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  • The Pokémon world is full of incredible creatures, from common Pokémon capable of calling up thunderstorms to immensely powerful beings able to stop time, level continents, and perhaps even revive the dead. The humans living alongside Pokémon have been telling stories about them since before recorded history, and for Thousand Roads’ first annual writing contest, we want to see you bring one of those legends to life!

    Here’s how it works:

    1. Over the course of the next month, write a one-shot fanfic of 10,000 words or less that involves a Pokémon myth or legend
    2. E-mail your story to fyeahpokefic@gmail.com
    3. Sit back and wait for judging to complete!

    Everyone who enters will receive the following:

    • In-depth feedback from our panel of judges
    • The opportunity to promo their entry in a feature post highlighting contest participants

    In addition, the judges will select their top three stories to receive additional prizes:

    • An exclusive promo and interview to be posted on the Thousand Roads forums and the fyeahpokefic Tumblr
    • A free art commission from Chibi Pika, up to $25 in value for third place, $40 for second, and $55 for first! Check out their gallery for examples of their work.

    Sound fun? Check out the detailed contest guidelines here, and then it’s time to get writing! You have until midnight UTC on March 21 to submit your entry. Good luck, and we look forward to reading your story!

    If you have questions, feel free to message fyeahpokefic on Tumblr or send an e-mail to fyeahpokefic@gmail.com.

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  • To the anon that requested a fanfic of N with a character who also understands Pokemon:

    I’m so sorry T^T For some reason a short fic about N will just not flow for me. I tried, I really did, I was on Wiki and watched youtube videos and whatnot to try and get inspo, but I couldn’t get anything out. I know, that sounds super lame, it’s just the Black/White weren’t exactly my favorite games and I never got too into N. He’s cute and all, but I’m so sorry :<

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  • #the ballad of the darkest days fic #pokemon swsh#pokemon fic#pokemon fanfic #pokemon sword shield
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  • The Ballad Of The Darkest Days: A Pokemon SWSH Fanfic Mix

    Spotify Link

    1. Pokemon Sword And Shield Wild Area Theme 2: Minako Adachi
    2. Knights of Cyndonia: Muse
    3. Time Of Axe And Sword Is Now: Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli, Delcan de Barra, and Lindsey Deustch  
    4. Rabbit Heart: Florence + The Machine
    5. Good Morning Magpie: Murder by Death
    6. Dromte Mig Drom: Louise Fribo
    7. The Last Rose of Cintra: Declan de Barra
    8. Helvegen: Wardruna
    9. C-R-O-W-N-E-D: Hirokazu Ando & Jun Ishikawa
    #the ballad of the darkest days #pokemon swsh#fanfic playlist #pokemon sword shield #pokemon fanfic#pokemon fic
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  • Day 7 of Postwickshipping Week

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    Originally posted by gajo1987

    “Thinking I might try my luck in the woods.”

    Hop yawns, lips settling into a sympathetic but tired smile as his Rotomphone floats in front of his face. He burrows further into the blankets on his bed, because he’s downright exhausted but Gloria’s been gone on this press tour for nearly a week and this is the only chance they’ve had to talk so far.

    Evidently, he’s not the only one who’s tired.

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    #postwickshipping#postwick week#hpyu#pokemon swsh#pokemon fanfic#gif #let the kiddos take a break and find comfort in each other's presence #can you tell my love language is quality time haha #ty all for reading this week! it was real fun to write so much fluff #ending with something sort of sappy/nostalgic/introspective feels so painfully on brand for me
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  • A new Leon x Raihan fanfiction on Archive of Our Own!

    Summary: Raihan had realized early in their “rivalry” that his feelings for Leon were more than anything he could’ve imagined, yet Leon still hasn’t yet figured out Raihan’s love for him, even though Raihan doesn’t know how to make it anymore obvious. The story follows them through the start of their relationship and the good and bad that comes with a brand new relationship between two people who have never been in a relationship before. 

    Rated T for Teen

    Check out the first chapter on AO3 here!

    And don’t forget to leave kudos and/or comments if you enjoyed the first chapter. It means a lot to me and Raihan approves of kudos (and reblogs and likes ^ ^)!

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  • Day 6 of Postwickshipping Week

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    Originally posted by sincerely-zombie

    Hop wedges his phone between his cheek and his shoulder, shuffling through his gym bag for his apartment keys as on the other end of the line, Sonia asks, “Are you sure it’s okay? I could always guilt Lee back into doing it.”

    “He’s up to his neck in Battle Tower renovations,” he mumbles, opening his front door and stepping inside his apartment, dropping his bag and toeing off his sneakers. After a press conference, two interviews, and a training session, he’s absolutely ravenous and heads straight to the kitchen where he knows some leftover pasta is waiting for him. He puts the Rotomphone on speaker, letting it float next to him as he walks down the short hallway. “Really, it’s no sweat. Quick tour like that won’t take more than half an hour.”

    Sonia hums, and it blends with the hum of the microwave heating up his dinner. “If you say so. I told her to be there around five, if that’s all right?”

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    #postwickshipping#hpyu#pokemon fanfic#pokemon swsh#postwick week#gif #this one is less edited than the others and slightly rushed oops #but have this fun lil AU i cooked up #no matter the circumstances hop and gloria always immediately hit it off
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  • Day 4 of Postwickshipping Week

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    Originally posted by gameraboy1

    Victor is tired.

    Partly because he just got back from an expedition to Mt. Coronet and his body has yet to adjust to the shifting time zones.

    Also partly because Sonia’s sick today, leaving him and Hop to actually run the lab, and it’s required a lot more running around on errands than he expected.

