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  • icelectricspyro
    28.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #my art#excuse inaccuracies #my first time drawing this guy #for a friend! #fan art#pokemon#lucario#pkmn#pokemon art
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  • banhbeotim
    28.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Izumi, Aogiri’s right hand

    #Early 20th Century Pokevillain AU #Team Aqua#Pokemon Shelly#Pokemon Archie
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  • prof-peach
    28.09.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #pokemon #prof.peach #peach talks #that’s just me tho
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  • trashbunnysblog
    28.09.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    This is my trainersona when she gets to Alola, i believe we’re halfway through on her story (really tempted on opening asks for her but i don’t know if i would get any to begin with but maybe, i don’t know).

    As usual, Story in under “read more”

    PREVIOUS- https://trashbunnysblog.tumblr.com/post/663254718459592704/this-is-my-trainersona-when-she-was-16-years-old

    NEXT- (Coming soon)

    Two more years have passed since Gabi got out of the woods to get back on her normal life, she has been doing therapy and councealing in order to deal with everything that has happened in the past 6 years, her issues with her self worth due to the expectations of her father on her seemed to have given a ton of pressure and baggage in her mental health, it becomes even more clear that she also has no grasp on what to do next in her life since everything that she comes up with to her is deemed as failure, it is then that her therapist decides that is time for a change of scenery, maybe then shell be able to lift her spirits and be able to enjoy innocent hobbies to pass her time all together.

    That’s where Shaunas younger cousin, Kukui, comes into play, he decides to invite his cousin, her wife and daughter to spend some time in Alola to maybe get a new gust of fresh air, sadly, neither of them can go, but their child can, so they propose the idea to Gabi, who agrees but seemed like she didn’t have faith that this trip wouldn’t make any major change in her life.

    However the moment she dropped off on the new region, it seemed like she was in a completly differentworld altogether, the roads were less busy than Unova’s and the people seemed way more friendly and welcoming compared to when she came to Unova. Once she got to the house her parents rentted for her stay, it felt refreshing, she never felt confier wrapped around some bedsheets, but now wasn’t time for a nap, she had to go meet her cousin to confirm she had arrived.

    She finds the lab in the adress Shauna gave it to her, and when she opened the door, she was surprised by a “welcome to alola” party, made solely by the professor, his wife, Burnet and their assistant, Lillie. They shared some snacks and chatted for a good while, then Kukui decides to introduce her to the island Kahuna and his grandson, who is a student of his.

    In the Kahuna’s home she is introduced to a new concept, the island challenge, which Hau was taking part in, and Hala proceeded to ask if she would like to join since even adults could participate, in fact, it was the norm for tourists that came to Alola, but this year’s challenge was going to be different, for they would be making their own pokemon league, the name rang some bells in Gabi’s mind which inclined her to say “no, thank you” but the more she heard about this tradition, her curiosity grew larger, and finally, she agrees, and so Hala invites her to come to his house tomorrow morning.

    At the front of the Kahuna’s home, she was met with 3 pokemon, Hala then explained that these 3 rare pokemon were starter pokemon and that she must choose one to go on a journey with. From looks alone, Gabi was inclined to choose Poplio du to its cuteness but then she gave Litten another look, it was as if it was calling for her attention, and so she petted Poplio but proceededto pick Litten as her starter, and once she got to pick it up it wrapped its paws around her arm like a clingy cat.

    Her journey continued as normal until she finally stumbled upon team skull, due to her experiece she was quick to get into panic mode and went to the nearest pokemon center to heal up her pokemon so she could have a chance against them, then she called Kukui to talk about the situation but he said they were just a gang living in Alola that have been around for at least 8 years that just wanted trouble and aren’t really that harmful, at least in his eyes, that calmed her down a bit and even more so when she saw the “seriousness” of this gang, it fondly reminded her of the punk groups in Kalos, some of the few people in her journey that bothered to give advice to her in her journey back then.

    Things proceed as normal for a good while, until she gets to Malie Garden, where she meets Guzma for the very first time, she could tell this guy had history with Kukui, one that didn’t end well, and then they locked eyes and he saw her Z-ring, she doesn’t quite know how to react to this guy, nor does she know what is the feeling in her chest that she got to fight him, maybe the excitment for battles finally came back after all these years.

    She faces Guzma again in the big abandoned mansion in Po town to retrieve a pokemon that got stolen, now this would make the average trainer angry but Gabi? She saw people straight up abuse and beat pokemon (team Plasma) and use them for their selfish reasons (both Team Plasma and the small cult of what was left of team Flare), not to mention it happened to her good friend Bianca so she’s pretty pissed off. Using her pokemon alone, she digs through the army of team Skull members, demanding directions as to where exactly the stolen pokemon was, some were too scared but gave her directions anyway, leading to her second battle with Guzma, this time, she went past his intimedation tactics and got straight to the point, “where is the freaking pokemon?” he isn’t that phazed but surprised nonethless, and lets her get out with the pokemon.

