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  • mean-gemini
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Every time there’s “can u be in a het relationship and still be a radical feminist” discourse I am more and more convinced that u cannot lmao

    #the way some het and bi women talk abt this just proves that they are not at all interested in centering women in any way so yeah I don’t #think most of them are capable of dating men and still being radical feminists #I think if u are genuinely committed to women’s liberation and will continue to prioritize that even if ur with a man then yes it’s #theoretically possible but it’s so clear that most of y’all are not capable of that and will drop every woman in ur life for ur extremely #average boyfriend lol #‘so are u just saying het women should be celibate forever’ yes. #that’s what they did in the 70s and 80s babe #that’s what they’re doing in Korea #anyway lol #at this point literally bring back political lesbianism #hets crying abt ‘I cant change my sexuality 😭’ shut up #we’re not asking u to change ur sexuality we’re just saying radical feminism is specifically abt centering women and it is very hard/ #maybe impossible to do that if ur in a relationship with a man #we will all have to give up some things if we want to change society and like if sex with men is one of them is that not worth it? #if getting some dick is worth more to u than centering and uplifting women then yeah ur not a radical feminist idk #it rly just sounds like y’all are saying heterophobia is real
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  • bodenor
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    if your only criticism of women making long lasting friendships with other women, women being roommates with other women and living with their female friends instead of male partners, and in general just women avoiding men to whatever extent they can is that it's "political lesbianism" then literally call it anything else. criticizing the homophobic idea that straight women can choose to become lesbians or that lesbianism is a political choice instead of a natural variation of human sexuality with no inherent moral or political implications is one thing, but if you extend it to "o btw some women from like sixty years ago who believed in separatism also believed in political lesbianism so separatism is bad actually" is pretty fucking dishonest, ngl

    #altho my personal favorite is straight women who defend the term ''political lesbianism'' and then like. have boyfriends #saw that on twitter once and i haven't recovered since
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  • kellsodaa
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    it is rant time my dudes

    political lesbianism makes me so angry. "het women should just beome lesbians and date women to stick it to the patriarchy!!!" is not the great take you think it is. "women should cut off all their relations with men and only have relations with women who are always 100% pure and good!!!!" is not the great take you think it is.

    lesbian relationships are not immune to all the bad things any other relationship can entail. a lesbian relationship can be amazing as much as it can be toxic. telling a woman who is not attracted to women to just date one to escape the toxicity of het relationships will not solve the original problem (which is the patriarchy) and will not make anyone happy. also, way to blame victims of violence for the violence they've endured instead of blaming the perpetrators!

    this stance is also blatant bi and pan erasure. of course, bi and pan people can choose to only date women, there are people who do that, but in that case they are attracted to women anyway and you can choose to pursue a relationship or not. but you can't just erase their attraction to other genders. this is just another layer of biphobia and panphobia that is becoming more and more shameless and i HATE IT

    it also dangerously toes the line of transphobia. because surprise! there are men who are trans and nonbinary! i've seen so many political lesbians claiming that trans men are "traitors" and "frustrated lesbians", and harrassing and sending death threats to trans men. i've also seen many accounts from trans men saying they were scared to come out because they were scared of becoming the enemy. it's so infuriating. just because trans men are men does not mean they automatically get the privilege that cishet men have. it does not automatically make them oppressors.

    villainising masculinity and making it the enemy is NOT the way to go about this. the real problem is the patriarchy, not masculinity itself, and i thought we had established that long ago. boiling down masculinity to toxicity and only terrible things is detrimental to every masc-aligned person within our community

    and what about nonbinary people? they're not women, so should they be included in the political lesbian dating pool without being treated as Woman Lite or are they not woman enough?

    what about trans women? there are political lesbians who are very blatantly transphobic towards them, because "well they were born as men so they cant truly experience womanhood :////" and other political lesbians dont even bat an eye??? i have a friend who shamelessly shared a quote about political lesbianism that was written by a blatant terf and when i brought it up to her, she said "well actually the quote might not be from her so it's fine". the LENGTHS people will go to to defend terfs even within our community is fucking astounding

    tldr: political lesbianism fucking sucks

    aggressively, a lesbian

    #the terms het and lesbian relationships are used very loosely here. they're just qualifiers and i do not mean to erase bi/pan/other people #i really needed to get this off my chest bc i know someone who's been spouting some biphobic and transphobic shit under the guise of #political lesbianism and it's been really pissing me off #also i dont like the idea of weaponising a sexuality #like. our identites are constantly politicised and it is exhausting CAN WE JUST CHILL #cw transphobia #sorry for the typos or poor grammar it's 1am and im running on pure spite #kell.txt
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  • butchwolverine
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    i am not gonna waste my time arguing with people who don’t know what they’re talking about and clearly don’t bother to actually listen to trans women, but if you think any tumblr discourse opinion can be considered a “terf dogwhistle” you are objectively wrong and are making a mess out of important community discussions and i don’t want you interacting with me at all. 

    #don/trb #things like 'men are evil because [insert bioessentialism]' and urls involving rad/uterus/vulva/wombyn/etc. are terf dogwhistles #butch/femme discourse and being an aro/ace cishet exclusionist is not #and yes political lesbianism/separatism is specifically part of radfem ideology and is a big factor in the biphobia bi women face #but being an asshole to bi women alone doesn't make someone a terf it just makes them a biphobe #i say this as a bi woman who has suffered immensely at the hands of that rhetoric. if you're tme shut up and listen to trans women #txt#terf mention
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  • cowkid23
    19.04.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I'm so tired of running into terfs on this fucking website. If you're a terf please unfollow me. Block me, actually. I do not want to interact with you.

