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  • my-mouth-my-words
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Why am I alive?

    Just to die?

    Maybe I'm not alive.

    What does being alive mean?

    Does it mean I'm breathing?

    Or does it mean I'm out there in the world, making others lives worth living. Finding happiness. Love. And even sadness.

    Lives all end in death. It's inevitable.

    But we are all in control of having a life before death.

    Some of us never get the chance to be alive before they die.

    Or some chose not to be alive before they die.

    Which path are we supposed to choose?

    Maybe it's up to us. Maybe we can change whether we were alive or not. We have to keep ourselves alive before death.

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  • passivepensive
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    man of rind

    the moments when your eyes meet mine 

    they are not warm, nor are they bright 

    to heat and loose you up, i try 

    but in your head, you do reside 

    what i’d do to pick your mind... 

    look through your scars and find your light 

    but you would see it as a pry 

    invasive fingers scaling climbs 

    across a nonconforming rind 

    of a man who’s nothing more than kind 

    no pain, no passion, just polite

    i wish you were enough, i cry 

    but your fatal flaw, it is not mine 

    and for it, i will just not die 

    youre not that crucial to my life. 

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  • revmeg
    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago
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  • oikawakinniee
    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    years ago, she had learned eyes were the window to the soul.

    now, she wondered if he could see the images reflected in the glass of hers.

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  • voirlvmer
    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    It will be years befors I understand / failure. The sun's last rage / is in the winter trees.

    Jennifer Chang, from "The Winter's Wife", Some Say the Lark

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  • haikkun
    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Spoke / Scope

    Due to radials…

    Your head travels further than your feet

    By several thousand miles

    Before you die (if you’re so lucky)


    Imagination goes the distance;

    Metaphorically (obviously)

    But this is about

    Your arches defining an arc that’s far inferior

    When they’ve met a floor (orthopedically)


    Thoughts I cough up on the cheap

    Traveling an axis

    Of twenty three degrees

    And wondering where my head is at…

    Why I keep it on

    This leash


    Maureen Armstrong @haikkun

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  • revmeg
    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago
    #In Search of Dustie-Fute #David Kinloch#poetry#lit#Rahab#Bible
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  • xx-mutt-xx
    18.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    I wanna be beautiful and feminine. I want long hair and long nail, both painted in bright colors. I was to be brooding and Masculine. I want to shave my hair and to wear too many rings. I want my room to be a mess and dawned in blacks and browns. I want my room to be spotless white and minimalistic. I want to be a witch and to but my own energy into my own world. I want to be a christian and to worship an all powerful being. I want to be everything and nothing.

    #scrap#grunge#poetry#vent #free to reblog
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  • dream-a-lovely-waking-dream
    18.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    why is it that i always seem to fall in love with the wrong people? 

    first it was a golden boy with warm, brown skin and messy curls. he was all laughter, and comfort, and a remanent of my childhood that i didn’t want to let go. but it was wrong, all wrong, because i was in love with a memory. 

    then it was a faded boy, with washed out blue eyes and freckles scattered across his cheeks like constellations. he was all distance, and winter, and a fleeting fantasy that never came to fruition. but it wouldn’t, would never work, because i was in love with a dream.

    and now it’s him. lean and bruised, with an acne-marred face and beautiful lips. he is all biting words, and teasing jabs, and hidden looks when he thinks i can’t see him, and i’m left wondering if he looks at everyone that way. i’m in love with a star, the brightest star in the sky, but he will not love me in the same way. 

    and this is the tragedy of my life; always falling in love with the people who exist only in my mind.

    #free verse poetry i guess #poetry#poems#love#and loss #im feeling very small in a very big world today so interact if u can :)
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  • perdido-no-paraiso
    18.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Seria tudo uma encenação?

    Porque o vazio que vem após as “risadas” é o que mais machuca.

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  • cocomuses
    18.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Let’s dance on roof tops and sing on the top of our lungs, and pretend like its only us in the world

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  • revmeg
    18.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago
    #In Search of Dustie-Fute #David Kinloch#poetry#lit#Mary#Joseph
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  • newyorkrejection
    18.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Cutting Cords i


    You're all i think about.


    She's all i think about.

    My mind is but a factory

    To mass produce mass hysteria.

    To mass produce mass rage,

    To mass produce massive pain.

    And sometimes i wonder

    If it was you next to me

    Not him.

    But then he caresses my arm, my body,

    And i realize

    No matter what youve done to me,

    You simply



    To him.

    And he knows all about you.

    Youre a story i like to tell,

    Of a time i went through hell.

    Dante never shut up about his inferno.

    And the pain you caused is not like you,

    I cant seem to let it go.

    I wanna see you burn,

    Take the ashes, make black salt.

    Rub it in your wounds.

    I try to find forgiveness,

    But all i find is more bitterness.

    And this witches mercy depends on the day.

    Maybe a simple sorry from you can change my mental state,

    And id love to be friends, cause having enemies is overplayed.

    I guess for you

    Its easier to ask for forgiveness from me,

    Than yo ask for forgiveness from her.

    Yet, you never seem to realize,

    That an ounce of prevention outweighs a pound of cure.

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  • vioispoetrytoo
    18.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    My tears are falling on your shirt,

    The one you left with me,

    Im losing all my self control,

    Remembering how you made me feel.

    Meanwhile the day is gray,

    The october rain touches my window,

    While I hide under my sheets,

    Hearing the outside wind blow.

    My skin is cold without you,

    Even when I keep covering myself,

    My brain remembers your heat,

    But the feeling is just not there.

    Why must everything be so hard,

    Why does distance exist,

    Why cant I have you here with me,

    And kiss you to subsist.

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  • my-dragoneyes
    18.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    A moment in the deluge;

    A refuge amidst its chaos.

    A bad time to hear the muses,

    But the hurts are worth the payoff.

    The works are perfect when

    They are written as was spoken,

    But humble paper and a pen

    Cant write what now is broken.

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  • icyyyprincess
    18.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    It really will be okay

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  • mywiddle
    18.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    I always dream brighter when hes next to me

    He let me stay over, reluctantly

    We argued about ethical euthanasia

    He wants to die, I say never

    He asks why

    "I dont want you to go"

    "Dont you know thats selfish though?"

    #poetry #im in the worlds worst relationship
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