    In their final battle, Gabi gets to see Guzma in true anger for loosing against her once more, as if he was feeling this was a personal attack instead of a simple battle, that is the only time Gabi admitted to be scared of him and his strenght, despite the various comments he made about himself being weak no matter what, thus the fear lasts for about a couple of minutes, and is exchanged by sadness, cause somewhere along those lines she felt that way when she lost her tittle of champion in Unova, so she now has the idea that Guzma might be a troubled soul like she used to be.

    Fast forward a bit and Gabi becomes champion of Alola, this first to be exact, but after the battle, she tells Kukui to put the position on hold for a moment, while she’s honored to have become a champion in the region, she feels like this position is not the right for her, adding that there’s probably someone more worthy to be one, someone like Hau or Gladion or any other trainer, she feels like this position has a different meaning altogether to her, she feels like she doesn’t have the right mindset to be in such a important position, Kukui insisted that she is but doesn’t stop her from quitting.

    On her way back home one time, she heard a commotion coming from one of the houses in route 2, she got time on her hands so she went but as soon as she got close, the door opened and Guzma bursted out running and yelling away, a strange couple stand near the door and the woman apologizes for her son scaring her, Gabi insists that she’s fine but the older woman tells her to go inside and get some tea to calm her nerves, she walks inside as to not make the lady sad for leaving and sees the inside of the house where supposedly Guzma grew up, there were many pictures of him as a kid, obviously he was a bug catcher, what caught her attention the most were the ones with his trophies....All for second or third place, never first, what also catches her eyes is the bag of golf clubs, most of them broken, this makes her a bit terrified but then the older lady calls her for the cup of tea. The lady and Gabi talk for a while about various things, until they land in a heavy subject, Guzma, she finds out he wanted to be captain from a very young age, but, according to his father, he only chose to train weak pokemon to train and never reached his true potentiol, furthermore, he says that his failure is just his fault and his fault alone, he could have been if he heard his father more but no, he ran off and went to train under a mysterious Kahuna with his childhood friend Kukui, who quitted the training and the group was struck down as well as the Kahuna, explaining how “Lazy Nanu” became kahuna, so Guzma has the “most idiotic idea” he ever had, make a team to go against the island’s traditions, at this point Gabi place the cup of tea on the coffee table and leaves, the wife says her husband scared her away but the man says he said nothing but the truth, making Gabi even more pissed and wanting to find Guzma even more.

    She finds him at the beach, looking at the vast ocean, she walks towards him but he quickly reacts to her presence and challenges her to a battle before she can say anything, she wins and Guzma drops the speech about not being able to do nothing but beat people down, thus Hala appears and Guzma gives Gabi the Dawn stone.

    When the day comes to leave the rentted house, surprisely, Gabi asks her parents to leave her behind, for she sees potential in Alola and wants to get a taste of everything it has to offer, that is when she finally decides to change eveything about her and get a new life.

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  • halfche
    28.09.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    [ kbyu ] Gifts from the dragon and cat.

    #pokemon#Pokemon Fanart#pokemon swsh #pokemon gym leader #raihan #gym leader raihan #trainer gloria
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  • sumakesart
    28.09.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    old sketches of pokeymen

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  • madladmusician
    28.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Professor Sycamore: Hello there, children!

    Ash, Serena, Bonnie & Clemont: Hey, Professor!

    Serena: Professor, what's a prostitute?

    Professor Sycamore: Dag-nabbit, children! Why is it that every time you come in here, you ask me questons that I shouldn't be answering?! "Professor, what's a clitoris?" "What's a lesbian, Professor?" "Why do they call it a rimjob, Professor?" For once, can't you just come in here and say, "Hi, Professor. Nice day, isn't it?"

    Ash: Hi, Professor. Nice day, isn't it?

    Professor Sycamore: It certainly is! Thank you.

    Ash: Professor, what's a prostitute?

    #pokemon xy#pokemon clemont#incorrect quotes#pokemon ash#pokemon serena#pokemon bonnie #pokemon professor sycamore #of course they go and ask the Professor questions like this #Professor Sycamore is defo the dad of the group
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  • crystalelemental
    28.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Apparently, Mega Mewtwo Y hits 624 special attack. And has an AoE sync. And gets all of that for free.

    Psychic weak stages should honestly consider just giving up at this point.

