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    20.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    art dump

    completely unrelated i have double lariat stuck in my head on loop...

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    20.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Girls <3

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    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Pillow Fight

    Harley Quinn: The Animated Series: The Eat. Bang! Kill. Tour #2

    Babs Tarr

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    20.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    A better looking cover of Harley Quinn eat bang kill tour variant cover by Babs Tarr 

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    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    // I’ve been thinking about making a Sideblog for a DC muse. Like a Robin, not a canonical one but an oc. Should I try it?

    #[ ooc. ] #[ I also adore poison ivy and harley’s relationship in that new Harley focused show ]
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  • cringelordlikesplaz
    20.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Strange to be an Eel

    Turning into silly putty wasn't the strangest thing that had happened to him, honestly. It’s everything that happened after that which was weird.

    "Please! I'm begging you, Jake bailed last minute and we don't have any replacements! This musical is our last chance. If this flops, we'll never be able to keep this place open!" She cried. 'She' being a short woman with desperate tears in her eyes and too many freckles. 

    Eel pulled his wrist out of her surprisingly strong grip. He shook his hand off and observed the woman in front of him. She looked stressed, tired, and a general mess. Her name tag read ‘Penny’.

    "Well, Penny." He said curtly, "I got things to do. Better things to do than-"

    "But you're the perfect fit! You're the right size, you already know all the lines-"

    "Seeing a musical five times doesn't mean I've memorized-"

    Penny snapped to attention and pointed her finger into the air dramatically. The imaginary audience located in the storeroom fell silent. 

    "And if I'm not here to save the day- Then as God as my witness, I'll be here to save the night!"

    "-It's 'then as the gods as my witnesses'." Eel pointed out. Penny smiled smugly and Eel shook himself off.

    "That doesn't prove anything. And it doesn't change the fact I can't go onstage!" Eel said.

    "You'll be wearing makeup and goggles! A hat too! No one will be able to recognize you in costume!" Penny said, suddenly desperate again.

    "No! I won't do it!" Eel said in response to her puppy eyes.

    "Please! Please, Bruce Wayne's out there and if this goes well the PR will be fantastic!" She said, tears beginning to fall.

    Eel looked up at the cracked ceiling and let out a long, long groan.

    "I want 100 bucks." Eel said.

    "Deal!" Penny said, the tears instantly evaporating. 

    Damn actors.


    So, the musical rendition of the hit show 'The Grey Ghost' went pretty damn well, in Eel's opinion. He was skeptical at first, as anyone should be, but he had to admit it, Penny was right. He was an amazing Grey Ghost. 

    It helped that Eel had been a fan of the Grey Ghost since he was a boy, and it also maybe helped that he had snuck into the theater to see the practice runs of the play five times. He had thought he was being sneaky, but apparently theater kids could like, smell intruders. Fresh blood, if you would.

    He hadn't known what would happen when he was cornered by a very manic little blond lady, but it ended up surprisingly well. He even got paid. 

    After he and the other actors had taken their bows or whatever, Eel snuck back to the storeroom. He pried off the grey suit- it was kinda itchy honestly- and began to dig around for his usual clothes. 

    He put his suit on. The nice one, that didn't pinch his shoulders and had all his crap in the pockets. He buttoned up the coat and pulled out his glasses. They were black and pretty slick, if he was honest with himself. Which he was. Occasionally.

    The temples were wide and helped hide his eyes from the side. They hid his scar even better. They were sunglasses, unfortunately, not the best eyewear to have in Gotham, but he liked them. And that was enough for now. 

    They were also expensive as all hell. Some sort of designer brand. He would wear them till they broke for how much they cost him. 

    There was a knock on the door.

    "I'm decent," Eel said. 

    Penny opened the door and held her clipboard to her chest excitedly. Her eyes sparkled. 

    "So." She said.

    "So?" He asked.

    "So! Y'know how Bruce Wayne was in the crowd tonight?" She asked.

    "Yup," He said. 

    "He liked it! He liked it so much he wants to fund us!" She said, "And he wants to meet you."

    Eel blinked. "He what?" 

    "He said your performance was incredible! He wants to meet you!"


