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  • okazaiki
    24.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    when your hair blows in the wind 🍃🍃🍃

    cr on pic

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  • petekaos
    24.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    pat during episode 5 😭😭😭

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  • kornix09
    24.01.2022 - 3 hours ago


    You don't get to dictate how big the closet is or how long we get to stay there (or berate us if we want to get back in once we experience how shitty it is to be outside). You don't get to tell us that the only way to be happy is to be loud and obnoxious about things that we want to keep private. You don't get to invalidate others' thoughts and feelings simply because it does not align with your delusions of how the world should be.

    You can disagree, that's your right. But every lgbtqia+ person also has an absolute right to decide what they can keep in and what they should let out. Who in their world should know and who needs to be kept in the dark. We get to decide if we want to shout it out loud or whisper it in someone's ear.

    That's our story. Our business. You don't get the right to set a "golden" rule of standards that we must suddenly adhere to satisfy what you think the lgbtqia+ persons should be.

    End of rant #2.

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  • okazaiki
    24.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    ep4 💔💔💔

    cr 甜糯奶团

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  • transpat
    24.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    okay so. we were Robbed.

    it's so pat to sing a song like this for pran thou dkvdjd

    #singing about being nervous around his bf of 4 yrs #using lame pick up lines on him #god he really knows how to keep a romance alive #pranpat r That couple #they're really gonna last forever....... #bad buddy#aof noppharnach #man i wish we got to see every deleted scene 😭😭 #i miss pranpat #pat
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  • okazaiki
    24.01.2022 - 13 hours ago


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  • whatwasisayingg
    24.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Bad buddy is literally the best BL series to exist I loved the ending so much it really surpassed my expectations. My fav part was how they admitted that the parents didn't loosen up bc its just not realistic and there is not always a happy ending and yet the scene where pat's dad sips the liquor hesistantly and pran's mom smiles when she hears him play guitar goes on to show how not all hope is lost and they'll come around soon IT JUST MAKES MY HEART SO FULL

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  • transpat
    24.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    i miss pran and pat so much

    #see nanon and ohm on my feed and i just cry #but that's ohmnanon #i miss Pranpat
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  • goldenmorningglory
    24.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Still thinking about how this smile was probably him looking down at pat's number

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  • kornix09
    24.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    As an INTJ and member of the lgbtqia+ community, is it even my responsibility to inform people the ins and outs of my relationships? Is that a requirement?

    If not, then why do I see people getting hot and bothered that two fictional characters exercise the choice of letting a limited number of loved ones know the truth about their relationship?

    What is it about these people that makes them entitled to judge who, what, why, when, and how to be happy? The series made it clear - despite the similarities of circumstances, one's life experiences does not predict that the same thing would happen to other people.

    Learn to live and let live, mate. 😑

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  • goldenmorningglory
    24.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    God rewatching ep 1 and first shot of pran comes in and my mind goes "dear boy. My dear dear boy you have no idea. Oh you have no idea do you" and its the best feeling ever.

    Watching pa say "let's talk about you...." and pat's expression....knowing he wanted to say goodbye...knowing he ran after pran....oh boy this is a treat

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  • thequeenofsastiel
    24.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I really want to know how Pat knew Pran was by the bus stop in ep 3. Did Pat just wander around the campus until he found Pran?

    Okay lbr that's probably exactly what he did

    #questions which will never be answered #bc bb is over 😭 #bad buddy#patpran#pranpat#patpran meta#my meta
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  • etuwubrutus
    24.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    pran: yeah wai sleeps over at my house sometimes, my mom loves him


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  • etuwubrutus
    24.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    pat and ink: on a date


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  • etuwubrutus
    24.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    pat, in the music store in ep 5: something lgbt happened to me just now i CAN’T make this shit up —

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  • paint-music-with-me
    24.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    As much as I LOVED ep12 with everything I have in my body, I will say this:

    I wish there was a slow dance scene 🥺

    #i just....have a firm belief that every queer kid under the sun deserves at least one slow dance #it doesnt with whom for what reason #as long as that queer kid gets to experience the safest and most loving slow dance in the arms of someone they love and feel safe with #i just- #im gon cry a bit #maybe ill write it but #fuck #i just have lots of feelings abt it #like ep12 is amazing dont get me wrong but #damn if they didnt have to pretend at the reunion imagine they slow danced #or on their own rooftop they slow danced?? #i just many feelings now #it still that post-bb depression folks! #bad buddy the series #bad buddy#ohm pawat#nanon korapat#patpran#pranpat#aof noppharnach#inkpaa#kornwai #ofc inkpaa deserves a slow dance (GIVE IT TO US IN S2 P'AOF) #pleaseee 🥺#gmmtv#thai bl#bl drama
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  • writingkap
    24.01.2022 - 19 hours ago


    like imagine she’s the first one to hear that laugh, no limitations to it just unadulterated joy and imagine slowly losing that esp when she transfers pran to a new school

    when he tells her they broke up, she’s glad, but then her worry about that wall that she fully knows will come back up is there again. but then, she hears him laugh one night and she’s about ready to burst in his room to hear it, but then another voice, another laugh just as joyful as her son’s laugh and stops dead in her tracks.


    the boy who made her son’s laugh come back again, her son’s joy, her son’s love and she couldn’t stop it, no. how can she?

    and he goes away and a part of her is still hoping he finds that joy elsewhere with anybody except him. but he comes back and he tells her all this great things and he’s happy, but there’s really no great love lead in his story and then when he goes up, she hears that laughter again.

    the one she loves and his son has been everywhere, has met a lot of ppl and yet

    the boy next door is still the only one who can make him laugh like that. the boy next door supports her son, loves him, adores him.

    she finally smiles and sighs and accepts it. that’s all what a mother wants, right? for their child to be laughing like that, carefree, unadulterated, child-like, loud.

    she’s happy if he is.

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  • kornix09
    24.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    I mean, at this point, I don't think they'll ever stop flirting 😅😅😅

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  • charthanry
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Fade to Black: Ranking All 12 BBS Episode Endings (for Science)

    I’ve always been impressed with how P’Aof chooses to end each episode. He saves his bigger moments for the final scenes that usually wallops us with emotional impact leaving us to go down clown theory rabbit holes for a week before surprising us all over again. Some might say it’s his signature move. 

    I’ve decided these endings need to be ranked for science purposes and because I’m a glutton for torturing myself. This became a much harder challenge than I initially thought (seriously, try it and understand my pain). But after much reshuffling, I’ve made my final choices and am sticking with them (keep the edit button away from me). To make this fair, and all things remaining the same, I am only including endings that are shown before P’Aof’s director credit title. This means all the bonus scenes don’t count (yes, the seaweed finger-licking scene and Pran, it’s not a porno! don’t make the cut). It breaks my heart, but it’s only fair that we judge P’Aof’s endings in the way he meant for us to see them and that’s before the fade to black.

    12th // EP2 - The dumbass friends destroy the bus stop.

    I think there’s a fandom consensus that this is the weakest episode ending of the series. Although narratively some might argue that this scene was necessary to move the story forward, it still felt jarring and out of place all the same. This is because the scene prior to this is Pran checking out a new potential dorm room to move into and Pat stalking showing up to stop him. After some bantering (flirting) it ends with them engaging in some very heated wrestling on the bed (the first of many). To P’Aof’s credit, the brawl did fall in line with what we already knew about the two opposing friend groups (that they’re moronic dumbasses: Korn and Wai or mindless followers: everyone else). I have never been a fan of shaky camera action so I’m glad that this episode’s ending happened early on and we got it out of the way.

    11th // EP9 - The Pran and Ming stare down.

    I’m not sure if it’s because we as a fandom became more adept at guessing P’Aof’s next moves by this point, but this episode’s ending was the worst kept secret ever. We knew it was coming, all signs were leading to a parental run-in so the shock factor was lost (at least on me) and with it some of it’s impact. I will say that this is the first time Pran was face to face with Pat’s dad without Pat also being there so it was interesting to see how Pran would handle it. Everyone’s acting in this scene was top-notch from Pran’s lingering huge smile to him being shocked and flustered, Pa’s uh-oh face, mom’s look of dread and Ming’s complete confusion with a tinge of something more sinister underneath. All four played their roles (and faces) perfectly. It’s just lower on my list for emotional impact.

    10th // EP1 - The hopeful beginning.

