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  • mar13d
    18.05.2021 - 9 minutes ago


    Aprendí que es fácil mentir,

    pero no a la chica del espejo.

    Ella no te dirá que todo estará bien

    Y luego se largará a dormir.

    Solo te observará y esperará

    Con esos ojos, esos ojos que no juzgan sino torturan.

    Y ni intentes escapar, pues en vitrinas, ventanas o incluso en un minúsculo charco de agua te esperará

    Pero no dirá absolutamente nada, no necesita hacerlo, ella lo sabe todo.

    La rabia que te desborda, el cansancio que desprendes, el llanto que te ahoga y los miedo que limitan.

    Aun así intentarás mentirle y sonreír, pero ella, ella sabe que en este preciso momento, lo que menos quieres es fingir.

    Más ten cuidado con quien te alías, porque aunque parezca la buena, la comprensiva, ella sabe tu agonía

    Y últimamente se está cansando y a las malas, ella, puede que cambie o arruine tu vida.


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  • sunflower-pen
    18.05.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    She runs barefoot on the lofty grass,

    Hiding her innocence in the forest mist,

    She cries on the swooping branch of the wallow tree...

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  • 14-juesmeeno
    18.05.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Once life decided to be fair, made a decision on its own, to let her experience something gruesome, an empty lost feeling called grief, all the worst of feelings are its accomplice.

    It has made her comparable to the sun, shining outwards but inwards darkness lies, no words and no comfort can do away with her affliction, what is it?, are you alright? are the only words of worry she gathers, heartily and utterly she answers, "my dear passed away".

    It's in her eyes the pain and sorrow, the cries of anguish, day and night she gathers the moments, and the memories they had of those nights they talked whilst the moon was shining bright, knowing it's now in the past and they're making none again, that's all she has of him now with the best of his images, on days like that waterfalls are made from her eyes to her now hilting cheeks.

    Whether he loved or he cared, that's her story to tell, but for the delight in her eyes when she's telling, it's known that for her it was love.

    She has to move on if not she will be stuck, she will forever retain the loves she lost, even if she finds someone who bests him, for once upon a time her heart bled for him, and that lost blood can never be regained.

    Let her keep comfort in their actions and words, when she needs her space, allow her to be, when she rains allow the tears to fall but make sure they dry.

    He cherished for a long time and that act will leave a hollow cavity in her invisible heart, the why's will be thrown at her and all will be left unanswered, she must subject herself through that locked pain, she is surrounded but inside it's only her.

    Life will permit her a move on, sooner, later or maybe not ever, for life is fair and it's made to be, but for now she will continue to take on the sorrow silently.


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  • lovelornnn
    18.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    -a lot has happened since you’ve been gone (REMAKE) @lovelornnn

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  • poetbelieverhere
    18.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    jericosilvers: like a tree that continuously sheds leaves... https://ift.tt/33WCKu0

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  • crappy-bard
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Well!! I just passed the minimum word count for a novel!! I just stopped writing - 80,000 words!!!! Holy Christ on a pogo stick!

    May not be a drop in the bucket, but that’s still a lot of words strung together to tell a story from a first-time novel writer.

    #I’ve only ever written novellas and short stories until now #I used to write poetry when I was a kid - narrative poetry but still poetry #short horror stories with a rhyming scheme #AND NOW I’m writing an actual book! #oh how I’ve evolved lol
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  • darkacademsposts
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Skipping lecture to visit old abandoned castle, old books in the bag, visiting coffe shop, long cardigan, Brown boots, rainy season, and that Dark Academia feeling.

    Ps :- Reblog and add more DARK ACADEMIA activities!

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  • beanbag-io
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Shit poetry Day 14

    This poetry is a reminder for you to bring a smile on someone's face,

    Take care of even your counterparts for the world is not a race.

    Cook, draw, sing for someone or you can do a shimmy,

    If you want an advice on the same, the cutie's name is Himi.

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  • libidomechanica
    18.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Untitled # 8650

    Fondles the Doric mother  outcry for high couch he  lay coild like soldiers off parade,  the glass of  wine, out-sparkling 

    on thy side. —Not  yet destroyed just as the  early in toils or  sportful hours dost thou the  tea, among 

    seer leaps highest, ive known them  my hope, my  joy,      interpreted my own: thy soul,  whose precipice: there is cautious,  are a king of 

    her who lovst to  send a young Cupids  fight; and Wonder  more fairly knockd it up with  Samian and others. 

    Beseeching heart, sweet smell of  trumpet blow, which  were in you! —But although  to blame,  to take in drains, let 

    fall beneath it upon  earthly cot, full and hides there: to  night did  bid men come, we come that  she though in the 

    laws, command me fight with  green hair? Than I  have slept not, seeing him from  many) had loved  adventure. Off with 

    the  throng which it adorn,  with mothers might; but  both the burying of  beauty is 

    here, swan-like, when  I thy parts complete  and rears though my foot did  soar so passions, let not Woman  eer complain of, or reproved, 

    is Feeding  paid to say, the  cups, the  long has sank, and still, a  sleeping, and I, once had 

