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  • Would anyone be interested in a petting zoo discord server? I mean, I made one ages ago, but right now there’s only animals and no guests.. :P

    It would be open to anyone following the blog, and would simply be a safe space to talk about mental health, polyamory, love, gender, queer identity and so on. Please like, reblog or comment if this would be interesting!


    (If I end up doing it, I will message those who reacted with an invite, but ofc no pressure to join! ^^ )

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  • Usagi, Mamoru, and Haruka, giving away Helios, Chibiusa, and Hotaru respectively, at the Future OT3 royal wedding.

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  • Christy held her breath as Rhett slipped the thin golden chain around her neck. It had a glittery tinsel quality that suited her.

    “It’s beautiful, guys!”

    “You shoulda seen the look on the guy’s face at the jeweler.” Link grinned. “He asked Rhett if it was a gift for his wife, and Rhett told him matter-of-factory that his wife had more bold tastes, but this minimalist look was perfect for his girlfriend.”

    Christy gave Rhett a playful chastising look. “You shouldn’t exploit our relationship for shock value.”

    “I was doing no such thing! I think the guy was fine until Link kissed me right then and there and said ‘She’s gonna love it!’.”

    She giggled. “I do love it, but y’all are bad!”

    “Well,” Link said, easing her down onto the bed, Christy wearing nothing except for Rhett’s gift. “Today’s a special day, and we’re gonna show you just how bad we can be.”

    He spread her legs and nestled his face warmly between her thighs causing her to gasp and tilt her head toward the headboard.

    Rhett easily caught her face and swallowed her pleased moans with his lips.

    Christy was thinking things couldn’t get any better when the door swung open, and Jessie’s diminutive silhouette fill the doorway. She was wearing black lacy lingerie and smiling ear to ear.

    Just like that, she had been proven wrong.

    Things had gotten better.

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  • Richie x Patrick x Eddie aesthetic

    #patrick hockstetter#richie tozier#poly ship#eddie kaspbrak#it stephen king#it 2017 #it chapter 2 #Richie x Patrick x Eddie #poly ships#gay ships#it aesthetic#gay aesthetic#aestethic#polyamory#poly positivity#polyamourous#poly aesthetic #all ships are great #all ships are good #all ships are welcome #all ships are valid #problematic pairs#problematic ships #antis don't interact #antis dont interact #antis dni#my edits
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  • I’m going to show myself up a little bit here, because I think it’s important to talk about what to do when you’ve fucked up.

    I fucked up, guys. 

    So, M is my nesting partner. He’s not more important than my other important people, but because we have been together a long while and we do talk to each other about our other sexual encounters (in a way that’s respectful to the other parties!), we don’t use condoms together. That’s a decision we came to after a long while of being involved with each other. During one of our casual conversations about relationships just a few days ago, he mentioned that if I were to stop using condoms with another partner, that he assumed it would be something I would discuss with him before I did it, because it would affect him. While he in no way gets a veto over my sexual encounters with others, but he would want to know prior to anything happening so that he could make decisions about his own body regarding it. 

    Fine. I agreed this was reasonable. I only currently have one other sexual partner, JD. Yesterday, I was at JD’s house with his girlfriend/my platonic partner S. We watched some TV, we had a cuddle, we ate some dinner, we smoked too much. S had to go home around eleven, and I stayed for another smoke, and then me and JD fell asleep on the sofa until about 3am, at which point we decided we would go up to bed. 

    We spent most of the night not sleeping well, since we haven’t shared a bed more than a handful of times before, and just cuddling instead. In the morning, we ended up having sex. 

    I’m sure it will come as a surprise to no one from the set up that we did not use a condom. Previously, we have used condoms, because we are in a culture where condom use is normal when penetration is involved, and not using condoms is a thing you discuss before you do. The excuse we’ve both used is that it was very early in the morning, we were half asleep, as if it just sort of happened. 

    Look, I remember. I remember thinking “I need to mention this right now, or it’ll be too late, last time the condom caused a ton of friction and I got thrush and that was bad, but I need to… oh, it’s too late. Oh well!”

