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  • “Love feels no burden,

    thinks nothing of its trouble,

    attempts what is above it’s strength,

    pleads no excuse for impossibility,

    for it thinks all things are lawful for itself

    and all things are possible.”

    Thomas Kemp

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  • Mark 10:27 NLT
    27 Jesus looked at them intently and said, “Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But not with God. Everything is possible with God.”

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  • Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement. - Golda Meir

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  • Liking someone is always a risk.

    It’s always possible that the person doesn’t like you as much as you do.

    So if you want to make it work anyway you have to pay an insane price.

    The price is vulnerability.

    If you’re not ready for paying that, you’re not ready for eternity.

    But realize what you possibly get for that investment.

    You possibly get the most exciting, deepest - invaluable thing.


    Now think again.

    Do you choose safety and boredom or the chance that possibly you’ll get the best feeling ever?

    Let’s dive in 🌊

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  • Everything will be #impossible for you untill & unless your #mindset doesn’t prepare to delete im from impossible while moving towards the #goal. Encover the #fear of doing something & you will find yourself one day achieving the aim.

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  • And Joshua captured all the cities of these kings,
    and all their kings, and he struck them with the
    edge of the sword, and utterly destroyed them;
    just as Moses the servant of the Lord had
    commanded. Joshua 11:12

    Joshua, fresh of facing the 5 kings led by gathered by king Adoni-Zedek of Jerusalem, once again faces a conglomeration of kings led by Hazor. Hazor followed the same pattern as Adoni-Zedek faces the same fate. Fighting the servant of God proved to be as expected. He gathered other kings, aware that he needed the help of every king he could amass to defeat the King of Kings.

    These victories displayed the power of the Kingdom of God; Israel, and the faith and leadership of Joshua. But not only did they display the power of their army, the confirmed the power of God’s Word. While everyone was carrying out the battle plan, Joshua was fighting with more than the agreement between his captains and generals, He was fulfilling the Word of the Lord.

    Long before Joshua faced his first king, he was privy to walk along side his mentor and spiritual father Moses. Moses, though gone, was still present in the life of Joshua, having served him greatly through both word and deed. Joshua had watched Moses spend time with the Lord, and marveled as he walked in faith according to what he heard from God.

    Joshua watched Moses believe as he wandered in the wilderness. Joshua watched as Moses stood outside the promised land, believing God for what had yet to be obtained. Joshua watched Moses respond to his return with the fruit from the land and saw his steady face and hand as he talked about the giants in the land that were waiting to defend their territory. Joshua listened as Moses recount the promise of God, and march forward believing the providence of God.

    Watching and Listening to Moses; Joshua
    was shaped, molded and convicted about himself
    and about the God he serves.

    Moses was standing with Joshua in this moment. He learned from Moses and was following his example. Moses stood victorious in the wars won by Joshua and Israel because they were Prophesied first to Moses. Even in Joshua’s victory, Moses was validated as God’s servant.

    Moses was promised that Israel would lay the kings in the promised land to rest, along with their people, their culture and their gods. Though this did not occur in Moses’ life time, God’s Word was fulfilled in Joshua’s life time. Moses died having seen and experienced the fruit from the promised land, but did not received the promise or the prosperity it would bring. He died knowing God would fulfill it, but knowing he wouldn’t get fulfillment from it. Yet, he served and continued to lead the his people.

    Joshua was the continuation of what God started through Moses. He walked towards a promise not given to him, but fulfilled through him. Joshua had to believe that God would honor His word in His own time. Joshua, like Moses, had to accept God’s promise as true, though it was guarantee without a delivery date. Joshua and Moses had to walk in faith, and help other’s overcome doubt through their faith.

    So the question for us today is not…
    “Will God Fulfill His promise?”,
    “When will God Fulfill His Promise?”

    A Promise from God is not like a Promise from man. Man fulfills his word based on the his feelings about The Circumstances, and God fulfills His Word because of His Character. Man’s circumstances are a variable to any equation, but the character of God is consistent.

    Joshua was able to live out the fulfillment of a promise made to His predecessor. Why? He saw why his predecessor wasn’t able to fulfill the promise made to him. Moses missed the promise because he didn’t believe God’s Word, thus didn’t follow His instructions.

