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  • also this isn’t only about lgbtq+ and poc! it’s also about freedom of speech, freedom of religion, our right to assembly, to protest freely and have our needs heard! it’s about mothers of disabled children that have no money for professional healthcare while the government is giving away millions on HOLIDAY for families during a PANDEMIC a fucking PANDEMIC. it’s about mentally ill people who are being demonized every step of the way, it’s about the preservation of our culture, it’s about protecting the wildlife, it’s about fur farms that are still legal even though what they do falls under animal abuse! this isn’t just one thing we wanted to stop from happening, it’s all of these things that happen and will continue to happen because our nation is divided into two and this is why we didn’t want duda to win. but he won he fucking won and now we will have to fight for Poland again to make it safe for people to live in. fuck.

    #poland#text #myślałam że rafał chociaż przez dwa lata będzie vetował wszystko co poda mu pis #a potem w wyborach do sejmu się ich całkiem wypierdoli #ale teraz dupa będzie rządził aż zdechnie #o ile zdechnie kiedyś #peach
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  • chciałam, żeby trzasnęło, ale zadudniło

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  • Hello? Yes, starting now I’m taking applications from countries that want to take me in, since Poland is officially a fucked up place, that doesn’t see me as a human being, thank you.

    #if I wasn't a scared baby #and had some money and job experience #I'd yeet myself out of this hell hole next year after finishing uni #poland#polska#wybory#wybory prezydenckie#2020#andrzej duda#pis#rafał trzaskowski#lgbtqplus#lgbt#lgbtq#lgbtqa#lgbtq community #lgbt free zones #election#elections#nonbinary#homophobia#minority representation#minorities
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  • Gdybym miał strzelać w niebo zawsze gdy zaczynam tęsknić

    To posłałbym tam w górę więcej kulek im niż Nesquik


    #cytat z książki #cytat o miłości #cytat po polsku #cytaty#cytat dnia #blog z cytatami #cytat o życiu #cytat z rapu #trudne zycie#zyciejestpiekne#moje zycie#polskie napisy#polska#poland#polish#new blog#polski blog#teboee#milosc#poezja miłosna#cytaty miłosne#miłosc#miłosć #wiersz o miłości #wiersze miłosne#bez miłości #nie ma miłości
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    #popierdoliło was już wszystkich #niech biedaki z us i anglii którzy głosowali na dudę wracają do polski ich bohater wygrał #a lot of votes have not been delivered and counted but they still say it won't change anything #im so tired #poland#text
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  • du*a’s project of a medical fund in no longer discussed. it was simply a promise made to win the elections.

    nbp changed its predictions. inflation will be higher, gdp will decrease.

    mp’s are talking about nationalization and repolonization of media. this would mean even more propaganda.

    no climate neutrality because the right thinks it’s all for brussel’s and berlin’s profit.

    they want to reform jurisditcion. considering how the situation has been changing over the past years, this will most likely mean making courts even more dependent on politics. this will break the trias politica principle (if it hasn’t been kroken already)

    ziobro (minister of justice) wants education to include more propaganda

    here and here are reddit posts with sources (in polish)

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  • petition to officialy change our country’s name to Pooland cause everything is shitty

    #Poland#Polska#fml#pl #sad reactions only
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  • I honestly will fucking cry. Is that really it? Another 5 years neck deep in this conservative, homophobic, xenophobic sewer? I really can’t stand hearing all the smug comments from this damn clown and his worshipers. I can’t live in country where I have to be ashamed of myself and everything I stand for. But it seems for now - we have to be stronger than ever before, huh. 

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  • I’m so sick of the current situation in Poland. President Andrzej Duda has been reelected - the same man who says that he cares about all Poles but in reality, if you are not a cis white man, he has barely any respect for you. He says that a family should include a man, a woman and their children. It’s harmful for both single parents and lgbt+ people. Speaking of the latter, he calls them ideology, not people. There are literally lgbt+ free zones all around Poland. Also, abortion is going to be illegal in all cases. 

    There are serious reasons to believe that the vote rigging took place during the elections. The majority of the people who voted for Duda are old people and parents who do not work but get the money from the government. They seem not to understand that the money is taken from elsewhere - from people who work hard every single day, from products that are becoming more and more expensive. Poles lose more money that they get and yet, half of the country does not see the problem.

    In the first round of elections, we had a left-winged candidate who was a gay man with respect for everyone, regardless sex, race, social status etc. He wouldn’t tolerate any exclusions, he wanted women to have better opportunities and have a chance to decide about their own bodies. We had another candidate who was not connected with any party, who was really passionate about introducting positive changes. And finally we had a candidate who fought in the second round with our current president. A man who was chosen by almost half - or more if not for the forged elections - of the Poles but still, not enough.

    Now one half of the country loves our president, the other hates him. This is a man who is openly homophobic, anti-german and anti-jewish. Who pardoned a paedophile. Who signs everything that the leading party puts under his nose. Who is very close to becoming as bad as Donald Trump. 

    Poland is not a safe place for many groups of people and it won’t be for the next 5 years. At least. 

    #poland #though more like #clownland#politics
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  • i think we should change the name from Poland to Clownland, national anthem to the circus music and refer to doodoo the fool as the head clown

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  • Poland, I’m so sorry

    #I was looking through the tag out of curiousity and literally went yikes #poland #yall im so sorry #that fucking SUCKS
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  • i just cannot believe they’re literally forging the election (there are votes without ballots, some of the citizens abroad didn’t even get their ballots etc.) and publicly spreading lies and unsubstantiated accusations (LGBTQ+ is pedophilia, ideology not community and western countries teach 4 year olds how to masturbate) just to inflame the primal fears of people too narrow-minded to actually seek and verify the source of the mentioned accusations, and to - therefore - win

    not to mention the ridiculous campaign (the prime minister - instead of focusing on ending the pandemic for example - was all over the country promoting the president; also public postal service was passing out manipulated fliers glorifying the current government and dissing the opponent). 

    i don’t want to call the people out, but ffs - if the majority of the uni graduates, the youth and the diaspora votes against the elected candidate then something must be wrong…

    #poland#polska#wybory #może jesteśmy za głupi na demokrację sama już nie wiem #tyle lat marnowania pieniędzy przepychania po ciuchu ustaw opłacania ludzi... #ale nie przecież ten jarmark jest super wata cukrowa jest tania #***** *** #i'll calm down i promise #just not now #i just can't #enough of this bs #what a great time to be a punk #gotta vent
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  • Is it time for zamach stanu?

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  • Ulica Gdańska w Bydgoszczy (lata 20).

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  • Man, I sure hope the Polish presidential election isn’t a foreshadowing for the US presidential election…

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  • I remember that back in 2016 I cried for USA when Trump was elected as a president

    today I am crying for my own country

    fucking shame, Poland. fucking shame

    #not my president #poland#election2020
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  • Hey w świetle wyników wyborów 2020 stworzyłem serwer na discordzie, żeby można było polamentować, porozmawiać i pomyśleć co robić dalej. Wyślijcie mi wiadomość, albo zerknijcie na opis mojego bloga żeby otrzymać link (tumblr nie pokazuje w wyszukiwarce postów z linkami). Serwer jest przyjazny osobom lgbt

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