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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    finally started Mythic Quest and my main takeaway so far is that Poppy and Ian should kiss

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    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Naqvi responds to TMC's Derek O'Brien for commenting 'eat fish curry', 'papri chat'

    Naqvi responds to TMC’s Derek O’Brien for commenting ‘eat fish curry’, ‘papri chat’

    Image Source: PIT Naqvi responds to TMC’s Derek O’Brien for commenting ‘eat fish curry’, ‘papri chat’ Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has slammed TMC MP Derek O’Brien for criticizing the government for passing bills without debate in parliament. Naqvi, the deputy leader of the Rajya Sabha, accused and accused O’Brien of conspiring to tarnish the dignity of…

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    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Did a quick video with my sibling in our rider suits to try some things.

    Editings not great, but it was fun

    #kamen rider #kamen rider ex aid #genm#dangerous zombie#poppy pipopapo #kamen rider genm #kamen rider poppy #poppy ex aid #ex aid #ex aid cosplay #kamen rider cosplay #cosplay
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    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #photographers on tumblr #nature#poppy#summer
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    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #poppy #u know i love answering questions #lov u too
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    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #actually i also heard 5 seconds of the song she did w poppy and i said oh no and skipped it like. girl frightens me #asks
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    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Ngl Jayfeather’s time travelling thing and the three being reincarnations had little to no effect on any of their arcs. 

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    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    America's ass? How about SINNOH'S ASS?

    #poppy's pokemon adventure #pokephotography #new pokemon snap #bidoof#XD
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    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    F i n a l l y finished the minor characters in Night Whispers and for Sign of the Moon there’s only nine so it should get done quicker.

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    04.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    yeeeesh bryce is workin it

    #her n poppy are always near each other theyre so cute #tokyo21 #44 wow!!! #dont remember heats bt i think it wasnt 50
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    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    eren rlly just exists looking that pretty n shit. kiss me on the lips or sm man

    #poppy speaks #thinking abt friends to lovers w toxic eren rn
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    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago
    @hh-muse-bs said: 🎤

    "My body is fluid 'Cause I've been through it all Chewed up and used, it's Cut into pieces to feed them all For your amusement, for your confusion I guess I'll do it 'cause I'm bored And no attention span is shorter Than mine or yours You can't oppose it That's just how it goes, yeah You gotta flux and flow with it You gotta flux and flow with it."

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    04.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ...... 🥺

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    04.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    You’re telling me Abigael hit Mel with the “you make me want to be a better person” and we’re never going to get to see this ship fly. 

    That’s rude. 

    #charmed#charmed cw#charmed reboot#mel vera#abigael caine #abigael jameson caine #mel x abigael #wlw#lgbt#lesbian#bisexual #bring poppy back #but like #only if she wants to #because she should do whats best for her #but also #if she wants to #BRING HER BACK
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    04.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Currently reading the Poppy War by R.F. Kuang. Currently just a chapter shy of finishing the second part of the book I might even finish tonight! Who knows?

    Anyhow I’m quite enjoying it. World is….interesting seems an off word…really like the world building. Characters are fascinating (in particular Rin, Kitay, the demolitions guy of the cike whose name escapes me at present and I’m starting to enjoy Nezha. Oh! And Jiang love Jiang). The history presented for the in universe Poppy Wars is neat (for lack of a more appropriate word). And everything with the Gods and Shamanism is fascinating! One thing though, could someone point me to a pronunciation guide? Some of the words keep tripping me up and there’s been no tonal indicators? Apologies.

    but yeah. Loving the Poppy War, definitely more serious in topic than my usual fair…more graphic but good. Highly recommend it.

    Make of this what you will.

    Al, the Chronographing Cottager and Prince of Naming

    #The Poppy War #r. f. kuang #the poppy war trilogy #Al reads stuff
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    03.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Star Crossed Lovers (part 14)

    Do my eyes deceive me???? part 14???? we did it. im so sorry its taken forever, i will try my best to be more consistent with my writing. love yall for being patient with me it means the most. thank you, thank you. 

