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    Working on a Pokemon story unrelated to the main games! This here is Daryl, the main rival to our protagonists. Saying anything more would simply be a spoiler!

    (On a side note, a majority of the cast are named after musicians known and unknown; In Daryl’s case, he’s named after Daryl Dragon of Captain & Tennille!)

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  • A new Leon x Raihan fanfiction on Archive of Our Own!

    Summary: Raihan had realized early in their “rivalry” that his feelings for Leon were more than anything he could’ve imagined, yet Leon still hasn’t yet figured out Raihan’s love for him, even though Raihan doesn’t know how to make it anymore obvious. The story follows them through the start of their relationship and the good and bad that comes with a brand new relationship between two people who have never been in a relationship before. 

    Rated T for Teen

    Check out the first chapter on AO3 here!

    And don’t forget to leave kudos and/or comments if you enjoyed the first chapter. It means a lot to me and Raihan approves of kudos (and reblogs and likes ^ ^)!

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  • Mew or Mewtwo… why not both? CHAPTER: Prolouge~!

    Dark, darker yet darker.

    Darkness is all that surrounded me.

    Yet it was… pleasant? No… soothing, yes that’s that word.

    Yet, I’m here, stuck in a cylinder glass chamber, forced to obey every command they give me. I don’t know much about them, except that they are tyrant, disgusting and hateful beings. And I want to destroy them all.

    I wish I could, but I can’t.

    As long as I’m in here, most of my energy is drained, since they are scared of me.

    And for good reason.

    If it wasn’t for the wires connected to my skin, to the liquid surrounding me, and the walls blocking my build, I would’ve killed them mercifully, without hesitation.

    Although now…

    I’m not sure of that thought anymore.

    Although I wanted to say I hate all beings, that’s simply not the case. There is one I am fond of.

    That is my creators daughter.

    See, as of late, there has been a little girl coming into my headquarters, as I like to call it. I remember the first night she came in…




    A small, brunette little girl came walking in to my room, she had what appears to be a stuffed animal squished between her torso and arm, I do not recognize the Pokémon though… it looked weird, yet cute. I can’t explain it.

    She squeezed it tighter. She was nervous

    “There is nothing to be afraid of, I promise I won’t hurt you…” I said, hoping to gain her trust. I wanted out of here.

    She jumped, goosebumps on her skin. She had a night gown on, it was the color of the sky on a breezy spring day, the shade of blue that makes you sad yet happy, your emotions become conflicted, yet all you can do is smile. Sky Blue is what I think humans call it, it’s very pretty. I wish I could have the chance to lay on the grass in a grassy field, maybe even a meadow, and stare up into the sky, looking at the clouds as the breeze touches my skin, swaying the tall grass back and forth, as children and Pokémon alike frolic around, enjoying each other’s company. I desire that, so much.

    “I-I..” she stuttered, looking down to the ground shameful of herself. Why?

    “I’m here to help you get out of here, only if you help me!!” She said, clenching her fists, taking a step foreword. She has a determined look on her face, one a child would have when their mother or father says they can get a candy bar at the end of the grocery trip, but only if they behave, or when their parents ask for them to do some chores, and in return they get money. It was that look, it suited her well, very well. Her aura intense, yet soft, she was special.

    I know that now.

    “Excuse me..?” I asked, befuddled, slowly stretching out, hovering in my container, did I hear this correctly?

    “I know you heard me!! C'mon, please?? We could both benefit from it! I can show you the outside world, and you and I BOTH get a friend!! It’s a win win!” She said, pumping her fist up in the air.

    I can’t believe this child is being serious…!

    “Your delusional!” I said back, this child wants to run away?!

    “No your delusional, not wanting to get away from a place where you suffer, I bet you don’t even know what your living for anymore, much less the meaning of life!” She sternly stated.

    Yikes… she’s right,,

    What is the meaning of life..?

    Why am I living exactly?

    What’s my purpose again..?

    Why is this child offering me help?

    “C'mon Mewtwo!! It’s perfect!”

    Wait… how does she know my name?!

    Am I all that those people think and talk about?!

    Oh who am I kidding, I probably am…-

    “Just because you beg me, doesn’t mean I will child” I said sternly, I was getting slightly irritated.

    “Please? I’ll show you the world!”

    “Why would I agree to this exactly?” I asked, done with this conversation.

    “Because I’m suffering, and your suffering… why not escape together?”




