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  • mocimori
    04.12.2021 - 1 minute ago

    Oh man I miss writing honestly! I recently bought a mechanical keyboard and the asmr! THE CRUNCHINESS!

    I got the one with blue switches after debating if I should go for red or blue (I really like hearing the clickity-clack sounds. Makes me feel productive). It has a wired mode too but I’m using this mainly with my ipad since I do most of my schoolwork here.

    I’m almost done with the semester too with just some essays left and finalizing my painting final (I survived critique! And was told my painting was the prettiest one on display so that made me relieved bc we all know how much I struggled). Speaking of, I’m on a very weird relationship with my art rn :( I think it’s because I can finally rest and have been burnt out for quite awhile so I struggled when I tried to ease back to a more relax mode. It’ll take awhile for me to be comfortable again without doubting myself lots because I want to improve my art style too. While learning and trying out different stuff was really fun, I think I strayed so far that I couldn’t exactly find my way back 🤡 so yeah, that’s been a struggle.

    I’ll still be making art and dropping them when I can but I’m excited to pick up writing once again. I turned one of my side blogs into a writing blog as well (if you find me, you find me) and idk maybe I’ll share it here when I’m more comfrotable but yes yes, super excited to try something new and have fun with it.

    #morimatsu world #honestly I’d love to type so many things like the power of asmr keyboard HAHAHA #I’ll invest on it more soon! planning to buy keycaps when I have the budget #also I’m super chatty here lately ;; #I think I just miss a blogging format that’s not like twitter? #just a nice spare space to blurb about anything I guess #man would complain about twitter but I’ll do that another day maybe hehehe #it’s just really nice and cozy here
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  • keviriass
    04.12.2021 - 4 minutes ago


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  • superchocolaterebelcupcake
    04.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #Proteus SP4 Pro Crack Download is a powerful CAD program designed specifically for designers to easily build and validate circuit boards. Wi
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  • cursedhue
    04.12.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Twindling with tumblr and I feel Powerful.

    Mostly because I got creative with tags since I got a burst of productivity. 

    #huenecdotes #heck YEAH I'm Powerful >:D
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  • infernally-u
    04.12.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Slavic mythology photoshoot -  ‘Collaborated with Warsaw-based costume designer Agnieszka Osipa, Polish photographer Marcin Nagraba captured a pagan-themed series of portraits that show us the mystic qualities and beauty of Slavic culture’.

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  • char-lotteral
    04.12.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Look, I can explain

    #No way in hell is anyone ever touching my phone #OR my history #naruhina#catradora #vi x caitlyn #Catvi#Percabeth#marichat#naruto #she ra and the princesses of power #Arcane#arcane netflix#percy jackson#Lumity #Lumity fluff gets me through the day okay?!? Didnt think I needed to explain myself #the owl house #miraculous ladybug#fanfiction#ao3 fanfic #Nore like between me and satan #Satan opens my ao3 history and starts blushing #*holy shit youve got issues kid* #Get it *holy* shit hahahahdhaj
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  • r0bogender
    04.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    my friends: damn r u sure you can do line art w this? the lines r pretty thin


    #para phrasing #w the power of being tired and ultra point sharpies i can do anything i want
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  • officialyourdailyinspiration
    04.12.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #The Blazing Center #Mark Altrogge #13 Powerful Reasons To PERSIST In Prayer #theblazingcenter.com
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  • ukaiknowsbest
    04.12.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Gintoki and Otae Quotes from Ryugu Arc

    OTAE (to Otohime): If you think you can kill me, go right ahead. You'll be doing me a favour the way I see it. Allowing me to die as a young woman instead of being old like you. I'd much rather have my beauty right now rather than having eternity to wither away. Even if I could have eternal youth as you want it now or if i could have your many beautiful clothes or servants at my beck and call, or anything my heart could desire, I still wouldn't want your putrid heart, that dirty soul of yours. You're so pathetic now you make me want to laugh out loud.

    OTAE (to Otohime): You're not the only one who gets old you know, even the most beautiful people have to some day face the fact that they will get old and ultimately die. Even knowing this, they face change. You shouldn't think of it as if you're the only one that goes through it. As months and years go boy the body slowly changes and slowly becomes destroyed whether you want to believe it or not. All we can do is not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by these changes. I won't bow to you. This is what true beauty is about.

    GINTOKI (to Katsura and Shinpachi): When your back bends, it gets hard to walk straight, much less live on the straight and narrow. But the soul, this soul, no matter how messed up things get, If you can keep it straight you'll be fine!

    GINTOKI (to Otohime): You know, he wouldn't want to see you like this! I'm not talking about being old, I'm talking about letting your soul get dirtied by meaningless crap! Your soul isn't completely garbage either or else he wouldn't have bothered! Even if you can't move anymore or your back gets bent it doesn't matter! What matters is what's inside! not what someone looks like damn it! So live! Show him your appreciation by living as long and happily as you can!