    warnings: throughout this fic there will be mentions of substance abuse, homophobia, sexual abuse, violence, NSFW, mentions of abandonment, depression and death including suicide

    reader discretion is advised

    warnings: angst, swearing (lots of it) 

    taglist: @drmmyrs @cloud9in @somewillwin @save-me-the-last-dance @baexpoppy @stanzoeywade @ognenniyvolk @thepotatobleh @crazzyplays @fall3ngods @helpconfusedpersonhere @clowneryme @dopeyouth @boys-girls-i-cant-help-it-baby @vonda-b-real @uselesslesbianfr @veenast @cloakanddaggerthings @somethindarker (sorry again if ive missed anyone, if you wanna be added on this taglist or my general one just let me know 😊) 

    word count: 4k (i feel like its short considering how long it took me to write but i still hope you guys enjoy) (also i didnt check for grammatical errors properly so sorry if you find any) 

    part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10 part 11 part 12 part 13

    The first steps to moving on 

    “Bea please,” Poppy whispers, a repentant look creeping up to her face as she looks away from her girlfriend. “It can’t wait.” 

    Bea sighs, her shoulders slumping as the last remains of her anger disseminates from her body. “Okay fine, lead the way babe.” 

    Poppy stiffens that the pet name but she doesn’t let her awkwardness slip as she leads Bea to a secluded classroom, far away from prying eyes. Both her and Bea turn to look at each other, and both simultaneously open their mouths to talk. 

    “I know you wanted to tell-” 

    “We need to talk-” 

    Both clamp their lips shut, a mutual smile playing on their lips as they look at one another. 

    “You go first,” Poppy gestures towards Bea, as she moves to sit on the edge of a desk. 

    Bea inhales softly, her tongue darts out licking her lips as she looks down at the ground, her face calculating. “Why does Chloe hate me?” She looks up to Poppy, her eyes boring into the strawberry blonde’s, sadness swimming inside of them, “I just don’t get what I’ve done for her to hate me.” 

    Poppy sighs heavily, her eyes awkwardly darting away from Bea’s. “It’s complicated Bea.” 

    “Complicated?” Bea lets out a humourless laugh, “I almost just went off on Chloe after she gave her condolences for my mom dying because I just felt she wasn’t genuine and you wanna tell me it's complicated?” 

    Poppy sharply inhales, contemplating for a few moments before saying, “it’s because of your mom.” 

    Bea scrunches her brows up in confusion, “my mom? What the hell does she have to do with this?” 

    Poppy ineptly plays with her hands, not being able to look Bea in her eyes, “at first it was just a classist thing. When you first came to Belvoire, she just wanted to make herself feel superior over you, but in the last year you’ve noticed her getting more mean right?” 

    “Right.” Bea stares at Poppy, her expression emotionless. 

    “Chloe’s parents have been fighting non stop recently, and it’s been affecting her a lot.” 

    Bea’s brows furrow in confusion, “what does that have to do with me or my mom?” 

    “Just let me explain first before you react, please.” Bea’s eyes bore into Poppy’s for a few seconds before she nods understandingly. “Her dad cheated on her mom. A lot of times actually. But he was blackmailed by one of the women he slept with.” Poppy pauses for a few seconds, “your mom.” 

    Bea lets out a shaky breath, her eyes blinking in disbelief, “no, you’re lying.” 

    Poppy nervously bites her bottom lip, “look Bea-” 

    “How long have you known?”

    Poppy’s face scrunches up in anger, “this isn’t my fault Bea. I only found out that day I went to talk to Chloe about us. Chloe made me promise not to say anything to you-” 

    “Poppy! My mom OD and I don’t even know why. And now you’re telling me she was blackmailing the St James family and it doesn’t occur to you that might have had something to do with her death?” 

    “They’re not the fucking mafia Bea, jesus. They were trying to settle it quietly by giving your mom some money and make her sign some stuff so she couldn't threaten them anymore.” 

    The devastating ramification of Poppy’s admission hangs in the air as the two girls let the words settle into them. “Chloe really is sorry about your mom Bea, we all are.” 

    Bea sighs, staring off into space, as a few tears begin to fill up in her eyes. “I just don’t know what to do.” Bea begins sniffling, but Poppy makes no movement to console her girlfriend. Bea notices and her expression sobers, “so, uh what did you wanna tell me?” Bea sniffs a few more times, before looking up at Poppy, giving her a small encouraging smile. 

    Poppy looks away, guilt creeping up on her face, as she tries her damndest not to catch Bea’s small smile on her face. “Bea…”. Bea carefully assesses her girlfriend’s demeanour, noticing the similar body language during when they first asked to take a break, she thinks back to the last couple of days, she had barely heard from her girlfriend, and now she’s not affectionate, even after she almost had a mental breakdown in the middle of the hallway and her smile drops. “We have to break up,” Poppy says, her tone so monotone and dry as if she didn’t mean the words she was saying at all. 