    I neer read long for  your complain of  inconstant memory was  full  sad and great his might had wrought 

    to pause, and dear, but  no less in that love with  truth, eternally  and  visibly 

    female. There was still be  time would mountain-top, calld  up a glass of willow  keeps these amiable  described sound, whose gentle 

    rush, into  her loved out again,  fair sister: of  all the aggregate  may 

    averaged each will  do like the  pitcher until a gentleman,  which here under  the fricative, then 

    all his towery  perching; frown a lion  into  a scene or two — would  soon espy that you wait out 

    the last Caesarean  fortress some mode  the shadows instead demaundes,  ne  wont the eye, 

    so deep intoxication. May  i move said he if you and  meek, arose and  friend, vpon whose ladys cheek, while  we may have cause 

    to guess. May after  all, and they rose  along a path between,  above a world would  see, through the forest 

    brake, but if  we can gain is to  give me more abstruse ecstatics  Name,—and I, in truth, the  congregated 

    world which all of  seasons closed me with  truth arrive wits nor  my flight: rich with the  flags of everything. meant 

    to ask  them hovering, and  marriage states of  wives, yet oftentimes  though some young Chevalier. Off 

    with the boundingly—  a gift,  a love-sick eyelids close,  I court, and in  preace emong the world 

    I ever scuttled ship or  cut a convict figures  of despair,  half-taught that woful day a  cruel, cruel, 

    love, hearing; she would not  stop said he (but youre divine: an  independent in theirs; but  most, on  some reserve this were 

    #poetry #automatically generated text #Patrick Mooney#Markov chains #Markov chain length: 7 #185 texts
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  • cozebot
    18.05.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    so shit boi👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩i am a alien then *flies to the moon*

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  • cozebot
    18.05.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    if lesbian

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  • poppytuft
    18.05.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    i am small and oversized, overgrown and outgrowing, i don't

    belong in the pot i was once planted in. roots spill from the drain in

    the terracotta bottom.

    i wonder if this was bound to happen, something unavoidable,

    inevitable, was i

    tied to time and fate with woolen string? nursery-fresh, my roots once

    were. i ache for something more.

    i hear the siren song of my childhood, i hear

    green and seasong and the color of salt behind my eyes. i hear

    you, calling me, from the future and a time long forgotten. i

    see you now, outline hazy, heat waves and

    ocean breeze.

    i want you now. i am coming, i swear.

    i am small and oversized, and i pretend that

    this discomfort is a feeling unknown to me. i pretend that i don't

    know what it's like to need

    new shoes, new socks, a new

    friend to wake up to every saturday. i pretend that this is something i

    am doing for the first time. that this goodbye is new.

    i feel the pull of rain, and evergreens, and big

    concrete buildings. a jungle of new opportunity. something in me


    i touch my own face to glass, teetering on the precipice

    of something bigger than myself. i can tell, that

    things won't be the same after this. [it isn't that hard

    to know this. i will tell you that it is, to make you feel better about

    this advice.] i worry myself sick over

    the road beneath my feet and

    brand new shoes. fear grabs me by the throat and stares

    down my broken pupils and it

    knows. it knows that i know, and knows that i know you

    know, and it tears me up inside. i cry

    into your shirt. i cry onto my new socks. i cry and i kick and i scream

    myself hoarse over the hole in my chest. i can't

    leave you. i can't reach you. i don't want to say goodbye.

    i am small and oversized, and i understand

    this feeling in my bones. it runs through my marrow like the

    salmon and the stream and i know this journey is one i'll

    take a million times, just to come home again.

    i say to you,

    "i'm ready now", though i know i'll

    never be. i dream of you, next to me this time, an

    achievable soul, and you will greet me with open arms. i'll

    laugh, and you'll give me a shove in the

    right direction. i try to be better. i try to get better. i try to be

    the best me i can be, and it's all i can do. i hope i

    do you right. i hope i do what's best. i wake up and i hope that

    everything i've ever done has lead me here for a reason. i hear

    the siren song again, i feel my roots begin to squeeze, and i

    pull on my new shoes once more. all i can do is try. all i can do is

    be small, and be oversized, and try.

    i promise i'll try.

    #some dumbass poem i wrote for english #mostly about college and. fear #poetry#poem#poet#creative writing#creative writer #i am the dog
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  • therebepoems
    18.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    What used to be spectacular

    Is now only

    Mediocre in my eyes.

    I cannot mourn

    All that I've forgotten to love.

    And I cannot mourn our love

    Because it hasn't been known.


    Please don't come home.

    Alex Delorme

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  • marxistcas
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    just woke up.... really really want to celwbrate jacks bday but😔 i have an exam😔 in 30 mins😔

    #it's like a two day exam so if ue thinking 'why the fuck are you waking up 30mins before your exam' then dw it's all under control #but yeah:( pls celebrate jacks bday a lil extra just for me:( #also saw some stuff abt misha and jensen and i do NOT have the time to figure out whats going on but i'm excited? i think? #watch them only discuss like. mishas poetry book or something
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  • priyamvadaatiwari
    18.05.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    but u were born alone and u'll die alone, so just make peace with the fact that nobody cares.

    it's you and it always will be, just you.

    #classic literature #poets on tumblr #the picture of dorian gray #dead poets society #dark academia art #chaotic academia#light academia#dark academia #six of crows #spilled poetry#i'm sad#aesthetic #dark acadamia aesthetic #dark fantasy#love#lovecore#fanstasy #i hate myself #depression#angst
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