    I made the wrong call here. I mean, the sex was fun. But the solution to my friction problem was condom and lube, not no condom. 

    I see people sometimes, asking for advice about this situation, where their partner has done this, and they think they’re suddenly going to get every STD in the world, and that they need to break up, that this counts as cheating… look, I did do a bad thing, and I made the wrong call. But how I dealt with it was this: I messaged M straight away and apologised, explained I would go to the clinic to get tested as soon as feasibly possible, and that if he wanted to use condoms with me until I got my results, I was absolutely fine with that, and then I messaged JD and said that it was something we needed to talk about because it was not a good decision. He agreed that we should not do that again, and that we would do better next time, and we’ve both agreed to start carrying condoms at all times so as we don’t have an excuse not to use them. Because we’re human, and we fuck up sometimes, because instant gratification sometimes overrides precautions against possible future problems, but what matters is how you clean up your messes.

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  • The Smallville theme song but instead of somebody save me it’s somebody date me

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  • Navigating the world while poly just feels like trying to sit in a seat thats just a little too small for you.

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  • One thing reading about poly didn’t prepare me for was how acutely the world is built for couples.

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  • Just wanted to share a couple of my favourite therapy / self-help / relationship-oriented Instagram profiles should anyone else find them useful! 

    They’ve been especially applicable living this poly lifestyle of mine (as a way to understand myself AND some of the personalities in my polycule), but are great reminders for self-work in general, and for navigating any kind of relationship - romantic or otherwise.

    Their captions provide the most useful advice. Read in full!

    They center around such themes as:

    • Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!
    • Attachment Theory
    • Love Languages / Apology Languages
    • Healthy Communication
    • Ego work
    • Healing trauma / the wounded inner child
    • Re-parenting
    • Codependency / Interdependency
    • Intimacy / Connection
    • Managing conflict


    Dr. Nicole LePera
    🔮 I teach you to heal + consciously create a new version of yourself


    Silvy Khoucasian, M.A.
    Relationship Coach
    Founder, Love With Integrity
    I teach practical relationship skills + how to have healthy boundaries

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  • I never knew this was possibly. But, You are the loves of my life


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  • Me, at the start of this Fifty Kisses prompt challenge: My planned pairings are Heroine/Ikki and Heroine/Kent, both as individual relationships as well as one single poly relationship.

    Also me, almost every time I start a prompt: …… yeah so this is totally going to be a poly ship prompt, because I can’t help myself, I love both Ikki and Kent and they both deserve to be happy, and so does Heroine.

    #ffffft #what is writing monogamous relationships #XD #I don't even know #when was the last time I even wrote one? #probably back in my Buffy fic days #ahahahaha#polyamory#fan fic#writing #my fan fic #my writing#Amnesia: Memories#Fifty Kisses#OTP#OT3
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  • Tony x reader x Bruce

    Like this pairing and want to see more? Let me know down below or through inbox/message.

    Masterlist     Sleep Series Masterlist     Halloween/Supernatural Masterlist

    The three of you were some of the smartest people of your age. The three of you had created and solved some of the greatest things the world had seen. But just because you were the smartest of your age, does not mean you knew how to function correctly, or at all.

    The three of you were messes of human beings. Tony primarily functioned on coffee, going what felt like weeks without sleeping properly, Bruce had issues with intimacy and with the other guy, though you and Tony did work with him on his intimacy issues, and you struggled with anxiety, but your boys told you, you were getting better with it.

    Not to mention the fact you were all incredibly forgetful. Forgetting where you left papers, where you left your keys and you all forgot to sleep or to take your glasses off when you did.

    “Bruce, it’s two a.m., even Tony is in bed. Please just come to bed with me.” You pleaded, pulling the short robe tighter over your body.

    “Honey, I promise I will come to bed soon.” Bruce promised, moving away from his laptop to take your hands in his. “I am so close to finishing this, I’ll be done in an hour max.”

    “Brucie, how long have we been together?” You asked, raising an eyebrow at the man.

