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  • so, here’s the thing about healing:

    It’s not a one-time decision to make.

    You don’t just wake up one day and suddenly all your problems are gone and what seemed impossible to carry yesterday is easy to accept now.

    Healing is the process itself. Healing IS the struggle.

    It’s looking in the mirror and internally crying about what you see, but resisting the urge to change it.

    It’s days where you eat a whole plate and take seconds and thirds and snacks, but it’s also especially the days where every bite feels to much, but you keep chewing.

    It’s when you are feeling like a failure, like you’re not strong enough, but you still keep on fighting.

    It’s buying that dress you were so afraid to wear, it’s ordering that burger, it’s taking that one size up because damn, how good it feels to be able to actually breathe in your clothes - right?

    Healing, to me, is essentially bravery. By choosing to not give up, you choose yourself. You choose life, with all of its struggles and beautiful tragedies, over and over again.

    And if that’s not ultimate strength, then what is?

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    I’m sorry for what you had to endure. But you’re a real badass for making it through and I’m proud of you

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  • you are a work in progress c:

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  • Seven!🏏



    We learn and get motivated on a daily basis. No matter how good or bad the situation is, it always gives us a lesson.

    But there are only few personalities whom we choose to get inspired from.

    For me they are:-

    • My parents.
    • My sister.
    • Gautam Buddha.
    • Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

    These people are my ultimate inspiration and will always be!

    Now let’s move on to the #7 lessons which Mahi gave us!

    1. ‘Anhoni ko jo honi kr de woh hai Mahendra Singh Dhoni!’- Hope! He taught us to be filled with sunshine of hope no matter how darker the circumstances are!☀️
    2. Taking Risks! - There is a very famous saying- “If you risk nothing, then you risk everything!” BE BRAVE 💪
    3. Focus on the PROCESS not on the RESULT! - This is what he says each and every time that if one wants to be successful then one needs to put consistent efforts and then if you win it’s good but if you lose then you learn and now you have the luxury i.e Experience!🌸
    4. Being humble when you have everything as well as when you have nothing! - It is your attitude that matters the most. One who has mastered the art of handling success as well as failure, becomes unstoppable!💯
    5. Being a good human being!- No matter how good you are at your skill but if you don’t have ethics everything is worthless! ( Dhoni is a philanthropist, he gives money for charity but never discloses or show off the amount which he has contributed, he is a living example of Integrity!)🌼
    6. Honouring the struggles and failures more than the resultant victories..! - The moment you start embracing your failures, instantly you dwell up the courage to thrive in the game of life! Falling is not a defeat but not willing to stand again is!😌
    7. Last but not the least! - Believe.. believe and believe more. What you think of yourself, you become the same! Improve yourself on a daily basis, compete with yourself not with others. Don’t dare to forget that there is no one in the whole universe like YOU!🔥

    2nd April, 2011. This date is inscribed in every Indians heart!

    He was my father’s favourite, he is my favourite.. actually he is Universal Favourite!

    For me CRICKET = DHONI.

    I haven’t watched a single match of India since the World Cup Semi Finals.

    Infact I haven’t watched T.V. since the World Cup Final! (2019)😂

    I don’t pray in my exams time as much as I pray for him, each and every time he comes out to bat!😄

    Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Lieutenant Colonel. and Former Indian Cricket Team Captain Mr. Mahendra Singh Dhoni..!🥳🎂🥳

    May God grace him with lots of love, happiness, peace and good health!💮

    @dhoni🇮🇳 @thala @mahi


    Hope you enjoyed reading, have a great day ahead!☺️



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  • //sending some positivity your way//

    🌻follow @be_novaturient on Instagram 🌻

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  • “I hope you’re happy. I hope your hopes and dreams come true. I wish the best for you. You all deserve the world”

    Tweeted by Kio Cyr (07/03/2020)

    #tiktok#inspiration#positivity #quote of the day #tweet of the day #twitter#kio cyr
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  • Day 5 of 100: Have you tried to talk to your friends during this time?   