    "No?" She asked, her head cocked, "But you've got so much talent! He could get you a job, y'know." 

    "No. Just- no." Eel shook his head. He could just hear the sirens now. "I can't, Penny."

    She seemed like she wanted to press him- like she did with getting him into the costume. But something on his face made her reconsider, apparently.

    "Alright." She said, sighing, "I'll tell him you're not available."

    "Thanks, pal." Eel said.

    They stood awkwardly.

    "I need to go." He said, pointing behind her to the door.

    "I- okay." She said. Penny stepped aside and Eel left the storage room, Penny following behind. She led him to the backdoor.

    "Um, thank you...?" She said as he stepped out into the alley.

    "It's best if you don't know my name." Eel said.

    "Will you be back?" 

    "Probably not." Eel said, "What with your success here tonight- I think there's going to be too much foot traffic around for a crook like me to be hidden."

    She smiled softly, "You weren't very hidden in the first place."

    "I'll have you know I've hidden from cops in more obvious spots."

    "I think that says more about the GCPD than it does your skill," Penny said.

    Eel huffed, mockingly offended.

    "Later, miss." He said, turning to leave.

    "Goodbye." She said.

    Penny waved to his back and waited for him to slink into the shadows before she shut the door.


    "Eel O'brian." A gruff voice called.

    Eel grinned and craned his head around to look at a familiar face.

    "Matches! Ol' pal, where've you been? It's been ages." Eel said.

    Matches Malone slid into the seat next to him at the bar. The bartender wordlessly handed Matches a drink and Matches wordlessly slid a few bills over the counter.

    Eel took a sip of his own drink- a cocktail.

    "I've heard there's work around." Matches said, taking his match out of his mouth to take a sip of his drink. Whiskey probably.

    "I mean, yeah-" Eel said, rolling the cherry around his glass for the hell of it, "But there's always work around."


    "Yeah yeah, I know what ya mean." Eel said, nodding. "You want the work that won't have you dressed up as a daisy and punched by a furry. I gotcha."


    "I miss the good 'ol days, Matches. Before all these folks in spandex came along and started going nuts all over town-" Eel paused, taking a sip of his cocktail, "-But I do got to admit it; the spandex is pretty hot."

    "I need cash." Matches said, ever eloquent. 

    "Cheers to that!" Eel laughed. He downed the rest of his drink, swallowing the cherry. 

    "Where's the work?" Matches finally asked, and Eel's grin faltered. Always work and no play with this guy.

    But Matches seemed to like him well enough, so Eel wouldn't hold it against him.

    "So, new boss in the West part of town looking to hire some folks. I think they're hiding something pretty big, but we won't know that 'till we get there, won't we, Matches?" Eel said.


    "Yeah, me too buddy."


    Things at the new job were getting crazy. Like, really really crazy. Like the type of crazy he spent a great amount of his time trying in vain to avoid. Super crazy.

    Pun intended.

    It started off fairly normal. By Gotham standards anyway. Looting places. Stealing. Scarin' the living daylights out of folks. Keeping out of the limelight. 

    But the boss turned out to be working for an even bigger boss- who had a penchant for monologuing- and Eel couldn't help the sinking feeling he had in his gut.

    And then the boss- the small boss and not the bigger, monologuing boss- somehow kidnapped Batgirl of all people and decided to drown her. And he did it in this big glass chamber with a valve on the side. 

    He stood in front of it, glaring at each of his men accusingly.

    He had each of them turn the valve, adding a few inches of water to the chamber, and taking few inches of air away from Batgirl. He was trying to root out a snitch. Or, as he put it, a bat.

    Matches didn't even hesitate. Eel wished he had that guy's confidence.

    But Eel? He wasn't a big fan of murder. It made him feel icky. It kept him awake at night. He already had enough insomnia, thank you very much.

    And Batgirl- She was just a kid. A baby-faced teenager. Up close, she was no longer a force of nature fighting alongside a cryptid. She was a teenager up to her nose in water, her clothes torn and bloody.

    Eel went last.

    He put his hands on the valve and-

    He couldn't do it.

