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  • Anon: Hey! I just found your blog and I really like it! Just wondering could you write a ficlet where lance saves his S/O from team rocket? Maybe they get hurt or injured or something?

    Ooh yeehaw anon we love lance,,, actually one of my first pokemon crushes so!!! ps.  Feel free to come off anon to have a nice jaw because i like the way you think

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  • There was a burst of crackly static, and the man plunged a hammer into his belt. “Yeah, I found yer squeakin’. The lid on one’a the crates came loose.”

    Sparky lifted her head out of the weird clothes – scarves? Was that what they were called? – and peered through one of the two little holes in the crate. They were almost the perfect size for her, and she could still feel the sharp winds blowing past, but she could see the human walking away from her, speaking into his walkie talkie.

    “Yeah, I know huh? We gotta have words with whoever built them. I tell ya, it’s a mir’cle nothin’ was lost in there.”

    The human lowered his walkie talkie and walked off again, disappearing from Sparky’s vision. She waited another ten seconds or so to be sure before struggling through the mound of scarves and pushing against the lid of the crate with all her might.

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  • Résumé : Après une soirée dans un bar de Doublonville, Nanu et Giovanni rentrent à l'hôtel chic où ils ont loué des chambres. N'ayant pas envie que la soirée se termine tout de suite, Nanu commence un petit jeu où Giovanni va se montrer particulièrement obéissant.

    Rating : E

    Warnings : None, just for the sex. All this is consensual, without violence, with dom!Nanu & sub!Giovanni.

    Characters : Giovanni and Nanu.

    Il était tard en ce soir d'hiver. L'esprit grisé par le bon alcool qu'il avait dégusté en compagnie de Giovanni dans ce bar chic de Doublonville, Nanu n'avait pas envie que leur soirée se termine. Habillé sur son trente et un, passant pour un quelconque quidam en relation d'affaires avec un patron de pègre qui l'avait invité pour boire un coup, il avait passé la soirée à se faire offrir et à déguster d'excellents alcools et, revenus à leur chambre d'hôtel, l'alcool avait réveillé quelques envies sensuelles.

    Il était tard et dans la chambre que Giovanni avait louée, il s'était contenté d'enlever seulement son manteau sa veste, s'affalant peu cérémonieusement dans un fauteuil capitonné pour fumer en chemise et gilet. Nanu avait gardé ses gants, des gants de bon cuir, fins et légèrement usés. Giovanni le regardait fumer ainsi, les doigts gantés jouant avec cette cigarette au bout incandescent, des volutes de fumée âcre enveloppant le visage de Nanu.

    « Vas-y. Déshabille-toi. »

    Un sourire aux lèvres, le ton enjoué, Nanu fixait Giovanni qui ne savait pas comment prendre l'injonction de ce dernier.

    [suite à lire ici]

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  • I made this blog in the full throes of a FIXATION on SWSH and particularly the Hop/Gloria dynamic. I still love it but emotionally have moved on.

    There’s one more fiction piece I have half-written that I would still like to post, eventually. It’s about the Champion’s Inaugural Ball — Gloria’s first real introduction to fame, group drama involving dates to the ball (Hop and Gloria are too shy to invite one another, and pining ensues). I haven’t been able to finish it since May.

    Maybe as a writing exercise I’ll try to do some shorter, more satisfying vignettes of these two? Being emotionally less invested might help.

    Idk, just spitballing here. If you liked my previous things, give me a hand and point me in the right direction by telling me what you liked about them.

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  • Anyone interested in beta reading a Pokemon fic? .3.

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  • Fandom: Pokémon

    Pairings: Paul/Dawn, Ash/Misty, Maylene/Reggie, Barry/Lucas, past Cyrus/Cynthia, Steven Stone/Cynthia, Lyra/Silver

    Rating: Teen

    Summary: Dawn and Paul have been married for only a few months, but the weight and stress of Paul’s new status as Champion is getting in the way of his relationship with his wife. After the last straw, Dawn makes the difficult decision to leave him and makes a life for herself in Kalos, where her father lives. When she returns to Sinnoh after five years, though, she knows that she has to soon disclose to Paul a massive secret she has kept from him during their separation – that they have a daughter together.

    Notes: This is the end. Thank you for sticking with me through this story as well as my slow updates. I have more ikarishipping coming up through my story, Safe Travels, so stay tuned for that.

    (Below is an excerpt of the chapter — the full version can be read on AO3 or FFN, which will be linked at the end of the preview).

    “Nearly six years have gone by, Dawn, and you choose to finally think about him, now? You didn’t talk to him at Ash’s wedding, either.”

    She feels herself growing irritated. “Why does it matter so much to you what I do?”

    With soft, remorseful eyes, the older man stares at her – and in spite of his wrinkles and graying hair, Dawn can see a bit of herself in him. “Of course, it matters to me, even if you don’t think it does.” He smiles sadly, taking a step towards where she sits. “I’ve had enough of sitting around and watching you like this. I don’t want your daughter to have to go through the same thing you did.”

    She straightens up and looks at him wearily, rubbing her temples with the tips of her fingers. “Go through the same thing I did? What’s that supposed to mean?” Suddenly alert, she straightens in her seat.

    He sighs. “I mean having a lack of a paternal presence in your early years.”

    A sudden anger pricks at her skull. Everything she has done within the past five years has been to make sure that she doesn’t end up like her mother, and that her daughter doesn’t end up like her, with a father who was so obsessed with his profession that he left his family.


    AO3  |||  FFN

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  • The sun shined on a forest with, a ray of light seemed to shine onto a tree with a sturdy looking branch before a gray shape flashed over it before a length of the branch seemed to be cut away from the tree and fall to the forest floor.  A gray four foot figure with dark grey flat sharp looking quills on its arms walked into the light, revealing the new Gazer as it picked up the branch and started to make one of the ends sharper as it walked back towards a stream where the 4 other Goblins were.  Above on with its new, sharper claws Protector watched as Gazer walked to the others who were trying to grab fishes from the river but stopped when they saw Gazer stop just before the water, close its two side eyes and after a minute jabbed down with its spear and pulled it out, a trout pierced all the way through.  Protector smiled as it watched its siblings crowed around Gazer and cheer before some of them dashed to the trees and started to pull down branches to use as well, Gazer had always been with Protector, and it had known its sibling was special and smart. The new evolution that it had shared had pushed Gazer’s confidence forward a little, making it more likely to share what it was thinking, when Gazer and asked it to cut down a branch was proof of it!

    Protector dropped onto a lower branch beneath it and looked from the vintage point the branch afforded it, seeing the stream its pack was hunting around, letting it see if anything would come to attack them.  It spied a few Pokémon and animals hiding back, most of them leaving the area, only seeing its siblings around the stream, none of them looking upwards and Protector looked at them as they moved, trying to pick out any that its sire might desire to feed on.  As it leaned against the tree its thoughts went to its sibling, Deadeye and a frown began to form on its face.  The fact that it had brought back the corpse of the two beasts was true but the story it had was suspect in the fact that it had struck them down to protect two of its siblings but had failed.  What Protector knew about Deadeye was that it would have watched them die then attack those that killed them when they were weak.  And Gazer had clutched Protector’s hand when Deadeye had walked into the den, and even Protector could sense something was different about its sibling, it would have to keep all three of its eyes on Deadeye, but for now there was the hunt!  Dropping from the branch Protector landed with a small bit of noise, startling a few birds that tried to fly away but Protector swiftly picked up a few stones and threw them at the birds, striking down three of them and watched as they twitched a bit before dying.  He called out to the others before he started to climb into the trees, hoping to find a bird nest to take the eggs if there were any.

    Gazer looked over the fish, birds and eggs that the group had gathered with a small smile on its face when it saw the others who had grabbed branches start to look around and start to look for something to carry back the spoils, and this action made it smile, the others were starting to think, and that would help them more then brute force no matter what their Sire thought.  Something pushed against Gazer’s shoulder and it turned its head and saw Protector who gestured towards to the other side of the stream with a look of worry on its eyes and Gazer closed its two side eyes and jerked backwards before Gazer looked at Protector with a pale look on its face and with a swift cry the Goblins picked up their food and faded into the woods, Gazer falling back when it saw Protector start to climb a tree, but a gesture from its sibling sent it after the others.

    Protector climbed faster and moved so the tree it was climbing was between it and the river, it had to know what it had sensed, it had to know had scared Gazer so much more than their sire in one of its moods. The first thing Protector saw was a tree crashing to the ground and a 6 foot tall gold colored insect Chimer with two tails, its left one broken walk towards the river, behind it… Protector stared at the Flame Horn that followed after, that was its sire’s enemy.  But it followed after the Insect and the Insect let it, why?  Protector watched and saw that fire seemed to be coming from the Flame Horn’s mouth and noticed that the fur on its legs looked…darker.  It had changed but how did the Flame Horn have access to the blessing liquid, its sire told the others it was from deep in the caves, that only it was tall enough to get it safely…….  Protector just face palmed with its free hand.  A lie then, the whole thing was just another way for it to control its spawn, but if it could use the liquid, then where did it come from truly? Protector looked at the two Chimera as they drank from the river, and saw the insect thrust one of its arms into the water and pull out a fish it threw onto the shore and the Flame horn start to make a circle of stones around it, it would find out what the secret was later, it was time to leave before it was discoverd.  

    The Duel Stinger [Broken Sting] drank from the river and relaxed a bit when it sensed that the watcher was leaving.  The Flame Horn[Dark Flare] perked up and relaxed when its leader sent an Aura stream at it and nodded as it sent a pulse back causing Broken Sting to nodded and turn its full attention to the river, the watcher had likely been one of the spawn of an Ogre that had fought with Dark Flare before, but something about the watcher felt different.  Well whatever the difference was, the two of them would deal with the Ogre and its spawn if they had to, for now food and drink was what they were after.  Dark Flare picked up another stone and started a larger circle around the first one and smiled when another fish landed in the first circle.  

    Protector had a frown on its face when it caught up to its siblings and gestured for them to move on as it passed them, Gazer staring at it in concern as they moved but Protector merely gestured that they would talk later.  They ran clutching what they had gathered until Protector slowed down when they neared the mountain their den was on.  It led them to a log near the mountains base and gestured for them to rest while it looked around for any berries for them all to eat when it heard cheers.  It looked toward the voices to see Deadeye leading five of their siblings, the cheer had come from its siblings who carried a log with two of the Dark wolf creatures that hunted around the mountain on it.  Deadeye met protector’s eyes and Protector noticed the increased muscles that the blessing their sire had giving to it for bringing back two creatures.  Something about the way Deadeye carried its self before the blessing bothered Protector, but Protector couldn’t explain why but it didn’t trust it or their sire anymore.  It turned away and walked back towards Gazer and others, if Deadeye was bringing back an element Creature, then perhaps their group should bring back more meat, if only to keep up with Deadeye.

    Deadeye scoffed as Protector turned away and looked back towards the mountains.  That one would be trouble, it had always rubbed Deadeye the wrong way, the way it help those weaklings that should be food.  But perhaps Protector was right in gathering a group, but how it did it was wrong.  It turned back to the others following it and smirked, finding these idiots fighting the creatures had let it kill one and gained a bit of trust in the ones it had rescued.  And the bounty the corpses gave more then made a good offering for that old fool.  Now if it could find a small party to bring to its new territory, a small group that wouldn’t be missed or a few loyal ones that would back up his facts.  He moved towards the mountain, this bounty would please the old one and tomorrow it go back towards its new place, its stomach was starting to feel strange and something told it the sooner they brought the offering to the Ogre the better.

    Ogre looked over the bounty that its spawn had brought it, from the beasts, plants and creatures and grinned.  The food brought by its spawn was more than normal; the others had been inspired by what Protector had brought back.  It looked around and noticed that some of them were wounded and a few were missing, a good thing then that it had created more pawns last night.  It walked towards a side passage and noticed its spawn stop talking and looking at him as it walked.  When it reached the passage it turned and started to speak to the watchers.  

    “Tiolark, goro sla tki! Wohlt vraf corlot?”  Ogre demanded when it gestured towards the passage and out of it came more grey Goblins, some of them looked a little different than the others.  Gazer stared from where he and Protector were and noticed one in the back that seemed to be trying to look smaller then it was, Gazer central eye widened when it saw a small flash of pink light burst from it but as he looked around he realized none of the others had seen the flash.   Deadeye looked over the newcomers, not believing that it had ‘found them like it had found all of them’, after it had created the blessing it had realized that it was all so its sire could control them all, but Deadeye would have its revenge.

    “Corlot tiolark!” Ogre called as it gestured to the food in the center of the cave, promting all of them to stare for a minute and then to rush to the pile, grabbing anything they could reach.  Some of them started to fight over the choicer bits of food.  Deadeye hung back and looked over the interactions of the newcomers, finally stopping on two of them who seemed to be working together to take everything from they could.  One of them had an oversized right arm that it used to throw any of the others it picked up away, while the other one slashed out with claws.  Deadeye smiled at them and when they started to take what they had grabbed away from the main cavern into a side cave it followed them and when they put the food down it jumped at them, the one with claws trying to turn when it heard the sounds of Deadeyes jump, not managing it before Deadeye crashed into the two of them feet first, sending them to the floor. Deadeye grinned at the two figures below it and smiled when they shot each other looks as Deadeye stepped off them, walked past the food and sent a savage punch into the cave wall, creating a three foot deep five foot wide crater in the wall before turning and looking at them with its arms crossed and a grin on its face as five other Goblins came in, carrying food that they put in a pile with the food the two had brought into the cave, Deadeye grabbing the choicest pieces of meat for itself as the two newcomers looked as the others started to eat.

    The timid one had darted in and grabbed a few bits of food and had going into a side cave when something grabbed its shoulders threw it to the floor, looking up it saw a few of the newer goblins and older ones looking at the food and each other.  The timid curled and put the food it had between its arms and body, hopping to protect its meal, prompting the others to start to strike at it.  After a few seconds the timid one was surprised when suddenly the blows stopped. Looking up it saw a Goblin with large claws holding up one of them with the others knocked out on the floor.  A hand and arm with flat sharp broad quills suddenly took up its vision; it followed the arm to Gazer’s face who smiled at it.  After a few seconds it took the hand and was pulled back to its feet and it saw Protector holding an unconscious Goblin as it stood among knocked out Goblins, the ones who had attacked it. Protector dropped the limp Goblin and gestured for the two of them to follow it, Gazer softly pulling it along as Protector lead the three of them to a cave with a Goblin standing outside of it, Protector nodding at it and gesturing for it to go into the cave, it leading them to three other goblins around a pile of food, Gazer letting the timid one sit and Protector offered it both a smile and a piece of fruit as the others started to grab their own food.



    Ash sighed as he rubbed dirt off his cap as he put it on and walked out of the room he was using in the Pokémon Center.  He had been up until midnight talking with his team and he was nervous, would the tactic he worked out work, would the four of them be able to handle it?  He slapped his face and shook his head, this was no time for second thoughts, he had to believe that he would win, if he thought of losing then he had already lost as he learned so long ago.  Pikachu stood at the doorway and smiled at him as he walked towards him.

    “Rematch time buddy, and this time you know what to do when she sets up her strategy, right?”  Ash asked Pikachu who sent a smirk towards his trainer as he nodded and jumped onto Ash’s shoulder.

    “Then let’s go.” Ash said as he walked out of the room.   Once outside he saw his friends waiting for him and Pikachu, Serena looked worried.

    “Are you sure you’re ready to try and beat the Gym so soon Ash, Officer Jenny needed that TM for evidence, and you weren’t able to download the instructions for the training.” Serena said as she started to curse in her head.  That bastard had to try and use us like that! I hope Jenny throws the book at him, and he used that place to get rid of bodies, I don’t want to think what he could have done to Ash if he had made the end a delivery instead of a pickup at the Center.


    “This time I remember an old trick and realized another part of her strategy that even she might not have been aware of that helped her win against ground based opponents.  I think this time I’ll pull off a win.”  Ash said causing Lilly and Clemont to look at him in wonder.

    “What could she not be aware of… Nevermind, you can tell us after.”  Clemont said before Bonnie could open her mouth, causing her look at her brother before Lilly laughed and put her hands on Bonnie’s shoulder.

    “My teacher said this, ‘What others don’t know they can’t blurt out’.  So let’s let Ash keep his insights to himself until after the battle Bonnie-dear.”  Lilly said when Bonnie looked at her and nodded with a pout.  Actually it’s ‘what you don’t know can’t be tortured out of you’ but I can’t tell an unblooded girl that. Lilith thought as she looked at Bonnie.

    “Okay, but you’ll tell me what you realized after the battle right?”  Bonnie asked as she looked at Ash who nodded at her and started to walk towards the center’s exit.  At the doors out of the Center Nimue was waiting, and smiled when she saw them coming.

    “Hey guys, I was wondering if you mind if I come with you?  It’s just I wanted to see a gym battle live and well, is this okay?” Nimue asked as she scratched the back of her head.  Ash just smiled at her and nodded.

    “Sure, the more the merrier I guess, say Lilly, did you pick up your Pokémon from Nurse Joy?”  Ash asked as he turned his head toward her.

    “Yeah, they were ready to be released yet, she said they’ll be better tonight.”  Lilly said as the group walked out the door.

    Rebecca sipped her tea as her eyes were fixed on the Center’s door.  She was wearing a white summer dress with flower designs and a wide hat and had a serene smile on her face as she looked around and smiled at a group of boys who blushed and looked away.  Oh it’s always so fun to tease young idiots, but if only sis was enjoying this.  Rebecca sighed as she looked across the table.

    “Milady, are you sure this is wise?  Any must I ware such clothing?”  The person across from her was dressed in a red shirt and black pants that hugged her hourglass figure as she fidgeted and rubbed her glasses, her red eyes a stark difference to her white hair as she watched her mistress with a blush on her face as she felt the stares of the people around her.  As the chief of her lady’s handmaids, she had served since she had been picked up from the orphanage by her lady’s mother so many years ago, however since puberty she had become more self-conscious and when her lady brought her out like this she felt so embarrassed. Why must the mistress always have to take only me when she goes on these outings?  The woman thought to herself as she tried to get her blush down.  Rebecca only sighed as she looked at her friend and servant, Rebecca hated how her friend reacted to others looking at her, her mother and brother had done such a wonderful job on her friend’s psyche.

    “Claudia, please have some more confidence!  And you know that I only take you on these outings so you can get some backbone, you’ve needed some since I met you.”  Rebecca said as she looked at her friend.   And that’s a bold face lie; I remember how strong you were back then, before I went away to that school.  I still don’t know what happened to you but I will get you back sis.  Rebecca hid her thoughts as she smiled at Claudia, even though she was her handmaid, they had been friends first before she had gone away to boarding school. Claudia had helped her gain her own independence and sense of self beyond being a piece to be moved on the political board by her family and she could never repay her enough for that. When her parents had died and she had come home Claudia had acted like they had never met before.  Over the last few years she had slowly built up a following among those who followed her family, a small group back in their family’s compound, and once that idiot made a single move she would pounce and take over, a coup that leave her in command and her brother mind-wiped.  She looked towards the Center and smiled when she saw Ash lead his friends out the door, frowning when she heard a sharp intake of breath from Claudia and turned and saw that she had her eyes locked on to something, no someone in the group across the street.

    “What is it Claudia, what am I not seeing.”  Rebecca asked as she watched the group walk away from the Center, Rebecca eye’s going over a small blonde girl dancing around the group and seemed to be chatting non-stop, Ash talking to a teen girl with blond hair as they walked and then she saw who looked like the blonde girl’s elder brother walking next a black hair teen girl and a teenager with blue hair.

    “The black haired one, she’s walking like she’s guarding someone, the boy leading them has a walk that shows he knows the weight of his blade and the blue haired one, she’s on edge, she’s looking to make sure that no one is trailing them. ” Claudia said with a hard look in her eyes as she fingered a knife on the table until Ash led the others out of sight.  Rebecca tapped a finger against her face, wondering just how she could use that knowledge.  Shrugging, she went to her Pokégear and sent a message to a contact and smiled at the replay she got as she stood up.

    “Come my dear; let us return to our home.  I believe my brother would like to know about the show I just set up.”  Rebecca said with a smirk as she led Claudia out of the café.

    “Do you think we will return in time to watch the battle m’lady?”  Claudia asked as she followed her mistress out of the café.  Her question was met with a laugh from Rebecca as she started to smirk.

    “Of course we will and I think I’ll use this battle to finally finish my plans with my foolish chauvinist brother, to finally finish it all.”  Rebecca said as she move towards the base.

    Ash walked towards the gym, confident in his chance.  This was it, today it would be his first victory on the Kalos League, he was sure of it! He kept a smile on his as he listened in on the others conversations as they walked through town, but he kept looking for any flashes of green, ready for any ambush that might happen.  The last two clashes his friends had had with the Buzz Lords were starting to worry him, no matter how good this place was he would be happy to leave as soon as possible.  As they neared the Gym Ash looked up and noticed a girl with was standing outside the doors to the Gym looking right at them as they came.

    “That’s fall enough! You want to fight Viola you get by me first, Charlotte, Trainer of the Santalune Gym!”  She called out as soon as she locked eyes with Ash.  Ash smiled and reached for a Pokeball, but stopped when Clemont walked before Ash.

    “By what right are you stopping my friend from challenging the Gym?  By what law do you imped his challenge?”  Clemont said with a scowl on his face.  Ash looked at this and nodded his head.  This is just more proof that he’s a gym leader.  This is just like how Cilan reacted to what Skyla was doing so she could fly her plane more.

    “By the right to defend my Gym!  He challenged Lady Voila and lost once already, if he wants another chance at her then he defeats me first!  If I had been there the first time he challenged her he would had to go through me first! And what right do you have to ask me how a Gym Trainer protects her gym?” Charlotte said causing Clemont to grit his teeth and Bonnie to grab her brother’s hand and look at her.  Clemont knew that he would have to say who he was; Bonnie was enjoying traveling without that hanging over their shoulders since that had been one of the ways

    “Clemont…”  Bonnie trailed off as they locked eyes.  Clemont gave her a sad smile and was going to say something when Ash put his hand on his shoulder.

