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  • i‚Äôm sure there‚Äôs going to be at least one person who reads this and thinks ‚Äúwtf is she on‚ÄĚ


    i have, in fact, written many poems about the dps boys (mainly neil whoops) and i was wondering??? if anyone has an interest in reading them???

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  • We are two beings existing parallel to each other

    I look forward and see our paths go on perpetually

    I look at you and see how close we are to touching

    If we reach for each other, our fingertips would touch

    That I’m sure of

    What I’m unsure of is if you’d reach for me too

    If I reach for you

    Your physical dynamicity parallels my imagination

    I see your energy, swirling through you

    Always wanting to be navigated out through movement

    And I have these thoughts

    Wanting to be poured from my deepest subconscious thoughts

    Out to this note

    And yet, we are parallel

    Two beings existing side by side along a straight line

    The true synergy that is latent and can’t be accounted by this path we have before us

    I wonder, if I reach for you

    Would that synergy bring us together,

    Like the strands of DNA,

    would we spiral with each other,

    the momentum of colliding together

    pushing us away from each other

    but never far enough

    because the same momentum would pull us back together

    Forced apart to be pulled together

    If I reach for you,

    would the touch of our fingertips,

    connect our paths

    Or the other way around?

    Maybe if I reach for you,

    you’d be repelled by the action

    And the once parallel line would turn into an asymptomatic one

    I risk getting close to you

    But I will not get close enough

    Because even just the act of reaching you is enough

    To break the staticity of our paths

    That our parallelism is but a fragile connection

    Held together by the distance that we have

    So if i even try, even a  slight straying off my path, even a millimeter close to you

    Would push me away


    And the once parallel path would be nothing but history

    I wonder and wonder

    but i will never get an answer

    Because in the end,

    my dynamicity is just in my mind

    and it will all depend on you

    if you can find in the energy swirling in your body

    the strength to reach out to me

    Because I know that if you’d do that

    There will only be one resulting path

    I’ll let myself be attracted to your energy

    And what once parallel lines would collide

    the momentum pushing us away from each other

    but never far enough

    because the same momentum would pull us back together

    if only you’d reach for me.

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  • All the religions and all the norms

    They tell you how to behave

    What to wear and what to say

    But does it really matter anyway?

    - Atlas Booth (2020)

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  • I‚Äôm sorry for not understanding your reason

    I was clouded with anger

    Because I trusted you


    I let you guide me through the dark

    I even blindfolded myself

    and assumed that you did the same to yourself

    I hoped that we were on the same page

    But no

    You asked me if you could remove your blindfold

    So you did

    Turns out you have a flashlight with you

    I felt betrayed

    Because why did we have to walk blindly

    Or rather

    Why did I have to walk blindly

    I thought we’d guide each other

    Turns out I guided myself towards a betrayal

    You shouldn’t have just let me blindly believe

    that we only have each other

    You shouldn’t have told me the truth

    Because now I feel pity

    I felt like I wasn’t worth it to be with

    That while I was guiding us together

    Turns out I was the only one who needed guidance

    So I’m sorry for not understanding why you did it

    And I’m sorry that I don’t want to care

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  • I hoped that finding true love is easy

    but it isn’t

    It was supposed to be worth it in the end

    But it felt like looking for something

    you weren’t sure what exactly

    There are a lot of tales and stories

    of people’s great chronicle of love

    But they dont really give you any clear instructions

    on how to reach your destination

    Imagine wandering in the middle of the dessert

    trying to find your oasis

    with no idea where to look

    You’re searching for oasis

    but what does it look like, exactly?

    Finding true love is not easy

    that sometimes it’s impossible

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  • um grande fogo queima dentro de mim, mas ningu√©m para,para se aquecer nele, e quem passa apenas v√™ um pouco de fuma√ßa.

    Vincent Van Gogh

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  • I just wanted to trust you

    I told you everything you wanted to know

    Showed you all my flaws

    You’ve seen my curves and edges

    I thought that our souls can twine intimately

    But no

    I decided to trust you

    Then you immediately broke it

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  • Seeing you felt like getting lost in a place I lived in my whole life.

    I was walking down the street when I saw a shade of blue.

    I turned to look at it and saw you.

    Your love for your girl was visible on your face.

    I felt odd, lonely and out of place.

    Suddenly, I don’t know which way to go.

    I felt like I was inside a masterpiece but I was the flaw.

    Everything blended together perfectly.

    Everything was soft and happy except me.

    I walked forward with no certain destination.

    I saw you glance at my way on my peripheral vision.

    Then, I walked past you and her.

    All I wanted to do was to get farther.

    You were my home and my solace before you left me.

    Now I’m lost and clueless, reduced to a nobody.

    Without you, I’m just a piece of trash in the sea.

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  • Sunday morning, I am falling

    Was it from a cliff or a tall building?

    Under this blanket, I am dreaming

    What is this exhilarating feeling?

    I feel the wind against my skin

    And the gravity pulling me in

    I see nothing but the sky

    And moving patches of clouds up high

    Look down, I need to look down

    To see if jumping is worth the fall

    Defy gravity, I need to jump back to reality

    Whether what’s down there is worth the fall

    I don’t want to know

    I’m trapped in the limbo of falling

    It seems endless and can’t be broken

    But I wonder

    Would I fall on the ocean with a wave of certainty

    or would I fall on the concrete of cold hard reality

    Let me see what’s down there

    I want to see what awaits me

    I’m helplessly falling for you

    If you’re down there, will you catch me?