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  • elixianpokemonreviews
    28.09.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    631 and 632: Heatmor and Durant

    ...but wait! UNO REVERSE CARD!

    Durant and THEN heatmor!

    So! In generation five, pokemon finally gives us an ant pokemon, and you’ll notice - if you’re an entomologist or have already seen bogleech be happy about it - this ant has accurate anatomy! (antatomy) I think this mostly means the three body sections? I’m not a bug expert sorry.

    A lot of people disliked Durant, I think? Or at least, I remember my moirail did. Naturally, this meant that I loved it out of a sense of contrarianism. What can I say? Ever since I was a twelve year old egg listening to avril lavigne, I’ve wanted to be anything but ordinary.

    Durant is a Bug/Steel type, a very cool, appropriate-feeling type that unfortunately implodes when met with any fire type ever. But I guess fire is a good way for dealing with swarms of bugs, so that is appropriate. It’s apparently a foot tall, which is small for a pokemon but *fucking huge* for an ant.

    ...I have to agree with bogleech though. (I need to stop re-reading his reviews before writing mine I just end up referring back to him all the time) It is weird that our first and only ant pokemon - an ant, a creature famous for its hive structure, castes, and queens - is a single pokemon family with no reference to any of that. An ant family could be the next Eevee! ...maybe SLIGHTLY less cute.

    So. Swarm, Hustle, and Truant are our abilities here. Swarm buffs bug moves at low health, Hustle buffs damage in exchange for accuracy, and...


    Truant causes you to skip every other turn. It’s Slaking’s ability.

    Did you give durant a shitty hidden ability just because it contains the word ant.

    sigh. xD

    Durant gets a BST of 484, which is enough to be usable. This includes very respectable attack, defense, and speed, all within a few points of 110 - but it also includes 58 hp and 48 special defense. One flamethrower and its gone - hell, one EMBER might be enough to give you crispy-fried robo-ant.

    X-Scissor, Crunch, and Iron Head are a very nice trio of moves to get by levelup, and Stone Edge, Superpower, Stomping Tantrum, Shadow Claw, and Thunder Fang are a pretty impressive selection of TRs to choose from. Like so many others, you can transfer it from gen V-VII to get Aerial Ace, too. So Durant is definitely usable, which is fortunate as I HAVE used one! In White 2, iirc. He was a sweetie. His name was Hugh, after the borg drone. (It also learns guillotine by levelup! Are OHKO moves good? No. Are they fun? Yeah.)

    ...ironically, despite ‘worker ants’ being one of the places where a fixed gender WOULD make sense, Durants have a 50/50 gender ratio. RIP.


    ...so this is an anteater.

    I did durant first so that you’d understand how relevant my next sentence is: Heatmor is a fire type.


    I don’t love this design. The hands are cool, the claws and the vents both, and I like the pipes running through its body. But I feel like everything from the shoulders up is a bit flat - it needs a neck ruff, or some big ear vents, or something to break up that top left quarter.

    The thin stream of fire from its nose is very cool. It apparently uses it as a tongue! And... wow, this things pokedex entries are BRUTALLY honest about how it eats durants. Ironically, they apparently developed armor /to protect them from heatmor/ which is unfortunate given. it made them more weak to fire. Maybe the intent is they did that, and then heatmor adapted to become fire type?

    ...there’s a weird tangle of things here. Heatmor’s signature move is Fire Lash; a powerful, physical fire tye move that lowers the target’s defense. (Salazzle and Centiskorch also get it now. The fact that they gave Femdom Lizard-mon a whip is hmm I wonder why but I hope the scaly catwoman lovers are enjoying their meal.) And, to be fair, Durant’s steel type is presumably why its defense stat is SO HIGH, so the armor DOES help stop the heatmor just eating them instantly. Unfortunately, Heatmor’s special attack is 105, eight points higher than its attack. (I hate when they do that - your signature move should go off of your best stat, argh.) Its best special fire ,moves by levelup are inferno or incinerate, so its not SUPER well-set up to one-shot durant, but its likely to win the fight. Durant does get Dig by levelup, though, so... I could see them winning, especially as the lore says Durants attack Heatmor in groups.

    Heatmor gets Bug Bite by levelup, which is funny given normally its “the bite of a bug” rather than “biting a bug”. Its levelup moves are otherwise pure fire, save for lick. TMs and such can give it: Thunderpunch, Superpower, Throat Chop, Stomping Tantrum, Shadow Claw, Rock Tomb, and transfer for Aerial Ace. Scorching Sands, Belch, Focus Blast, Giga Drain.