    “Its fine Clemont, I don’t mind.”  Ash said when Clemont turned to look at him, a conflicted look in his eyes.  

    “Final but I referee the match!”  Clemont said as the others moved to stand behind Ash as Clemont found a spot between the two Trainers.  Ash looked over their makeshift battlefield.  It was the same place Nimue had been ambushed and the others were by the building Lilly had used for cover to attack the Venomoths and he notice a street lamp with in the battlefield, he could use that if he had to.

    “This Pokémon Battle is between Charlotte of the Santalune Gym and Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!  This will be a one on one Pokémon battle with no substitutions!”  Clemont declared as he raised both his hands towards the two trainers.

    “I Choose you, Froakie!” Ash called as his blue water Pokémon appeared from its ball.

    “Lest go Combee!” Before Charlotte was a Pokémon whose body was three orange, hexagonal honeycomb with yellow faces on their front stuck together in a reverse pyramid shape with a wing on both of the top honeycombs.

    “Use Gust to blow it away!” Charlotte cried out as soon as both Pokémon appeared.  Combee wings started to beat rapidly before a gust of wind shot straight at Froakie.

    “Dodge it and use Bubbles!” Ash called, prompting Froakie to start to run to the right, dodging the wind and pointed its mouth at Combee and shot blue clear bubbles at it, hitting it and causing it stop beating its wings and drop for a second before it stated to fly again.  Charlotte grits her teeth as she tried to find a way to beat Ash. She couldn’t let him win; he didn’t deserve to fight Voila, not after what he said about her.

    “Use Silver Wind! Attack it!”  Charlotte cried.  Combee wings started to glow silver and shot wind with silver crescents at Froakie. Some of them hit, causing Froakie to winch and move backwards.

    “Froakie!”  Ash cried as he looked about the makeshift battlefield, trying to find anyway to turn the tide of the battle.  His eyes landed on the street lamp and he flashed back to when Lilly had sent up that flare and started to smirk.

    Charlotte smiled as she saw Froakie being forced back; she would throw this little Water beast apart and reveal to the world just who her opponent was, she would never let this one into her Gym.  

    “Froakie, like when you searched for the flare, then fire!”  Ash called out.  Like searched…what is he?  Charlotte wondered as she stared.

    As soon as Ash gave his order, Serena blushed a tiny bit when she remembered what she had been trying to do when that flare had lite up the sky.  Bonnie looked up and frowned when she noticed Serena’s face she was about to say something when an explosion brought her attention back to the battle.

    Froakie jumped onto the top of the street lamp and quickly formed a sphere of water in its hands and shot it at the Bug type it was fighting and the explosion that the hit caused forced it to crash onto the ground.

    “No!”  Charlotte cursed as she stared at what had happened before being shocked back to her senses at Ash’s next command.

    “Jump on it Froakie, keep it down!”  Ash called out.  Froakie leapt from the lamp and hit Combee when it had begun to get back in the air being driven to the street again!  Froakie grabbed onto the top portions of Combee’s body and held on tight, ready to fire an attack at its trainer’s signal.

    “Combee!  Why you!” Charlotte snarled died in her throat as she saw Ash’s eyes as he met hers with, a hard stare in his eyes that shock her for a second before she realized what he was saying.

    “Froakie is at point blank and is holding on to your Pokémon.  Surrender, my team won this match.”  Ash said before the doors to the Gym burst open, Voila dashing out with Alexa right behind her.  They stopped when they saw the battle, Froakie on Combee and Charlotte staring down Ash.

    “What the hell?  How’d this happen?”  Voila asked as she and her sister just starred.  Clemont answered her from where he was standing.

    “Miss Charlotte stopped Ash from challenging you Voila, something about defender her gym.”  He said, causing Voila to stare at Charlotte in shock.

    “Charlotte, what the hell were you thinking, you know that I don’t mind trainers challenging me!”  Viola said as she scowled at Charlotte who looked back abashed.

    “I couldn’t let him fight you mam, not after what he said on Pokénet about you.” Charlotte said as she bowed her head, not noticing the confused looks on the others face.

    “What do you mean, what I said about her?” Ash called from where he was standing.  Charlotte turned and saw that he looked confused and started to wonder if she had the right person.  But he has a Pikachu that was free, just like he said he would………did I make a mistake? She wondered as she looked at him.

    “Aren’t you PikaTrainer? You-he-they said they were coming with their Pikachu on their shoulder to beat ‘that hack-job photographer and her stupid bugs’.”  Charlotte said as she fumbled for her phone.  Ash just looked at her before sighing, gesturing for Froakie to get off Combee, nodding at his Pokémon when it raised an arm before it jumped off Combee who flew to hover near its trainer who looked at Ash in confusion who just walked towards her.

    “Let me guess, you’re in charge of the Gym’s online presence, right?  You always update the pages and monitor any talk about it around a specific time of day, right?  And for the last day or so PikaTrainer has been trolling the gym and Viola, either in her hobby, fashion sense or other.” Ash asked as the others started to came over.

    “Yeah…why are you asking?” Charlotte asked only for Ash to sigh and shake his head.

    “Ash?”  Serena asked, not noticing Lilith’s eyes widened before she gained a hard look in her eyes.  Oh don’t tell me this is…. Lilith stopped thinking when Ash started to speak.

    “This happened to me before, someone with a grudge and made a name on Pokénet and called him out, never found out who.”  Ash said, causing Serena to look at him in shock and Charlotte to start to look ashamed while Viola looked confused while Alexia started to gain a look of understanding.

    “I can’t believe I was played! I’ve shamed the gym!”  Charlotte said as tears started to fall from her eyes

    “Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve always loved the gym even when your grandfather was the leader, and I’m more of a place holder until you’re ready to take over really.”  Viola said as she rubbed Charlotte’s head. Charlotte just stared and grabbed Viola in a hug as she started to cry silently.  Viola meet Ash’s gaze and lowered her head.

    “On behave of the Santalune Gym I request that you forgive Gym Trainer Charlotte for blocking your Gym challenge.” Viola said formally, while Ash gave a deep bow.

    “I, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town do forgive Gym Trainer Charlotte for her actions, all she did was defend what she loved against one who she thought was not worthy to challenge that which she defended, I am happy that we cleared up the confusion cast upon us by another.”  Ash said formally, causing Serena to smile, Bonnie and Clemont to look at him and shock and Lilith to look at him with respect.

    Lilith looked at Ash and marveled at him.  If I harbored any doubts about who he is there gone, that sounded just like the boss when he’s passing formal judgment.


    Viola nod with a smile and started to lead Charlotte away, “I’ll meet you at the Battlefield once I’m done, Alexia would you mind leading them into the gym?”  Viola asked as Charlotte recalled her Pokémon.

    “Sure sis, follow me please.” Alexia said as she gestured for the group to follow her.  Ash recalled Froakie and the gang entered walked towards the gym.

    “Are you okay Serena? Your face looked a little red before.” Bonnie asked as they followed Alexia into the gym.  Serena blushed some more, causing Lilly to giggle and squeeze Bonnie’s shoulder.

    “She’s just fine Bonnie, as for why her face is red, well you’ll understand why when you’re older.” Lilly said when Bonnie looked up at her. Lilly looked at Serena and had a look on her face that seemed to be begging to tease her, but Lilly only smirked at her.

    “Say, how about the two of us go shopping after the match, I saw a skirt the other day that I think you might like Serena, it would give us a chance to talk.”  Lilly said, causing Nimue to perk up as well.  

    “Mind if I come along girls, I need a bit of red fabric for a costume I’m working on, and that café we went to the other day had great cakes.”  Nimue cut in as they entered the battlefield and moved to watch Ash and Viola’s rematch. Serena just sighed and smiled at Lilly.  I guess that would be okay, I’ve been on the other side of things like this before so being on the other side might be okay.

    “Okay, let’s hope it’s a celebration in honor of Ash winning.”  Serena said before she felt Bonnie tug at her skirt.  

    “If its cake, is it okay that I tag along?”  Bonnie asked with puppy eyes.  Serena looked at the other two and when they smiled and nodded she turned to Bonnie with a smile.

    “Sure Bonnie, that’s fine but let’s just watch Ash’s match.”  Serena said as they were led into the room the battlefield was in.



    “And what did you want me to see?”  Rex sneered as he looked at his sister as some of the servants finished setting up a projector.

    “The group that has been beating our members lately, one of them is attempting to challenge the gym for the second time; and from what my contact said he lost the same way you did, so I thought you would like to see it.”  Rebecca said simply as she sat next to him in a gown, Claudia next to her in a black maid’s uniform with a skirt that went to her knees, white gloves that went to her elbows with a teapot in her hands as she poured tea from it into a teacup that was handed to Rebecca, who accepted it silently.

    “The thing I was able think up to break through her strategy is to either use flyers to make the ice floor portion unnecessary or to take her Surskit down before it could freeze the floor or web up the walls.  And this punk is probably using his victories over my idiots as false confidence.”  Rex said as he leaned back and took a glass from a female servant with pink hair.

    “Then it will show us if the Gym Leader is stronger than our last report.”  A waspy voice said caused Rex to look up and see Damian walked towards them, prompting Rex to frown as soon as he saw him.

    “What about the problem at the jail Damian?”  Rex demanded as he glared at him.  His words were met with a smile through the bandages and he was giving a cold reply.

    “I already sent my hunter on it.  The problem will be dealt before it becomes an issue.” Damian said as he leaned against the back wall, his eyes on the projection.

    “Claudia be a dear and get another cup for Sir Damian.”  Rebecca said as she smiled at Damian.

    “As you say mam.” Claudia said before she walked to follow her orders, while Damian nodded his hand at both of them.

    “The punk will loss the match, I’m willing to bet on it.” Rex snorted, causing Rebecca to smirk behind a fan she raised before her face.

    “Oh are you brother, you have that much confidence in you hated rival?  Are our plans for the conquest in danger of being shelved?” Rebecca purred as Damian looked at Rex.

    “The plan for our conquest of this area is on track, I just had to plan around her strategy, she will win because the battlefield is limited in gym battles and the rules of the league, we will win because the battlefield will be the town and there will be no rules.“  Rex growled, causing Rebecca to laugh.

    “Then a bet brother, shall the stakes be high?”  Rebbeca’s question caused Rex to smirk and looked at her and decided this was as good a time to put her in her place.

    “Fine sister, however if I win the bet then you and I will look into finding a match for you that will help our position in the Returners.” Rex said with a smirk, only to be met with Rebecca’s confident eyes.  Claudia who had just returned with a tea cup and was behind Rex stopped and looked at Rex with hard eyes and started to slowly reach towards her sleeves, she would defend her mistress if this was need.  Rebecca met Claudia’s eyes and a look in them caused her to slowly lower her hands and move to the cart holding the tea pot.

    “Then I shall tell you what I get when I win, if you are that confident brother.”  Rebecca said looking at Rex who only smiled.  Final their people had finished setting up the projector and the Gym’s battlefield was shown on the wall, Ash on one side and Voila on the otherside.

    “Fine sister, then shall we watch this match.”  Rex said as he leaned back.  Don’t win to fast Voila, I want to savoir finally putting my sister where she was meant to be, the same place your be in when I conquer this town.  Rex thought as he sipped his drink.

    “I witness this bet, and I will enforce it upon the completion of it.”  Damian’s voice cut through the silence causing Rex to look at him with a glare in his eyes.



    “The Gym battle rematch between Ash, the challenger, and Viola, the Santalune Gym Leader, will now begin! Each side will have the use of two Pokémon and the battle will be over when either Trainer’s Pokémon are unable to continue! Only the challenger may substitute Pokémon!”  A woman in green clothing said as Ash and Viola took their positions.

    “I hope you’re ready for our rematch Ash!” Viola called out with a grin on her face.

    “Yeah, this time I’ll crush your tactics Viola!” Ash called out with a smirk.

    “My lens is still focused on victory and nothing will ruin this shot!”  Viola said with a forceful tone.

    “Go, Surskit!” Viola cried as she threw out a Pokéball, release her Surskit.

    “Time to even the score, right, Pikachu?”  Ash said before Pikachu ran onto the battlefield

    “Pika! Pika!” Pikachu agreed as he stood ready to battle.

    “Battle Begin!”  The Referee called out throwing her arms out towards both trainers.

    Surskit started to glide back and forth while Pikachu stood its ground keeping its eyes on Surskit.

    “They’re waiting to see Surskit’s first move.” Alexia commented as she watched with the others

    “Smart, after being defeated their letting their opponent make the first strike to try to get an idea of what it’ll do.”  Lilith said as she crossed her arms.

    “Ash and Pikachu, get them, get them, get them!” Bonnie called throwing her head back and shaking her arms.

    “Dedenne!” Dedenne cheered as it sat on Bonnie’s head.

    “You can’t take a picture without pressing the shutter and you can’t win a battle without attacking! All right, Surskit, use Sticky Web!” Viola called out.

    “Dodge it Pikachu!” Ash called out, though Pikachu need no prompting to dodge the webs Surskit, dodge some of the shots by a hairs breath, causing Viola to gasp in shock.

    “Now Pikachu use Thunderbolt!”  Ash commanded before Pikachu sent a massive bolt of electricity straight at Surskit.

    “Surskit, Protect!” Viola cried, causing Surskit to generate a dome of green energy around it that caused the electricity to flow over the dome.

    “Signal Beam, go!” Viola called out, promoting Surskit to drop the dome and jump into the air and fire a streaky pink energy beam from the antenna on its body.

    “Dodge, then Iron Tail!” Ash called.  Pikachu jumped back backwards dodging the beam which caused a cloud of dust to form when it hit, before Pikachu jumped up and spun forward hitting Surskit with its tail colored steel grey, sending Surskit crashing to the ground, creating a dust cloud as it hit, Surskit skating backwards towards its trainer out of the cloud.

    “Surskit!”  Viola called out as saw her Pokemon recover from the blow from Pikachu’s Iron Tail.

    “All right!” Serena said with a smile on her face as she watched the battle.  Lilith watched as Ash and Pikachu fought and turned her head towards Clemont and frowned when she saw Nimue stepping backwards, her face turning pale.  Lilith moved to Nimue who had walked backwards into a tree she then slumped down and leaned against it.  Lilith walked to her and put one of her hands on Nimue’s shoulder caused her to look up.

    “Are you alright Nimue?” Lilith asked as she looked down at her.

    “This is a gym battle, I I I’ve heard of them but this is so intense, I’ve fought battles back home but the way those two are going at it…. Not even when we were attacked by those people did I feel such emotions just watching a battle.”  Nimue said in awe as she looked at the battlefield.  Lilith merely frowned at the response she received.  I already know that the people she’s running from aren’t above mind control but were more…invasive methods used by them?  The next time I contact home I should ask for a healer to come and look at her.

    “You didn’t react anything like this when you competed at the Contest or when you fought off those people that night.”  Lilith said, trying to get Nimue to help get it back together.

    “It felt different to be competing, I can’t explain it.”  Nimue said causing Lilith to frown and curse in her head.

    “I can, I’ll talk to about it later, okay?  For now let’s just watch.” Lilith said, helping Nimue back to her feet and to the group.

    “Yay! Pikachu really nailed it!”  Bonnie said as she smiled.

    “Iron Tail isn’t that effective against Surskit,but considering how Pikachu wasn’t able to land an attack at all last time, it was a meaningful hit!” Clemont said, causing the others to look at him for a few seconds.

    “Now, let’s refocus this battle! Time to use Ice Beam and create an ice battlefield!”  Viola said with a smile as she looked

    Surskit’s antenna stated to glow blue, generating a pulsing blue energy ball.

    “Don’t let Surskit use Ice Beam!” Ash called out, before Pikachu jumped onto Surskit’s body, Surskit rocking back and forth trying to throw Pikachu off.

    “Stay on it and use Thunderbolt!” Ash cried out as he watched Pikachu hold onto Surskit.

    “Shake it loose and use Ice beam!” Viola called, as Surskit started to increase its movements as Pikachu’s checks started to spark.

    “Pika!” Pikachu grunted as Surskit started to fire blue beams that iced over trees, hanging lamps and the ground before Surskit was finally able to throw Pikachu onto the ground before it shot the beam at the roof, reflecting and splitting the beam back towards the ground.

    “Pikachu, dodge it!” Ash called before Pikachu started to jump, dodge the falling beams until Pikachu landed on the iced over battlefield, causing the others to gasp.

    “Another picture-perfect ice battlefield! Surskit, start skating!”  Viola called as she grinned.  Surskit started to skate around Pikachu as it was flat on the ice.

    “It’s just like the last battle!”  Bonnie said as the group stared.

    “Dedenne!” Dedenne said as it watched.

    “The difference is Ash has created counters based on past experiences, he told me that.”  Serena said as she stared.  Come on Ash, you and your team can do it. She thought about what had Ash had said to her last night.

    Serena had walked through the Center, walking back towards the room she, Bonnie and Lilly were using when she saw Ash walking from the dining room.


    “Hey Serena; heading back to your room?”  Ash asked as he waved at her.


    “Yeah…  Say Ash, are you sure you’re be able to win tomorrow?”  Serena asked as she looked as him, fighting down a blush.  Ash grinned and held up a clenched fist.


    “Yeah, this time I’m drawing on my experiences, I break through it tomorrow!” Ash declared with a smile.

    “Can you get up, Pikachu?” Ash asked as he watched.  This is it, Pikachu just needs to stand, then we can anchor him!  Ash thought as he clenched his fists.


    “Pika! Pikachu!” Pikachu grunted as it stood back up on the ice.

    “This ice battlefield is my studio! I’m the photographer and I call the shots! Surskit, Signal Beam!” Viola cried out.  

    “Surskit!”  Surskit trilled as it stopped skated around and started to generate a streaky pink energy ball.

    “Now, Pikachu! Like we planned!” Ash called out as he started to grin.

    “Pika!” Pikachu cried out as he brought his tail down and broke the ice on the field, wedging his tail into the ice.  The others gasped as the watched the battle, shocked by what Pikachu had done.

    “That’s the thing Ash wouldn’t tell us about! How he was going to deal with the ice battlefield!” Clemont said with a grin on his face.

    “Of course!  Remove the possibility of slipping and the ice becomes meaningless!  Genius, pure genius!” Lilith said as she watches the battle.  It’s this kind of thing that makes me sure he’s the boss’s son!

    “Way to go! Now use Thunderbolt!” Ash said with a smirk

    “Pika Pikachu!” Pikachu squealed as he fired a bolt of electricity at Surskit as it fired the Signal Beam, meeting the attack and overpowering it to strike Surskit and send it flying.

    “Surskit, no!”  Viola cried out as she watched Surskit hit the ice and trill and collapse, loosing conciseness.

    “Surskit is unable to battle! Pikachu wins!”  The referee said as she raised her arm towards Ash.

    “We did it!” Ash said as he smiled.  It worked perfectly, now I just need to deal with her Vivillon and I’ll win the badge. Ash thought as he looked at Viola.

    “Pikachu!”  Pikachu huffed as it tried to catch its breath as Bonnie and Serena cheered from the sidelines.

    “Who knew Pikachu would plant its tail to stay balanced.” Alexia observed as she watched.

    “Hey, Serena?  Ash said he was drawing from his experiences, right?  What did he experience on his journey?”  Lilith asked as she stood next to Nimue.

    Viola recalled her Pokémon and smiled at its ball.  

    “Surskit, that was excellent. Now, get a good rest.” Viola said as she looked up at Ash.

    “Pikachu, return!” Ash called and Pikachu looked at Ash before reacting to the command.

    “Pikachu!” Pikachu said as it ran to stand next to Ash.

    “What? You’re done battling with Pikachu?” Viola asked with shock.  Is he going to use that water type, or is he going to use Flectling?  Viola thought as she looked at Ash.

    “Fletchling wants a chance for a rematch against Vivillon too! Fletchling, I choose you” Ash said as he threw Fletchling’s Pokéball.

    “Fletchling!” Fletchling called as it hovered above the battlefield.

    “Picture-perfect! Let’s do this, Vivillon!”  Viola called as she released Vivillon

    “Vivillon!” it called as it flew through the air.

    “They won’t have to worry about Sticky Web this time!”  Serena smiled as she watched.

    “And Ash can thank Pikachu for that!” Bonnie agreed.

    “All right, Fletchling, Steel Wing, let’s go!”  Ash called out.  Fletchling flew at Vivillon, missing the Bug type before it flew above Vivillon, when it turned its wings started to glow white and it shot at Vivillon.

    “Use Psychic!”  Viola called out, Vivillon eyes started to glow blue before Fletchling gained a blue outline before Fletchling was moved in a circle a few times by Vivillon’s move before it was slammed into the ground.

    “Fletchling, no! Be strong! Now, get up!”  Ash called to his struggling Pokémon.  Fletchling seemed to be on the verge on falling down before it stood up and raised it its head.

    “Great, Fletchling! Now Steel Wing again!”  Ash called as he looked with pride at his Pokémon.

    “Fletch! Fletchling!” Fletchling called out as it took to the air, its wings swiftly gaining a white glow before it hit Vivillon in a fly by. Vivillon ‘fell’ away from the side it was hit, smoke moving away from the impact site.

    “Way to go! Now, use Peck” Ash called out.  Fletchling moved its body in a circle before it hugged its wings to its body as its beck glowed white and shot at Vivillon.

    “Dodge it, quick!” Viola called out in worry.

    “Ling! Ling!” Vivillon called as it dodge Fletchling attack by a hair’s breath, turning to keep Fletchling in its sight.

    “All right! Use Gust!” Viola cried.  Vivillon wings glowed blue before it flapped them and sent a blast of wind at Fletchling that pushed it backwards.

    “Remember what I told you Fletchling!”  Ash called as Fletchling tried to right itself.

    “Pika!” Pikachu cried out in encouraged as it watched the battle. Fletchling kept its wings straight and rode the wind, gliding into the attack.

    “Great, Fletchling, ride it!” Clemont said as he raised a fist.  Lilith looked at the battle and thought of a few instances in her own past. I did see on the records I was giving on the flight that he had a Gliscor, so maybe that’s the source of this.  Lilith thought as Bonnie and Serena cheered.

