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  • Give me soft post-war Shepard and Garrus or give me death.

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    funey first time using whiteboard, have this fuckass that i Disrespect

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  • Post Game

    Val’s default/main verse ending is completely canon divergent. Johnny Silverhand’s original body is found in cryogenic storage at an Arasaka facility. He/his consciousnesses is transferred back to his own body, and V to her own, resulting in the two of them becoming seperate entities, each in their own body. They’ve both essentially been given a second chance at life. What they do with it is entirely up to them.

    Val still gets severe headaches and her hands (constantly) shake slightly since then because of the damage done to her brain and nervous system, but, in her eyes, it’s a small price to pay for a second chance at life.

    #post game #verse; second chance #about val#headcanons
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  • In which the earth was really destroyed and Kokichi and Shuichi are the only survivors, destined to float alone in space until their death days.

    [ this can be thought of as platonic or romantic, i guess ]

    [ writing is under the cut ! ]

    [ trigger warning for minor mention of self-harm ]

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    i don’t have anything christmas related planned so have this mindless low effort doodle

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    Sephiroth x Cloud Collection by Nikudaifuku

    First is a small story pre game

    Second is them taking a little vacation at Costa del Sol. R18

    Advent Children set. Denzel and Cloud talking and ‘he flashes back during a time with Sephiroth. Light Yaoi.

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  • #whoops four sentences #I'm bad at brevity #XD#Paige#Hancock #Paige x Hancock #post game #stirring the idea pot #The Almighty Grayface
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  • nbrefsdgchsxjkz i did it @shyharaa

    Post-game oumsai au !

    Shuichi lazily woke up, to find himself in his own apartment under white sheets. The light beamed out of his windows, you could see the cityscape from there. He didn’t even realize it, but he was holding Kokichi. He almost jumped, but kept his arms around kokichi’s small body as he slept peacefully. He didn’t want to wake up kokichi, but then again he wanted to make breakfast for the both of them. He noticed the time, it was 6:47am. He decided to stay with kokichi for a bit more. It was about 7:21am when he decided to get out of bed, and prepare breakfast for kokichi. He got up, making sure he was still tucked in as he quickly moved to the kitchen, almost stepping on his hat. A few minutes later, shuichi was making some pancakes for the both of them. Kokichi moved out of bed, walking over to the kitchen rubbing his eye. “S-shumai…” Kokichi smiled, as shuichi brought two plates, with serval fluffy pancakes on them. Whipped cream was put to the side as two small strawberry’s planted themselfs on top of the pancakes. They sat down, only before shuichi placing a small kiss onto kokichi’s lips as they sat down to eat. 

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  • Me: Eh, I’ll do one League game before I do other things.  Get the creative juices flowing.

    Me, twenty minutes later: My back hurts.

    #League of Legends #Post Game #[Honestly the team did really well] #[For Camille playing her for the first time] #[Urgot was difficult but not impossible]
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  • Post-BOTW/CB, Link is considered the master of all the Divine Beasts, and, if so need be, can activate them and control them manually.

    However, even controlling one is draining, (beyond the Master Cycle Zero) so if he awakens all of them, he will rapidly switch between them to input commands.

    The Champion’s Heirs can somewhat direct the beasts as well, so the energy drain is split between them and Link.

    As they are not immediately needed, they go into dormant states, waiting for their single master to call them.

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  • Lightning in a Bottle

    Word count: 1,364

    Pairings: Zelink

    Rating: G

    Themes: Post-game, scars, being struck by lightning, just pure fluff

    Notes: Inspired by the song Electric Love by Børns. Also this is my first time writing a fic, blease be gentle lol


    The sun beat down relentlessly on Zelda and Link as they rode down the dusty path. They had been traveling non-stop for weeks, checking on the Divine Beasts and working to rebuild the once robust kingdom. As it turned out, defeating the Calamity was only the beginning of this long and difficult journey.

    “If we continue at our current pace, we can make it Gerudo Town right before sunset,” Zelda declared excitedly, all her attention on the Sheikah Slate in her hands.

    Link smiled at her, her excitement infectious. She was truly her authentic self lately, no sense of royal propriety restricting her enthusiasm anymore. While the Calamity was definitely a massive tragedy that ransacked Hyrule, he couldn’t help but feel that it was an opportunity to make some much-needed changes to the outdated social norms of this country.

    His reflection was interrupted by a big drop of sweat plopping on his nose from his soaked bangs. He recoiled in disgust, and out of the corner of his eye he caught a familiar glimmer. There was a river not too far from the path, and he figured a short break wouldn’t hurt anybody.

    “Where are you going?” Zelda asked, finally looking up from her Shiekah Slate as Link turned his horse in the direction of the river.

    He didn’t respond, just taking off his boots as soon as he dismounted. He grasped the hem of his tunic and started to pull up, eliciting a panicked shout from Zelda.

