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  • jomiddlemarch
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #helnik #five sentence fic #modern au#nikolai lantsov #pop culture references #fluff#romance#humor#grishaverse #nina x matthias #domestic fluff
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  • shyseekeroflight
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Magical Compendium: Melkor

    Below are my notes that I developed for working with Melkor as a pop culture pagan/chaos magician/I don’t like labels. My primary focus here is on details that can be most directly utilized in spiritual practice/magical workings (e.g. correspondences), but more general information is supplied as well in order to give greater context and develop themes.

    I take a generally sympathetic and positive slant, so if that’s not in alignment with your tastes, you probably won’t get much out of this post. Furthermore, I admit that my knowledge of this subject is fragmentary at best and make no claims to expertise. I am simply someone with great interest in this figure/character.


    True (Valarin) Name: unknown

    Quenya Name: Melkor, “He Who Arises in Might”; older form Melkórë

    Sindarin Names: (after stealing the Silmarils) Morgoth, “Black Foe”/“Dark Tyrant”; Bauglir, “the Constrainer”

    Names given by Mairon in Númenórean cult worship: Lord of All, Giver of Freedom, Lord of the Darkness

    Names given by himself: King of the World, Master of the Fates of Arda

    “It is he whose name is not now spoken; for the Valar have deceived you concerning him, putting forward the name of Eru, a phantom devised in the folly of their hearts, seeking to enchain Men in servitude to themselves. For they are the oracle of this Eru, which speaks only what they will. But he that is their master shall yet prevail, and he will deliver you from this phantom; and his name is Melkor, Lord of All, Giver of Freedom, and he shall make you stronger than they” (Silmarillion, Akallabêth, p. 271).

    Title/Occupation: First Dark Lord

    Race: Ainur/Valar/Aratar

    Texts: The Silmarillion (Ainulindalë, Valaquenta, Quenta Silmarillion, Akallabêth), Morgoth’s Ring, Ósanwe-kenta

    Domains: All*

    “To Melkor among the Ainur had been given the greatest gifts of power and knowledge, and he had a share in all the gifts of his brethren” (Silmarillion, Ainulindalë, p.16).

    Patron of: children; anyone who creates—artists, musicians, artisans, craftspeople, inventors, engineers; anyone who works with words—linguists, writers, poets; outcasts, criminals, prisoners

    “From the first he was greatly interested in “language”, that talent that the Eruhíni would have by nature; but we did not at once perceive the malice in this interest, for many of us shared it, and Aulë above all. But in time we discovered that he made a language for those who served him; and he has learned our tongue with ease. He has great skill in this matter. Beyond doubt he will master all tongues, even the fair speech of the Eldar" (Manwë about Melkor to the Elves, Ósanwe-kenta).

    Themes: existence (universe/cosmos/creation/Eä)/nonexistence (Void), parent/child, power/powerlessness, creation/destruction, order/chaos, purity/corruption, divinity/humanity, life/death

    Colors: galaxy, black, rainbow, light

    Elements/Energies: music, fire, ice, smoke, storm, lightning, darkness/shadow, void

    “And he descended upon Arda in power and majesty greater than any other of the Valar, as a mountain that wades in the sea and has its head above the clouds and is clad in ice and crowned with smoke and fire; and the light of the eyes of Melkor was like a flame that withers with heat and pierces with a deadly cold” (Silmarillion, Ainulindalë, p. 22).

    Magical Disciplines:

    Creation magic/art or music magic/chaos magic/tulpamancy

    Corruption magic

    Magical languages, runes, and incantations

    Dark magical races/creatures: orcs, dragons (draconic magic), werewolves, vampires, evil fay/spirits

    Sex magic


    Blood magic


    Spirit work

    Ceremonial and sacrificial magic, deity work/worship, constructed places of worship (i.e. temples)

    Symbols: hammer, crown, gemstones, chains (Angainor)

    Weapon: Grond (Hammer of the Underworld)

    Sabbats: Samhain

    Animals: cats, bats, wolves, dragons


    Amaranth - immortality

    Aloe - immortality

    Strelitizia - freedom, immortality

    Heather - independence, confidence

    Tassel flower - creativity, originality

    Muscari - power, confidence, mystery, creativity

    Materials: metal, especially iron

    Tarot Cards: the Tower, Five of Wands, Eight of Swords

    Related Entities: Mairon (Sauron)

    *Some alternative suggestions for what his domain may be include chaos, destruction, corruption, change/transformation, evil, and darkness/shadow.

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  • llycaons
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    this terrible jekyll series that moffat did has a lot of weird similarities to how badly w/ep went off the rails

    #like the cloning and the weird science and that bullshit explanations that dont actually explain anything #this guy is a lot more invested in english pop culture figures than I am I can't say that the story being a longer format #would automatically ruin it #a lot of the overarching plots in elementary were really bad tho maybe he has a point #cor.txt
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  • inevitabletony
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    how Ted Lasso would do when invited on british (panel) shows:

    Would I Lie To You: You see him bluff Rupert? This is a man that can lie. He convinces Lee that he changed his last name to Lasso in college bc he was obsessed with Westerns.