    Note: Gintoki and Otae are saying the same things in 3 separate occasion in Ryugu arc. It also reminds me of how the Shimura father used to say "Even if there comes a time when you must throw away your sword...never throw away the sword that you have resting in your soul.

    This is why Otae and Gintoki get along so amazingly well. Despite coming from different background and have different experiences, they share the same core beliefs. Protecting what they want to protect and keeping their soul unchanged, both of them carry on living in life and giving strength and inspiration to others.

    #sakata gintoki#tae shimura#gintama#gintae#gintama thoughts #we love ourselves a power couple #theyre so similar what the heck
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  • sergle
    04.12.2021 - 44 minutes ago
    #by all accounts on my dutch side I should've been like 5 ft 11 or something but alas I'm 5 '7 #but hey I wear heels sometimes so there we go. that's my true form I think! when I'm a few inches taller #feels GOOD feels POWERFUL #sergle answers
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  • hyzenthlayli
    04.12.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    *it’s Christmas*

    Catra: I brought you something, from far away.

    *hands Adora a present*

    Adora: Aw,

    Adora: *pulls stick-on bow off of the present and sticks it on Catra*

    Catra: What’re you doing?

    Adora: You’re my present this year!

    #incorrect quotes#catradora#spop #she ra and the princesses of power #anyways #tis the season #merr crhimis#starb speaks #... #...................... #.......... #.......................................................... #the she ra fandom is my playground and I rule it through fear and outrage #💀💀💀💀💀💀 #im sorry (@ my mutuals not the people who see this)
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  • chillichats
    04.12.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    @kat-chan02 you said you wanted more of the shera dnf fic so this is what i have so far, word for word what i had written in my planning document:

    I feel like I should just start writing because I dont know where to start with the story uuuh okay so ill write a plot point and then expand I guess??

    so. the very first plot point is that Dream got Force Captain and wants to celebrate by using the maps he’s gained access to from getting promoted, using the vehicles he’s just as recently gained access to, to go to the Whispering Woods for the first time. George sees no reason to disagree and besides, is curious himself (given that hes figured out that the horde is bad)

    so they go to the whispering woods. And they start exploring, until suddenly dream passes out.  A few minutes later, dream wakes up. George is worriedly hovering over him but dreams like. Distracted *epic peace sign *.  and he starts saying shit about like a sword and he gets up ad goes in a random direction and george is like ‘what the hap is fuckening’ but follows dream and SURPRISE they actually find a sword, BUT before dream can pick it up BAM karl and Quackity burst into the clearing and theyre like BOO GET THE FUCK AWAY GFROM THAT SWORD (In john mulanrys voice) and fucking dnf run away but somehow they get separated I dunno I know its unrealistic of them to be more than five feet of each other but THIS IS FICTION.

    so. george is all aloooone~ lost in the woods~ and then karl and Q find him and theyre like ‘hur dur we gotta get you back to bright moon as a prisoner’ and george is kinda worried about dream but other than that hes actually pretty calm so hes like ‘aight go off’’ and k+q r kinda confused about his chill but they tie him up and then like. A day later. On the way back to bright moon, they come across that village that is having a festival and george is like ‘are they under attack?? wtf is happening there?’ and then a montage of all the things that adora learned about in that village except its george not adora. and george doesnt particularly care about the horse.

    But meanwhile dream got back to the horde and since he’s a force captain has SOME leeway in telling people what to do so he finds some people willing to go on a last minute mission to look for ‘an important mia soldier’ (everyone knows hes like in love with george so they arent surprised he cares so much about getting a single soldier back) and. And this is the important part. There is no shadow weaver equivalent in this world. Dream and george werent pitted against each other any more than anyone else was, their relationship is as healthy as one can be in the horde can be. So there’s no shadow weaver to convince dream its his fault for not ‘controlling’ george enough or whatever. They do have a sorcerer on their side which is how they know where george is but shes not a bitch shes just kidnapped, and possibly niki, idk yet.

    ANYWAYS. So dream and his band of buddies raid this town they saw george was in and dnf have The confrontation, where adora is like ‘u dont understand, the horde is evil’ and catras like ‘are you fucking stupid thats so obvious ive known that for years’ EXCEPT. it’s not like that at all, because dream has been given no evidence that the horde is wrong since he’s not the one kidnapped, in fact he’s been only given evidence that he was RIGHT because they have GEORGE, so when george finally tries to tell him that he’s known the horde was in the wrong for years dream doesnt believe him. There have been instances of soldiers getting ‘brainwashed’ by the rebellion into thinking the horde is evil, and theyve all been ‘unbrainwashed’ (read: reprogrammed) into remembering the horde is GOOD. So now dream thinks, ‘oh shit theyve already brainwashed him. Theyve brainwashed him so hard he thinks he’s always thought this oh fuck what do I do.’ which gives him MORE motivation to get george back so they can unbrainwash him and things can go back to how they always were. Except george refuses to go with him, and karl teleports george away, right. In front. Of dreams. Eyes.