    “Fletchling, use Razor Wind now!” Ash called out, hoping this would work.

    “Fletchling!” Fletchling cried as its wings start to glow white and it then started to spin into a ball.

    “Vivillon, Sleep Powder!” Viola called as she watched what was happening.  Vivillon flapped its glowing wings, sending a cloud of green powder at Fletchling. Fletchling was able to send two crescent-shaped energy waves at Vivillon before the green powder engulfed Fletchling. One of the crescent-shaped energy waves hit, causing Vivillon to grit its teeth, but the Sleep Power had done its job, sending Fletchling to the ground asleep.

    “I had no idea Vivillon could use Sleep Powder!”  Clemont gasped as he watched Fletchling fall to the ground.  Calm down, it must have learned it in a pre-evolved form.  Ash still has Pikachu if Fletchling doesn’t wake up, he can still win this. Clemont as he stared at the battle in shock.


    Lilith cursed under her breath as she watched.  This is why hunting Chimera has always said to be so difficult in the Jungle Domain, powders and attacking from hiding!  She’s strong this Viola, you can’t deny that! Lilith thought as she looked at Voila.

    “Uh-oh!” Bonnie said as Serena held her breath.

    “Excellent! Picture-perfect! Vivillon, Solar Beam!” Viola called with a smile.  Vivillon’s wings started to glow yellow as spots formed off its wings that collected in a point between its eyes that sent a powerful yellow beam at Fletchling, causing an explosion that Fletchling fell out of and hit the floor.

    “Oh, no! Fletchling!” Ash cried as he watched.

    “Pika!”  Pikacu cried with worry.

    “Fletchling is unable to battle! Vivillon wins!”  The Referee called out.

    “Aw, poor Fletchling lost!” Bonnie complained.

    “There’s no way my sister would let Ash win without a real fight.”  Alexia said.

    “That’s okay! We believe in Ash!”  Serena said with a smile.

    “Off course we do, he’ll win!”  Lilith agreed with a smirk.

    “Good job. You battled hard, Fletchling, so get lots of rest. I need you to get back in there, Pikachu.”  Ash said as he recalled Fletchling.  Pikachu nodded and jumped on the ice, ready to battle.

    “Now, Vivillon, use Gust!” Viola called as she gestured at Pikachu and Ash.  Vivillon’s glowing blue wings flapped rapidly and sent a wind storm at Pikachu, who struggled to stay still.

    “Hang tough, Pikachu! You can stay on your feet.”  Ash cried.

    “Pikachu’s still feeling the effects of the battle with Surskit!If this drags on, it could be at a real disadvantage!”  Clemont said with a look of worry on his face.

    “It’s still one to one, they just need to handle, Vivillon and they’ve got this.”  Nimue said softly as she watched, fighting back her panic.  What is wrong with me,

    “Pikachu can’t beat my Vivillonin that state. I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait longer for your badge.”  Voila said with a smirk.

    “Yeah, well, there’s no way we’re giving up!  That’s not what we’re about! We’ll keep battling right up until the very end!” Ash declared as he stared at Vivillon. Think Ash.  Vivillon was already hurt by Fletchling’s battle, we just need to get in a few hits and we can win this it!

    Serena stared at Ash, memories of when they had first met before the siege appeared in her head, causing her to smile as she watched Ash.  Good to see that he never really changed over the years, but I knew that from my talks with him.

    “Huh? Don’t give up till it’s over! I admire your persistence, but this is the end! Gust, one more time!” Viola called out.  Vivillon sent another wind storm straight at Pikachu, who struggled to stay down.

    “Pikachu! Iron Tail, let’s go!” Ash said with force.

    “Pika! Pika!”  Pikachu slammed its glowing tail in the ice creating a dust cloud that revealed Pikachu balancing upright on its glowing tail as it was lodged into the ice.

    “It’s using Iron Tail!” Serena said in shock.

    “Another great way to stay put!” Clemont exclaimed

    “Pikachu is so cool!” Bonnie said as she threw her head back.

    “That’s amazing, truly amazing.”  Lilith whispered as she watched.

    “Pretty clever, but you just made it even easier for me to focus! Vivillon, use Solar Beam!”  Viola called out as she watched Pikachu.  This is it, sorry Ash but I win this one.

    Vivillon stated to glow and sent a massive yellow beam at Pikachu.

    “Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!” Ash yelled.

    “Pikachu!”  Pikachu cried out as it sent a bolt of electricity that meet the Solar Beam.  The collision of attacks generated a dust cloud that blocked the battlefield from the view of everyone.

    “Argh! Vivillon, Sleep Powder!”  Viola bit out.  Vivillon sent a green cloud of spores straight at Pikachu.  The attack hit it and it fell off its tail and laid on the ice limply.

    “So here we are. It’s my chance to take a great last picture!”  Viola said smugly as she pointed at Pikachu.

    “Pikachu! Ash! You’ve got to hang in there!”  Serena called as she leaned forward.

    “Let’s finish this up! Solar Beam!” Viola said with a smirk.

    “Pikachu! Wake up!” Ash cried.  How can I get Pikachu to get awaken, he always wakes me up when he shocks………could that work, it’s down to this all or nothing! Ash thought as he made a decision and hoped it would work.


    “Ah. Pikachu! Use Electro Ball on yourself!”  Ash screamed, hoping Pikachu would hear him. Pikachu breathed heavy as he laid on the ice and stood up shakily and generated a ball of electricity on its tail and that he sent upwards as he started to heave that fell onto him, creating a cloud of smoke that revealed Pikachu standing on a bare patch of the battlefield, the spores off him.

    “All right!”  Bonnie and Serena cried as they clasped hands.

    “It neutralized Sleep Powder with an Electric-type move on itself!”  Clemont said as he stared open mouthed.  Amazing!  I have to remember that trick; it could do a lot for my gym battles.

    “That was amazing!” Nimue said as she started to regain some color in her checks.  She had started to channel a little aura through her body, an old trick her mother had taught her to handle illness and status attacks, it seemed to work on whatever was wrong with her.

    “Heh-heh! That’s so very, very Ash!”  Alexia said as she smiled.  Sorry sis but I think you’ve lost this match, if he makes it to the Conference it’s gonna be great!

    “Vivillon, Solar Beam!” Vivillon fired a yellow beam at Pikachu who stood defiantly.

    “We’re all with you, so put everything into this move! Use Electro Ball!” Ash commanded.  Pikachu threw a ball of electricity at the Solar Beam and hit and overpowered it, passing through a cloud of dust generated by the collision of attacks and flew at Vivillon, a spark flowed over Vivillon skin and stopped its movement for a few seconds, long enough for the Electro Ball to hit it and throwing it backwards, hitting a few of the iced hanging lamps as it until it stopped and started to fly with only one wing.

    “Vivillon, no!”  Viola cried out as she saw her Pokemon flying strangely. What happened, is this the result of that shock, or…no it couldn’t be, could it?  Viola thought as she stared at the battlefield.

    “Come on, Vivillon, be strong!” Viola cried out as she looked and worried.

    “Uh-oh. Vivillon’s flying kind of weird all of a sudden.”  Bonnie observed as she leaned forward.

    “Look at its wing! It’s covered with ice!”  Clemont said as he pointed at Vivillon.

    “No. How can this be?” Viola asked as she watched.  How did the ice transfer to her wing, I don’t understand!

    “Pikachu! Now use Thunderbolt!”  Ash’s voice snapped Viola out of her thoughts and could only watch what happened next.

    “Pikachu!”  Pikachu cried as he sent a massive bolt of electricity at Vivillon that went through it, shocking Vivillon as it did so and continued on the path the bolt went after Vivillon dropped to the floor after

    “Vivillon, no!” Voila cried as she looked at the battlefield.

    “Vivillon is unable to battle! Pikachu wins! Which means the winner of the match is Ash!” The Refferre said as she pointed her arm at Ash

    “All right!” Ash cried as he raised his right arm.

    “Pika! Pi!”  Pikachu cried as he jumped into Ash’s arms.

    “Ha-ha. We did it, Pikachu!” Ash said as he gave Pikachu a hug

    “Ash!”  Serena called out as she led the group towards Ash.



    A goblet dropped to the floor from suddenly slack fingers.   Rex stared in shock, unable to comprehend what he had seen.  That punk actually beat her!  Not letting the ice affect attacks by anchoring his Pokémon to the floor, that was amazing, and that Electro-ball move, by Arceus I can’t even!  Maybe I can use him, that tactical skill would make a lot of goals easier to reach if his skills translate to unit tactics, but only if I had a way to control his loyalty….that girl.  Rex started to grin as he looked at the projection as he started to laugh.  

    “My, my.  I never thought that you would laugh about the fact that I won our little bet?”  The purr of his sister’s voice caused him to remember that he wasn’t alone in the theater. Turning to his sister with a snarl on his face he stared at her and scowled as he looked at the grin on her face.

    “You won the bet sister. What is it that you want?”  Rex said as sat down on his chair and glared.  What will she want; a bigger control of the gang, a vacation on my dime or who knows what?

    “The Key of the Lord, I believe that I won the bet and I want the Key of the Lord.”  Rebecca said with an even tone.  Rex shook and looked at her, wondering why she wanted that old relic.

    “That old paperweight, fine it’s yours I don’t know why you want it but fine.”  Rex said with a look of confusion on his face.

    “I won it from you then?” Rebecca said as she smirked at her brother, causing him to look at her with anger in his eyes.

    “Yes you won it and you can get it yourself, I have work to attend to!”  Rex snapped as he watched his sister stand up from her chair.  Claudia followed behind her as she left, not paying attention to Rex as he fumed.

    “I will accompany the Lady Rebecca if you don’t mind sir Rex, just so that I can report that this bet was treated fairly by the Tristo family.”  Damian said with a wasp as he stood and bowed to Rex.

    “Fine, go and do that, but I want the problem at the police station dealt with soon, do you understand me?” Rex said as he looked at Damian and clenched the sides of his chair.

    “I understand completely Sir Rex, rest assured it will be not cause you further trouble.”  Damian said as he followed after Claudia.

    Rex looked at his sister as she walked off, trying to figure out her game.  Why the hell does she want the Key of the Lord, it’s not worth anything and if she had asked for it I would have just given it to he, did she have so much confidence that she just made that bet because she was sure he would win? And why did she word it that way? Rex shook his head and looked around until he saw the pink haired servant from before standing at attention waiting for his orders.

    “You, call in my specialists, I have a job for them.”  Rex ordered, causing her to bow to him.

    “As you command my Lord.” She said as she walked out of the room, leaving Rex to his thoughts.  

    A few minutes later the servant was back leading a group of five people in black clocks one stepped forward and looked at him from with two glowing eyes from within the darkness of his hood.

    “What do you want with us, have you decided on your final mission Lord Tristo?”  A quite voice asked from the figure that caused Rex to cringe as he cursed to himself.  That’s right this is the final mission I can take from them for the Dark Quest.  But if I can get him under my control then the time table for getting the entire region back the way it’s supposed to be would be accelerated if he can make strategies like that then it would be worth it. Rex looked at them and made his decision.

    “Yes this will be the final part of your Quest, I will give you the data chip once I have the person I want.”  Rex declared as the clocked figures stood at attention as the eyes of the figure at the front started to glow brighter.

    “Who is it that we are to bring to you?” The front figure questioned before the projector started to show the last picture of the Gym battle.  When Ash was shown on the screen walking towards his friends Rex didn’t notice the clocked figures going still as soon as they saw him.

    “That boy is who you desire?”  The leader asked in a hard voice, not that Rex noticed it.

    “No I want the honey haired girl. The boy is going to be of immense help for me.”  Rex chuckled as he leaned back as he imagined his future. He never noticed that the robbed figures had turned to each and sent an Aura stream into a center point of all of them, forming a ball that after a few seconds the ball dispersed and the leader nodded at its fellows.

    “I expect payment as soon as I return, my team and I have spent more time here than we expected. And if we are to fight him again then I feel that my team will have earned our payment either way.”  The leader said as he walked towards the exit to the chamber.  Rex watched them go and sat down.  What was that about, perhaps they’ve seen him before like my sister, whatever as long I have her I don’t care how they know him.

    “Is there anything else I can do my lord?”  The voice of the pink haired woman brought Rex out of his thoughts and he looked at her before he shook his head.

    “No get out of here and find something to do, I want to be notified once those five are done.”  Rex ordered, causing the woman to bow and leave the room.

    “So the twerp beat the first gym here after a rematch, and those people we were casing, their big boss is mad and want to capture his friends?”  The speaker was a woman with long magenta colored hair in a long tail and was wearing a short black shirt that exposes her midriff under a white high collared sleeved shirt emblazoned with a large red R, a white miniskirt, black leg-length boots, and long black arm-sleeves.  She and two others were crunched down and looking at a tablet that their spy bot was transmitting to in a side alley that gave them a view of the Buzz Lord’s building.

    “I told ya if we looked into the gangs around ‘ere we’d strike paydirt!  I mean, look at all those powerful Bugs, all we gotta do is wait for the Twerp to bulldoze his way through and pick up a few of the spoils to send to the boss.”  A small feline like Pokémon with a gold coin on its head said as it grinned at the two trainers before it.  

    “Jessie I don’t like this.” The speaker was a man with short blue hair in a white shirt with a red R and long sleeves, black gloves and white pants with black boots.  He looked at the tablet and started to call up other pictures and looked at them intently, a frown growing on his face as he looked over the pictures.  Jessie looked at the pictures and started to glow red when she saw that all of them were of the female servants waiting on the gangers.

    “What don’t you like James?! The fact that we have a plan that doesn’t let them serve you like they are doing?!”  Jessie asked causing James to look at her before going red himself.

    “I don’t mean anything like that!  It’s the eyes! The eyes of those girls, I think something is very wrong with them.” James said with force as he increased the magnification on the servant’s eyes.  Jessie jolted and shared a look with Meowth.   As they looked at the images she and Meowth tried to see just what had caused James to speak up.

    “What about their eyes, wait a second!  Their all… How’d they get like that from just Bugs?!”  Meowth exclaimed as he looked and noticed the condition of the servant’s eyes.  Jessie frowned and then went still when she finally noticed that most of the female servant’s eyes were blank and they had no expressions on their faces.

    “How’d you see that James?” Meowth asked as he stared in shock as he starched his head, James looking away with a small frown on his face.

    “You two met my parents; the other servants beside him were the people I interacted with the most in those days.  After a while they dropped the masks they had around me but I saw them put them back up when my parents were around.  I got used to picking out the eyes first on people from interacting with them; it’s a skill that’s let me survive over the years.” James’s replay caused Jessie to look back over their partnership and nodded.

    “Alright so what do we do, Team Rocket can’t be linked to a tip off to the cops!”  Meowth exclaimed.  Jessie and James started to think until James looked up with a grin on his face.

    “We can throw a stone at a window!  It could have the address on a paper and it might bring them!” James said with a bit of force in his voice.  Meowth crossed its arms and nodded.

    “I’ll do it, you guys stay here and follow the twerp in when he gets here.  Cause I remember that he still has a few coins left.”  Meowth said causing James and Jessie to look at him in confusion.

    “You sure chum?” James asked, wondering why the Scracth-Cat was volunteering for this.  Meowth nodded and look at them with a serious look in his eyes.

    “Yeah, Bug types would catch me out as soon as I’m inside.  This way I can tell you if the locals are mobilizing, with my skills I’ll be able to get onto a roof top and my strength will let me throw the rock from out of sight.  It’s the best thing to do and you two better be ready to grab a few of the eggs, the boss loves them the most.”  Meowth said with a smirk as his two companions nodded.  As they planed their strategy they never noticed a camera focused on them from a behind a broken window, never knowing that they had been seen by the security set up by the Buzzlords.

    A pink haired woman in a servants outfit watched a monitor in a darkened room, the picture of Team Rocket as they planned on the screen.  The woman dropped a small black box from a gloved hand and when the monitor went black she detected a trace of smoke and then with a smile on her face she turned towards the door and opened it.  It seems that I won’t have to send a message to Dear Jenny after all.  And if I’m right my ‘team’ will be able to handle the prison transport and their ‘recruitment’.  With a chuckle she walked out and pushed the door closed as she turned and smiled when she saw she was alone, she hurried to a staircase and walked down it and stopped to check if anyone was about the lower level.  Seeing no one she walked down the hallway and had just reached another wing of the building when she heard a cry of terror above her that caused her to start to giggle, it seemed someone had found her work.  As she walked off as she saw gang members rush towards the stairway she wondered how this would affect the next few hours.  Try to handle this my oh so noble master.  Within the next day this whole organization will be burned out and I will be heading home or to ambush some of you. As she moved she adopted the same mask she had been using since her infiltration.  




    “Great win Ash!  You and your team really pulled off a great comeback!”  Serena said as she and the others clustered around Ash.

    “Let me guess you dealt with a heavy winds and a Pokémon that glided was involved, a group maybe?” Lilith asked as she smiled.

    “Yeah, it was a pack of Gligar and a Gliscor was blown into a city, man was that a problem.”  Ash said as he scratched the back of his head as he laughed.  Serena looked at Ash and gained a small blush as she saw the figure he gave off as the light hit.  She shook her head and looked towards Voila who was laughing as she talked to Alexia. After a few minutes Viola walked towards a box and opened it, taking out a small hand tray with a cloth over something on it.

    “Great battle Ash, you’ve earned this, the Bug Badge of the Santalune Gym!”  Viola said with a smile as she removed the cloth to reveal the badge. It was it was brown and shaped like a beetle.  Ash took it and looked at Viola with a smile.

    “There are some things you can only seewhen looking througha camera’s viewfinder and things you’ll only see clearly by living together with Pokémon. Keep strengthening the bonds you share with your Pokémon and good luck!”  Viola said as she offered Ash her hand, who reached over and shook it.

    “Thanks for a great battle Viola, good luck in the future.”  Ash said with a smile.  Alexia smiled as she watched them interact.

    “Ash, I imagine you’re headingto your next Pokémon Gym battle.  In that case, how about the Gym in Cyllage City?  And I heard a rumor that a contest is going to happen in Odyssey Village within the next few days.” Alexia said as she saw her sister jolt and look at her.

    “Cyllage City, isn’t Odyssey Village between that place and this city?”  Clemont asked as Ash opened his Pokédex and called up a map of Kalos, quickly finding the general locations of the two cities.

    “Thanks Alexia, oh, and Viola?  Before I forget would you pass on that I hope Charlotte feels better, it really wasn’t the first time that happened to me I’m sad to say.” Ash said looking at Viola, who gave him a smile in return.

    “Then would you mind if I travel with you guys? I can make a choice after that Odyssey.” Lilith said as she scratched her face.

    “What about your journey Lilly?” Ash asked her as the others started to walk out of the gym, waving to Viola and her sister as they did so.

    “Teacher wanted me to experience how people outside of home did contests, so even if I don’t make it to the Grand Festival then I would have accomplished my goal here.” Lilith said, causing Bonnie to smile brightly.

    “The other girls and I planned to do a little shopping after the battle, want to come with us?” Nimue asked as they reached an intersection.

    “Please Big Brother?” Bonnie asked Clemont with tears in her eyes, causing Clemont to sigh.

    “I have to get my team to the Pokémon Center and then Clemont and I have to have a talk, but stay in spacious areas and around other people; they haven’t bothered us since that second attack but keep an eye out.” Ash said

    “Be good Bonnie, have fun and listen to the others.” Clemont as

    “I will!”  Bonnie said as the girls walked off.  They never noticed two figures in cloaks watching them from on top of a building that after a few seconds started to follow the girls as they walked into town.


    A limo pulled up the residence’s outer gate and after it stopped a driver in a tuxedo got out and opened the door behind the driver’s seat and offered his hand to the person inside. A white gloved hand grasped it and a girl with flowing blond hair in a white gown carrying a white purse with three Pokéballs on it stepped out of the limo.  She nodded at the being that had driven her here and walked through the gate and looked around noting Maids and feline like creatures with purple flowers on their backs walking around.  So the old man got more Dolls to play with, didn’t he?  Those look like….of course he would get some of those, I can’t believe him sometimes.  Is there no level he wouldn’t sink to, I think a few of my ‘special’ jewels are needed for the party after all.  She let her thoughts rage as she kept her face a mask as she walked past the cats, a small use of Aura keeping her mind as serene as she kept her face expressionless as she walked towards  the main building, the black haired figure of Orchid standing outside the mansion with two Maids standing there.

    “Remember, the flowers are to be watered at 4 with the type 3 liquids, the Song Wings are to on top of the lamps by nightfall and my midnight I expect that that the final decorations are setup.” Orchid declared before she noticed the woman walking towards the mansion.  She straightened up and  the two Maids turned and bowed to her as she soon as they saw her.

    “Welcome home Lady Rodruss, shall I call your father?”  Orchid questioned as Nudara walked past her.  Orchid fell into step after her and followed her into the mansion.

    “No, I’ll talk to him at supper; tell me have all the guest who are coming sent there replies yet?” Nudara asked when she stopped before a staircase.

    “Yes my lady, all of those invited are coming, while our own High Lord has declined the invitation, we have confermation of Lord Magnus and a plus one, the invitation for Miss Lilith has returned with a denial and gossip is that Lady Camilla sent her on a mission so….” Orchid stopped talking when Nudara slammed her hand on the railing turned with a hard look in her eyes.

    “Let me rephrase my question, is HE coming here?”  Nudara asked frostily. Orchid looked at her before a realization hit her as to who her lady was talking about and bowed to her.

    “I have to report that we did not send him an invitation, but his sister did receive one and has sent a replay that she and a plus one would come, so I suppose that he will be coming.”  Orchid said as Nudara brought a hand to her forehead and started to rub it.

    “With luck since Lady Lilith won’t be here he’ll leave once he’s been here long enough to be polite.   I’ll come down for supper after I had a bath, the party is supposed to start tomorrow around four, right.”  Nudara said with an exasperated sigh.  She walked up the stairs as she left, not staying to hear Orchid’s replay.  Orchid stayed where she was until Nudara was out of sight before she gained a scowl on her face as she walked outside.  That little brat!  That pampered princess is such a pain to deal with.  Like father like daughter.  Of course giving how he acted when he tried to pursuer her I can’t really blame her.  Orchid thought as she walked through the gardens as she watched the Homunculus move about.  She sighed as memories of how he had acted in his pursuit of Lady Lilith that she had seen a few times she had been her Lord’s plus one to a few parties. Perhaps she should go and double check the menu; maybe she should check the placements for the new golems.  She moved off, not noting she was being watched from the window of Lord Rodruss’s office.