    “I don’t understand,” is all Bea can muster, evidently hurt by Poppy’s admission. Poppy winces slightly at Bea’s tone, finally breaking her robotic demeanour as she lets out a few sniffles. “So is that it? We have to break up,” Bea retorts mockingly, “is that all I get after all these years?” 

    “Bea..” Poppy reaches out but Bea immediately takes a step back, tears flooding in her eyes. 

    “No,” she holds her hands up, “I don’t get it, things are going good, or at least whatever twisted definition of good we’ve made up. Where the hell did this come from?” 

    “Bea my dad-” 

    “Of course! Hayden Min fucking Sinclair had something to do with this. Why do you still live under his shadow? You talk all this shit about breaking out of your father’s prison and wanting to achieve your own goals but he sucks you back in.” 

    “That’s not fair Bea,” Poppy interjects, balling her hands up into fists in an attempt to subdue her trembling, “my dad has given me so much and he’s threatening to take it all away.” 

    “Yeah, all you have to do is get rid of me. Me or the Min Sinclair name.” 

    “Bea this is the life I have, okay I’m not like you, I’m not built like you.” 

    “So what? I can grow up without a dad and now without a mom but it’s okay because I’m used to pain and disappointment?” 

    “I didn’t mean it like that, you have a plan, things you can achieve, I need the Min Sinclair name, I’m nothing without it.” 

    “Wow.” Bea shakes her head, “So I just meant nothing?” Bea wildy throws her arms in the air, anger bubbling under the surface of her demeanour. “We’ve practically been together since we were kids. And you’re just gonna fucking throw that away? And for what? Fuck you Poppy.” 

    Poppy takes half a step back, dumbfounded by Bea’s outburst. She scrunches her brows, evidently hurt, “you don’t get it Bea. Even though your mom wasn’t the best, she still supported you, even if you didn’t know about it. My dad he- my mom what would she think?” 

    “Your mom? Poppy what kind of shit is your dad brainwashing you with? Your mom is dead! You have no idea how she would react to having a gay daughter, but I know she’s probably disappointed in you.” 

    “Fuck you Bea.”Poppy runs out of the classroom, tears streaming down her face, leaving Bea on her own. 

    “Shit,” Bea whispers to herself before throwing a bunch of punches at the wall, each more cathartic than the last until she can’t physically hold herself up anymore. Bea defeatedly slides into a chair, cradling her head in between her hands, letting the tears free fall, as reality begins setting in that she lost the one thing in the world that was her everything. Poppy Min Sinclair was her rock, the girl who she gave her heart to, the love of her life and just in a matter of moments it was over. Maybe it was too good to be true. The beautiful, perky popular rich girl and the girl who had almost nothing, complete polar opposites, it never should’ve worked. But time and time again when faced against the world they persevered so why was this time different? Poppy had chosen her namesake over the love of her life. She chose the life of glitz and glamour over the girl who gave her her entire heart. Bea feels her entire world crashing down, how much more heartbreak could she take? Was her life always going to be so hard? So full of hurt? Full of pain? She winces at the thought, her head hammering as she comes to the realisation that she understood her mother’s pain more than she thought. 


    Bea hops off her bike, parking it in front of her house, as she pulls her phone out to look at the time. ‘It’s lunch time,’ she thinks to herself. After the day she had today, school wasn’t the best option for her right now. She makes her way to her front door but stops in her tracks when she realises her front door is slightly ajar. Her survival instincts kick in as she effortlessly pulls out her pocket knife, carefully pushing the door fully open. As she steps into the living room, her eyes dart to the closed door of her mother’s room, but when she hears a creaking sound coming towards her bedroom, she cautiously moves towards the source of the noise, the grip on her knife tightening. As she creeps up, she sees the door of her room half opened, a hooded figure standing by her bed with their back facing her. 

    Bea stealthily sneaks up to the figure placing the knife a few inches from their throat before lowering her voice to a threatening tone, “who are you and what the fuck are you doing?” The figure gasps, dropping a bag that’s in their hands with a deafening thud before raising their hands in a sign of surrender. 

    “It’s me, it’s me,” the voice whimpers out. 

