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    Fanfic spoiler warning:

    Hiki rescued this Sylveon from a trainer who was abusing it. This arc is very important in deciding Hiki’s future career. Keep an eye out for it in a future chapter of my story!

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  • Debating really hard if I should make a trainshipping ask blog based on my “Tale of a Champion” Au……….

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  • Darkness between Two Worlds -


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    “Darkness between Two Worlds: A king isn’t enough, we need a god. Cover by: Paolo Bagnato, Made by: Arceus92 (me)”

    Rick was looking particularly worried at the computer monitor. There were some rather notable anomalies regarding Titanus Gojira’s journey into the North Atlantic Ocean, a few hundred kilometers from their outpost at Castle Bravo, in Bermuda, and he could not understand their nature. Godzilla had been reported in the same place for the past five minutes, and was frantically stirring in the water: his signal dot continued to shake, while the patches of colour around him, which indicated the radioactivity of the area, only became more vivid every second.

    «What the fuck does that mean there is a higher level of radiation? And to say that until recently he was swimming calmly! He is moving as fast as he can! I think he is…»

    «Rick! You have to calm down, I don’t think it’s something dangerous…maybe he’s taking a tunnel to Hollow Earth…?», Chen replied, starting a list of possible rational solutions to that unusual problem.

    «And since when does he become more radioactive if it moves? It only happens when he fires a nuclear beams or is under particular stress… »

    «Consider that there is a very strong force five hurricane going near his location, he may have used it to clear the fog or dispel the clouds.»

    «But why stand still on the spot wagging your tail? It looks like he’s struggling with nothing!»

    «It is impossible that he is fighting! There is no known titan nearby, and I don’t think he would use atomic rays for simple preys…»

    «Whatever. I’m not understanding anything!»

    «What do you mean Godzilla is emitting more radiation?!»

    Mark intruded into the discussion inside that small computer room: the events of 2019 had shaken him a lot, and, despite having managed to recognize the role of Godzilla within the ecosystem, he had become slightly paranoid after them, and when the titan began to make strange or unusual movements, he immediately panicked.

    «Oh well, the hysterical has come…»

    «I’m not hysterical! I just want to prevent that…thing from causing other problems!»

    «You have to blame the yellow dragon and that ecoterrorist if the other half of the family almost died.»


    Doctor Russel clenched his fists with bitterness.

    «Come on, Rick, don’t provoke him like this! We have far more important things to deal with.»

    «Well, you’re not wrong, but this one goes crazy as soon as Goji breathes!»

    «"This one"?»


    «Okay okay…»

    «Let me see.» Mark moved the chair Rick was sitting on to see the monitor. There was the dot that indicated Godzilla, the radiation around it, and the huge storm marked in yellow that was raging around him.

    «Well…apparently that Gonorrhea resurrected»

    «You like Sam’s expression, huh, Mark?»

    «For what he did, a nickname like that deserves it, don’t you think?»

    «It doesn’t seem appropriate to me, actually…», said Dr. Chen, once she got up and moved closer to the two, to better observe the movements of the titan who had already saved the world twice.

    «We’re just kidding, Ilene!», Mark replied, «Three storms of a death song, the One who is Many, Gonorrhea…all synonyms-»

    «Look here!»

    The doctor pointed to the screen to signal a sudden movement of Godzilla, who had started moving again with energy after that sudden arrest of a short while ago. Apparently, the furious hurricane seemed to follow him, as the levels of radioactivity rose dramatically. They were proceeding to the outpost. Everyone in the room sweated cold. «I-it can’t be…», Mark stammered.

    «Ah, shit, here we go again…» «Ghidorah can’t be seriously alive!» «Evidently Godzilla forgot a few pieces of Ichi on the street…», Dr. Stanton tried to play down, failing miserably.

    «It generates storms in which it hides, it has been fighting with Godzilla for at least ten minutes, it increases the radiation levels…it’s obviously him!» «Here I have to correct you, Mark.», replied the doctor. She was rather skeptical about any return of Ghidorah, which seemed impossible given her obvious death in the Battle of Boston. She wanted to find an explanation for that absurd riddle. «This unidentified entity does not emit any type of radiation, unlike the One who is Many or the King himself. We don’t even know if it exists or not, if it was a coincidence that the hurricane followed Godzilla…»

    «I propose to send a drone there, or even to go there to see what it is. It’s all too strange…»

    «With a force five hurricane that seems to get stronger with every passing second? No, thanks!», Mark exclaimed, rather agitated by the situation.

    «Well, we have to somehow find a solution! All this could become dangerous if we do not intervene!» «Er…Doctor Chen …»

    Rick made a long line of concern mixed with discomfort and doubt, putting a finger on the screen and turning to Ilene.