    “What in the world are you doing?!? We still have a lot of ground to cover today, and you’re here stripping???” A faint blush creeped up her face as she said that.

    “Relax Princess, this won’t take long,” he said, tossing his tunic to the side and shaking out his bedraggled hair from its tie.

    Needless to say, the princess did not relax as he swan dived into the river, making a resounding splash. He didn’t heed her protests though, as the water made him feel more refreshed than he had ever felt before. He gently laid back and let the soft current wash cooly over his sun baked skin.

    Zelda had managed to make it to the river bank, nervously pacing up down as Link enjoyed himself in the water.

    “Please be careful Link, the current here can be treacherous. I don’t want you to drown out there!”

    “I’m fine Princess, if Ganon couldn’t kill me I doubt a little water will do anything.”

    Suddenly, without warning, he was pulled underneath the surface.

    “LINK!!” she screamed, running to the edge of the river, eyes scanning for any sign of the knight.

    Then, a pair of hands reached up and grabbed her collar, pulling her into the water with them. Spitting out water and gasping for air, she heard a devilish laugh next to her.

    “By Hylia Link, why in the world would you do that??”

    “I don’t know, it seemed like fun,” he grinned wickedly. She glared at him, but couldn’t stay mad at him for long. She had to admit, the water felt amazing.

    They spent the next half hour or so relaxing and playfully splashing water at each other. When they had their fill they clambered up the embankment and plopped down on the warm grass. Zelda wrung out her soaking hair while Link laid down, stretching out his sore limbs. She happened to notice the numerous scars all over his torso, varying in size and shade, some white and almost faded, others red and glaring. A wave of guilt washed over her. As a knight, scars are to be expected, but she couldn’t help but feel partially responsible for how extensive his were. Maybe if she had done her job better and sealed Ganon away sooner, maybe if she had worked harder to protect him —

    She noticed Link staring worriedly at her, and she wondered if he could hear her thoughts. Who knows, considering how quiet he always was perhaps he was telepathic. She shook her head to rid herself of her guilty thoughts, and instead reached out to touch a long red scar on the left side of his stomach.

    “How did you get this one?”

    He looked down to see which one she was referring to.

    “Uhhhh moblin attack. It had a spear and I only had a boomerang at that moment.”

    “Ouch. What about this one?” She pointed to a smaller one on his right bicep.

    “Arrow from a Yiga scout.”

    “And this one?” A pale blotchy one on the palm of his hand.

    He grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head with his other hand.

    “Uhhhhh that one was from uhhh…reaching into a cooking pot for a baked apple too soon.”


    “What? I was hungry!”

    Before she could admonish him more for his carelessness, she happened to notice a strange looking scar near where his hand was on his head. It looked like branches of a tree, thin pink tendrils reaching from his shoulder up his neck, ending right at the base of his jaw. He shifted to his elbow, and she could see that the scar reached down his entire back as well. She had never seen anything like it before.

    “What caused this one?” she asked softly, as she gently brushed her fingertips across the raised skin. He paused for a moment before telling her.


    Zelda had heard of unfortunate citizens who had been struck by lightning, but she had never heard of any of them surviving. Any guilt she had was quickly washed over with intense curiosity. Link saw her eyes light up as a thousand questions bubbled over.

    “Where did you get struck by lightning? How did you survive? What did it feel like???”

    He chuckled. A lot had changed over the past one hundred years, but Zelda’s scientific curiosity had never gone away.

    Then, an evil smirk spread across his face. “I’m not telling you.”

    “W-WHAT?!” she sputtered. “You get struck by lightning, and somehow survive, and you won’t even tell me what it felt like???”


    “Goddesses you know this is the meanest thing you’ve ever done to me right? How will you sleep at night knowing that you’ve deprived me of this knowledge?”

    “Like a baby.”

    “Liiiiiiink,” she whined.

    He laughed. She was so cute with her nose all scrunched up as she tried relentlessly to get him to surrender his lightning knowledge. He couldn’t help but lean over and kiss the tip of her little nose.

    She froze. He too late realized this might have been a breach of her personal boundaries. They had grown to be very close but he wasn’t sure exactly what level of intimacy she was fine with, or exactly how she felt about him, and —oh goddesses he hoped he hadn’t ruined everything over a little impulse and why hadn’t he moved yet he’s still way too close to the princess oh no what should he do —

    He felt her hands cup his face and suddenly his racing thoughts stopped. He looked into her dark green eyes and saw a gentle expression that both reassured him and made his heart flip. Before he could say anything she closed the distance and pressed her lips to his.

    He felt a jolt of electricity course through him, numbing him. An intense heat seared his body. His thoughts swirled dizzyingly around in his head, unable to grasp ahold of any of them. He still hadn’t quite processed what was going on, but he was too drunk on this feeling to care.