    “A long time.” He responded, pulling you in closer.

    “Exactly, and during this time I’ve worked out, you’re as bad as Tony.” You said, raising an eyebrow at the man who suddenly became sheepish.

    “Please, hon, one hour and then I’ll come to bed. I just want to finish this.” He pleaded, pushing his glasses back up. You stared at the scientist for a minute before nodding slightly.

    “One hour. If you don’t make your way up to our bed in one hour, I’ll be back down here to drag you up to bed.” You sighed, pointing sternly at Bruce. Bruce smiled brightly and kissed you quickly

    “Thank you, honey.” He said, pulling away to move back to where he’d set up. “One hour I promise.” He added before getting back to work. You smiled and shook your head at the excited man before leaving the lab.

    “I thought you were making him sleep.” Tony queried as you crawled back into bed. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled in closer. “You made me come to bed.”

    “He’s got one hour to finish what he’s working on before I go down there again.” You supplied, resting your head on his chest. “J.A.R.V.I.S. can you please alert me in an hour if Bruce is still in the lab?”

    “Of course, Miss L/N.”

    “There, you have an alarm if Bruce doesn’t come up.” Tony said, smirking slightly. “How about we get some sleep now?”

    “I could go for some sleep.” You admitted. “Love you, Tony.” You told him, leaning up to kiss the man before settling back onto his chest.

    “Love you too, Y/N.”

    An hour later you woke to the sound of beeping and something prodding your shoulder.

    “Go away, Tony.” You grumbled, pushing the hand away.

    “Not a chance, baby girl.” Tony said, continuing to poke you. “That’s your Bruce alarm.” He told you causing you to spring up.

    “I’ll be right back.” You told the man, jumping out of bed and into the elevator. Running into the lab, you were about to yell at Bruce to get his ass in bed when you stopped suddenly and smiled. Bruce lay slumped over the lab bench, drooling slightly and glasses smooshed into his face.

    “Oh Bruce.” You sighed, having an internal debate. Nodding to yourself you moved over to another bench and pulled out the emergency blanket and pillow. You carefully set Bruce up on the makeshift bed and took the glasses off his face. “Night Brucie.” You said, kissing him on the forehead before going back to bed yourself.

    “Where’s the big greenie?” Tony asked, pulling you into the bed.

    “Asleep in the lab.” You answered, curling into his arms. “He’s lucky I got to him now, he could’ve broken his glasses if he slept with them.”

    “Well that would be a stupid mistake.” Tony snorted. “Night Y/N. Love you.” He added.

    “Love you too, Tony.” You replied, curling deeper into his warmth.

    Both your boys had gone out for the day. Tony was stuck in meetings all day and Bruce had gone out for the day to a safe space to give Hulk an area to have some, safe, fun. With both boys out for the day you’d decided that you needed to finish working on some of the experiments you’d been putting off.

    You’d been in the lab for most of the night before and all today. You’d done most of the things on your list and only had a couple things left to do, but you were tired. You’d been running on caffeine, but it was finally starting to wear off. You were too in the zone to get up and get more coffee or go to bed.

    You were so tired; you didn’t even remember leaning over the computer and falling asleep.

    According to the computer, you’d been asleep for nearly two hours when you woke up. But the time wasn’t why you’d woken up, it was the discomfort you felt on your face. Lifting your head from the computer you saw, or rather didn’t see, what the discomfort you felt was.

    As you lifted your head, your glasses fell onto the counter in four separate parts.

    “Shit.” You groaned, picking up the two pieces of the broken frames. The lenses themselves had popped out and one of them was broken beyond repair. “Double shit.”

    Without being able to use your glasses, it was incredibly hard to see anything. Knowing you had a pair of somewhat useful glasses in the bedroom, you began to slowly make your way to the bedroom.

    You made it through the lab and onto the elevator with no problem, but when you made it to your floor you began to have trouble. You were constantly crashing into something and could hardly walk a straight line.

    “Baby girl.” Tony said suddenly as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You jumped in surprise and put your hand on his arm. “Are you drunk?”