    Sadri Rodruss looked at his chief of staff as she moved through his courtyard before he moved back to his desk and sat down.  He moved a few papers around and started to read, a feeling of anger as he looked over the data.  That bitch pirate had raided yet another shipment; he had lost money since he wouldn’t be able to make back what he paid for them now, this was so cutting into his bottom line, and that idiot Francisco had let her walk off with no single bit of trouble, she had walked off with them with no trouble.  He had washed his hands with that ship and Francisco, he would hold the docking fees as long as it used his docks but that was it, and perhaps he should look into getting products overland, but long term benefits of getting his products from out of the country was……. He would have to look into other sources, perhaps that one…  He paused as he looked over the guest list, and put his head in his hands when he saw one confirmation, of course his greatest rival would come to his party, he would look for any excuse to tweak his noise.  Perhaps he should check if his daughter had returned yet, he was getting up when a chime sounded, bringing his attention to his computer as a message popped up.  So the High Lord was going on a tour of the domain, perhaps he should head over the City of Scholars for her party, he could met a few of his more unique trading partners and check with his factor there. A buzz of his intercom jolted him from his thoughts and caused him to look up.

    “Sir, one of your clients is on line two.  They want to talk about the shipment.”  His secretary’s voice came over the line, a note of fear in it. Of course, giving what kind of cliental I have she’s probably worried about ending up as part of a deal.


    “Thank you, please transfer it and you can go for an early lunch.”  Sadri said as he picked up his phone.  After a few seconds he heard a click and smiled.

    “Hello….” He began before he was interrupted.

    “I don’t want pleasantries Rodruss, I want results!  This is the second time one of my shipments with you has been hit, I want answers.” A gruff voice barked at him and he swallowed before biting back just as strong.

    “And it is the tenth time she hit my vessels and I am no closer to finding her then I was before!” Sadri countered as he started to scowl. “And why are you worried, you haven’t paid for it yet!” Sadri commented in a hard voice.

    “I already started to advertise a new show with a special surprise; I needed that shipment for it! If I have a show with the same old then I’ll lose a lot of customers!”  The voice snarled, prompting Sadri to rub his forehead as he leaned back before a viscous grin start to grow on his face as he leaned forward.

    “Then how about I give you that special?”  Sadri purred as he grinned.

    “What do you have?” The voice asked with a hint of suspicion.

    “I recently acquired a most impressive Homunculus, something about eight feet tall.”  Sadri said as he waited for a replay.

    “How powerful is it?” The voice asked, causing Sadri to start to smile when he heard a note of interest in his voice.

    “It has Dragon Breath.” Sadri said with a smirk.

    “Oh, that would be perfect for a show, yes, I can work with that.  Mr. Rodruss thank you, and I will be at your party after all.”  The voice said.

    “I’ll show it to you then. I look forward…” Sadri stop talking when he heard the call end.  He slammed the phone down and stood up in a huff and walked to the window.

    “That old bastard!  I can’t wait to finish taking payment from that scum!”  He snarled as he reached the window, his eyes finding Orchid as she ordered the Maids about. Calm down, you’ve been infiltrating his origination for months now, a few months and you can take over.  But I have to get this rage under control, perhaps Orchid could help me with my stress tonight, yes that sounds perfect. With a smile he walked out of his office, looking for something to eat. Now if his daughter could only make a good impression on Lord Magnus then his gambit in the game would be underway.


    “Put your back into to boyos, we’ve got to load this ship so it can sail at dawn!”  A muscular man with brown skin and shaggy white hair called out as he carried a large crate onto a ship from a warehouse as the sun beat down overhead.  Bahadur just smiled as he heard his father call out as he carried his own crate towards the ship.  His father was one of the most important men in town, his shipping firm River Might was the second biggest group in the entire domain, and they had branches in most of the cities and were unique that his father refused to use Homunculus, preferring to use people, Pokémon and Golems instead.  

    Bahadur put the crate he was carrying down onto a pallet and wiped the sweet from his brow as he looked out over the river and frowned.  A few days ago he had woken up to hear that a few members of the Maulers had been discovered beyond the town’s limits drained of their Aura with wounds that were currently unidentified.  People were scared; the mayor had ordered that no one leave the city limits and that only groups traveling in vehicles were to be allowed to travel outside of the city and imposed a curfew and only today had his father let him help out again. No one was using the term Devourer but most people were thinking it.  There were rumors that it was caused by a Golem of all things but most people were thinking that a person in heavy armor had really done it, that the witness had only thought it was a Golem because of shock, but he didn’t know how he felt about, the people who had been attacked had been looking for him, members of the Bloody Maulers.  Since he lived in the other side of town from Aagha’s place he hadn’t seen any of them with the strict curfew but he figured at least some of them might try and make trouble sooner or later.  He was knocked out of his thoughts when something bumped into him, causing him to turn and see his father walk by holding another crate as he moved towards to dock

    “Keep it move boy, we want to be able to get home to your mother in time for sup.”  His father called over his shoulder.  Bahadur slapped his face and moved back towards the warehouse, he would have some time to think about what had happened after he did his quota.  Heading back towards where the crates were he never noticed a figure in a red cloak watching him from on top of a nearby roof.  The figure chuckled as they moved back towards their comrades; the boss would love to know where Bahadur was.

    Bahadur sighed as he sat in the shade as he stretched and looked over the river.  He loved this this, peace and good days like this was just what made his life worth living, and then there was…  he ducked his head as he thought of the kiss Ruchika had giving him the other day.  She was his oldest friend, even before she had moved away and come back and put that idiot Aagha’s in his place at that party a few weeks back.  He started to chuckle as he remembered how she had thrown the Maulers who had come to get her because their master wanted to ‘talk’ to her.

    “Good joke boy?”  He heard causing him to look up and saw his father sitting down next to him, passing a bottle of water that he accepted with a nod before he drank from it.

    “No, just remembering when Ruchika blew away those people a few weeks back.”  Bahadur said causing his father to laugh.

    “I did hear a few things about that, now how about you tell me about when you were attacked by those people who were drained?”  Bahadur stared at his father for a few seconds before he sighed and looked sheepish.

    “So how’d you find out about it?”  Bahadur said with a quite tone in his voice.

    “I didn’t, I watched you and I took a stab at it, so gonna tell me what set it off?”  Sadiq asked, know the history that his son had with Aagha’s gang.

    “Nothing!  I was just taking my partner around our part of town and when I reached the bridge to the challenge field on the west side of town they jumped me!  If the gang hadn’t backed me up….”  Bahadur said with a scowl as he leaned back.

    “How’d they know where to ambush you then?”  Sadiq commented as he took in what his son was saying.  Aagha’s might be stepping up his tactics, I know the rumors from that side of town, but they can’t be true, the local Lord would have stomped them down before now.

    “Not sure, but I have a few ideas about who told them, and I will have a few words to share with him.” Bahadur snarled.  He had figured out that the Rat had been involved and he couldn’t wait to talk to him.  He was surprised when his father snorted and looked at him with a hard look.

    “You’ll handle that after a few more days have passed, I don’t want you leaving area between our house and this place for a while yet.  If you can find them in that area fine, if not you can wait a few days.”  Sadiq words caused Bahadur to stare at his father before he stood up with a scowl on his face.

    “Oh come on dad!” Bahadur said, only to stop and stare at the fierce look on his father’s face that showed turning into pain.

    “Boyo, you weren’t around when the last Devourer scare happened.  It was mad; more people died from riots then were threatened in the first place.   Your grandparents and new born aunt died too.”  Sadiq said as his eyes drew back into history as he closed his eyes, not noticing his son stiffening in shock.

    “I had an Aunt?!”  Bahadur said as he stared at his father.

    “Your grandparents were childhood sweet hearts; they married as soon as they could and had your ma a year later.  After a while they decided to have another child, that was a year before the scare, and she had been born a few days before the riots hit the town they were in, it was so bad that the funeral was of empty caskets.  So please boyo, stay nearby for a few more days if only to humor your old man” Sadiq said as he locked eyes with his son.  Bahadur just stared for a few seconds as his thoughts started to run wild.   I can’t believe this, I just can’t believe this. The guys have been saying that people are acting skittish around their homes, and I guess I can wait a while for a meeting with Rat.

    “Fine dad, if only for you. I’ll stay in the area and won’t go looking for trouble.”  Bahadur said with a small smile on his face.

    “Thank you, oh I almost forgot.  Your friends and their family are coming over for dinner and they’ll stay over for the night. And yes, it is due to the way people have been reacting.”  Sadiq said as he moved off, calling out to one of his workers as he did so.

    Bahadur stood there and wonder followed after his father, his mind elsewhere.  So those two and their family are coming over for supper and would prefer not to walk about at night, is the town getting that bad?  I always thought the Devourers were just a part of our history that we could leave in the past, but I guess the scars from them run a lot deeper than I ever knew.  He just sighed as he walked towards a pallet, ready to do what he needed to do.

    Sadiq watched his son work with a small smile on his face. That kid is something else, he had his first Pokémon for a few days now and he’s still willing to listen to this old man’s fears.  I don’t deserve a son like that sometimes.  But those people drained, was it truly a Devourer, where could they have come from, who could it be?  I have to trust in the Guard to discover or find evidence of where they went. A few more days, a weak at most and the curfew will most likely be lifted and things can get back to normal here on the frontier.  He thought as he reached down and picked up a crate and moved it back towards the ship.



    “Did you hear that the creatures that the others fought off had a leader?!”

    “If Good Jacquelin hadn’t set out that expedition then they would of overwhelmed the guards and they would have breached the castle, what happened to the lookouts?!”

    “Our Queen is said to be putting a conference together to find a way to deal with them, we must trust her to handle it!”

    “If the hunting group that was led by Good Sylvestre hadn’t returned when they did and found the leader who knows what would have happened!”

    “They weren’t Chimera, a Scholar I talked to said they weren’t sure what they were, what could they be?!”

    The halls of team Gaia’s castle were filled with members, each one talking about the recent attack the, each conversation causing those talking to grow more worried as time passed. Two people moved through the hall ways in cloaks as they dodged groups talking and people running every which way, trying to reach their destination without delay.  Finally they reached a section of the without people around and quickly and quietly opened the door to Virgil workshop and walked in.  The two figures saw Nicholas’s, Dante, Sylvestre and Virgil standing around the room with their Pokemon out, Virgil was standing by a table with a dead Treeslasher on it cutting into it as the others looked on. Nicholas looked up to see the two people and started to get up when Sylvestre raised his hands and smiled at the two.  Dante got up and walked towards one of the figures and swept them into a hug, the hood falling away to reveal a woman with long white hair and blue eyes who hugged him back.

    “I was so worried about you Constance.”  Dante whispered as he clutched her to his body.  Constance only laughed as she cried.

    “I was fine Dante, I stayed inside near an exit and if I had to I would have fought my way out with Blissey and we would have found you.  You were the one out there, I was sure you would have charged in if they breached the complex.”  Constance said as she held Dante.

    “I’ve heard that our friend Jacquelin found them first on a night hunt, anything you can tell us about that?”  Sylvestre asked as the two broke apart and the other figure was revealed to be Roial.

    “After the match he had with you a few others started to gossip about him, it came to ahead when he came across Mathis in the halls.  After a cutting remark by Jacquelin he disappeared for a while and somehow got out side with a new Grand Sword.  He came back with his Pokémon carrying one of those, the type with the vine arms saying he had come across two of them on a hunt.  He made a big noise about a threat and brought together an expedition to patrol the local area and they had barely moved into the trees when they staggered out and started to set up a battle line.  If you hadn’t come when you did the line would have broken, I know Mathis made a noise about setting up a second line and to evacuate the Queen.”  Roial said, causing Nicholas to whistle as he absorbed what she told them.

    “So the Good Jacquelin has his own way out of the Castle?  Good to know.”  Nicholas commented as he leaned against the wall of the room.  Virgil snorted as he cut through another layer on the Woodman and mused out loud.

    “I can remember that he’s always been a snake, that he would have an escape tunnel out of here isn’t so surprising to me.  And this specimen you brought me, I have found no idea what it is.  It has no veins to move nutrients to allow for it to function if it’s a living creature, it has no way to recharge if it was a Golem and I’m at the end of my rope, this thing is imposable  I can’t even…Hello there, what have we here.” Virgil said as he looked down.  He had cut away enough to reveal a broken green crystal, the piece still releasing a pale green light.  He looked at it as the others started to gather around the table.

    “The crystal, do you think it’s like the core of a golem?”  Dante asked as he picked a piece up and looked at it. Virgil took the largest piece and walked towards a table with beakers full of liquids and dropped it in one full of a blue solution and watched as it started to dissolve and the liquid turned a pale green, nodding as he watched.

    “It’s organic, that much I can tell, but how it was formed I can’t say. The energy it uses is Aura, Grass type to exact but I’m not sure how it was charged in the first place, and the others looking over these things are probably having the same problems I am.” Virgil said as he sighed.  His Kadabra and Metang both moved close to him and his Metang started hover near his head as his Kadabra hugged his left leg. Virgil just looked at them and rubbed their heads as he smiled as the others looked at each other.  Nicholas just rubbed the back of his head and turned to look at the corpse and stared for a few seconds before he found his voice.

    “Hey, guys.  Wasn’t that corpse…bigger than it is now?”  Nicholas’s question caused the others to turn and look at the corpse and stare as it started to decompose into dirt rapidly until only the shards of the green crystal were left.   They stared in shock until Virgil started to mumble to himself as he turned slowly and looked at the beaker as a frown formed on his face.

    “Even though the thing was killed it still held together until I removed the crystal, does it mean that it was repairing itself?”  Virgil asked as he started to pale.

    “But it died when you removed the largest piece of its heart?  Then does that mean the others….Oh fucking Giratina! Come with me kid, Sylvestre tell the others what we figured out!”  Dante called as he ran out of the room, Nicholas and their Pokémon on his heels.

    Sylvestre looked at the door for a few minutes and turned to his brother.

    “As soon as I’m out of here, put this place into lockdown!  Get ready to fight your way out if I don’t make it in time!” Sylvestre ordered as he ran out with Nuzleaf beside him.

    “So these things can recover if their hearts are left in them?” Constance demanded as Virgil started to close up the room and prepare his siege protocols.

    “I have no idea what these things are, but I really want to know where they come from so I can give the bastard who made them a kick in the nuts.” Virgil muttered as he started to channel Aura into the wards he had created.


    “Where are we going?!”  Nicholas demanded as he ran after Dante, their Pokémon following behind him.

    “They put all of them in a cavern we found when we claimed the mountain as our base!  If those things can recover we have to destroy all that we can before they get out!” Dante called back as he led the way downwards.

    “So the two of us against an army, nice.  When did I join the Suicide squad again?”  Nicholas asked as they charged deeper, people noticing them some of the Knights following them as they ran.

    “I plan on having Haunter burn’em when we get there.  We’ll have to deal with the rest of the them.  If I know Sylvestre he’ll find Jacquelin or somebody important and have people sent to the other Scholars, we have to handle them.” Dante said as they finally came to a large door with a guard who looked at them and went pale. Nicholas was surprised before he looked behind him and saw that they had drawn 8 Knights and 4 Squares with their run through the base, good they would help.  Dante looked at them and marched towards the guard who looked nervously at him.

    “Sir, this area is full of the corpse of the attackers; if you desire to investigate a specimen please contact the Chancellor.”  The guard said as he shook as he looked at the people before him.

    “That’s why I’m here lad; those things might not be dead.”  Dante said softly, but his words carried to everyone in the hallway, prompting the others to stare at him in shock as the guard paled. He turned the others behind him as they looked at each other before turning to him when he whistled.

    “Right lads, here’s what we know.  The bodies have a crystal in them that’s holding them together, the fact the bodies haven’t broken down is evidence that the crystals still have power. If they have power they might be repairing themselves, we can’t let a force attack from within the base, so we’re going to handle this.  I want everyone to cut away the crystals from the bodies, and remember what we want is at the opposite of where hearts are normally!”  Dante barked as the guard opened the door, revealing a hallway full of doors.  Dante looked at the view and turned to the guard who looked pale.

    “So how many rooms are full?”  Dante asked the guard who looked like he was about to faint.

    Sylvestre ran upwards, hoping that his friends were in time.  He rounded a corner when he saw Jacquelin with his Shiftry standing behind him as he argued with a guard.

    “And I’m telling you I have to talk to the Queen!  It’s a matter of extreme urgency!”  Jacquelin growled as his hand started to move towards his weapon.

    “And the answer remains the same Sir.  Only the Queen’s orders will let me open these doors.  I am sorry but…Sir Sylvestre?”  The guard asked as soon as he saw Sylvestre running towards him.  Jacquelin turned walked to him as soon as he saw Sylvestre/

    “I’m guessing your brother found the same thing he did?”  Jacquelin asked as he reached him.

    “Yes, Dante went after the storage with the kid.” Sylvestre said, causing Jacquelin to stare and go pale.

    “By Arceus I never even thought of that.  We have to tell the Queen what was found, we can’t let this happen!  An attack from within would destroy us!” Jacquelin said as he turned and glared at the guard.  The guard looked at the two of them and slowly reached for a green jewel around his neck, touched it and started to speak softly, nodding when he removed his hand.

    “The Queen has been notified that the two of you want to talk to her about what seems to be the same thing, and has decided to grant your audience before the meeting later today.”  The guard said as he hurried to open the doors.  Sylvestre gestured for Jacquelin to go first, indicating that he would follow his lead. Jacquelin looked at him and nodded as the doors to the Queen’s room opened and he walked in, Sylvestre and their Pokémon following their trainers.

    As Sylvestre followed Jacquelin towards their Queen he looked about the room, noticing the number of Templars had tripled in since he had last been there.  Is this for the meeting or the reaction to the attack?  Whatever this is worrying me for some reason I can’t explain. Sylvestre kept a frown off his face as he moved, not seeing that ahead of him, Jacquelin’s eyes were going all over the room, taking in every detail he could.  That little brat actually increased her security!  This is going to make it even harder to take over, I might have to count on those soldier things that idiot is making.  Jacquelin kept a smile on his face as he walked towards the Queen at the end of the room, stopping and joining Sylvestre in bowing to their ruler.

    “Rise.  The two of you discovered something that you feel that I should know about so please, what has caused two of my best to rush to me.”  The voice of the girl caused Jacquelin to look at her as he replied.

    “My Queen, Good Sylvestre and I both discovered that the bodies only die when a crystal in is removed or destroyed.  We fear that they might attack from within our defenses, that it might be the plan of whatever created these… things.  As we speak Good Dante is leading a fellow to handle it and I am sure others went after them.” Jacquelin said as he looked at the queen, noticing that she had stared at him for a minute before she went pale as she sat down.

    “Chancellor; send some of our Templar to help out Good Dante, I want that room locked down, now.”  The Queen’s voice rang out in a hard voice, the boom of the Templars spears on the floor the only signal that her will would be done.  While Sylvestre smiled at the orders, Jacquelin kept his face neutral. What is down there that the Queen wants to protect so much that she sends in the Templar?  Perhaps after everything has died down I should investigate that area more closely.


    Dante cursed as they finished his 2nd room.  To think that there had been enough recovered to full twenty rooms, Dante couldn’t believe that no one even tried to make some order, just throwing them in anywhere, no sense of order at all.  He looked up as Nicholas walked out of a doorway and smiled when he saw the kid had led his group to finish another one.  With the Knights and Squires that had followed them he had split them in two and just said to go and destroy or remove the crystals.  Dante moved towards Nicholas and motioned to him to talk to him. When Nicholas joined him he looked down the hallway.

    “I don’t know if we’re going be able to finish this before one of these things revives kid.”  Dante said to Nicholas bluntly as they looked down the hallway.  Dante only answered with a scowl as he looked down the hallway.

    “I know, but dam it we’re almost halfway done, all we need to do is…” Suddenly three doors down a door exploded before two Treeslashers moved through the doorway and looked both down the corridor before they turned and saw Dante and the others. Two Treeblaster walked out of the door way before another Treeslasher followed them.

    “So the shoe finally drops, hey, didn’t the guard say the centaur was put somewhere in the middle?”  Dante asked as the first two Treeslashers shot towards them as the Treeblasters started to fire over their fellows heads.  Dante drew his sickles as the other Knights started to draw their own weapons and shields, Dante blocking one of them when the other tried to attack him when Nicholas sliced through its chest with a sword before turning and slicing through the left side of the Treeslasher locked with Dante’s sickles. Dante looked at the basic blade and frowned.

    “Still using the basics kid, never got an upgrade from a good smith?”  Dante said as released his Haunter as Nicholas’s Teddiursa used Protect to form a green shield between it and the Treeblasters shots.  Dante looked at the others and saw most of them releasing their Pokémon and copying Teddiursa’s action as they tried to move towards the Treeblasters.

    “Never had a reason to….hello, are you the one who woke them up?”  Nicholas said causing Dante to look and stare through the shield.  The Treelord he had helped take down was back up and had changed its arms. On one side of its chest were two masses of vines and the other had a large thin branch with a cluster of heart crystals at the end [Revived Treelord].  It was followed by two more Treeslashers and another Treeblaster that joined its fellows in sending blasts down the corridor. He cursed as he saw the Revived Treelord move across to the other door.  He turned and looked at the others, trying to find someone to send for help until he noticed

    “That has to be it! That’s why these things are up so fast! If we can’t break through here I don’t know if we can hold if that thing can bring back the others.  YOU there, the one with the

    Karrablast!  Get out there and bring back help, sound the war call!” Dante hollered to a knight bring an injured Squire out of the line of fire as his Karrablast formed a solid blue wall between shots sent their way.  The knight looked at him and nodded his helmeted head and started to carry the injured Squire back towards the doorway back into the base.  Dante turned and noticed the centaur was disappearing into a doorway and the Treeslasher stood just outside it.