    I remember that night, one of my favorite moments, that was 5 years ago, she’s 10 now, and looks so grown up, if I didn’t know basically everything about her, I would’ve thought she was a teenager. She looked like one. And just with that, she came in.

    “Sup Mewtwo!! I’m here!” She said, running around the corner, sliding in the floor. She looked like her usual self, bandaids on her legs, scratches on her arms and thighs, her glasses looked crooked, her hair a mess, and her face with the look of excitement.

    “I see your back, how was your day?” I asked, sitting down in my tube.

    “It’s been okay, it’s been sooooooo long though!! Why can’t tomorrow just come already?!” The girl groaned, sitting down with her hand in her lap. She had a dark blue tank top on, her hair was in a ponytail, she has bracelets on her wrists and some rings in her finger. Her black shorts hugging her thighs, and her white sneakers covered in mud.

    “What’s tomorrow?” I asked playfully, smirking at the girl as she puffed out her cheeks

    “Tomorrow is my 11th birthday Mewtwo!! The day I can become a Pokémon trainer!!”

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  • Pokémon Story:

    So apparently most Fomantis don’t photosynthesize in the same spot for more than a day, so I guess this one just really likes my yard. Yesterday I put some food out and sent Ellie over to check on the Fomantis but she walked off. She still came back this morning to photosynthesize which was a good sign. Today she just stayed in the yard. I sent Ellie out to see what was up and instead of running off like the last this time the Fomantis started battling Ellie. After a bit of action I threw a pokéball to try and capture the Fomantis. She stayed in the pokéball after only one shake, I think that means they really wanted to join your team but I’m not completely sure.

    Shading isn’t completely going how I want but it’s definitely getting better. I’m super happy with the lines though, like definitely better than I’ve ever been able to do with traditional mediums.

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  • Pokémon Story:

    Since I’ve been battling a bit less and studying pokémon a lot more as I get older my schedule has become a little more nocturnal. Lately, there’s been a Fomantis starting to bunker down and photosynthesize outside my window. I don’t really know where she goes during the night but I’m just glad she likes hanging out around my place during the day.

    So I’ve been a bit sick today, so nothing to fancy for Drawcember today. I just finished up this Fomantis art that I already had sketched.

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    Pokémon Story:

    I started focusing more on trainer school, learning about Pokémon beyond the scope of just battling and it just felt right. Ronnie and Gigas were used to battling a lot, so my professor recommended getting another Pokémon that could help them (and myself) with the change. He said that an Eevee would be a really good choice since they are very adaptive, and because we have plenty of them on the island.

    I tried to mess around with my white gel pen but it never goes well, but hey it’s still an alright drawing, despite all the mess around it.


    Alright last redraw completed, now I can start drawing new stuff on the tablet since I’ve kind of gotten the hang of it.

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  • Slowbro is my best bro and he’s pretty chill

    Like we can sit at a lake all day and he has no probs with it

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  • Another post!

    I have a chapter ready and waiting for posting on Sunday! Huzzah! But, as you may have found, I am finding some trouble with Luna’s design. There is a reason I have remained vague on her intimate physical description, and I do want to explore more of this.

    But it does come down to the two amazing cats; perhaps a combination of both would suffice? Still, I hope to explore more character depths in later chapters beyond plot-advancement, and despite the slow pace, I hope that I’m accomplishing a decent enough pace for storytelling.

    I do want to explore more for each of the pokémon team members in the future, and I hope to do it in an organic manner, and not in a forced way that feels more plot-advancing than anything. I hope that I can accomplish this and in a way that will be surprise, entertaining, and moving all at once.

    Anyway, the new chapter should be posted sometime this Sunday, so please keep an eye out!

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  • About halfway done with next chapter, and I draw inspiration from Danger Zone to fuel me.

    Take from that what you will. I relinquish nothing else.


    Originally posted by agentsterlingmaloryarcher

    #Pokemon Story#Story Updates#DANGER ZONE #I might stare a new tag for this shit #WELCOME TO THE DANGER ZONE #PLEASE ASK MY BRAIN CHILDREN SOMETHING
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  • I love how sometimes a Eevee will evolve depending on it’s personality no matter what

    You can’t always force a Eevee to evolve into something like a electric or fire

    They pick their own forms

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  • A young girl sits in her room, looking through a book full of pictures that her dad has taken. Each photo depicted a different Pokemon.She smiled as she looked back at the memories and gazed off, staring at nothing, as she thought about the future…

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  • So I did an utterly stupid thing.