    Celebrity Bake-off: Come on. He kills this. Paul tries to stare him down and he stares right back with a completely genuine grin.

    BFQotY: The Honest Trailer that described Ted as a manic pixie dream dad leads me to believe he be paired with Claudia Winkleman and it’d be a disaster. They win and, despite being in the lead every time they checked the scores, everyone is shocked including ted and claudia.

    QI: His buzzer would go “yeehaw”. He’s super interested in all the facts and derails several attempts to segue into a new topic to ask Sandi a question. He attempts a british accent at one point.

    Taskmaster: If you can imagine a perfect medium of Nish Kumar’s enthusiasm, Tim Vine’s constant puns, and Jessica Knappet’s general vibe, you’d get Ted’s play style. Gets awarded several bonus points for being so polite that it makes Alex uncomfortable.

    Cats Does Countdown: Ted being a canon avid reader translates well into this. He’s very proud of himself for getting a nine for spelling Neighbour the ~british~ way (i.e. non-american way). He’s really good at the math portion and very pointedly say maths whenever he gets the chance. In awe of Rachel and Susie, similar to how he felt about Sandi Toksgiv.

    Graham Norton: No one is getting flipped in the red chair if Ted Lasso is in the room.

    #ted lasso #ted lasso (tv) #text #this is Self-Indulgent but i could not stop thinking abt ted Immersed in British Pop Culture
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  • somediyprojects
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    NASA SLS and Orion Payload stitched by wallcrawlinghero. Pattern ($5.50) designed by Ellie White aka alephsef/SpiritLineDesigns.

    “Mostly finished (launch is rescheduled so date is TBD) blueprint of the Artemis 1 launch vehicles that a friend is sending a satellite up in.
    My friend worked on part of a satellite that will be going up with the Artemis 1 launch in the near future. The original date from the pattern is November 4th, 2021, but seems like it will be pushed until at least early 2022 so I left the date blank.
    A group of us drove to Florida to see one of the final shuttle launches 10 years ago, but it was scrubbed 3 hours out. Now we’re planning to go to Florida together to watch this mission launch whenever that happens. We’re all very proud and excited that he got to work on something that’s actually going into space (to the Moon, no less!) so I’ll fill in the date after it actually launches and frame this for him as a surprise.
    The pattern itself was a lot of fun to do and was surprisingly more difficult than I expected because of some of the tiny details in the drawings.”
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  • completeandrandomshit
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #jibbs #midwest hip  hop #midwest rap#midwest hip-hop #st. louis rap #real rap #real hip hop #real hip-hop #black pop culture #2000s rap#00s rap#2000s hip-hop#00s hip-hop #00s hip hop #youtube.com #music.youtube.com #youtube#real music
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  • rosecandy
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    been having a really rough time with physical health in college but i took a day off and finally managed to recover. i was really dreading the upcoming weeks but i’m looking at the upcoming projects and i feel really excited and motivated. also i got to sign up for classes next semester so i get to look forward to that now

    #rose.txt #a lot of what i've been doing is movie and pop culture stuff and that's going to continue into next semester
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  • bitchfitch
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #the channel was the pop culture something #i Cant find it #it was like a 40 min essay and used the fifth element as one of its primary examples #also someone ask me about the bsy mentor henry thing #bc thats a different conversation but one ive put a Lot of thought into #entries #channel was pop culture detective
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  • myvintagespace
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
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  • 666mistyday
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    Alternative to the Batkids Halloween costumes 🎃

    Dick: Britney Spears from the "Oops!... I Did It Again" music video, (at this point he is used to skin-tight suits aka the discowing)

    Jason: Bucky Barnes, duh. (From Captain America and the Winter Soldier, but his pocket knife was real)

    Tim: Ryan from HSM 2 in the "I Don't Dance" scene

    Duke: Chad from HSM 2 in the "I Don't Dance" scene

    Steph: Mr. Worldwide Pitbull, she borrowed one of Tims suits throw a bald cap and called it a day

    Cass: Zombie! Snow White, it's her favorite Disney movie so it was easy to choose

    Damian: Chucky, with a toy knife to avoid poking people his siblings

    #they said pop culture #its very music centric ksks #Dick knows the whole choreo (yep another britney stan) #Jason eat that up #steph has a tiktok an no one can tell me otherwise #that time tim and duke were recovering from patrolling and accidentally watched hsm 2 four times in a row bc they couldn't find the remote #cass didn't want the traditional snow white #damian saw the movie once and wanted to creep out his siblings #he succeeded #i like this ones way more #dick grayson#jason todd#batfam #damian wayne al ghul #duke thomas#cassandra cain#tim drake#stephanie brown
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  • somediyprojects
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The Nutcracker Tree designed by Tiny Modernist.

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  • disease
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • hompunkulus
    25.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    "That was how scrivings worked: they were instructions written upon mindless objects that convinced them to disobey reality in select ways. Scrivings had to be carefully thought out though, and carefully wrought."

    - Foundryside, Robert Jackson Bennet

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