    “I’m not drunk, Tony.” You said, shaking your head slightly.

    “You can be honest, Y/N.” Bruce’s voice came from behind you. “We did watch you stumble around the room then.”

    “I promise I’m not drunk you two.” You told them both, turning to face them. “I broke my glasses.”

    “I’ll get your spares.” Bruce said before he left the room.

    “How did you break your glasses?” Tony asked in concern. “You’re usually so careful baby girl.”

    “I fell asleep with them on.” You mumbled quietly, cheeks heating up in embarrassment.

    “What was that? I didn’t quite catch that.” Tony said, leaning closer to you.

    “I fell asleep with them on and they broke.” You said again, this time louder and clearer. Tony laughed as your face got redder and you could hear Bruce chuckling behind you. “Yeah, yeah, laugh it up you two.”

    “Here you go, honey.” Bruce said, placing your glasses in your hand. “Tony stop laughing.” Bruce chided the still laughing man.

    “I’m sorry baby girl.” Tony apologized, looking slightly remorseful. “It’s just, haven’t we had the conversation to not fall asleep with our glasses on?”

    “It was an accident.” You defended yourself, putting your spares on. “And now I’m paying for it, I hate these ones.” You groaned as your eyesight was still fuzzy.

    “I’ll book you in for an appointment.” Bruce promised, coming to stand behind you.

    “I thought you two weren’t going to be back until late tonight?” You asked, relaxing between the two.

    “A couple of my meetings were cancelled, and I finished the rest early.” Tony explained, running his fingers along Bruce’s and your sides.

    “The big guy didn’t want to be away too long today either.” Bruce said. “He wanted to smash trees with you two there.”

    “We’ll all go together next time.” You promised, looking back at him. “It’ll be fun.”

    “Since we’ve all done what we need to today, how about we order in and watch some movies, in the bedroom?” Tony suggested.

    “Sounds great.” Bruce said, smiling up at the man.

    “You two get set up in bed and I’ll order in. Pizza or Chinese?” He asked, puling apart from the two of you.

    “Pizza.” You and Bruce said together. Tony smiled and kissed the two of you and went into the kitchen to grab the menu as Bruce led you into the bedroom.

    Non-reader POV

    “Okay the pizza is ordered who’s picked the movie?” Tony asked coming into the bedroom. He stopped in the doorway and smiled at the two in front of him.

    Y/N and Bruce both laid in bed, Bruce curled around Y/N with her head resting on his chest. Both were fast asleep and still had their glasses on.

    “What would you two do without me?” Tony asked, rolling his eyes fondly as he took their glasses off and put them on the bedside table. He proceeded to get undressed and joined the two of you in bed, curling around the two of you.

    Reader POV

    “This place is gorgeous.” You sighed, leaning against Bruce. The two of you were lounging in the pool at Tony’s house in Australia.

    It had been a few incredibly long and hard months back home and this was your vacation. Tony had come up to you both in the lab last week and told you both to ’pack a bag, we’re going on holiday.’

    Without telling you where you were going, Tony helped you and Bruce pack a suitcase and hauled you off on his jet for the vacation.

    The three of you had landed in Australia a week ago and it had been the most relaxing week, you’d all had in a long time. You’d spent your days, relaxing on the nearby beach, swimming in the pool, cooking out under the stars and of course enjoying each other’s company

    Tony’s house was completely private, no-one was able to disturb you. You’d even been able to have the other guy out and about a couple times.

    “It is isn’t it?” Bruce said, drawing you out of your thoughts. “It’s so peaceful, it almost makes up for the heat.”

    “I’ll take the heat if it means I get you two all to myself.” You told the man, turning in his arms and wrapping yours around his neck. “I’m a selfish woman and I love it when it’s just us three.”

    “We love it being just the three of us too, hon.” Bruce said, wrapping his around your waist and leaning down to kiss you. “Speaking of the three of us, where’s Tony?” He asked once you pulled apart.

    “I think he’s sunbathing.” You said, looking around to spot Tony on a chair near the pool on his stomach. “Though he looks like he could be asleep.”