    He wouldn't.

    A lot of things happened after that.

    The boss (the small one) told the rest to shoot him down, and Eel had a half a second to view his terrible life before Matches tackled him to the floor.

    The glass of the chamber broke and the room was suddenly flooded with a lot of water and one very mad vigilante. Then a window got busted in, even more glass flying, and then two Robins showed up- There was the young Robin who was grumpy and the other older Robin that wasn't Robin anymore but Eel couldn't really be bothered to remember his name at the moment.

    There was fighting, gunfire, blood, and then there was glass in his hands-

    And then Matches had somehow manifested them both outside and set Eel on his feet.

    "You-" Eel spluttered, "You saved me!" 

    Matches looked at Eel. Eel looked at Matches. The street was quiet. Inside the building, it was not.

    "Thank you." Eel said softly.

    "...You cost me my payment." Matches said at last.

    Eel's face fell.

    "I just- She's just a kid, Matches. I ain't a monster." Eel said.

    Matches shook his head and walked away, leaving Eel on the sidewalk with glass in his hands.

    Guess he was wrong about Matches.


    That day wasn't too bad, though. In the middle of the night he was woken up to a knock at his window. His fourth story window in his crappy apartment.

    He opened his window and suddenly a basket was shoved into his arms. He fumbled with it for a second, his hands still raw. There was a blur of movement and Eel was left standing half-naked holding a- a gift basket?

    He sorted through it- it had cash and cookies and bandages. It also had a plain white card. He opened it and raised a brow in surprise.

    "Thanks for not drowning me!" 

    It was signed with a little bat drawn in the corner. 

    The cookies were delicious.


    The safe was built into the wall. The safe itself wasn't too big, and the wall was only made of plaster. It would be a pain to lug the safe back to base though. And it would cost precious seconds to hack away at the wall to get the safe out-

    There was really only one option. The bomb he had was small and wouldn't do much in terms of excavation- but it would absolutely open up that pesky Wayne-Tech lock.

    "Alright guys, we need to get back-" Eel didn't hear anyone. He turned- "Guys?"

    "It's been a while, O'brian." Batman said, surrounded by the unconscious bodies of his crime buddies. Well, not really buddies- you get the point.

    "Batman! Hello! I don't think we've met," Eel said, swinging on his heel and turning to face his doom.

    "No, we haven't. But when I didn't hear word from the police of any of your activity for a few months- well." Batman took a silent step closer. "One tends to worry."

    "Oh? Me? Lil 'ol me? You shouldn't have." Eel batted his eyelashes, though the effect was diminished as he was wearing his shades.

    "You plan these heists well." Batman said slowly, "You waited until the Riddler attacked to go for this safe. You got past the cameras without setting off the alarm. You tipped off the police of where you'd be- on the other side of town."

    Eel tried to reach for the detonator on the bomb. If he could just- "You flatter me, Batman really, but I-"

    "We could use a man like that on our side, O'brian." Batman said. "A smart man like you could do some real good in the world."

    Eel laughed. That was the most wrong thing he'd ever heard. He laughed but it wasn't funny.

    He pressed the button and the bomb started counting down from 10.

    "I don't think so, Bats. I'm not the hero type." Eel said, and then tried to make a run for it. Batman caught him by the collar.

    "It's not about types. There's good in you."

    "I really wish I could stay and chat, but I gotta split." Eel said, slipping his arms out of his coat and breaking into a mad sprint.

    The bomb let out a single shrieking beep before it detonated. 

    Eel didn't turn back to see what happened to Batman.


    A deal went wrong. Unsurprising. They broke his leg. Unsurprising. He was alive. Surprising! Unfortunately, he was still very much crippled and bleeding out from somewhere. 

    He limped along the sidewalk at night, always a dumb thing to do. His vision was either going or the lighting in this city was getting worse by the moment. Given that he lived in Gotham, it was likely both.

    He limped into a grassy part of the city- a park of some sort. He'd get caught soon. Or maybe he'd bleed out and die. He couldn't manifest the energy to care either way.

    He flopped down onto the grass, for lack of any other bright ideas. He couldn't see the stars through the cloud cover. Tragic. 

