few smugglers had seen a lone Star Destroyer out in that sector. Your squadron dropped into the middle of a TIE training run and had hardly had a moment to prepare for a fight. You’d all held your own fairly well, but there was no escaping while the destroyer had its cannons online. 

    “Red Five, take out that cannon. Rix, cover Eila. Everybody else, let’s keep these TIEs busy!” commanded your squadron leader. 

    Of course, it hadn’t been easy getting to that perfect position to fire on that last cannon. You hadn’t seen much of Rix but figured he was covering your six. It had taken a considerable amount of maneuvering and a bit of luck to get a clear shot, but you’d made it. Maybe Poe was right; maybe you were a pretty good pilot. 

    Your thumb hovered above the trigger, ready to fire. Threecee beeped that the shot was clear. You fired. 

    And then Rix dive-bombed in front of you. 

    “I’ve got it! I’ve got a clean shot!” he yelled across the comms. You were close enough to see the red tally marks he’d scratched into the side of his X-Wing. 

    “Rix!” It took a moment for it to register that you’d screamed that across the comm channel. There wasn’t time to warn him. He’d broken ranks, disobeyed orders, and was now in the path of your blast. 

    Time slowed and raced at the same time. The adrenaline rushed to your head, but there was nothing you could do. 

    The shot that should have saved your squadron was going to kill Rix.

    “What the—?” crackled across the comm from the doomed pilot, accompanied by an attempt at an evasive maneuver. Your shot clipped his wing, and Rix spiraled away, but his evasive maneuver opened up your shot at the cannon once again. You took the shot and watched the cannon burst into nothingness. 

    “Cannon disabled! Rix? Are you there?” Your voice trembled a bit, fearing the silence that would follow. You looked out at the stars, pinpricks of white against the eternal blackness, trying to find him in the midst of the battle surrounding you. 

    “I’m here,” a strained voice replied. Relief flooded your body. Rix. “This wing isn’t gonna hold up much longer though.”

    “Everyone jump as soon as you’re able,” Red Leader commanded. 

    Your squad mates began jumping to hyperspace, flashing to safety. You finally got a visual on Rix. There was no way you were going to leave before he did. As he prepared to jump, a lone TIE began to fly up on his six. 

    Without hesitation, you changed course and headed straight for Rix. You couldn’t think about how upset you were with him, how he’d apparently wanted to steal your shot, how you’d almost killed him; he had to make it home. 

    You accelerated harder, locked in a race with the TIE fighter to reach the smoking X-Wing. Threecee warned you that the TIE was within firing range of Rix. Just then, your targeting computer chirped. You had a lock. You fired. The TIE burst into flame and nothingness as Rix completed his jump. 

    Threecee quickly completed her calculations, and you followed soon after him, the last ship to leave the battle. 


     The short hyperspace flight back to base seemed like hours. What was he thinking? Rix had tried to steal your shot. What was that about? Did he not trust you? Should you trust him anymore since he obviously didn’t have your six like you thought? 

    You finally landed back on the tarmac of the Resistance base on D’Qar. Crew swarmed around your ship, checking the state of Red Five and you. You climbed down quickly, sliding down the short ladder that aided your last few steps. 

    People came up to you, asking you if you were alright, if the ship was damaged, if the mission went okay. Their words fell on deaf ears. You’d spotted Rix’s ship. 

    Jaw set, you marched over. Not saying anything, you squeezed and pushed your way to the middle of the crowd where Rix was being attended by a medic. 

    He looked up at you from where he was seated on a crate next to his ship. His temple was bleeding, and he was already holding an ice pack on his upper arm. Rix opened his mouth to speak, but you cut him off. 

    “What… what was that, Rix? I thought you had my six! And then… and then I almost killed you!” you cried. As angry as you were with him for trying to take your shot, you also were horribly upset that his actions had almost led to you killing him. 

    “We need to take him to the medbay. The bleeding isn’t slowing down,” one of the medics attending Rix commented, helping him up and starting to lead him away. 

    He looked over his shoulder at you, face full of regret. 

    “Eila, I’m so sorry! My comms—“ 

    He was too far into the crowd for you to hear the rest. 

    You didn’t try to go after him. They wouldn’t let you into the medbay to see him anyway. Instead, you marched away through the hangar. The late afternoon sun cast your shadow long and dark in front of you. 

    Your thoughts swirled, but your feet instinctively knew where to go. As you approached Black One’s corner of the hangar, the soft throb of music and the whirs of a particular little orange-and-white droid filled the air, confirming your unconscious knowledge that he was there. 

    Poe was tinkering with something up in the cockpit, but he looked up with a smile as you approached. 

    “Hey! Eila! How was the mission?”

    His smile immediately melted into a set line, and his eyebrows furrowed when he saw you. You stood biting your cheek and hugging yourself. You didn’t look at him.