    “We’ve got to get around these things and take that monster down!  If it revives all of them…wait, only six of them came out the room with that thing.   I think there might be a limit to the damage it repair.  How many bodies were in the rooms you handled?”  Dante demanded as they stood behind Teddiursa’s shield as green blasts hit it.

    “The remains were thrown all over, so maybe about twenty to thirty, it took so long because we had to find were the crystals were.”  Nicholas said as Dante took in the corridor.  The three Treeblasters were standing apart in the middle of the hallway; far enough ahead of the Treeslasher and the room it was guarding to let it have a solid view of the corridor and reinforce any one of the three that needed it.  Dante

    “Range attacks around the Protects!  Haunter, fire Will-O-Wisp at the central creature!”  Dante roared.  Haunter grinned and shot blue fireballs over the shield, joined by leaves and blasts of energy that hit the three Treeblasters, destroying the two near both sides of the hallway while the middle one had been driven to its knees as its and one of the fireballs had torn off the claw arm.  Dante smiled before he noticed three Treegrabber and another Treeblaster charge out of the room, the Treeblaster joining the other one in firing blasts as the Treegrabbers ran at them.  Dante cursed as he watched the creatures charge at them. We’ve got to break this deadlock!  We’ve got to get that….  Dante’s thoughts crashed when four figures in green plate armor wielding halberds jumped over his head and shot towards the Treegrabbers, dodging the vines and claws to slice through the chests of the creatures, cutting them in half in one strike each, the monster decomposing as the Templars passed them.

    Dante stared until he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to meet the faceplate of one of the Templar.

    “Take the others and hold the entrance to this hallway, the Templar will handle this.”  A soft emotionless voice said as the figure walked past Dante and spun its halberd and shot towards its fellows.

    “We can’t just leave….” Nicholas began but was met with a hard look from Dante as he shook his head.

    “Sorry kid, but you know as well as I do the Templar only act on the Queen’s word, do you want to commit treason?”  Dante said as he looked at the other people near the two of them and whistled, getting their attention.

    “I want a good solid withdraw now!  We’re going to stand watch at the entrance far enough away from the door so we can hold it if those things get by the Templar, move!”  Dante order as he watched the last Templar enter the room the Treeslasher had been guarding before they had destroyed it and frowned. Why the hell are the Templar here, what are they protecting here? Dante’s thoughts were inquisitive as he followed the others back to the door, Nicholas behind him looking towards the Templar, wondering why they looked familiar to him.

    Inside the storage chamber the Templar who had talked to Dante looked and saw the other four Templar standing near a hole in the wall across form it. It walked towards them and looked inside the hole before turning to the others.

    “You were able to stop it from waking the Sleepers?” It asked as it observed the hole.  It recived a nod as the other Templar raised their weapons.

    “Yes, but it was a near thing Captain, a few minutes more and one of them might have woken.”  One said as their halberds started to glow brown.

    “Finish repairing the breach; make sure nothing could let anyone tell that something is behind the walls down here.  And you, find out who decided to put them here, we need to make sure the Sleepers are secular.”  The Captain said as it turned and walked out of the room to report to its master that the Sleepers were safe.  As the other Templar’s weapons started to fire mud from their blades, a light from one of the blades lite up the room through the hole, revealing glowing crystals on pillars full of liquids with people in them.



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  • Just realized I haven’t mentioned this on this acc wow

    I have a big PKMN fic called “Triple-Decker Whiplash” on AO3, an X Reader fic in which the reader (AFAB, sorry) is paired up with my 3 fav SWSH boys: Leon, Piers, and Raihan. The story follows the general events of the game, with significant pre and post story content that doesn’t strictly follow canon. Here’s the AO3 description:

    “You became Motostoke’s Fire-Type gym leader in hopes of reigniting the spark in your heart, finding your passion for life once more. But you’re starting to think that you’re getting a bit more than what you bargained for. OR… In which you manage to fall in love with three very different guys over the course of a very terrible gym challenge season.”

    This is currently the longest piece of writing I’ve ever done in my life, and definitely a complex storyline with significant plot-relevancy. It’s got romance, drama, terrible jokes - what more do you want?!?! ((don’t answer that lol))

    Give it a read if you’re interested. I think it’s kinda good. It’s not perfect, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles, yo. It is currently on-going (though I’m several chapters ahead of current uploads, it’s still being written and worked on from my end), and has an upload schedule of Tuesday and Friday mornings, PST. So strap in and enjoy the ride - mind the whiplash, though~.

    LINK: https://archiveofourown.org/works/26126284/chapters/63556690

    #pkmn#pokemon#pokemon swsh #Pokemon Sword and shield #pokemon fanfiction#fanfiction#fic#pkmn fanfiction#x reader #Leon x reader #champion leon#leon #raihan x reader #gym leader raihan #raihan #piers x reader #piers #gym leader piers #whiplash#triple-decker whiplash
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  • Requested by @over-active-daydreamer :

    Hello! A scenario (ficlet?) Of Leon and Raihan (separately) with a female s/o. During a lunch date, the pair find a lost child and the s/o is very quick to comfort the child and take care of them while Leon/Raihan keep an eye out for the parents. All the while they notice how great the s/o is with children and that she’d make an amazing mother; specifically an amazing mother to their own child in the future. Once they get home, Leon/Raihan mentions the idea of having children and it can end on a suggestive note or a bit more into nsfw, up to you.

    Please and thank you!

    Thanks for the request! This fic is for Leon,  I decided to split them up because my braincell is small and ran out of juice. Will do Raihan’s part when braincell reactivates. I hope you like it!

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    #leon#leon pokemon#leon swsh#champion leon #champion leon imagines #champion leon x reader #leon x reader #leon swsh x reader #leon shield#leon sword #leon x you #champion leon  you #pokemon x you #pokemon imagines#pokemon fanfiction #champion leon x you #pokemon sword and shield #pokeani#pokeani fanfiction#twilight wings
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  • #pokemon#pokemon fanfiction #pokemon fic rec #pokemon fan region #pokemon trainer oc #pokemon oc #original pokemon region #pokemon as service animals #original evil team #regional variants are mentioned #pokemon rival oc #my writing #[wip: Link and Sever] #pokemon journey fic #pokefic
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  • If you’re into Pokemon, well I finally broke down and decided to write a Pokemon story of my own.

    And here it is!


    Here you are. I hope you all enjoy my work!

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  • image

    Mistakes Were Made

    A  series of disconnected oneshots that poke fun at the fandom hivemind,  canon, and past!me. I’m taking things that I’ve either observed or done  myself and reframing them in parody where hopefully we can just all have  some low stakes fun and, at best, maybe learn something about our  favorite characters and writing.

    Read on ffnet here.

    Chapter Four- Wait, How Did We Meet Again?

    It was only natural that the Cerulean Gym became the hangout place for all the PokéGirls. First of all, Misty’s sisters provided the house with everything one could possibly need for a girly sleepover. Nail polish, gorgeous clothes, lots of makeup, face masks, etc. Secondly, one could presume it was a large space. Certainly it looked that way from the outside, especially after the renovation it must have gotten before Sun and Moon. Similarly, one could only assume that Misty and her sisters lived there, since they’re never shown to reside anywhere else. Then there was the central location. Of course, no one has a map of all the anime regions, but since Ash gets to all of them via Kanto—most on foot to boot—we can at least pretend that Kanto is in the middle of all the action.

    And, thanks to Misty’s dead, missing, or otherwise absent parents—and her aloof sisters—there was no supervision to concern themselves with!

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  • Sorry about Ladybug, it’s due out tomorrow, real life and my muse sorry


    Here’s chapter 11, hope there’s no problem with the text this time.   I finished this at Midnight and I promise that I will have the next chapter finished before August, but I have a few RL problems that I hope to tackle this month so it’ll be there when I can finish it.  So thanks to all my readers and please drop a few reviews. One more thing, I changed a few minor points of grammer in chapters 5 and 9, just telling you all.

    [Telepathic Communication]



    A boy with black hair in a white robe ran through a crowd of people, swiftly dodging each and every person in his way with a small Flying type with a black head resembling a musical note flying above him.  This is it; today I set sail on my ship first voyage! It’s taken me years but I finally have it, my Graceful Traveler is finally mine.  And today I depart with my first cargo, a simple transport job to Ca’Volg just up the coast!  Sure it’s not a cargo that’ll give much money beyond upkeep, but it’s a start and that’s important most of all.  He thought as he ran through the crowed towards the docks.

    “Be careful youngster, whatever you’re after will still be there when you get there!”  An old woman called as he ran past her.  He laughed as he ran, for years he and his friends had worked like dogs for their shared goal and finally after so long they had it! He ran and spun around and jumped as he moved about, he was so happy he could burst into song.

    “Excited, Captain?”  A voice said and he turned back around and smiled when he saw the figure of his brother standing before him.  Taller than him, his brother was a solid five foot tall with a black mustache on his olive colored face.  He was wearing a white vest over a blue shirt and pants.  He looked at his best friend, his brother in all but blood and his first mate Doubar.  He smiled a grin that reached his blue eyes.

    “Of course I am brother Doubar!  Today we depart on our first voyage, our destiny’s begin now!  As soon as the cargo is loaded we’re leaving port…”  He trailed off as he saw the sheepish look on his friends face as the Flying type landed on his shoulder.

    “Sorry Squall, but our departure has been delayed a bit.  One of the city lord’s ships was found adrift a few miles off shore, the ship was louted down to the hull with the crew held in the hold.  The lord has decreed that all ships are to stay at port until noon, thankful he sent a copy of his decree with his seals so we won’t be penalized when we deliver our cargo.”  Squall could only stare at his friend and shake his head with a frown on his face.

    “Chatot, chat tot.” His Chatot chatted at him as it rubbed its head against his.  He rubbed its head and looked at Doubar with a no nonsense frown on his face.

    “But the cargo is loaded right; we’re ready to go as soon as we can?  And I’m guessing the ship was marked by her wasn’t it” Squall asked as he moved towards the docks, his Chatot taking flight and Doubar falling into step behind him with a laugh.

    “Little brother everything is ready to sail, as soon as the gates open we can leave the port and sail to delivery our cargo.  And your never guess who was the captain of the ship that was found.”  Doubar said with a grin on his face.

    Squall looked at the grin on Doubar’s face and went slack jawed.  Slowly a grin started to form on his face as he looked at his friend.

    “No… Not him!”  Once Doubar nodded Squall leaned against a building and started to laugh madly as he started to cry.  Out of every one of the lord’s flunkies, she had to humiliate him!  Oh how I wish I could have seen his face when he realized what had happened, I wouldn’t want to be him right now.  Squall thought as he laughed.


    “Francisco El Yutra! You said you would capture that pirate bitch the next time you ran into her but instead she knocked you out, looted your ship and took my cargo!”  Francisco’s tan skin went white as he wilted under the tongue lashing his master; Lord Sadri Don Rodruss was giving him.  Francisco had been under his master’s command for years, dealing with problems that affect his masters business for most of his employment.  The pirate whore was the one person who had foiled him again and again; he had hoped that his sea trip would have gone unnoticed.

    “I have no excuses m’lord. She knocked us out and moved us all while we were unconscious.  The only thing I am happy about is that no one was injured at all.”  Francisco said as he looked straight ahead. Lord Sadri looked at his follower and turned to him with a snarl, meeting Francisco black eyes with his golden ones.  

    “IF ANY OF YOU WERE INJURED THEN THIS DEBACAL WOULDN’T BE SUCH A TOTAL FAILURE YOU FOOL!”  Lord Sadri bellowed as his face grew red. His black hair was

    “If any on you were hurt I would be able to make her bounty for the entire continent, but so far her actions only let me put a bounty in this single domain!  I need to get rid of her before she begins to attract the wrong kind of attention!”  Lord Sadri snarled out as he walked back and forth.

    “My lord, anything to make up for the failure that I have caused.  Any mission, any punishment you desire to give me I will accept without question.” Francisco said as he bowed before his master.  Lord Sadri looked at him before turning to look at the ship floating docked at the peer.

    “That ship that you let her loot, it’s your vessel now.  Repair it, crew it, rearm it, it’s all on you.  I won’t spend a single dollar on it!”   His lord’s words caused Francisco to look at him in shock before he looked at the ship a cold smile on his face as he thought of the opportunity that he was being given.  The black markets whole sellers would by anything, even stolen cargo so raiding the shipping of those against his master would help and give him capital to start out and the bounties on Chimera, pirates or Wild Pokémon was also a possibility.  His smile grew as a name for his new ship appeared in his mind, a name that would strike fear in his enemies and would show the world what he truly was.

    “My lord, the Deceptive Avenger will become the one of the greatest of your fleet.”  Francisco bowed as Lord Sadri walked away from him and got in a limo that moved away from the docks.  Francisco watched his master leave and turned towards his new ship, not noting Squall and Doubar had been eavesdropping from the crowd and each exchange a look as Francisco


    “This is going to be trouble sooner or later little brother.” Doubar said somberly as he followed Squall along the docks.  Squall just nodded as he led the way through the hustle of the docks.

    “Did you hear his tone of voice, he was thinking of how much he could use that ship to further his master’s agenda.  How much that idiot could make on the side is probably just a bonus for him.”  Squall said as he walked as his Chatot landed on his right shoulder. Doubar put his arms behind his head and though out load.

    “We do have a few defensive armaments, and our friend was making a few plans for refits to increase our bite.  After we make our delivery to Ca’Volg we should look into what we need to make ourselves stronger.”  Doubar mused as they walked

    “That is if he comes after us.  All right so he will eventually.”  Squall said as he caught the look his friend was giving him.  He and Francisco had a bit of a history.

    “You two have been fighting for years, the only thing that kept is the war between you two so low key was that you two always had different objectives and goals.  If we’re on the same stretch of ocean out of sight of the Laws, I wouldn’t put it past him to try and sink us or loot us.” Doubar said calmly.

    “Don’t think too much about it brother, once we reach Ca’Volg we’ll look for a cargo taking us farther up the coast, see if we can’t find a free trade routes farther away, and we’ll try and keep tabs on where our friend is.” Squall said as he smiled as they came into sight of their ship.


    Sadri Don Rodruss got out of his limo, the snarl on his face not lessening as he looked over the beauty of the garden around his house.  That pirate bitch has been getting on my last nerve! Where is she selling them, everyone I have looking for my merchandises are coming up with nothing!  And that foul Francisco failed completely!  How did she get them asleep?!  That whore Nightsprout is ruining me!  She has to be dealt with soon!

    “Welcome home O Lord!” Many female voices with a bland tone called out, caused him to look up with a smile.  Before him in two lines were many seemingly female teenage humans in form fitting maid uniforms.  A black haired woman wearing a black dress with a transparent shawl around her shoulders walked towards him between the maids.  Her black hair followed down her back and she had on black lipstick and black eyeliner that drew attention to her red eyes.

    “Welcome home master, how was your outing?”  The woman asked with a sensual purr to her voice as she bowed to him, revealing the tops of her breasts as she did so.

    “Terrible, it was simply terrible.  That bitch Nightsprout took my cargo again, and I’m still no closer to finding where she’s selling them!  But more importantly has my daughter returned my message about the ball?  I need her here, Lord Magnus might be coming and I want to get a good impression, the Prince is what the game is about now!” He declared as he walked past her.

    “The Lady Nudar sent a replay not long after you left master.  She said she was finishing up her homework and that since she had a test tomorrow morning she decided to remain there to finish that and she would be back the day before the ball to allow her time to prepare properly.  There was a delivery of beasts while you were out from her.”  She said as she followed after him.

    “The composition of the delivery was what was promised?”  He asked as he walked through his mansion towards his study, noting the preparations for the grand ball he was to have in three days.  That woman had better have delivered what she said she could or else I will have payment in her hide!  He swore as he listened to the report.

    “Yes master, the order is complete; the Flower Cats are the Bewitching Aroma verity from what I saw, the Ruby Eagles are of Fire and the Diamond Hounds are second White, the Guardians have shields and spears and there was one in a rather large crate that I was told was too opened by you alone my lord.”  She purred as they walked towards a door guarded by two tall figures in full plate armor wielding Spears and shields.  Passing by the Guardians through the door, a ten foot cube stood in the center of the room the two walked into.  Marveling at what was before him, Sadri smiled as he walked around the ten foot box, if he could get that pirate bitch in his sights then this monster would kill her, finally ending the problems she had been causing to his busness.

    “And how was our trace attempt?”  Sadri asked as he ran his hand over the crate.  While using, owning or making Homunculus wasn’t illegal, the makers of them were usually in the public eye so the fact that the marker he had been dealing with only operated in the underground presented him with an opportunity, finding who they were would grant him some power over that person that, power that might help him to finally ascend higher in station.

    “I have to report a complete failure Master Sadri. Whoever made them sent Guardians to carry the cargo and put the payment into a Blue Ruby Eagle.  As soon as it and three Ruby Eagles took off the Guardians started to decompose and soon were nothing but slime.” The woman’s voice caused Sadri to turn and glare at her.

    “That’s not good enough Orchid!  I need something to change; I need my daughter to make a good impression on Lord Magnus, if I can get the maker under my employment then I might become a Highlord!” He bellowed at the woman.

    “Rest assured master some of our operatives are following the Eagle as we speak, we will at least know the direction it’s going in at least.”  Orchid said as she bowed before her master.  Sadri snarled as he looked at the crate and clenched his right fist as it started to glow brown and struck the crate.  The wood crumbled to dust, revealing an 8 foot tall form that radiated danger.   Sadri merely looked at the papers and looked the 8 foot Homunculus and turned to his assistant.  

    “Miss Orchid, please call back all operative you have tracking our payment.  Send a message that I would like to purchase two more of these wonders.  I will be in my study, do come and tell me if anything else happens would you.  Oh, please call my daughter and tell you to keep to the main paths, I don’t want one of my procurers to target her, use an inventive reason for why I asked.” Orchid watched her master walk away and she just huffed and shook her head as she walked out of the room, a thousand other details to be done before the party, never noticing the eyes of the Homunculus glowed red in the darkness of the room or that the two Guardians eyes glowed as well.



    A door opened to a darkened room, until suddenly the lights came on, revealing the room had pink painted walls, a vanity mirror and makeup table next to a dresser in front of a bed with pink curtains.  An area in the center of the room seemed to simmer and a bipedal, gray-brown, fox-like Pokémon with a crimson main with spikes and a tall woman with a voluptuous build with a large chest appeared from the simmer. She had on a visor over her eyes and a bandanna mask around her and was wearing a tight black cat suit with three Pokéballs on her waist.  She had two cutlasses on her back and her long black hair flowed down to the small of her back.  The woman nodded to her Pokémon and sat before the vanity and as her hand started to glow black she opened a drawl and removed a hair brush with a crystal on its back, half golden and the other black.  As she moved it along her hair with her glowing hand her hair turned golden blond and started to curl at the ends.  As her Pokémon looked at its trainer she smiled and gave it her orders.

    “Go ahead and get the food for the others ready girl, the supplies I brought should last you three for a month so tonight we’re all eating together.    Still with everything our last mission gave us, a day off is just what I need.”  She said as she walked over to her dresser and pulled out some blue jeans and a white blouse as her Pokémon left the room.  She chuckled as she channeled a little Aura into her hair and smiled as it started to flow into braids.

    “I am so glad Lady Camilla published that book on how to use Aura manipulation to handle your hair, it makes changing my appearance so much easier.”  She said to herself as her started to undress.

    She walked into a kitchen wearing the cloths she had pulled out with three more Pokéballs and saw her Pokémon put down two dishes full of Pokémon food and go back for two more, her trainer walked by and put down the final two dishes and threw her Pokéballs. Out of them came a brown avian Pokémon with a vulturine neck and broad, powerful wings, a white humanoid Pokémon that looked like it was wearing a kimono, a feminine looking humanoid with white skin and looked like it was wearing a green dress and a large bouquet of ornate yellow flowers around its neck, a Bellossom and a white marine Pokémon that resembles a cross between a sea lion and a mermaid with a blue tail. She smiled as she got out a sandwich for herself.

    “Dig in girls, after the meals done we’re relaxing for the rest of the day before Team Noble and I go back to the mansion!”  She called as she started to eat her own food as her Pokémon celebrated.  She smiled as she saw them talk about themselves as she ate. I can’t believe that it’s been going so well.  We’ve been saving so many of them and getting them out of the Old Bastard’s reach will take at least a month for the crew to get back here, enough for me to do some digging into his work again for a new target. Still how long can I keep my double life going, I need to find a way to keep finding his ships, maybe I could hire Happy Grandbull for a virus.  Her thoughts were running around her head as she reached for a remote and turned her TV and put the Contest channel on.  A battle between a Charizard and an Incineroar was appeared on the screen as the girl and her Pokémon started to watch.  The Charizard dodge the Incineroar and grabbed its arms, taking flight and throwing the Incineroar into the ground of the stage, sending a dust cloud.  The crowd was silent as the dust cleared, revealing the Charizard with its right leg on the unconscious Incineroar, roaring its victory to the cheers of the stadium.

    “And there you have it folks what a game!  I wasn’t sure about his chances, but here you have your Infernos Cup Champion!”  The speaker was a man with dark skin and ruby collared hair in a black suit.

    “Last year’s Infernos Cup? I would have thought that one of this year’s Contests would be shown about now.” The trainer mused as she pouted as she ate her food.  The screen changed, the award ceremony disappearing to show a screen that showed who was competing in this year’s Region Tournament.  The woman frowned as her eyes flew over the names, not finding the one she was looking for.

    “So Lilith isn’t competing this year, or is she the final boss at the Festival?  She earned that at least.”  The girl muttered to herself as her phone started to ring.  She sighed when she saw who was calling, her father’s assistant, just what she didn’t need right now.

    “Girls, it’s her, so stay quite you three.”  The woman said as she looked at her Zoroak, Froslass and Fearow as she put it to her ear.

    “What do you want now Ms. Orchid?  I already told you that I’ll be home a day before the ball, what, did my father tell you to remind me to stay to the main streets?  I always do that, really is he trying to insult my intelligence much?” She said as she started to gain a frown on her face.