    "Hey." A commanding voice called. He looked around until he spotted a scantily-clad woman. She was green and wearing leaves and had bright red hair and was looking at him like he was a pile of dead slugs.

    Oh. Oh crap. Oh crap that's Poison Ivy.

    Eel tried to shrink into the ground.

    "Hiiiii Poison Ivy, how's the weather?" He asked. He tried to smile charmingly but it was most likely very strained and bloody.

    "Why are you bleeding on my flowers?" She asked, a single brow raised.

    "Haa, would you believe that blood makes a great fertilizer?" Eel said.

    "It does." She said.

    "Uh," Eel had lost too much blood for him to come up with a witty remark.

    "Please don't kill me." He said.

    "Greater men than you have begged for mercy. What makes you better?" She asked, head cocked.

    "I can, uh," Eel panicked, "I can give you my grandma's recipe for caramel coffee." 

    Poison Ivy's other eyebrow raised. 

    They looked at each other for a moment.

    Then, a shrill voice called from across the park.

    "Ivy! Come on!! What are you even doing?!" 

    Eel was fairly certain he was hallucinating now. Blood loss and all that. Because Harley Quinn, wearing a football jersey and sweatpants, came running up to stand besides Poison Ivy.

    "We're going to miss the game," Harley pouted, then took notice of Eel, "Who's that mess?"

    "Someone who can make caramel coffee, apparently." Poison Ivy said, bemused.

    "I like caramel." Harley said.

    Poison Ivy shrugged, "We can keep him if you want."

    "I also like coffee..." Harley tapped her chin in consideration, "Yeah we'll take him. Come on, Ivy!"


    That was how he ended up getting high with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. His leg was propped up on a table, a bong was being passed around, the apparent football game played on the TV in front of them. They were in a greenhouse and the city’s lights shone through the glass almost magically. This was probably not what someone suffering from blood loss should be doing. Eel almost considered making a break for it. 

    But Poison Ivy was the Weed Queen of Gotham, and getting this stuff free? Too good to pass up.

    Harely had seemingly forgotten about the promised coffee, but since they hadn’t killed him yet and gave him weed, Eel decided he'd write the recipe down for them before he left.

    "I don't get why capes dress the way they do," Harely said, "I mean, rogues have the same problem but like, it's more noticeable with the heroes, y'know?"

    "Like, the boob windows?" Ivy asked. Harley nodded enthusiastically. 

    "Yeah, yeah! The boob windows." Harely said, "Why do all the guys wear kevlar and body armor and the girls got to show off their tits?"

    "Maybe the dudes should show off their tits too." Eel said. 

    Poison Ivy laughed and Harely nodded even more enthusiastically.

    "Yeah! This guy gets it!" 

    "See, if I were to go running around in spandex-" Eel gestured to his very much not spandex coated body, "I'd show off my cleavage all the time." 

    "Men don't have cleavage," Ivy pointed out.

    "Not with that attitude they don't." Harley said, "Say, Eel, if you ever get tits, come over so we can prove Ivy wrong."

    Eel cackled, "Sure thing! And if I ever start wearing spandex as a hobby I'll make sure the V-neck plunges all the way down."

    "You'd better!" 

    Ivy laughed and Eel was handed the bong again.


    Eel wasn't even doing anything. He was in his apartment, minding his own business. Well actually he was trying to sleep but that wasn't going so well.

    Then there was a tapping on his window. Feeling a sudden wash of deja-vu, Eel turned around. There was an otherworldly, haunting green glow coming from his window. 

    Pausing, and exercising a healthy amount of caution, walked over to the window.

    A UFO hovered outside his window. A tiny one.

    Eel rubbed his eyes.

    The UFO bonked against the glass, seemingly wanting inside.

    "uh," Eel said. Against every ounce of common sense, he opened the window. 

    The UFO flew inside his room, casting its light oddly through his home. There was a mechanical whir, and suddenly a robotic arm sprung out from the bottom of the ship.

    "Uh," Eel said, regretting everything immediately.