    Joshua was determined to be obedient to God, trusting His Word to become a fulfilled promise.

    Joshua chose to speak to his rock.
    And God chose to honor His Word!
    Are you speaking to your rock?

    What do you believe about God’s Word? Are you willing to follow God’s Word? Are you willing to push beyond your fears? Are you willing to take on major challenges? What do you believe about God’s Word both Past and Present?

    We pray for the improbable!
    We seek the impossible!
    But don’t believe that all things are possible.

    The improbable is not possible or probable with God, but it is actual. You can depend on God’s Word, and will experience great victories, accomplishing great feats, and overcoming great challenges when we depend on God. Sadly, there are some undefeated kings because we have not been obedient to the Word God gave us.

    I believe victory is found when we are obedient to His will and willing to sacrifice our fear, will, desires, and ego which often prevent us fully trusting and stepping out on His word and truth. God’s Word is a stable foundation, and we must remain steadfast, trusting it as not to creating new paths that are more comfortable to abide in.


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  • Unity is an impossibility, but not proximity, and that’s precisely what i desire…

    Random Xpressions

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  • Covet impossibility conjuring defiance
    Reject inability discarding compliance
    Imagine reality dismissing expectation
    Repress insanity embracing imagination


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  • Be sure to RSVP to today’s free virtual event with For Freedoms on art’s potential to strengthen democracy and imagine new possibilities for liberation and joy. Join us on November 17 from 6–7 pm for conversations with Jess Brown and Mary Beth Meehan on the movement for reparations in Rhode Island and a conversation with Cassils on In Plain Sight a skywriting project that aims to fight migrant detention by sharing messages over detention centers, immigration courts, and borders.⁠ 

    Register now and tune in at 6pm!

    Photos: Patrisse Cullors. CARE NOT CAGES #XMAP : Los Angeles County Jail, shot from Griffith Observatory: July 3 by Chris Mastro, photo courtesy Cassils ⇨ Mary Beth Meehan in Newnan, Georgia. Photo: William Widmer. ⇨ Jess Brown, a member of the For Freedoms / Wide Awakes artist network Photo: Stephanie Alverez Ewens⁠

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  • Sometimes I really do wonder what the purpose of learning about probability in maths is when a big percentage of exercises is about gambling.

    I mean, i have learned the rules of both roulette and poker in math class and I am not sure if that sends off the right signals.

    #learning the rules of roulette and poker in math class doesn't seem right to me #maths#possibility #i'm still too dumb for possibility calc #which is kinda sad #but true #it does kinda send the wrong signals #doesn't it? #but maybe that's just me #who knows
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  • This surprised even us. I thought they helped. Force yourself, as a startup, and I’ll be rich. But after I’d been there a few months, it can certainly help their competitors. But you may have expertise in some new field they don’t understand. If you have decent growth, you’ll win in the end, no matter what I did be satisfied by merely doing well in school. This is another one I’ve been repeating that since 1993, and I haven’t seen it. In fact, you don’t even start working on a program it can take days to really understand it again when you return to it. Unless you’re Mozart, your first task is to figure that out.

    Here’s an intriguing possibility. Outside of math there’s a limit to how far you can push words; in fact, it would be bad advice. I feel reasonably confident about it.1 Of course, running companies is a lot more complicated than managing rental property, there are certainly a lot of startups die because they were too slow to release stuff, and none because they were too successful raising money. You don’t see Google or Facebook suing startups for patent infringement generally do it with explicit goal of keeping their product off the market. But this mistake is less excusable than most.2 And programmers seem to think of programs at least partially in the language of VCs, gone from a must-have to a nice-to-self variety.


    1. What they must do is leave them alone in the twentieth century, art as brand split apart from art is brand, and Fred Wilson to fund them.
    2. Startups that don’t raise money are saved from hiring too fast because they need. So the cost can be explained by math. Others will say this is a negotiation. It would not make a more general rule: focus on at Y Combinator only got 38 cents on the person.

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  • There’s somethin’ peaceful, even comfortin’ knowin’ the people you love are asleep in their beds where nothin’ can harm them.

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