    As she pulled away, all he could feel was a sense of exhilaration, and he didn’t want it to stop. He breathed heavily as he slowly opened his eyes. She still had her hands cupped on his face, and he reached up to clasp one so that she could feel his burning skin. If she felt the same electric love he felt at that moment, she would understand what it felt like to be struck by lightning.

    “I don’t think we’ll make it to Gerudo Town in time today.”

    “Eh, it’s been a hundred years, one more day won’t hurt.”


    #botw#zelink#fluff#post game#my writing #I’m just a sucker for any fic about Link’s scars #I have no idea how to post a read more #realized the formatting had accidentally deleted some parts so I fixed it
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  • Kirux:

    • Basically started existing in Realm of Darkness when Riku went Ansem against Roxas. 
    • Postponed Aqua’s fall into darkness by blasting light-based spells in her face.
    • As Riku uses darkness, Kirux uses light.
    • Blunt and honest. Also sheltered and knowledge hunter.
    • Has a sense of identity stronger then Zettaflare.
    • Will plan attack while villains monologue.
    • The canon long hair Riku.
    • Likes wearing similar clothes to Riku, but you get hurt should you touch his hair without asking.
    • You can ask to play with his hair. If it’s yes, then he will painstakingly unravel the braid and ponytail, then let you touch it.
    • Uses shreds of org cloak to stabilize wrist and tie up hair.
    • Wears it in braids + ponytail mix.
    • Memory-less, due to somebody not losing his heart and regaining body.
    • Found after KH3 when Wayfinder Trio go into RoD.
    #riku#riku's nobody #riku has a nobody #post game#KH3#khiii#kingdom hearts #khii??? #kirux #long hair riku
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    Oh how I wish those two could just reconcile.

    Jowd at least got to talk to Yomiel and both of them admitted their mistakes. I can’t help thinking about how would this conversation go if Cabanela was around. Would he agree with his friend? Would the whole thing get unnecessarily tense and complicated?

    No idea. But now that they’re all ten years older and hypothetically wiser…maybe own up to this disorder.

    #ghost trick#fanart#yomiel#cabanela#post game #this is less saturated than I usually do #the situation called for it #now let me get back to my neons pls #the sketch was probably better #but lord knows #if I didn’t finish it today #i would never
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    I blame this on July, she just had to go there.

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  • @aeraofhisheart

    The last few months with Aera back in his arms had been bliss. For the most part they’d just been enjoying each other’s company in the modern world. Texting back and forth and exploring Insomnia and the nearby areas. But as time had gone on, they’d both started to talk about something more. A second try at a happy marriage, maybe even a family. 

    Ardyn had loved the idea, and after a few weeks of such talk had told Aera he had some ideas for them, and needed to leave for a short while. He’d disappeared, tying up loose ends with various criminal elements and selling off the studio apartments he’d kept in various cities across the globe. He’d even sold his ship, replacing it with a larger two cabin sailing vessel that would fit he and Aera more comfortably. 

    But certainly the most extreme thing he’d done was convincing Noctis and the new council of Insomnia that he should be made caretaker to the estate on Cape Caeum. It had been abandoned for years before Noctis used it as a base of operations during the war, and had been nearly falling apart. It wasn’t too hard to convince them that having their ancestors guard it would be useful. Because while it was unlikely war would break out again during their lifetimes, it would be good to have a reliable safehouse, and a ship that didn’t require a dungeon delve to repair it. 

    It had took a couple days to convince them, and than about a week to clean it up and partially furnish it. But now it was ready, and he’d called Aera earlier that day to come meet him. He paced nervously outside of the house, looking down the hill every few seconds until he saw a cab pulling in that had distinctly Insomnian markings. 

    He ran down the hill at a break neck pace, smiling as he waved to the figure exiting the car. 

    “Aera! Aera my darling! I have an excellent surprise for you my love.” He called.

    #aera tag#aerdyn#rp#replies#post game #I think we'd agreed this was crystal stasis aera? #crystal stasis #based off wire convos
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  • #rp#replies#aera tag#aerdyn#post game #this probably isn't what you wanted? #but I thought it might be good with the way things were worded #aeraofhisheart#asks answered
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  • - Tsumugi avoids Gonta for a while at first because she actually feels really guilty. 

    - And like, Gonta doesn’t care that she was the mastermind he just wants to talk to his friend.

    - Gonta’s hurt, both emotionally and physically. He feels betrayed, and the others try to comfort him cause DAMN IT HE FELL IN LOVE AND HE FELL HARD. 

    - And eventually, Tsumugi has to swallow her fears and try and comfort Gonta cause she did cause this and she wants to make things better, one step at a time.

    - there’s hugs. Lots of hugs. And crying.

    Might do the swap version next.

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