    A thing to note, at this point, in case one hasn’t figured it out: Dream’s primary goal in this story is not to destroy the rebellion (although obviously as a horde soldier thats always at the back of his mind), it’s to bring George back to the Horde, to protect him from what he thinks are a bunch of terrible people keeping him hostage, possibly torturing him for information about the horde if he ‘shakes off’’ the ‘brainwashing’.

    Meanwhile George, who has already known in the back of his mind that the Horde is probably on the wrong side of history, has now, for the first time, seen firsthand what the Horde is like. His doubts of the horde become determination to 1) get dream out of there and help him through his inevitable crippling guilt which comes from realising you were one of the bad guys and 2) stop the horde from hurting his friends and the people his friends care about. On the way back to bright moon, he willingly offers up his knowledge of the horde for them to use. George isnt she-ra, so there wasnt this big reason for them to trust him right away, which means theyre still wary of george, but they heard parts of the conversation between dnf, so they feel willing to believe him.

    Not sure yet how the leadership in brightmoon works yet because in my head karl is the moonstone princess like glimmer which is how he teleported george out of the battle. I guess…. Long ago the princesses used to be linear but when the horde came the magic was so destabilised that the magic unlatched from a single line and is now regional? And random people in that area are born with the princess powers and then are taught by the last generations ‘princess’? But they’re not necessarily the leaders anymore.

    YEAH okay I like that so anyways karl as the most recent bright moon princess has special access to certain places and people generally listen to what princesses tell them to do so he gets someone to set up a pretty good room for george and then they take him to the leader which isssss…. Undetermined!! for some reason I dont like the idea of phil being the king of bright moon its just not right BUT ON THE SUBJECT OF PHIL phil is the king of one of the lands, because he was voted in, and tommy is the newest born princess of that land who phil adopted and they BOTH have wings and some form of air control SO

    techno is also a princess, I dont know yet if wilbur is? on one hand music powers wilbur on the other hand I kinda want him to be badass without powers

    okay wait where was I OH YES so karl takes george to meet the leader who is like ‘oh my god I havent seen one of your kind in ages where are you from’ and george is like ‘what the fuck you know what I am’ and the leaders like ‘yes ur a magicat why’d you say that like its a surprise that I know’ and george is like ‘well thats really funny actually because I didnt know what I was because I was raised in the horde’ and the leaders like ‘wait what’ and george is like ‘yeah but its okay ive defected im willing to give you information and also my services in defeating them in exchange for my friend in the horde being granted mercy’ and the leader is like ‘why tf would I agree to that’ and george is like ‘because in the horde nobody thinks theyre on the wrong side. we’re told that the rebellion is the wrongful villains trying to take over the land and we’re trying to defend it. The only reason I doubted the horde before I met these two is because I snuck out once when I was too young to get trained and found an old house near the horde camp younglings are kept in and I found books about what life was like before the horde, though for a long time I told myself they were just stories, by the way is cake real?’

    and im to lazy to write out more details of that exchange but it’s emotional turmoil on every side as george makes them realise horde soldiers think theyre on the right side and whatever and then george is officially accepted into the rebellion END OF PART 1

    #chillichats #that was written in like thirty minutes if you couldnt tell by the rush job #dsmp #she ra and the princesses of power #catra!george #shera!dream #dnf#dreamnotfound #shera dnf au
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  • versary
    04.12.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    i'm doing my crossfit level 2 this weekend and it's REALLY good but i just need everyone to know i made a 70 kg power clean TRIPLE that's right, not one, not two, but THREE power cleans at 70 kg. thank you.

    #the workout was 3-3-3-3-3 power cleans #and i went 55-60-65-67.5-70 and then made a rep at 72.5
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  • koroart
    04.12.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    I'm making a TobiMina Raise Naruto AU doc and ... my brain hurts from all the research I had to do

    #and i still got a lot to do too #cuz im trying to keep SOME canon events #like the Konoha Crush #cuz i want to emotionally crush Tobs and have him fight Hashirama #and i just want him and Mina to be a bad ass power couple #some canon events ill probably have to change up #and i gotta go through the events of Shippuden and #uuuuuuuugh #thank god im on vacations #otherwise id give up #:: koko speaking!
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  • mercbottas
    04.12.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    Welcome back to the Drivers Mating Ritual Press Conference, it is now time for group three as you can see - Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso!

    #vettonsoedit#vettonso#sebastian vettel#fernando alonso#f1 #saudi arabian gp 2021 #formula one#mine#my gifs #if these dont sync im going to make everything explode with my super real telekinetic powers.
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  • braingyan123
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Braingyan| What do you understand by increase productivity?

    Productivity means getting the results you want with less time and effort taking to complete. Learn techniques with Braingyan experts and Increase your productivity.

    #increase productivity #increase memory power #growth in job #business growth strategies #how to stop procrastinating #work life balance
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  • iamsupport
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #omg#ProZD#not mine #I love when voice actors use their powers for the good of the world
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  • thetruechara
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    what if i made a jevil ask blog

    #i have brainrot and art powers and writing powers and idk what to do with any of it #world hard and cold #jevil soft and warm #but like fr would yall send asks
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