    Making the first move is scary but it can be worth trying, right? Growing up, I’ve always had this unnecessary fear of regret like filling my bag with things I don’t really use everyday because I might need it or having a hard time to say goodbye to people because they might be gone in an instant. Living with that fear pushed me to be the type of person who makes the first move in relationships or in friendships. I’ve had experiences losing important people in my life and failing to reconnect with them when they were still here, so I hope that you can make time to talk with your loved ones as much as you are making time for yourself.

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  • Comparing yourself to others is toxic af.

    You’re perfect just as you are. They’re perfect just as they are.

    Wherever you’re at in life is O K

    We’re all on our own paths. Don’t compare yours to someone else’s!

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  • it’s alright to be unsure. normal, even. you don’t have to figure everything out right now. you have forever to find the right job, the right house, the right person, the right life for you. there’s no such thing as too late when you’re moving at your own pace. take your time, get to know yourself, and don’t stress if other people find their answers before you do. this is your story! the best parts wouldn’t be as sweet if they were rushed

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  • Brief Encounters


    Chapter 8

    “Ok Eryn” DS Owen began explaining about the hidden cameras. She was sat in what could be anyone’s living room. The décor was dated 90’s paper and the chairs were clearly donated, but there was a coffee table with tissues and a large vase of fabric flowers. A bottle of water was put in front of Eryn and she opened it sipping the cool water, trying to steady the tremble in her hand. If only Taron could have been here too, holding her hand she thought. But it wasn’t allowed. He had to remain in the waiting area.

    After a short time, he told the reception worker that he was going for a cigarette. He couldn’t just sit there knowing Eryn would be going over her trauma, without his support. It had been explained to him, why he wasn’t allowed to be present, but it still pissed him off. Instead he leant against the bonnet of his car and chain smoked while taking calls from his friends, and family. The situation had of course gone viral on the Aber hotline and it was now the stuff of local gossip. He knew that his celeb status hadn’t helped and was waiting to hear back from Lyndsay his publicist. It wouldn’t take long, for the nationals to pick up the story.

    Covid 19 again poking its ugly head into things, making news stories of the celebs all but disappear unless you were on social media, meant they would be sniffing for news.

    He wanted to know what was going out and when, He knew he had no control over the content, but he would be damned if he wasn’t going to at least try and shield Eryn from the worst of it and prepare her for the rest. This he thought, this wasn’t fair. Again, he thought about the way his career choice had an impact on the rest of his life and anyone connected to him.

    “Ok Eryn, how about you start at the beginning of the night and if I need to stop you and clarify I will” DS Owen said kindly “You are in control of this Eryn, you say when we stop and for how long ok” she continued and Eryn nodded. “Don’t feel like you have to distress yourself, take your time”. “Before we start, I want to let you know that as of 6pm yesterday Phillip Warrington was bailed, the conditions of his bail are that he is not to come within 100 yards of you, your family and friends, he is entirely banned from the town of Aberystwyth and an officer has confirmed that he signed his bail document this morning in Camden, city of London. He has to sign this daily at the same time and location”

    “Eryn inhaled sharply hearing that Phil was out and free, so what if he was told to stay away, what was that going to do??” She could feel panic over taking and Mel from victim support was quick to step in. “Eryn I know its scary, hearing that he’s not in custody, but I can tell you that, we are going to speak after this about how we are going to keep you safe ok” Soothed Mel, she ensured she was making direct eye contact and her voice was reassuring. “Eryn I have worked on many cases, I’ve been with victim support for 23 years and we have a comprehensive and wide variety of ways to keep you safe, he is not going to get any where near you, ok” she finished.

    Eryn wanted to run, just get out of here, forget all about police and getting Phil locked up. Hadn’t she been through enough? Now she had to keep going over it and keep remembering, keep seeing it all over and over. The ladies were kind enough, but she just wanted to curl up and disappear. “I need to have some air” she said getting up and running out of the room, she nearly cried out when she found the waiting area empty.

    But thankfully Taron was just coming back into the building and saw the look of devastation on her face, she ran to him and he to her. Burying her head in his neck “I thought you’d gone” she cried. Gripping his t-shirt so tightly her hands were white.