    But mostly because he’s had to watch his twin and his best friend moon over each other for years now, and it’s all culminated into the nearly half-hour long rant that Hop has been going on as they care for the lab’s garden, going on and on about how he doesn’t want to make things weird, but Gloria’s so great, and he thinks he’s been dropping hints but he’s not sure if they’ve been clear, and, and, and…

    And Victor is tired.

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    #postwickshipping#pokemon fanfic#hpyu#postwick week#pokemon swsh#gif #alternate title: victor needs a hard drink and a nap #this one got long #the formatting is def better on ao3 but i made do
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    Cupid AU

    Chapter 8/28 | Cupid

    Sun had called the emergency meeting.

    He’s chewing on his bottom lip, fussing around with his hands and arms, feet pacing in and out. He messed up.

    Did it clear his chest to get everything out in the open?


    Was it now going to come with dire consequences cause he said everything to Lillie?

    Also yes.

    [Continue on AO3]

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  • Day 1 of Postwickshipping Week

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    Originally posted by trancilian

    When Gloria mentions she should probably head home, Hop is more than eager to offer to walk with her, if only to avoid any further teasing from Sonia. She seems to have a sixth sense for when the Champion is coming to visit the lab, despite Hop never telling her, and she’s having far too much fun waggling her eyebrows and making faces at her young assistant after correctly guessing his crush.

    As he hangs up his lab coat, grabs his bag, and follows her out the door, Gloria turns to him, nose scrunched up in such a way that he immediately thinks of kissing it (though it admittedly doesn’t take much to get him thinking about kissing her). “Sonia’s been acting a bit funny.”

    “Has she?” It comes out far too quick to be subtle, complete with a voice crack that has him wondering why he ever speaks at all, seriously, at this rate he should find a monastery and take a vow of silence just to avoid further embarrassment.

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    #pokemon swsh#pokemon fanfic#postwickshipping#postwick week#hpyu#gif #something short and fluffy to start the week off #they'll all mostly be pretty short #tag yourself i'm hop's immediate decision to never speak again after one minor embarrassment
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    Cupid AU

    Chapter 3/28 | R.E.M

    Sunlight seeps through the space in her blinds. Body turning away as her hands pull her comforter over her face with a low grumble. It was the first night in a long while where her dreams weren’t riddled with the romantic failures of real life. Instead, she begged her body to go back to sleep. Eyes tightly clamped, trying to find her way back to the dreamscape. To continue envisioning a Melemele’s horizon in the distance. To feel the cool midnight air brushing against flushed cheeks. To recreate the tranquility of standing underneath the stars.

    In her dreams, he was blonde, tall. His gaze was focused out on the view, but his body was oh so close to hers. She could imagine the warmth, and how their hands kept brushing past each other’s as if hesitant to make that final move.

    But it’s when he turns to look at her that Moon feels the reimagining slipping away. She can’t recognize his face. Can’t notice the color of his eyes or the softness of his gaze. His voice is fading away into a muffled sound. And long gone is the whisper of “Moon” into the wind of the dream.

    Her phone is clattering. Eyes fluttering open as she pulls the blanket off of her head. Lips pursed as she watches the device rapidly bounce across her nightstand. It continues. And continues. Getting dangerously close to the edge until her hand slaps right on top before it falls.

    Moon is horrible at mornings. A soft whine escaping her lips as she feels the cold prick her skin as she’s quick to pull her arm back into the safety and warmth of her blanket. It’s in the created darkness her eyes adjust to the screen’s brightness. She’s up 15 minutes early. There’s a missed call.

    An urgent text from Hau following suit.

    “We have malasadas today!”

    The first day of a mended heart couldn’t start in a better way.

    [Continue on AO3]

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    Cupid AU

    Chapter 2/28 | Gimme Gimme

    He shrugs off the convenience, eyes scanning through the area, searching, looking, seeking the one that made his alarms go off. He jumped from one island to the next, to the other, to the– Ah.

    He knew his mother to be inherently jealous. Her spite was only as powerful as her grip on being the Goddess of Love. And while she represented beauty, and he represented love, and his sister represented peace– they all had one thing in common:

    Striking features.

    And this wasn’t the case for Moon.

    Loose tendrils of hair fall out of her bun, dark lashes seemingly flutter on her freckled cheeks. Sun-kissed could begin to explain her glow, and the welcoming smile she bore to guests was enticing, to say the least.

    And while he could indeed call her cute. Pretty even –but he knew that in his mother’s books that this girl was not someone she would look twice at.

    He would know.

    He’s seen who it has happened to.

    Because those violent rampages, wars, death–all of those were attributed to those who resemble goddesses themselves. Sharp characteristics. Piercing eyes. Those who had suitors flocking around every corner ready to bow at the feet of a mortal than the very Gods who watched over them.

    But Moon wasn’t that threat.

    [Read on AO3]

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  • Sparks also hoped that this larger, but not too large, gathering would facilitate an environment where he didn’t have to speak, as there would be plenty of conversation going around already.

    “Mmmm…” Ziggy moaned softly, twiddling his paws while the two of them stood in his room.

    “I don’t wanna pressure you, but I assure you that everything will be fine. Only guildmembers will be at the table. Most of them you’ve already met, and I’ll introduce you to the rest. I know you might not believe it, but I know you can do this.”



    “…I don’t like this…”

    Sparks frowned. “You haven’t even given it a try yet.”

    -Google Docs

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  • …fuck it, I’m writing a Pokemon FanFic

    #pokemon #pokemon sword and shield #fanfic#pokemon fanfic
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