    Poe wasted no time sliding down the ladder. He stood in front of you and placed  his hands on your shoulders. You vaguely registered Beebeeate and Threecee beeping to each other before whirring away. 

    “What happened?” he asked, his voice soft and full of concern. 

    When you still didn’t look at him, he crouched a bit and ducked his head, trying to get you to look at him. When his big brown eyes met yours, you broke. The tears fell large and heavy down your cheeks. Poe pulled you in close. You clutched him tight to you. Of course you were angry at Rix, but you’d also almost just killed one of your own squadron members. You could have lost him, were dangerously close to, closer than you’d like to think, in fact. Needless to say, you weren’t quite sure exactly what you were feeling, but everything hurt. 

    “Hey. Hey,” he said soothingly, rubbing little circles on your back and stroking your hair.

    You weren’t sure how long you stayed like that. It could’ve been minutes or it could’ve been hours. His arms made you feel safer than you had in a long time. 

    Finally, after you’d mostly cried yourself out, you spoke. 

    “We jumped to Bogano to check it out. And—“ You took a shaky breath. “There was a Star Destroyer. We had to take out the cannons to jump out again. So I was supposed to do that, and Rix was supposed to have my six.”

    Poe nodded against your head. You still hadn’t let go of the embrace and had no intention to for awhile at least. 

    “So I go in. I have a shot. And then Rix flew in front of me as soon as I pulled the trigger because he wanted the shot suddenly, and my shot clipped him.”

    You’d thought you were done crying, but apparently you weren’t. 

    “And then—then I took another shot when he was clear. So we could jump.”

    “And Rix?” Poe asked hesitantly, tightening his hold on you slightly. 

    “He—he made it. He had a TIE on him before we jumped, but I took care of it. He’s in the medbay. But Poe! I—he could’ve died! I could’ve—“

    “Hey, that’s not your fault,” Poe said firmly. 

    You didn’t respond. He pulled back, forcing you to look at him. 

    “Eila. It’s not your fault. That was a freak accident,” he said firmly. 

    You nodded. “But… I just… it was my shot. And he… he just… why? He’s never done anything like that. I trusted him to have my six!”

    “I don’t know,” Poe admitted. “Did you talk to him?”

    “He said something about his comms, but he was too far into the crowd for me to hear the rest.”

    “Well, let’s go find out what happened.”

    “Poe, they’ll never let us into the medbay to see him.”

    “Bet,” he said with a sly grin. 

    Even though your head was pounding from the tears, you found it in you to manage a small smile back. 

    Being a commander, Poe had privileges you did not. Nobody questioned the two of you on your way into the medbay; they simply glanced up at Poe and let him pass. Poe stopped one of the medics to ask where Rix was, and she pointed you in the right direction. 

    You hesitated outside the door to the room Poe had led you to. You could see Rix sitting on the edge of the bed, bandages covering his temple where you knew they must’ve done a few stitches. He was looking down, holding the icepack to his arm. 

    Then he looked up. His brow furrowed further. 

    “Eila…” he started and trailed off. 

    You were doing your best to not cry again. Even if he’d tried to take your shot, you were glad he was here. He was your friend. You couldn’t imagine if that shot had hit differently and had actually—

    “I’m so sorry, Rix!” you managed to choke out before more tears fell. 

    You didn’t know when you’d moved into the room, but now you were right in front of Rix. Poe hovered near the door. 

    “You’re sorry?” Rix asked in disbelief. 

    “Yeah, I almost killed you!”

    “Eila, even if you had killed me, it wouldn’t be your fault.”

    You didn’t have words, so you just shook your head. 

    “Honest, Eila. It wasn’t your fault. My comms went out. They crackled through a bit sometimes, but it wasn’t great. I heard ‘take out…’ ‘cannon…’ ‘Rix.’ So I thought… you know… I should do that. I’m sorry. I would’ve had your six if I’d have known that’s—“

    You cut him off by throwing your arms around him, careful to avoid his icepack and his bandage. He moved his good arm to encircle you. 

    “I’m just glad you’re back in one piece,” you whisper. 

    “Thanks to you,” Rix said, and you pulled back in surprise. Last you’d checked, shooting someone’s wing didn’t exactly help them get home safe. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you take out that TIE. I owe you one, Terryn.”

    “Yeah, you do,” you said jokingly, wiping at your eyes. “Probably more than one.”

    Poe watched from the doorway smiling. His shirt was tear-stained, but he didn’t mind. He didn’t quite want to admit it to himself, but he wished that maybe sometime he could hold you like that when you weren’t crying. He got a safe, warm kind of feeling with you so close. 

    You turned back to Poe and smiled. Your brain still insisted almost killing Rix really was your fault, but just knowing that Rix didn’t blame you and that Poe was there for you made it a little easier to believe that what they said was true. It wasn’t your fault. 


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