    “I just went for fag, babe I am so sorry, are you done already?” He asked surprised it had been so quick. He looked at Ds Owen and Mel as they came out of the room and up to them.

    “I can’t Taron, please take me home, I want to go” She begged “Eryn its ok, of course come on we ‘re going home” he held her tight. Shaking his head at DS Owen, who nodded. “Eryn would it be okay if I called you later on, maybe I could come over and go through what we talked about, to keep you safe?” Mel asked Eryn nodded. “Ok Eryn” said DS Owen.

    Taron led Eryn back to the car, he was taken back as Eryn reached into his pocket and took his cigarettes and lighter, lighting one and taking a long drag. She closed her eyes as the smoke drifted out on her exhale. Taron took her hand and pulled her back into hug “so when did you smoke?” he asked, “Sorry, I’ll get you another pack” she replied as she continued to pull on the cigarette. Taron let her go a little. “Are you ok?” he said admonishing himself “I mean, I know you’re not ok, but… what happened in there?” he asked “You were barely in there for 10 minutes” he continued.

    “He’s out, isn’t he?” She spat finishing the cigarette, she dropped it and used her foot to squash it into the stones. “What the fuck? what do you mean out? “shouted Taron, before realising and lowering his voice. “I mean where?” Eryn explained what she had been told inside, including how she felt about their protection. “Right, come on let’s get back to the flat and I’m going to sort this out” Taron said firmly, and Eryn got into the passenger seat. Taron felt a lump in his throat, every time Eryn winced when she had to sit. It was a constant reminder of what Phil had done and it infuriated him.

    But before they could get to the safety of the flat, Taron got a text from Lyndsay, the subject box said in capital letters. DO NOT GO HOME! “Fucking hell, what now” He huffed. Pulling the car into a layby.

    Eryn looked at Taron, worried as he took his phone and got out of the car, slamming the door. She watched him shouting and gesticulating at the phone. Eryn shook her head, she needed Taron so much, he was so amazing, and she couldn’t imagine anyone else supporting her through what had happened. But it came back to her, that this was a man she met less than a week ago. What right did she have to bring her baggage into his life, he looked so distressed? His face was contorted with rage and he was red with frustration.

    Ending the call, she heard him shout and kicked the car wheel. He stopped and composed himself. He didn’t want to drive angry; it wouldn’t be safe. But even more he didn’t want to scare Eryn, he’d seen her reaction last time he’d been angry, and he knew it triggered memories of Phil. He got back into the car exhaled loudly.

    “Eryn I am so sorry” he said dropping his head into his hands, he looked ahead running his hand over his jaw thinking. “Right, that was Lyndsay my publicist. “Eryn the national newspapers are camped out at the flat right now, they have been tipped off about what happened and fucking hell” he stopped, shaking his head. Eryn leaned as far over as she could and took hold of his cheek, looking into his eyes, he looked like he had the world on his shoulders. “Maybe it’s time I went home” she said quietly.

    “What?” Taron shouted “Sorry” he stuttered “I didn’t mean to shout, but I don’t understand” his brow was furrowed the way it had before. “If I go back to London, then the press can chase the story as much as they like, but what story is there?” “Taron, This is crazy, I’m dragging you into all my drama and I hate it, you deserve. more than this” She struggled get her words out as tears welled in her eyes. The idea of leaving physically hurt now more than anything Phil had done to her.

    “The press is my fault Eryn, not yours. That’s you being dragged into my crazy” Taron returned. “Ok yes, its been less than a week since I met you, but it feels like you have always been here, like you are meant to be here, I want you to be here”

    Taron could hear the emotion in his voice and tried to hold it in. As they sat in silence. Taron pulled out his cigarettes and lit one, handing it to Eryn and lit the other for himself. He didn’t usually smoke in the car, but he didn’t care now. Eryn Sighed “ So what are we going to do?” she said “Right now, Lyndsay is going to contact the police and get the paps moved on, she’ll ring when its all clear, that doesn’t mean they will definitely get them all, we could still get pictured” he sighed. “ok, well so fucking what? “she turned to Taron “They know what happened right? Some arseholes given them the details and so what’s wrong with you looking out for me? She continued “Taron its a fucking photo! Taron couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at the cigarette “What’s in these?” he joked and Eryn hit him on the shoulder, “Twat” she smiled. “You don’t know what kind of crap they could write though Eryn?” Taron began. “Taron, you think a bunch of bullshit from the press, is worse than all this shit” she looked at Taron, running her hand along his jaw. “Fuck em” she smiled properly for the first time since Phil appeared at her door.