    The UFO then grabbed Eel by his good ankle, his other leg still in a cast for a few more weeks. He lost balance and hit his head on the floor. The small ship lifted him off the floor by his ankle, and then dragged him out the window. He tried to claw at the windowsill but the ship was too fast.


    He dangled dangerously over what was at least a thirty foot drop. The UFO paid no mind to his panicked flailing, and instead began to go higher.

    "OH GOD."


    The small UFO took him to a bigger UFO, of course.

    A small hole opened in the underside of the ship, and Eel was brought inside. The inside of an alien spaceship looked nearly identical to its outside, apparently. Weird and green.

    The smaller ship finally dropped him off in a large circular room. He was set down gently on his back, but he still hissed in surprise. The metal floor was freezing and he was only in his shorts.

    "Uh oh uh oh uh oh..." He muttered.

    "Hello, human!" A cheery, buzzing voice greeted. 

    Eel looked around frantically and finally spotted a small, glowing blue light.

    "Uh, hi?" He said to the light. The blue light bobbed up and down- excitedly?

    "Human!" It said, "We are the-"

    It said something that sounded eldritch to his human ears.

    "-and we saw your performance!"

    He blinked.

    "...my what."

    "On February 7th, approximately 11 months ago, you performed in the musical "The Grey Ghost Strikes Back!"." The light said. Several other colorful lights manifested around him.

    "...uh huh."

    "If you are wondering why you did not see us, the-" [REDACTED] "-in the crowd on the date of your performance, it is because we were not there."

    "Ooohh kayyyy...."

    "Batman recorded it and sent us a copy!"

    Eel blinked. They were speaking alienese, he was certain of it.

    "He also sent along with it 307 other forms of human entertainment as a welcome package to Earth!" It said, "And we must say, we really enjoyed your performance."

    A red light, hovering just a little lower than the blue one, perked up.

    "We especially enjoyed your performance in the third act, and would like to compliment your singing skills." The red light said.

    "Thank you?" Eel said.

    "If it is not too much trouble, human, we would like what is most commonly known to you as an 'autograph'." The blue light said.



    The night started off odd, he'd admit it. But it wasn't bad. He signed some stuff. He didn't know what the things he signed were or what exactly he wrote with, but it hardly mattered. They asked him to sing a song from the musical- he did- and they somehow applauded him.

    They gave him alien food, and he'd be damned if he didn't accept free food. Even if it was probably radioactive. It tasted like cotton candy. Again, not bad.

    They told him a bit about their situation. Their home- somewhere on a different plane of existence- exploded. They were the last of their kind. Batman approached them, because he could do that apparently, and offered them a place on Earth.

    "Our culture is based on entertainment. Each piece of what you call 'media' is like a fine work of art to us." They said. 

    "Oh, cool. So do you kidnap actors you like in other stuff?" Eel asked, trying to figure out the best way to consume the slime on a stick he'd been given. He decided there was no proper way to do that so he just decided to slurp it off.

    "We would like to meet the actors and actresses in other media, but they usually just scream the whole time they are here. We gain the impression that they do not appreciate our hospitality." They said.

    Eel shrugged, "I can't imagine why. You guys are great."

    "You have taken this whole experience very well, comparatively."

    "I mean- I'm a bit desensitized to weirdness." Eel said.

    "Is this experience considered 'weird' to other humans?" They asked.

    "Nah." Eel said, waving off their concern, and set his slime stick down, "Hey, I'd like to get home now. This has been fun and all, but it's kinda cold in here."

    "Of course, human. We wish you fame and fortune for your future."

    "Uh, you too?"

    They dropped him off on the roof of his apartment building. The sun was beginning to rise. He made his way down the stairs, nearly naked and his leg still in a cast. He slept okay.


    Eel was known for many things. He knew most, if not all, of those things were bad. Hell, all of the things he was known for would be bad to the common man. But to the common crook? Only most of those things would be considered bad.

    Some of the things he was known for made him desirable. 

    He was a safecracker, he never got caught, he could make a good plan and stick to it. He was good at his job.

    But Eel was not... valuable, per-say. He was a tool in most people's eyes. Something to be discarded when the job was done.