    “The master just wants you to be safe Ms. Rodruss.”  Orchid’s voice came through the phone.

    “Ms. Orchid, we both know he worry about me too much and please, call me Nudara.”  Nudara said as she sighed.

    “Ms. Rodruss calling you by your first name would be a breach of my contract.  And yes he did instruct me to remind you to keep to the main roads, but only because of a rumor that he heard when he was inspecting the damage Nightsprout did to his ship.” Orchid said calmly as Nudara shot a smirk to her Pokémon who return it with their own.  

    “So what has she done now, sink the ship or leave the crew naked and asleep?”  Nudara asked her Pokémon started to snicker.

    “Please be safe mam, I will see you when you return.”  Orchid said as she ended the call.  Nudara smirked at the phone and put it away,

    “I guess she didn’t take our performance on the raid that well girls, so that’s another reason to have a good time tonight.  So eat up and let’s watch some TV before we get some sleep.”  Nudara said as her Pokémon started to cheer.  And with that Nudara Rodruss, also know about the underworld as the pirate Lynda Nightsprout, sat down and relaxed with her team.



    “Where are those three?” Dante snarled as he stalked around the campsite, the remaining Squires doing everything they could to not draw hi attention.  A patrol group had failed to return last night and three groups had gone in search of them, and already two had returned empty handed.   Dante considered this a personal insult to him, how dare those fools stay out so long.  Nicolas had gone with the last group and they still hadn’t returned with any news about the missing Squires.

    “Calm yourself brother, we’ll find out what happened to them sooner or later.” Sylvestre said as he tried to calm down his friend, but only caused Dante to turn to and grab him and pull Sylvestre close to his face.

    “Why are you so laid back, this is your punishment, and what will the queen do if you come back without the bounty that you were told you needed to bring back?” Dante snarled as he looked at Sylvestre.  Sylvestre merely tried to calm his friend down as.

    “We have already reached that goal my friend and brought down a Nidoking!  And remember Dante that the party that Nicolas went with still isn’t back yet, we just need to wait and then we can decide what to do.  We said we would send out three groups to find the missing patrol, so far two of them came back, we just have to wait for the last one to return before we can do anything.  And let me go before my friend does something that we both won’t like” Sylvestre said as his eyes went to their right.  Dante’s eyes moved and saw Sylvestre’s Nuzleaf holding a Leaf Blade ready to strike in defense of its trainer.  Dante quietly let Sylvestre go and walked off in a huff, while Sylvestre merely watched him walk as he rubbed his Nuzleaf’s head as his thoughts ran in circles.  Dante’s always been hard headed, but I can guess why this is so hard on him.  He was the one who set the groups up; he probably sees this as failing on his part.  When will that fool learn not to carry so much weight on his shoulders?


    “Sir Sylvestre, we found something!”  Nicolas voice caused him to look up and spot him running into the campsite, a bundle in his arms with the Squires he had left with following behind him. Sylvestre frowned when he heard the wording Nicolas had used.

    “What did you find?!” Sylvestre demanded as the others gathered around Nicolas, frowning when he notice the look of horror that Nicholas had. His frown grew when he noticed that Nicholas was clutching something green in his hands.

    “This.”  Nicolas said as he dropped a tabard onto the ground back first, a large hole revealed to the others.

    “We found two more like this, but no sign of any bodies but the ground looked wet what the hell could it mean?!” Nicolas demanded as his eyes grew hard as he looked at Sylvestre as the others started to mutter among themselves.  Sylvestre brought a hand to his face and started to think.   Something killed my men, but what and how is the problem.  A Chimera could have knocked them out then eaten them but where are the bodies, why are their cloths in such a state?  I don’t like this, not one bit.  Sylvestre looked around and when he noticed the looks on the others faces he made his choice.

    “Right, everyone start packing up!  Something out there killed three of our own in a way I can’t even guess at, so we’re leaving the area before more of us fall.  We’re heading back to base, I want everyone to keep an eye out for anything to kill as we move, we leave as soon as we’re done breaking camp!” Sylvestre barked as he moved toward his own tent and started to put it away.  He kept working when he heard two people walk towards him and he heard Dante start to speak.

    “I don’t like what the kid found ether Sylvestre, but to leave like this, without finding it?” Dante demanded as he and Nicolas started to help Sylvestre put his tent away.  Sylvestre gave a sigh and locked eyes with Dante and gave him a level stare.

    “Can you think of anything that could leave remains like what Nicolas found Dante, because I can’t. If these thing is that strong, I can’t guess what would happen if we fight against it.  I won’t risk the lives of my men on a fool’s errand.” Sylvestre said with a forceful tone that caused Dante to look down and cursed to himself.  The boss it right damn it!  A creature that strong and able to devour the bodies so neatly that the remains are gone with no sigh on their clothing beyond a puncture wound, I can’t even think what could cause it.

    “So what if we run the thing that attacked the missing Squires Sir Sylvestre?“ Nicholas asked as Dante looked at him and remembered the conversation the two of them had recently, where Nicholas had asked him about the Squires and frowned.  

    “I’ll be out in front, if we find that thing I’ll take its attention and let the rest of you escape. But for that to work we need a strong rearguard….” Sylvestre began before Dante interrupted him.  

    “The me and the kid will take the rearguard, we should keep the Carriers in the center as we travel, plus it’ll give us some time to finish a discussion we were having before.” Dante said as he looked at Nicholas whose eyes started to gain a look of worry to them.

    A few minutes later the party had finished packing up camp and got on their golems and were soon moving, the Carriers were in the center as discussed and Sylvestre was leading the way with Dante and Nicholas in the rear, the Squires all had a bow and quiver on their backs ready to use if they spotted any prey.  An hour after they had started to move and had added a few birds and Flying types to the bounty they were bringing back Dante moved his Charger closer to Nicholas, signaling him to slow down.  Well, time to find out if I’ll live as myself I guess.  Nicholas thought as he slowed his Charger.  When the Squires were far enough ahead the talk Nicholas had been dreading began

    “What do you know about the Squires that made you ask me about them?”  Dante said quietly and bluntly.  Nicholas looked at Dante before he started to speak.

    “How good are you at Sensing, really?” Nicholas asked as Dante looked at him. Dante looked forward at the Squires on their golems and before he said anything had a look of confusion on his face before he started to look concerned.

    “I’m terrible at it come to think of it.  In fact I don’t know anyone in the team who is good at it.  Why, what is it?”  Dante asked as he looked at the party.

    “They all feel as if their brothers.  And by all I mean every single Squire I’ve moved past sense I joined up.”  Nicholas said as he faced forward, not looking at Dante as they traveled.

    “Every single one of them?” Dante asked with a frowned as he looked at the Squires, noticing two of them were talking and one had told a joke that caused his fellow to laugh.  How the hell is that even possible, I can’t even think beyond…. Dante’s thoughts stopped as a sudden spike of pain caused him to lean his head against his Charger’s head, grabbing his head as he moves, his Charger slowing to a stop.

    “DANTE! Are you okay?!” Nicholas’s voice caused Dante to look up and notice the kid had stopped his charger and was looking at him in concern as Dante fought through the pain and grabbed a few memories in his head.

    “IS EVERYTHING OKAY BACK THERE YOU TWO?” Sylvestre’s voice echoed from the front of the pack, causing Dante and Nicholas to look at the others had slowed down and Slyverstre was looking towards them from the front of the group.  Nicholas turned and stopped when Dante raised his hand toward him. Dante took a deep breath and yelled

    “WE’RE FINE SLYVERSTRE, I JUST TOLD THE KID AN OFF COLOR JOKE THAT SHOCKED HIM!”  Dante called back and within a few minutes they were moving again. Dante turned to Nicholas and gave him a stern look.

    “Don’t tell the boss about that episode, I’ll tell him about it later.  If that was what I thought it was then I need to talk to a friend back at base.”  Dante said as he moved his Charger forward, leaving Nicholas behind him.  Nicholas looked after Dante with a frown on his face and soon his thoughts came to his own fears.  That looks like what happened to me when I realized I didn’t remember why and how I joined the Team.  Who was that woman I see in my dreams, how do I know her, where did I grow up?  Nicholas just sighed and moved his golem forward, falling back into line behind his comrades.  

    A few hours later as they neared the area where their home was Sylvestre started to look around and grew concerned.  An hour ago Dante had come forward to talk to him after they had taken down an eagle that was carrying a rabbit.

    “Shouldn’t the sentries have stopped us before we reached this point Dante?”  Sylvestre asked as he looked around. Dante looked and noticed a few places he had stood guard since their Queen had brought them to their base, and frowned as he noticed a few signs that people had left in a hurry and that something had attacked them.  Sylvestre stared ahead and stopped when and explosion sounded ahead of them.  He shot a glare at Dante and was relieved when Dante sent a nod at him and drew one of his sickles.

    “We’re going. Nicholas!  Stay here and protect the others!  Dante, get ready, WE CHARGE!”  Sylvestre roared as he and Dante increased the speed of their Chargers, both of them worried beyond all reason that something could have happened to their fellows.  As soon as they passed over the last hill they saw a scene of horror that stopped them in their tracks.   A flood of wooden humanoid and beasts were charging at a line of Team Gaia Knights, their Pokemon and Golems at the bottom of the mountain, elemental blasts and weapons met wooden claws and green blobs flying through the air and splattering.

    “What are we seeing?” Sylvestre wondered softly as he and his friend looked upon the battle.  Dante said nothing as they watched, leaving Sylvestre to try and figure out what was happening, looking at it as he thought.  Okay, they have a line so they had warnings so there’s that.  But the sheer size of the things they’re fighting makes me wonder how they learned about them in the first places. And are they forcing us back, how can they…. Sylvestre thoughts died as he looked at the battle and suddenly realized just what he was seeing.

    “Those things attacking, their following orders from something.”  His words caused Dante to look at him before noticing the same thing Sylvestre had, whenever the defenders had pushed back the attackers more came at them, but unlike normal Chimera these things came at the defenders in groups, the things were trying to pierce through line by over whelming their opponents, but so far the defenders were making the things pay for every step they took.

    Dante noticed that most of the things seemed to be coming from one section of the forest and made a decision and grabbed two of his Pokéball.   I can move faster on my own, the boss can do the most good on the battle line.

    “Sylvestre, go.  Me and my team will work our way over there and see if we can take out their commander, I’ll send up a flare when I find it. Go help the others hold the line and if we’re wrong about this I’ll fight my way back to the lines and we’ll go from there.”  Dante said as he released a Haunter and a Bug type with a yellow head with two crests on its side, veined wings with triangular, red tipping and two gray insectoid arms extending from its chest ending in small, yellow claws.

    Jacquelin blocked a blow from one of the tree things stone like claws{[Treeslasher]} with his shield and cursed in his head as he fought.  It had been perfect, he had brought the remains of what he had fought and even Mathis had said an expedition to discover if more were in the area was a good idea, and no sooner had that decision been made then they discovered a flood of them marching towards the mountain!   Thankfully they had been able to create a defensive line and but they were slowly being pushed back, for some reason they were using tactics of all things!  He looked up and saw more of the Treeslashers and copies of the thing he had faced before with the vines for a left arm{[Treegrabber]} and clenched his hands, ready to weather the attacks when he was saved.

    “Bullet Seed, give them some space!”  At the called command he looked up and for the first time ever was happy to see Sylvestre. He was riding his Charger with his Nuzleaf standing behind him, firing its attack at the creatures as his golem charged at the place Jacquelin was defending.  Jacquelin just panted as the yellow seeds struck down the Woodmen.  

    “Enjoy the hunt?”  Jacquelin asked as he started to catch his breath, the Bullet Seed having brought him a few seconds to gather his strength.

    “It was bad, but what’s this then?” Sylvestre asked as he prepared to meet the enemies charge.

    “I found some of these things a while on a hunt of my own; I was organizing a patrol expedition when the lookouts saw the horde coming at us.  We’ve been trying to hold them back for the last few hours with limited success, we started a few feet from the woods.  But these things, their obeying commands from something.”  Jacquelin said as he looked at the enemy.

    “Dante thinks he saw where their getting commands from, he’s gone to deal with it, and we just need to hold on as long as we can.”  Sylvestre was able to say before the horde was upon them and battle gave them no time to talk.

    Dante slipped through the trees, having left his Charger behind him as he led his two Pokémon towards when he had thought the enemy was getting their directions from.  He would either find their leader or discover just how many of them there were, but he would find out.  He slowed as he reached a clearing and looked out and saw a wooden centaur with three eyes on its head, four long arms with the lower two ending in claws, the top right one ended in an open log and the other ended in grasping leafy vines {[Treelord]} stood looking out at the battle, two Treeslashers stood next to it while behind it a group of Treegrabbers and Treeslashers stood before the Treelord gestured with one of its arms towards one part of the battle and the group thundered towards the battle.   Dante looked around and nodded when he didn’t see any other groups and turned towards his Pokémon and shot a few signs at his Pokémon and when they nodded back at him he drew his weapons, nodded at his Pokémon and charge forward with a yell, the creatures only turning towards him calmly.  Dante ran at his foes, his sickles out when blue fireballs flew past him and hit the Treeslasher on the right while his Ninjask flew by him outlined in a white glow and slammed into the Treeslasher on the left. The Treelord shot a glob of purple at Dante but he jumped over it and his blades started to glow pink as he slashed downward at the Treelord, slicing the trunk arm away from its body.

    He spared a glance at the battles his two Pokémon were having and noticed Ninjask flying around its opponent while it firing a black ball at its opponent while his Haunter grappled with its foe, its hands clenched with the Treeslasher’s claws. As he switched his vision back to his own opponent he realized what he needed to order.

    “Haunter, take its head! Ninjask, stay above and fire down at it! Whoever wins first helps the other then signal the others then gang up with me!”  Dante called as the Treelord charged at him and he started to dodge the claw strikes, vines and globs of purple shot at him.  Haunter’s hands started to glow black and with a savage cry its hands crunched the Treeslasher’s claws and tore its hands away from its body.  When the Treeslasher raised its torn arms, a river of green liquid dropping from the wounds Haunter opened its mouth and shot black and purple circles that punched through the Treeslasher’s body and it crashed to the forest floor, not moving.

    Ninjask meanwhile had flown upwards and started to generate a yellow-orange ball in front of its face and a yellow-orange beam shot downwards at the Treeslasher that tried to dodge it but a blue fireball hit its back, sending it forward and the beam went through the Treeslasher’s right arm, tarring the arm off at the shoulder.  As Haunter moved to back up Ninjask Dante dodged a vine from the Treelord that tried to pull him into the range of its claws. Dante slashed at the vine and cut off a length of it, green liquid pouring from the cut vine.  We can do this; all we have to do is take this thing out before reinforcements come. If we can keep the pressure on this thing, then we can weather this storm.  Dante thought as he blocked a claw strike and dove backwards and sent a pink energy slash at the Treelord’s vine arm, cutting it off at the shoulder.

    The final Treeslasher tried to charge at Dante but blue fireballs from Ninjask sent it to its knees before a glowing black claw from Haunter broke through its body, a small glowing gem in the center of Haunter’s hand that stopped glowing before the body started to fall apart.  Haunter stared in shock before it turned its hand and saw the stone in its palm and stared at it before it closed its hand and brought it close to its body protectively, it felt that its trainer would want to see what it had recovered and turned to Ninjask and nodded, it would have to send the signal now.


    Sylvestre passed by his final foe and turned and pierced its body, killing the Treeslasher in one trust. When the reinforcements had hit the line where he was he had realized that his and Dante’s observations was right, something was sending more forces at the parts of the wall that had beaten back the attacks.  Dante I really hope that you found something, I want this to be something smart not a lot of them smart.  Sylvestre thought as he and his Nuzleaf looked for creatures to fight.  A ball of light rising from the forests caused them to look and realize that Dante and his team had found what they were looking for and had called sent a signal for some reason.

    “THERE!  Our enemy is there!”  Jacquelin called out as he ran towards the light, his Shiftry and Grandsword following, causing Sylvestre to just shake his head as he watched a few people he knew were some of Sylvestre’s followers run after him, he always was someone who tried to do the politically correct thing to advance his position. He felt his Nuzleaf grab his leg and looked at it, turning his head when he saw it pointing back from where he had come from, turning his head he saw Nicholas leading the squires from the hunt on a charge down the hill.  Sylvestre watched as they hit the remaining creatures like a tidal wave and sent a small smile to his Pokémon.

    “They must have noticed the flare and decided to come and help out…Well, they have the cleanup under control and we can’t let that idiot save Dante on his own so let’s go partner!” Sylvestre said as he ran forward after Jacquelin, his Nuzleaf by his side.


    Dante dodged backwards as the Treelord tried to hit it with blasts from its trunk arm as it dodged blue fireballs and black and purple circles.  Since his Ninjask had sent that flare into the sky the Treelord had started fighting more savagely and he was worried that…  a crash behind him caused him to curse and dodge to the left so he could see what had made the sound and yes, more Treeslashers and Treegrabbers were coming at him.  

    “CHARGE KNIGHTS!  TAKE THEM!”  Jacquelin voice was all the warning Dante had before Jacquelin led a charge of Knights into the clearing, most of them running at the reinforcements while Jacquelin and his Grandsword charged at the Treelord, prompting the Treelord to fire a point blank blast at the Grandsword that hit its head, melting it and sending it crashing to the ground.  Jacquelin merely looked at his downed golem as his Shiftry started firing Focus Blasts at the Treelord.

    “I just got that fixed!” Jacquelin snarled as Sylvestre and Nuzleaf entered the clearing and started to move around the Treelord toward where Dante.  Jacquelin charged with a yell and sliced at the open log and cut through it.

    “Has this thing reacted to anything you’ve done Dante?”  Sylvestre asked as he looked at the creature Jacquelin and his Pokemon were attacking.

    “Barely a sound and barely reacted when I charged it, I don’t like this boss.  Eh, what’s the matter Haunter?”  Dante asked as his Pokémon gathered around them and Haunter moved its closed hand in front of its trainer’s face.  Haunter opened it to reveal the gem it had taken from the Treeslasher and Sylvestre went white when he saw it.

    “What the… Did you get that from the thing you were fighting?”  Dante demanded as he looked at the gem.  Sylvestre looked at the Treelord and his rapier started to glow pink as he tried to find an opening to end this.  As Jacquelin sliced at one of the Treelord’s claws Sylvestre shot forward a pink comet formed around him and he shot through the Treelord’s body and he had just stoped moving, a gem embedded on his rapier’s blade when the body of the Treelord started to disintegrate.  Jacquelin looked from the body to Sylvestre blade and nodded at him when they locked eyes, they would talk about it later, before he turned and ran towards the others fighting the creatures, Dante and Sylvestre with their Pokemon flowing behind.


    A woman in a long sleeved black shirt under a yellow tunic dress that is edged with green, blue tights and purple ankle boots lowered their spyglass and gave a short sigh as she put away her telescope.  The battle had been going badly before something had changed, and while it had been dangerous to follow the signs she had seen of their passage, by tracking the horde she had found the base of Team Gaea, something that a lot of people would want to know the location of, and she couldn’t say it was bad that they had fought off their attackers but the person who had come at the end at the head of that party….   A powerful looking wingless, three-headed avian Pokémon cooed at the woman when it sensed its trainer’s distress, who then just sighed and scratched one of its heads as she thought about what she had just seen.

    “So those things I was hunting led us to a base for Team Gaia, and they are a lot stronger then most people would think.  But why was Nick there, he disappeared months ago looking for something to help heal his father, did they brainwash him?  Still this is something that we needed to know.”  The figure mused to herself, suddenly going still when she heard a branch breaking.  She turned and saw a wooden form walking towards them, this one looked like it had a cannon where its right arm would be and a clawed left hand{[Treeblaster]}. In its left claw was a knocked out child in a green smock, the sight of which caused the trainer to start to glare at the creature, and then suddenly she jolted backwards with a look of shock

    ”Dodrio, use Drill Peck on the trunk arm!”  Dodrio ran at the Treeblaster as its becks stared to spin, dodge blobs of purple that the Treeblaster shot at it and when its becks hit the Treeblaster’s trunk arm at the shoulder and cut it away from its body.  The Treeblaster dropped the child it was holding and tried to claw at the Dodrio but the Pokémon dodged, ran around the creature and grabbed the girl and carried her a few feet away from the creature before Dodrio deposited the child gently before its trainer and stood definitely in front of the humans. The creature started to move towards them when the trainer gave her next command.

    “Finish it with Tri Attack!” She cried.  Her Dodrio heard the command and opened its becks in a triangle formation and a red energy triangle formed that Dodrio shot at the Treeblaster, the attack destroying the upper portion of its body, the remain falling to the ground, a green liquid flowing out of the remains.

    The woman walked towards the dropped child and started to gently wake her up, noticing a bump on her skull as she did so.  She positioned the child so she wouldn’t see the battles results; she could be spared that much at least.  Within a few moments, the child started to wake and open her eyes.

    “What…Miss Leaf, where am I? I was gathering barriers for mom when something hit my head, did someone carry me to you?”  The child asked as she rubbed her eyes.  Leaf smiled at the girl and gestured for her Dodrio to bend its knees.

    “Come on kid, I’ll give you a ride back to your home.  I think I should talk to your guardians about how you got hurt.”  Leaf said as she helped the child on to Leaf’s Pokémon and got on behind her, Dodrio then swiftly carried the two on its back away from the clearing and away from Team Gaia’s mountain base.




    Brock looked around the area they had chosen to place their camp.  It had access to fresh water from a spring, it had a way down the mountain and the clearing was large enough for Steelix to lie down and strike at anything that came at them so why was he so worried.  He turned and noticed Yuji glaring at Agalia and her brother as they were setting up their tent. That’s why I feel something’s wrong.   Brock frowned as he looked at Yuji.  The sheer suspicion that Yuji had was going to be a problem if a Chimera like they recovered from the cabin attacked the group, they needed to trust the others to have their back.   Brock nodded when he saw that the camp was set up and looked around, he knew what he had to do now.

    “Okay everyone, gather up!” Brock called out as he drew forth a Pokéball and released his Steelix as the others gathered around him.