    The pilot episode’s ending sealed it for me. This series was going to be capital-S Special. There was so much build up here. The editing choices were interesting too. At the very end of the episode we have PatPran walking towards their rooms, one right after the other. And we learn that they’re neighbors and immediately the fandom as a collective goes: Oooh this is gonna be fun. But it’s also the scene leading up to this reveal that speaks volumes. Pran consciously makes the decision to wear the watch that Pat returned to him as kids. He does so while smiling to himself and this is our first glimpse into Pran’s feelings for Pat. We know now that this watch will never leave his wrist again and this knowledge on rewatches just zings straight to my heart. Well played, BBS.

    9th // EP6 - The whoever falls first loses.

    Are you surprised this isn’t higher on the rankings? Honestly, me too. This was a tough decision but all the remaining episodes were so incredible that it forced me to push this one lower on the list. We know everything that is going on here, we know their individual reasons for making this bet. Pat is letting Pran call the shots by being patient and keeping their relationship familiar and status quo for him. So yeah let’s go ahead and bet on who can get the other to yield first. It’s their thing. We all know that Pat’s already all in at this point but he wants to give Pran the time and space to get there as well. Also, I’m a sucker for scenes that take the characters outside of their normal environments so this whole mood with the boat and the lights in the background is an aesthetic feast.

    8th // EP3 - The I just like seeing your face...when you lose.

    I go back and rewatch this scene a lot. Our boys are so soft here, especially Pran. The beginning of this scene shows Pran pacing in front of Pat’s door working up the nerve to say a simple thank you, but more so because he wants to spend time with Pat (after an entire episode of time spent together, the boy can’t get enough. We get it Pran, we’re the same), we know this from his have you eaten yet? And immediately after turning down Pran’s unspoken offer to eat together, Pat is the one to extend their conversation by returning his guitar. For those keeping count, this is the second item Pat is returning to him and we already know about the significance of the watch. The guitar becomes even more so. This scene cements the lengths that Pat would go to get Pran to look at him LIKE THAT (we all know the look so no screenshot necessary) only Pat being the idiot he is doesn’t recognize his feelings yet making this moment that much more remarkable on rewatch. And to up the ante even further after Pat goes back to his room, we have a thoughtful-looking Pran take several beats and looks down at his watch, hugs the guitar, returns to his room only to open it again and flip the door tag from sad to happy. Pat did all that, he made Pran happy and the entire fandom melts.

    7th // EP8 - The curtain drop.

    This scene and this episode, oh boy. This was the ending that had me literally up on my feet and gasping, going OH SHIT! He didn’t! But in fact, P’Aof did. For shock and emotional impact this was the one that grabbed me by the throat. I felt like I was Pat when Pran flew in out of nowhere with the kick straight to the chest. I love that we see Pat looking at Pran first and the concern for him is plain and clear on his face. Pran is Pat’s priority. Then the camera pans to everyone’s reactions from least effected (play crew) to Pran’s friends to Korn (he actually looks concerned for them here on rewatch, oh Korn you soft puppy) to the most effected of all, Wai (the Weasel... or as I like to call him the Waisel). The building music, camera angles, the reactions and then PatPran’s faces as they look at each other and then up at Wai in the control booth... it is all so, so well done. This episode ending had me dying to get through the week to find out what happens next.

    6th // EP4 - The would you like me (if you were her?)

    I desperately wanted to rank this one so much higher because Nanon served and ATE this scene. No, correction- he served, ate it, drove it home and then took it to school the next day. Nanon is a top-tier level actor and this scene right here cements that in the annals. This is the first episode where he made me cry. The first emotional punch of the series and man was it a tough one to watch. In this beautiful aching scene we see that Pran, even in the midst of going through his feelings still grabs at the chance to watch Pat sleep with a small smile on his face. And that by itself is everything we need to know about Pran. He knows he can’t have Pat, he knows it. So he’ll take all the small moments that he can have and quietly tuck them away, safeguarding them from others, especially Pat. The music, the flashback montage, the mood lighting but especially the acting -- are all so incredibly well done. I consistently come back to this scene everytime I want to die a little. This is the scene that I’ll tell first time BBS watchers who are on the fence about the show (do these people even exist? hello?) to just try and get to the end of EP4 and see if you aren’t invested. I dare you. And in the rare case that this scene doesn’t move you? Sorry to break the news, but you’re a robot. You should go get that checked out.