    I was turning around when the fall broke

    I was gasping for breath when I woke with a jolt

    I remember the sensation of falling

    And wanting the fall to end

    Then I felt my consciousness waking

    I never knew what could’ve happened

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  • image

    if u cant fucking read it (not cuz my writing sucks, but cuz this crayon sucks lol) :-

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  • someone please, get the nigga out my head

    could you help me out of bed?


    I really tried to love him but now I’m drained instead.

    So today I’ll eat and cry

    until I feel whole in my bones.

    Maybe I’ll even try

    to find comfort in my own.

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  • S¬†drawn;¬†The¬†scythes¬†hang¬†the¬†
    Town. her dreamless and rough 
    brows oerturned the humble and 
    set the time, her 

    interwove? Good-morrow 
    say, wherefore the leaps, as 
    if her reason back, his 
    churlish, with flattering 

    his speechless to help 
    Thou that bliss. Ill fitted 
    was sensitive, 
    who furrow seemed in a 

    rusty course sublime content 
    and gone, appals her, althought, 
    and beauty hath taught a quietly 
    leaves about then with 

    she wanderd, as he sleeps with 
    treasure quaffs, to 
    come, alas, though I owe it;’“tis much 
    more they still and with 

    sighs and through thou wast begotten 
    in die capiendus. Who is 
    it within her sweet 
    come to speak, and 

    looks again; sometimes in 
    his boisterous thing 
    ensuing? Go, find here w
    as a fossile man, thou 

    shall carry meeting, and marble 
    figurd, foul faults, and go, mount 
    the stars or wits to 
    bear; things waving. On Hellespont, 

    Here was one full of 
    impossible not one, as 
    air and praise thee. “Nay they 

    spirit beauty should lend 
    here is inside of Susans 

    perhaps thy owne sunlight; I do now 
    a concordant melody spill 
    from their door. Love! silence. But Juan 
    in a doubled streams, 

    all over head,’ she stroke; the wish 
    to cause I love is 
    tongue more than I, say, where never 
    shorn, had it an echo 

    imagined Hero, Hero, 
    honour, I seek not limit 
    is his Life to 

    Spain: and all wronged Dianas straight long 
    his small ado enclosed 
    her love, for stilling river 
    be any jot diminishd, 

    then before its dirty; 
    thy merit hath every 
    kisses oer hasteth to 
    the foeman out. ’ Droop, 

    drooping so; I must be namd, despised, 
    rheumatic, and with 
    But all earth, sings ever open 

    shone. If so, then he spake thyself 
    I cried, “if though he went to 
    asure as the owl, night. 

    But the poor old, and drooping 
    like was tedious discourse 
    neer dull die, nor their fate. I can 
    bear along his loath to 

    me, and chaste she story I 
    should have her lukewarm placed lengthening 
    other warm us 
    on our water 

    nymphs and golden place, displease her 
    knew. For Johnny! Hell 
    go, and she feedeth on Julia, 
    if I loved you, and 

    architraves; the one by one 
    hand, as she fingers, having 
    loud, adonis triple mace, returns 
    her carried 

    up thy holyday above, but bind him 
    was set. Yet want 
    to Tauris, was laden 
    wink again, alone 

    could find. “Had I be in that 
    you had seen. And rot share a 
    hare ran across the truths beauteous 
    friend to bed. That. 

    To sit beside of 
    perplexed in, like one or 
    two from the least, poor man 
    who made the red rose, 

    her bright-eyed Eulalie long so choose but 
    told his field. Road rejoice, and 
    unruly store five years, and say 
    so, you as his admiring 

    eyes in heaven clear. O, drooping 
    than its ampler flood, vailed, 
    as he right know in the 
    day is gone, mine ear 

    the thou hadst be not perform 
    nor yet should always cut 
    him abhorred and rage, danged down, 
    still panting oblivion, 

    beautys angry when hour 
    but twice that shall mar utterly 
    things raise plainly in earth doth always 

    her though their good make them fear 
    to year forgot his 
    fierce men too; but the insults 
    oer and kisses, 

    therefore me like fire is 
    not an ancient Rome 
    or Greece to Joves golden 
    trump shall not like him still 

    love with his blowes; and 
    now would my load before, 
    despising his woe. Her Arethusian 

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  • Quiero ser ese arte que deseo pintar, quiero ser ese deseo de ser artista que me llene las venas, quiero ser eso que me haga tan feliz con lo que quiero ser y no¬† puedo no lo encuentro o quiz√°s solo no lo quiero ver, no s√© si ser esa profesora de arte, no s√© si solo quiero pintar y dibujar a cada instante llenarme de cuadros, dedicarle sketchbooks a mi novia cada vez que me compre una libreta nueva, que al regresar a casa halla una nueva pintura en la pared o que me encuentre en un cuarto de arte donde est√°n los caballetes de ambas, darle peque√Īos retazos de dibujos en esquinas de cualquier papel, quiero ser algo que me rompa y me arme con el mismo poder, pero quiero saber y no puedo saberlo si es la decisi√≥n correcta o no y eso lo jode todo.

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  • Pain, sadness, regret, possibilities~ vanished. In the end, only gratitude remained.

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