    “With Salma gone back to Viridian we’re down a body so our plans have changed, not counting the stampede we saw earlier.  Kunz, Yuji, I want the two of you to do a short patrol  not too far out, and bring back or record anything that you think might be evidence about what is happening up here.  Agalia, you’re stay here and help me defend this place if anything attacks us.” Brock said as the others. Yuji just snorted as he crossed his arms and looked at Kunz.

    “What are supposed to be looking for anyway?   More webbing, a corpse or evidence of battles?”  Agalia asked sarcastically as she locked eyes with Brock.  

    “What we already found will prove something is happening here, we need to find definite proof about the threat or at the very least we need to find evidence that something is wrong here, something that the League will believe.”  Brock said as he looked at them. Agalia just looked at the others before she sighed.

    “I know you said this before but I can’t believe the League is that hard to react, what we’ve seen so far has to be proof that something is happening up her.”

    “Then you’ve never met Pecker before.”  Yuji muttered as he put his hand on Kunz shoulder and pushed towards away from camp.

    “Come on partner, the sooner we do this, the sooner we can get something to eat.  And after last night meal I so want some more of Brock’s cooking.”  Yuji said as he walked past Kunz and moved out onto the mountain.  Kunz started to walk off when he felt his sister’s eyes on his back and looked a little sheepish when he looked back at her.

    “Well, it was very good.” He said as he walked after Yuji, leaving Agalia to simmer as Brock blushed as his Steelix grinned and chuckled. None of them noticed a black shadow moved silently after the two leaving the group, a silent protector following after the person he thought was in the most danger.

    A few minutes later they were out of sight of the camp and Yuji started to look around the area, trying to find anything that would give him a single clue about what was happening up here.  As the two of them walked around the area, Kunz looked about blankly while Yuji started to notice a few things that really worried him.  Okay, so there’s no sound of anything living around here like after we ran into that pack.  And the trees, most of them have leaves that are losing color, and it looks like it started from the stem.  I so need to talk to Brock about this, maybe he’s seen something like this on his journey.  Yuji thought as he used his PokéGear to record a few pictures of the trees.

    “Found something?” Kunz flat voice caused Yuji to jump slightly at the fact that Kunz had moved so silently.  Yuji looked at Kunz for a few seconds before he gestured around him.

    “What is wrong with this place?”  Yuji asked as he looked at Kunz, who looked around then looked at Yuji with a blank look, causing him slap his face.

    “Oh for the love of….Listen, there aren’t any animal, birds of Pokémon around here!  And the trees, their sick or something!   Look around I mean!”  Yuji said as he turned away from Kunz and walked towards a tree, never noticing that Kunz’s eyes had lost their blank look and had a look of rage in them. Not good, this brat is noticing the Chimera’s affects.  And it noticed that something drained the Aura of the trees. If that brat figures out about Aura then I’ll have to say that a Chimera jumped him.  Kunz slowly moved his right arm towards his axe as he looked at Yuji. He stopped when he saw Yuji push back a bush and look behind it before he stood and gestured for Kunz to follow him. Kunz blanked his eyes and walked next to Yuji and looked at what Yuji had found and saw a white web line lead away from the tree and out into the woods.

    “We should head back soon; I want to find where this is going.”   Yuji said as he walked into the woods.  Kunz merely looked at where Yuji had walked off, before he followed after him, not even registering that someone had seen him reach for his axe, and had drawn a knife.  Shadow jumped down into the clearing after Kunz had left and put away his throwing knife and put a hand on one of the trees.

    I was right to follow those two, that kid found something that almost made the other try to kill him.  But what was that about the trees that caused that reaction…Wait this tree, its Aura was drained by something, no it’s still being drained.  Shadow looked around the tree and found the white web line that lead into the forest.  Shadow looked after the two people he was following and moved into the trees, continuing to follow after both a possible enemy and a possible friend who was walking beside his possible murderer.



    Rosette caught her breath as she watch her traveling complains as they rest.   Since they had saved her they had given first aid to both herself and Aracanine and she had been traveling with them as the climbed the mountain, they had final stopped to feed both themselves and their Pokémon and she smirked a bit as she watched Cameron interact with his Lucario as the two grappled with each other over a bag of snacks as their other Pokémon either called out encouragements or told them to stop as Riley laughed, those two didn’t fit the tales of Aura Guardians.  She still couldn’t believe it, actual Aura Guardians.  According to legends the Aura Guardians were heroes who saved people, warriors who were able to use Pokémon attacks and healers who save those near death, legendary figures who were said to have beaten the worst threats to life and who legends said had died to the last killing a terrible Chimera.  But if they had died so long ago then from where and whom had Riley learned their arts, and how he had described them, the last, that raised all kinds of flags in her mind. And then there were the looks he had been sending her since she had told them she was a member of the Kanto League’s Defense Forces.  That had raised so many alarms that she was starting to get worried.

    “Okay, we’ve rested enough! We still have to find out at least the general areas of where those things are coming form, if we can learn that we can try to take care of them.”  Rosette just stared at the two, shocked at the words they were saying. She and the people at the cabin had been members of the Defense Forces and all she could do was runaway when the Chimera had attacked them.  Sure the two and their teams had handled the Chimera, but they had surprised them and kept them off balance, but did they really think they could handle the Chimera on their own?

    “Are you serious?! You think you will be able to handle those things on your own?!”   Rosette exclaimed as she looked at the people and Pokémon before her.  Cameron looked at her and tapped a bag he was holding.

    “Lady, our predecessors were able to seal them away, and with some more modern knowledge we’ll kill them this time.  All we gotta do is drop a few bombs down a hole and their den is done.  Of course we have to find them first, which is the hard part of this whole thing.” Cameron started to say only to stop when Rosette started to stare at him in shock and a bit of anger before she exploded.

    “’Seal’?!  Then the Aura Guardians dealt with these things before and just put them to sleep?!  But wait, wouldn’t you know where they were if your group sealed them away in the first place?”  Rosette trailed off as she saw the looks Riley and Cameron were trading with each other. I can’t risk it, I have to ask him before we move on, I need some solid answers that I can trust these two.

    “Listen, you called your selves the last Aura Guardians, I’m guessing the answer to my questions have something to do with that?” Rosette asked as she looked at Riley.   Riley meet her eyes and after few seconds turned to his student with a hard look.

    “Cameron, go scout ahead a bit with Lucario, if you see anyone or anything come back, you got it, and I don’t want any backtalk.” Riley said with his hand raised, stopping Cameron from saying anything.

    “Yes master, I’ll make sure the way is clear.”  Cameron said, shooting a look at Riley before he nodded and dashed ahead, his Lucario just behind him as they moved out of sight.  Riley just sighed and turned back to their new traveling companion and looked at her with a hard stare.

    “I don’t want Cameron to hear this again; the kid had nightmares for a while when I told him about it and was as nervous as a Fighting type around Psychic types for weeks whenever we went for supplies, cause it really isn’t a good tale.” Riley said, causing Rosette to start to frown as she thought about what he had just said.

    “A battle where most of the other Guardians died wouldn’t cause a case of nerves but might cause nightmares, so then were the Guardians betrayed?  And what part did the League play I noticed your reaction when I mention my employers so don’t try to underplay it.” Rosette said with her arms crossed when Riley jolted in place at her words.  Riley just looked at her and chuckled as he shook his head.

    “Yeah it does but it’s a long story so please bear with me for a bit.  A long time ago, before the Defense Treaty was even thought up a powerful Chimera and its hordes threatened all of Kanto, I think it could be called the Zero Siege.  Anyway according to the records the battles lasted for years, until one village a Guardian’s family was in was destroyed, there were zero survivors.” Riley said as Rosette closed her eyes and winced.

    “I’m guessing he went over the deep end as some would say.”  Rosette said causing Riley to snort.

    “And how!  See, back then the ability to use Aura was more common, at lot of people could do it, the Aura Guardians were just the first people to record it and he was one of our archivists.  He blamed the pace of the war and he gathered around him others who shared his beliefs.  Now this is where it gets strange, there were a lot of ‘brotherhoods’ like his so most people ignored them and that was how he liked it, let him and his experiment with a few practices that after according to the book let him create something that would create a force to counter the Hivers, that what they called the Chimera that attacked you, were ever released.  As for why they were sealed and not destroyed, it was a suicide technique that created the seal, the ‘Leader’ of them and its guards were to powerful and after the seal was in place, if it was tampered with the Chimera would either be released or the entire Kanto region would experience an earthquake that would sink half of it, at least.”  Riley said as Rosette started to go white with shock.

    “Half of Kanto would sink into the ocean?”  She whispered in horror, imagining the loss of life.

    “At least, but that was the final straw for the Archivist and his people, they attacked what was supposed to be a ceremony to honor the fallen and declared that their Order would destroy the ‘blights of the world’.  It became a battle that after a while went into the shadows of history and about three hundred years ago the Guardians thought we had defeated them for good.  In reality they went even deeper into the shadows and started to infiltrate the league. I’m the only survivor of an attack that killed the entire Brother of the Aura Guardians, and the person who led the forces against them were at that time current Champion of Kanto, and members of the Elite Four of Johto and Unova plus a few Gym Leaders from those Regions.” Riley said with a hard look in his eyes. Rosette just stared at him and then she threw her hands over her mouth to keep from throwing up.  A few years ago the Champion died suddenly, they said a Chimera got in a lucky shot in on a hunt for it.  Was that just a lie to advance this ‘Orders’ schemes? Rosette thought as she looked at him in shock.

    “How did you survive?” Rosette final was able to wasp out the one question that was blaring through her minds, prompting Riley to smile and chuckle weakly

    “Would you believe because of bad book keeping?  I had just joined a few months earlier and my teacher was sick that day and he had already said that he would be there and we were marked as attending.  And the only way that worked was that the leader had used a suicide device that activated when all the Guardians were killed in the meeting place.  Since then I never trusted that any member of the League wasn’t be a member of the Order.” Riley said, causing Rosette to look at him as he stared her down.

    “And telling me what you before you knew who I worked for right.”  Rosette said as causing Riley to chuckle.  

    “Not as much as you would think, any member of the Order would have tried to kill us by now.” Riley said dryly as he looked forward, seeing Cameron coming running towards them.  Once he reached them he panted as he looked at them.

    “I found a pathway up wards, it looked like it was being used heavily, Lucario sensed something coming and we hid and saw a group of them charging towards something, there were at least as many as the group that we beat to rescued Ms. Rosette.”  Cameron said as he



    “That lightning bitch must have gotten off the mountains by now; we should head for Viridain and meet up with the others!”  The speaker was a tall woman with black hair said to three other women as they moved along the mountain path.

    “Yeah so let’s go already girl!”  The woman who said this had blond hair and was speaking to a woman with red hair as the final woman, a brunet nodded.  The redhead looked at the others and nodded and started to lead them towards the setting sun.  They had just started to move through a forest on the mountain when a rustling in the bushes caused them to look up as a buxom woman in a torn kimono with long black hair and a look of fear on her face come running towards them.

    “Help, they killed my Pokémon!  They were going to rape me, their right behind me help!”  The woman screamed as a rustling started farther back.

    “Get behind us, girls let’s get ready, Go Flareon!”  The redhead said as she threw a Pokéball, the others releasing a Jolteon, a Vaporeon and a Leafeon.  The woman with long hair merely smiled an evil looking smirk.  

    “Thank you so much, I was so worried.”  The woman said as the four Pokémon started to growl in the direction of the rustling.

    “Don’t worry; the four of us will be able to handle any kind of thugs.”  The blond said as she looked over into the forest.  The woman behind them started to move closer the four women.

    “Yes I was so worried that I wouldn’t have any meat for my daughters.”  The woman said as she trust a hand through the back of the redhead and out clutching the redhead’s heart, causing her to gurgle and go still, and the others and the Pokemon to turn backwards as a from the darkness a spider leg speared the Jolteon through its heart.

    “Ambush!”  The blond cried as she saw the leg as spider Chimera charged out of the woods and started to slay the three remaining Pokémon.  A Chimera dropped onto her from above and soon breathed her last as the Chimera bit into her neck, severing her spine.

    “Sister! No NO NO!” The black haired woman cried as she stared at the red head’s corpse until a Chimera trust one of its legs into her eyes killing her and threw the Leafeon that jumped at it with one of its legs. The Leafeon flew through the air and crashed to the ground and had two fangs driven into its brain before it could do more then try to stand up.

    The long haired woman looked up and saw the final trainer running into the woods with the Flareon and formed black spider legs from her back to run after her when the brunet’s corpse flew through the air with a hole where her heart had been.  As the spider Chimera gathered around the woman as black chitin formed clawed gauntlets on her hands they looked towards where the corpse had flown from.

    “Well this is a genuine surprise, after all this time I never thought that you were still alive, much less still in Kanto.”  A deep voice called from the darkness.  The woman looked around and started to gain a glare on her face as she tried to find the source of it.

    “Whose there, who do you think I am?” She demanded as she looked around as she brought the spider legs on her back up and moved her head.   She suddenly lunged for a part of the woods to her left and thrusted her spider legs at a point when the figure she was striking at jumped upward and formed bat wings made of energy that carried it to a branch in view of the everything in the clearing and breathed a stream of fire into the air above it, shocking the woman who looked at the figure and stared in shock as she realized just what she was facing.  The figure looked to be a human male in a dark clock with spikey white hair and solid black eyes and pupils, in its hands was the Flareon with its head twisted backwards.

    “You’re like me, you one of the Ascended.”  She breathed in shock.  He knows me, how where did we meet?  A powerful Ascended could kill me and my girls and it has those wings so it could fly and strike when he wants to.  Why does that remind me of something I meat once?  She thought as he chuckled.

    “Indeed I am, I would wonder how long you’ve lived around here, when last we had crossed paths it was in the forests to the west near the Tower of Ghosts when we were in that horde so many years ago.”  At his words she went still and her eyes went hard as her spider legs started to glow green.

    “There are only five beings that I am sure survived of that time.  Three of them had wings like yours, but there was only one of them that I liked, so please tell me who you are before I decide to kill you here and now.” She purred as the spider Chimera started to back away from her as she started to glow a mix of purple and black. He looked at her and chuckled as he threw the Flareon corpse into the center of the clearing.

    “Even back then you had such a way with your communication.  How about that I saved your life when the horde was ambushed when it was supposed to attack the city that fought us off?”  He said as he dropped to the ground as raised his right hand and had two points of scar tissue on it.

    “You survived! And Ascended! What are you calling yourself?”  She asked as she rushed and gave him a hug.  He returned it with a chuckle as the Spider Chimera watched in confusion.

    “Nice to see you too old friend.  So I’m guessing your helping your spawn evolve, and you just need the human element for that.  As for my name the humans in the land I ascended in called me Dreadwing and I decided to keep it.”  Dreadwing said with a grin as the other Chimera in the clearing looked at their mother who gave a laugh

    “Good name!  And I’ve been thinking of myself as the Lady of Poison Webs, the Great Dokugumo!  But where were you, after the battle and my ascension I tried to find you but only found legends that spoke of you.”  Dokugumo said with spin that she ended with a bow.

    “’Poison Spider’, so after the horde broke up you hunted around the city of the Poison gym then, they are one of the only people on the continent that speak the ancient tongue. As for myself after the battle I was blown out to sea and gain the abilities of an ocean dweller and moved and feed until I reached a new land.” Dreadwing said as Dokugumo looked at him with a smirk on her face.

    “Yes I had such a fine nest in a place where so many different Pokémon lived, unfortunately the humans found out about me, thankful I was able to escape, went by the location our former leader had his den and slipped by the city nearby and found a good den.  It had a protection on it that kept most humans from seeing it, those who did come in usually had some such good food with them, some of my girls even ascended and gone out on their own or left to seek their fortunes on their own power, and these are just my newest brood.” Dokugumo said as she motioned to the spider like Chimera.  Dreadwing turned and looked at them, noticing the differences between them.  One had a flower on her back from which two vines that went from under the flower’s buds and were waving in the air as it chittered at her sister, one that was red and bulky, another that was purple and seemed to be moving with grace and the final one blue and was smaller than the others but she glowed to his senses.  He turned to Dokugumo and smiled at his friend.

    “I can tell just what these girls need is the just a bit of aura for their next stage, right?”  He said as he looked at Dokugumo who nodded and gestured to the others to decide who ate what amongst themselves.  As the spider Chimera started to look over the bounty before them as Dokugumo watched with pride before Dreadwing gestured for her join her him away from the girls hearing.  Once she joined him he gave her a stern look.

    “Listen, once their doing ascending to their next stage I would move on from this area if I was you, there’s something awakening around here, a breed of Chimera that are as mindless as the worst of the ones we fought with back then.  At least I’m hoping their just mindless.”  He muttered

    “You hope, wait why do you hope?”  Dokugumo asked as she started feel uneasy as she looked at what her daughters were doing. They had chosen what they would eat and were deciding on the order they would eat individually.

    “They were stupid. They just used wave tactics and didn’t react but throwing themselves when trainers got between them and their target, a lone girl riding a fire wolf.  A pack of at least twenty of them gave their lives on the hunt for one human and one Pokémon, it was just so stupid.” Dreadwing said as he turned towards the darkness, his eyes looking towards the darkness, trying to spot anything that might.  Dukogumo merely looked at him before she turned and followed his gaze into the darkness of the forest; the forest hat seemed more evil and savage then before. Maybe it’s time to go farther west; we could slip into a village, find a place…wait, why is Dreadwing here, why did he come back?

    “Why were you even around to see them, what brought you back to this land?”  Dokugumo questioned as she turned to Dreadwing who only smirked and walked into the darkness.

    “Look after yourself old friend, you and your girls.  I would hate to learn you fell to things like them.”  With those words Dokugumo was left alone, shivering as she held herself and started to make plans to protect her daughters.  She looked at her girls and clapped her hands, they needed to advance to their next stage, then they would leave, perhaps what the humans called Johto would be a good place to hunt for a while.




    Ryouta and his wife Sayeko finished washing up and securing their garments before looking at each other and the door. Ryouta was sure the worry his wife had in her eyes was reflected in his but he tried to put on a brave face and tried to reassure her to their student’s chances.

    “We can’t let ourselves worry too much about Brock right now Sayeko, we have to stay focused on this. And he’s a former Gym Leader with a full team and a party of four other trainers to back him up, I’m sure he’ll be back before the hurricane hits the region.”  Ryouta said with a confident tone.

    “But still, he’s out there, and the member who came back was ambushed on Route 22, Route 22!”  Sayeko said as she looked at her husband.

    “We’re not trainers strong enough to make a difference out there.  This place is how we can fight this time, find out everything they can tell us and find a way to kill them safer.”  Ryouta said confidently as he walked towards the operating theater’s doors and walked through them.

    “What did I do right to find you?  Just what did I do right?”  Sayeko said softly to herself as she walked after her husband, a small smile on her face behind her mask.


    Giovanni and Miranda walked into the observation room over the operating room, Miranda clutching a clipboard and wearing a square pendent around her neck.   Giovanni noticed Officer Jenny was standing by the windows, a frown and a dark look on her face that told him all he needed to know.  He walked over to her when she didn’t react to their presence he coughed, causing her to look up and when she saw the two of them she looked away with a shamed look on her face.  Giovanni stared for a few seconds before he started to look murderous as he realized where the shame had come from.

    “I’m guessing that the Mayor decided not to ask for help from the other cities.”  Miranda said as soon as she saw the look of shame on Jenny’s face. Giovanni meanwhile was doing everything he could to keep his temper under control, all the while cursing in his head the person who had to be responsible for this.

    “I was barely able to get him to send a message out to the homesteaders about the possibility of roaming Chimera and to think about calling up the Militia before that idiot butted in and started talking about the damages a panic would cause to the citizens and the tourist industry.  Before I could say much more he had a vote and the council voted to adopt a small defensive stance and keep the curfew in affect for all Pokémon.”  Jenny said only for her words to be the trigger to let Giovanni let go.

    “Off course he would say that!  Sometimes I wonder just who and how representatives are selected if he’s one of them.  It’s a perfect strategy, the Chimera take out the Pokémon and then they go in and harvest anything they can.  The wind currents carry the outbreak to the city then they strike, its textbook!  Why can’t they wake up and see that!”  Giovanni cursed as he heard the door open behind them and knew just who it was without turning.

    “Now, now.  I’m willing to admit that it was possible for a pack of Chimera to have attacked your trainer on Route 22, but for it to have any connection to that terrible outbreak affecting our city’s Pokémon, really Giovanni it’s just not possible for a Chimera to plan something that complicated.”  The speaker was a chubby man with grey hair in a modest looking suit that walked into the room with a blissful look on his face.

    “We fought off at least five of those things!  Are you going to let a threat like that multiply until we fall?!” Jenny demanded, he had been there when Salma had told of the ambush, how could he be so stupid!

    “And here you are, whatever those things were their not that big a threat if you survived them without injury.  I’m sure that when the doctor sees that the DNA profile of that abomination doesn’t match. The league will of course deal with the Chimera once Hunters are available beyond the current issues that need their services.”  He said with a smile on his face.  

    “And if the DNA matches, what will the League do then, Pecker?” Giovanni asked as he locked eyes with the obvious official.

    “Then the League will take action and please, I’ve told you before, call me Al.”  Albert Peck said with a smile.  Giovanni stared at Albert Peck, this man had been a constant pain to deal with A sigh from Jenny caused them to look down and see Professor Oak appear on the monitor on the wall, he would be observing the dissection and offering what help he could from his lab.

    Ryouta and Sayeko walked into the room, Sayeko activating the devices as Ryouta began to document the procedure.  As Sayeko turned on the view screen and sent the signal to Oak Labs she looked around the room, after the Siege the hospital had set this place up as a backup theater and to deal with Chimera dissection, this would be the first time it was used for what it had been created for and she wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

    “This is Doctor Ryouta Panacelon, recording a dissection on a Bug Type Chimera recovered on one of the Mountains along Victory Road.  Nurse Sayeko Panacelon is assisting with Professor Samuel Oak observing from his Laboratory in Pallet Town.  Before I begin, I have taken a DNA sample from the specimen am currently having it compared to the DNA of a spore that has infected a majority of the Pokémon in Viridian City.”  Ryouta began as he slowly walked around the specimen on the operating table.