    5th // EP7 - The I always let my lover win.

    Finally, at last our boys give into their feelings and become boyfriends. Pat wins by losing and we’re all winners for it. This episode’s ending is interesting in that it departs in style from all the episodes before it, there isn’t a linear story here. We find out that Pat yielded to Pran long before we saw him show up to rescue him with the play. It was a little confusing at first, but on subsequent watches, it works. I love that Pat confesses that he’s lost while staying within the confines of the play’s dialogue. This double meaning is intriguing because no one else understands it except for them, it’s like they’re having a secret conversation out in the open. It’s fascinating how P’Aof chose to end the bet this way. We all learn Pat was always willing to lose, that to be together or not has always been Pran’s decision, but it’s that HUGE SMILE Pran gives Pat when he sees him after turning around- THAT is Pat’s payoff for losing, that’s his big WIN. To get Pran to look at him like that. Then we move to Pran finally feeding Pat his specially-cooked curry and the intimacy in this scene is so sweet and endearing that we almost feel like we’re intruding on their private moment. Then of course it all gets ruined by Pa needing to pee, pfft.

    4th // EP11 - The let's go home. Good luck, buddy. 

    The break up may have been fake but the tears were real. Why did Pat cry in front of their houses if he knew the break up wasn’t real? Eighty percent of this is audience fake out but narratively speaking, it’s because he wasn’t sure if going back to being fake enemies would mean they’d make it. Pat is a very open person, we’ve established that he doesn’t like being Pran’s dark secret. The doubts he has shows here but he accepts any part of Pran that he can have, out in the open or not, and this decision to go back into hiding makes everything that much harder for Pat. I think it’s not until years later when they’re no longer outwardly trying to fool everyone that Pat begins to breathe a little easier, knowing for certain that Pran isn’t going anywhere and will continue to fight alongside him. Everything about this ending, the what if our families didn’t hate each other montage, the duologue as they show us their ideal world, Pran singing our song really points to the belief that it’s over for them. And it’s a crushing blow to us as the audience. I thought of ranking this lower because most of it is audience manipulation but it’s such a great con and achieved what it set out to do so it deserves it’s spot here.

    3rd // EP5 - The I was depressingly lonely (without you).

    The first emotional ending where we see both of them experiencing it at the same time. This scene had the best music score so far in the series. We commend the acting and directing on this show (as we should) but the music selection is on another level, especially here. They went with a song that has slow guitar chords as Pat confesses how much he missed Pran when he wasn’t around, asks him that all important question what are we if not enemies and not friends? to gradually move into soaring drum beats as they kiss. Perfection. We see Pat timidly pull back to guage Pran’s reaction but knowing what we know of Pran (who will grab at anything Pat-related when he can, to store for safe keeping later), he pulls Pat in for that deeper kiss, all his repressed feelings going into it. This was the moment we (and Pat) got to see all of Pran laid bare. And it’s magnificent. This episode’s closing seconds is interesting in that we get two different reactions to the kiss. Pat’s is relief that he finally has a name to call these feelings threatening to burst out of him and Pran’s is defeat and turmoil. And both are oh so relatable.

    2nd // EP10 - The I can't take it anymore. Let's get away from here.

    This episode’s ending was a cinematic experience. I’ve cried in this series before, but this was the first that had me UGLY crying. It was unexpected two episodes removed from the finale. I’ve written about my reaction to this scene before so I’ll just reiterate what I said here. The beauty is in the breakdown. Pran’s breakdown here gutted me. All these years of repression just poured out of him and you can just feel how tired he is of holding it in. He finally has someone who he can lean on to help him shoulder all this burden. And damn if it doesn’t feel both soul-crushing and satisfying when he lets it out. BUT...it’s Pat’s quiet strength here that stays with me after we fade to black. And Ohm absolutely slays here. Pran’s sobs can be heard around the world but Pat holding back his own devastation to care for Pran is just....everything. Because we KNOW it’s not in Pat’s nature to hold back and conceal anything. When he wants Pran to know something, he communicates it immediately. But him letting his tears silently fall while he comforts Pran is just truly heartbreaking. It’s him saying let me set aside my own breakdown for yours. Let me do this for you. And in this sense it speaks to EVERYTHING we know about Pat. Of who he is to his core. Sacrificing himself for others. Putting Pran’s needs above his own. And that is just so beautiful and noble and it fucking hurts.

