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  • is being with one partner and actively wanting to get railed by the other one completely normal or am I an asshole

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  • Poly Questions from More Than Two

    1: Have I ever felt romantic love for more than one person at the same time?

    My first instinct is to say “yes.” But then I remember I was feeling sexual and companionate attraction, which only later became romantic attraction. But that yes, this had been while I was still very much in love with a partner with whom I had a deep romantic, intellectual, emotional and physical attraction.

    So, yes. I have felt this way. Given that I had only been exposed to Polyamory in the merest of references in a fantasy novel at the time, I also felt absolutely awful that I felt this way. It was during two separate periods in which I was single, over ten years ago.

    I don’t want to feel torn up about that again. Nor do I want to cause anyone else to feel that way.

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  • New Thought

    So T and I are talking about doing a poly tindr. Like the two of us as a couple.

    Tips/advice on the best way to do that? Obvi hookups are chill but also want to attract people that are poly friendly?

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  • Polyy

    So I’m in this relationship I’m person c, I’m dating a and a’s dating b. So im confused if that means im poly as well cause im comfortable being in this relationship or if it mean im just mono cause I’m not the one dating 2 or more people?? I dont know alot about poly relationships and I’m trying to learn the correct behavior in it mostly what’s healthy and unhealthy for me to do. If yall dont mind can I get like help??

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  • New poly situation?

    Anyone ever have one of their partners going off to be with a partner separate from you? Me and T have been dating monogamously for 2.5yrs and just realized we’re poly. So far all our adventures have been as a couple. But she may go down to see one of her crushes who is really struggling. We’ve never done anything poly with only one of us and I know she and our partners in Florida would love me to one too, but I can’t.

    Wondering if feeling a little left out/less important/jealous is a normal response and how to teach myself that it’s ok for this because I want this to be an ok thing but it just hasn’t come up yet…

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  • 30 question non-monogamy challenge

    Original by @polyhorde, reblogged from @austerefairy

    29. What is one thing about your partner(s) that drives you nuts? What’s one thing that makes you smile?

    -Gosh just one thing? Haha. I guess when they team up and tease me, or like, hit on me and high-five eachother, just silly little things. But it drives me nuts in a good way, idk they’re my brats and I love them.

    -‎OH! They both like touching my tummy when their hands are cold, that DEFINITELY drives me nuts!! Stop that!

    -‎Something that makes me smile…when they’re sweet and tender. Alex will just look at me and say she loves me, or compliment me, in this soft sincere way that always catches me off guard. Or Jess will just wrap her arm around my waist and pull me toward her, call me cute names and kiss me. Just sweet simple moments when they’re each being romantic and cheesy in their own ways, I blush and die every time 💕

    30. They’re about to get on a plane – what do you say?

    -Do you have earplugs? Music? Call me the second you land. I love you both

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  • dating a married person

    Im seeing someone who has a husband?? They might be separating (unrelated to me). its really new and sorta interesting to check in with myself and see how im feeling about all of it.

    I dont feel jealous at all about their marriage or when they kiss and say they love eachother because they are family and thats super cute. but i get jealous about the idea of potential other partners??

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  • ramblings

    I went on a date yesterday! With this girl from okc. It went well i think? Idk its hard to read some people like we had a good time but my last first date went soooo well and there was such strong chemistry that now im like ?? Does this new person like me all?

    I feel so bold and brave because ive NEVER done this whole dating scene. I never thought i would? Being fat and queer in the dating world is really scary at first. Like i am a super fat and i dont think im conventionally attractive so im always afraid a date is gonna see me for the first time and just fuckin leave lmao but im doing it and im really proud?

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  • I dont think I want to be just another one of someones fuck buddies?

    How do I go about this casual poly dating life without feeling that way?

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  • 13. Describe a happy poly moment that you’ve experienced or seen.

    I have a happy poly moment every time I see Lolita’s eyes and smile when she refers to Layton. To see her light up and be open to loving someone like that… gives me an overwhelming sense of joy and hope. I use these emotions to help me through my current struggle of wanting to love someone that deep again and realizing that it is possible for myself.      

    15. What is one of your fears/concerns regarding poly?

    I’m new to poly so my biggest fear/concern is coming out to my family and friends. Along with that, I struggle with the thought of how I will respond to their responses… how I will convey what being poly means to me…  and how I will be perceived in the future. A lot of these fears and concerns are just projections and assumptions about how I think people are going to respond. I’m sure I’ll be pleasantly surprised by the loving support I will receive when I finally start being my true self. For those who don’t support me… I will understand their position and thank them for being a part of my life. I’ll realize that it’s ok to not be accepted by everyone. Do we really want those people in our lives anyways? With regards to my fear of how I will explain poly to people… it is going to be really difficult at first. I imagine it’s like when a baby stands and takes their first step forward. That first step is the hardest and awkward; they fall down over and over again but keep getting back up. Soon the baby is walking with balance and confidence… maybe even running and eventually jumping! Sure they fall down every once and while throughout their entire life but they keep getting back up! I’m afraid sometimes to take that first step but know that it’s necessary for me. Eventually I will be able to stand tall and walk with confidence! Being a part of this blog, answering your questions, and reading other posts gives me a hand to hold while I balance myself through this journey… thank you so so much!!!!  

    - Leo -

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  • Ok - I don’t intend for anything I’m saying to be condescending, or insulting, or anything negative. I am legitimately asking, but can someone explain the difference between Polygamy and Polyamory? Because all I’ve seen is that Polygamy is marriage between multiple partners - which, isn’t that something that possibly should exist in Polyamory? Like, the way I understand it, a poly relationship can very well be one person with multiple partners, and the multiple partners have only that one person.

    If the reason between the two words is that Polygamy has a negative connotation in recent years, I understand. But I’m just wanting to have the lines drawn for me, just for the knowledge.

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  • You know I have a very little understanding on what a poly is and how it works(I think, like the one with like 3 people?) But my understanding is still very poor on the entire subject, as you can probably tell.

    Like are there different types of relationships with in that?(like sub types kind of???)

    Do you just sit down with all the people you like and try to plan something out?

    I really don’t get how it all works out, and I just woke up really confused about it.

    #spoot chirrups #i can only hope i worked this correctly #my internet is shit rn too so thats why im not looking it up myself #poly questions#vees look #i mean probably u could tell me something about it i bet #spoot wonders
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  • What do you find is the most challenging part of polyamory? All relationships come with challenges but for me, communication is the most difficult part of our family. I never truly realized how difficult it would be to get three people with very different mentalities all on the same wavelength. We all work very hard to be a cohesive family unit. However knowing that all poly families do it a little differently, I’m very curious the challenges you guys face. Feel free to send me a message, anon or not. :)

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  • I just realized I forgot to open my ask box… I am quite sorry. Feel free to send me any asks you want! I would love to communicate with you all. Thank you for your patience 

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