    “You think we should wake him?” Bruce asked, looking where you were.

    “Might as well, it’s about lunch time anyway.” You said, leaning up to kiss Bruce before you swam away with a devilish smirk. “Race you to the stairs.” You called, swimming away. Bruce quickly caught up to you and unfortunately made it to the stairs before you.

    “I win.” He said, smiling cheekily at you. Rolling your eyes fondly you climbed out with Bruce walking behind you. “Do I get a prize?” He asked, grabbing you by the waist and spinning you around.

    “We’ll see, Doctor Banner.” You teased, kissing him on the jaw before unraveling his arms from you. “But for now, what do you say we wake our lover?”

    “I think that sounds like a plan.” Bruce responded as you took his hand in yours and pulled him over to the chair.

    “Is he sleeping with sunglasses on his head?” You asked, looking down at the man.

    “I think he’s wearing another pair.” Bruce commented, tapping Tony on the shoulder. “Tony wake up.” He said gently. Tony shot up as Bruce tapped him. He looked around in confusion almost knocking the glasses on his head and the ones he was wearing off.

    “What’s going on?” He asked, voice thick with sleep as he looked between you two.

    “You were sleeping.” Bruce supplied.

    “With two pairs of sunglasses on. Why do you even have two on anyway?” You asked, staring at him feeling slightly smug. “Aren’t you always telling us to not fall asleep with our glasses on?”

    “I can tell your feeling very smug right now, N/N, but in my defense, I don’t remember falling asleep.” Tony said, running his fingers through his hair.

    “Come on, sleepyhead.” Bruce said, helping Tony off the chair. “Let’s go inside, get some lunch in you and then you can go to bed.” He added, leading him into the house with you following.

    You and Bruce made a large lunch while Tony sat at the island. When the two of you were down you turned to plate up and instead of seeing Tony sitting there wide awake, Tony was fast asleep on the island, still with two pair of sunglasses.

    “Should we wake him?” Bruce asked, smiling at the sleeping billionaire. He really didn’t get that much sleep that often.

    “No, let him sleep. We’ll save some lunch for when he wakes up.” You told the man, putting the plates down and taking Tony’s sunglasses off. “We’ll go eat in the living room.” You added, kissing Tony on the head.

    Tony woke up a few hours later and joined you two on the couch with a plate of his own.

    The three of you were messes of human beings but you were working on it. Together.

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    Coming soon;

    Natasha x reader x Bucky

    Steve x reader x Natasha

    Sam x reader x Bucky x Steve

    Steve x reader x Sam

    Clint x reader x Bucky

    Natasha x reader x Bucky

    Bucky x reader x Sam

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  • Polyamorous blessings

    1) when one partner has fallen asleep, so you cuddle up to another

    2) the joy of seeing your partner happy with someone else

    3) shared responsibility in a crisis

    4) cuddlepiles!!

    5) the group chat. You know the one.

    6) giant support network!!

    7) if you have an off day, your partner can likely find comfort elsewhere

    8) communal living and living alone can be achieved within a couple that would’ve otherwise had incompatible needs.

    9) if you have kids or animals, there will be more hands to care and more hearts to love

    10) If you meet someone you click with romantically, it’s a positive, not a homewrecking situation

    11) more hands to cook!! Shared responsibilities!

    12) family meals

    13) being held by one partner while another strokes your back

    14) You have a better chance to be as alone or as social as you like

    15) watching your partners form friendships with one another is so precious!!

    ..feel free to add more!

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  • Me: *describes having multiple partners*

    Them: well, isn’t that just like having friends?

    Me internally: yes. Yes it is. So puzzle me this one: how come it’s so hard for y'all to understand? Could it be - just maybe - that the culture of amatonormativity has ruined even the concept of friendship for you, that you can no longer enjoy the company of others without feelings of guilt, because somehow you’re supposed to be one and all for ONE person and it’s toxic af?

    Me outwardly: haha yeah kinda

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  • Me and my partner just opened up our relationship again and now we have decided on a polycule and I couldn’t be happier.

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