    1st // EP12 - The perfect ending.

    The ending that takes us back to the beginning. Bookends. An ending that is so full and complete that it’s deserving of two screen shots. We’re left with the firm belief that PatPran will make it, that whatever this world has in store for them, they’ll face it together. That unspoken family approval and long distance relationships have no shot at tearing them apart. They are in it for the long haul. To close it out in the final seconds with their younger selves is P’Aof’s parting gift to us as it depicts how it’s always been between our boys, that despite all the family rivalry, despite being taught to hate and not care for one another, these two found their way to each other anyway. And this knowledge is so inspiring in its messaging: that you carve your path in life. And the life that you choose is the best life simply because it’s of your own making and no one can ever take that from you.


    Thank you very much for reading and following me down this incredible journey of recapping BBS’ episode endings. My next challenge to myself is the daunting task of full episode rankings so stay tuned for that.

    #bad buddy #bad buddy series #pranpat #pat x pran #bad buddy the series #episode endings#paof #my rankings for all episode endings #bbs #what a ride they gave us huh #ohmnanon#my stuff #i'm crazy for doing this #but it's done and I'd like to get your thoughts #do you agree or disagree with my selections?? #please let me know #i'm dying to know what you think #thank you for reading
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  • loveismylifeline
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Bad buddy ep 12!! The end!!

    Last episode folks! What do we think? Im saving my overall thoughts for the end so lets just dive in!

    okay first up, i dont like time skips. The only ones that work imo are when its like a 10 min epilogue at the end of a show, when it happens in the first episode as more of a set-up to the main story, or in really extreme circumstances like theyre in a war or one of thems in a coma or something. Like i really dont know why theyre doing it for the entire last episode of this show

    so 4 years later and pats learnt not to hit snooze. Wish that would happen to me. why does he look at his toothbrush like that?

    AAHHHH english, that surprised me so much!!!! aww their accents are so cute

    its so weird seeing pran at his posh office job. And his hair is really throwing me off

    aww its my boys wai and korn <3 Everyones hairstyles are so different, i cant get over it

    oh yay theyre doing the solar bus stop! v sustainable i love it

    pa's making a movie!! with ink?? Are we going to see them??

    they should have had wai and korn be together, they are canon in my heart <3


    do people really have secondary school reunions that fast?? They could only be like 6 years out at this stage. Also i dont think id ever want to go to mine

    pran looks so mad haha

    is this a behind the scenes slide show, what is going on

    This is a really good song but theyve sung it 3 whole times in this series

    okay i sorta guessed they were still together, im really not sure why they tried to have it like a gotcha-plot-twist moment (not saying it was easy to guess, more that i think it was rather unfair to the audience making us think they had broken up for 4 years, relationship status of the main pairing shouldnt be a plot twist imo)

    That hug-grab-drag was pretty cute tho

    oh product placement fluff scenes lol

    lol thats so funny they had an airport mix-up

    why are they hiding their relationship from their old school friends?? Like who would care??

    i still think they should have at least tried to talk to their parents after the secret came out, and if that didnt work, then do the fake break up

    oh thank god he didnt lie to wai again. Though again, why do they need to hide their relationship at school?? They had that giant PDA remember?

    See, i wish they had shown us all these plot points rather than just explain it with voiceover <<<<< basically why i dont like time skips

    oh wow theres pat smell kink again lol

    Wow did pran just say pat only lasts 5 mins in bed haha

    wai and korn run the bar together?? Thats so cute! lol why are they flirting with the idea of waikorn being a thing but not actually committing?? i want it!

    inkpa my beloved <3

    i am once again really asking: why isnt waikorn canon if theyre doing all this flirty stuff??????????