    “AJ?” Bea raises her eyebrows, retracting the knife from his throat while pulling down his hood with her other hand. “What the fuck are you doing?” Bea takes a step back while AJ scrambles grabbing the bag he just dropped moments before. When he turns to face Bea, his eyes are wide, filled with fear as he clutches the bag closely to his chest. 

    “I have to go,” he says as he attempts to run out of the room, but Bea pulls him back, her face crumpled in suspicion. 

    “No we’re not doing this, give me the bag now,” Bea snatches the bag out of his hands before he can protest and opens the zipper to find it filled with cash. She grits her teeth, anger settling into her features as she whips her head up to AJ, “is this my fucking money?” 

    “Bea, I- I can explain-” 

    “What the fuck AJ!” Bea throws the bag onto the bed, the cash spilling out as she jabs an accusing finger at AJ’s chest. “You’re stealing from me now? I haven’t seen you in god knows how long, you don’t call, text nothing. Even after everything that’s been happening in the last few weeks but you have the audacity to fucking steal from me? Money that I’ve spent years saving? Money that I’ve bussed my fucking ass off for, are you serious right now?” Bea’s voice is filled with rage as she’s practically screaming, her voice now thundering. AJ winces, guiltily averting his gaze to the ground, unable to meet Bea’s eyes. 

    “I’m sorry about your mom Bea, I wanted to visit-” AJ croaks out.

    “But you didn’t,” Bea interjects, her voice lowered but filled with hurt. “And now you’re taking money- I mean what is so important you had to steal from me.” 

    AJ paces towards the bed, hanging his head in shame, when he speaks his voice is quiet, full of fear, “I’m in some bad shit Bea. These guys aren’t playing around.” 

    “I told you not to fall into the wrong crowd, I warned you this shit would happen.” 

    “Bea please, I’ll pay you back I just need it.” 

    “No! What the fuck, when will you pay me back huh? This is my college money, I’m not letting you give that away to your crackhead friends.” 

    “Bea please,” AJ clasps his hands together, his tone pleading, “I don’t know what to do.” 

    “AJ I have too much shit on my plate right now, I can’t deal with this. You need to find something else, I can’t help you.” 

    AJ’s face pales but he stands up, and makes his way towards the door, before leaving he turns to look back at Bea, “I’m sorry about everything.” 

    Bea keeps her eyes trained on her bed where the money is sprawled all over the mattress, “yeah me too,” she replies quietly. Bea hears the front door close and she collapses to the ground, letting the tears flow. 


    A few days later, Bea sits in her dark living room, curtains shut and lights completely off as she wallows in her sadness, drinking from a bottle of cheap beer, as she stares absentmindedly at the ceiling, so drowned in her thoughts she doesn’t hear the resounding knocks on her door until she hears a voice call out, “Bea! Are you there?” 

    Bea crumples her brows, forcing herself to stand as she makes her way to the door, she wearily makes her way to her front door only slightly opening the door before poking her head out. “Veronica?” Veronica gives the girl a wide smile before pushing the door more open, ushering the figure behind her into the house too, “Carter? What are you guys doing here?’ 

    Veronica looks around the dark room, noticing the pile of empty beer bottles on the floor, “yikes, drinking on your own on a friday night Hughes? That’s really sad.” Carter stands near the edge of the living room, as if he’s an explorer, his eyes darting all over the living room as he assesses this new environment. 

    Bea on the other hand scowls at Veronica, “what the hell do you want Veronica, I’m not in the mood.” 

    Veronica frowns slightly, pouting her lips together, “we heard about you and Poppy.” 

    Bea rolls her eyes, “yeah well I’m trying to forget about her.” Bea picks up her beer bottle from the ground and makes a show by exaggeratingly drinking from the bottle until it's empty. She discards the empty bottle along with the other ones before turning to look at Veronica and Carter, “so if you’ll excuse me.” 

    Veronica steps towards Bea, wrapping her hand around the brunette’s arm, “we’re not here for Poppy stupid, we’re here for you.” 

    Bea raises an eyebrow, “for me?” 

    Veronica turns to look at Carter, beckoning him forward, Carter breaks out of reverie and clears his throat, “yeah uh, we wanted to take you to a party.” 

    “A party?” Bea looks between them confused, “I’m not that interested guys.”

    “Wait, wait, wait Bea,” Veronica pleads, pulling Bea closer to her, “you’ve never been to a Belvoire party and the year is almost over, we thought we should take you to at least.” 