    So at a stretch, it can do either build, although that special build is... strained. Neither belch or focus blast is particularly reliable. Its other stars are all pretty low, making it slow and vulnerable, although its HP of 85 is better than durant’s miserable supply. Its abilities are pretty standard - it eats berries early with gluttony, gets a fire-power-boost when hit with fire due to flash fire, or - probably the winner if not setting up flash fire shenanigans - uses White Smoke to be immune to other pokemon lowering its stats.

    Overall, Heatmor is cool (dd you catch the ‘eat more’ pun in the name?), but I prefer Durant.


    Perfectly serviceable, but could have been so much better.

    Up next... the official pseudo-legendaries of this generation. we’re so close to the legendaries I can taste it

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  • madladmusician
    28.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Clemont: [trying to work] Hello, people who do not live here.

    Serena: Hi!

    Ash: Hey.

    Clemont: I gave you guys a key to the Lumiose Gym for emergencies.

    Ash: We were out of Doritos.

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  • fadingthingspuppy
    28.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Let’s form a team in Pokémon UNITE! Lobby ID: 47666526

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  • madladmusician
    28.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Ash: Up until I was like 9, I thought that ‘gunpoint’ was an actual place where crimes happened.

    Clemont: How is that possible?

    Ash: Well think about it, you always hear it on the news. “A man is being held up at gunpoint”, “Tourists are being terrorized at gunpoint”. And I just kept thinking ‘why do people continue to go there?’

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  • luxiomahariel
    28.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago


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  • glitter-pastel-foxes
    28.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    ok,this took FOREVER to design,but it’s finally done!
i just had a burst of inspiration and decided to make eeveelutions for all of the remaining unused types,cause they’re super fun to make lol. anyways,this is myceneon,the poison type eeveelution.^^
i know it’s a little elaborate,but i had a vision and i just went with it!xD my inspiration for it was mushrooms,of corse,and i reeeeally wanted to make it a poison/fairy type,but i didn’t because i wanted it to be a singular type like the other eevee’s.
the mushrooms i used were mycenas,shaggy inkcap,earth star and bridal veil stinkhorn. also the mycenas glow in the dark,as seen in the second pic.
and the shiny version in the third pic isn’t based on anything,i just chose colors that looked good lol. myceneon like to live in dark mushroom forests,like the one before ballonea in swsh.
and eevee evolves into myceneon like how leafeon and glaceon evolve,but with a certain giant glowing mushroom.^^ ok,i think i’m done rambling now lol,i hope y’all like it!🥰

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  • neica-chan-92
    28.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    Nurse Misty
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  • doubleddenden
    28.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    Also I watched both English and Japanese BDSP trailers released today, and they're pretty much identical other than the Manaphy egg pre-order for Japan's, but I think we're getting that too (although I do encourage people not to pre-order and wait for reviews)

    Not a whole lot new here except for the Poketch, HM system, and the Park area

    Okay so, the Poketch, it looks pretty identical to the original DP games with exception that it takes our upper right screen when in use, and judging by our other trailer shots, it looks like we can dismiss it. Neat I guess

    However after some digging, it looks like we have an HM system that is activated through the Poketch that CALLS ON WILD POKÉMON instead of forcing it on our team. (Someone joked that even Pokémon knows Bibarel is an HM slave lol)

    For Amity Square it looks like we can walk around with all 6 of our Pokémon without limits like in the originals, which is neat. You can also cook poffins with them too

    Other than this we actually have confirmation that some Platinumisms will be ignored. Looks like we're back to the old Grass Gym layout from DP instead of the flower clock in Platinum, which is kind of a bummer imo

    Anyway I think we might get one more trailer for BDSP and that's it.

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  • magialae
    28.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    POKEMON AU ? POKEMON AU !! because of @verursachen​ post !

    a trainer . a traveler . the world’s soon-to-be #1 professor !!

    a young girl from a hidden clan surrounded with history ━  for her people specializes researching and resurrecting ancient pokemons with the use fossils and artifacts found around the world ! 

    ━  what’s this ?! someone dared to break in and steal her clan’s life work of research and fossils !?

    ❝ LET ME BRING THEM BACK HOME ! ❞ spreading her wings and with a mind hungry to discover more beyond the shelves of books already read , this smart cookie with a fiery passion is set to venture out from her nest and fill her pokedex  ━  more so , her notebook that is slowly becoming a size of a book at this point ! ━ with discoveries that were never written , and of course ! collecting any fragments of the past along the way  ━  it’s like hitting two birds with one stone, right ? who knows , maybe with all that training , she could also revive a sleeping pokemon with the equipment in her handy dandy backpack ! throughout her journey , she is accompanied with are half-flying type pokemon given by her family . most types were taught and trained since day one ; however , the only type that is foreign to her would be dark .

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