    Eel knew this. Made his peace with it. He knew when he took this job that the guys he was working with didn't give two shits about him. But he needed their muscle for the security guards, and they needed his skill to crack the safe. They all needed the cash.

    They walked into this big facility during a storm. Mr. Freeze was causing havoc in city hall again. The outer parts of the city didn't get the blizzard- they got the freezing rain.

    The security guard appeared- he had a gun and he was willing to use it. If the folks he was working with were smart, which they weren't, they would have ran. Don't shoot back, don't have murder put onto your sentence along with theft and arson and everything else. 

    But they were stupid, and they shot blindly, and the guard shot Eel in the shoulder. And the bullet tore through his shoulder and into a container of something-

    Another shot rang out, the guard fell.

    There was a crack and suddenly Eel was soaked in something- it was bright and hot and it burned like the embers of Hell. He screamed, of course.

    The people he was working with, his 'pals', stared at him for just a second.


    "Eel doesn't have the cash, now run!"

    Eel got up, and gave chase. His steps faltered and his vision swam.

    He made it outside just in time to see them get into the car and book it.

    "Adios, Eel!" 

    "You putrid punks!" He yelled, his hand clutching his shoulder. Everything burned. Everything throbbed. His pulse beat in his ears, the rain came down like knives, and the bullet hole poured blood like a faucet. But it was oddly thick- was it? The world kept wanting to wobble and spin.

    The- the police. They'd be here soon. Maybe. Eventually. He needed to go.

    He walked. 

    Down the street, down an alley, then another, then another, until the buildings began to spread out and trees and grass began to coat the land.

    The rain was softer here. Warmer too. He climbed a shallow hill. Like climbing a mountain. His heart slammed the inside of his skull like a drum. There was a tree on the hill, its branches bare.

    He collapsed beneath it.

    He didn't have time to see if he could spot any stars before it all went black.


    Eel's life had always, always been strange.

    But it apparently that was just the beginning.

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    #Anonymous #green is the official wlw color #1) green power ranger 2) green m&m 3) green powerpuff girl 4) green tea 5) poison ivy au natural (green) #maybe I should change my favorite color
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    My favorite pass time is shipping chaotic bisexuals with each other

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    I made a harlivy drawing (harley totally isn’t supposed to be my cosplay of her ;) )

    #harlivy #leo’s art dump #leos art dump #harley quin#poison ivy#leo rambles
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    Eat, Bang! Kill Tour Covers That Have Been Revealed So Far

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    *Sirens having a girls night*

    Selina [who just broke up with Bruce, again]: *sigh*

    Herley: Aw, come on Cat! Take it from someone who took shit from a man for waaaaaay too long: he ain't wroth shit.

    Damian [while doing his nails]: She's right.

    Ivy: Isn't Bruce Waybe your father?

    Damian: Exactly.

    Damian: I live with the man and can tell you: he ain't worth shit.

    #girls night #fuck baby bat its baby cat now #CatMom and CatSon #bruce aint shit #damian is the pretty sibling #selina kyle#harely quinn#poison ivy#damian wayne
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    The Plant Girlfriends as RPG characters.

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  • scissoringsappho
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    Harley Quinn: The Eat, Bang, Kill Tour #2 variant cover by Babs Tarr.

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    Aang from “Avatar the Last Airbender,” Korra from “Legend of Korra,” Tamatoa from “Moana,” Cheetah from “Wonder Woman,” Poison Ivy from “Batman & Robin,” Overhaul from “My Hero Academia,” Mr. Fantastic from “Fantastic Four,” Asami Sato from “The Legend of Korra,” Molten Man from “Spider-Man Far from Home,” and Goku from “Dragon Ball”

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    I want to kiss you on the lips

    #harley quinn#harleen quinzel#dc #dc harley quinn #harley quinn fanart #I am in love with her #margot robbie is so cool too #and the animated series #man #I love harley a lot #also birds of prey #and the suicide squad #so good #I am obsessed with her #her catwoman and poison ivy >>> #they're so great
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    Found this in Pinterest and I absolutely love this! They all look so cute. I especially love how Mr.Freeze and Riddler look😍🥰

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