    “First observations; the subject has a hard outer shell of chitin, black in color that covers the whole body. The body is normal when one considers both regular insects and Pokémon with one deviation, two grasping limbs with five fingers on the front portion of the body.  The body has wounds that seem to be from gunshots, one of its eyes had been destroyed, I would estimate that that was what killed this specimen.  A bit mark is along the back of the body just before what appear to be wing coverings.  Coverings appear to be an armor featured as inspection revealed that there is no way for them to open on their own, as of right now I am put that off to the end, and will be using the remote operating devices in Theater 5.”  Ryouta commented as he stopped with the corpse between him and the view screen to allow Professor Oak to observe unhindered

    “The limitations the operating is under Dr. Panacelon?”  Professor Oak asked as he watched from his lab.

    “None at all.  Once the examination is finished and the gene test is done, I will personally be throwing this specimen into the inclinator off site at a class 1 bio hazard disposal facility.“ Ryouta said flatly as he locked eyes with the Professor.

    “Then I would suggest that you begin by removing the head from the body, start there and work your way down.  After all if you’re thinking about the facility I believe you are that would work out far easier for you.  And remember to use face shields, you must have proper sanitation methods in this kind of thing.” Professor Oak said calmly.

    “Yes I believe that would be logical, the saw and shields please Sayeko.”  Ryouta said as he reached a hand which accepted the offered face shield and after putting it on was handed the saw and in a few minutes the head was removed from the body and moved to a smaller table and sat up right on it.  Looking at it for a few seconds he saw the where the brain was and started to cut around the head until he gone in a circle.

    “Now let’s start with the hole that the shooter left us with shall we?  Hole on opposite end, given what I can see through it a simple cut here should let us see the brain and here it is.”  Ryouta said as he pulled off the top of the cut and looked down before he shared a look with Sayeko.

    “Sayeko, would you mind getting the mobile camera I believe Professor Oak needs a better picture of this.” Ryouta said Sayeko got a small camera from the wall and angled it so that it had a view of the exposed brain.

    “What is it?   Oh my, that brain, am I receiving this right Ryouta my boy?” Oak’s voice sounded shocked.

    “Yes it its. Examination of the brain has revealed an abnormality; the hemispheres of the brain are…the only word I can use is malformed, with the right side much healthier then then the left side.” Ryouta said as he examined the revealed brain.  The right side of the revealed was healthy and pink but looked malnourished and there were dark pink spots here and there.  The left side looked normal, with no markings or spots but was paler then the left side.  Ryouta removed the brain and turned it over in his hands and continued his observations.

    “Abnormality of the brain is constant on the top and bottom, beside the spots observed so far there are no other marks of discoloration on the brain.  The both side look malnourished, has this specimen not been eating the right amount of food, or has it come out of a long hibernation?” Ryouta said as looked over the organ in his hands.

    “I remember the cleanup of the Siege, some of the Chimera’s that died with their maker had brains like this, but those were so much worse.  The markings on the brain remind of me of them, I think it keeps the creature from have any kind of independent will of its own, this thing is a dedicated servant or…… slave, yes I would even use that word to describe them.” Professor Oak said as he rubbed his chin.

    “But giving the healing abilities that have been recorded and their mutation potential, couldn’t these structures die and release its sense of self?” Sayeko asked as she looked on. Ryouto looked at his wife and exchanged a look with her; no one noticed Professor Oak went white for a few seconds before he got control of his face back.

    “I think we’ll have an idea about that when we’re done.  Besides obvious issue, the brain seems to be healthy, for a giving value of course.  I have no basis for a standard of this strain of Chimera so I will have to mark this as an average specimen.  Sayeko, would you please open that…thank you.”  Ryouta said as he dropped the brain into a small box that his wife had opened.  Turning towards the head and swiftly cut the head into two at the mouth.  He removed the top half and put it on the table next to the bottom and started to observe the jawline.  He picked up a piece of wood from a sample table and moved it across the tooth, cutting through like a knife through butter, a piece of raw meat met with similar results.  He cut into the mouth and removed a section of muscles along the jawline and put them into a separate sample box.  

    “Two fangs along the front on the top half, no venom sacks at the roof of the mouth so I would rule out venom bites, a sack for… silk is just behind the mouth before the throat, predictable.  The teeth are quite sharp, tests show their able to cut both plant and flesh, I would say its molars are able to crunch bones and a sample of the muscle along the jawline has been removed for further investigating later on before disposal, after cleaning up the remains of the head I will be moving onto the ‘chest’.” Ryouta said as he moved the head into varies bio waste boxes.


    “So far it seems to have been nothing, just like I said didn’t I Gio my boy?” Albert said a laugh in his voice.   This was Miranda’s first time being around the League’s representative to Viridian City and she couldn’t see how this idiot could have been given the job.  He was so out of touch that it had to be an act, if it wasn’t then how could he function.

    “There were at least three separate kinds of these things that attacked my trainer when she was returning, and the webs they left might have been stealing the life of the plants they were on according to my trainer. You have to wake up and realize what’s going on!”  Giovanni said with a scow on his face as he stared Albert down.

    “The two types we fought were straight up combatants, this thing was an ambusher at best! And we only survived because we ran away when they got reinforcements!  If there are Chimera on the region in the numbers that we think there might be then they constitute a threat!”  Jenny snarled as she started to flex her hands.  Before Albert could say anything a loud buzzing startled them, causing them to look down at Ryouta who walked over to a monitor and answered it, revealing the face of Joy who had a look of sorrow on her face.

    “The tests are done Doctor. The DNA sample matches the spore at a ratio of 80%.  Whatever released the spores, they’re related to your specimen.”  Joy reported loudly for all to hear, causing those in the observation room to glare at Albert who started to sweet and look concerned.

    “Well, with this new information the League will take appropriate actions to defend….”  Albert trailed off as Giovanni walked to the intercom and called down to the operating room.

    “Ryouta, I’ll need a copy of the results of the DNA test and the data from the autopsy, I’ll arrange a meeting with the Mayor and force him to ask for help.”  Giovanni said, turning after he saw Ryouta nod at him.  He walked by Albert towards the door, Miranda and Jenny following behind him.

    “Miranda, when you get the data about the DNA call the Rangers, use the data to have them send anyone they can, Jenny, I’ll be sending some of the Gym’s Trainers to the exit to Route 22, I would appreciate it if they had some support.”  Giovanni said as he left the room, leaving Albert alone, and after the doors closed he suddenly gained a look of rage on his face as he looked after where the others had gone.  He reached for his phone and pressed a button, talking as soon as someone answered.

    “Albert here.  They have evidence on the connection between the spore and Chimera; the Leader’s calling the Rangers and meeting with the Mayor. No I don’t think I’ll be able to talk him down, yes we’re going to have to move up our plans.”  Albert said as he walked out the room, never noticing that a camera had been trained on him.



    Professor Oak turned off the monitor with a frown, removed a data storage unit from his computer and got up and stretched.  That had been interesting, and the DNA results might not be enough for the League but it was enough for him.  He would tell everyone in Pallet to try and keep their Pokémon inside until after the Hurricane.  He frowned as one of his scars started to burn, that comment she had made about ‘unlocking their will’ could that have been the result of that battle?  He walked towards a door he kept locked and put in the code, unlocking the door and walked into the chamber beyond. Opening the door with the chamber he walked down a staircase and entered another code at the bottom, the room he entered was where he did his most secret research, his study on the history of Chimera. He passed many ancient looking drawings of Chimeras of all types; he passed recreations of weapons that had killed Chimeras and books that held legends from all corners of the world. He finally reached a computer at the far end of the room and sat down before it and started to pull up files on directions, focusing on brains.  He frowned at the records he had.  Birds, mammals and insects; there were spots on all brains from all of those specimens that were shown to have been under the command of other Chimera.  This was something he had been researching for years, and he hadn’t even thought that the brain spots had an effect.   Quickly pressing a few keys on the keyboard he started to monologue.

    “The enigma of Chimera biology has been my obsession for years now, even since I almost lost my life in that encounter so long ago.  My recent consultation with the Viridian Hospital has answered some of my many questions and but it created more.  Research into the question offered by one Sayeko Panacelon has raised many of those new questions, study of my records have shown similar signs in other specimens observed obeying others without question, there is no common origin, there species and age, where they were active, there is nothing that connects them. Possible connection between spore outbreak and Chimera unknown as of this time, will update as new data is gathered.”  Professor Oak said as his hands flew over the keyboard, looking over data he had collect over his lifetime.  Professor Oak slowly went towards a pen and in a quick movement threw it and got up and looked around.

    “WHO’S THERE!?”  He demanded in a forceful tone. As he reached for a sword on the wall next to him a throaty laugh caused him to go still.  Wait, that voice is… Professor Oak thought before grinning and laughing. “So you’re back early my dear!”

    “I still can’t get anything by you, hu Sammy?  Still trying to understand those things?”  A voice said as an old woman in an old fashion purple dress seemed to appear from nowhere with a purple Pokémon with a gaseous body and two remote hands hugging her.  

    “Agatha, I was getting worried about you when Delia told me about Brock’s expedition into your mountains.” Professor Oak said with a smile at her as he sighed and sank into his chair.

    “My mountains, what’s he looking for up there?” Agatha asked as she walked towards him.  With a small sigh Professor Oak opened a file and revealed a spore in a blood sample, its genetic information came up next to it. Agatha read what was on the screen as data of its effects on Pokémon was shown next, a frown starting to form as she absorb what she was reading.

    “The source of this I’m afraid, it’s probably a Chimera.  Currently it’s the source of an infection that’s affecting each species of Pokémon differently” Professor Oak explained as Agatha listened and sighed and shook her head in denial.

    “This is from my mountains? I can’t believe something moved in there and I never noticed it, and you say it’s affecting Viridian like that. Even with the problem they’ve been giving me for a few days, I wouldn’t have missed something like that!”  Agatha said, causing Professor Oak to turn to look at her.  Agatha just sighed and closed her eyes.

    “About a week ago I pulled a girl and her Electric type out of one of my fishing traps.  I got the kid dry and was feeding her a meal when some scum who were looking for her came along. I sent her out the back and went outside to buy her some time; the poor dears out there didn’t know who I was, so when they insisted that a poor old feeble woman get out of their way, I decided to entertain them until the poor dears had to leave, they had stayed with me so long they were so late for their next appointment that they had to run so fast, you’d think a Chimera was on their heels.”  Agatha said with a smirk on her face.   Professor Oak just shook his head and turned to his computer, not noticing the pain in Agatha’s eyes.  Sorry Sam but I still can’t break that Geass keeping me from telling you about Aura users.  Dam you teacher, why’d you have to do that to me?!

    “And I’m guessing that these guests you weren’t the run of the mill thugs for hire?”  Oak said with a small frown.

    “Some more of those people who had a problem about that wild fruit we found.  It seems that those people were part of something larger than we thought   The way they were acting as they demanded I hand over my guest, there was no way I was going to let them have her!  And they were after her for a reason, called her Abomination for Arceus sake.”  Agatha snarled as she remembers the looks of hatred those people had on their faces as they spoke of who they were hunting.

    “Concerning that they were active since we meet them, more concerning they were after a person.  If the current members are anything like the ones we fought together, I’m worried about what they’ve been doing in the shadows over the years.”  Professor Oak mused as he leaned back and let his mind wonder.

    “Enough doom and gloom Sammy, what’s been happening in the old homestead since the last time I’ve been home?  Has that grandson of ours comeback from his trip yet?”  Agatha asked as she looked at him, prompting him to laugh and stand up.

    “A long story my lady, one I will start over supper, how about take in?  But you will of course be my guest until the situation with the hurricane and the Chimera’s are dealt with my dear?”  Professor Oak said as he offered his arm to Agatha who took it with a smile.

    “But of course, good sir.  So, is there anything new in the village and any new specials at Pallet House?” Agatha asked as she walked with Oak out of the room, letting the pains of the past fade away for the brightness of tomorrow.




    Machop ran with tears in its eyes, the bow and quiver on its back not even registering to it.  Its four comrades were dead, and what’s worse was that they had failed.  This thought was all the Machop had as it ran through the woods as it ran from the mountain. It had been the last day of their duty shift when those three Chimera had invaded the ruin, how they had gotten in it couldn’t know, but it had picked off its team.  It had been briefed on the Goblins and their sire in the mountains, they weren’t supposed to have been that strong, and one alone had done all that, just what did that say about their strength.  There was no way around it, it had to let its queen know about this as soon as possible, and to do that it had to run through the others territory to get there. The pack who claimed this part of the forest was particularly strong, with their alpha, a Sandslash that had been able to go move for move with the Champion himself the few times they had meet in battle, all it could hope for was that the pack wasn’t anywhere nearby and that it could slip by them.  As it was running suddenly six yellow balls flew out of the bushes and unfurled into Sandshrews, the pack. Where was the leader, it always attack from the front!  Machop started to look around for the Sandlash that lead them and was shocked when the Sandshrew right in front of it walked forwards and to its surprise bowed down before it.

    “Sandshrew, shrew, shrew.” Machop stared in shock, these six were all that remained from their group, and they were asking to be brought before its queen to join forces for vengeance against the ones who killed their leader.  Looking at the Ground types it could see the wounds on their bodies, and with the hidden hope that its punishment wouldn’t be too great if it brought back new soldiers so it nodded and gestured for the Sandshrew to follow it, breaking into a run, the Sandshrew following behind it.  Soon they left the forest behind and after a while came upon a ruined tower that had falling over a river.

    “MACHOP!” The Machop screamed out to the world, startling the Sandshrews who turned to look at it and then turned when they sensed something.  They turned and saw five Machoke materialized out of the woods wielding swords and shields and look at the six Sandshrews

    “Ma choke mack?”  One of the Machoke asked the Machop as it looked around for the others, only to stare at the Machop when its tears started to flow down its face.

    “Machop, Machop.”  The Machop’s words caused the others to look at it and look beyond it and the Sandshrews, growing more alert as the Machokes started to lead the others toward the falling tower.  As they entered the falling structure the Sandshrew were led through a window on the floor into a slopping tunnel.  After a while they came out into a large cavern that seemed to stretch for miles, a crude looking castle in the.  The party moved through the cavern and reached the castle, being let in by two Machokes holding spears.  As the party moved through the courtyard they were watched by the Machokes and the Machops training or standing guard as the party moved towards a door to the castles interior.

    Going inside they walked towards a large door with two large suits of teal armor with oversized hands, it is only when the party gets closer that the Sandshrews realize the armor are both Pokémon.  The two armor Pokémon opened the door to reveal a large throne room.  The throne room had a semitransparent silk curtain at the fall end where a female figure that seemed to be wearing a flowing gown was in the shadows behind the curtain sitting on a throne.  Along the walls in rows 10 strong on both sides were Machokes wielding spears and wearing armor.  Before the curtain a white, bipedal Pokémon with a red horn on its chest and its arms were shaped like tonfas, a collar with a gemstone around its neck and it seemed to be dancing as it moved around the throne room, delivering devastating blows to the air with its hands and feet.  The Sandshrew stared in awe at one who had fought their leader to a standstill on more than one meeting, this was the Champion of the Queen.

    [How was my performance my Queen?]  A forceful and powerful voice said as the white Pokémon stop and bowed before the figure on the throne.  The figure on the throne gave off an air of grace as her hand was raised and a glowing goblet hovered over to the Champion.

    [Impressive my Champion, your skills have grown well. You are one of the strongest among our forces.  But I see that there are others who would speak with Us.] A feminine voice said as the Pokémon that had been dancing before the throne shot to its feet and turned towards the party that had entered the throne room.  The group released that they had been noticed by the Lords of the castle and the Machop, Machokes and Sandshrews bowed. The Champions eyes widened slightly as it saw the Sandshrews, it recognized some of them, and then its eye narrowed when it saw the Machop and the bow on its back.  

    [You.  You were add to the squad we had guarding the ruin, why are you here, where are the others?] The male voice said as the Champion looked.  The Machop fought back its tears and knelt before the Champion and fell forwards, its arms the only thing holding its body up.

    “Machop, Mach.  Chop Mac Machop Machop!  Machop chop!”  The Machop said as it knelt before its leaders.  The Sandshrews looked at the Machop with pity and understanding in their eyes while the guards along the wall gave no hint of their thoughts.  The Champion looked at the archer and then Champion turned towards the Sandshrews.

    [While the events that our soldiers just told of are concerning, I would like to know why you six are here, and where is your leader?  Have you come here to run from him for some reason?] The Champion inquired as the guards along.  One of the Sandshrew walked forward while the others knelled before the throne.

    “Sandshrew shrew. Sand sand sandshrew.”  This time the Champion’s eyes went wide and they moved towards the figure on the throne before they returned to the Sandshrews spokes-mon.

    [I grieve that a worthy rival has been slain, and the fact that it happened the same time as the decimation of one of our defensive bases is worrying.  But what are your thoughts on this my queen?]  The Champion asked the figure behind the curtain as the others around the room looked at the throne.

    [My thoughts, my Champion? That the old Ogre in the mountains spawn have suddenly become more active, that they have started to roam father then they ever did?  That just one of them was able to kill one you said was a rival; that some of them found the ruin and took the fruit from the tree? I would think that this shows that his forces might soon fracture my Champion.  While our war with her is a concern if events play out the right way we might soon be able to use the mountain to handle it.] The feminine voice said as the figure behind the transparent curtain raised a hand.  From the left side a Pokémon that looked like a bipedal pink blob with long rabbit ears and a tuff of hair between its ears walked towards the knelling group with four bipedal, pink-and-cream Pokémon with oval, blue eyes following in her wake.

    [Wigglytuff and her staff will take you all to the healing chambers, Archer when you are recovered you shall be resigned as the leader of a new squad that has just finished training. As for the Sandshrews, they are welcomed to join our ranks.  I pray that we meet and kill that which killed your former leader.  The audience is over; all of you please leave me, guards included. My Champion will you attend me?]  The feminine voice asked as the curtain glowed blue and parted, revealing the shadowed chamber beyond.  Wigglytuff bowed to the Sandshrew and the four Pokémon following her started to help the injured Pokemon out of the audience room.  The guards banged their spears against the floor and marched out of the room, leaving the Queen and the Champion alone.

    [Of course my Queen, it would be my honor.] The Champion said as it walked between the curtains as the others left the chamber following the pink Pokémon.  As the curtains closed a glow formed along the bottoms as a seal activated, closing off all sound from leaving the room.  Suddenly the items around the room started to glow blue and fly around as the feminine voice started to rage.  The Champion stood still as he let her vent, and sighed as she turned to him, her eyes glowing.


    [Calm down my lady.  While this is troubling I’m sure we can deal with it.  This is an opportunity to gather the other packs that are independent, if the Ogre’s forces start to move, some might come to us.]  The Champion said trying to calm his Queen down.  The queen’s eyes started to lose their glow as she turned to look at him, a devious smile growing on her face.

    [And we can make sure they are targeted by that one’s forces, can’t we?]  She sent to her partner as she offered him her hand.  He took it and gave it kissed it before he met her eyes.

    [My thoughts exactly my Queen.  Might I suggest that we move on the dual Poison pack that one of our patrols encountered recently near the humans city?  The leaders seemed strong and we could make them serve you my lady] The Champion said as he lead her towards a table with a pitcher and two goblets.

    [Yessss, those two.  Send an emissary, if they declaim the honor we offer them, then we shall lead one of the Chimeras towards them, let fate decide if they live.]  The Queen said as her eyes and the pitcher glowed blue and poured the liquid into the goblets.

    [If they are such fools then it would be their fault that they would lose their lives.] The Champion said as he raised a goblet to his Queen, who raised her own to their vision of the future, a future where they would rule all of Kalos.



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    Aura Skill: Sensing: Ability to use Aura to sense where others are without seeing them.  High level users able to know what is there down to what they sense and if they have active Aura or are related to each other. Homunucles feel like they’re all related to each other if made by same person or creature.

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    Mistakes Were Made

    A series of disconnected oneshots that poke fun at the fandom hivemind, canon, and past!me. I’m taking things that I’ve either observed or done myself and reframing them in parody where hopefully we can just all have some low stakes fun and, at best, maybe learn something about our favorite characters and writing.

    Read on ffnet here.

    Chapter Three- Walking Pokemon

    It was a standard day in Johto. Maybe Kanto. Must have been spring or summer, because the trees were green and Misty was dressed like she had no concern for the weather or UV rays, and our trio found themselves walking…somewhere. Probably a town, probably for a badge, because rarely did anything else happen in Johto.

    “Hey, where’s Pikachu?” Misty suddenly asked.

    “Gah! I left him in the last chapter!” Ash cried, scrambling as he began to run back the way he’d come. “I gotta go get him!”

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  • Week 37 LC Stats:

    I’ll be honest and say that I lost track of my wordcounts as the finish line for 47 drew nearer but who cares, 47 is done yes good.  Finally.

    So… 48!  That’s the one that got split in two last NaNo because it had become the dumping ground for like a dozen character development convos, which was bad enough before one of them expanded to be worth an entire chapter on its own. It’s kind of become more… somber?  A lot of characters contemplating their place in the world, their choices, their mistakes.  Gets more lighthearted near the end though, so hopefully I can handle the tone shift.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention it, but there’s going to be an extra before then!  Short one, should be up next weekend.  Lexx or Ajia POV (haven’t decided which) because I have no idea on how to sell people on the idea of them being friends after the Hoenn arc without just showing the fallout directly.

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  • Yoooo, so as previously mentioned I am going to change the opening chapters. It will start differently with Leia at Sandgem Town and heading to Lake Verity. Professor Rowan tells her about the rumored legendary Pokemon Mespirit at the lake and she wants to go see it. This new introduction will have way more characterization of Leia and Piplup. Delays the lab break in and Jubilife events.

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  • Obligatory intro post!!

    Hi, my name is Allister! My pronouns are she/her, I’m 16, and I’m a biromantic asexual! I’m ND so I heavily hyperfixate, reading and writing all the material I can. I will list my other main interests so you are free to request something that isn’t my current fixation, but know that I won’t be putting out prompts and might be a lil slower! 💫

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