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  • Yes everyone struggles but no that does not mean yours are worth any less

    #text#positivity#recovery#healing #everything you went through has made you who you are today #and everything you're going through is going to make you who you are tomorrow
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  • Se siente abrumador cuadrar en esquemas abstractos y fingir que nos pertenecen, buscándoles sentido cuando sólo se trazaron obstáculos para existir. No basta con sentir que eso es así, más bien, permitirse el ahogo intermitente y desintegrar todo acto indefinido de lo universal, que no es nada más que todo.

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  • Hey so reminder to my ndn girls

    Youre not ‘pretty for a native girl’, youre absolutely stunning for being YOU

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    #self care#self esteem #be your friend #proud of your yourself #self care isnt selfish #self love#motivational words#motivation#stay motivated#positivity #stay positive with kinder #stay positive#success #have an amazing day
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    I did this back a long time ago I remembered that I posted this on Pinterest when I started to really painting pictures but I don’t use it anymore and I really never used Pinterest a lot.

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  • Sebuah Sikap Merespon

    (Dari cara dan pandangan saya)

    Manusia pasti pernah berada diposisi terbawahnya, terkacaunya, posisi yang menyedihkan. Dan disaat itu yang mereka butuhkan adalah support. Tapi tidak semua orang memiliki cara dan pemikiran yang sama. Misalkan disuatu saat ada seorang kawan yang datang dan tampak murung, kita boleh bertanya kepadanya “kenapa? ” atau “Ada apa?” itu merupakan salah satu bentuk dari rasa peduli.

    Kemudian jika dia merespon “gakpapa”, mungkin dia tidak atau belum ingin berbagi ceritanya kepada kita. Sebagai pihak yang lain hindari memaksa mereka untuk bercerita, apalagi menyelidik dengan pertanyaan pertanyaan yang meyudutkan. Karena itu justru akan membuat dia semakin tidak ingin terbuka kepada kita. Or Just say “its okay not to be okay

    Atau jika misal responnya “aku gagal” “aku salah” atau “aku putus”. Sebagai pihak yang lain hindari merespon dengan kalimat-kalimat “kok bisa sih?” “kenapa bisa?” atau “sayang banget, harusnya..”. Based on my experience kalimat - kalimat tadi justru akan memberi beban baru baginya, dengan keadaannya yang sedang tidak baik-baik saja akan sangat mudah untuk membuatnya merasa semakin gagal semakin jatuh juga bisa menjadi semakin menyalahkan diri sendiri. Iya mungkin respon tadi keluar spontan, tapi tidak ada salahnya untuk belajar mengontrol diri berfikir sebelum bertindak kan?

    And then What should we do? Kita bisa memberi respon lain misalnya “gakpapa, pasti kamu sudah melakukannya dengan baik kan?” “its okay, bukan suatu hal yang buruk, pasti kamu bisa melaluinya” atau “its okay, aku ada kapanpun kamu butuh teman berbagi”. Mendengarkan kalimat-kalimat itu seperti magic, yang tadinya dia enggan untuk bercerita, dia bisa saja tiba-tiba merasa ingin bercerita dan menjadi terbuka dengan kita. Tapi untuk diingat, mereka yang terbuka untuk bercerita kepada kita adalah orang yang mempercayai kita, jadi jagalah kepercayaan yang diberinya dengan sebaik-baiknya.

    Semua hal diatas merupakan sudut pandang saya, berdasarkan pengalaman saya dan orang-orang disekitar saya. Saya yakin, tidak semua orang memiliki cara yang sama dan setiap orang memiliki cara terbaiknya. But, I’m writing this not for anything, just to share my way how to respect and love each other.

    Noted, 7/7/20

    #sharing is caring #positivity
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