    «…He are approaching…»


    «The hurricane…is approaching…together with Godzilla…»

    «Fantastic! Now let’s die in here too!», Mark said desperately, putting a hand on his forehead, massaging it.

    «The outpost is storm and hurricane-proof…we are in an area at risk, it is natural that this is the case, otherwise we would not have even built it!»

    «Thanks for the story lesson, Dr. Chen, but as you said earlier, we have more important things to think about!»

    Doctor Chen looked at Mark a little annoyed by his statements.

    «Russel, maybe it’s better if we go check it out…»

    «We don’t talk about i-»

    The three jumped into air with fright, when the room was suddenly pervaded by a red light and assailed by a deafening din: it was the alarm. The hurricane was getting closer, and with him, a probably furious Godzilla.

    «…Maybe it was better to be more careful with the monitor.» Rick complained sarcastically.

    «Ah, everything goes perfectly as you said!»

    «I never said that things are going perfectly, Russel…»

    «Godzilla will kick our asses, he won’t be as kind as he was two years ago!» «Oh, for God’s sake, Mark, you’re breaking-»

    Dr. Stanton’s voice was interrupted at the end by the sudden opening of the door of the room in which they were. It was Sam, pale, with immense fear in his face (as usual, I would say), as if a close relative had died, to bring bad news.

    «Gentlemen…and madam, I believe you already know what I am going to tell you. G-Godzilla and a force five hurricane are approaching the base-»


    A very high-pitched and bursting scream, which in a few decibels would have broken glass, seemed to pierce the air at full volume, penetrating the ears of the unfortunate listeners. A scream never heard before, which placed fear in the souls of all the present ones.

    «W-what the fuck was that?!», Mark exclaimed with his mouth open. «Certainly not Godzilla.»

    Dr. Chen imposed herself with her voice, almost reassuringly typical of her. She was the only one who seemed not to be worried about that screaming throat thrown by who knows what: it was curiosity that moved her soul.

    «We must go and see. Put on a jacket and let’s go upstairs. I am alredy convinced he is fighting.»

    «Ehm … do we have to go?»

    «Come on, Sam! We certainly can’t sit with our hands!»

    «… Ilene is right.»

    The mythographer turned her gaze to Mark, almost surprised by his statement; after all, they had been in conflict for a few minutes.

    «Can’t I stay here?»

    «No, Rick, you can’t stay here. You will come with us.»

    «And-what about me, Dr. Russel?»

    «You too, Sam. Put your coat on and let’s go.»

    Rick got up from his chair, sighing heavily, rather annoyed. He swore in his mind that if it was yet another planetary threat, he would have thrown himself into the ocean. They all did as ordered, some with his times, some with others, and went out, taking the elevator, with the huge head of FeM.U.T.O. which watched them silently from above, attached to the wall of the base, beheaded by Godzilla in the battle of San Francisco in 2014. They arrived upstairs, with the saline ocean water around and the rain that beat wildly and uncontrollably against their clothes and their faces, as well as against the entire structure, against which the waves caused by that immense storm also clashed. Everyone, apart from Sam, who remained in the rear just before them, looked out at the metallic railing facing the gigantic whirlwind, still far but more than visible. The sky was obscured by gray and black clouds, while the turret continued to play the alarm signal.

    A beam of blue light came out of the waters, pushing them by force and piercing the sky.

    «…Well, there was no doubt that Godzilla was there, I think?», said Mark, in a mixture of fear, sarcasm and surprise.

    «That was obvious…but I don’t think he became a psychopath, you know! He must be fighting something!»

    «Yes, Rick, but what?», Ilene asked rhetorically.

    «We’ll see-»

    Everyone covered their ears again. That majestic and unknown cry, recognized as a battle by now, was issued again: the King of the Monsters came out of the waters violently with something white between the claws. It seemed to have fingers, and as the whole body emerged, thanks to the just dragged back covered with blue scales, it was understood that this was actually a wing. The colossal figure of Godzilla, almost entirely out of the sea by that time, answered the cry of struggle, more than supremely:


    Everyone looked with open mouth, more or less terrified, at the titan and that unknown being who moved and rebelled against his grasp, still more than half submerged in the waves.

    «What … what the fuck is that?!»

    Rick screamed, to say the least in amazement.

    «I-it doesn’t look like any of the titans we’ve identified so far!», Sam allowed himself to scream in the, who had now positioned himself with them on the fence.

    Doctor Russel thought, and in this he was not even wrong: «{I have a bad feeling about all this …}»


    I’m not a native English speaker, so forgive me if you find mistakes!

    #darkness between two worlds #darkness between two worlds; between pokemon and monsters #darkness between two worlds: prologue #godzilla #godzilla king of the monsters #Pokémon#pokemon#fanfic#fanfiction#godzilla fanfic#pokemon fanfiction
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  • Everyone else has talked about it, so now I’m gonna talk about it.