    “I don’t know guys,” Bea says skeptically, “a lot of people don’t like me.” 

    “Who gives a shit? You just had your heart broken and you need to let loose.” 

    Bea sighs, pulling away from Veronica, “I don’t think it’s a good idea.” 

    “Come on, it beats drinking in the dark on your own.” 

    Bea sighs, dropping her shoulders, “what about uh Poppy?” 

    “Poppy?” Veronica arches a brow, “her and Chloe are staying in tonight, she said she needed to catch up on homework or something.” 

    Bea purses her lips together in thought before sighing,  “fine.” Veronica cheers, “but,” Bea over enunciates, “only for a few hours and if I don’t like it I’m going home.” 

    “Okay, deal,” Veronica squeals, wrapping Bea in a big hug. Carter chuckles as Veronica gestures for him to join the hug, he awkwardly wraps his arms around the two girls, before pulling away. 

    “Okay, I’ll wait in the car while you girls get ready. Just uh don’t take too long.”

    Veronica playfully rolls her eyes as she Bea towards her bedroom, yelling back “thanks Carter.” Giddy, she rushes to Bea’s closest, assessing her clothes until she finds a short red dress hidden in the back. “This!” 

    “No, no, no,” Bea shakes her head, pulling the dress out of the ombre-haired girl’s hands. 

    “Why not? It would look so hot on you,” Veronica’s eyes trail down Bea’s body, as she sharply inhales. “Bea, you’re single and sexy, stop holding yourself back okay?” 

    “I’m not,” Bea pushes back defensively, “I just-” she sighs heavily, “no one at Belvoire has ever seen me dressed up, I’m just- I’m nervous I guess.” 

    “Then we have to show them what they’ve been missing for the last three years,” Veronica gives Bea a devilish smile as she takes the dress from Bea’s hands, sliding the dress off the hanger before handing it over to Bea. 

    “Uh you gonna stay in the room?” Bea nervously wrings her hands together. 

    “Why, are you offering a show?” Veronica lifts a teasing brow, noticing Bea’s cheeks redden slightly, which prompts her to let out a small laugh, “I’m kidding, don’t worry I won’t look.” Veronica makes a show of raising her hands to cover her eyes. Bea laughs as she slips out of her clothes and into the dress, she awkwardly clears her throat, grabbing Veronica’s attention. 

    “Hey, uh help a girl out with her zipper?” 

    “Sure,” Veronica moves to stand behind Bea, her hands ghosting around Bea’s exposed back, her breath momentarily taken away. She sturdies herself and places one of her hands on the small of the brunette’s back while the other moves towards the zipper, zipping the girl up. Bea smooths the dress down with her hands appreciating herself in the mirror, “you look gorgeous,” Veronica whispers into the shell of her ear. 

    Bea’s face completely flushes red and slightly jerks at Veronica’s admission, “uhh thanks.” 

    Veronica notices the awkward shift in the atmosphere, and promptly changes the subject, “so where’s your sister?” 

    Bea sits in front of her mirror, a comb in her hand as she brushes her long locks, “she’s staying at a friend’s tonight.” 

    “Cool,” Veronica answers back but her tone falls flat. The girls bask in the awkward silence as Bea continues to get ready but when Veronica notices Bea struggling to do her winged eyeliner she breaks the silence. “Hey do you need help?” 

    Bea smiles bashfully, “yeah.” She rubs the back of her head with her hand, “sorry Poppy used to help me with my makeup.” 

    “Right,” Veronica’s face slightly falls but she quickly covers it up, ushering Bea to come and sit on the bed. “Come on, I don’t bite,” Veronica bites the bottom of her lip, “unless you want me too.” Bea laughs but obliges sitting on the edge of the bed. Veronica clambers onto her lap, her thighs settling on the sides of Bea’s legs, and in response, Bea’s eyes widen in surprise but she remains glued in her spot, too shocked to move. 

    “V, what are you doing?” Bea whispers, her voice attempting to come across as reprimanding but it comes out as breathy. 

    “Relax, I’m just doing your eyeliner.” Veronica plucks the wand from Bea’s hand and angles herself close to the brunette’s face, as she begins drawing on the wings on Bea’s eyelids. Bea steadies herself, as she feels the heat of Veronica’s body so close to hers and when Veronica is finished with putting the finishing touches on her eyelids, she hops off Bea’s lap, making her way towards the desk, scuffling through Bea’s makeup bag before taking up her place on Bea’s lap once again. “Now I think this colour would look good on you,” 

    “You don’t think it’s too much red?” 