    Actually this goes for all transphobes. Please please please block me.

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  • azurowle
    17.04.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    so many of the posts in the political lesbian tag are. just. literally fuckin’ TERFs whining about political lesbians being a “white feminism thing” and how it shits on bisexual women and i just

    oh my god

    political lesbianism is literally a fuckin’ offshoot of radical feminism:

    like, yeah! imagine that! considering how often “dismantle the patriarchy and liberate womyn” gets bastardized by assholes who reduce it to “womyn good man bad”, imagine my absolute shock that people would claim you can change your sexuality to ONLY love the “unproblematic” half of society!

    (And yes this is absolutely Still A Thing.)

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  • colordesign
    06.04.2021 - 1 mont ago


    #if i see a single one a yall say omg finally kehlani is a lesbian... dont #like be happy for her that she is finding words and community that work best for her #but if you are celebrating her being a lesbian in comparison to her being bi or queer... thats biphobic #we already knew shes wlw. dont come with the political lesbianism and biphobia #edit: im specifically upset at people saying the Finally part #finally... what? shes always been a wlw. what is it about her being a lesbian that you were hanging onto? hm?
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  • thistlecore
    17.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i am begging y’all to stop citing terf / lesbian separatist materials when you talk about like. ‘proving asexuality is real’. in almost all like, pre 2000s context, asexual was used to mean a woman who was so vehemently against men and trans women, (who they saw as ‘men’), that she would exclude them from all aspects of her life, including sex. asexual was more a political identity than what it is now. 

    #yes i think asexuality is real the word itself was used in a vastly different way pre-2000s #im begging you to stop putting terf ideology on my dash as a gotcha #i dont have sources off the top of my head but if you need more info #anything re: political lesbianism / radical lesbianism / lesbian separatism is a good place to start #please do keep in mind all of those movements were like. 99.9999% terfs and transphobic + transmisogynistic things will very much be there
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  • floatingbook
    17.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Even in France, we’re not immune to this kind of lesbophobia (the article in question is here, in French). There’s this stupid amalgam between sexuality and activism. Sure, being a lesbian gives you a different perspective and experience when it comes to misogyny, but that doesn’t mean that every woman can ‘become a lesbian’ to escape misogyny! That’s not how things work! Pretending to be a lesbian is just furthering the existing misogyny and lesbophobia. There’s nothing radical or revolutionary about it.

    #'political lesbianism' #the article itself is a mess #mixing women who appropriate our sexuality willy-nilly and lesbians who are active politically as if they're the same thing #lesbophobia#misogyny #just say you hate lesbians and go
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  • floatingbook
    17.03.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #answered#anonymous #this ask made me mad #(not at you anon sister but at the state of this world) #people just can't stop heaping shit on us #'political lesbianism'#lesbophobia#homophobia #just say you hate lesbians and go #pretty sure 'polilez' are this close to calling us real lesbians 'icky genital fetishists' too
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  • celiica
    06.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Did i really see someone call edelgard and petras relationship healthier than dimitri and dedues

    #Twitter is something else yall #I do also love the woman who's keeping me as a political hostage lesbianism 💕/s #Mercie shut up #Tw racism #?? #Dunno im. Just rambling
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  • normallesbian
    04.03.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #maybe I’m just a lesbian separatist at the end of the day /j #and I don’t mean political lesbian separatist bc I deadass saw a radfem defending politcal lesbianism today #but as in ‘exclusively SSA women my only hope for us is getting the fuck out’
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  • juney-blues
    27.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    its always great when ur identity is kind of a wedge issue for the queer community so it seems like every other person just hates u for no reason and everyone else just doesnt care enough about you to do anything about it all i did was have a complicated identity ! like for gods sake when did queer people become allocishet people 2: electric boogaloo

    #the answer is: when political lesbianism happened #bi lesbians have existed forever damnit #learn queer history you shits ! #dfklgjdfkljg i should probably tag vent posts like these with something cause like 99% of my followers follow me for homestuck stuff lmao
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  • botticelliraddie
    24.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Female separatism is bad apparently and stems from political lesbianism. 🙄

    #she obviously meant political lesbianism but #I am a radical lesbian 😎🛹 #radfems interact#radfem#radical feminism#radical feminist #terfs do interact #political lesbian#female separatism
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  • bodenor
    22.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #sorry if you expected a better response it's just...... this topic is so frustrating and upsetting to me #being a lesbian isn't a political choice and i'm tired of het radfems going LALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU whenever lesbians point out the issues - #with political lesbianism #at this point i'm just tired of talking to a wall if you think homosexuality isn't innate and natural you're a homophobe and i'm not - #wasting my time with you #it really is that simple i wasn't born in this world to explain shit to men or heterosexuals #like every time a lesbian talks about political lesbianism the het radfems yell at us like UM YOU JUST DON'T *UNDERSTAND* WHAT POLITICAL - #LESBIANISM IS ABOUT UWU READ A BOOK SWEATY like whatever. not gonna bother anymore #like recently i saw a het radfem on twitter retweet a post that was like ''political lesbianism is good you guys don't understand!!'' #this is a woman who talks about hooking up with men on tinder like........ #no. you know what. fuck it. i'm tired
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  • an-awkward-tangerine
    15.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    So I just learned that Sheila Jeffrey is a political lesbian and now I'm very disappointed.

    #lesbian#political lesbianism#sheila jeffrey#radfem safe #radfems please touch #radfems please interact
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  • the-reblog-er
    14.02.2021 - 2 monts ago

    For a brief time, lesbians on tumblr were saying that political lesbianism was okay due to compulsory heterosexuality affecting us. That was kinda...weird.

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