    like hurray that pats dad drank what he just assumed was from pran and that he put the post back in their letterbox showing that his growth but i dont rly care, hes just so terrible. And okay, so he doesnt care that much when he heard pat on the balcony (for some reason, kinda brushed over his development there) so why is he acting this way at all

    aww his mum gave him his guitar back <3 and i guess she doesnt care that theyre together either (when did she get over it too?), tho i fully support her being mad at pats dad forever if she wants

    pat and pran are not even trying to be quiet lol

    *smooch* <3

    aww then its the trailer for enchante <3

    So thats it! The last episode of bad buddy!! And guys what a show, i enjoyed a lot of it! So my overall thoughts of the show: first the good stuff!! It was extremely well made: well acted, well directed, well cinematographied. Ohm and nanon had such good chemistry like ohmygod i could feel every sizzle of it and they were so so comfortable with each other, no awkwardness at all. It was well produced, like im not a film person so idk how to say it, the shots were always nice to look at and the camera angles never boring, the set design etc all good stuff. I absolutely adored any of the night time shots, with the blurred lights in the background, so so pretty to look at. The supporting cast were great, both the parents and the friend groups (still cant believe jimmy is a fully fledged doctor and this is his first acting role!!!). I absolutely adored the story until around ep 7 (more on that later), i loved enemies to lovers, i love the angst and heartbreak between pat and pran, it was acted so beautifully, i loved the volatile fighting between their friends and how they were stuck in the middle, i loved pat chasing and pran trying desperately to resist as hes been stung before, it was all so deliciously angsty!!!

    And now the bad stuff! Do not read if you liked the show in its entirety. (and when i say bad i dont mean terrible by any means, i cant say any part of this series was truly awful, just some of it wasnt good and some of it wasnt to my taste)

    The show turned out more fluffy than angsty than i was expecting (and angst is what i like) but more importantly the storyline in the latter half just wasnt it. I was expecting more of the enemies/frenemies plot than what i got. The first 6 episodes were amazing!! Like i loved them so much, the angst was great, i loved how the plot was developing, that kiss at the end of ep 5 ohmygod!! But i saw someone on here say the show lost its momentum and i totally agree. Once pat and pran got together i feel like the show didnt know where it was going? Like in ep 9 we were entirely relying on wai for the plot and like where were the others?? Why wasnt korn mad at pat? And dont tell me the seniors are mad, show me! They were secret dating for a reason, i wanted the explosion and i was expecting it as thats what the show led me to believe would happen if they were found out. Without wai being that mad for that long, there wouldnt have been a plot. I wasnt v convinced. And the whole theatre play. And pat getting shot and then randomly getting arrested?? So out of left field and kinda bizarre. Ep 11 they were just at the beach and not really doing anything for almost the entire episode? Like what do pat and pran actually think about the parents secret reveal??? How has pats opinion of his father changed since he found out what he did? I dont know, they dont mention it. I thought there was going to be something about pats father being too controlling and having too high expectations for his son (like with the rugby vs play thing) and how that had come from his own father being too harsh and how that lead to the scholarship betrayal. But no, they just drop that. Are the parents now okay with them dating? Like they hint at that, but patpran are still sneaking around so its not like the issue is solved. Are they just going to be secret forever? I wanted them to have a heart-to-heart with their parent to resolve this, not just little hints. They dropped so many story lines. And dont even get me started on the time skip lol. Like i really feel if they had dragged out the enemy thing for a bit longer, as that had so much baggage and story in it, or even have the secret dating go on for longer and sneak around under their parents noses, i feel like the show wouldnt have ran out of steam so early.

    And like you might be saying that i feel that way because im not fond of fluff but i can separate my personal preference and when i think a show could be better. With bad buddy, after they got together i felt like they really dropped the plot. Like if they really didn't want to extend the frenemies/secret dating plot (which i really think they should have), they should have given more screen time to inkpa or wai and korn or some other side couple or heck even the parents. They definitely should have used some time to wrap up the storylines as said above. Fluff can be nice or whatever but it does not substitute a plot, it does not move the storyline, and the fluff in this show didn't even give much character insights. So not only was it personally not to my tastes but the show had also lost an important structural part that is essential in good story-telling. The show was so incredibly good in the first half and then it just got lost.

    I tried not being so negative on my other posts on this show as i wanted to focus on what i liked more but as this is the last episode, im airing all my thoughts! Feel free to disagree or whatever, we all have opinions and i did like a lot of this show, I just had really high expectations that were not met.

    Id be interested to know if others feel the same way, so feel free to message me if you want :)

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