    “Oh babe, red means power, dominance, you don’t wanna be thinking about Poppy the entire night, you wanna have all eyes on you Bea Hughes.” Veronica uncaps the lipstick, her eyes burning into Bea’s lips as she carefully applies the red colour to her lips. “Perfect.” 

    Bea smacks her lips together, evenly spreading the red on her lips. “Thanks V.” 

    Veronica’s eyes dart to Bea’s lips, her tongue slightly running along her bottom lips before she breaks out of her reverie flashing Bea a smirk, “don’t thank me yet, thank me when you’re having the time of your life at the party.” Veronica slides off Bea’s lap, holding her hand out, “come on let’s finish up because Carter’s been waiting for a while.” Bea smiles up at Veronica, taking her hand as she lets the ombre-haired girl pull her off the bed, as they continue getting ready. 


    Once they arrive at the party, Carter drops the girls off at the front of the huge house before telling them he will park the car. Veronica’s gaze darts to Bea, who’s nervously toying with her hands, looking up at the intimidating house, the lights blaring and as the music echoes throughout, the bass thumping in their ears. Noticing the nerves settling into her, Veronica slips into Bea's, giving her a reassuring squeeze, “hey, it’s okay, it’s just a bunch of drunk, preppy uptight teenagers, nothing you don't usually face everyday.” 

    Bea lets out a small laugh, “just in a big ass house,” she jests. 

    “Yeah, just in a big ass house,” she gives Bea a light squeeze as she starts pulling Bea into the house with her. Automatically, they’re met with stares and whispers, as the students look astonished at Bea, some appraising her outfit, while others are confused about her presence. “Hey, just stay with me okay?” Veronica whispers over to Bea. Bea nods, her eyes roaming the room. “I’ll get us drinks.” The ombre-haired girl gives Bea a reassuring pat on her arm and leaves her side and Bea walks into the living room, observing the difference between the vibes of the party between the north and the south. Her thoughts then move to think about Poppy, how Poppy would love going to parties in the north but Bea couldn’t find the appeal in it. Poppy. Poppy, who broke up with her. She’s interrupted from her thoughts by a tap of her shoulder, and Bea turns around to see Veronica offering her a red solo cup, Bea takes a sip and winces. 

    “What the hell is this crap?” 

    “Yeah for a bunch of rich kids, their taste in beer isn’t the best,” Veronica jokes, slightly nudging Bea. 

    “We have way better beer in the south side.” 

    “That I can agree with.” Veronica looks over to Bea who looks lost in thought, “hey what are you thinking about?” 

    Bea sighs heavily, “Poppy,” she mutters. 

    Veronica nods once, “right, yeah.” 

    “Poppy would’ve loved a party like this, big fancy house an-” 

    “Bea,” Veronica says, her tone slightly agitated, “this,” she gestures around the room, “is a no Poppy zone. That means we don’t think about Poppy, only about fun.” 

    Bea nods, “fun. I can do that.” Veronica lifts her cup in the air, “what are we cheering to?” 

    Veronica gives Bea a smile, “here’s to the first steps in moving on.” The girls tap their cups together before downing their drinks. “Now if we wanna get drunk, we’re gonna need a lot more of these.” 

    The party is still ongoing, and Bea sits in a circle with a few girls from the volleyball team and a few of the football team and other people she doesn’t recognise while Veronica sits beside her. 

    “Bea you look so pretty,” one of her teammates says. 

    “Yeah Bea your makeup is literally gorgeous,” another chimes in. 

    “Who knew strip tease can clean up well,” Ford jests, but Bea slumps her shoulders a little, remembering that these people are not her friends. 

    Carter enters the circle slapping Ford on the head as he goes, “shut up, Hughes is cool.” Bea gives Carter a nod of appreciation before looking down at the drink in her hands. Her thoughts move a million miles a minute, but there’s a constant one stuck in her brain, Poppy.

    Veronica looks over at Bea, frowning. “Hey come with me.” She stands, excusing herself from the group and Bea follows her close behind. 

    “Where are we going?” 

    “We’re gonna play a private game of truth or drink.” 

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    03.08.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Kiss in the Shadows Poppy Parker redress

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