    What am I talking about??



    You just know Green’s line ‘the two of us are gonna go do own thing’ is code for 'hey, Red and I are gonna go make out or whatever. Don’t follow us.’

    And Professor Oak is oblivious af and still believes Green’s 'training’ excuse. Or he knows what’s going on and doesn’t want to blow their cover.

    ✧༺♥༻∞ ✴ ∞༺♥༻✧

    These two are gonna fucking kill me.


    ✧༺♥༻∞ ✴ ∞༺♥༻✧

    Anyone got any tips for resisting the urge to write fanfiction?? Bc like I’m dying over here.

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  • #Pokemon Hammer & Sickle #Professor Palmarosa#ProfessorPalmarosa #Skye writes fanfiction #my writing projects #Kinzo region#Pokemon Fanfiction
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  • A new Leon x Raihan fanfiction on Archive of Our Own!

    Summary: Raihan had realized early in their “rivalry” that his feelings for Leon were more than anything he could’ve imagined, yet Leon still hasn’t yet figured out Raihan’s love for him, even though Raihan doesn’t know how to make it anymore obvious. The story follows them through the start of their relationship and the good and bad that comes with a brand new relationship between two people who have never been in a relationship before. 

    Rated T for Teen

    Check out the first chapter on AO3 here!

    And don’t forget to leave kudos and/or comments if you enjoyed the first chapter. It means a lot to me and Raihan approves of kudos (and reblogs and likes ^ ^)!

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  • La Vie en Rose (Life in Pink)
    Rating: T (for character deaths and language)
    Chapter 3/10 - Beginnings (length: ~3k words)
    Summary: Bede doesn’t get why that loony old bat Opal wants him to be the next Fairy-type Gym Leader. To help him understand, Opal has Celebi take Bede back to the time of her youth.

    Chapter 1

    Chapter 2

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    Originally posted by champion-leon-imagines

    Summary: Your little sister is the newest, most promised challenger to beat the region’s Champion. Leon is said Champion. You just have a Pikachu.

    A series of drabbles following yours and Leon’s friends-to-lovers slow burn… years in the making.

    1 2 3 4 5 6

    Chapter Seven: Must Be Fate

    Chapter Summary: Perhaps fate is something to believe in.

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    #pokemon#pokemon swsh #pokemon sword and shield #leon x reader #champion leon#pokemon imagine#pokemon fanfiction #YEEEEEEEESS HAPPY VALENTINES DAY #GOOOOOOOOOOOD NIGHT #LEON AND READER GETTING BACK TOGETHER :') WE LOVE TO SEE IT #AS ALWAYS PLS SHOOT ME A MESSAGE IF YOU WANNA GET TAGGED :)
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  • replaying Shield (again) and tbh im gonna do a fic on my playthru tomorrow.. idk the writing itch got me owell

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    Cupid AU

    Chapter 8/28 | Cupid

    Sun had called the emergency meeting.

    He’s chewing on his bottom lip, fussing around with his hands and arms, feet pacing in and out. He messed up.

    Did it clear his chest to get everything out in the open?


    Was it now going to come with dire consequences cause he said everything to Lillie?

    Also yes.

    [Continue on AO3]

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    Originally posted by marshmallowdonutsprinkles

    Summary: Your little sister is the newest, most promised challenger to beat the region’s Champion. Leon is said Champion. You just have a Pikachu.

    A series of drabbles following yours and Leon’s friends-to-lovers slow burn… years in the making.

    1 2 3 4 5

    Chapter Six: Drift

    Chapter Summary: Some things don’t change. They don’t drift.

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    #pokemon#pokemon fanfiction #pokemon sword and shield #champion leon#pokemon imagine #leon x reader #champion leon x reader #pokemon leon#pokemon swsh#fanfiction#writing #THIS IS A SHORT ONE BUT ITS ABOUT TO GET INTERESTINGGGGGGG I can't wait #I always imagined reader's name to be like Florence or something #Lydia and Florence has a nice ring to it
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  • So thanks to @707goat for my very first writing prompt! I’m really scared of disappointing you I hope you enjoy it! I made the reader from Kanto, I hope you don’t mind :) Also I figured SO would be a girl, so I’m sorry if that was wrong of me to assume ^~^ Thank you again for the prompt suggestion, I really hope you like it!

    A short NSFW story in with the reader comes back after visiting family from another region. 

    It’s gonna be fluffy and sweet smut! Yay~

    Please go easy on me, this is my first time really writing something like this, so I hope it’s good :)

    Word count: 990, so it’s a little short! I’ll probably write longer ones when I feel more confident with it

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    What a nice thing to see in the morning! Thanks to all who’ve been reading my work! ❤️❤️❤️

    #jj rambles #pokemon sword and shield #pokemon fanfiction#trainshipping #im so proud of myself
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