    I work off of two Mac systems; a laptop and a desk monitor. I had written up nearly 20+ pages for the up and coming chapter for “Blue Skies”. It was complete. It was needing a quick edit, some polish, and wham. It’d soon be ready for posting.

    Here is where the stupidity lies: I had the same chapter, incomplete (not even beyond the first page) on my laptop. I unthinkingly saved the open file on my laptop.

    Now remember, Mac systems tend to be linked, if its under the same username and the like.

    I saved that file and it overwrote my previous save across both computers.

    I am now going to have to redo the next chapter of “Blue Skies” and I’m honestly just not feeling it. It will be done, but not at this exact moment. I’m angry and exhausted and upset and cranky at myself.

    It will be done. It will have to be redone. I can’t recovery previous saves of the same file. I can’t force it to fix itself. I fucked up and I have to fix it. Apologies to any readers who have come by from the story, looking for updates here and find this news. I’m sorry again, I hope to fix things soon.

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    The burning, the smoke that caught in his throat. Little Maxxy remembers it all. It’s not even a week since the horrible incident that left his home in smoldering ashes. Alone, Maxxy holds his form in a huddled ball. Only a purple scarf used as his ‘teddy bear’. It still smells like his mother even when finding it on the ground nearby that weird purple colored city some time ago. A little dirty, but the smell of roses and flowers lingered in the scarf. It must’ve belonged to a human. Doesn’t seem like they’re really going to miss it. After all, finders keepers, right? He twitches and squirms in his sleep. The nightmares, he still remembers the horrors. Such a small being. And yet; the world isn’t as pitch perfect as he thought it is.

    The crying, the screaming. They call him. “Maxxy! Maxxy, come out wherever you are!” The alpha taunted. His voice hollow of emotion. Cold. He knew what he’s done to this child. He knows he’s here. He hides in the burrow, trying his best to not make a peep. Yet; he cries. Tears roll down his cheek. The wood boards creek… sand falling between the crevices. Then… stop. Nothing happens for moments… did he leave? If that was the case, then the floorboards would’ve began to creek again. It’s been five minutes. It wouldn’t hurt to check, surely? The child grabs the rag hiding him, poking his head out. Met with great white fangs. Breath putrid of rotting flesh he ate sometime ago. “Peek-a-boo, Maxxy~” Breath became warm, then.. flash of orange light met with the skull of the child’s forehead.

    He awakens!


    He’s still here. In the Chansey house. Jaesa’s inn. He slept in his own little room reserved for him. Jaesa made sure of that no one would bother him. Other Pokemon slept inside the inn too. Travelers, adventurers, or the homeless like he. The cozy bed made of soft leave coverings. It was rather warm in here. Heated by a fire type Pokemon that worked here that stored warmth into tubing sending it around the inn for the entirity of the inn to be warm. Yet…

    He wanted nothing more then to be home again. He wanted to be in his soft bed where the forest kept him warm. With his mother holding him in her arms soothing him to sleep. But he couldn’t go back. He knew that he would be killed. Those Mightyena’s are still there. They would eat him. He’s small enough to be a meal to them. Maybe it’s time he started to wander around? Surely… maybe he’d find food or other Pokemon to talk with that were up late. A small walk wouldn’t hurt anyone.Although He’s crying under his “rock” mask that almost looked like bone. He stood up curling the scarf against his neck not bothering to tie it. Little sniffles of sadness from the hollow mask. 

    #||STORY||#||STORY UPDATE|| #status update. #ic. #pokemon story#ask blog #maxxy is avaliable for asks and roleplays! #can't wait to get rolling with him!
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    It’s been more then a few weeks since the accident of his village’s death. He knows it was all his fault. He still holds the grudges to what he’s done. He can’t go back. His father is dead. But; his mother. His mother is out there. Somewhere. She wasn’t present in the house when it was burned down. He had hopes that she’s okay. She’s looking for him. She had to be. And he’s looking for her too. He wouldn’t stop until he’s found her. The village of Nillana is peaceful. Away from any sort of danger. He lives with Jaesa, a Chansey who looked over him ever since the death of his father. She knew his mother. It had been in her best interest to look over the little boy until someone knew him or until his mother came back. Jaesa just knew internally, she isn’t coming back. She’d give the child hope, nonetheless. 

    Maxxy has asked everyone if they saw any Marrowak. Actually, almost every few days. Someone had to know something! Some should… Maxxy felt his glimmer of hope decreasing every day that no one has seen his family or tribe. The Marrowak’s didn’t really care to communicate with the other Pokemon besides themselves. Only his mother and the tribe leader had outside contact. So; what was known of the Marrowak tribe is very little.Maxxy didn’t care! He’d find them! Deciding to take his mind off of things, he would go to Jaesa to tell her he’d go play in the forest where he’d go to play. Jaesa was okay with him being in the forest. He knew the way back and it is relatively close to the village. Maxxy bounced to the Healing center where his temporary caretaker worked.

    “Jaesa! I’m going to go play! I’ll be back before sundown.” Sundown. Where bad Pokemon and predatorss came to play. Maxxy had to be careful. Jaesa nodded. “Please, be careful Maxxy.” He beamed under his mask. “I will!” And off he went like a rocket. Hoping out of the center with his small bone in hand, something rather strange happened. A Pokemon waited outside the center. He wasn’t sure it was. But; he looked down upon the boy. Maxxy tilted his head. Somehow he knew that this Pokemon was waiting for him.


    “Well, hi there! Where are you off to in such a hurry?”


    “Oh! I’m going into the forest to play! Wanna come?” It seemed a little odd that this specific Pokemon wanted to see him. But; Maxxy likes friends!


    “Sure thing, little guy. I actually heard rumors that you’re missing your mama so, I came to help you, actually.” The Carnivine never lost his smile. He seemed nice. Maxxy appreciated the help he could get. No one seemed to want to help Maxxy here! And this Pokemon looked strong, so; Maxxy would be protected, right? “I’m Jeriko. What’s yours?”


    “I’m Maxxy. Thank you so much for helping me, mister Jeriko.” Maxxy would nod leading the new friend to the forest where he would help Maxxy find his mother. He’s a grass type too, so he would know the forest well! Still, it made Maxxy confused why all of a sudden that Jeriko wanted to help. But; it’s welcomed. 


    “It’s my pleasure. Lead the way, kiddo. Don’t worry, I’ll have you back before anyone notices.” And with that, they were gone into the Nillana forest.


    #||STORY|| #Journey of a Child (status update) #ic. #pokemon#pokemon story#story update#story #what happens next? ^D^ #Jeriko is now avaliable for asks and roleplays!
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    “Hey Yuxie, where is Ermit? We’ve been waiting for an hour, and nowhere to see her. Wasn’t the plan to meet in my cave to do something on this holiday? 


    “She told me she want to do something first. I wonder what it is. Anyhow, I have a feeling we will see her soon.”


    “I hope so. Because if not…wait, what was that sound?”

    Both pokemon turned to somewhere where they heard a strange sound like if someone singing. However, they couldn’t see anything from the fog. Suddenly a shadow appeared in the fog from nowhere what surprised both of them with a cry.


    “Weeee happy Halloween brothers!” Cried Ermit as she arrived to the cave’s mouth. The other two just stared back as they couldn’t believe what they just saw. Where Ermit got that witch costume anyway?

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  • Warm-up doodle got out of control.
    My cousins and I have had this Pokemon-story we’ve “worked on” over the years (aka them going “I WANT THIS POKEMON” while I go “uhhh plot i guess”), so I drew my oldest cousin when he starts out in the story. (He’s like 6 years older now, he’s 10 here)

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  • Surely, fainted wild pokemon have to wake up at some point. Right? I mean, imagine a fresh, new trainer walking through viridian forest to find literal piles of knocked out pokemon littering the floor of the place, because one trainer is running between grasses grinding his pokemon levels to the max. And more just keep coming out of nowhere. It’s an infinite cycle. a few days later, a new trainer comes through. The piles of knocked out pokemon have grown to the point where it’s almost impossible to walk through the forest without stepping on them. Soon enough, the piles spread outside of the forest, attracting the attention of others. but the piles block the entrances. There’s no stopping it. Eventually, the dam breaks. Hundreds of knocked out Pokemon flood out of the forest. They clog up Pewter City, Viridian City, and Pallet Town, closing everyone in their houses and suffocating anyone unlucky enough to be caught underneath the wave. The police are soon notified. It’s a national crisis, and it just keeps getting worse. They have nowhere to put the hundreds of knocked out pokemon that keep flooding out of the forest. Eventually, a decision is made. A squadron of every fire pokemon the governmental officials have is set out, and they proceed to burn all of the knocked out pokemon to ashes. They slowly worm their way through the piles, until they reach Viridian forest. They push through, melting the pokemon flood down until they find the trainer, grinding away, still finding more pokemon to fight. They are ordered to stop. They respond by doing just that, and walking off into the distance with their level 100 pokemons.

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